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  1. apliva: im redoing my badges
  2. apliva: and
  3. apliva: u r one
  4. apliva: tf
  5. sIipt: z
  6. apliva: hi jose
  7. sIipt: ij
  8. sIipt: o
  9. sIipt: s
  10. sIipt: e
  11. sIipt: j
  12. sIipt: u
  13. sIipt: a
  14. sIipt: n
  15. sIipt: fkin bean
  16. apliva: bean
  17. apliva: wtf
  18. apliva: pls suffocate in that fucking couch
  19. Rliia: Apparently Danny is telling Paige we all talk abt her
  20. Rliia: o_o
  21. Rliia: Hes such a dickhead i swear
  22. apliva: danny can fucking get his head smashed in
  23. Rliia: ^
  24. apliva: ugly fuck
  25. bh: whos danny again
  26. Rliia: @Fettuccinee
  27. bh: oh god
  28. bh: z
  29. apliva: pasta boy
  30. bh: penne pls
  31. Rliia: LMAO..
  32. triplicate: hi
  33. bh: hi
  34. Rliia: hello.
  35. apliva: telling paige we were talking shit
  36. apliva: LOL
  37. apliva: i wish he would
  38. Rliia: he did this whole time..
  39. bh: but is it true@him saying that
  40. apliva: no lol
  41. bh: never knew he was like that lmao
  42. Rliia: thats why he comes in here..just quiet
  43. apliva: i can tell u what happened
  44. Rliia: to see our convo
  45. Rliia: and  they arent coming here anymore
  46. Rliia: to this room
  47. apliva: too bad
  48. apliva: anyways josh ill tell u
  49. apliva: what
  50. apliva: happened
  51. Rliia: its a lot
  52. Rliia: >
  53. apliva: so
  54. apliva: her pastaboywannabethirstyass bf came in here
  55. apliva: now
  56. Rliia: z
  57. bh: pbwta <
  58. bh: loll
  59. apliva: most of the people in here are paige's friend, but they were new friends and only know so little
  60. Rliia: ?
  61. bh: pbwta = pastaboywannabethirstyass
  62. bh: duhh
  63. Rliia: Ohoh
  64. apliva: so when he came in
  65. bh: yea
  66. Rliia: he flirted me the day i met him
  67. Rliia: weirdo
  68. apliva: they said hi to him and addressed him as "paige's ex"
  69. apliva: bc thats what they knew
  70. apliva: he was paige's ex and they didnt know they were "talking" again
  71. apliva: then this boy said
  72. sIipt: im playing
  73. apliva: "we are together" or something like that right ria?
  74. sIipt: uno
  75. sIipt: w ppl inna cr
  76. Rliia: yeppp
  77. sIipt: and tht uno game is lagging sm
  78. Rliia: && that they do a little bit more than talking
  79. apliva: carter stfu im talking thxs love u
  80. apliva: anyways
  81. sIipt: pasta
  82. sIipt: boy
  83. sIipt: LOL
  84. sIipt: i called him tht the first day i met him
  85. apliva: yh and so ppl asked how
  86. apliva: he said "we do shit"
  87. apliva: uuum
  88. apliva: then i told him
  89. Rliia: "sexting"
  90. apliva: oh wait
  91. apliva: before i told him anything
  92. apliva: he said
  93. bh: smh no wonder she doesnt wanna get tangled with him again lmfaoo
  94. Rliia: no i think they are working on things rn
  95. Rliia: >
  96. Rliia: they chat on disc & in another cr
  97. apliva: "paige was mad bc her "friends" were talking shit about someone she likes when they have their legs open for anyone"
  98. bh: for him to tell anyone he sexts with her is immature tbh
  99. Rliia: Hi!!
  100. apliva: and we were like so ? lol tf
  101. apliva: he said it was about him
  102. Ridame: Hola amigas
  103. apliva: we asked how he knew
  104. apliva: he said
  105. Rliia: julia is telling a story
  106. Rliia: shh
  107. apliva: "bc im the only one she likes"
  108. apliva: LOL
  109. apliva: and he would know how?
  110. Ridame: o ok sorry
  111. Rliia: < im just messin w u
  112. sIipt: imagine having a nigger in ur butthole
  113. Rliia: z
  114. apliva: CARTER
  115. apliva: PLAY UNO AND SHUSH
  116. sIipt: z
  117. bh: smh
  118. apliva: and thats when i told him
  119. sIipt: Ridame  whispers: imagine having a nigger in ur other hole
  120. Ridame: LMAO
  121. apliva: to not think that paige is so mighty in love w him and that he's her only one
  122. apliva: and that i wasnt saying its not true but just either way dont think that until she tells u and u know for sure and that it was for his own good
