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  1. >Black, the space hydra<
  2. OK I'll try this thingymajiger with potential space "hydra"
  3. >What is this character's species/race?
  4. An unspecified, reptilian, long-necked alien. They were separate at birth and triplets, but were surgically joined together to look similar to that of a hydra.
  5. >What are some notable traits about this character? What's his personality like, and describe him physically.
  6. Three heads sharing a body, odd, bright colors, a psychologically-damaged mess. They're all shy and reserved to the point of hiding their emotions. They strongly believe they're murderers. Though, they do change for the better under the right circumstances. Physical appearance is three-headed, and sharing colors from the CMYK model, they're quite eye-catching. They're also quite chubby and generally pretty out-of-shape. The right head lacks an eye, due to a struggle with a patient that had... violent results.
  7. >What can he do in the Hotel as his job?
  8. Medical department definitely. All three heads share extensive biological knowledge. They are determined to never take another life for as long as they live.
  9. >The Hotel takes in people who are lost, have nowhere to go, who are left wandering or are not missed. Why is this character lost?
  10. They were scientists in this space ship that does science. One job they've always got is administering euthanasia. Got a "people problem"? Just get them. This job alone fucked them up tremendously, as some folks aren't quite willing to die. One day, they were sifting through files and found stuff about them, how they weren't always conjoined, how they were a living science experiment. They decided to run away. They turned on the autopilot of their ship and went to sleep, hoping they wouldn't wake up again. They arrived at the Hotel.
  11. >Most people who arrive at the Hotel are hurting in some shape or form. How does he arrive at the Hotel, and how will he be once he's had some time to recover and flourish?
  12. Oh when they arrive they're fucked. The revelation is still fresh in their mind, and they're just fucking out of it entirely. When they recover and flourish, they're dramatically different than what they were like when they first entered the doors of the Hotel. They learned to actually enjoy themselves, and they develop a sort of "to hell with them" attitude about the ship they once worked in. They decide to not wallow in misery, there's much better things to do in life than that. They do have moments of harsh recollection and consistent nightmares though.
  13. >What does he need to flourish? Will Anon, Asterion or the staff have to do something to get him going? (This is kind of a plus, as I can make a quest out of this character.)
  14. Obviously therapy's a big thing. Perhaps feel like they just need... someone, y'know? Someone that they can tell everything to, to vent to, to hold them, to tell them everything's OK. They just want some fucking affection. Maybe Luke could stand up and give them a helping hand? He's been through a lot of shit. Maybe his helping out could show that there might be more to him than what meets the eye.
  15. I'll let you have some freedom with that.
  16. >How does this character relate to other characters?
  17. Like, things they've been through that relates to others? Hmm... him and Asterion have both had to deal with some rough shit, one by gods and one by people playing god. And him and Luke have had to deal with taking lives (One through a fatal drug, the other through war) and suffer from trauma as a result maybe.
  18. >Try and describe a funny/endearing/captivating moment for your character.
  19. I'm... Honestly not sure. Maybe something involving Luke's shenanigans.
  21. Note: The name for all three combined is Black, from left to right each head has a name: Cyan, Magenta, Yellow.
  23. >Voidfeather, the raven from the Void<
  24. Note: You can do whatever with the backstory, mate.
  26. Maybe he appears as an unassuming young adult form?
  27. Maybe a raven with eyes such a deep and unnatural blue-green it hurts to look at
  28. >is genuinely nice, wants to see everyone do their best
  29. >can tap into the void and bring out anything he wants from anywhere he can think of
  30. >absolutely should not exist
  31. >likes doing an exist anyway
  32. >addicted to smoking matter (cigarettes)
  33. >is calm no matter what
  34. >is afraid of spiders
  35. >has no morality, if you tell him to do something he will do it to the T.
  36. >be specific around him as he doesn'r understand body language or ques of any kind
  37. >likes pleasing his "meat friends"
  38. >does that in sometimes very lewd ways sometimes
  39. >can summon chains or tentacles from the void at will
  40. >can survive in the void
  41. >likes to lay on his favourite "livies" and listen to their heartbeat and breathing
  42. >does this at any time
  43. >you may wake up with his beak resting on your chest, those icy, unnaturally blue eyes staring directly into yours
  44. >his eyes glow in the dark
  45. >enjoys the name "void-feather"
  46. >he speaks as if he knows more than he lets on, because he does
  47. >loves angel-cake
  48. >1000000000000% bottom because he likes feeling the heartbeat of peens inside his "flesh"
