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  1. Billie      With the performance over and emotions riding high, Billie knew this was the time for her to hatch her latest venomous plan. Kian Keller, she used to think him a sweet guy, a change from the norm. He was just like everyone else, out for himself and out to hurt people. Hurt her, just like everyone else. She took out her phone, not joining in with the cheers and applause, something told her there might have been a much different reception awaiting Mr Keller after his first show than he expected. She looked up in time to see him search for her one last time, she didn't bother to try and grab his attention, instead focusing on her phone. Having Kian's social media, it wasn't hard to find Kendra through him. She'd already loaded her first message to the girl, pictures at first. A shiver ran down Billie's spine, it always did whenever she was about to do something so destructive. A sick glee was all over her lips, she only wished that she could have been there to see the despair on Kendra's face when she opened her inbox. The first message was a series of screenshots from her own phone, texts between her and Kian. She'd taken the liberty of editing the screenshots, blacking out her own pictures to hide her modesty, she left what Kian had sent back unedited to reveal the sexual nature of their picture swaps. The dates and message times unedited also gave another nasty bit of information, what she was sharing took place no less than twenty four hours after Billie and Kendra had traded blows. It was nothing compared to her second message, again she didn't type anything and simply uploaded a video from her galery. From the angle, she'd left her phone propped up and on record somewhere hidden in her room. The video took a moment to show it's colours, with Billie and Kian soon walking into view, it didn't take long for Billie to push the fumbling boy down and on to her bed; climbing atop him in seconds. What followed was a very explicit display, clothes flying and limbs becoming entwined. The video ended when her phone's memory had given up, sparing Kendra the entire scene. The whole thing had been vocal and rough, Billie felt it was perfect timing that the feed had cut just when she'd demanded Kian told her who was better in bed, her or his girlfriend. She was positive the lack of answer would make the sting much worse, like a searing hot knife through butter -- And block Kendra Maine. She put her phone back away, preparing herself for the onslaught she'd just readied. While she'd taken the ability of a response from Kendra, she had a feeling that Kian would probably reach out to her very soon, she almost wished he'd be angry. She was a kid with a lighter playing with fireworks, she'd just lit the fuse and now it was time to watch some explosions. With her work done, she left her spot at the front of the crowd to disappear back into it. Destroying someone else's happiness was thirsty work, once she was out of the other side of the crowd she immediately began to look for a refreshment stand. Strutting away as if she hadn't done anything, lifting a hand up to brush her hair back. She made her way towards Sage's stall once she spotted it among the various games and stands, taking herself over with a smile.
  3. KENDRA      the set had only run the course of three songs, each different in feel and vibe than the last. Arguably a good showing of each member's particular skill and what they brought to the table. Every last possible second caught and immortalized on film, up to the point Kian was strolling towards her offstage slick with sweat and grinning wildly at the success of their first official show. Wisely stopping the feed as he lurched towards the garbage can to empty his guts. Oh shit! Laying aside the camera and grabbing a chilled bottle of water, she'd join his hunched frame. Apparently their bad nerves were contagious, running on the same wavelength. Slender hand touched at the base of his back and chased upwards to hover between shoulder-blades, as water was offered to within his viewing range. "Babe, it's okay. That was awesome," assuring him, even lithe figure stepped closer as if to conceal him from anyone that may be attempting to try and get a look at his recent humiliation. Circular motions were made with palm over his back to soothe him, until his fingers could grasp the bottle on his own -- to clean out his mouth and chug it down. Free hand fiddling in the shallow fit of pocket to get out a pack of gum and him a piece, for his breath when ready. "I don't think anyone saw," teasing him a little, with a wide smile that looked particularly lovely at the moment, as if she was glowing from some inner light of pure happiness. Because at that moment? Everything was great. Kian and Kendra had talked some things out yesterday, after the cat fight with Billie at the Brew. Even enjoyed leftover Chinese takeout with Nick, and watched Lost in Space on Netflix. She had passed out after, feeling really tired for some reason, and woke up much later in the early grey hours of morning to being tangled