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  1. [01:09:59] <@castfromhp> Where is Arae heading to enter the tunnels? Toward an entrance to see what's up with their security first? Or just zipping down into the ground over a tunnel?
  2. [01:11:19] <Arae> Oh, she'll likely poke her head to see what the roadblocks actually ARE. It might be important!
  3. [01:11:46] <Arae> Of course, after that, in the ground she goes!
  4. [01:13:00] <@castfromhp> Every entrance to the MTR is pretty much deserted at this point. As you approach, the ground pulses slightly, and you sense vibrations moving toward you.
  5. [01:14:38] <Arae> If there's no clear source, or way of seeing the source, book time!
  6. [01:20:31] <Arae> ...WELL THAT METHOD OF TRANSPORTATION IS OUT. Or at the very least, not recommended. Note to self: when out of this hell, warn Rini of this. Float more upward. Look down. Attempt a different entry point than the entrance of the tunnel, if plausible.
  7. [01:21:22] <@castfromhp> The map has a little dot tracking you on the map now. Well, more like a chibi you walking around in a jittery way. You can find a way to place yourself above an MTR tunnel and simply phase down.
  8. [01:25:11] <Arae> ...OK, in the tunnel of likely safe checkmark lands. GOOD. ...yet at the same time, Rini might be busy infiltrating a place, so maybe later. She might call her, so it's OK. ONWARD! Hopefully where she won't get eaten. She'll likely have to do this with the OTHER exit too.
  9. [01:28:50] <Arae> ...still looking at that ground anyway. Scary scary.
  10. [01:29:33] <@castfromhp> It's fairly quiet in here, no subway trains running or anything of that sort.
  11. [01:30:11] <@castfromhp> There is some sort of strange presence you feel, and sometimes you swear you hear the sound of something breathing all around you.
  12. [01:32:00] <Arae> ...Well that IS fairly quiet, but...really that's more disturbing than the concrete eating her. She could avoid that just by floating and paying attention. She might be relying on this too much, but GUIDEBOOK.
  13. [01:37:48] <Arae> ...Well. Less looking at the guidebook, and more paying attention to her surroundings. She better not be walking into an employee only area. ...And dammit why does she not have money. Money would be really cool right now. But no, she spent it on...
  14. [01:38:11] <Arae> ...fuck, she left most of it in the arcade didn't she. Hopefully they're good about their lost and found.
  15. [01:38:52] <@castfromhp> You can make a declaration via investigation that someone dropped an octopus card in here if you'd like.
  16. [01:39:03] <Rini> (IT BEGINS)
  17. [01:39:06] <@castfromhp> Or you can try the lost and found but hrm you're not sure if that breaks the RURUS or not.
  18. [01:39:29] <Arae> 4d3-8+1 Better safe than sorry, good thing I got this to +1 huh
  19. [01:39:29] <DiceMaid-9001> Arae, Better safe than sorry, good thing I got this to +1 huh: 2 [4d3=1,3,3,2]
  20. [01:40:09] <Arae> Clearly finding money is the only answer. Maybe she can gather enough to get somewhere.
  21. [01:40:36] <@castfromhp> You go through a few of them that are completely empty. Littering assholes. But than aha, there's one that has some money on it.
  22. [01:42:03] <Arae> She puts the empty ones where they belong: the trash (hopefully that's normal, since Shuku has no idea what they're about). Clearly not littering is for the rules, right~? Alright, now where to pay the fare...
  23. [01:42:32] <@castfromhp> It's as a normal subway, right before the entrances to the trains.
  24. [01:43:43] <Arae> Shuku has never been to a subway. Or at least doesn't remember it. Shelterku. Still, if it's a normal subway, Arae should get it, right! Just go though everything like she watched some people do one time!
  25. [01:44:19] <Arae> ...Of course, what's right before the entrances to the trains. That might not be normal!
  26. [01:44:41] <@castfromhp> Yup, everything relatively normal up to the point where you're supposed to get on a train. Huh, no trains seem to be coming. Well, everything is still sort of shut down.
  27. [01:45:36] <@castfromhp> A minute or two later though, you hear the sound a train pulling in. Still don't see a train, but you hear that. Then the sound of subway doors opening. And the chattering of a crowd of people flows over you like a wave before disappearing behind you into the distance.
  28. [01:46:10] <Arae> ...something tells Arae that pretending to ride a train is against the rules. Yet at the same time--whoawhat isthisandwhyiswhateven.
  29. [01:46:39] <Arae> ...alright, trust your intuition, Arae. If this seems like the right train, better find the door and get in her seat!
  30. [01:48:30] <@castfromhp> If you float over to where you'd expect the train to be, you find it's as if it's invisible. Perfectly solid though.
