I Kain't Be This Blueballed From Almost LTH

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  1. [21:28:27] * Natalie twirls around - now magically wearing clothes! - and sits back on the couch 1,1and on Ammy's lap, looking up at her like some kind of daughter or little sister.
  2. [21:30:14] <Amaryllis> "Where do you wish for me to start, Nat? Finding Phoenix? A tale of the Tonberries' long forgotten civilization in Mt. Gulug? What we saw and did outside of that mountain?"
  3. [21:31:11] <Natalie> "All of it~"  She looks happy to be talking in uncolored text.  Or maybe it's just having a catmouth is hard to get used to.  She was stumbling over her words a little bit earlier but that can't be emphasized through text all that well.  "Right when we split up!"
  4. [21:32:43] * Natalie looks to the others and gigglily brings an index finger to her lips, though, while snuggling up. "... But don't be too loud."
  5. [21:33:36] <Amaryllis> It's a good thing Nat said that, cause Ammy had her mouth open wide for a deep breath but now suddenly closes it. "...Oh, but it is much less fun that way." :<
  6. [21:34:31] <Natalie> "Ohhhh.  It's your fault if you wake them up!"  She looks up and teases.
  7. [21:35:33] * Natalie rolls off and sits down next to Ammy on the couch. "Everything happened really sudden... it's still weird to think my mission's lying right over there."
  8. [21:36:28] * Amaryllis nods. "It has only been a few days." She sighs and gets to her feet, waving a hand to summon her lantern into her grip.
  9. [21:36:44] <Amaryllis> "Alright, I shall -try- to be quiet."
  10. [21:37:11] * Minmei is now known as Anise
  11. [21:37:57] * Amaryllis looks ready to begin again, but stops. "Oh, but first, there was something I carved for you."
  12. [21:38:03] * Amaryllis scoots over to her bag and fishes around in it.
  13. [21:38:07] <Natalie> "Ohh, you don't HAVE to."  Natbuncle kicks her feet in her seat, giving one of those 'don't be such a worrywart!' faces.  She probably does it a lot.
  14. [21:39:25] * Amaryllis grabs something and quickly moves it behind her back and approaches Nat, then places this in her hand:
  15. [21:40:09] <Amaryllis>  It's a small wood carving, of course.
  16. [21:41:11] <Amaryllis> I totally forgot to ask Kain if it was okay to take part of one of the gems she found in the Golem room for the ruby here, so right now it's MAYBE that and MAYBE just wood.
  17. [21:41:12] * Natalie beams while taking it, grinning afterward. "That- ... Hehe, wonder who it's supposed to be~?"
  18. [21:41:44] <Natalie> But no she's impressed whether it is or isn't.  She probably doesn't even remember Ammy DOES wood carvings.
  19. [21:41:53] <Amaryllis> "I wonder. Don't see any cats around here right now, do you?"
  20. [21:42:14] * Natalie lets out a giddy giggle.
  21. [21:42:50] <Natalie> "Thanks.  I wish I had something for you too besides the Crystal."  :<
  22. [21:43:10] <Amaryllis> "You showed me the fruit of our efforts for the past ten years. That alone is enough."
  23. [21:43:52] <Natalie> "Well, yeah!  But still... Sorry... I guess all I have to GIVE YOU give you is my blessing, huh?  And knowing my memories I bet I've probably given it to you a bunch of times before."  Nat teasingly sticks a tongue out.
  24. [21:44:10] <Natalie> "But I don't mind giving it out again~"
  25. [21:45:27] * Natalie leans on the couch, lying down as long as Ammy's standing. "But for now..." She sets the carving in front too, staring at 'herself.' "I'm ready. Tell me all about it!"
  26. [21:45:54] <Amaryllis> "I would take it gladly. In any case," Ammy steps forward, her lantern dimming at her will. "a nearly colorless land greeted Lenore and I as we arrived at our destination." She pauses a moment. "I hope you don't mind my skipping the airship ride. There is not much to say about that, I am afraid."
  27. [21:46:52] <Natalie> "Ohh... that reminds me, the only hole in my memory is on MY airship.  Wonder why that is..."  She scratches her Ruby a bit.
  28. [21:47:12] <Amaryllis> "What were you doing immediately prior?"
  29. [21:47:14] <Natalie> "But that's fine, Ammy, you know I'm not in a hurry."
  30. [21:47:37] <Natalie> "I..."  She shuffles up, trying to get comfy while wearing the tiara.  "I think I was drinking something green..."
  31. [21:48:12] * Amaryllis raises an eyebrow.
  32. [21:48:33] <Natalie> "And then I woke up with some... ohh, it's your turn anyway!"
  33. [21:48:47] <Natalie> She teasingly sticks out a tongue again and shuts up.  Not a cat tongue this time.
  34. [21:48:58] <Natalie> Who knew how weird it was to get used to a cat tongue from a human one and vice versa?
  35. [21:50:42] <Amaryllis> "Very well. It was a colorless land of snow and sea as far as your eyes would let you peer. A chill wind buffeted us with frost, and even the ground below was a dull grey stone."
  36. [21:52:33] <Amaryllis> "But off in the distance as we approached the town was a speck of color, a roaring flame around which was gathered a great many people."
  37. [21:53:10] * Amaryllis lifts her lantern and lets the fire roar back to life. "Would you care to guess who we met there, seated at the fire with a crowd laid out before him?"
  38. [21:53:48] <Natalie> "Let's see, who would actually live in a town in a place like THAT...?"  She snuggles up a bit more, a bemused smile on her face.
  39. [21:54:05] <Natalie> "Someone we've met?"
  40. [21:54:08] <Amaryllis> "Oh I doubt he lives there."
  41. [21:54:34] <Amaryllis> "You have, though you do not remember now, I'm afraid."
  42. [21:55:17] <Natalie> "Awwwh," the smile frowns as she pulls her diary out, "That means I'd just be guessing!"
  43. [21:56:01] <Amaryllis> "Fine, fine, it was Ramuh, Eidolon and master of lightning and storms!"
  44. [21:56:19] <Natalie> "Oh."  She puts one hand at her hip, lying on her side now.  "I knew that!"
  45. [21:56:25] <Natalie> "..."
  46. [21:56:29] <Natalie> "Just kidding, I didn't."
  47. [21:56:59] <Natalie> "I do bet I hung out with him before though!"  :D  "What'd he say?"
  48. [21:58:11] <Amaryllis> "Lenore and I spoke of a great many things with him. We spoke of Eidolons and Summoners, of Raijin and other Eggs of Tales, of the Manafont and the creation of new spells."
  49. [21:59:52] <Amaryllis> "Ramuh in fact gave us a lead on Titan's location, but it seems that is no longer necessary now, is it?"
  50. [22:00:04] <Natalie> "You at least said hi to him for me, right?  ... Since I GUESS I probably knew him.  Hehe."
  51. [22:00:21] <Natalie> She grins again.  "I found him by total luck.  Buuuuut I'll tell you about that later."
  52. [22:00:46] * Amaryllis grins. "Did you know he could never tell whether or not you were a cat?"
  53. [22:01:07] <Amaryllis> "Probably too awkward a question to simply ask you!"
  54. [22:01:12] <Natalie> "Pfft, really?  I mean, I'm totally not."
  55. [22:01:22] <Amaryllis> "But you act enough like one."
  56. [22:01:40] <Natalie> "I act like a human too, don't I?  Buuuut~"
  57. [22:01:48] * Amaryllis intuitive laser pointers a spot on the floor as she walks around the room.
  58. [22:01:55] * Natalie falls off the couch.
  59. [22:02:09] * Amaryllis waggles the dot.
  60. [22:02:19] <Natalie> "Oomph.  Hey, stop th-"
  61. [22:02:24] * Natalie covers it with her hand.
  62. [22:02:46] <Natalie> "It's just uh, hard to ignore stuff like that, t-that's all."
  63. [22:02:52] * Amaryllis waggles it a bit more before dismissing it and then walks over and stoops down next to Nat with a laugh.
  64. [22:03:01] <Amaryllis> "Close enough."
  65. [22:03:14] * Natalie puffs up in the cutest little :< face.
  66. [22:03:20] <Natalie> ... ok that's bias to phrase that way
  67. [22:03:46] <Natalie> Still!  She gets back on the couch and picks the carving back up, too, having been careful not to land on it in the first place.  How you can be careful while falling off a couch is, in and of itself, pretty cat.
  68. [22:04:13] <Amaryllis> "Well then." Ammy gets up and feigns disbelief and befuddlement as she presses the back of her hand to her forehead. "I suppose I could have been mistaken all these years, Nat."
  69. [22:04:30] <Amaryllis> "I apologize profusely for my mistake. If you are not a cat, then it is quite untoward of me to cook so much fish for you."
