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Rainstorm Reconciliation

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  1. Title: Rainstorm Reconciliation
  2. Published: 11-18-10, Updated: 11-18-10
  3. Chapters: 1, Words: 5,123
  4. Chapter 1: Chapter 1
  6. "Sandy, what the fuck?"
  8. Michael fumed, his body shaking from the overwhelming feeling of frustration. Paulo and Sandy broke their tender kiss with a start and Sandy nearly fell from her position on Paulo's lap at the unexpected shout from her boyfriend. The soft patter of rain on the awning outside of the porch was the only thing that penetrated the silence that had fallen around the three felines, as they sat outside, shielded from the raging storm by a small metal awning on the porch of Paulo's home. Sandy sat in Paulo's lap with her gaze turned away from Michael. Paulo, a smug expression on his face.
  10. "Hey, calm down, buddy. Your lady friend obviously likes me better."
  12. Michael raised a shaky finger to point at Paulo. "You've crossed the line, Paulo. This is too much." Paulo gently let Sandy off of his lap and rose from the swing to confront Michael. He leaned in forward and grinned widely, the adrenaline of the moment having stopped him from taking notice of Michael's pain. He bared his teeth at Michael and a small shimmer of knowing danced in the pits of his yellowed eyes.
  14. "Hey now, you can't blame me if you can't perform with the ladies like I can."
  16. Michael did not know how to react to this. He scrambled for words, angrily, before falling to his knees and burying his face in his hands. Sandy looked as if she was about to cry, but Paulo ignored it, standing above Mike while examining his finely-sharpened nails, still grinning.
  18. "Don't hate the player, hate the game."
  20. Michael lifted his tear stained face to look at Sandy, his expression begging to know why she had broken his fragile heart. She opened her mouth to speak, but Paulo stopped her. Paulo decided to kick Mike while he was down, enjoying the overwhelming sense of victory and irrationally that followed the heat of the moment.
  22. "She just used you, dumbass. All those good grades in the third grade! And then when you called her up, she felt you were the only normal thing she could grasp at and so she used you, AGAIN! Man, you're such a gullible little pussy!"
  24. With the harsh punctuation of Paulo's sentence, he rolled from under Paulo's foot, knocking him off balance as Mike readied his fist. Using the momentum of his swift movement, Mike socked Paulo hard in the gut leaving the orange Somali to gasp for air before stumbling backwards onto his bottom, the rain-soaked floorboards mingling with his fur. Michael wiped his face clean as he rose, spitting down at the heaving Paulo.
  26. "I used to think you were a good person, Paulo. That you could be an ass, but you'd be there for a friend when they needed you most. Now, it's clear to me, you're a disgusting backstabber and I fucking hate you!"
  28. Paulo made an awkward attempt to get up, throwing a clumsy punch at Michael, who dodged it expertly. With a blur of gray, and the sound of a sickening *crack*, Michael's fist plunged into Paulo's mouth, leaving the Somali reeling as he felt the disconnection of two of his teeth. Paulo collapsed to the ground, moaning in pain, as Sandy shrieked loudly, throwing herself from the bench to cover Paulo's limp body. She lifted her head to gaze at Michael and her tears sparkled in the dim glow of the porch light.
  30. "Please Michael! No more! Don't hurt him anymore, please!"
  32. Michael, gasping for air, spat out at Sandy and turned to leave the porch. Before he set his foot on the first step, he looked down, chuckling slightly.
  34. "Y'know, all this time, I really did love you. And for what reason? You make me sick, Sandy…"
  36. Michael paused for a moment and turned his gaze back to the storm that blew in front of him. A few tears rolled forth from the corners of his eyes and he let out a quiet sniffle before gathering the strength to speak.
  38. "I don't want to see you ever again."
  40. "Maishul, I…"
  42. "Don't you dare call me that ever again!"
  44. Sandy lowered her head, cowering in fear above Paulo's limp body, which was starting to move quietly as he groaned. The blood that stemmed from his mouth slowly leaked away from his body and to the edge of the porch, gradually dispersing with the running rainwater. Michael left the porch and his old love behind, running from the mess. He clenched his fists as he plowed through the storm, his fur now completely soaked and matted up.