  31. [01:49:46] <Arae> Well, time to remember how trains are and get in! Even though she's really never been on the inside of one. You think you're nervous the first time you do something? NOW TRY IT BLIND. Considering what she's seeing doesn't matter much, she can consistantly have her guidebook out. Fun!
  32. [01:50:37] <@castfromhp> Well, you probably remember getting on trains before, so it's not like you're gonna fall and miss the train! It takes a bit of stumbling to find where a seat is, but you manage.
  33. [01:52:29] <@castfromhp> You feel a calming vibe coming from all around you as you enter. And then a voice within your head. "<I'm the best subway train! Bet you've never been a on better train than me!>"
  34. [01:52:43] <Rini> (what the fucking fuck on a fucksandwich)
  35. [01:53:00] <Arae> Well, those aren't exactly HER memories. Maybe Lanfen went on a train before. She's not all there though, so it's excusable to mess up a bit. Alright, time to ride! Just...oh, fun voice too~
  36. [01:53:03] <@castfromhp> 4d3-8+4 resist with discipline
  37. [01:53:03] <DiceMaid-9001> castfromhp, resist with discipline: 7 [4d3=3,3,3,2]
  38. [01:53:09] <Arae> Still getting off when she has--fuck.
  39. [01:53:43] * castfromhp changes topic to 'CHOOCHOO > Arae'
  40. [01:54:12] <Arae> 4d3-8+3 GETTING OFF WHEN SHE MUST. SHE IS NOT CALEB.
  41. [01:54:13] <DiceMaid-9001> Arae, GETTING OFF WHEN SHE MUST. SHE IS NOT CALEB.: 2 [4d3=2,1,1,3]
  42. [01:54:44] <Arae> GOD DAMN IT WHY.
  43. [01:55:14] <@castfromhp> You're filled with a sense of utter contentment. Man this train IS great. You're so happy to be on it. 5 mental stress.
  44. [01:56:54] <Arae> She could be happier! Like if she were with her FRIENDS. She's not with her friends though, so she could be happier. This totally works as an invoke, right?
  45. [01:57:12] <Arae> Because the last thing she wants is a mental consequence on the get-go.
  46. [01:57:15] <@castfromhp> It does.
  47. [01:57:46] <@castfromhp> You feel as if you can reach out and influence the presence of this train all around you.
  48. [01:57:53] <@castfromhp> Your turn!
  49. [02:00:03] <Arae> She kinda needs to get off this train for friends too, so it double works. "You're a great train, and I'd like to be on you for as long as I should be but please take a minute to calm down and not make me feel that way thanks~" Arae helps it calm down. This thing doesn't need anymore joy. It would be a terrible idea to make it fear. So it must calm down.
  50. [02:00:47] <Arae> 4d3-8+5 From CHOO CHOO to choo choo like a normal god damn train please
  51. [02:00:48] <DiceMaid-9001> Arae, From CHOO CHOO to choo choo like a normal god damn train please: 5 [4d3=3,2,1,2]
  52. [02:01:53] <@castfromhp> 4d3-8+4
  53. [02:01:54] <DiceMaid-9001> castfromhp, 4d3-8+4: 3 [4d3=2,1,1,3]
  54. [02:05:46] <Arae> (So is there a theme for this trainride)
  55. [02:06:25] <@castfromhp> (Tree will kill me if I post the one I had in mind)
  56. [02:06:39] <Rini> (I just found out I have an even worse one)
  57. [02:06:43] <Rini> (and I've been playing it this entire time)
  58. [02:06:52] <Arae> (If it's Thomas The Tank Engine then give up and post it)
  59. [02:06:54] <@castfromhp> (...really? Worse than what I had in mind?)
  60. [02:07:04] <Rini> (amazingly, I think I can actually say with confidence)
  61. [02:07:07] <Rini> (YES)
  62. [02:07:12] <@castfromhp> (post it)
  63. [02:07:18] <Arae> (Because I'm playing it until someone posts it)
  64. [02:07:28] <Rini> ( )
  65. [02:07:31] <Rini> (old link, might be dead)
  66. [02:07:38] <Rini> (if it is then I have nothing to give you)
  67. [02:07:59] <Arae> (Dead ;_;)
  68. [02:08:15] <Rini> (then I have nothing to give you, because I have NO idea what the source of it is)
  69. [02:08:36] <Arae> (You're playing it, upload it D:)
  70. [02:08:51] <Rini> (it will take me like an hour to find where hte fuck on my HD it is but sure)
  71. [02:10:32] <@castfromhp> (meanwhile, my head voice for the train is...