in Kian's arms with the sour fragrance of beer on his breath. While this wasn't abnormal, it had prompted the shift of weight to face away as it caused her stomach to turn in an unpleasant manner. As Keller seemed to recover, after the small remedy of water and gum, lips leaned in to brush against his sweetly. Hand abandoning it's perch on his back to brush aside the rebellious curl that hung limp against his brow, retreating just enough to rub nose against his. "I brought a spare shirt if you want to walk around?" having slipped once or twice in the past how much she loved carnivals and fairgrounds. A small step taken back as she hand him another t-shirt from his closet, for when he stripped the current one. As Kian changed, picked up camera to place in her purse for safe keeping. They didn't need to forget that expensive device right? Cell vibrated in back pocket, and Kendra took it out to see what alerts were coming in. Hmm. It took her a few moments to find the ones from Billie, as she had to weed through notifications about an upcoming gynecologist appointment, an audition for a music video, etc. Delicate eyebrow arched at the first series of pictures that showed screenshots of texts and nudes along with timestamps, lips pursing in an inaudible note of discontent. Thumb swiping to the next notification out of morbid curiosity, even as a stone of pure dread fell into her stomach. Audio was enabled on cell, having not been switched off before. Allowing those in the near enough vicinity to hear a slurred male and clear as a bell female voices. As the scene unfolded, eyebrows met in a fierce frown to go at war with the one that formed on lips. Kendra was confused initially by what she saw, because it didn't make any sense. Not after everything that had happened. Not after Kian begged on his knees to take him back, that he was in love with her.. that kissing Gemma had been a mistake. But this? This was just.. worse in a different way. It made her feel like a fool. He had told her there was nothing going on with Billie, that they were just friends. The evidence proved otherwise. It hurt worse than when they had stood in the middle of the diner, yelling at one another. It was unsettling that the sweet, nervous boy that fumbled with his words as much as his hand when a bit too eager.. was willfully fucking another girl. A bitter hate and fury rubbed the back of throat raw, conjuring a wetness to eyes that was presumed to have release their last heartache weeks before. "..Kian," finally looking up as Billie asked him who was better in bed, "What.. the.. fuck?" For the moment, her voice was a dangerous whisper. Phone dipped for him to take, to look if he needed to. "What.. the.. fuck?" the question louder than before, only to be repeated again louder, and again even louder.. Free hand curled into a fist, and in unison with the one that clutched cell began to beat at any part of his body she could reach.
  5. KIAN      How long had he been vomiting for now? Quite a while if he remembers it correctly. The loud cheering had gotten the best of him, and the adrenaline rush he took in slowly came to a grinding halt, affecting the way his stomach churned in the process. There was a quiet plea in his expression that no one, except mabe for his bandmates could see him empty his stomach through his mouth. But immedaitely, he was offered to be given a bottle of water by Rafa, Kian almost wanted to lift his head from the garbage can and tell him that no, he was going to be okay. But, as it turns out, he hasn't stopped. Eventually, he'd be reaching for the one that Kendra already had nearby. At some point in the extravaganze, Kian would have nothing to unload, and the only thing remaining was a sickly look in his face. "Did we do-- uh-- good? Guys?" Looked around for confirmation from his band, eventually opening the bottle for a few sips. Actually, long sips that pretty much decimated the entirety of the bottle. "Which one? The puking or the performing?" THe question was posed to his girlfriend after she declared that something was apprently awesome. Still, even if she didn't provide him with an answer, he'd still be wearing a weak smile, made even weaker by the fact that he was feeling like he couldn't eat a single thing for the next week and a half. A quick look was given to Kendra, hand finding purchase on her arm for some form of physical support. Because the last thing he needs is to fall face first, and their adoring fans out there, who were slowly tricking out of the performance are, would most like not want to see the vocalist of the band to just fall down face first, now would they? There was something about her nowadays that just made it seem like she was-- kinda glowing. Kian couldn't put a finger on it, but there was something. Perhaps, she was jsut as excited about the success of the performance as everyone else was. And he decided to drop it at that. "You sure no one--" Spat out on the can again. "--saw?" Took another drink from the bottle, this time finishing it, allowing the plastic container to join the breakfast he had. She mentioned a spare shirt, and Kian