  70. [22:04:38] <Amaryllis> "I shall be sure to correct that in the future."
  71. [22:04:55] * Natalie flushes red. "OkayfineI'macat."
  72. [22:05:13] * Amaryllis laughs again. "Sorry, sorry. It is just too easy."
  73. [22:05:21] <Natalie> "Nnnnn!"
  74. [22:05:27] <Natalie> "Whateverrrr!"
  75. [22:05:45] <Natalie> "I'm not just ANY cat even if I am.  I'm me!"
  76. [22:06:06] * Natalie reestablishes comfort in her lazy couching position. "Keep going!"
  77. [22:06:33] <Amaryllis> "Speaking of, shall I cook dinner for us and them" Ammy nods to the sleepers on the couch "after we are done swapping stories? I am sure there must be a market in town with fresh produce."
  78. [22:07:58] <Natalie> "Ohh, there's a cook here.  She's pretty good too!"
  79. [22:08:23] <Natalie> "Maybe you could make something together..."
  80. [22:08:46] * Natalie shows it on her face. The only thing better than a delicious fish meal cooked by a chef is a delicious fish meal cooked by TWO CHEFS.
  81. [22:09:25] <Amaryllis> "Who, may I ask?"
  82. [22:09:51] <Natalie> "El...."  She scrunches her face.  "Elelelelelelel...."
  83. [22:09:54] <Natalie> "Lizza...."
  84. [22:10:34] * Natalie abruptly stops, doing that 'I think I might've forgot' thing she does.
  85. [22:10:54] <Amaryllis> "Ah, well, I shall find out soon enough, am I right?"
  86. [22:11:19] <Natalie> "Right!  She's the one who doesn't have the star on her face or wear the glasses, anyway."
  87. [22:11:28] <Amaryllis> "Where was I...?" Ammy paces back and forth. "Ah, yes."
  88. [22:12:09] <Amaryllis> "We approached the mountain facing rather dire premonitions. An entire hall was filled with the wounded from wall to wall, with teams of White Mages going back and forth between their patients."
  89. [22:12:21] <Amaryllis> "I am sure they would have wished for your help and presence."
  90. [22:13:02] <Natalie> "Mmmmmmaybe."  She rolls about.  "Healing feels good to do, but I can't even imagine doing it ALL THE TIME like that."
  91. [22:13:10] <Amaryllis> "Imagine our surprise then when we found the trip down into the caves of Mt. Gulug fairly uneventful."
  92. [22:13:46] <Natalie> "Were you walking the whole time?"
  93. [22:16:03] <Amaryllis> "No, no, the mountain opened out before us into a deep cave, from well-lit heights," She raises her lantern and lets it shine brightly, "to the dark and murky depths." She sweeps her lantern downward and crouches with it, dimming its light.
  94. [22:16:49] <Amaryllis> "So to make our way down we had to climb a perilous set of ropes, worn from age and positioned over a great fall."
  95. [22:16:49] * Natalie teasingly turns her ruby flashlight on, lighting up like the blinker on an automobile. Which is something that doesn't exist in this setting.
  96. [22:17:35] <Natalie> "Well at least you didn't get hurt..."  She makes the observation that, as neither of them are hurt or dead, they must have not gotten hurt.
  97. [22:18:08] <Amaryllis> "We made it down the ropes safely, though monsters nearly found us as we were climbing."
  98. [22:18:56] * Natalie sets her plushie next to the carving, comparing the two of them during the listen.
  99. [22:19:13] <Natalie> And, huh, Ammy sure did a good job going from memory.  Especially the two tails and all.
  100. [22:19:28] <Natalie> Which tail felt better to have, she ponders.  Hmmmm...
  101. [22:20:00] * Amaryllis probably cheated and made a sketch of what she painted in her journal shortly after that trip into Nat's aether realm anyway.
  102. [22:20:06] <Natalie> CUTE
  103. [22:20:31] * Natalie doesn't care, being an easily-impressed individual as Ammy would know.
  104. [22:21:57] <Amaryllis> "I had read before that the Tonberries were Summoners in their own right and had a flourishing civilization much like that at Madain Sari, but up until this point we had seen not a single shred of evidence for it."
  105. [22:22:46] <Natalie> "So did you..."  She doesn't really interrupt, just musing a small curiosity to keep the story flowing.
  106. [22:23:01] <Amaryllis> "Did I...?"
  107. [22:23:18] <Natalie> "Uhh...."  BAD IDEA
  108. [22:23:23] <Natalie> "Forgot what I was asking."
  109. [22:23:39] <Amaryllis> "Very well." Ammy shrugs and continues.
  110. [22:23:52] * Natalie jots a mental note to not ask half-questions.
  111. [22:24:00] <Amaryllis> "Would you like to guess where we first saw evidence of their Summoner civilization?"
  112. [22:24:09] <Amaryllis> Probably would be safer to jot a physical note.
  113. [22:24:19] <Natalie> "In... side?"  Yeah, that's the joke.
  114. [22:26:17] <Amaryllis> "At the bottom of a well. Absurd, is it not?"
  115. [22:26:32] <Natalie> "Ohhh," she sits up.  "That is pretty silly."
  116. [22:26:53] <Natalie> "Why would there be a well inside a... what kind of place did you say it was again?"
  117. [22:27:12] <Amaryllis> "A broken wall at the bottom of a well concealed a passageway to a chamber with an Extraction Circle and, off to the side, another set of buildings, each marked with a different Eidolon."
  118. [22:27:37] <Amaryllis> "Up until that point we had mostly seen wooden buildings with rickety bridges and worn ropes connecting them throughout the large open cavern of the mountain."
  119. [22:28:24] <Natalie> "Ah-ha!  So it was like, a hidden chamber!"  Her eyes burn with ADVENTURE.
  120. [22:28:50] <Amaryllis> "Indeed it was. And of course, no hidden chambers are ever found without a threat of danger, am I right?"
  121. [22:29:23] <Natalie> "Did you get in a fight?"  Her invisible tail perks up.  Seriously, you can practically see it even though she doesn't have one!
  122. [22:29:40] <Amaryllis> "Not at first!"
  123. [22:30:36] <Amaryllis> "We saw, visiting the Extraction Circle, a familiar face. You may not remember her, but it was Chell, one of the last remnants of the Gemini race and our foes that day in Daguerreo where we stopped the Glutton from eating Leviathan."
  124. [22:30:37] <Natalie> Nat's on the edge of her seat now, anyway.  The minibunx moved to the side.
  125. [22:31:19] <Natalie> "Oh... I definitely HEARD ABOUT her though," she nods and continues listening.
  126. [22:31:55] <Amaryllis> "Lenore and I made our way down in the shadows, sneaking between the stone pillars that littered the place."
  127. [22:35:37] <Amaryllis> "Chell used Time Magic to bring forth a vision of the past in that place, of a kidnapped Eiko brought to the Extraction Chamber to have her Eidolons taken, and of the other heroes of the fight against Kuja rescuing her by defeating two jesters who were similar to Belle and Chell."
  128. [22:36:02] * Natalie perks up at 'kidnapped Eiko' as would probably be expected.
  129. [22:38:16] <Amaryllis> "Do not worry. They did save her in the end, after all. Another of her Eidolons, Madeen, was of great help too."
  130. [22:38:46] <Natalie> "Ohh, that was.... nnnnnn I feel like I should know when this was."  She scratches her Ruby and droops a little bit.
  131. [22:39:23] <Amaryllis> "Eiko could probably tell you more about it again once you visit her."
  132. [22:39:35] <Natalie> "Okay!  I'll ask!  ... Maybe."
  133. [22:39:52] <Natalie> "So then what happened?"  She's on the edge of her seat so far that if she were any edgier she'd be Ammy.
  134. [22:40:24] <Amaryllis> "It was after this vision that I confronted her. For how could I not? Chell had worked with both the Glutton and Ayane before, so I snuck on up her, knife in hand." She calls her knife to her hand.
  135. [22:41:15] <Natalie> "Oh, so you did fight...."  She sits back now, a little worried.  Ammy knows that in past experiences Nat's always hated her fighting, but, it's not like she remembers why most of the time.
  136. [22:43:16] <Amaryllis> "We simply spoke at first, but after I ah, read her mind, yes, we did fight." Ammy slips out of her storytelling tone toward the end of that sentence. "Bloody hell, I did not know there were people who could -tell- when I was doing that."
  137. [22:43:56] <Amaryllis> "Anyway," Ammy clears her throat and regains her composure.
  138. [22:44:09] <Natalie> Back to the edge.  "Whaaaaat?  How'd she do that?"  She puts her hands on her knees too.  "But you're not hurt, right?  You don't look hurt..."
  139. [22:44:58] <Natalie> "Actually that's a thing too.  I haven't needed to heal you since you got back even though you made this sound all dangerous," she tilts her head curiously, "why's that?"
