ReIncarnation Patch 1.9.2

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  1. Patch 1.9.2
  3. Highlights
  4. ==========
  5. -Added PVP Arena
  6. -New dungeon added to the game, with more powerful items than are currently available in the game
  7. -New cooking system added to the game, with customizable food and well fed buffs
  9. -The bank is now shared between all characters on a steam account, allowing items to be moved from one character to another
  10. -Equipment UI updated to be very clear regarding the slot restrictions
  12. General
  13. =======
  14. -World bosses now have guaranteed drops
  15. -Global drop chance increased from 0.5% to 1%
  16. -The ogre boss in Mt.Tribulation has fallen asleep
  17. -Current health and mana no longer scale based on the players health/mana percentage when switching items (this means that you can no longer remove your items to get extra healing from potions/food)
  18. -Removed crafting option from initial blacksmith
  19. -Removed click me button from new game menu
  21. Dynamic Tooltips
  22. ================
  23. -Updated item tooltips to use a Dynamic system which allows us finer control
  24. -=-Item tooltips now show the equipment type
  25. -=-Item tooltips will say if the item is an ingredient for new cooking system
  26. -=-Item tooltips now show their details in a consistent order
  28. Inventories
  29. ===========
  30. -Bank is now shared between all characters on a steam account
  31. -Increased maximum size of bank from 24 to 42 slots
  32. -Player Inventory is increased from 20 max slots to 24
  33. -Equipped items now have specific slots in the equipment inventory and there are icons to show this(still 2body, 2held, 2accessory)
  34. -Added empty item icons for the players Equipment Inventory
  36. Heroes
  37. ======
  38. -Fixed bug where swordsman quickdraw scaled with hero level instead of ability level
  39. -Arcanist has had various spell particles modified
  41. Arena
  42. =====
  43. Added a PVP Arena to the game. This is an instanced area where players are able to fight against eachother in a deathmatch.
  44. -Arena Master can be found nearby Western Acedia gate
  45. -Items are disabled when players are inside the Arena
  47. Saveload
  48. ========
  49. -Players can no longer pass the new game screen before the game is aware of the web servers response and the player has their saved characters available (if any)
  50. -Fixed bug where loading a character would not fully remove a previous characters quests, resulting in some strange occurences
  51. -Made a change to the way Achievement data is loaded client-side. This may have been related to early player disconnects in multiplayer lobbies
  54. Cooking
  55. =======
  56. The cooking system in the game has been reworked entirely. Players are now able to select different ingredients when cooking food in order to tailor their food to provide health or mana. Players can also choose to add an optional 'Infusion' ingredient to certain recipes that will provide the food with unique properties depending on which Infusion was chosen.
  58. -15 basic cooking recipes added to the game
  59. -4 advanced cooking recipes added to the game
  60. -Infusions can be obtained as Dungeon rewards
  62. Shops
  63. =====
  64. -Barkeep in Acedia Inn now sells Tier 1 cooking ingredients
  65. -Acedian farmers now sell Tier 2 cooking ingredients
  66. -Coco now sells Tier 3 cooking ingredients
  67. -Enhil now sells Tier 4 and Tier 5 cooking ingredients
  70. Quests
  71. ======
  72. -Added a new quest: 'Learning to Cook'
  73. -'Learning to Fish' quest no longer requires you to cook the raw fish
  74. -'A Weakened Army' now requires items from new cooking system
  75. -'An Unexpected Chill' can now be completed after fixing a bug that stopped wolves and bears frop dropping Beast Furs
  76. -Quest tasks no longer show the decimal points of a value (mostly relevant to Arcanist tier-up quest)
  78. Items
  79. =====
  80. -Players are now able to repeat the Sanctuary Stone if they lose it
  82. -Fixed issue where you were not able to get holy symbol after losing it
  83. -Fixed issue where you were not able to get mages ring after losing it
  84. -Fixed issue where you were not able to get rogues tools after losing it
  85. -Fixed issue where you were not able to get devouts robes after losing it
  86. -Fixed bug where troll disguise would not work
  87. -Fixed missing attributes from Wolfclaw Shiv and Growling Crossbow
  88. -Fixed tooltip bug where some hero names would be written twice
  89. -Added tooltips + icons for gemstones from mining
  90. -Fixed dorrins blade having a rare border
  91. -Fixed missing tooltips for bounty board + desolate stockade captain
  93. Dungeons
  94. ========
  95. -Dungeons now can drop Infusions, used by the cooking system
  96. -Added "Hellish Caves" dungeon
  97. -=-Drops level 160 Items
  98. -=-Accessed nearby Centaur Encampment
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