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  7. 12/21/2019
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  15. The excitement when you realize your parents have a Sirius XM subscription that you can listen to in their car, remembering SHADE 45 from yesteryear, and realizing that the tracks on rotation are by Baby Young Poody Poo, Diaper Rash, Young Baby Bottle, Breastfed Baby T, Young Boy #1, and Young Milktime.
  16. > Might need to be a SHADE 45 classic. - (Cochran).
  17. The realization that the 2020 nominees are going to be Donald Trump and Joe Biden.
  18. The realization that 2019 Biden might not remember what he ate this morning for breakfast, but he's angry, confrontational, scared, and doesn't know where he is right now.
  19. The Everett Herald.
  20. The optimistic hope of Bernie Sanders being the nominee for the 2020 Democrats, and the fact that it's not likely.
  21. Blue Ivy witnessing the Democratic party's vision and compassion for the people of the United States when one of the woman nominees makes a big issue out of the fact that we have too many old people in the United States and voices a deep concern for nursing homes (nursing homes themselves) and how much money baby boomers are going to cost us.
  22. > Maybe the people in power during the Third Reich who oversaw the concentration camps and mass murder had a similar complaint. - Cochran.
  23. > Should consider the Democrats in 2020. - Todd.
  24. "Young, hip" 35-year-old Todd kinda taking a stab with 55 credits from community college and just kind of ultimately admitting that the baby boomers were never known as dead weight and kind of have a reputation for building the economy of the United States.
  25. Elizabeth Warren displaying brilliant fluorishes of what needs to be done, and unfortunately lacking in subtlety, imprecision, craft, and tact about the people in the United States who stand in the way.
  26. > Bernie Sanders a little bit better of a politician in the sense that the opposition doesn't feel like al-Qaeda at the end of the town hall. - Cochran.
  27. Donald Trump holding a rally in front of a bunch of redneck drunks that hate Obama too, and whether a meeting and casual evening with family and friends at a favorite Italian restaurant in New York City sounds like a more pleasant experience.
  28. > Or whether he has the same problem with SHADE 45. - (Cochran).
  29. Republicans and whether branding is an issue -- or whether they think being known as the "beer and blue jeans" party is a good thing.
  30. Democrats overcoming this competent, brilliant, branding campaign by taking a picture of a bathroom stall covered in shit, piss, and vomit and being known as "disgusting".
  31. Disgusting freaks vs. beer and blue jeans -- are the candidates and their parties making fun of their voter base?
  32. Barack Obama sending the United States off to college with a hope and a prayer after carefully and strainedly rebuilding the country after George W. Bush's two-term reign of terror, and Donald Trump finishing where George W. Bush left off, obliterating all progress on his first day.
  33. > Not Obama's fault. - Cochran.
  34. Whether David's lone wish in Christian heaven was to be reunited with Saul at the heavenly dinner table, and whether Jesus ever quit drinking with his friends on Saturdays.
  35. The Lord Buddha Shakyamuni and whether the Dalai Lama shares excitement with Buddhists worldwide at an entire generation of 35-year-olds who don't know how to move out of their parents house.
  36. Whether David reuniting with Saul sounds a little bit more like hell than heaven for King David.
  37. The simple fact that there isn't a Barack Obama to Donald Trump.
  38. The season of winter and why Todd ultimately concluded he likes it better than fall because the days get longer throughout the season.
  39. Todd's optimism at the Farmer's Almanac and their prediction of not a whole lot of reason to worry about snow for the Pacific Northwest this year.
  40. The United States doing a 2020 census and the significance of that data -- just the excitement that would have brought to Todd when he was 10.
  41. Whether David and Solomon could withstand psychological assaults and laced sexual innuendo crafted by years of research by agencies that torture, or whether they ultimately live in separate houses in heaven.
  42. Whether David Mitchell is going to join them at the dinner table.
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