  140. [22:45:00] <Amaryllis> "I am quite fine now. She cast a rather nasty and painful spell toward the end of our bout, but by then it was too late for her and we overwhelmed her."
  141. [22:45:23] <Natalie> "Er, sorry," Nat twitches a little and shuts up.
  142. [22:45:48] <Amaryllis> "I shall get to a point relevant to that in a moment, though I will say now that Fenna helped some in that regard."
  143. [22:46:11] * Amaryllis drops out of the storytelling stance yet again. "Also, potions. So many potions."
  144. [22:47:57] <Natalie> "Oh!  That's good.  Right... thaaaat's why I had those drinks with me..."  She muses on the hi-ethers she's carried around, not remembering Lenore made them.  Aawwww.  But at least she's able to realize somebody among them is an alchemist!  Now to solve the mystery of who.... 'later,' she thinks.
  145. [22:48:45] <Amaryllis> "So many. Anyway..." Ammy takes a deep breath. "After we defeated Chell, we moved on and..." She droops a bit. "Sod it how am I supposed to tell this story when it is so bloody absurd?" She sighs before continuing.
  146. [22:49:41] <Amaryllis> "Ramuh in the middle of this icy town, hidden ruins of a Summoner Civilization at the bottom of a is all so silly, is it not? Would you believe next we opened the door and found Lenore's mother asleep on a bed in a room once occupied by the Magus Sisters?"
  147. [22:50:00] * Natalie gigglefits. "C'mon! How is this any sillier than how you met m- ... oh, that IS really silly."
  148. [22:50:05] * Amaryllis does the thing where she emphasizes with one hand then the other as she lists things off.
  149. [22:50:53] <Amaryllis> "Oh that is not even the best of it. I shall elaborate more later, but we went bloody time traveling because Elena sneezed. She is outside at this very moment. Please do not ever bring her anything with pepper on it."
  150. [22:50:54] <Natalie> "Well, maybe that's pretty silly for me now, but SOMEWHERE in my old memories I might-or-might-not ever get to see again I'm sure I have waaaaay sillies," she nods triumphantly, crossing her arms.
  151. [22:51:19] <Natalie> "Oh!  Elena!  Is... THAT what her name was?  I actually forgot, so I was just calling her 'Lenny's Mom' for a while..."
  152. [22:51:30] <Amaryllis> "Indeed it is."
  153. [22:52:34] <Natalie> "How does that work, anyway?  Is uh.... is she an Eidolon too or something?"  She doesn't consider the whole thing of Lenore being a human, but considering Renegade stuck it in her WHO KNOWS.
  154. [22:53:18] <Amaryllis> "I do not know." Ammy shakes her head.
  155. [22:53:39] <Natalie> "Weird.  Oh well whatever, don't stop there!"
  156. [22:54:44] <Amaryllis> "But it is such a silly story that I cannot even take myself seriously." Ammy tugs at her hair in frustration, then pauses for another deep breath. "Alright."
  157. [22:55:21] <Natalie> "You're telling it to ME," Nat reminds.
  158. [22:55:39] <Natalie> She's not sure how to emphasize how silly she is besides just... being there.
  159. [22:55:41] <Amaryllis> "Yes, but I am the one telling it," Ammy reminds back.
  160. [22:56:12] <Natalie> "Well, it's not like I'd ever not believe you!  Besides, mine's gonna be pretty out there too."
  161. [22:56:20] * Natalie crosses her legs and hmphs a little.
  162. [22:56:38] <Natalie> .... And then uncrosses them a few seconds later, she is not the kind of person who can keep them crossed.
  163. [22:57:28] <Amaryllis> "So it happens that the Magsus Sisters left the next part of their rune in this very chamber, and even more was hidden as well."
  164. [22:58:07] * Natalie considers correcting the typo out loud but, nah, Rica doing that was enough for one universe.
  165. [22:58:37] <Amaryllis> "On the wall was a great mural, and on one side a hidden chamber opened up by pressing the image of a Tonberry holding a lantern, on the other side, by pressing the Tonberry holding a knife."
  166. [22:58:44] <Natalie> "Hidden?  Like what?  ANOTHER secret chamb-"
  167. [22:58:47] <Natalie> "... Huh."
  168. [22:58:51] * Amaryllis considers stabbing a large tree through the fourth wall.
  169. [22:58:55] <Natalie> ♡
  170. [22:59:56] <Natalie> "What was in there?"  :D "Was it Fenna in there?  ... Well, that seems like a weird place for her to be I guess."
  171. [23:00:03] <Amaryllis> "On the side of the knife lay a chamber filled with the most gruesome torture and execution implements, a place of punishment for Tonberries gone awry." Ammy skims over that part. "On the other, a chamber with four tablets, the traditions and legacy of the Tonberry civilization."
  172. [23:00:51] <Amaryllis> "If you are up for a bit of reading, I have copied them down here." Ammy pulls out her journal and opens it up to where the contents of the tablets are copied down.
  173. [23:00:51] * Natalie finally understands the seriousness and straightens up, nodding at Ammy to continue.
  174. [23:01:11] <Natalie> "How about after the story?"
  175. [23:01:28] <Amaryllis> "Within the room was a large brazier, which I lit. Oh fine." Ammy takes the journal back.
  176. [23:01:38] <Natalie> "You might wanna look at mine too, anyway.  I wrote it all down!  And I'll probably forget parts when it's my turn anyway..."
  177. [23:01:47] <Natalie> "But later!"
  178. [23:01:58] <Amaryllis> "Better then that you keep it and use it to help you remember."
  179. [23:02:34] <Natalie> "Yeah yeah, I mean when I'm done.  Because then you could be like, 'what about this part, you forgot to mention it,'" she says the last part in her best Ammy impersonation.  Which sounds very silly.
  180. [23:02:56] <Amaryllis> "I felt, at that moment," Ammy pauses and lifts her lantern in the air, shining it brighter to bring greater contrast to the shadows in the room. "a dancing of the shadows around the place." She stops. "I do not sound like that!"
  181. [23:03:05] * Natalie sticks a tongue out. "Do too."
  182. [23:03:31] <Natalie> The ruby shines again, teasingly.  But not for very long.  Just... for the sake of doing it.
  183. [23:03:42] <Natalie> "Sorry sorry.  What happened next?"
  184. [23:04:02] * Amaryllis sighs. The flame in her lantern flickers left and right, and with it, the shadows cast around the room move too. But after a moment, it becomes apparent they've begun to move in ways beyond what's caused by the simple movement of the flame, taking on exaggerated forms and odd shapes.
  185. [23:05:55] <Amaryllis> "And all at once, I felt a rush of sensation, a sense of approval, as the shadows of the room flit about and made their way into mine." Ammy reproduces her narration with the shadows in the room. "I receieved a blessing from the spirits of Tonberries who lived there long ago."
  186. [23:06:51] <Natalie> "Aha!"  Nat perks up and beams.  "Blessings... yeah, that describes a lot of how I felt too.  It feels really warm, and fuzzy..."
  187. [23:08:13] <Amaryllis> "After that, we found some...intriguing potions. If you really wish to know more I could show you them later. For now..." Ammy begins pacing again as she thinks about how to continue.
  188. [23:08:49] <Natalie> "Well that's different from reading!  Were they magic or something?"
  189. [23:09:26] <Amaryllis> "Yes. Very much so."
  190. [23:10:42] <Amaryllis> "We proceeded on out of the chamber and onward to the next where we saw a series of buildings, each marked by a different Eidolon. Some were familiar - Ifrit, Shiva. And some altogether foreign."
  191. [23:10:54] <Natalie> "Ah-huh... well, I guess that does get a little weird if you're saying the tonberries made those."  She gives another 'keep going, though' nod.
  192. [23:11:11] <Natalie> "The potions I mean."
  193. [23:11:16] * Natalie pauses and looks up.
  194. [23:11:21] <Amaryllis> "No, I believe it was the Magus Sisters."
  195. [23:11:29] <Natalie> "... Hee.  There wasn't one of me, was there?"
  196. [23:11:29] <Amaryllis> "Lenore found one of their diaries as well."
  197. [23:11:40] <Amaryllis> "There was not, no."
  198. [23:11:57] <Natalie> "Ohh, that makes sense.  I guess I'll ask her..."  Her eyes dart to the side - whoa, are those girls FONDLING each other in their sleep?  "... Later."
  199. [23:12:14] <Amaryllis> (LEWD)
  200. [23:12:36] <Natalie> "Okay, didn't think so, that'd be silly anyway."  She crosses her legs again, giving a sage nod.  "Not being all that popular totally has its upsides."
  201. [23:12:44] <Natalie> .... Then uncrosses.  Too antsy for that.
