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  1. A: Selected to be maid for C for 7 years, accused as witch, dunked, water cured, burned at stake
  3. G: Asks Zheng out to the dance, gets dumped by Zheng when she scares him, teams up with E to fuck Zheng, fucked hard by Zheng when he escapes, turned into pet dog by T and Zheng
  5. V: Gives presentation in black leather, C fantasizes about her giving him a blowjob, sold to the Savages by T when she finds out, Destiny Bonded to C, breaks free, let go by C
  7. Ch: Captures and tortures C in flash back, dresses up as kitty cat at the party, overpowered by Zheng in a fight, left exposed in the forest by T and Zheng
  9. E: Mistress to C for a night, girlfriend of Zheng after he breaks up with G, betrays Zheng with G, overpowered, punished with rack by T
  11. Z: Becomes girlfriend to C at the water park, dresses up as ballet girl, uses a vibrator, betrayed by C, put in bunny dilemma by C, found by cowboy, put in dog cage, broken at the wheel offscreen
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