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  1. Mistress of Artiste - La Croix
  2. Succubi, 4.5% rare
  3. Earth Demon
  5. Leader: Artificial Necromancy
  6. When team consists of only Demons and Machinas:
  7. - Team attack x4
  8. - Team recovery x2
  9. - Increase moving time by 1 second.
  10. - The higher the recovery surplus, the more team attack increases, to the max x3 additionally for 200% overheal.
  11. - Formulla is 1+n/100%, where n is overheal percentage.
  13. Teamskill:
  14. When Both leader and ally are monsters of Succubi series:
  15. - Disregard enemy skill "Uncontrollable"
  16. - For each enemy defeated, active skills CD of leader and ally -1.
  18. When there are 2 or more monsters of Succubi series in team:
  19. - Each time when enemy recives damage dealt by monster of Succubi series, put 1 seduction mark on that enemy (stackable, damage dealt by active skills is excluded)
  21. When used as leader and ally:
  22. - Heart runestones possess 0% effect of themselves.
  23. - Heart runestones possess 25% effect of attributive runestones.
  24. - Attributive runestones that are most in number possess 100% effect of heart runestones and 25% of other attributive runestones.
  25. - For each group of heart runestones dissolved, put 2 sedduction marks on each enemy.
  26. - When team is defeated and leader have no "undead" mark, put "undead" mark on leader and resurrect with full hp.
  27. - Undead mark can't be removed with active skills that cancels effects in play (but can be canceled with enemy skill)
  28. - When undead mark is in play:
  29.     • Team will not be poisoned.
  30.     • Convert damage from weathered runes into HP recovery.
  31.     • When electrified rune is touched, recover 50% of team max HP.
  32.     • After enemy is defeated, team attack increases by x2 for 1 round.
  33.     • For each 5 seduction marks on that enemy, effect stays in play for 1 additional round.
  36. Active (CD 8): Phurba Armor
  37. - Damage received -20%
  38. - By dissolving group of 4 or more heart runestones, damage reducing effect increases, to the max -80% for group of 12 heart runestones.
  39. - formula is 20+7.5*(n-4), where n is group size.
  40. - At the end of each round, turn attributive runestones that are least in number into heart runestones.
  41. - Skill stays in play untill no group of 4 or more heart Runestones were dissolved.
  43. Active (CD 6): Word of Tyrant
  44. - This skill can be only activated when "undead" mark is on leader.
  45. - Consume all seduction marks on all enemies.
  46. - Explode all Heart Runestones to generate enchanted machina runestones.
  47. - For each mark consumed, 1 enchanted demon heart runestone will be generated in the first batch.
  48. - After 50 seduction marks consumed cumulatively, remove "undead" mark from leader.
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