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Castle Age Cheat - Facebook

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  1. Castle Age Cheats Favor Points and Gold Hack Tool
  2. http://hacktime.org/facebook-game-hack/castle-age-favor-points-hack/
  3. Castle Age Game Information
  5. Castle Age is exactly what would happen if the makers of Mafia Wars spent their teenage years playing Dungeons & Dragons instead of watching Scorcese flicks. Instead of a mob you’ll have an army. Instead of committing crimes you’ll be completing quests. Rival bosses are replaced with orcs, different territories with lands of adventure… you get the idea. Yes, Castle Age is the latest casual MMO to get caught up in the “wars” phenomenon on Facebook – but that doesn’t mean we didn’t have fun.
  7. Castle Age Cheat or Hack Tool Features :-
  9. Now Add Free Gold and favor Points Very easily and in safe way using this tool.
  13. What You Can Hack or Cheat With Facebook Castle Age Cheats or Hacks Tool
  15. Castle Age Favor points Cheat
  17. Castle Age Gold Hack
  18. http://hacktime.org/facebook-game-hack/castle-age-favor-points-hack/
  21. Tutorial To Use Facebook Castle Age Cheat or Hack Tool
  23. 1. Download The Castle Age Cheat or Hack Tool First
  25. 2. Go to Facebook and Log in and go to Castle Age Application.
  27. 3. Play Castle Age Normally For Some Time.
  29. 4. Start The Castle Age Cheat or Hack Tool.
  31. 5. Enter The Items you want (Note Please Add Small amount of Items to stay Safe).
  33. 6. Wait For some time till The Castle Age cheat tool it adding Items.
  35. 7. To see Changes Please Exit From the Castle Age Application Then Log out From Facebook Account then Restart The Castle Age Again to see the changes.
  37. *Please Close the Castle Age Cheat Tool before Restarting the Castle Age Application*
  39. Free software hack for Castle Age (a facebook game). Use it to get free Favor Points in the game. Have fun!
  41. **** Why this software is free ****
  42. When this software was first being developed we had every intention of selling it, but during testing we were unable to insure it would work correctly for every single person. This is why we are offering it for free.
  44. **** Regular Download vs. Premium Download ****
  45. The website our file is hosted on offers a Regular Download and a Premium Download. Regular Download is free, Premium you have to pay for. Some countries are unable to use the Regular Download. If you choose to purchase a Premium Download please do so at your own risk. This software is not guaranteed to work for everyone.
  47. In order to create a powerful character in Castle Age, you have to know what every stat means, how they work and how they will affect your hero. Here is a small guide in which you can find useful information:
  49.     Attack – This stat affects the effectiveness in fighting other members or monsters. If you intend to earn money and experience by fighting monsters or other players, you should consider adding as many points as you can. If you prefer to complete quests in order to increase your income, you should assign points only if they are required.
  50.     Defense – If your character is losing health or money quickly during a battle, you should consider improving this stat. By adding points to Defense, the enemies will inflict less damage to your hero.
  51.     Energy – Has a regeneration rate of 1/5 minutes. If you enjoy doing quests instead of fighting, this is the stat you have to focus on. Assigning points will increase the character’s energy; therefore he will be able to complete more quests. This will not affect the regeneration rate.
  52.     Health – In every battle your character will receive damage. If the health is 0 he will not be able to fight. However, you should not assign too many points, because healing your character to full health is cheap and the regeneration rate is 1/3 minutes.
  53.     Stamina – Will increase by 1 when you add 2 points. The regeneration rate is 1/5 minutes, but this stat allows your character to fight more monsters. Since this is a good way to receive powerful items, experience and money, you should focus on this stat every time your character levels-up.
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