Punishment for the Zero-Two

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  1. >Oi, Hiro. Have you seen my fishing rods anywhere? I can't seem to find them.” Goro aske Hiro who is sitting in the commons with Zero-Two
  2. >No I haven't Goro. Did you lose them or anything?”
  3. >”Yes I always have them at a certain spot but this morning they were gone.”
  4. >Hiro quickly glances to Zero-Two who has a small grin on her face.
  5. >”So that's how it is.” Hiro thinks to himself
  6. >”I'll tell you if I happen to find them, Goro.”
  7. >Goro thanks him and leaves Hiro alone with Zero-Two.
  8. >”Ne~ Darling. I'm a bad girl who stole Goro's fishing rods, don't you think this naughty girl deserves some punishment for what she did.” She says whilst winking.
  9. >”Indeed Zero-Two, such a mean girl needs some punishment to reflect on herself.”
  10. >Zero-Two already removes her pants hearing Hiro's words.
  11. >”Hmmmm, you know Zero-Two. I wonder if that can be even considered punishment to begin with.”
  12. >”What do you mean Darling?” Zero-Two asks him all surprised.
  13. >”Is it really punishment if I gave you the thing you wanted. You want to get spanked don't you, you pervert. Thats why I think its a better punishment to not spank you.”
  14. >”Huh?” Something inside Zero-Two broke due to Hiro blindsiding her like this.
  15. >”But Darling such vile acts can't be left unpunished.” She says whilst shaking her butt in front of him.
  16. >”Oh you'll get your punishment in time, but in the meantime there will be no spankings. So cover your butt up before the others come.”
  17. >Days go by without Hiro ever punishing her or giving her a spanking, or any other lewd thing
  18. >Zero-Two gets more and more restless, for what possibly could Darling do to her.
  19. >Zero-Two finds that her drawing of the spanking was gone, most likely taken by Hiro.
  20. >Zero-Two got closer and closer to her limit being denied the thing she wanted for so long.
  21. >”I'm sorry Darling, this bad girl won't do it again. So please. Punish me, spank me, do whatever. I can't handle this anymore.” She shouts in the empty room, her horns glowing.
  22. >The door suddenly opens revealing Hiro with glowing horns.
  23. >”Have you reflected a bit on what you did?”
  24. >”Yes, Darling. I won't take other people's stuff just so you can punish me.”
  25. >”Thats good. Now lets go to bed and sleep.”
  26. >”D....Darling, but I.”
  27. >”I there something you want me to do?” Hiro just asks her.
  28. >”Spank me already Darling, punish me, toy around with me fuck me. I can't handle it anymore. All those days without you doing anything to me, I can't handle it anymore Darling!”
  29. >”Finally you are being honest to yourself, Zero-Two. Time to give that bad girl the spanking she deserves.”
  30. >Zero-Two has a beaming smile on her face and quickly undresses.
  31. >”Ne~ Darling, my butt is all white again since you didn't gave me a spanking in all those days.” She says whilst showing her white butt to him.
  32. >”You really are a pervert aren't you Zero-Two.”
  33. >Zero-Two smiles and starts moving her butt in front of Hiro.
  34. >”Aren't you staring a bit much at my butt? Darling~ you pervert.”
  36. >Hiro then grabs her butt with his 2 hands.
  37. >”Ahn~” Zero-Two moans in surprise as she didn't expect Hiro to actually grab her butt instead.
  38. >Hiro lays Zero-Two on the bed and starts groping her butt further
  39. >”D..Darling? This isn't spanking. Ahh~”
  40. >”I first have inspect if your butt is in tip top shape for it.”
  41. >Hiro just continues grabbbing and massaging her butt.
  42. >Suddenly he holds her down and he starts ticking her feet instead.
  43. >”Darling! That tickles, cut it out. Moh~I thought you were going to punish me.”
  44. >”But I am, you bad girl. This is all some foreplay and besides it wouldn't be punishment if I gave you what you want.”