  202. [23:15:03] <Natalie> In fact if such a thing existed in this setting she'd push up her hipster glasses and adjust her beret too.  But... no.  No, there's none of that.
  203. [23:15:15] <Natalie> (But god damn she'd be cute in that)
  204. [23:17:14] <Amaryllis> "Each room represented a different role the corresponding building played, accordingo to their Eidolon. Shiva for the preparation of dead animals for making food, Golem - an odd creature of stone - for gem crafting and building, Ifrit for cooking and metal working, Unicorn for...for..." Ammy stammers and turns a bit pink. "Nevermind!"
  205. [23:17:54] * Amaryllis takes a deep breath and continues, still a little flustered. "Crusader for a training hall, Catoblepas for a hall to honor the fallen."
  206. [23:17:58] <Natalie> "You knee corn..."  She doesn't get it.  "Huh, okay.  I guess that makes sense if they were summoners..."
  207. [23:18:01] <Amaryllis> "And others."
  208. [23:18:25] * Amaryllis shows a basic sketch of the Unicorn.
  209. [23:19:22] <Natalie> "I wonder if I've met any of them..."  She just gives a little 'mhm' nod at the sketch on that thought.  "Ifrit... is one I know I know.  But I'll tell you about that later."
  210. [23:19:56] <Natalie> "Anyway, that's not important now!  What else'd you find?"
  211. [23:20:17] <Amaryllis> "Well, these were legends of another world. And many now no longer exist."
  212. [23:20:29] <Amaryllis> "Such is what happens when stories fade over time."
  213. [23:21:00] <Natalie> "But some of them do, right?  I wonder if there were mes from other worlds."
  214. [23:21:26] <Amaryllis> "Perhaps there are."
  215. [23:22:44] * Natalie ponders a bit but shakes her head. "So they had a thing with gems too?"
  216. [23:22:51] <Natalie> "Well I guess that makes sense, summoners and all..."
  217. [23:24:03] <Amaryllis> "Speaking of gems, I have something you might like." Ammy walks over near her bag and unwraps a huge bundle, revealing the gemmed Scimitar she found at Maliris's place.
  218. [23:24:40] * Natalie beams like a mofo at that thing- not really all that interested in the fact that it's a sword, much less the size of it. "Whoa! Th- Did you find this there too?"
  219. [23:25:10] <Amaryllis> "Not in the mountain, no. I shall get to that part as well."
  220. [23:25:43] <Natalie> "Rubies... emeralds, too.... well, they're probably not as expensive as mine," she stands up to looks at it and puts triumphant hands-at-hips at that point.  "Oh, remind me to tell you about that later.  We still have a lot of catching up to do, huh?"
  221. [23:26:03] <Amaryllis> "It was after Lenore and I had proceeded to the last of these buildings - a great shrine to Ark - that we split up again. Upon this shrine was perched a large nest. We did not know it at the time, but it belonged to Phoenix."
  222. [23:26:07] * Natalie takes the Scimitar and wobbles around with it. I mean, she's not really used to lifting... swords.
  223. [23:26:17] <Amaryllis> Nevermind HUEG swords like this I guess.
  224. [23:27:05] <Natalie> Yeah.  She tries making a few combat swings and after the first slice she gives up and starts using it as leverage for silly-looking kicks instead.  It's very silly.  After THAT she just goes back to making snap-kicks at the air like usual and forgetting there even IS a sword.
  225. [23:27:12] <Amaryllis> "Ah, I forgot to mention."
  226. [23:27:19] <Natalie> "Oh!"  Swish.  "So that's where you met her?"
  227. [23:27:25] <Amaryllis> "We met a Tonberry in Catoblepas's chamber."
  228. [23:27:43] * Natalie sets the sword down and headtilts. "Huh? Really?"
  229. [23:27:46] <Amaryllis> "He was petrified, and it was Mr. Prickles who awakened him with a shower of golden needles."
  230. [23:28:00] <Natalie> "Petrified..."  She droops a little.
  231. [23:29:00] <Amaryllis> "He had done it to himself, as a last order to his Eidolon. It was during the fall of the Tonberry civilization."
  232. [23:29:06] <Natalie> "That means turning into stone, right?  I have a memory of something like that now, too."
  233. [23:29:12] * Amaryllis nods.
  234. [23:29:39] <Natalie> "Poor guy... So, does that mean he's alive then?"  Nat looks around.  "I don't see him..."
  235. [23:30:02] <Amaryllis> "He left to find others of his kind throughout the world. Who is to say? We may yet encounter him again. His name was Kross."
  236. [23:30:40] <Natalie> "Kross... okay."  She goes back to the couch and jots that down in her diary, not really writing extensively though.  Just writing for the sake of not losing it, while continuing to listen.
  237. [23:30:46] <Amaryllis> "At the bottom of the shrine to Ark we found an odd stream of green energy. Lenore said it may connect to the Crystal itself."
  238. [23:30:57] <Natalie> "Green..."
  239. [23:31:04] <Natalie> Her eyes widen.  "You didn't drink it, did you?"
  240. [23:31:06] <Amaryllis> "Unfortunately, we did not manage to make much of it, though it was soothing to the touch."
  241. [23:31:48] <Amaryllis> "No, there was actually a sign there warning against that."
  242. [23:32:09] <Amaryllis> "I breathed in a little as it turned to vapor in the air, and that was bad enough."
  243. [23:32:13] <Natalie> "Really?  A sign?"
  244. [23:32:18] * Natalie giggles a little.
  245. [23:32:24] <Natalie> "Good, turns out it tastes awful."
  246. [23:32:30] <Natalie> "And... uh.... er.... nevermind."
  247. [23:33:00] <Amaryllis> "...You mean to say you have encountered such a stream before?"
  248. [23:33:04] <Amaryllis> "And you drank from it?"
  249. [23:33:16] <Natalie> "Yep!  But keep going, that'll be on my turn."
  250. [23:33:27] <Natalie> "Unless you wanna switch off partway through..."
  251. [23:33:33] <Amaryllis> "Fine, fine."
  252. [23:33:49] * Natalie rocks side-to-side on the couch.
  253. [23:34:17] <Amaryllis> "I do not know what manner of adventure Lenore and Elena had, but they told me that it involved time travel, and they found their pet Behemoth."
  254. [23:34:34] <Natalie> "Time travel again... that sure sounds silly."
  255. [23:34:59] <Amaryllis> "As for myself, I spent much time revisiting each building around. Nothing as exciting as what came next, when we all reunited."
  256. [23:35:10] * Natalie almost speaks up at 'pet Behemoth,' that's probably something she didn't write about. But, Sillynore is Sillynore. And she KNOWS she has a silly mom.
  257. [23:35:28] <Natalie> :D "What came next?"
  258. [23:35:38] <Natalie> "W-Well... unless there's something important, I mean."
  259. [23:36:12] <Amaryllis> "When we next reunited in the shrine to Ark, we stepped outside, and a dragon swooped down before us!"
  260. [23:36:42] <Natalie> "A dragon."
  261. [23:36:58] <Amaryllis> "Yes. A feathered dragon, at that."
  262. [23:37:02] * Natalie has a 'What's a dragon?' look on her face but doesn't say it.
  263. [23:37:13] <Amaryllis> "We had been warned of it before entering the mountain."
  264. [23:37:23] <Natalie> "And you fought...?"
  265. [23:38:21] <Amaryllis> "I threw a dragon once, remember? You said it was really cool." Ammy droops a bit.
  266. [23:38:47] <Natalie> "Oh... I wrote about that one.  That's what it meant, okay."
  267. [23:39:21] <Amaryllis> "A dragon is a winged lizard, usually large, ferocious and capable of breathing fire or another element."
  268. [23:39:47] * Natalie just gets seatedged again. "So you beat it up?"
  269. [23:40:22] <Amaryllis> "And no, we did not fight it. For that was when Phoenix appeared and dove down at it before proceeding to attack us!" Ammy demonstrates with gestures of her lantern and knife.
  270. [23:40:50] * Natalie jerks back. "You mean she's THAT tough? She doesn't look... ... well, I guess I don't either."
  271. [23:40:58] <Amaryllis> "She was enraged with our intrusion upon her nest."
  272. [23:41:28] <Amaryllis> "She was stronger then, I believe. In fact, she split herself into two - a flaming bird, and a woman."
  273. [23:41:52] <Natalie> "Huh?"  She scratches her ruby.  "I can't even do something like that..."
  274. [23:42:02] <Natalie> "So so so!"
  275. [23:42:15] <Natalie> "You told her you were my friend and she was like 'oh, okay' and followed you to me, right?"
  276. [23:42:25] <Amaryllis> "Even with my armor, warded against fire, it was a harrowing and tough battle, but finally we defeated her, and she hatched again and was reborn from an egg she left behind."
