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Stand by me! (Soldier Beetle-Shield Type)

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  1. “Stand by me!”
  2. Tags: NSFW, Monstergirl, Soldier Beetle.
  4.   The smell of fresh pine filled the morning air, the sound of wildlife could be heard deeper through the woods. Laying up and staring at the ceiling of your tent you let out a yawn before slowly getting dressed. Opening your tent and exiting into the sun, your eyes adjust before you turn to acknowledge your companion. Greeted by the stoic gaze of Aega a shield soldier beetle already dressed and set to continue on your journey you speak up.
  7.  “You're already set to go? Can you help me break down my tent by chance?” you joke with Aega. Yet all you receive in response is her staying silent and turning away, the usual response. With that you quickly dismantle the rest of your camp before gearing up for the walk ahead of you. Noticing your ready Aega takes her position behind you like she has been for most of the journey.
  10.   It had been a long day of travelling the day prior and it seemed today would be just as long and quiet. Well other than the sound of Aega's massive legs crushing anything she steps on. You're a courier, you have been for years now. Yet out of all the jobs you've taken and people you've met this job in particular was pretty dull and dare you say awkward. It all began two day ago when you were approached in the tavern by a man with a simple request.  
  12.   His anniversary with his wife is close and he has ordered a special gift for her. A honey made in a small town by a Honeybee that is said to act as a very strong aphrodisiac. So strong it can be dangerous, its been told that its so potent it can drive monsters into a fornication frenzy. For this reason the sweet honeybee refuses to sell it to unaccompanied men especially married men. She will not be held responsible for any adultery caused by selling to men who will then be assaulted on the way home. But should you have a companion then there would be no problem.
  15.   So you were convinced to go along to this village and retrieve this honey for your new friend, he assures you it will be worth the journey. He gives you the coin for the honey and some extra as part of your payment. You would receive the rest when you bring the honey to your friend. But he also made sure you weren't going alone, he actually arranged for the guard captains sister Aega to assist you. The next morning you would meet up with your friend near the gates and with him was Aega the Shieldbeetle.
  17.   Aega was much larger for her size than most of the other soldier beetles, unlike the smaller and more limber beetles that were built for offensive power. She had a much more muscle than her sisters, probably in part of hefting her detachable great shields around for defense. While in a passive stance her arms were free and her shield is actually her elytron. When she needs to defend she extends her elytron and wings allowing her to grab hold of what seem to be handles on the shield like forewings. After which she becomes practically indestructible from the front and is much more mobile.
  20.  “Well Anon here she is, Aega this is Anon. You're going to help him get to the village to west of here and get back in once piece ok?” said the man. Quickly giving you a glance up and down the beetle simply answers with a nod before walking to your side and taking her place besides you. A little too close for your liking but you went along with it.
  23.  “Its nice to meet you Aega, im trusting you with my safety but im sure this will be easy. Besides I know my way around a fight” reaching out your hand you finish. “Its nice to meet you” you say. Unfortunately Aega doesn't seem interested in a formal introduction, she just stares at you with what feels like confusion with a hint of discontent. Regardless it wasn't the best introduction, your friend breaks the silence by wishing you both luck and lending you his map to find your way.
  26.  With that you and Aega started your journey, passing by crowds you can hear whispers curious that a royal guard was following some foreigner out of the city. You could feel some of the jealous stares of the men who must have been rejected by Aega yet here you were being shadowed by her. You wish you could say it was a nice feeling but after day one of the four day trip it seemed like it was going to be a long and quiet voyage.
  29.   Despite any attempts to strike any sort of conversation Aega refused to speak, whether she simply wasn't interested in conversation or she takes her job a bit too seriously. Maybe she has something against human's you wonder to yourself. Probably not you, its best not to assume such things especially since she seemed to agree to accompany you with no hesitation. Yet whenever you would strike up conversation the response was always the same, silence and a sharp stare from the observing eyes of Aega. So day two you decided on a different approach. Silence.
  32.   Why waste time and energy trying to strike up conversation with her when its obvious she wants none of it. And so most of the day was spent walking in complete silence, despite her stomping assuring you she is there you still turned on occasion to see if Aega was still there. Each time you were greeted with the same cold blank stare, and each time you turned back around no longer facing her you couldn't help but pick up some speed. This was getting to be a bit too much, you're use to monstergirls being social to a small extent. The silence was driving you crazy and this only made you walk faster.