  45. >Hiro unleashes a barrage of tickling attacks upon the defenseless Zero-Two.
  46. >Under her feet, between her legs, on her tighs, in her armpits, her neck. No place is left untickled.
  47. >”S...ssss stoppppp it Daaaaarling.” Zero-Two has difficulty even speaking that sentence since Hiro won't stop tickling her
  48. >”I.. I'.m goooing to cum at this rate Daaaarling.” is all she manages to say throughout her laughter
  49. >All of a sudden Hiro suddenly completely stops and turns her around.
  50. >Zero-Two wonder what comes next while she is at the verge of her climax.
  51. >”No!” Hiro just coldly says.
  52. >He coldly looks into Zero-Two's eyes with his own glowing eyes and horns.
  53. >”No? What do you mean, Darling.”
  54. >”I'm not allowing you to cum. This is punishment so if you end up cumming I will stop it immediately. We can't have this bad girl end up enjoying it can we.”
  55. >Zero-Two saw it in his eyes that he was serious about it. If she wanted him to continue then she wouldn't be allowed to cum from his actions.
  56. >Zero-Two awoke to enjoying spanking after that one fated moment but it seems that by pressuring Hiro to spank her that he too awoke to something.
  57. >Hiro gets closer to her face and licks her sweat.
  58. >”So is this naughty girl ready to continue again? Don't forget once you cum its all over.”
  59. >”Hmhm” Zero-Two can only nod yes to his question
  60. >In order to enjoy it all, she would be forced to not end up cumming, the idea of getting teased like that almost forced her over the edge and only her willpower prevented her from climaxing in that moment.
  61. >It is as if Hiro was waiting for that response as he wasted to no time to kiss her neck in rapid succession, before going lower with his face.
  62. >He takes a look at Zero-Two's erect nipples and smirks before softly licking them a bit followed by nibbling them
  63. >”Ahhn~” Zero-Two's moans echo through the room the pleasure almost too much for her, yet she manages to keep a hold of herself.
  64. >Hiro keeps going lower with his face and is now actively licking Zero-Two's stomach.
  65. >”It tastes as sweet as honey.”
  66. >Hiro's words shock Zero-Two who always disliked her own taste.
  67. >”Darling. I'm at my limit Darling stop teasing me like this.”
  68. >Zero-Two breathing is becoming heavier due to being at her limit
  69. >”Seems you are right Zero-Two, I can see you leaking already.”
  70. >”D..don't look. Darling you pervert.”
  71. >”To think that you'll be unable to keep it in, seems you need a bit more punishment.”
  73. >Hiro flips her over to her back again, her butt is shaking in excitement for what is coming.
  74. >”You bad girl.” Is all he says whilst his hand is on her butt
  75. >His hand moves backwards and he then strikes her butt full force. Zero-Two can only moan in pleasure and pain for being hit over and over again.
  76. >”This naughty girl can't even follow instructions properly. I told you no cumming. But rest assured you are bad girl so you'll get the spanking you deserve.”
  77. >Sometimes he spanks her with his left hand and then with his right hand, for then to wait a couple of second before using both at the same time.
  78. >”Spank me harder, Darling. This bad girl deserves it.”
  79. >A normal human being would have long passed out after receiving so much dinopowered spankings but not Zero-Two.
  80. >She turns around to look Hiro straight in the eyes to see that he is breathing as heavily as she is. This not due to fatigue but rather sexual excitement.
  81. >With each breath both Hiro and Zero-Two's horns light up as if making it clear to the other on what they want.
  82. >Zero-Two notices how Hiro's pants are at his limit trying to hold back his dinosize'd dick
  83. >In just only a few seconds Hiro undresses himself unable to hold himself back any longer
  84. >Hiro's tip is already covered in precum “Moh~, Darling you meanie, you tell me not to cum while you can no longer hold it back yourself either.” Zero-Two spreads her legs inviting Hiro to put it inside her.
