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  3. Beldam (Mario RPGs): The main villain of TTYD who sets all of the plot into motion. She usurps one of the other main antagonists, but it doesn't come across as too cancerous because she was more directly involved with the plot throughout the game anyway. Her boss she works to summon is unfortunately really generic, but she does recognize Beldam and is actually grateful instead of generically killing her or something like a lot of these characters do. She is hopelessly abusive towards her other minions, to the point of making one of them join your party. The one minion she is sometimes nice to can't speak despite clearly being the same race, so who knows what Beldam did to her. Her main villain status could've been a lot more solidified if she and her group were present in the boss fight - her archetype is the squishy caster in the back who does buffs and debuffs, so it would make a lot of sense for her at least to directly fight alongside her summon, I mean, her boss.
  5. Doopliss (Mario RPGs): He is turning the helpless villagers of the town into pigs so he can eat them and turn them into bacon. They didn't do anything to him, he just needs his bacon. He intentionally throws the fight to Mario and does a fakeout chapter ending before he steals Mario's body and takes his place. Everybody believes it's him and he enjoys life as a hero. When forced to get into character just spouts generic catchphrases, then mocks Mario for being such a non character and his friends as gullible losers when he speaks with Mario privately, forcing Mario to fight his own partners. In an extremely rare case, he lives on beyond his one chapter, joining Beldam, the main villain, to take the place of Vivian. He doesn't do a whole lot after that point, but he does fight you again, just as strong as in his boss, alongside Beldam and Marilyn, and it's a pretty great group to join.
  7. Cackletta (Mario RPGs): She terrorizes the bean kingdom and turns the queen into a hulk and goes on a quest to find plot coupons before Mario. She is revived by her minion when she is defeated in the middle of the game after putting up a good, memorable fight in her original body, then possesses Bowser, with her face taking over his so it's not the usual generic Bowser boss. When she's going to be defeated in Bowser's body much later on after the second half of the game, she forces you to fight her spirit, and you start the battle against it with 1 HP seeing as how you were just eaten by Bowser.
  9. Fawful (Mario RPGs): The speech impediment isn't always funny, but when it is, it really hits home. I think he was better off as a minion than a standalone villain, but I'll take what I can get. He is an extremely rare case of a breakout Mario RPG character who recurs with major roles in more than one game, and he's a great character in both. Rather than be betrayed by the Dark Star/Dark Bowser, he fuses with it and is corrupted by it, still present all the way to the end. In his first game, without his undying devotion to his boss, she would have been easily defeated. He is totally loyal to her, only breaking out on his own after her death. It would be humorous if he specifically wanted to avenge her, but her name isn't in the script once in BiS.
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  13. Francis (Mario RPGs): Yeah, his segment is just that funny. He got an internet community named after him for a reason, however terrible and unrelated to him it is. He's the only super standout memorable section of the game. I haven't really seen a better use of the "waifu obsessed nerd villain" archetype. His boss fight is mediocre, but that's a fault of the game more than him given all the bosses suck.
  15. Booster (Mario RPGs): The obvious best villain from his game, basically a better version of Wario. He is a manchild who plays with trains and such and doesn't seem all that powerful, yet somehow has minions who do whatever he say. You are never required to fight him, but there is still an encounter coded for if you fail to escape from him in which he runs you over with a toy train. He specifically is trying to marry Peach and will make you directly chase him all the way there before siccing a sentient wedding cake on you before it was cool in Mario Odyssey, forcing Mario and Bowser to team up. When the cake becomes too much of a threat, he of course generically eats it to stop the threat.
  17. Crump (Mario RPGs): Humorous minion abuser who antagonizes Mario several times over the course of the game, and he has minions have good designs. He will roll on a ball of his minions, use them as walls, and suck them/random innocents up into his mech to shoot them at Mario.
  19. Mimi (Mario RPGs): She has somehow scammed dozens of people into being hamsters in cages to run for her to pay back debt for her by breaking the same vase, which is really funny the first time you see it. Beyond that, she has that amusing spoiled bratty girl villain personality, and her transformation is a pretty decent design that stays within the confines of the art style for once.