  72. [02:10:34] <@castfromhp> (I'M SORRY TREE)
  73. [02:10:46] <Rini> (I am just shaking my head)
  74. [02:11:33] <Arae> (CALM DOWN, TRAIN)
  75. [02:11:47] <Rini> ( should work )
  76. [02:12:05] <Rini> (again let me know if you have any idea what the source on this is because I have no fucking clue)
  77. [02:13:15] <@castfromhp> (but anyway, how much stress did you deal?)
  78. [02:13:52] <Arae> (If it has no mental armor or some crazy shit, that'd be 6 since Weapons:4)
  79. [02:15:04] <Arae> (I am totally playing this)
  80. [02:15:33] <@castfromhp> Moderate consequence: The Most Lethargic Train
  81. [02:16:10] <@castfromhp> "<Auuu~ Well, okaaaay. Why don't you sleep with me too? We'll have a nap.>" And your head starts feeling fuzzy.
  82. [02:16:14] <@castfromhp> 4d3-8+4
  83. [02:16:15] <DiceMaid-9001> castfromhp, 4d3-8+4: 6 [4d3=3,3,1,3]
  84. [02:16:48] <Arae> 4d3-8+3 please stop
  85. [02:16:49] <DiceMaid-9001> Arae, please stop: 3 [4d3=3,2,2,1]
  86. [02:16:53] <@castfromhp> (tree, what even is this?)
  87. [02:17:00] <@castfromhp> 3 mental stress
  88. [02:17:03] <Arae> (chuu, chuu)
  89. [02:17:06] <Rini> (THAT'S WHAT I'VE BEEN TRYING TO FIGURE OUT)
  90. [02:17:10] <Rini> ((but I love my station))
  91. [02:17:56] <@castfromhp> (
  92. [02:18:04] <@castfromhp> (your google-fu is WEAK boy)
  93. [02:18:14] <Rini> (oh my)
  94. [02:18:48] <@castfromhp> (seriously, did you even TRY?)
  95. [02:18:59] <Rini> (... no)
  96. [02:19:05] <@castfromhp> (weak)
  97. [02:19:09] <Rini> (I have a long story behind this, I'll tell it later elsewhere)
  98. [02:19:20] <@castfromhp> (I mean, different character singing it but whatevers)
  99. [02:19:55] <Arae> That's 3 stress, which would actually be 4 stress! Or 1 stress. Because even though you're doing a lethargic thing, you're doing it too lethargically. So 1. "I'd nap, but I'm feeling more awake than I've been in years!" It's true! She doesn't actually have to sleep for a week straight!
  100. [02:20:55] <@castfromhp> (oh the begining of that was this:
  101. [02:21:21] <Arae> "B-but hey, please don't make me sleep either! You'd be an even better train if you let passengers do what they should be doing! You can't keep them in forever, but they can always come back!"
  102. [02:21:41] <Arae> "I mean, it's really hard to beat an invisible train!"
  103. [02:22:58] <Arae> 4d3-8+5 But she continues to influence it anyway. Clearly to get it to cheer up but not too much because then it'd try to take them on happiness road. Have a balanced mind, train! JOY, TODAY!
  104. [02:22:58] <DiceMaid-9001> Arae, But she continues to influence it anyway. Clearly to get it to cheer up but not too much because then it'd try to take them on happiness road. Have a balanced mind, train! JOY, TODAY!: 2 [4d3=1,1,1,2]
  105. [02:23:09] <Arae> Sadly, DiceMaid does not follow this logic.
  106. [02:23:17] <@castfromhp> 4d3-8+4
  107. [02:23:18] <DiceMaid-9001> castfromhp, 4d3-8+4: 3 [4d3=1,2,3,1]
  108. [02:24:12] <@castfromhp> "<But what if my customers don't come back? I want to be with you forever. Won't you stay? Auu auuu~>"
  109. [02:24:28] <@castfromhp> 4d3-8+4 don't roll a defense, this is just a declaration on the scene
  110. [02:24:29] <DiceMaid-9001> castfromhp, don't roll a defense, this is just a declaration on the scene: 4 [4d3=2,1,3,2]
  111. [02:25:26] <@castfromhp> All the ads that you see as you speed by are suddenly for all the videogames that you're looking forward to seeing most, with some of them even playing PVs for them you sure aren't on the internet yet. Or maybe they are. You don't really have a home computer or anything!
  112. [02:25:50] <@castfromhp> Your turn.
  113. [02:28:37] <Arae> Maybe she COULD. But for now, she doesn't. ...Whyyyy... "I...can't really buy any of these and play them here, though. And if I don't hurry and get to my stop, I won't have long to play them even if you're great enough to make them appear! In fact, if I don't get to my stop, it could mean the end of the train, and all the customers!" She's not exactly sure it might mean that, even
  114. [02:28:37] <Arae> though it really is completely true, but maybe it'll sway the train?