  277. [23:42:35] <Natalie> "... Oh, you actually did fight."  :<
  278. [23:42:46] <Amaryllis> "I tried that. She tried to burn my face off in response."
  279. [23:43:25] <Natalie> "Reborn... Nnn."  Natty folds her arms again.  "Yeah, I think I heard some stuff about her from where I was too.  And it was something like that."
  280. [23:44:02] <Natalie> "Well, I'm glad you're alright.  Even if it's for my mission you know I totally wouldn't be okay with you... you know, getting your face actually burned off!"
  281. [23:44:16] <Amaryllis> "That was when that bloody fiend, Maliris appeared. She mocked us and thanked us for weakening Phoenix for her and all manner of obnoxious tripe."
  282. [23:44:28] <Amaryllis> "Yes, I am also quite happy that my face was in fact not burned off."
  283. [23:44:37] <Natalie> "Good, I don't think I can heal burned-off faces."
  284. [23:44:46] <Amaryllis> "It seems difficult."
  285. [23:44:52] <Natalie> "I don't think I've ever tried!"
  286. [23:45:04] <Natalie> "Anyway, Fiend..."
  287. [23:45:23] <Amaryllis> "In any case, do you recall how I glowed when I threw that dragon? Perhaps you wrote about it at least and how it had made me stronger in that moment."
  288. [23:45:45] <Natalie> "Uh... kinda.  What kinda glow?"
  289. [23:46:07] <Amaryllis> "Trance. Do you recall it?"
  290. [23:46:22] <Natalie> "Oh, yeah.  I did that too."
  291. [23:46:23] <Amaryllis> "The same glow that enveloped you when you fought Lich."
  292. [23:46:38] * Natalie sticks a tongue out. "Why couldn't you just explain it like THAT?"
  293. [23:46:47] <Natalie> "But... I guess that's me admitting that I forgot something.  Eheheh, sorry."
  294. [23:47:08] <Amaryllis> "Yes. Well. Maliris threatened to kill Elena, and Lenore did that. The Trance bit." Ammy pauses. "I shall leave you a second to imagine how that went for Maliris."
  295. [23:47:20] * Amaryllis finds a chair across from Nat and sits down.
  296. [23:47:51] <Natalie> "Well, for me I just used the thing that came natural to me."  She exchanges a knowing glance with Ammy.
  297. [23:48:13] <Natalie> "So does that mean she... cast... like 20 spells at once?  I'm pretty sure that's what she does...."
  298. [23:49:21] <Amaryllis> "I am unsure if it was all one spell, but she yelled a lot at Maliris and shot stars at her with each word she spoke. It would have been terrifying were I not on her side."
  299. [23:49:36] <Natalie> "Oh wow."
  300. [23:50:18] <Natalie> "So that's why you're not hurt?  Because you two totally blew her up?"
  301. [23:51:02] <Amaryllis> "Oh we still got hurt, but Lenore had many potions, and Elena and Fenna helped us recover."
  302. [23:51:45] <Natalie> "Phew!  I'm glad I'm not the healer around... I mean really I'm not even that good at it."  She shiftyeyeses a bit.  "Y'know, compared to being me."
  303. [23:51:49] <Natalie> +only
  304. [23:53:01] <Amaryllis> "That was when Lolo and Lulu appeared. You see, when we were adventuring with Elena, we discovered that she...shifts through time and space when she sneezes."
  305. [23:53:24] <Amaryllis> "Lenore dumped pepper on her nose, and we shifted to perhaps three different times before settling in our own."
  306. [23:53:30] <Natalie> "..."
  307. [23:53:33] <Natalie> "Huh."
  308. [23:53:37] <Amaryllis> "And even during our fight against Phoenix she disappeared from sneezing."
  309. [23:54:09] <Amaryllis> "So when Lolo and Lulu came and told us it had been three days since we had disappeared into the mountain...." Ammy pauses. "Oh bollocks. I forgot to mention. We saw them when we met Ramuh."
  310. [23:54:18] <Natalie> "Right!  Lolo!  Who are they anyway?  Whoever that is, they're important to me... I guess I'll have to wait until I tell my story to explain that though."
  311. [23:54:20] <Amaryllis> "Here I am, getting everything all out of order. My apologies, Nat."
  312. [23:55:15] <Amaryllis> "Lolo and Lulu are two of Vivi's children. If you do not remember, Vivi was a black mage and a hero of the fight against Kuja ten years ago."
  313. [23:55:49] <Amaryllis> "That...was when we encountered the odd scene where Lolo began to glow, and the Crystal showed us your fight against Lich and Titan."
  314. [23:56:09] <Natalie> "Yeah, I know Vivi," a nod.  "Or I do NOW.  And I think I... had the crystal show me him fighting once?"
  315. [23:56:53] <Amaryllis> "Excellent. Anyhow, we are nearing the end of this tale. There really is not much left, because at that point we decided it was paramount that we return to wherever you and Theta had gone and reunite."
  316. [23:57:08] <Natalie> "But okay, that makes sense!  They're um, connected to my lifeforce, if that makes that make any sense.  It's STILL weird, but..."
  317. [23:57:11] <Amaryllis> "All that was left for us to do was to check on the Fire Shrine and ensure all was well."
  318. [23:57:33] <Natalie> Nat picks up the sword.  "So where'd you find this again?"
  319. [23:57:37] <Amaryllis> "Connected? Lolo did not know whether he was linked to you in a way or not."
  320. [23:58:03] <Amaryllis> "In a chamber in the Fire Shrine, actually. One belonging to Maliris."
  321. [23:58:34] <Amaryllis> "I left out another part of the tale, because it is perhaps more fitting here - there are a number of matters we must attend to concerning Maliris and the other Fiends." Ammy turns serious.
  322. [23:59:06] <Natalie> "Huh, so the Fiend used this..."  She picks it up and swings it around Mabinogi-style, too bad nobody who knows what that means is here or awake.
  323. [23:59:33] <Amaryllis> "Before Maliris had left, I managed, for one fleeting moment, to peer into her mind."
  324. [23:59:49] <Natalie> "Nnn?"  Ammy gets an 'oh, do go on' look.
  325. [23:59:58] <Natalie> Only not really since Natty isn't pretending to be a haughty noble anymore.
  326. [00:00:27] <Amaryllis> "Lenore's brother has been captured by Kraken and is being held in his underwater palace, I believe."
  327. [00:00:37] <Natalie> "!"
  328. [00:00:48] <Natalie> "So that's what the thing about breathing underwater was about."
  329. [00:00:50] <Amaryllis> "This is, of course, in addition to our needing to warn Kary of her status as a possible sacrifice for Maliris..."
  330. [00:00:54] <Amaryllis> "Indeed."
  331. [00:01:34] <Natalie> "All of this stuff makes it sound like we gotta be in a hurry..."  Streeeeeeeeetch~  "I wonder if we even HAVE the time to sit around telling stories?"
  332. [00:01:49] * Natalie looks to the sleeping lesb- ... pair. "... Yeah okay I guess we do."
  333. [00:01:52] <Amaryllis> "And...well, aside from the Fire Mirror and this sword, we did not find much else, just this photo." Ammy shows Nat.
  334. [00:02:12] <Natalie> "Huh."  Really not sure how to feel about this at all.
  335. [00:02:14] <Amaryllis> "We deserve a bit of rest right now, I believe."
  336. [00:02:22] * Amaryllis shrugs and takes the photo back.
  337. [00:02:32] <Natalie> "And then... did you do anything 'tween that and coming to find me?"
  338. [00:03:02] <Amaryllis> "Lolo cast Teleport for us, and then we arrived here to find you."
  339. [00:03:23] <Natalie> "This Lolo person is still around here, right?  They didn't leave right away or anything?"
  340. [00:03:49] <Amaryllis> "He is still around, though he seemed a bit weakened."
  341. [00:04:01] <Natalie> "Eheh... my fault.  I kinda overdid things."
  342. [00:04:09] <Amaryllis> "I say we give him time to rest then."
  343. [00:04:11] <Natalie> "So, does that mean it's my turn?"
  344. [00:04:53] <Amaryllis> "Indeed it is."
  345. [00:05:27] <Natalie> "Ha!  Okay!  Maybe I'm not as storyteller-y as you, but..."  Nat hops on the couch - yes, standing ON it - and clears her throat, but then looks at the sleepers.  "Oh..."
  346. [00:05:51] <Amaryllis> "...yes, I avoided my usual furniture-hopping habit for that reason." Ammy laughs.
  347. [00:06:26] * Natalie jumps off. "Ohh, YOU'RE where I got that from? Heee. Whatever. I actually remember everything from when I put this tiara on- I didn't remember it earlier, though, I remembered that I forgot! But then I got it back again."
  348. [00:07:40] <Natalie> "Well, Renny taught me how to teleport, right?  I don't think he meant to, but I watched him once and picked it up myself.  I could show you, but... stories first."  She reaches down to take her shoe off but decides against it and gets up.