  50. Note: His feathers absorb light. He's jet-black. Like, vantablack black.
  52. Note: I assume he's 4 feet tall, kinda like a shortstack but not D U M M Y  T H I C C
  53. It's kinda cute seeing such a frightening creature assume a childlike form. Well... He's young by eldritch creature standards (Or at least he ACTS young)
  55. >voidfeather uses his scary accurate knowledge of anatomy to massage people
  56. >for his size he's surprisingly strong so he can really get to the deep tissues
  57. >can adjust his height for any sized patron, although the larger he gets the thinner he looks due to not understanding you have to scale your weight aswell
  58. >his massaging room is located right next to asterion's bathhouse
  59. >keeps it dimly lit, using weird candles that burn black and produce darkness instead of light
  60. >the warm air and warmer birb makes for a relaxing atmosphere
  61. >sometimes gets a little too into it, insisting on loosening the muscles on the inside of their body
  62. >does this using tentacles summoned from the void
  63. >very much enjoys the sensation of being inside a living creature, feeling the heartbeat on his tentacles and under his fingers
  64. >if they struggle he uses his second ability, by staring directly into the creatures eyes for a full minute the splitting headache turns into a hypnotic trance
  65. >those caught in this trance will not notice anything he does to them, instead being captivated by the void blue
  66. >he enjoys restraining and forcing this state onto luke, who's been hentai'd multiple times but has no idea due to the effect of voidbirbs stare
  67. >on the job he'll ask about a "happy ending"( he has no idea what it is but most of the time the creature seems to be aroused when they would ask him so now he just asks everyone)
  68. >if they accept they get hentai'd until they either pass out or cum
  69. >if not, he just waves goodbye and lets them gather their things
  71. >kota still complains about his ass hurting after luke decided to get a eldritch entity drunk
  72. >no amount of struggling let anyone escape that night
  74. Note: Haha u looked
  76. >Alexander, a more traditional Eldritch horror
  77. After mulling it over, I decided to go with an eldritch horror
  78. > What is this character's species/race?
  79. ...something. Eldritch horrors known for having some control over dimensions and sending their unfortunate prey to pocket dimensions for easy feasting.
  80. > What are some notable traits about this character? What's his personality like, and describe him physically
  81. Being one of the more... objective ugly-looking characters in the Hotel. As far as personality is concerned, he's actually really nice and genuinely cheerful for a star-spawned horror. Sometimes it feels like he tries to hard to get people to like him, though. He also speaks using a LOT of big words. As for physical description, imagine something like pic related but more on the humanoid side. A bit more on the traditional side regarding eldritch creatures. He uses two large tentacles near his bottom to walk, and two large tentacles to act as hands, kinda like he's trying to pass for a human. His face has lots of beady eyes and a maw full of sharp teeth. Of course, there's tentacles here and there on him, like some mimicking a beard, also referencing illithids.
  82. > What can he do in the Hotel as his job?
  83. Gardener. He wants to show that even the creepiest-looking folks can be sweet, and I guess his best way of showing that is by tending to flowers and plants.
  84. > The Hotel takes in people who are lost, have nowhere to go, who are left wandering or are not missed. Why is this character lost?
  85. His home once was a very... meaty dungeon. But, he grew quite tired of the mindless polyps and the raving cultists that worship him, so he left in search of a new home with actual fucking people to befriend. During his travels, he caught this odd signal, a signal indicating there is someone like him wandering. That signal happens to be Voidfeather, whom he follows out of curiosity.
  86. > Most people who arrive at the Hotel are hurting in some shape or form. How does he arrive at the Hotel, and how will he be once he's had some time to recover and flourish?
  87. Dude's just fucking tired desu
  88. Like, he's been relentlessly worshipped by cultists, and has given far too many fleshy blessings courtesy of a THING for his liking. You'd think being worshipped is a good thing, but he's sick of it. Dude can't have any fucking privacy without eldritch paparazzi swarming him. He's not even much of a Crawling Chaos, just a mere taste of the horrors of the stars.
  89. He just wants a friend or two.
  90. > What does he need to flourish? Will Anon, Asterion or the staff have to do something to get him going? (This is kind of a plus, as I can make a quest out of this character.)
  91. Someone who likes him despite the fact that he's a interdimensional abomination. Thankfully he met Voidfeather during their travels, but he also desires affection from mortal hands. I feel like him and Luke would, eh, do stuff. (*Slaps roof of Luke* This baby can fit so many tentacles in it), perhaps he admires some of the more deity-esque characters, as he was seen like one too.
  92. > How does this character relate to other characters?
  93. Again, he admires the deities. He kinda realizes he hasn't had it nearly as bad as some of the other folks in the Hotel and strives to be as nice as he can to them.
  94. > Try and describe a funny/endearing/captivating moment for your character.
  95. He's a great hugger?
  96. I dunno honestly, you're the fucking best at moments like those
  98. Note: Alexander doesn't have to be included if you're feeling all tied up with characters.
  100. And sorry if the formatting is a fucking mess
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