  21. K. Rool (DKC): His tenacity to come back again and again is quite entertaining, and he has some impressive bosses. He has an interesting downfall story arc, where because of his failure causing his race's island to sink, more and more Kremlings start abandoning him and just want to move on with their lives, while K. Rool specifically is obsessed with killing the Kongs and sees his minions as expendable. By Jungle Climber, he only has 4 Kremlings left.
  23. Valentina (Mario RPGs): She somehow manages to convince everybody that a generic fat bird who can't speak is the prince of a race of cloud people, and takes her position as the de-facto ruler by being his "advisor." Typical beauty/vanity obsessed villain that is played to comedic extremes.
  25. Popple (Mario RPGs): He is a loser with very little in the way of combat abilities of his own, just beyond good at stealing stuff. He will even steal your props to use them against you in mid-fight. What makes him really great is he takes advantage of Bowser's amnesia to make him into his minion and names him "Rookie", which is absolutely hilarious considering how overused Bowser normally is. Bowser is ruthlessly protective of Popple while in this mindset, but will also use him as a battering weapon and a drill for their "team up" attacks.
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  29. Rawk Hawk (Mario RPGs): A Hulk Hogan parody who only manages to keep his position as king of the ring through riggings from Grubba and blatant cheating. Original development name was Hawk Hogan before changed for copyright reasons.
  31. Dimentio (Mario RPGs): This guy plays everybody, and they all really deserve to be played. The main thing is the people he manipulates are absolute idiots anyway, so it's hard to give him as much credit as he could have. He still outright kills Mario at one point and has no shortage of competence. The one thing that's weird is the fact he needs Luigi for some reason and the design for his super form is AWFUL. Why is the head Luigi's when Luigi was completely absorbed and has no control over the fusion? Even if it was Dimentio's head, the design would be mediocre's at best. With Luigi at the helm, it's just terrible.
  33. Jr. Troopa (Mario RPGs): His persistence is really entertaining to watch. He starts out pathetic, but keeps coming back again and again with new abilities and powers, to the point he outright kills a previous chapter boss for the chance to kill Mario.
  35. Jojora (Mario RPGs): Annoying girly brat who summons her heavyweight very ugly friend who is obsessed with being beautiful. She it outraged you would hit such a beautiful lady. Beyond that, she is a snarky prankster archetype.
  37. Grodus (Mario RPGs): He mostly sits around and does nothing while Crump is out in the field as his representative. He also gets played by Beldam. Still, he is a decent generic evil overlord and has a good fight, clearly being a lot more powerful than Crump. He also survived Bowser using his Down Special on him and went on to continue with his plot, and is actually intelligent enough to threaten Peach's life to make Mario cooperate unlike her many other kidnappers.
  39. Waluigi (Mario): This guy doesn't quit, ever. He doesn't get that much, but he'll never stop cheating to try to win, and his Mario Tennis/Golf Gamecube intros are great. What really drives it home is his memetic backstory of training his entire life to beat Luigi in tennis, then failing when Luigi picked up a tennis racquet for the first time in his life.
  41. Rudy the Clown (Wario): An clown who guides Wario throughout the adventure from the shadows to release him, then goes to kill him. It's pretty basic, but it's an amusing design and he gets + points for somehow being the only thing that can cause a game over screen in that game, it's a very nice touch. Unfortunately his attacks are very generic.
  43. Bashmaster (DKC): Badass for a random cartoon bear, as good as you can get for a muscular enforcer who doesn't speak.
  45. Tubba Blubba (Mario RPGs): He's a bit fat wuss on his own, a complete pushover despite his huge size who is easily terrified of Boos. He has aspirations of being a villain despite that, he's even got the castle and everything. When granted power by Bowser, he takes out his revenge on the Boos and devours them all.
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  49. Shake King (Wario): He has nothing outside of his boss fight, but his boss fight is great and gives him a lot to work off of. The animation quality of the game helps to sell the character.