  46. 'I can't believe it, what did I ever do to turn her away…? I… I thought I loved her…'
  48. Michael's mind was in turmoil. He needed to talk to someone. Unfortunately, most of his friends were sleeping. The only house nearby was the residence of a certain white cat that Michael recognised as far less stable than the one he was running from. Still, he had to speak to someone, and maybe she could help.
  50. Lucy's small two-flat was silhouetted against the dark night sky and a single yellow light was emitted from the bedroom. An absence of cars in the driveway suggested Lucy was home alone for the night. Michael, cold, alone, and hurting, decided to take the chance and hope Lucy would let him in, at least to dry up and recover.
  52. Since Sandy had moved back to Roseville, a month after the school play, the situation between him and Lucy seemed to have come to a standstill. One day would be positive and the other negative. Michael surmised that Sandy's return had once again left Lucy feeling cold and alone.
  54. Without the concern of Sandy on his mind, Michael let through a little of the feelings of regret that came whenever he thought about how he treated Lucy. She was his best friend for as long as he could recall, and even if he didn't want her, she was always ready to take care of him and worry about him when times called for it. It was only recently did he realize that these actions were all because she loved him. And what did he do? Crush her on the spot.
  56. Michael shivered in the cold and raised a trembling finger to the doorbell located outside of the home. The soft patter of feet against carpet was barely audible above the raging rainstorm, and within moments the sounds of bolt clicks and a creak signaled the opening of the door. Lucy ran her eyes over the shivering and rain-soaked Michael before she crossed her arms and leaned against the door.
  58. "Do you realize how late it is? What do you want?"
  60. Michael refused to break his gaze with her porch's soggy floorboards. Sandy, Lucy.. he could barely think. As a few tears rolled over his cheeks, Lucy softened her posture.
  62. "Sandy… she…" Michael began, but was unable to continue without breaking down. Lucy hurriedly rushed him inside and he stood dripping wet in her hallway as she departed to the nearby linen closet. A few moments later did she return with a towel for him and helped him dry off, his fur puffing out. Michael removed his sopping wet scarf and hung it up on the coat rack, but he was still freezing. Lucy rolled her eyes and disappeared again, returning with a familiar length of blue cloth. Michael was amazed to see she still had her hands on his old scarf.
  64. "… You saved this?" He asked, dumbfounded.
  66. Lucy averted her gaze and frowned before nodding slightly. She sighed and turned her gaze back to him.
  68. "So, are you gonna tell me what happened or just stand there like an idiot?"
  70. "I… I'm still kind of cold…"
  72. "Jesus, you're such a wuss. Come on, come into the living room and sit down in front of the fireplace. You'll feel better."
  74. Michael obliged her request and walked into the living room. The medium-sized television set still sat in the corner with Lucy's dusty gaming system lying on front of it. The room was warm from the crackling of the fireplace, seemingly the perfect spot to dry up on a cold, wet night. Michael sat on the loveseat adjacent to the fireplace, resting his head as Lucy left the room for a moment. As his fur dried, Michael figured he'd be in a wreck.
  76. But… it seemed unusual, to him. Michael wasn't feeling all that upset about Sandy, despite Sandy's unfaithful, sickening betrayal. The moment he arrived at Lucy's house that feeling had all but disappeared.
  78. He was thinking about Lucy.
  80. Lucy. That one girl who had brought him so much happiness and joy over the years. He could feel his heart beat faster at the simple thought of her name. The things he did to her… but more importantly, the way she treated him in return.
  82. "God damn it." He couldn't avoid it. The overwhelming sense of gratitude combined with the feeling of complete regret at how he came to reject Lucy took over.
  84. Mike buried his face in his hands and began to sob, crying out for someone – anyone – to help him. He stopped abruptly when he felt a warm hand rub his back. He looked over his shoulder to find Lucy staring down at him with a soft expression on her face, a mixture of caring and reluctance. In her other hand she carried a small tray with two mugs, which she sat down on the table in front of Michael. She handed him the drink, taking the other as she sat down beside him. The silence lingered, interrupted only by the occasional slurp as the hot cocoa warmed their bodies.