was all but ready to take the offer. Especially since it meant that he could rid himself of the sweat, and wahtever plagued him. Probably kinda reeked too. But his deodorant worked wonders. "That would be lovely, babe." Noded to the iea of changing shirts, mabe even walk around the circus a bit more. See what games they could play. Win a few stuffed toys and all that. And eventually he <b>would</b> be changing, and he <b>still</b> doesn't want anyone to see him. Because. Reasons. She had brough him one of his favorite shirts, specifically the plain black shirt with a pocket on the left breast with a small mickey mouse sewn into it. "Hey, Kendra, I have a question. How come the other night-- I forgot to ask since like-- I don't know I guess I never bothered to, but how come you thought the burger patties I made reeked?" A single brow was raised as soon as his shirt had been fixed, hands working to roll the used one up. "I checked with Nick, he-- he said they were fine. Even ate them all." Wasn't offended or anything, he knew he wasn't a good chef. At all. Was squeezing his shirt dry from sweat when she was looking down on her phone. A good protion of the time, she was checking her phone anyway. Especially as of recent. Kian figured that she might've just been making sure her instagram notifications were up to date. She did like her instagram. Lifted his head from what he was doing when she called him out, "Yeah?"  there was a wetness in her eyes, and a feeling of concern grew in his chest. Something was wrong. "Hey, Kendra-- are you oka--" Had her phone handed to her, and Kian was quick to take it. But it didn't seem like he was in any rush, he just didn't do anything else but claim the phone. There was another vibration, a few actually. Messages from instagram, facebook, and some medical stuff. He'd love to stop and ask, but he didn't have time to. At the center of her phone were pictures of him. The same ones that he took for Billie. And to make matters worse... <b>apparently</b>, the whole thing was recorded. "...Kendra, I--" Was then hit with one hand, and then another. Causing him to raise his arms in a defense. In the heat of the moment, the strap of his guitar snapped, allowing the bass to drop onto the grassy patch beneath them. "--wait! I--" Smack. Smack. Smack. It hurt, really. Because Kian wasn't exactly the strongest person. Whether it was in terms of will, or physical strength. Perhaps mentally, but as record shows, people would <b>still</b> call him an idiot. "Kendra-- stop-- I--" He was almost certain that he was going to start bruising in the morning. Seeing as she wouldn't stop, Kian would lose control of his own fingers, dropping the phoneright on top of his bass. With each strike Kendra made, he took steps backwards, snagging back of foot against the strewn about strap. The shift in weight, caused by the sudden tug on his leg sent the male careening backards, back first on the grass. That, would give him a chance to speak. if anything. "Wait, look I just-- I-- I was drunk." He himself knew that it wasn't what he <b>should</b> be saying. And to make matters worse, it might've just made him look more like a snake than he already was. Kian attempted to pick himself off of the ground, arms shaking from the pain. Was he supposed to cry? Should he cry? He didn't deserve to. He was the evil one here. And there were far too many things he wanted to say, but couldn't. Because in his head, anything can and <b>will</b> be used against him. When he slept with Billie, the one thing in his head was the fact that-- that-- actually, he didn't know what was going on. He just knew that he did it. And it was done. Nothing he can say or do can ever change that. This wasn't like Gemma, nor Jenelle. This was something else. Something bigger than that. Perhaps, of all the things he should say, he could start with the simplest. "I'm-- I'm sorry, Kendra I was--" Damn, was his lip bleeding? When she was hitting his arms, hemust've accidentally slammed it against the lower tier. A quick suckle againt it was made, confirming the fact that blood was pouring through the iron-like nature of the liquid. "--I was just--" He took a deep breath. It didn't need to be pointed out, but Kian could tell. He <b>knew</b> that his sins were finally catching up to him. There was no talking out of this one. And for the most part-- maybe he <b>shouldn't</b> be talking himself out of anything. He literally just finished one of the best performances in his life, which is more than he could say with what he did with Billie (Probably not the best time for a joke, but here-- have one). Kian walked closer to her, maneuvering around the equipment to hold her shoulders and attempt a hug. It was a stupid, <b>stupid</b> attempt made with the basis of an idea that-- maybe. Just <b>maybe</b> she'd forgive him. But it all falls down to the fact that he was being <b>naive</b>. And that's all he was ever going to be, right? All the flower-y words he told her in the past were all now just-- disgusting venom that dripped from the corner of his lips. A snake. A stupid naive Snake. "I'm so so sorry."