  51. Bowyer (Mario RPGs): This gets some points for being a living bow who shoots living arrows. All of the Smithy Gang are supposed to be living weapons, but it's not nearly as much of a thing with their designs as it is for Bowyer. He has a humorous speech impediment and specifically hates Geno, and after all the Smash Speculation junk that's a big plus point for him.
  53. Grubba (Mario RPGs): Appears to be a friendly Vince McMahon figure, but sucks the power from all of the best fighters to be forever young and hulk out. Not a whole ton to his character, but a decently amusing character archetype.
  55. Lord Fredrik (DKC): He is somewhat underrated because of being a rip off of K. Rool. On his own merits, he is pretty decent for what he is as a non speaking platformer boss. Still nothing especially memorable.
  57. Dodo (Mario RPGs): An extension of Valentina's will that can't speak. He has some humorous moments despite being unable to speak, as he is ridiculously investigative and paranoid about Mario's presence. He grabs one of your party members and forces them to fight him one on one at the start of the fight against his boss, and if they die in the 1v1 it's still game over. If you don't spoil the challenge and he grabs someone squishy, you're getting a quick game over.
  59. General Guy (Mario RPGs): A Shy Guy who forms the playful Shy Guys into an army and makes them competent. Doesn't have much of his own character and only shows up for his fight, but it's a pretty amusing fight with how much he relies on minions.
  61. Yaridovich (Mario RPGs): His design is okay, and it's ironic that he's a spear man who wields a spear. His powers have nothing to do with his design, having random magic, duplicates, and even shapeshifting into a generic Toad to trick Mario. That's not bad, but it just feels very weird on this design to me, and he doesn't do a whole lot outside of his fight. His fight is a difficulty spike, so he gets plus points for that.
  63. Tutankoopa (Mario RPGs): A humorous villain who is randomly obsessed with Egyptian culture and tries to pretend to be an all powerful pharaoh, but is a generic Koopa granted power by Bowser.
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  67. Belome (Mario RPGs): A vore monster who eats people to make duplicates of them and lures people down into his lair to kill them. Pretty amusing archetype. Nothing too special, but he does at least speak.
  69. Skowl (DKC): Decent boss with a variety of attack patterns and an amusing intro animation, he could've easily passed as the final boss with no changes.
  71. Bowser (Mario): When does he become more famous than Hitler? He has a long career of ups and downs. Unfortunately, he is a bit too overused to go that high, but he has good moments in the RPGs and has a fantastic design.
  73. King Boo (Mario): Possessing a Bowser Suit is really humorous, I've gotta say. Aside from that, he successfully defeated Mario, so that's got to count for something. Unfortunately, he can only go so far when he's a generic Boo with a crown. This game has all sorts of original designs, and you choose to make the final boss a Boo with a crown? Why?
  75. Bundt (Mario RPGs): A sentient wedding cake is a pretty great random monster.
  77. Huff N. Puff (Mario RPGs): What very little of his character we see makes him out to be a clear villain. His powerset is pretty amusing, as pieces of his body come off and become independently sentient, decreasing his mass, but he can then eat them to get his mass back. The pieces of his body are fully sentient somehow and are horrified when this happens, being killed just as quickly as they came into existence. Unfortunately he has very little presence outside of his fight.
  79. Dark Bowser (Mario RPGs): I really don't like generic ultimate powers nor dark versions of other characters, but Dark Bowser's pretty good as far as they go. He uses pretty much nothing from the character he copied, and fights alongside Fawful rather than just usurping him like most characters in his position would do. Very fun boss.
  81. Elder Princess Shroob (Mario RPGs): This character looks hilariously terrible on paper due to the bizarre circumstances of her introduction, but she has grown on me recently. There's very little she can do to recover the game from what her horrible sister did throughout it, but she does her best with what she's given. Her design is really hilariously ugly to contrast with her sister and it's a lot funnier when she's still wearing a generic Princess Peach dress, and she's so upset that you beat up the joke character that is her sister. Her first phase actually has some surprisingly inventive attacks, with her killing her own (manned) spaceships to use their hulls to attack and having them bring juice for her to drink before she kills them for no reason. She even has a random chain chomp attack and a heavyweight shoulder charge. Unfortunately, her second phase has her turn into a generic tentacle monster and is really boring. The HP of it was heavily buffed for English releases, making it go on forever so it's all you really remember.
