Conquest of paradise: Chapter II

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  1.                         Chapter 2: Caught in a landslide, no escape from reality.
  3. Walking down the road in opposition to the city, Joshua Egil Miller moves with wariness like a rabbit at night avoiding dangerous eyes. He knows the elves were in direction to attack the city, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t any encampments, still moving fast is the best advice he can give himself since time will never wait for one, and being young isn’t a real burden thanks to his early training.
  5. Hours later, now camping in a god forsaken place, he rest to catch his breath, from the little geography he learnt from his mother, it was obvious for him to avoid groves as much as he could, being in plain sight is a better plan, knowing that elves normally scout from forests. The little water he still has won’t last much time; he already has spent two days hidden under the house and hasn’t eaten anything after left his once fond home, without knowledge of how much time has passed it sunk him in a stage of sick low recession, powerless coughing at times while visualizing his resentment toward those pointy ears creatures, blurring his eyes once again before fainted in an ocean of raw solitude.
  7. He suddenly woke up startled; the sun not yet to reach the top of the sky guided him like a good Samaritan and so Joshua carry on his journey to Eorþæppla.
  9. Thanks to that Edith Bjørg Miller was a noble at birth, she was taught from an early age about all kind of ruling, geography, arithmetic and so on. But the reality of this world is that women have no right of power, the only reason of why they teach to them is because they need to know how to support men. Of course, this was also taught to Joshua and even if he culture told him that people have the right of equity the fact is that if one’s should go to Roma must do as Romans and so he just focused on learning as much as he could.
  11. Even in the dread situation he’s in, Joshua still remembers those annoying yet relaxed times with his mother. They didn’t have much, not even accessories since money wasn’t exactly a commodity for them, yet the only physical memories he has of her are those female clothes though unknowing of this fact he later will suffer an inconceivable trauma because of that.
  13. -----------------------------------
  14. -----------------------------------
  16. Finally, at the horizon of Joshua’s view it could be visualized, the medium city of Eorþæppla. It is a city that focus on production of all kind fruits and veggies, even when you consider the arid state from where he came, the city is surrounded by an spectacular flora and people often call it ‘The oasis of the north’ in a mockery way, since is the most valuable place in this distant land.
  18. It is known that in moments when one’s about to end is too the time the body feels more tired and so Joshua’s body begins to give up, as much as he could, crawling in the dusk to get the closer to the people on the vicinity until passed out.
  19. Where am I my throat hurts this mantle someone near I hope argghh I need water and and and aaa.
  21. Struggling due to not be able to think clearly, a sudden helping hand reach him a wooden tumbler with water, of course he couldn’t move as he wished so the person in question served him.
  23. As he drinks slowly but with keenness, he regain awareness of his surroundings, while trying to sit from the floor he tries to focus on the person at his side, though is a bit dark he can tell the man is very muscular with rigid face factions and clear eyes, having almost not hair but mustaches and a large bear with a sturdy and erect posture gives a mature and well-bred impression.
  25. “First of all, I apologize for the rough environment, as we don’t know you, young miss, the protocols states that we have to interrogate you before grant you entry to the city, though the young lady was unconscious so we moved you to a cell and give you so nourishment for the time being. Any question so far?”
  26. As the man eloquently described his current condition with an air of authority and serenest, Joshua feels relaxed, at least more than he could ask due to all those stressful days.
  28. “Hmm… can I get more water and something to eat if possible?”
  30. The man smiles slightly as he points out a plate with a piece of bread, soap and a tiny jar with water.
  31. “Let’s talk slowly, there isn’t a problem here. Now I can tell you, you’re pretty lucky since our good guards found you, either an ill merchant or some backwater guards and you might end up as a slave, young miss.”
  33. “… I’m not that lucky, also I’m actually a man, the name’s Joshua Egil Miller and I’m profoundly thank you and your guards for taking care of me.”
  35. “Well, you don’t see that every day. Pardon me for not introduce myself sooner; I’m the Regiment Commander Oddvar Trond Sorem. Now, for what I can understand of your name, you’re a noble if I’m not wrong, what business you have here at Eorþæppla and how did you end up in your previous state?”
  37. Joshua while being vigilant like a fox with his words, he told him what happened since the assault; omitting for his own safety the real reason of their exile and of course, without mention his previous life, any man would take him as crazy if he says so.
  39. “So, I believe Hi-hivet or something like that is done for.”
  41. “Hmm… I see. Young man, first my condolence for your lost, you have been through some bad times. Also, let me tell you the mistake you made. The city Hveiti is in a good state, the elves aren’t in a war with our country but the next one, Vellepoly. Concerning those elves, they’re just a country, if can call it like that, which is in war, not all.”
  43. “You kidding!? Then why they killed my mother!?”
  45. “Calm down, young man. I’m not at fault here, just telling you the facts. I can infer they looked her as someone with some value information since she was an ex-noble. Now, being she an exile she or you weren’t under protection of any country, so they took the chance of try to get information by any mean.”
  47. Goddammit those bastard so they didnt even have a grudge against her or anything only a damn source for them those infelicitous bastards will pay I swear on my blood I swear I swear.
  49. “So, young man, is unfortunate maybe but you need to stay here a little longer, we will send right now some scouts to verify the location of you home so we can be certain of your story. Try to rest for now, it still night so you can sleep, when I receive their report I will come back here. Any question before I leave?”
