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  1. Rules whilst in the SCP SL Gameserver:
  3. - No TK - Revenge TK is also unacceptable. TK will be met with a ban. If you witness a TK that was intentional. Please report to an admin.
  5. - Teaming - Teaming is only allowed by the following
  6. Scientists and D-Class
  7. Scientists and MTF/ Guards
  8. Chaos and D-Class
  9. Chaos are NOT allowed to team with SCPs.
  10. MTF are not obliged to arrest D-Class.
  12. -No Mic Spam. Period.
  13. Not in game,
  14. or the lobby
  15. or on the intercom.
  16. I can’t stand your fucking music or your middle-school voice. If I hear it. You’re out.
  17. - Hacking - Perma-banned. No appeal.
  18. - Don’t harass other players without being provoked.
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