  83. Midbus (Mario RPGs): A decent snarky character. I like the way he speaks where everything he says is snarky, but rather than being sarcastic he's always just really direct and says things in very few words. He's not an idiot or anything, he has correct grammar. He serves as a decent rival for Bowser and a good minion for Fawful. His transformation giving him the generic element of ice is pretty bland so he isn't too memorable, but he's good for what he is.
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  87. Wario (Mario/Wario): His first villain role is really nothing to get excited about, he is very bland in that game. Bowser could've replaced him and nobody would bat an eye. He's never been a direct villain again, but as a protagonist he still is fairly villainous as everything he does is only in his own self interest. He would leave all these people to die if he didn't get paid.
  89. Tiki Tong (DKC): Generic head and hands design while not speaking is extremely bad. Sacrificing all of his most loyal lieutenants' lives just to get hands is so evil it's hilarious and elevates him above a lot of other characters, though. Then, his hands are casually destroyed by DK in the first phase of the battle. RIP those useless tiki lieutenants. It's a lot more than you'd expect a character in a game where basically nobody speaks to get.
  91. Marilyn (Mario RPGs): Blatantly does not really deserve a ranking by herself, given she is basically an extension of Beldam's will who does whatever she says and is never seen on her own ever. It's an amusing archetype as dumb muscle, and who knows what Beldam did to her to make her this way. The rare moments of independent thought she has that are relevant, Beldam tells her to shut up, even though she can't speak.
  93. Tolstar: He's a generic tutorial boss. He has an amusing design with a great troll face when he laughs. Still, he's a generic easy tutorial boss. What gets him this high is he takes Bowser hostage and makes him cry, forcing Mario and Luigi to pay a hundred coin toll to free him.
  95. Smithy (Mario RPGs): He is a non character, but has an okay boss fight. At least he speaks. He's low because I would expect more from the final boss.
  97. Mr. L (Mario RPGs): An evil, brainwashed Luigi who is confident instead of a wimp is a great idea. Unfortunately, he is barely used, and him being a plot coupon used by Dimentio cheapens him a bit. The really bad thing for him is the fact that he goes for so long without ever being used or mentioned. Just put Luigi in the party at that point rather than leaving his plot thread hanging forever. He and the others really needed to appear more in general, and Mr. L is the obvious one to do it given Mimi and Dimentio are already good while O'Chunks and Bleck are horrible.
  99. Wizpig (DK): Obscenely generic boss of a racing game, but everybody is generic in that game. It's an overrated game with horrible aesthetics, and that game spawned DK Vine's infamous DKU. Wizpig's design is good, at least, but he doesn't exactly do much of any wizardry beyond generic flight. He is randomly a Frieza-esque space overlord with flying pig ships, which is kind of cool, he just has no character to speak of. He races you on foot because he's a giant, like all the previous bosses, but it's funnier when he does it because he's the only humanoid boss.
  101. Koopalings (Mario): They have fun designs and personalities but they are barely touched upon. Them being retconned to not be Bowser's children was really awful, fuck you Miyamoto. They have become overused as of late, and while they have potential it is never really used and their fights have become more and more underwhelming with each passing appearance.
  103. Hermie III (Mario RPGs): A random giant crab gets a plot item star piece, and some beach girls dress up his shell like a Christmas tree with the star piece as the star on top. He is outraged you want to take the only thing that has ever made him be relevant.
  105. Punchinello (Mario RPGs): He is a living bomb who throws bombs which explode, the hypocrite. He specifically wants to kill Mario so he can be famous, no other reason.
  107. Kamek (Mario): This character has a lot of potential, but it's never used, much like the Koopalings. He's so strangely powerful in his magical abilities, but rarely puts up a direct fight and when he does, it's nothing too special. He is randomly really important to the lore and is for all intents and purposes Bowser's adoptive father, but still takes so much shit from Bowser without so much as batting an eyebrow. This is ignoring him being a generic enemy in Japan, which only makes things weirder.