  349. [00:09:02] <Natalie> "We landed on El... Eli... Eliz... Elelelel.... What'sherface.  I think it's supposed to be a THING that Mr. Delta keeps doing that?  Because apparently it happened before.  Anyway, she was with a bunch of other people!  And that's when we got an an airship together... lessee, how do I make this exciting?"
  350. [00:09:25] <Amaryllis> "Oh dear, this is already silly."
  351. [00:10:20] <Natalie> "Ha!  Just wait!  I drank a lot of that stuff on the ship... whatever it was, after talking with the people we were with.  They're all here now, you know, in this house- and duh I didn't tell them who I was then."  She waggles an index finger.  "That'd be dan~ge~rous!  ... Even though I forget why."
  352. [00:10:51] <Natalie> "Something to do with my powers?"  She leans on one leg while standing, rubbing her Ruby.  Rubrub.  This is pretty much how her whole storytelling goes, by the way, pacing back and forth and making silly poses.
  353. [00:10:52] <Amaryllis> "Wait." Ammy goes to her bag and grabs a potion bottle of whiskey, opens it, and shoves it under Nat's nose. "Did it smell like this?"
  354. [00:11:20] <Natalie> Sniffsniff.  "Uh... not really?  A little bit?  I think I drank it before I smelled it, and went blank."
  355. [00:11:49] <Natalie> "And then when I woke up I had some card with some guy's name on it.  Oh waitasec I still have it," she forks over Jasper's card.  By which I mean she flicks it out and ninjatosses it at Ammy's face.
  356. [00:12:08] * Amaryllis snatches it and gives it a curious look.
  357. [00:12:37] <Natalie> "He's actually really..."  She reaches in her pocket but then eeps and pulls her hand back out.  "Oops, I'm supposed to tell it in order, huh?"
  358. [00:12:38] <Natalie> "AHEM."
  359. [00:13:27] <Natalie> "Madai... Madane... Madden... Maduin... oh whatever, the city we're in was a pretty crowded one.  Lots of weirdos all over the place, asked me questions too.  Like about my tiara, I think.... I kinda blew most of them off."
  360. [00:13:38] * Natalie pulls out her diary and flips to make sure she isn't missing the good parts.
  361. [00:14:05] * Amaryllis waits patiently as Nat goes through her diary.
  362. [00:14:13] <Natalie> "Oh, all of us went together into town.  And when we did, suuuuuddenly" she drops the diary straight to the ground without a care and makes clawed hands "a BIG MONSTER jumped out at us!"
  363. [00:14:33] <Amaryllis> "...From where?"
  364. [00:14:33] <Natalie> The clawed hands move down and she begins flailing them like tentacles, though.  "... Only he didn't have hands.  He was something like this."
  365. [00:15:07] <Natalie> "Oops~  There was a... I think it was a bridge?  Whatever it was, it was broken, so Mr. Alpha and his friend Baby used Geomagix or something to fix it!"
  366. [00:15:47] <Amaryllis> "Geomancy."
  367. [00:15:54] <Natalie> "And the monster got mad.  And he was like 'RAWR, I'M ULTROS, I LIKE CUTE GIRLS,'" she clamps her hands, blinking at herself a bit.  "Oh, yeah, and he grabbed the people we were with."
  368. [00:16:03] <Natalie> "And not me!"  :<
  369. [00:16:30] <Amaryllis> "Hm, perhaps you are not cute after all then. A disappointing discovery."
  370. [00:16:59] <Natalie> "So 'okay,' I said," she holds an arm out straight and with a 'vwssssh' sound a red laser extends down the length of it, forming a laser sword.  Sure is a sword.  "'I guess we're gonna have to cut them down.'  So then we- ... Hey!"
  371. [00:17:12] <Natalie> "I totally am, I even asked him!"
  372. [00:17:20] <Natalie> "While.... beating him up."
  373. [00:17:26] <Amaryllis> "Uh huh. Maybe he was being nice so you did not feel bad."
  374. [00:17:32] * Natalie makes 'swish, swish' motions with the laserblade before dispelling it.
  375. [00:17:43] <Amaryllis> "In any case, Ultros, Ultros...I seem to recall the name."
  376. [00:17:45] <Natalie> "Hmph!  I am TOTALLY proud of my human form!"
  377. [00:17:50] <Amaryllis> "He is quite disreputable."
  378. [00:18:21] * Natalie turns around tsunlike, arms folded, before spinning and forgetting all about the last few seconds, so to seem. "Really... well, he was purple and had lots of... flaily thingies, what're those called?"
  379. [00:18:23] <Amaryllis> "A knight I met accused him of many crimes, and it sounds as if he is living up to that reputation."
  380. [00:18:26] <Natalie> She wiggles her arms like tentacles some more.
  381. [00:18:29] <Amaryllis> "Tentacles."
  382. [00:18:33] <Natalie> "Right, tentacles."
  383. [00:19:03] <Natalie> "We freed everyone he picked up and Mr. Omicron dumped him back into the water, anyway.  I remember talking during it, he thought he was an Eidolon!"
  384. [00:19:10] <Natalie> "And I was like, 'no you're not.'  He so was not."
  385. [00:19:49] <Natalie> "... I didn't get to tell him that I was, though," she droops a little.  "I kinda wanna meet him again so I can teach him how to be one.  That sounds pretty me, doesn't it, Ammy?"
  386. [00:20:06] <Amaryllis> "Hold on."
  387. [00:20:08] <Natalie> By the way by this point she's doing a handstand for literally no reason whatsoever.
  388. [00:20:20] <Amaryllis> "This is a horrid tentacle monster who likes to pick up little girls, and you wish to meet him again?"
  389. [00:20:45] <Natalie> "Mm?  Yeah.  I could teach him the... wrongs of his ways and stuff, and he'd be my apprentice."
  390. [00:20:58] <Natalie> "He seemed like he could fight, he just, y'know, wasn't as tough as us!"
  391. [00:21:15] <Amaryllis> "You are right, that does sound quite like you. Too bad you are not cute enough to convince him."
  392. [00:21:29] * Natalie puffs up animestyle. :< "Nnnnnn! I'll prove you wrong!"
  393. [00:21:48] <Natalie> "... Some other time though.  I dunno where he went."
  394. [00:21:56] <Natalie> "Maybe he could help with the underwater thing?"
  395. [00:22:18] <Amaryllis> "Let us stick to the Hypello plan."
  396. [00:22:19] <Natalie> Oh god that wasn't even an intentional realization that was TOTALLY ON ACCIDENT
  397. [00:22:24] <Natalie> "... Maybe."
  398. [00:22:26] <Natalie> "Anyway!"
  399. [00:22:31] <Amaryllis> "Yes, go on."
  400. [00:22:51] <Natalie> "Mr. Beta and I told the others we'd meet up later and went to the Yeefa Tree."  Pause.  "... That's not right."
  401. [00:23:14] <Natalie> "Ooh, that's kinda embarrassing, that's a name I should know."
  402. [00:23:26] <Amaryllis> "Iifa?"
  403. [00:23:35] <Natalie> "Right!"
  404. [00:23:50] <Natalie> "Or did we?  I know it was SOME tree..."
  405. [00:24:12] <Natalie> "Well, it was next to the Eidolon Wall, so wherever it was, it was important."  She finally flips over and stands up right.
  406. [00:24:25] <Natalie> Guess who doesn't pride themselves on geography.
  407. [00:25:12] <Natalie> "Anyway, we went underground to a secret place I dunno if I'm supposed to tell you about... but I will anyway because why not."
  408. [00:25:34] <Amaryllis> "I told you about several secret places. It would only be fair, am I right?"
  409. [00:25:56] <Natalie> "That's how I know Vivi.  It was... his lab or something?  Mr. Omega wanted to go there - well not really, since I forgot them all! - for something that I can't even remember, but we found something pretty big instead."
  410. [00:26:16] <Natalie> "Phy...."  Diaryflip.  "Phylacteries.  That's what they were called."
  411. [00:26:35] * Amaryllis leans in to listen.
  412. [00:26:58] <Natalie> "He showed up - it wasn't really him though, I think it was a lot like the thing of me you watched apparently? - and said something about his kids, and how he tied their life force to us."  She's a little less goofy at this point, anyway.  "Eidolons, I mean."
  413. [00:27:33] <Amaryllis> "He tied...the life force of his children to that of Eidolons? How?"
  414. [00:27:42] <Natalie> "Like, they wouldn't live long, but since they were borrowing from us they would, right?  I don't think Mr. Eta liked it all that much, he tried to put his hat in his mouth."  She muses on that part a bit.  "There's no WAY that tasted good."
  415. [00:28:00] <Natalie> "He said he asked us."