  35.   Lost in thought your suddenly jerked back and hard, with enough force it scares you. Aega wraps her forelegs around you and crouches bringing you to your knees. Unable to me you are helpless as the situation takes you by surprise. You can feel her breasts pressed against your back and her warm breath crawling down your neck.
  38.   “Aega! What's going on? This is a bit sudden don’t you think?” you say before she covers your mouth with her hand. Her hard exoskeleton fingers are firmly pressed over your mouth, almost too tight as it starts to hurt a bit. Grabbing your chin she moves your head forward and points deeper Into the woods. A group of men seem to be wandering around through the forest, and by the way they are dressed it easy to tell that they are outlaws. Dark colors and hoods, steel swords and a general aura of unpleasantness.
  41.   It should come as no surprise really, the forests are unguarded leaving travelers open to robbery or worse. Thankfully Aega was pay better attention than you were or else you would have ran straight into the group. Aega holds you still while staying motionless herself, it seems like forever but the longer she holds you the stranger you feel. Despite her cold attitude her body is so soft and warm. It been too long since you've stopped to enjoy the touch of a woman. Even if that woman was a deadly soldier holding you still with all her might.
  44.   Finally the group appears to move on and off the path towards the village. Yet Aega still holds you close, it even feels like she is holding you tighter now. Squirming around you let out some muffled words to try and get her attention. It seems to have worked as she loosens up her grip on you just enough to move her hand away from your mouth.
  47.   “Hey I think they're gone Aega! You can let me down now!” you say to  the soldier. And she obliges, dropping you on your knees and helping you up. Looking up at her you notice a change even if it is a small one. Aega's cheeks have a tint of red to them, almost like she was embarrassed by her sudden embrace. Even of it was a small glimpse of emotion it was enough to help you remember she is a woman and a monster at that. Deep down they all have emotions and you were seeing Aega's for the first time.
  50.  After a quick scan of the area you set out with Aega in tow, but something seems different about her. She is so close you can practicality feel her warmth right behind you. To be honest it was actually quite nice, but what was with the sudden change? She kept her distance earlier? She probably was just concerned about the group you saw earlier. If they circled around she was ready to protect you. That’s her job, to keep your safe.
  53.   The sun was beginning to set but with the use of your map and the lack of distractions other than the events this morning the two of you finally arrive to your destination. A small community of humans and monster's, a quiet and simple village that greeted you with a warm welcome. After getting some directions you head to the shack of the honeybee. Aega seems to station herself outside as she wouldn't be able to fit inside the small shack. With that you knock on the door and wait for a response.
  56.   Opening the door you are greeted by the sight of a beautiful old honeybee, despite her age she looks amazing. Her hair reached down past her waist, her skin seems so soft and smooth and her eyes have such a gentle gaze to them. She wears a long dress of black and yellow that hides her womanly features.
  59.   “Hello, is there something I can do for you?” she says. Snapping you out of your observations you answer her.
  62.   “Oh, sorry right. Hello, my name is Anon. Im here on behalf of my friend from the city to the east. Im here to pick up a jar of your honey for him and his wife” you say.
  65.   “Yes! The husband of the guard captain? I have his order right over here, come on in please!” she grabs you by the arm and drags you inside her hut. The last thing you see before she closes the door is Aega inching close to her hut to make sure everything was ok before the honeybee slammed her door closed.
  68.   “I got two letter a couple of weeks ago for a batch of honey for two beetles. One for a anniversary and the other for one wanting to help her soften up. It's quite exciting actually! The thought of my product breaking through that tough shell of a beetle” she chatters while you stand in her hut.
  71.   Looking around you notice that her hut seems pretty normal for someone who sells a mystical honey, it was actually quite homely. But the bee was rummaging around on a table with jars of honey and bottles a murky looking liquid next to them. Holding up a jar she begins to speak.
  74.   “Despite what everyone thinks I make all of these orders on demand. Each on is a special blend of honey from wild flowers and a secret ingredient that is sure to get the love flowing. But it isn’t as easy as just dumping them together in a jar. Each one requires a certain dosage of each to make sure the feeling isn't too strong or too weak. So when I received two letters asking for two jars for soldier beetles I was so excited!” she says while turning around holding two jars of thick, dark honey.