  109. Kammy (Mario RPGs): She replaces Kamek in the Mario RPGs, probably because of Kamek not being a character in Japan. She really doesn't do much of anything, and is defeated by the pathetic combination of Twink and Peach. At least she gets to help Bowser out for an amusing boss in TTYD. It takes place directly after Grodus with no time to heal.
  111. Koopa Bros (Mario RPGs): They have a pretty generic chapter. They're the usual group of color coordinated villains archetype, and they have no distinguishing characteristics and are total recolors of each other. The one thing they do that I like is that they have a embarrassingly shoddily made mech of Bowser, and the only reason Bowser approved to grant them a Star Spirit was because he liked it.
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  115. Cortez (Mario RPGs): He sticks out a lot in Paper Mario's art style, but isn't much of a villain beyond randomly eating innocent bystanders to heal himself (how does he eat people as a skeleton again)? Becomes friendly after the chapter is over.
  117. Hooktail (Mario RPGs): Dragon that first introduces the mechanic of eating the audience to heal that a lot of bosses do in TTYD. About as much personality as you can ask for a generic dragon, and her size is greatly emphasized.
  119. Gloomtail (Mario RPGs): Hooktail's brother, he is a recolored Hooktail with higher numbers who is really easy by the time you fight him. He still is humorous enough to be angry about you killing his beautiful sister.
  121. Crystal King (Mario RPGs): Non character. His most inventive powers are forming duplicates, generically healing himself with magic, and sentient icicle minions. Big whoop.
  123. Krow (DKC): A very generic boss who's gender is disputed because he throws eggs. He gets this high because he comes back as a ghost after his blatant death as the really easy first boss.
  125. Croco (Mario RPGs): Very generic thief who is a crocodile.
  127. Wart (Mario): Generic boss who we could've had instead of Bowser. From what little we see of him, I'll take him over SMB1 Bowser and SMB3 Bowser. High praise!
  129. Cartoon K. Rool (DK): This is the best voice he's had. He has plenty of moments of stupidity, but everybody does on this show. Can be a funny ham.
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  133. Petey Piranha (Mario): A random flying Piranha Plant who vomits goop. It's not the worst random boss design, it's just very weird that this is somehow a Miyamoto approved recurring character.
  135. Tatanga (Mario): Generic alien. Also, he's such a wuss he worked for Wario at one point, with nothing to distinguish him from the other generic bosses.
  137. Shadow Queen (Mario RPGs): Really generic, and it's weird that she usurps both Grodus and Beldam in a way. Her design is awful and is just showing off 3D effects within the Paper Mario engine. Not much she can do when she shows up that late, mostly would just be more interaction with Beldam to establish her as a character.
  139. Count Cannoli (Wario): There's really nothing special about him, but the fact his main villain role is so heavily contested and that he does so little despite his top billing is really underwhelming. He relies on mechs that resemble himself. He gets some decent snark with Wario, but if anything, he looks like the loser as Wario gets one up on him every time.
  141. Bowser Jr. (Mario): He is an incredibly disappointing man behind the Shadow Mario mask. After Sunshine, he has nothing and is indistinguishable from Goombas like Boom Boom.
  143. Smorg (Mario RPGs): Blatantly worse Huff N. Puff.
  145. Axem Rangers (Mario RPGs): This is the usual archetype of a team of color coordinated villains which is something that's hard to screw up for me. These guys are really, really generic though, and blatantly none of them other than the leader is relevant. They are named after their colors, such personality. Their ultimate attack is using their ship to fire a beam, and the ship runs out of MP and can't do anything after a few turns. No generic body slamming fat guy can save this team.
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  149. Bonetail (Mario RPGs): Skeletal recolor of Hooktail who doesn't speak.
  151. Mack the Knife (Mario RPGs): Generic. I didn't realize what he was supposed to be until looking at him very hard (his sprite doesn't do him any favors), very bland design.