  51. “What country are those elves in war?”
  53. “Graðr. See you later.”
  55. -----------------------------------------
  56. -----------------------------------------
  58. Waking up at the sound of the cell’s door open up, Joshua slowly sit down from the ground again, after being in the cold and yet hellish outdoor, this cell is a luxury granted by merciful celestial beings.
  60. “Good morning, young man, did you sleep well?”
  62. “Kind of, yes. Good morning to you, sir Sorem.”
  64. “Now, let’s make this short. We had confirmed the condition of your so called home. The report says that it was destroyed and that they also found the burned body that look… anyway, it has been confirmed. After talking with my superior and the in charge of civilians for paper works, we give you entry to our city as one of us, though as an exile  you aren’t allowed to use your last name anymore, there are many reasons but I don’t think is necessary to tell them. Any question so far?”
  66. “… No, sir, please continue.”
  68. “Very well, now that you’re under our protection and for law you’re still a kid… My word, I’ve never asked you your age. We did it in a rush and leave it empty, now it has to be, if you please.”
  70. “I’m eleven years old, I was born the thirteenth day of the thirteenth month of year 6195.”
  72. “Thank you. Now as I was saying, you’re one of us so we will provide you with some pocket money and if you’re okay with this, you’re going to be dispatched to an orphanage called Pauper. By the way, this country considers an adult at the age of seventeen but of course they work sooner than that, real experience is vital-.”
  74. “Excuse me, I-I don’t like the idea of an orphanage though I’m deeply grateful for your concern, but I like to work for now.”
  75. “Can’t you do it in the orphanage? As I tell you, even if you aren’t an adult you can work, independent of family issue and all, our policies don’t state a restriction.”
  77. “I see, but I have the idea if I could join you, the military forces, I mean…”
  79. “What you mean? For what you told me, young man, you lived a peaceful life so far, of course you trained a bit, so what? Do you seek revenge now!?”
  81. Joshua, for the first time in his life was penetrated with a glare so cold in reproach of his idea that made him feel ashamed as a kid. Normally society teach that nothing good comes from vengeance, but often only people who hasn’t suffer enough could state that, not many people are strong and flexible of mind to move on after living the shock of their life and that isn’t the case of him. Revenge is something that he must do, for the peace of mind, not for his mother, not even for repent him for not being able to defend his family. It just to drop a bit of the unrequited guilt he’s carrying.
  83. “E-even so, I have to, please, is just too much for me to bear.”
  85. “…”
  87. Expressing his preoccupation made him broke into solitary tears bearing the guilty he feels. On the other hand, the Regiment Commander didn’t stop evaluation his expression, looking for any leak of lie, to put this out the years he has spent luring and interrogating criminals developed into him a very keen sense on subtleties.
  89. “So be it, for now let’s leave here, I’m going to derive you to our guard trainer, it takes around 7 months the complete training, then you will have to do an exam, anyway just ask Terje for any question or doubt, he’s very disciplined, there is an awful number of recruits so he’s the best filter we have, be aware.”
  91. It wasn’t long ago that he lost his mother and moving on without shedding a tear as if like nothing has happened placed a mental and physical burden more than he could felt until now, the feelings of being accepted in society, having been taken care of. The moment sir Sorem finished talking an enormous and wondrous feeling invaded Joshua, making him cry of happiness followed up by collapsing on the spot.
  93. -----------------------------------
  94. -----------------------------------
  96. “Finally awake, boy. Here, take some water and get up. You stink and we can’t have you like that forever.”
  97. “Thank you… sir?”
  99. “My name is Terje, sir Oddvar already told me the essential. Any question comes after you get yourself respectable. Now, follow me.”
  101. “Yes sir.”
  103. Of course, coming from a magical world, the common sense is that every person knows magic, as such, the room for shower works under installed spells on object designed to work efficiently for any person, in other words, showers, baths, lights, etc. are available for anyone with basic knowledge on arts.
  105. After having a refreshing and warm shower he reunited with the guard trainer Terje.
  107. “Look, boy, we have two times where we recruit for the guard job, having said that, you’re joining us a month and twenty days later, so you will have an stricter routine than others, for now at least. For the training there isn’t any compensation if you approve the exam, otherwise you will have to repay us twice the value of the seven months of training, which include facilities and stuff.  Questions so far?”
  109. “Yes, sir Terje. Will I live here for the time being? Also, about food and everything.”
  111. “I was getting there, boy. All those things are part of the training, we like to make the recruits experience as close as they can how a guard lives, after all. For one reason is filtering, the other is because the beneficial for their early growth. Now if there isn’t any other question, I show you where you will sleep, you can ask your roommates about the ropes there, the room is communal by the way.”
  113. “I do have another question. When I will join the training?”
  115. “It should be immediately, but you’re still weak, so tomorrow will do. Now follow.”
  117. As he enters the room where his live will put on he began to feel himself nervous and quivering like a new born fawn. The insecurity the comes from realizing what he got into considering he’s an eleven years old boy that is about to join the guards as the first step to a long term project of revenge made him sweat cold.
  119. A young boy, traumatized, afflicted from complexes, badly nourished and stubborn takes the first step to worse times of his life.
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