  115. [02:29:02] <Arae> 4d3-8+5 Not off the rails though, that's suck. PREY ON THE FEAR OF NO CUSTOMERS. In a non-malicious way. FEAR!
  116. [02:29:03] <DiceMaid-9001> Arae, Not off the rails though, that's suck. PREY ON THE FEAR OF NO CUSTOMERS. In a non-malicious way. FEAR!: 7 [4d3=2,3,3,2]
  117. [02:29:17] <@castfromhp> 4d3-8+4
  118. [02:29:18] <DiceMaid-9001> castfromhp, 4d3-8+4: 2 [4d3=1,2,1,2]
  119. [02:29:48] <@castfromhp> Tagging the vidya ads
  120. [02:30:13] <@castfromhp> Severe Consequence: Delusional Desperate Train!
  121. [02:30:19] <Arae> ...Those vidya are tempting though. Maybe for like an hour--no, back to the task at hand!
  122. [02:30:40] <@castfromhp> "<GATA-GOTO-CHUU-CHUU-TETTUU-MUSU! TRAIN! TRAIN! I LOVE MY STATION!>" Now it's just a pure blast of HAPPINESS surging through your body.
  123. [02:30:46] <@castfromhp> 4d3-8+4
  124. [02:30:46] <DiceMaid-9001> castfromhp, 4d3-8+4: 4 [4d3=3,1,1,3]
  125. [02:31:02] <Rini> (my tears are surging)
  126. [02:31:02] <Arae> 4d3-8+3 Eeeeee
  127. [02:31:03] <DiceMaid-9001> Arae, Eeeeee: 2 [4d3=1,2,3,1]
  128. [02:31:37] <@castfromhp> It invokes the fact it is the happiest god damn invisible train! 4 mental stress
  129. [02:32:21] <Arae> Arae feels terrible about this. She'll ride again one day! But let's not tag and just take 2 stress--oh you're going to be that way? WELL YOU'RE NOT, YOU'RE SCARED OUT OF YOUR MIND. TAG CONSEQUENCE.
  130. [02:32:50] <Arae> Arae totally feels terrible about this, though. The guilt of making this train stable, she feels it.
  131. [02:36:13] <@castfromhp> and your turn of course
  132. [02:38:33] <Arae> "L-look, we can come to an understanding! If you don't force people to stay on you, I'll tell people about this amazing invisible train! You can't get word out if no one ever leaves, right? So don't be too scared!"
  133. [02:38:59] <Arae> 4d3-8+5 Arae, this isn't a social conflict, what are you doing, also calmness today
  134. [02:39:00] <DiceMaid-9001> Arae, Arae, this isn't a social conflict, what are you doing, also calmness today: 4 [4d3=2,1,2,2]
  135. [02:39:21] <@castfromhp> 4d3-8+4
  136. [02:39:22] <DiceMaid-9001> castfromhp, 4d3-8+4: 4 [4d3=2,1,2,3]
  137. [02:39:41] <@castfromhp> (tagging any of its consequences?)
  138. [02:40:21] <@castfromhp> (Actually, given everything, it wouldn't matter)
  139. [02:40:27] <Arae> (All free tags have been spent, I'd like to keep my FATE point if I'll need it V:)
  140. [02:40:34] <@castfromhp> Extreme Consequence: Severe Dependent Personality Disorder (Arae)
  141. [02:40:55] <Arae> (what have I done)
  142. [02:41:28] <@castfromhp> r"<You'd do that for me?! Hauuu~>" And conflict over, it concedes. It speeeeeds off toward the destination. "<Here, I'll even give you octopus cards so all of your friends ride me! But you have to promise to come back, okay?>"
  143. [02:42:53] <Arae> "I promise! Just, it might be a while, OK? I'm like, really really busy! Stuff is blowing up and people have to hide and stuff! If they didn't have to hide, there'd be more people to ride you, so it's a win for both of us if I manage!" This just got depressing, but she's not aware of it at all.
  144. [02:43:25] <Arae> Rini BETTER find a plan B for all this.
  145. [02:43:39] <@castfromhp> "<Okay!>" It spends the rest of the ride singing that damnable song.
  146. [02:43:42] <@castfromhp> Eventually though
  147. [02:43:43] <@castfromhp> eventually
  148. [02:43:44] <Rini> You fucking kidding?  She'd LOVE to ride a talking train.
  149. [02:43:48] <@castfromhp> You do arrive at the station on the island.
  150. [02:43:53] <@castfromhp> /mini
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