What Humanity Reaped

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  1. A parade of black vehicles consisting of various makes thundered down Nevada's "Extraterrestrial Highway" toward Groom Lake A.K.A. Area 51. Inside a particular black van sat a short, bald man in a fancy outfit, his eyes were covered with a blindfold and his mouth gagged. Carter Bloom, as the man was known, was surrounded by a wide range of individuals who were all garbed in black suits, sunglasses, and bowler hats. Snipers of the United States Military watched through their scopes as the black vehicles approached. The first of the black vehicles, a black Sedan, stopped at the booth, its driver cracked the window and showed a card to the Military Officer manning the booth.
  3. The badge had the text "MIB" in the center and a single blue feather on each side; the badge was genuine as the soldier feared. He knew not to ask questions, so he simply nodded, handed the badge back, and lifted the road guard. Twelve vehicles in all drove by the booth and deeper into Area 51. One of the vehicles, a black truck with an extended cab, contained another blindfolded, bound and gagged man. This individual was a man of average height, average weight, average-cut brown hair and average hazel eyes, outwardly everything about this man, Donald Prior, seemed average, but average he was not for he had survived an ordeal that no one else had ever managed to.
  5. Passed the hangars and toward Groom Lake the vehicles went. Into the dry lake went the first vehicle, the others followed it in quick succession. The salt flat wasn't real, it was a cleverly placed hologram used to hide the true base within Area 51; a base within a base. Covered by the cloak of the hologram, the vehicles proceeded unseen until stopping at a large blast-proof door which contained a card reader. The driver of the lead vehicle rolled down his window and swiped his badge through the card reader, the door creaked open in response. The vehicles entered a large garage-like room with various potential exits, the walls were lined with bullet-proof windows coated in one-way glass that allowed security to view the entrance area.
  7. The black transports parked together near on such sealed door and all of their occupants cleared out into the nearest room. Workers in black lab coats and other apparel of the same color buzzed about the computer lined room, by and large ignoring the room's new visitors. Both Carter Bloom and Donald Prior had their bindings removed by a pair of the Men in Black. Donald kept quiet and drew in his surroundings, while Carter opened his mouth; both men sought answers through different means.
  9. "What is the meaning of this? You can't just kidnap someone and... bring them here!" Carter exclaimed as the sight sunk in.
  11. A black garbed man in a bowler hat who had no discernible features pushed Carter toward a device in which most of the room's computers were hooked up to, Donald Prior was led to it by the arm, courtesy of another Man in Black. The device projected a blue holographic head, the head was male with curly hair and armed with a stern gaze.
  13. "What is this! Where am I? Release me!" Demanded Carter.
  15. The holoprojected head's expression darkened as it began to speak, "We are out of time. If Mr. Bloom insists on taking up more of it with inane questions, feel free to blast a kneecap or two. His body needn't work as long as he is still capable of answering my questions."
  17. Every gun in the room could be heard being cocked in response to the head's orders.
  19. "Inane! You've violated my basic human rights by bringing me here!"
  21. "Agent Catalyst?" the head signaled.
  23. One of the men in black pointed his Smith and Wesson revolver at Carter Bloom's right knee and fired without the slightest hesitation. Carter Bloom crumpled to the ground screaming as his kneecap shattered instantly.
  25. "You dare lecture me about human rights? Soon there won't be any humans left to have rights, you ignorant fuck." The holoprojection turned to face Donald Prior as a pair of Men in Black carried the bleeding Carter Bloom out of the room. "Tell me what you saw and show me where the aliens landed."  
  27. A few holographic screens popped up next to the head, the screens contained interactive maps.
  29. Donald spoke as he sifted through the maps, "I woke up in a cornfield. I was dressed as I had been when going to bed; in a shirt and boxers. I ran desperately through the field trying to find an exit when I came across this... beast. The creature was at least twelve feet tall, but it wasn't as tall as the cornstalks. The thing had black spikes that stuck out of its back, very rough looking skin and a head that could best be described as potato-shaped. I ran like crazy when I saw it and eventually happened upon a clearing with an orange tree stump. As I ran, I heard a thud and hazarded a look back, the creature had tripped over the stump which caused its head to bend back and impale on one of its backspikes. The aliens came for me soon after, I thought they were going to kill me, but they took me back to Earth instead."
  31. "Did you notice anything about their ship or them in general?" Asked the head in an objective tone.
  33. "The ship was the traditional saucer shape that were depicted in those old movies. The inside was complex, I can't even really describe it because a lot of the things were shaped differently from any shapes that mankind has witnessed here. Now, there were some liquid filled objects, the liquid was green and bubbly."
  35. "What about the aliens, Mr. Prior?"
  37. "The aliens never spoke, I think they communicated with telepathy. We landed in a cornfield in the middle of Huntsville, Nevada and they paraded me through town in broad daylight and then departed. I'm assuming that's what attracted your attention to me?"
  39. "An odd choice, seeing as how you live in Albany, New York."
  41. "We landed somewhere over here," Donald stated as he pointed at a zoomed in picture of Huntsville.
  43. "Thank you for your cooperation, it has been noted." the head replied which prompted one of the Men in Black to stick Donald Prior in the neck with a syringe. Donald Prior's eyes shut and he slumped backward into the waiting arms of one of the many suited men in the room.
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