  86. "Um, Mike…" Lucy began, blushing lightly. "I know we may not be on the best of terms, but… if you're hurting, I'm… I'm here for you. You're still my friend, after all."
  88. Michael looked away from her and sniffled quietly. He stared down at his distorted reflection in the creamy liquid and soon enough tears quietly splashed into the mixture. He sniffled again and set the coffee mug down on the table before him and once again buried his face in his hands.
  90. "I found Sandy making out with Paulo."
  92. Lucy's expression went blank for a few moments before she rose from her seat and cracked her knuckles.
  94. "I'll break her skull."
  96. Michael reached out and grabbed Lucy's arm as she stormed past, and looked up at her with tears in his eyes. Lucy felt genuinely moved, knowing how much Sandy had meant to him, and had to take some time to simmer down before she could even continue to ask about the situation. She frowned and gazed at the collection of pictures on the fireplace mantle.
  98. "Lucy, I… I hit Paulo, and I think I broke a few of his teeth."
  100. Lucy gasped quietly and placed a hand over her mouth. "No shit! You? I wouldn't have expected that."
  102. Michael lowered his head and refused to look back at her. Lucy cautiously placed her hand on his back and gently rubbed it.
  104. "Now, Mike. It's… not something to be ashamed of… I would have done the same thing if—" Lucy stopped herself before she uttered the ending to the sentence. Now of all times was not when she wanted to bring up the entire reason their friendship had deteriorated so much over the past few months.
  106. "I'm here for you, Mike. Tell me what you want me to do. You're taking this pretty well..
  108. Michael chuckled lightly under his breath and shook his head. "You just don't understand, do you? This is all your fault."
  110. ".. What? My fault? Excuse me?" Lucy said, immediately defensive, her sympathy evaporating in a second.
  112. Michael jerked his head up to stare at her and frowned. "Yes, it's all your fault! I SHOULD be breaking down right now as my girlfriend of so many years just cheated on me with a complete asshole!"
  114. Lucy rose from the sofa and pointed a finger at Michael. "So how the hell is that my fault that you're not! I'm not here to be some weird kind of scapegoat, Mike! I am here to help you, but if you just want to insult…"
  116. Michael caught Lucy off guard as he stood up and wrapped his arms around her in a hug. She didn't know how to react, but Michael immediately started sobbing into her shoulder and so she gently patted him on the back as her face deepened in a shade of red.
  118. "You don't understand, Lucy… it's your fault, because it.. it really is because of you.."
  120. Lucy pushed Michael away and stared at him for a few moments.
  122. "Me? I don't…"
  124. Michael stared at her for a few moments before collapsing back into the sofa and slinking down into it's cushions.
  126. "Lucy. I love you."
  128. Again, silence.
  130. Tears welled in Lucy's eyes. The flames of the fireplace danced off the droplets as Lucy balled up a fists in anger.
  132. She hit him.
  134. "And you're saying this now? What about when I confessed to you? What about then? Wasn't then good enough?"
  136. Mike recoiled.
  138. "I don't think you mean a damn word of what you're saying. You're just traumatized and I'm a goddamn fall-back! I won't allow it!" Lucy began to shake. "I'm not a second chance, Mike! You blew it with me!"
  140. Lucy turned her back away from Michael. A little stunned, he sighed and rubbed his eyes.
  142. "Lucy… Lucy, I'm sorry. I really am sorry. Damnit… I… I don't like to see you in pain, Lucy…"
  144. He slumped down, and began to sob again. Lucy looked him over, realising that these were the same sobs she heard at her front door.
  146. "… Do you mean it, Mike?" Lucy asked, looking over her shoulder. "You're just delusional and… And I won't let you hurt me again… I… I won't—"
  148. Lucy began to tremble on the verge of tears but Michael wrapped his arms around her and gently rocked her body against his.
  150. "Lucy, I don't blame you for not trusting me." Michael said, averting his gaze. "I know that I've hurt you in the past—"
  152. "Hurt me?" Lucy shouted, pushing him away and stamping her foot. "You caused me so much pain! When… when she came over here it was like grade school all over again! I was left alone while you two were out having fun! Do you know how much it meant to me? I stayed faithful to you! And… after years of treating me like nothing, you expect a hug and a kiss because the dumb bitch cheated on you?"
