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  1. <C><P D="../share/Xmariecx.jpg" L="2600" defilante="0,0,0,1" H="1944" /><Z><S><S P="0,0,0.3,0.2,2,0,0,0" L="452" o="324650" X="241" Y="174" T="14" H="10" /><S L="600" o="324650" X="313" H="10" Y="218" T="14" P="0,0,0.3,0.2,,0,0,0" /><S P="0,0,0.3,0.2,-2,0,0,0" L="700" o="324650" H="10" Y="268" T="14" X="388" /><S L="1000" o="324650" H="10" X="467" Y="334" T="14" P="0,0,0.3,0.2,-6,0,0,0" /><S P="0,0,0,0.2,12,0,0,0" L="800" o="324650" X="466" Y="100" T="14" H="10" /><S L="900" o="324650" X="409" H="10" Y="5" T="14" P="0,0,0,0.2,12,0,0,0" /><S P="0,0,0,0.2,-4,0,0,0" L="1000" o="324650" X="1352" Y="146" T="14" H="10" /><S L="1000" o="324650" X="1341" H="10" Y="65" T="14" P="0,0,0,0.2,-4,0,0,0" /><S P="0,0,0,0.2,-4,0,0,0" L="1000" o="324650" H="10" Y="53" T="14" X="1510" /><S L="1000" o="324650" H="10" X="2498" Y="114" T="14" P="0,0,0,0.2,11,0,0,0" /><S P="0,0,0,0.2,11,0,0,0" L="1000" o="324650" X="2483" Y="196" T="14" H="10" /><S L="1000" o="324650" X="1502" H="10" Y="136" T="14" P="0,0,0,0.2,-4,0,0,0" /><S P="0,0,0.3,0.2,-3,0,0,0" L="1200" o="324650" X="596" Y="468" T="14" H="10" /><S L="1200" o="324650" X="1783" H="10" Y="406" T="14" P="0,0,0.3,0.2,-3,0,0,0" /><S P="0,0,0.3,0.2,10,0,0,0" L="10" o="324650" X="1537" Y="386" T="14" H="243" /><S P="0,0,0.3,0.2,-50,0,0,0" L="10" o="324650" X="1475" Y="213" T="14" H="97" /><S P="0,0,0.3,0.2,0,0,0,0" L="204" o="324650" X="1661" Y="264" T="14" H="10" /><S P="0,0,0.3,0.2,-10,0,0,0" L="191" o="324650" X="1917" Y="306" T="14" H="10" /><S L="191" o="324650" X="2101" H="10" Y="307" T="14" P="0,0,0.3,0.2,10,0,0,0" /><S P="0,0,0.3,0.2,60,0,0,0" L="100" o="324650" H="10" Y="364" T="14" X="2213" /><S L="100" o="324650" H="10" X="2229" Y="453" T="14" P="0,0,0.3,0.2,100,0,0,0" /><S P="0,0,0.3,0.2,100,0,0,0" L="100" o="324650" X="2220" Y="504" T="14" H="10" /><S L="100" o="324650" X="2168" H="10" Y="555" T="14" P="0,0,0.3,0.2,-10,0,0,0" /><S P="0,0,0.3,0.2,18,0,0,0" L="100" o="324650" H="10" Y="532" T="14" X="2010" /><S L="100" o="324650" H="10" X="1914" Y="505" T="14" P="0,0,0.3,0.2,10,0,0,0" /><S L="100" o="324650" X="1824" H="10" Y="481" T="14" P="0,0,0.3,0.2,20,0,0,0" /><S P="0,0,0.3,0.2,110,0,0,0" L="100" o="324650" H="10" Y="419" T="14" X="1798" /><S L="100" o="324650" H="10" X="1815" Y="369" T="14" P="0,0,0.3,0.2,110,0,0,0" /><S L="452" o="324650" X="109" H="10" Y="147" T="14" P="0,0,0.3,0.2,2,0,0,0" /><S P="0,0,0.3,0.2,2,0,0,0" L="452" o="324650" H="10" Y="114" T="14" X="-59" /><S P="0,0,,,,0,0,0" L="68" H="111" v="-1" Y="54" T="9" X="35" /><S L="100" o="324650" H="10" X="2105" Y="552" T="14" P="0,0,0.3,0.2,8,0,0,0" /><S L="2500" o="324650" X="1195" H="10" Y="611" T="14" P="0,0,0.3,0.2,-4,0,0,0" /><S P="0,0,0.3,0.2,26,0,0,0" L="200" o="324650" H="10" Y="549" T="14" X="2312" /><S P="0,0,0.3,0.2,-4,0,0,0" L="2600" o="324650" H="10" Y="861" T="14" X="1240" /><S L="2600" o="324650" H="10" X="1236" Y="1255" T="14" P="0,0,0.3,0.2,-3,0,0,0" /><S P="0,0,0.3,0.2,96,0,0,0" L="550" o="324650" H="70" Y="771" T="14" X="1816" /><S L="200" o="324650" H="70" X="1716" Y="1095" T="14" P="0,0,0.3,0.2,-14,0,0,0" /><S P="0,0,0.3,0.2,-4,0,0,0" L="200" o="324650" X="1768" Y="1035" T="14" H="70" /><S L="500" o="324650" X="2243" H="150" Y="848" T="14" P="0,0,0.3,0.2,-60,0,0,0" /><S P="0,0,0.3,0.2,-60,0,0,0" L="500" o="324650" H="150" Y="790" T="14" X="2142" /><S L="500" o="324650" H="150" X="2285" Y="939" T="14" P="0,0,0.3,0.2,-10,0,0,0" /><S P="0,0,0.3,0.2,-8,0,0,0" L="500" o="324650" X="2256" Y="993" T="14" H="150" /><S L="200" o="324650" X="2540" H="100" Y="908" T="14" P="0,0,0.3,0.2,-98,0,0,0" /><S P="0,0,0.3,0.2,-18,0,0,0" L="100" o="324650" H="100" Y="1038" T="14" X="2493" /><S L="100" o="324650" H="100" X="2534" Y="1012" T="14" P="0,0,0.3,0.2,-58,0,0,0" /><S L="250" o="324650" X="2289" H="150" Y="1610" T="14" P="0,0,0.3,0.2,2,0,0,0" /></S><D><DS Y="152" X="295" /></D><O /></Z></C>
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