  77.   “Im sorry, but I was only sent for one jar?” you say to her. Quickly recovering she starts to pace back to ok her table to grab some small sacks. “You're right im sorry, in my excitement I completely got ahead of myself” she says while opening the door.
  80.   Opening the door the honeybee is greeted by Aega who seems a bit upset. And with that the honeybee seems to have pieced everything together, she puts the jars in the small sacks to help you carry them before handing on over to you, and then handing on to Aega much to your surprise. This entire time you assumed she was too distant to be interested in such a thing. Why would she need an aphrodisiac? Finally it dawned on you, Aega herself had someone else back home, and she was taking the jar of honey back for them. That's why she kept her distance and wasn't for being social. That’s why she was embarrassed to hold you close, it was actually a bit disappointing. Despite the journey being a bit rough you had hopes of staying in the city and getting to know Aega more, but now that didn't seems like a possibility.
  83.   And with that you hand over your payment for the honey and so does Aega, after collecting it the honeybee warns you of travelling back home. She has heard rumors of bandits holding up couples for their honey, so far nobody has been hurt but she still wishes you safe travels. Exiting her hut you convince Aega to start travelling that night after you two get some food and rest. Taking quick glances at Aega in a relaxed environment you can't help but notice how womanly she really is despite her species.
  86.   You couldn't help but feel a hint of jealousy for this man back at the city. He has such a contradicting beauty, Aega's massive beetle body connected to the soft and gentle form of a woman. This was the first time you could actually look her over besides your first meeting days ago. You were so preoccupied with the job, but now your thoughts were only of her. Something about her stoic attitude as compared to most other monsters you have met before has really caught you attention.
  89.   The two of you spend the rest of the day setting up camp slightly outside of town. Setting the bags with the honey in a safe spot you two can focus on getting ready for bed. You were use to the silence at this point, and that any questions you ask Aega would be met with the same response. A blank stare from the beetle, but curiosity had its hold over you now. You couldn't help yourself from asking her after you two finally settled in.
  92.  “Hey Aega, your brother-in-law didn't say anything about you getting a jar too?” you say to Aega who just looks over with a stare. “So you have someone back home huh? Why didn't he come along?” you continue. Aega's stare turned softer much to your surprise, you don't know what to make of it. So maybe its best you just drop it and get some sleep. Wishing her a good night you both begin to drift asleep.
  95.   The next day you wake up before Aega and head back into town to get some fresh food for the journey. When you return you find Aega acting rather strange, she seemed to be frantic when you were approaching. Her back was to you and she seemed to be scouring out into the woods before hearing you approach. With that she turned around and quickly ran up to you with such haste it threw you off balance. She grabbed your head with both of her hands and leaned in closer to examine you with her bug like eyes. Her exoskeleton like hands felt cold against your skin yet her touch was gentle despite her tough fingers.
  98.   “Hey Aega, is everything ok? I brought you some breakfast” you say while holding up a bag full of shiny red apples. With that the beetle seems to put everything together and regains her composure, letting you go and making some space before slowly reaching for her apples. As Aega eats you cleaned up the campsite and packed everything away while sneaking bites of your meal in between tasks. Its not long before you and Aega are all set for the journey ahead.
  101.   It would take you two days to return. One more night of camping out before the job was done and you would be paid. You even juggle the idea of staying around to meet Aega’s boyfriend but maybe that would make your jealousy a bit too obvious. Still what type of man can wife a species like a Soldier Beetle. Well actually you knew the answer already, a guy like the fellow you met back in the city. He seemed pretty average for someone about to marry someone like a elite guard.
  104.   The sun is starting to set as Aega and yourself continue through the forest back towards home. You spend most of the journey trying to picture what Aega’s boyfriend could be like and the other part cursing yourself for caring so much. But you're accustomed to monstergirls that accompany you on jobs to be very social and sometimes very promiscuous. Yet Aega held herself so differently from other monsters it stroked your curiosity pretty hard. And the feeling of being smothered between her breasts hasn't left you from a day ago. You've been hiding boners from her every time you remind yourself of it.
  107.    You were too lost in thought to be paying attention to your surroundings making the same mistake a day prior. Suddenly you are pulled back once again by Aega, at first you were excited. For a moment you felt something in her embrace but the feeling quickly faded as you saw them approaching. The bandits from earlier, this time it was them who had seen you two and they were quickly coming towards Aega and yourself with weapons drawn. Reaching for your sword your hand is stopped by Aega, turning to face her you can see a new emotion in her eyes. Anger.