  154. Michael stood back. "I think… I realize some things now that I didn't before. Having Sandy made me blind to some of it."
  156. Lucy looked up.
  158. "I… I'm crying because of the shitty things I did to you. I'm thinking about this hot cocoa and the way you talked to me for years and the jokes we had and all this stuff that just… lead to nothing."
  160. "Nothing?"
  162. "But that's not true. It lead to something. I just forced it out of my mind until now. I… I never stopped loving you, Lucy. I…"
  164. Lucy crossed her arms and huffed impatiently.
  166. "Lucy, I am truly sorry. I… I really do love you, Lucy. Please forgive me. It was all my fault." Memories flooded back of Lucy, alone, angry, left behind. He heaved, sniffling as he tried to catch his breath. "B-but… I… I'll understand if you never want to see me again."
  168. Lucy remained indifferent and Mike lowered his head. He walked back over to the coffee table and took a final swig of the cocoa before setting off towards the door.
  170. "I guess… thanks for everything, Lucy. I wasn't sure what to expect coming in here like this. I'm sorry it had to turn out this way."
  172. As his hand reached for the doorknob, Lucy's voice called out to him. She sat on the sofa, the shape of her silhouette intersecting with the soft orange light that filled the room. She patted the cushion next to her. Michael, uneasy and confused, returned to sit with her. Suddenly, Lucy leaned over and rested her head on his shoulder. Michael was taken aback by the affection gesture and Lucy stared up at his face.
  174. "What, do I actually need to teach you this stuff? Put your arm around me. Hold me."
  176. Michael stared down at her, dumbfounded for a few moments, but did as instructed and slid his arm around her. She rested, saying nothing.
  178. He began to gently play with her fur and felt himself enjoying the feeling of her body against his. Soft and silky. And.. that sweet smell.. a gentle waft of perfume radiated from her body. The way the flames caused her eyes to sparkle like sapphires made his heart skip a beat.
  180. The two simply laid there, lost in time and space with nothing but the warmth of the fire and each other to keep them company. Soon enough, Michael beckoned for Lucy to sit up and as she did, she turned to face him. Michael stared deeply into the pits of her eyes and smiled at the uncertain expression on her face. He raised his hand to her face and gently brushed her cheek. Lucy, in return, used her other hand to gently place hers over his. She smiled weakly back at Michael as he leaned in to kiss her.
  182. Electricity surged through Michael's body as his lips met Lucy's. Her skin tingled all over. It was a slow and sweet kiss, and Michael enjoyed every moment of it. The two cats rested their heads together, foreheads leant against each other. Lucy's warm breath on his face helped a newfound euphoria fill Mike's body as he smiled warmly at her once again, eliminating every last shred of doubt between them.
  184. "I really do love you, Lucy. I-I may have run from it for so long, but now that… we're together, I—"
  186. "—finally feel happy and whole?" She finished, grinning.
  188. This was her moment.
  190. Michael nodded gently and once again ran his hand over the soft fur of her cheek, causing her to blush lightly.
  192. "Yes, Lucy. Right on the nose."
  194. Michael leaned in to kiss her again and Lucy did not protest, savoring the feeling of their lips together. Eventually, Michael found himself gently forcing Lucy onto her back. He began to nibble at her neck, drawing a soft gasp from her lips.
  196. "M-Mike, don't… we shouldn't… Not until I know for sure…"
  198. "Let me prove it to you, Lucy. I love you so much."
  200. "…Mike…"
  202. It was too right. She knew what was meant to take place this night.
  204. Michael stared up at her face, panting heavily. He could feel himself want to feel more of her body, to please her in ways he had only dreamt about before. He ran a hand over her stomach and felt her abdominal muscles throb with every stroke he made.
  206. "Lucy, if you don't want to… I understand, perhaps it's too early."
  208. "I… Mike, I still love you…"
  210. Lucy grabbed Mike's head and forced him into another kiss with her before letting him free. Michael's head was spinning and Lucy was ready to go.
