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  1. CocoAnatta
  2. 7/10/13
  3. The hallucinogenic properties of morning glory and hawaiian baby woodrose seeds are attributed to ergine (also known as d-lysergic acid amide, or LSA),
  4. LSA is a naturally occurring ergoline psychedelic found in many plants such as morning glory and Hawaiian baby woodrose seeds.
  5. It is chemically similar to LSD, but with slightly similar effects.
  7. Unfortunately, over the years LSA and its natural producing seeds have gained a bad reputation in the psychedelic community
  8. for causing intense and painful nausea and vomiting, however it is important to note that this originates from the common misconception that this is an
  9. effect of LSA itself, rather than then toxic cyanogenic glycosides found within the seed matter. Using this extraction, you can easily remove and eliminate
  10. these notorious adverse effects, however its your responsibility to know the laws in your jurisdiction, I will not be held accountable for your actions.
  12. I will now begin to explain how to extract and isolate this component from the seeds of the common ornamental flower and sprawling vine, morning glory .
  13. You can also use Hawaiin Baby woodrose but they tend to be much less consistent in alkaloid content and more expensive, so are not recommended for this method,
  14. but if however you choose too use HBWR, a dosing chart can be found below.
  16. Acquire a large quantity of morning glory seeds or a reasonable amount of Hawaiian baby woodrose seeds.
  17. Keep in mind that for morning glory 500 seeds is equal to about one decent dose for a normal tolerance.
  18. As for Hawaiian baby woodrose seeds, you can follow this chart and extract the same way.
  20. Oral H.B. Woodrose Seed Dosages (by # of seeds)
  21. Threshold       1 - 4
  22. Light   3 - 6
  23. Common  5 - 8
  24. Strong  7 - 12
  25. Heavy   12 +
  26. Experiment on your own to find the gram/seed ratio which you are most comfortable with,as everyone will
  27. react slightly differently to this compound depending on various factors such as genetics and tolerance.
  28. Therefore, supply yourself accordingly (this could get expensive unless you grow your own).
  30. The following seeds have been used to great effect:
  32.     Heavenly Blue
  33.     Pearly Gates
  34.     Flying Saucers
  37. Choose organically grown! It is highly discouraged to use grocery store/flower store seeds as they often contain detterants that will
  38. induce extreme nausea and vomiting. Either that or spend a long time washing your seeds with dish soap, and that method still is a very
  39. crude way of ridding your seeds of any foreign detterant toxins that the considerate people at the seed companies so graciously provide.
  42. Also invest in some Petroleum Ether. This goes by the common name of Naptha/Naphtha or Varnish Maker’s and Painter's (VM&P) Naphtha,
  43. available online through such sites as Amazon, or more convieniently, at hardware stores and even some department stores such as WalMart.
  45. Now, get a hold of the highest proof alcohol you can possibly obtain. Grain alcohol such as everclear is ideal (180 proof) but the quality
  46. of the end product rests upon the highest proof alcohol you can get your hands on. Reagent grade ethanol, or some very pure moonshine if you can find it.
  47. Do not use 151 Rum over a 100 proof beverage as rum has sugars and tannins in it that makes an extraction with Bacardi undesirable.
  48. Use white alcohols with high contents, ideally Everclear or something of similar content, basically a grain ethanol or highly concentrated clear corn whiskey.
  52. Procedure:
  54. 1. Pulverize and grind seeds to powder. Espresso grinders are ideal, but coffee grinders work fine as long as you work with them, shaking it and pulsing it in 5
  55. second intervals until a fine powder is obtained. Your aiming for the consistency of flour, but it doesn't have to entirely perfect.
  57. 2. Place the seed powder into a glass mason jar . Cover with Naptha. Its better to go over than under here, 500 ml/500 seeds seems to be the basic rule,
  58. although a little extra naptha is only a good thing.
  60. 3. Put the lid on the jar and shake it profusely. Let sit for 15-20 minutes, shaking as much as you can every 5 minutes.
  62. 4. Shake jar once more, then filter contents of the jar by pouring through a paper coffee filter into a second mason jar.
  64. 5. If you like, save the filtered ether. You can get reuse this over and over until its too dirty to continue. Just store it safely, this is a petrochemical
  65. that is highly toxic and flammable, so keep it stored and labeled.
  67. Most importantly, save the filter paper with seed powder on it, this contains your concentrated LSA which we will further isolat
  69. 6. Let the filter with the seed powder in it dry thoroughly. This could take several days, or hours. It varys on how much you are extracting at the time, large
  70. batches can take weeks so just be patient.
  72. 7. In the meantime, clean the leftover Jar very thoroughly, make sure to clean the lid.
  74. 8. Once the seed powder has dried to crumbly powder consistency, transfer this to the jar you just cleaned.
  75. Add 2-3oz. of alcohol per 500 seeds. Let this sit for three days, shake it in the meantime.
  77. 9. Filter the resulting substance. Discard the seed powder on the filter. Keep the alcoholic liquid for use.
  79. Results:
  81. The remaining liquid is what is known as tincture. 30-60ml or 1-2oz is standard for a decent mind-opening trip. Experiment with the dose until you find the level
  82. your most comfortable with.
  85. About the experience:
  87. The liquid extract will result in a wild, lucid trip, sort of like LSD that, while more visual, is seemingly less detailed, although with a more organic color scheme similar to mushrooms.
  88. The indigenous peoples of Mexico and Central America, where its native, regarded as a sacred entheogen and a rite of passage.
  89. Known to Aztec natives of north and central Mexico by its Nahuatl name Ololiúqui (also spelled ololiuhqui or ololiuqui) and by the
  90. south eastern natives as xtabentún (in Mayan), it is a perennial climbing vine with white flowers, often planted as an ornamental plant
  91. While little of it is known outside of Mexico, its seeds were perhaps the most common psychedelic drug used by the natives.
  92. In terms of visual intensity, LSA in this form is every bit as potent as LSD, if not more so as it has the added bonus of hallucinatory states, howver the two drugs are contrst with eachother in many various ways.
  93.  The cleanness and the exceptional lucidity of the trip contrast sharply with LSD, which is often largely disorienting, aswell as the mainly sedating nature of the trip, which encourages you to lay down and enjoy it, as opposed to LSD which is stimulating and encourages trippers to engage in physical activity such as dancing.
  94. Vasoconstriction is still a commonly manifested effect of LSA in some people, as all ergolines, phenylethylamines and tryptamines are vasoconstricters, however  LSA can be a particularly potent one in higher doses. This is largely harmless but can become very uncomfortable and qute the burden. This is characterized by a stinging sensation and tightness in the arms, legs, back, neck and shoulder, this can be largely eliminated with a vasodialator, such as aspirin however.
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