  110.   “Well what have we here, a young man and he has a pest with him. Get a look at that one boys, her body is human enough but check out those eyes, and that huge bug ass” one of the bandit begins to taunt. By the looks of it this one was the leader, better equipment and flashy jewelry gave it away.  “Look here man, we know you have some honey. Here's the deal, hand over the jar and you can go free and we will even take care of that pest for you. Sound good?” he say with a wicked smile.
  113.   “This was supposed to be a simple walk” you think to yourself before pulling away from Aega. “I'll be honest, I have no intention of handing anything over, and the only pests are the 4 standing in front of me. Do me and my companion here a favor and spare us the time of dealing with you lot” you say back to the bandit who’s smirks leaves his face.
  116.   “Not the usual response, most of the time we get what we want before cutting our prey down. But you've made my day with that banter, killing you and your disgusting friend will be a nice story!” he threatens while pulling out his blade and his companions follow his lead.
  119.   Drawing your sword you stance up before Aega steps in front of you. In a fluid motion she reaches her arms back to her echelon which seems to fuse with her arms before she pulls them off forming two large shell like shields. One on each arm. Turning her head to look at you she gives you a look that almost feels like a order, and it was to stay put. Complying you stand your grand and watch as Aega does her job.
  122.    Rushing forward the bandits are taken off guard as Aega leaps forwards revealing her wings and showing impressive speed for her size. Pushing her shields into the off guard bandits she shoved them all aside with enough strength to knock them over. Two get to their feet and attacked from each side but Aega blocks and parries their blows before bashing them with her shields. They both stagger backwards while a third bandit gets up and begins to ready himself to strike. Aega simply smacks him down again with her shields, but the leader gets to his feet and shouts out a order.
  125.    “Surround her damn it! She cant block a attack from every direction!” he shouts before three get into position behind Aega. With her attention on them now the one she was beating down staggers to his feet and gets into position. With that you can't help yourself anymore, you aren't as skilled as Aega but you'll be damned to watch four men fight one very strong lady. Hearing your approach the leader steps out of position leaving his goons to fight Aega while he fights you.
  128.   “Ill kill you now then me and my boys are going to rip that monster to pieces. I wonder if her limbs will still move when we yank them off?” he says before taking a fighting stance while slowly creeping closer to you.
  131.   “It's a shame that monster most likely wants you four alive so you can meet justice, but beating you down will still be fun” you say while taking a slash at him. He locks blades with you as you both stare at each other before a voice is heard.
  134.   “Yo boss watch out that bitch is coming at you!” yells one  of the goons. Looking past him you can see why he’s yelling. Aega has launched herself at the two of you and has her eyes dead set on the leader. Slamming into the ground in front of him he turns to defend himself but Aega flips him over her body and slams him into the ground. Once again all four are in front of her but the leader speaks up.
  137.   “Forget her! Kill that bastard behind her! He has the honey that’s all we need anyway!” he shouts. Instantly Aega reacts shoving you to the ground and covering you with her massive body. It wasn't much cover but it let her focus on the bandits, but they had a plan too. They took the same position as before surrounding her, her front and back, side to side. Finally they all attacked at once. Aega moved quick to deflect most of the blows but it was too much for her.
  140.    The leader had snuck behind her and while his goons attacked from the front you saw his feet circle behind her. You couldn't just let him sneak attack her like this but Aega was practically laying on you as she fought off her attackers. Still you had to do something, and so you slide you hand under Aega’s bug like body, a quick gentle caress that shocks her enough you make her jump up giving you enough room to move!
  143.    Quickly getting to your feet and grabbing your sword you launch upwards from under Aega and plunge your blade into the shoulder of the leader right as his blade reaches its peak in the air, right before he brought it down on Aega’s exposed backside. With that he lets out a shout of pain and Aega takes notice, her expression seems shocked as she didn't expect you to act like you did. Turning back to her opponents she quickly beats them down with a flurry of bashes and slams.  
  146.    Standing over the leader with you blade pinning him to the ground you press a foot on his sword arm and notice Aega has finished as well. Asking her to hand you the rope out of your bag she begins to get the idea, she cuts the rope up into segments and begins to help you tie up the bandits who are all out cold except the leader who begins to speak.