  212. "You g-give up too easily, Mike… Finish what you started…"
  214. Michael nodded and gently ran a finger down the length of her abdomen to the spot between her legs. She was wet. Lucy gasped quietly and Michael smiled weakly as his face deepened in its shade of red.
  216. "My, wet already? You're eager to go."
  218. "S-shut up, Mike! Get to work…!"
  220. Michael wagged his finger playfully in front of Lucy's aroused face and he frowned.
  222. "Oh, no… I want to pay attention to every inch of your body first. It's so soft and smooth to touch… And that way your muscles throb when I touch you… it's adorable."
  224. Lucy blushed deeply. "God damn it, Mike, y-you tease… aahhhh…"
  226. Michael had bent over to cup Lucy's breasts in his hands, gently rubbing her nipples with his fingers. They had grown hard with Lucy's arousal, and Michael took the time to rub them between his fingers before lowering his face to them so he could trace their circumference with his tongue.
  228. "Nnngh, Mike…"
  230. Michael nibbled at the tips, while he used his other finger to trace his way from her chest to her groin, feeling her breath increase with each and every single stroke as her body twisted with every movement. His hand slid down between her legs and he poked around for a little, the mere act of trying to find the spot causing Lucy to yelp from the sudden burst of pleasure. He withdrew his hand and a thin covering of fluid coated his fingers.
  232. "Still so wet, Lucy. Let me tidy you up…"
  234. He licked her sweet juice off of the tips of his fingers, before positioning himself between Lucy's legs so he could examine the pussy eagerly awaiting his attention. Michael shook his head and waved his finger in a tut-tut fashion.
  236. "You're such a dirty girl, Lucy. I always have to clean up your messes."
  238. "S-shut up, idiot! F-for God's sake, just… just do something! Anything!"
  240. Michael began to lick the fluid off of her thighs before tracing his way to Lucy's vagina, licking her outer lips with gentle flicks of his tongue. Lucy's muscles struggled to maintain their strength as Michael continued to tease her hole, lapping closer and closer to the midpoint before he buried his face fully into her, penetrating her body with his rolled-up tongue.
  242. "Fuck, Mike!" Lucy shrieked as he explored her tight hole, licking out as much moisture as he could. Michael soon withdrew his head and slid two of his fingers inside of her, causing her to yelp as he stroked the walls to her pussy. The top of his index finger gently rubbed against the small bud that was Lucy's clitoris and it send her body reeling in pleasure.
  244. "You're so tight! Someone hasn't seen attention for quite some time."
  246. "Yes, yes! Keep going, aaahhh…"
  248. "Just as fragile and eager as you usually are… But I can't let you come this early!"
  250. "Don't tease me, you cock! I'll… I'll get you for… this!"
  252. Michael laughed and gently reinserted his fingers into Lucy again, building the momentum of an in-out motion in her tight space. As her pussy clamped down so hard on his fingers, he found it difficult to keep the pace, but his athletic build allowed him to focus on hitting her just right. With his free hand, Michael felt his erect member and began to stroke it, thoughts of the pain and pleasure of penetrating such a tight body causing him to salivate as he continued to apply his mouth to her tiny clitoris. Lucy's mind, however, went blank as her nerves screamed from the intense pleasure her body gave out to Michael's prodding fingers and lapping tongue, the unrelenting motion causing her to wail, let go, and collapse onto the sofa, feeling more than somewhat spent. Michael grinned and took a few last sips of her come from the source before sitting down beside Lucy, kissing and stroking her flushed face.
  254. "You can't tell me you're done already! I've barely even started."
  256. "G-god damn you, M-Mike, you're… so good at this… hah…" She panted.
  258. "I can show you something I'm even better at." He purred, showing her his erect member. Lucy did a double take at it, noticing how it gently quivered in the warm air.
  260. "Jesus, Mike… that's so big…"
  262. "And god damn it, I want you… I just know you'll feel like heaven…"
  264. "I… I'll take it all… I love you Mike, please, do it…"
  266. Lucy rose from the sofa and bent down on all fours, waving her ass Michael's way. He could feel his dick throb at the sight of her raised behind. Mike bent down, guiding his cock with one hand towards her eager pussy. He closed his eyes as he pressed the head against the small opening, giving Lucy barely enough time to draw a sharp breath as he slowly inserted half of his length into her body.