  416. [00:28:15] <Natalie> "Obviously I didn't remember it, but it sounds like something I'd say okay to, don'tcha think?"
  417. [00:28:43] <Amaryllis> "Theta tried to eat his hat? Theta? I have hardly seen him react so strongly to anything." Ammy says with amusement.
  418. [00:29:37] <Amaryllis> "It is...quite a curious idea, however. Ingenious in a way, even. And if he asked permission first..." Ammy glances out the door then back at Nat.
  419. [00:29:41] <Natalie> "I guess that means something?"  She shrugs.  "But um... yeah, there were a bunch of them.  And us.  Leviathan, Fenrir... uh... you'll have to ask him what the others.  I just remember glancing to be like 'Were Feenie and Titan on there?' and they weren't."
  420. [00:29:46] <Amaryllis> "I suppose that explains then why Lolo reacted in such a way."
  421. [00:29:47] <Natalie> +were
  422. [00:30:24] <Natalie> "Yeah... using all that energy was kinda stupid of me since I did it AFTER I knew I was tying my life force to someone else's."  She scratches the back of her head.  "Whoops!"
  423. [00:30:44] <Natalie> "Oh yeah, while we were down there we found some of that green energy stuff you were talking about."
  424. [00:30:49] <Amaryllis> "Ah, well, he is still alright. So no harm done."
  425. [00:30:50] <Amaryllis> "Oh?"
  426. [00:31:18] <Natalie> "Mr. Rho and Amby were touching it while I was looking around, and he told me to come take a drink of it.  So I was like, 'okay!'"
  427. [00:31:19] <Amaryllis> "Hm. It does make sense. The pulse one feels from Madain Sari might come from that stream."
  428. [00:31:24] <Natalie> "And then I think I was on fire or something."
  429. [00:31:31] * Amaryllis groans.
  430. [00:31:46] <Amaryllis> "Well, there was no warning, so I suppose I cannot blame you."
  431. [00:31:54] <Natalie> "But I felt really close to old-me!  It was a little nice... once I got past all the HURT and the TIRED."
  432. [00:32:08] <Amaryllis> "You were on fire?" Ammy furrows her brow worriedly.
  433. [00:32:16] * Natalie giggles a little. "I don't think he meant to, he said something about something something crystal something."
  434. [00:32:24] <Natalie> "And probably thought it'd help."
  435. [00:32:37] <Natalie> "I mean, I GUESS it kinda did?  But I don't wanna do it again."
  436. [00:32:43] <Amaryllis> "I see." Ammy sighs. "Well, I am glad you are alright."
  437. [00:33:10] <Natalie> "Don't worry, it wasn't real pain-hurt!  I just felt super exhausted for a little while.  So they went off to.. um... do something, and I decided to check the Wall out."
  438. [00:33:50] <Natalie> "There were lots of drawings on it," she paces around, "And when I touched it I remembered.  There were prayers written there, and the Eidolons drawn were all friends of mine.  Or at least I KNEW them.  Ifrit... uh... and a bunch of others, yeah."
  439. [00:34:23] <Natalie> "I'm not gonna let myself forget - kinda thanks to this," she points to the tiara, "but mostly because it's important, the Wall showed me a memory.  Of something it wanted me to know."
  440. [00:34:35] <Amaryllis> "What kind of memory?"
  441. [00:34:53] <Amaryllis> "Have you written it down?"
  442. [00:35:08] * Natalie crosses her arms and stands upright. "Leviathan... it was me, sealing him. There were Summoners overseeing it, and I remembered a lot of feelings from MY Summoner's horn. No words, though."
  443. [00:35:20] <Natalie> She nods a little.  "Yeah, pretty sure.  Or all I'd need to write, anyway."
  444. [00:35:50] <Amaryllis> "That the least a melancholy memory, if not outright sad. What did you think?"
  445. [00:35:51] <Natalie> "The feelings I remembered were... goodbyes."
  446. [00:35:54] <Natalie> "And thanks."
  447. [00:36:02] <Amaryllis> "Bittersweet?"
  448. [00:36:19] * Natalie nods slowly. "It was pretty sad, but I felt like me then. I was helping people by doing what I had to do, so I was happy."
  449. [00:37:07] <Amaryllis> "You should be proud of that, being able to help others and the planet. But you should think of yourself as well."
  450. [00:37:13] <Natalie> "And my light," she reaches her hands to her shoulders, "was like 'vwoosh!'" Her hands spread out, implying the laser-wings her player shamelessly makes her do.
  451. [00:37:35] <Natalie> "Hee hee... I am the planet, you know?  What helps it helps me."
  452. [00:37:36] * Amaryllis stifles a laugh. "Nat, I have no idea what you are trying to portray."
  453. [00:38:06] <Natalie> "Oh, come on!"  She just flat-out makes them appear with her rubymagic, but they're not all that stable and disappear after one flap.
  454. [00:38:43] <Amaryllis> "Oh, that's rather beautiful."
  455. [00:38:47] <Natalie> "I can't believe I remember THIS much..."  She laughs a little nervous chuckle.
  456. [00:38:54] <Natalie> "Thanks.  It's my specialty!"
  457. [00:39:08] <Amaryllis> "Get used to it. That is how things shall be from now on, Nat." Ammy smiles warmly.
  458. [00:39:16] <Natalie> "I hope so..."
  459. [00:39:29] <Amaryllis> "Where is your usual optimism?"
  460. [00:39:35] <Natalie> "After that, I went to the next place."  She points to... wherever Ammy put that card.
  461. [00:39:49] <Natalie> Her response to THAT comment is just a little 'oh you' look.
  462. [00:40:01] <Amaryllis> It's on the armrest of Ammy's chair. Ammy tosses it back.
  463. [00:40:11] <Natalie> "The address on that card!  I uh... couldn't read what it meant so I had to ask people for h-" she catches it in her mouth.
  464. [00:40:13] <Natalie> Showoff.
  465. [00:40:29] * Natalie pulls it out and pockets it. "... elp."
  466. [00:41:25] <Natalie> "The guy there was really nice.  He said we talked on the airship!  But I uh, totally blanked on all that.  It turned out he made uh... eidolons."  She picks up Ammy's carving.  "Stuff like this, I mean, only bigger.  And out of.... clay, I think?"
  467. [00:41:44] <Amaryllis> "He was an artist?"
  468. [00:42:27] <Natalie> "Mhm!"  His card says SOMETHING like that on it anyway.  Didn't it?  Whatever.  "He knew a lot about Phoenix and Titan too, and told me all he could... well, not that I need that kinda knowledge anymore.  But it sure did help for one of them!"
  469. [00:42:49] <Amaryllis> "Where do you think he learned so much?"
  470. [00:43:05] <Natalie> "It was thanks to his help that I," she bends down and trembles in a very silly way, "found out Titan comes out in EARTHQUAKES!"
  471. [00:43:16] * Natalie leaps up at the end, but is still careful not to shout TOO loud. It sounds very silly.
  472. [00:43:19] <Natalie> And looks even sillier.
  473. [00:43:31] <Natalie> "I uh... dunno, I never thought to ask him about that.  Whoops."
  474. [00:43:45] <Amaryllis> "You know, you started off strong, but I do not think your story is holding up as well in the silly department compared to mine."
  475. [00:43:50] <Natalie> "I guess he needed to learn about who they are to make sure they looked right?  Or... something?"
  476. [00:43:56] <Natalie> "Ohhhh!"
  477. [00:44:05] <Natalie> "I'm GETTING there, Ammy," she stomps the ground very lightly.
  478. [00:44:06] <Amaryllis> "Not for lack of your trying." Ammy mock-imitates the trembling for a second.
  479. [00:44:24] <Natalie> "'Cause see, we found out he actually had jewels too.  Lots of them!"
  480. [00:44:33] <Natalie> She whips out the diamond.  "Like THIS one."
  481. [00:44:37] <Natalie> ♡
  482. [00:44:44] <Natalie> And... cuddles it.
  483. [00:44:59] * Amaryllis groans. "Did you steal that one?"
  484. [00:45:02] <Natalie> "And they totally weren't stolen, he said."
  485. [00:45:16] * Amaryllis pauses. "Just so you know, Nat, that means they were stolen."
  486. [00:45:18] <Natalie> A little giggle.  "Naw, he was selling them and they were super cheap, so I just bought this one."
  487. [00:45:25] <Amaryllis> "Definitely stolen."
  488. [00:45:43] * Natalie pockets it and handhips. "Who cares! He had the jewel that was close to me and I wanted it. Not like money was a big deal..."
  489. [00:45:56] <Natalie> "And besides, he was totally nice about the whole thing."
  490. [00:45:57] <Natalie> "..."
  491. [00:46:11] <Natalie> "Oh yeah, when we went back to get it a bunch of guys in suits all broke through the window and tried to steal them."