  7. -----------------------------------
  10. -----------------------------------
  11. → Kian
  12. sends a text [Where are you?]
  14. ← Kian
  15.       checks his phone roughly five minutes later. Felt his heart skip a beat. [ At the haunted house. Why? ]
  17. → Kian
  18. it seemed like ages before he replied, causing all sorts of ugly thoughts to run through her mind. [I'm at the ferris wheel. And I just.. I wanted to ride with you. Which is really stupid right now, huh?]
  20. ← Kian
  21.       [ I don't know. I can't really judge what's stupid and what's not. ] Pursed his lips. [ It's how I got in this mess in the first place. ] sighed and looked around for Luke. It was his shift anyway. [ Are you sure? ]
  23. → Kian
  24. smiled a bit as his replies were much faster, and awkwardly heartfelt.. almost as if was sitting across from her instead of communicating through a screen. [Yeah, if you want? Maybe we could share a funnel cake and a drink?] it was an effort for normalcy, and she was starving.. as if the cotton candy, ice cream and corndog had done nothing.
  26. ← Kian
  27.       [ I don't mean to sound like I'm not interested, but are you seriously sure? ] Because as far as he knew, thanks to Connor and Flick, he should be giving Kendra what's best for her. [ Trust me, I'm everything but uninterested. I'm just not sure if that's the best thing right now? ]
  29. → Kian
  30. the next series of replies stole the smile however, and despite claiming not to be uninterested it sounded the complete opposite. [If you don't want to come, don't. If you do, I'm the girl in a red sweater and a hand in need of being held.]
  32. ← Kian
  33.       had been staring at his phone for a while now, expecting a reply as soon as he'd send a message. Was also taking tickets by the minute, because as time proves, the Haunted House was more popular at night. [ Don't move. Don't let anyone touch that hand. I'm coming. ] Fucking bolts to the Ferris Wheel.
  35. → Kian
  36. after her last text was sent, Kendra had actually silenced her phone and tucked into back pocket. She didn't want to read rejection via text, so instead gaze settled on the twinkling lights of the ferris wheel.. counting inaudibly under breath.. until Kian either came as he had done countless times before.. or didn't and she lost track of time.
  38. ← Kian
  39.       didn't take long for him to find her. He could see her standing in front of the Ferris wheel. She was there with her red sweater, cute jeans, hands need of holding, attractive things most people could catch glimpses of, and were passing by to check her out. But what Kian could see that nobody else could, was the ache in her slow beating heart. Slipped his hand into her's, afraid of immediate rejection, or the fury of hell reserved just for Kian. "Hey."
  41. → Kian
  42. it was hard to tell if she felt his gaze first, or the brush of fingers on back of hand as hers was collected in his. "..356," murmured aloud, as misty gaze shifted upwards to skirt over his features. Kendra hadn't paid attention to the line or appreciative stares, she had been too focused on counting and waiting with hope in her heart to scream loudly at the pain. "You came," fresh tears trickling down her cheeks in relief.
  44. ← Kian
  45.       356? No brow was raised, but there was still the quiet curiosity in Kian, wondering what she had meant by that. He had no idea that she'd been counting the twinkling lights, but he'd be lying if he said they weren't captivating. His hands felt soft, smooth, like a newly powdered baby butt. "I did." allowed their skins to meet at a lighter fashion, but only to have themselves some form of physical contact. "I'm a cheater, and an asshole--" Ran his thumb against the back of her hand. "--but I'll always come running after you."
  47. → Kian
  48. his touch may have been intended to be light, but fingers were soon entangled squeezing tight enough to prove that they were both standing there staring at one another. "Always? Is that a promise?" lower lip wobbling, trembling like a leaf on the wind. "No matter when? Or how?" because somehow, if that was the case.. just maybe everything would be okay.
  50. ← Kian
  51.       The carnival was beautiful at night. Much better than it would be in the morning, thanks to all the lights around them. The line for the Ferris wheel was shortening with each moment that passed them by. "I don't want to make promises anymore." raised their interlocked hands to inspect it. Even kiss the back of her hand, with his eyes still locked with her's. "But me running back to you isn't about promises. It's because I can't help coming back to you. No matter when, or how, or why."
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