  149.   “You know, you could just do us a favor and kill us. It would save the courts some time and guys like us deserve it” he says. Pulling off his shirt you douse his wound in alcohol as he winches in pain. Smiling you reply.
  152.   “My job is to simply deliver some honey man, not play judge jury and executioner. But when the guards from the city come and get you im sure they wont mind putting you through trail. Anyway stay put and don't make too much noise or hungry animal might find you before the guards do!” you say before gagging him. Turning to Aega you smile to see if she is ready to keep going but her look is much different from before. Her eyes seem to be filled with passion and a hint of lust. Before you can even ask if she is ok Aega grabs you by the hand and runs into the jungle with such speed it lifts you off your feet.
  155.   After running for sometime she finally stops and lets you down, more like she drops you before standing over you. “Aega are you ok? What's the rush? Are you worried there are more or something?” you ask as she leans over and grabs the bag with the honey. Holding it up you can make out that something opened. Your heart sinks as you imagine your payment vanishing before your eyes, Aega reaches into the bag and pulls out one of the jars.
  158.   Its in perfect condition! Granted a little sticky looking because the other jar must have bust, setting the closed jar aside and looking at her finger Aega reached back into the back. This time she pulls out a jar with a obvious crack in it, honey slowly seeps out and covers Aega’s hand as she just stares at it. You start to speak up.
  161.   “Hey Aega, I know you wanted that honey for your own reasons but your brother in law in really expecting that honey from us. Maybe we can bring him the unopened one?” you ask Aega. Looking down at you she simply responds by tossing the bag aside and she starts to lick her honey covered hands. Her face began to turn red and her breathing began to pick up, with that she started to inch towards you. “Aega? Hey are you even listening right now?” you ask in vain.
  164.   Aega has descended on you now, her face insanely close to yours. Her warm and honey scented breath tickling your neck and filling your nose. She grabs your face with her free hang and begins to caress it softly before attempting to kiss you, dodging at the last second she kisses your cheek before pulling back with confusion in her eyes.
  167.   “Aega we can't do this! Don't you have someone back home! I know you wanted this honey too but wasn't it so you could use it with them?” you say to her. Lowering her head she begins to shake before she looks at you and surprises you by finally speaking up.
  170.   “You idiot! There isn't a somebody back home! My “somebody” is right here!” she shouts before looking back at you. “I wanted to see what her honey was like, if it could help me open up a bit, help me find a man. And it did! I found you! You're the first man who has ever stood up for me! You kept me safe from those bad men back there!” she says before going in for another kiss and this time connecting with your lips.
  173.   “Aega, I don’t understand?” you let out in between smooches with her. Leaning back she grips the strange suit around her body. Her fingers gently sinking through the strange material that felt indestructible to your touch. With little effort she rips the suit open revealing her soft skin. Her sweat lined skin shining in the moonlight gives you such a rush it hurts to keep your pants on. And she seems to notice this, so she leans down and begins to undo them
  176.   “Simply put, im too busy doing my job in the city. I can never find a guy while im busy protecting a whole city. But when I heard I could follow in big sister's footsteps and get put of town and find this honey I just couldn't resist. Did my brother in law tell you he met my sister just like how we met? He was hired to get a jar for someone as well and my sister came along with him, one thing lead to another and now look at them” she says as she pulls down your pants revealing your swelled manhood to her. She just rests her face on it and stares taking a good long look.
  179.   “Aega, does that mean you would like to be my girlfriend?” you quiver out as Aega has begun to run a finger up and down your shaft. Gripping hold if it she lets out a giggle before replying.
  182.    “Anon, I wouldn't be doing this if I didn’t want to be your girlfriend” she says before giving it a kiss on the tip. “Besides you deserve a reward for defending me back there, it was pretty cool of you by the way” she finishes before putting your dick down her throat. Unable to hold back the excitement and stimulation is too much for you and you come in her mouth pretty fast much to her surprise. Still she smiles and swallows before she speaks up. “Don’t worry anon” she starts as she embraces you with her arms and her forelegs holding you close, her soft skin rubbing against your bare skin is enough to get you hard again. “We have the whole night to ourselves” she says as she pours more honey into her mouth.
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