  153. Jessie, James, and Meowth (Pokemon Anime): They're very rarely funny, and they're such a forced element of conflict. The epitome of non threat villains. Is the motto supposed to be funny? How many hours of your life have you wasted watching that motto?
  155. Birdo (Mario): This character has no traits other than that they identify as the opposite of their born gender. None. Considering that, it's a rather strange design choice that its mouth is in that shape...
  157. Boom Boom (Mario): Why did this generic Goomba come back?
  159. Pom Pom (Mario): Boom Boom with a bow.
  161. Boomer (Mario RPGs): A really generic really easy boss. When he is defeated, he whines about it being the end as the generic stock sad music plays. Then, he is defeated and the party does a really elongated dance as stereotypical happy music plays. What? Basically the "you killed me" guy from Zelda CDI but generic and not even ironically funny.
  163. Cactus/Ghastly King (DK): What an amazing final boss to the amazing game of DK Jungle Beat. He and the other bosses are all just recolors of one another. Excellent.
  165. Lava Piranha (Mario RPGs): Very generic and forgettable end to a very generic and forgettable chapter. The TTYD version was far superior.
  167. Blue Bowser (Mario): Generic recolor of Bowser who is canonically Bowser's brother who never appears again.
  169. Golden Diva (Wario): Generic non character final boss that is unappealingly ugly.
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  173. Carpaccio (Wario): A generic third party villain who does nothing but race Wario in his human form, and then turns into a gigantic vore monster head and eats Wario for a very generic vore boss. It's supposed to be comedic, but the actual boss is so lazily done and is a far cry from the generic vore frog in Yoshi's Island. It wasn't a high bar this guy had to beat, he still failed. The plot gets really confused from having third party villains like this loser, when it doesn't bother making any of them good. Meanwhile, Wario himself is just a fart joke generator in that game.
  175. Tricky (DK): The only reason this insanely generic and obscure character is listed here is because of DK Vine. Aside from being a generic triceratops racing boss, he was brainwashed by Wizpig and isn't even evil. He likes the horrible happy go lucky world, so he goes lower than just for being generic.
  177. Captain Syrup (Wario): Why is she liked? Because she's recurring and has a vagina. I really don't know how she even leads her group of non human pirates. She can't fight on her own, and gets a generic plot device genie in the ending before Wario does. In the next game, the best she gets is using a generic mech. After that, she's a generic shopkeeper friendly to Wario who's just a piece of eye candy and not even villainous, but she generically steals Wario's money in the ending! That counts for something, right?
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  181. Terrormisu (Wario): A horrible design that is hard to tell whether or not it's supposed to be comedic given how edgy the dialogue of this game is. On top of that, she's a generic twist villain. This horrible game has no shortage of bad villains.
  183. O'Chunks (Mario RPGs): A terrible heavyweight enforcer who's design sticks out like a sore thumb, blatantly breaking the rules of the art style. His personality isn't any better, as he's an idiot who's too dumb to live with an accent that is very annoying to read through text that just makes him seem even dumber. He is pathetically easy and uses farts to continue in his unfunny tirade, and is humiliated by Dimentio. He was supposedly a general before he joined Count Bleck, which is just forced character development. As if anybody would've ever followed this loser.
  185. Count Bleck (Mario RPGs): Generic villain who wants to end the world because he lost his girlfriend or something, but his girlfriend was really your generic Navi figure all along, so he doesn't have to! What a twist. All this despite the fact there he has a secretary minion who's only character trait is that she wants to sex up Mr. Bleck. He is generic and does nothing the whole game, obviously set up to be usurped by Dimentio. The fact he's so pathetic makes Dimentio a bit better for not wasting anything good, but this is taking it too far. You can do this a lot better, just look at Grodus. His fight is really generic too and has just him teleport around.
  187. Younger Princess Shroob (Mario RPGs): This is the villain we get for the majority of her game. She only decides to start speaking in English in the end, and she's just as generic as you would expect as we're supposed to take her seriously for some reason. It's Peach with a purple Mushroom head using a mech. Amazing. She would be one of the worst villains period if not for her getting usurped.
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