  123. Rliia: omg..why are all these ugly men inviting me to chats
  124. apliva: hold up
  125. Ridame: o sorry ill stop inviting u
  126. Rliia: smh
  127. Rliia: this is the 4th one today
  128. sIipt: uh
  129. bh: it's bc of your dp tbh
  130. sIipt: LMAO
  131. sIipt: um
  132. Ridame: who mine?
  133. sIipt: its becAuse shEs a moDel
  134. bh: its the booty n then you cover your eyes so they like damn shes so anonymous
  135. bh: yeah you
  136. bh: z
  137. Ridame: thanks man
  138. Rliia: smh
  139. Ridame: i got a nice ass ik
  140. bh: LMFAOO
  141. Rliia: i need to change that
  142. bh: @ridame
  143. sIipt: uh huh
  144. bh: youre welcome
  145. Ridame: v nice of u sir
  146. sIipt: bh
  147. sIipt: r u a beaner
  148. bh: df is a beaner slit
  149. sIipt: slit
  150. bh: u herd me
  151. sIipt: ill slit ur throat if u spell me user wrong again
  152. Ridame: bh: tf is a beaner slit
  153. sIipt: my*
  154. bh: ok slip n slide
  155. sIipt: its a mexican
  156. bh: smh
  157. sIipt: stfu
  158. Ridame: ded
  159. bh: z
  160. sIipt: nigga
  161. sIipt: ill bop ur ass
  162. bh: first offff
  163. Rliia: i cant even take a good pic without this happening
  164. sIipt: fkin slap ur shit silly
  165. bh: bop? you on kids bop??
  166. sIipt: no
  167. bh: ok fam
  168. sIipt: stop
  169. sIipt: what
  170. sIipt: is
  171. bh: take it easy
  172. sIipt: wrong w u
  173. Ridame: bop it twist it squeeze it
  174. apliva: i-
  175. Rliia: < i used to have tht
  176. bh: go back to uno before i dos u
  177. Rliia: game
  178. sIipt: get
  179. sIipt: excuse me
  180. sIipt: nigga
  181. Ridame: shut up mfers, juulia is tryna speak
  182. bh: u herd me
  183. sIipt: u wanna go bro
  184. Ridame: Z
  185. bh: no
  186. bh: listenning to julia
  187. Ridame: bro why u keep saying herd
  188. bh: ty
  189. sIipt: fkin u wont take this shit to shop ill bop ur ass
  190. Ridame: a herd of cows?
  191. sIipt: brick
  192. sIipt: stfu
  193. sIipt: for
  194. sIipt: a second
  195. Ridame: ok thx mom
  196. apliva: you can all stfu , and then i can tell the rest of the story thxs
  197. sIipt: no
  198. sIipt: julia
  199. apliva: yes
  200. apliva: carter
  201. sIipt: i hAVE HEARD THIS STORY
  202. apliva: boy
  203. sIipt: 435234 TIMES
  204. apliva: I DONT GIVE A SHIT
  205. sIipt: and we all witnessed it
  206. sIipt: bruv
  207. sIipt: we get it
  208. apliva: no
  209. apliva: no
  210. bh: you should have just whispered this to me tbh
  211. apliva: we all didnt
  212. sIipt: her queer bf thinking he something
  213. bh: prob be better off
  214. bh: z
  215. sIipt: nigga
  216. sIipt: jose
  217. sIipt: hose
  218. sIipt: stfu
  219. Ridame: @hose
  220. bh: idk who df you calling jose
  221. bh: cause my name aint even jose
  222. bh: donkeyass
  223. Ridame: what tf is ur name sir
  224. sIipt: stfu
  225. sIipt: nigga
  226. bh: smh
  227. sIipt: i can
  228. Ridame: carter stfu
  229. sIipt: call u what i want
  230. sIipt: slut
  231. sIipt: NIGGA
  232. sIipt: BRICK
  233. apliva: ok then ill whisper bc carter's fucking white ass wont stfu
  234. sIipt: STFU
  235. Ridame: WHO IS BRICK
  236. Ridame: MY NAME IS MIKE
  237. sIipt: U NIGGA
  238. sIipt: NAH
  239. Ridame: BRO WHAT IF I WAS BLACK
  240. bh: thank god lmfao
  241. Ridame: AND U CALLIN ME NIGGA
  242. sIipt: wht u gon do abt it
  243. sIipt: norhing u pussy ass bitch
  244. sIipt: nothing8
  245. apliva: so yh i told him that
  246. Ridame: @pussy ass bitch
  247. sIipt: now shut ur white ass up
  248. Ridame: wow bh will fuck u up
  249. Ridame: Z
  250. sIipt: no u wont stfu
  251. Ridame: is triplicate alive
  252. Ridame: maybe shell fuck u up
  253. sIipt: stfu
  254. apliva: then everyone else came in and were honestly making fun of him bc the things he said
  255. sIipt: btw
  256. sIipt: y did u leave my server nigga
  257. apliva: like @we do shit
  258. sIipt: u said one thing
  259. sIipt: and dipped
  260. sIipt: fkin faggot
  261. apliva: fucking cringe
  262. Ridame: LOL
  263. Ridame: i thought it was a group chat
  264. sIipt: also
  265. Ridame: but it turned out to be a server
  266. sIipt: julia join my call ><
  267. Rliia: Hey ! weba
  268. Deimos: howdy virgins
  269. Ridame: and i cant rejoin so rip
  270. sIipt: vViRGINS
  271. sIipt: bro
  272. Deimos: yes
  273. sIipt: who r these
  274. apliva: ur call
  275. sIipt: fucking
  276. sIipt: niggers
  277. Ridame: thank u for recognizing my virginity
  278. sIipt: yes im playing music
  279. Ridame: i never lose
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