  86. >He goes in for the kill with his dick all whilst Zero-Two is holding the cushion tight while he goes inside.
  87. >They stare in eachothers eyes before quickly giving eachother a hornbump which signals the start of the main game.
  88. >Zero-Two kisses hiro and both tongues are curling around the other whilst he laying on top of her.
  89. >She doesn't waste a single moment and uses her legs to leglock Hiro in place whilst he is inside her.
  90. >They take take turns nibbling on eachothers earlobes all whilst he is busy pounding her.
  91. >”Zero-Two, I'm going to cum.” She smirks after hearing him say that. “Not allowed~, Darling~. You can only cum when I say so.” Hiro's eyes glow from the shock and he knows she is having some payback for what he did.
  92. >Minutes go by while Hiro can hardly hold it back, beggingly looking at Zero-Two to let him cum.
  93. >”You may cum inside in 3...2....1....0” The moment the count hits 0 Hiro blows his dinoload inside her whilst she cums as well.
  94. >Zero-Two uses the momentum to release Hiro from the leglock and to force him on his back.
  95. >She ends up sitting on his legs with his dinodick against her stomach, she moves up a bit and inserts it back inside.
  96. >She starts moving her hips to make sure Hiro enjoys it all while she is riding him.
  97. >Hiro's eyes are focused on Zero-Two's face. “Stop staring Darling~.”
  98. >He grabs her legs and starts matching her rythm and is at the verge of climaxing again, but before he can blow his load in her again she flicks his horns.
  99. >“Nope~, not yet Darling.” is all she says before bending forwards and inserting his horn in her mouth, her tongue going all around it as if she wants to feel it all.
  100. >This was the final straw for Hiro before blowing his load inside her.
  101. >”Seems you are still weak to that, Darling.” she says with a giggle.
  103. >This lit a fire in Hiro's eyes. “Zero-Two you once said you wanted to spice things up right?” Hiro lifts up and forces Zero-Two off his body
  104. >He grabs her from behind and inserts his dick inside her before carrying her over to the window and presses her against it.
  105. >”If the others look up, they will see us. So what will you do? Make noise or keep quiet?”
  106. >Hiro then resumes pounding his dinodick in and out her whilst she is pressed against the window, completely capable of hearing what the others are talking about downstairs.”
  107. >Zero-Two tries to cover her mouth as best as she can to prevent herself from moaning due to the pleasure
  108. >”Darling, don't move like that. I can't keep quiet if you move like that.” she almost whispers.
  109. >Hiro just grins at that and spanks her one the butt one more time.
  110. >”AHN~” That was Zero-Two's limit and she can no longer can keep her moaning down.
  111. >”Wait really?”Hiro who didn't expect that she would moan like that ends up cumming and quickly forces her away from the window before the others look up.
  113. >Both of them are busy catching a breath from that final shock.
  114. >”Think they heard it, Zero-Two?” “I think they did, Darling.”
  115. >”Lets get dressed and go downstairs, Zero-Two.”
  116. >Zero-Two grabs a new panty and walks over to Hiro.
  117. >”Zero-Two?” without words she suddenly walks over and starts cleaning his dinodick with her panty, making sure no semen is still on it.
  118. >After seeing that the insides of her panty are covered in his semen she slowly puts it on.
  119. >”Now I'm really marked as your possession, Darling~”
  120. >Both of them finish putting their clothes back on and hurringly go back to the others.
  121. >”Hiro? Zero-Two? Where have you been? Besides you guys look tired as hell, what happened.?” Goro asks seeing them walk in.
  122. >”Ahh Goro. I found your fishing rods.” Hiro says whilst giving Goro his rods back
  123. >”Thanks, but where did you find them?”
  124. >Hiro and Zero-Two say nothing and walk past him, all whilst drops of Hiro's semen is seen falling down from Zero-Two's legs.
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