  268. "J-Jesus fuck, that's tight…"
  270. "God damn it, st-stop whining and stick the rest in there!"
  272. After a few excruciating moments, Michael had inserted the full length of his dick into Lucy. She was quivering slightly and breathing heavily, begging Michael to move or at least do something to alleviate the feeling of pain and anticipation.
  274. "Fuck, Mike… Pump or something, it's killing me… aaaaahhhh…"
  276. "I-I can't, Lucy… you're… nnnhgh! Too tight!"
  278. Michael tried to slide his cock from inside Lucy and was relieved to feel her walls relax around his member, the tense little girl's pussy finally relenting and allowing him to take it fully. Michael began to slowly increase speed with his thrusts, grabbing the base of Lucy's tail with one hand and feeling her ass cheek with the other. Lucy continued to pant and quiver as throughout the entire act.
  280. "Are you alright, Lucy…? C-can I go faster?"
  282. "Yes, y-yes! Pick up the pace, oh God…"
  284. Lucy's muscles were on the verge of giving out from the constant assault on her sensitive parts, and her tongue slid out of her mouth as her claws scraped at the carpet to keep her propped up. Michael's unrelenting thrusts made her feel weaker and weaker to the point where she was afraid her muscles would give out. She decided to alert Michael of her predicament, but before he had a chance to respond, his next thrust caused Lucy's knees to give out and the two collapsed into a pile in front of the scorching embers of the fireplace. Lucy was physically very weak and so Michael helped her onto his lap and she slid her arms around his neck, using him to prop herself up. She once again took him inside of her and he resumed his pelvic thrusts, the feeling of her pants on his body arousing him far beyond any earlier foreplay.
  286. Michael held nothing back and soon the sound of their pelvises slapping together drowned out the crackling of the embers as Michael's penis began to harden and throb. The overwhelming heat from the fireplace caused both cats to start to sweat from the physical exertion and the bodily fluid acted as a natural lubricant, causing the sounds of their pelvises meeting to become muffled and distorted. Michael was incredibly hot, partly due to his sexual experience and partly due to the fireplace. He could feel the flames sear at his fur but he was engrossed with his pleasure to care. At that point, Lucy's pussy had once again started to tighten around his cock.
  288. "Oh, Lucy… I'm so close…"
  290. "Finish what you s-started, Mike!" Lucy moaned, feeling her cunt wide open and ready for the final release. "I'm so ready for it…”
  292. The dirty words from his lover was all Michael needed and with a sharp groan, he pushed his cock deep inside the quivering girl as she mashed her pussy against his pelvis in reciprocation. Burning hot cum splashed against the walls of Lucy's pussy, pushing her over the edge as her own body shuddered, her internal opening loosening at just the right moment for the spray to fill her deepest parts.
  294. They continued to press their bodies together for a few moments afterward, the exhausted couple catching their breath before Michael withdrew his softening cock, panting desperately for air. Lucy collapsed next to him and rested her head on his chest, allowing him to once again place his arm around her body. Both were moist this time, but not from the rain.
  296. Michael gathered enough breath so that he could slow his breathing pace and he sighed.
  298. "I meant everything I said before, Lucy." He told her, gently stroking her back. "I love you."
  300. Lucy giggled quietly, listening to his heart throb.
  302. "I love you too, Mike."
  304. They remained in silence.
  306. "So er, what… what should we do now?" Lucy asked, readjusting her bow.
  308. "Heh… how about a video game?"
  310. Lucy shook her head and grinned. "I think we need a shower instead."
  312. "Together? Wouldn't you be afraid of… something happening again?"
  314. "No, Mike. I'd never be afraid of doing it with you again. I love you."
  316. Michael leaned forward and kissed her before she helped him up from the soft carpeted flooring. As the two sweaty and soaked felines climbed the steps, Lucy chuckled nervously and twiddled her thumbs, noticing Michael's fluid had started to dry around her thighs.
  318. "Um… Mike. Would now be a bad time to mention I wasn't on the pill?"
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