Chihaya comic TL

NamassukaRevolution Aug 23rd, 2018 99 Never
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  1. Original: "I came here to sing"
  2. SP: "That's right. Focusing on singing"
  3. iM@S 2: "If it's not singing work I'll leave"
  5. One For All: "I'm expanding my appeal besides singing with my Producer"
  6. Stella Stage: "I'm also stopping my insistence on singing"
  7. Others: "What are you saying? All we have is singing, you know?!"
  9. Platinum Stars: "I want to connect with people better. I want to become friends with everyone in the office."
  10. Others: "Friends... I'm fine by myself"
  11. Anime: "Haruka is nice! I love everyone else in the office too!"
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