  492. [00:46:18] <Natalie> "Like, right in front of him.  During the day."
  493. [00:46:25] <Amaryllis> "Whatever makes you feel better about abbetting thievery." Ammy grins.
  494. [00:46:33] * Natalie blows a raspberry.
  495. [00:47:04] <Natalie> "So, we both beat them up together.  He was preeeeeetty tough and fought kinda like me, only, with more hands and less lasers."
  496. [00:47:47] <Natalie> "Then he just kinda tossed them out and sold me the diamond for cheap.  I told him I'd come back.  I think?  I probably did."
  497. [00:48:00] <Natalie> "Oh yeah and I was still using my fake name so I think he thinks I'm a rich noble.  Whoopsie~"
  498. [00:48:45] <Amaryllis> "The Aitchison name?"
  499. [00:48:58] <Amaryllis> "Hopefully he does not look too carefully into it then."
  500. [00:49:01] <Natalie> "Yeah, that one.  It was the last one written in the diary and... oh, right, apparently I told it to him on the airship."
  501. [00:49:08] <Natalie> "Y'know, the part I blanked during."
  502. [00:49:12] <Natalie> "Eheheh... sorry."
  503. [00:49:28] <Natalie> "So is it silly yet?"
  504. [00:49:39] * Natalie does cartwheels around the room.
  505. [00:49:53] * Amaryllis raises a hand with finger and thumb up, a little space between them.
  506. [00:50:08] <Natalie> "Okay then, just GET READY for the next part!"
  507. [00:50:09] <Amaryllis> "You are trying too hard with the handstands and cartwheels."
  508. [00:50:23] <Natalie> "Pffff, I'm just being me.  Standing around is booooooooooring."
  509. [00:50:43] <Natalie> "Fine, I'll tell it from here."  She forces herself into Ammy's lap, assuming the latter's sitting down.
  510. [00:51:01] <Amaryllis> "I give you two minutes before getting up."
  511. [00:51:12] <Natalie> And of course her diary's open.  "Challenge accepted."
  512. [00:51:28] <Natalie> "Um okay, where was I..."
  513. [00:51:40] <Natalie> "Something something chocobos."
  514. [00:51:58] <Natalie> "Oh yeah, we rode chocobos!  This is where Amby helped a bunch.  ... Didn't she?  I think she did."
  515. [00:52:54] <Natalie> "Hmm... oh, right!  We met whiteface there.  I think it was... Bell?"  'Belle' is written right there in the diary, hurrdurr.  She clearly isn't even looking at it.
  516. [00:52:55] <Amaryllis> "How so?"
  517. [00:53:14] <Natalie> "I'll get there in a minute if I remember.  ... I probably won't, so uh, we did a lot of fighting and she kept them from running away."
  518. [00:53:18] <Amaryllis> "Yes, Chell did mention that Belle had business in Madain Sari, now that you mention it."
  519. [00:53:21] * Natalie gives a goofy thumbs-up. "And that's totally helpful!"
  520. [00:53:26] <Amaryllis> "I wish I had been able to give you warning."
  521. [00:54:00] <Natalie> "She was there with some weirdo she had a weird name for.  Was it... L?  No, maybe it was J.... oh whatever, Mr. Epsilon was trying to hide his face from them or something weird.  I really don't get what was up with him."
  522. [00:54:27] * Natalie slides back and brushes up against Ammy more. Auuu. "But she had that crystal shard I gave you earlier. And she was like, 'fight to earn it!' or something stupid."
  523. [00:54:42] <Natalie> "And then she summoned some Eidolons she didn't have a pact with."
  524. [00:54:52] <Amaryllis> "That again." Ammy says quietly.
  525. [00:55:06] <Natalie> "I know THAT part because they said it right when they came out!"
  526. [00:55:45] <Natalie> "But they had to obey her for some reason anyway... and they were a little tough, so I couldn't just go straight for her.  Oh, and there's the whole..."  She doesn't even want to bother explaining how people disappear when they summon because it's probably something everyone knows.  "... Nevermind."
  527. [00:56:33] <Amaryllis> "Did you catch how she managed it?"
  528. [00:56:35] <Natalie> "They were really fun to fight though!  They're called the Brothers, and.... oh crap," she jolts up, probably enough to hit Ammy in the chin with her skull or something silly depending on how they're sitting, "I forgot to ask what their names-names were!  They called each other 'bro' all the time."
  529. [00:56:55] <Natalie> After whatever reaction that provokes she shrinks back down and headshakes a little.  "Er... no, don't think so."
  530. [00:56:55] <Amaryllis> "Ow!"
  531. [00:57:01] <Natalie> "Eek!"
  532. [00:57:10] * Natalie silences herself. "Uh... oops, my bad."
  533. [00:57:17] <Amaryllis> "I am alright."
  534. [00:57:27] <Natalie> "... Has it been two minutes?"
  535. [00:57:57] <Amaryllis> "Almost." Ammy starts poking Nat in the side with both hands.
  536. [00:58:22] <Natalie> "Aaa~aaah, stop it!  Stop that!  Stopitstopitstopit."  She tries to compose herself.  "So we beat thstop that"
  537. [00:58:34] <Amaryllis> poke poke poke
  538. [00:58:42] <Natalie> "AhhhhnnnnghFINE."
  539. [00:58:44] * Natalie hops up.
  540. [00:58:46] <Natalie> "You win!"
  541. [00:59:08] <Natalie> "Nnnnnnnn I don't even remember where I left off now."
  542. [00:59:13] <Amaryllis> "Oh, looks like you didn't make it." Totally neutral expression on Ammy's face.
  543. [00:59:26] * Natalie just wears a :< of her own. "Meanie."
  544. [00:59:59] <Amaryllis> "Nnnnnn."
  545. [01:00:07] * Natalie blows another raspberry.
  546. [01:00:15] <Natalie> "Uh... Brothers."
  547. [01:00:17] * Amaryllis laughs. "Go on."
  548. [01:00:32] <Amaryllis> "You were lamenting that you did not get their individual names."
  549. [01:00:46] <Natalie> "Oh whatever, just look at this."  She pulls out the Pearl and displays it.  It has, like, another pearl inside of it so it looks different from her Moonstone even though that's totally a pearl too.
  550. [01:01:10] * Amaryllis looks carefully.
  551. [01:01:15] <Natalie> "Their gem.  Their.... uh, what was the word for that again?"
  552. [01:02:33] <Amaryllis> "Magicite?"
  553. [01:02:51] <Natalie> "That sounds right!  I remember it sounded a lot like 'magic'..."
  554. [01:02:58] * Natalie laments her own dumbness for a second.
  555. [01:03:48] <Natalie> "Well anyway, they didn't have a pact earlier, but they do now."
  556. [01:03:51] <Natalie> "With me."
  557. [01:03:58] * Natalie handhips, filled with PRIDE.
  558. [01:04:46] <Amaryllis> "Really? Well does that not make it easier? Summon them and ask for them to introduce themselves. Still, I did not know you could -actually- form a pact with Eidolons if you are an Eidolon yourself."
  559. [01:04:49] <Natalie> "What happened was um... let's see, how'd it go?  We beat them and suddenly there was a BIG EARTHQUAKE so whiteface dropped the crystal shard she was holding and flew off."
  560. [01:05:39] * Natalie nods. "Yeah... I should do that. Not right now since this is a small place and they're sleeping and everything, but pretty soon! I didn't think it was possible either, and they didn't seem to KNOW, so I was like, 'let's try it!'"
  561. [01:06:03] <Natalie> "The earthquake made Titan show up, duh.  It was kind of... coinc... quinc... oh, what's that word?"
  562. [01:06:13] <Amaryllis> "Coincidental?"
  563. [01:06:35] <Natalie> "Yeah, that!  Since it was just after I found out where he shows up and all.  I totally expected to have to look for every earthquake everywhere."
  564. [01:07:15] <Natalie> "But, like me, he totally lost all his memories and there was something wrong with him.  Some kind of.... corruption, I think it was called?  Something Mr. Phi knew a lot more than me about thanks to his Geomagix and all."
  565. [01:07:35] <Natalie> "Or maybe it's because he doesn't have amnesia..."
  566. [01:07:39] <Amaryllis> "The muses have smiled on us as of late, allowing us to find Titan and Phoenix so easily."
  567. [01:07:40] * Natalie rubs her Ruby. "... Does he?"
  568. [01:07:59] <Amaryllis> "Corruption....I believe that is what Maliris wanted to do with Phoenix."
  569. [01:07:59] <Natalie> "Yeah," she gives a nod with a weird face.  "It's almost like someone's making it happen on purpose, huh?"
  570. [01:08:16] <Amaryllis> "Everything happens for a reason in a well-told story."
  571. [01:08:38] <Natalie> "Well, Titan WAS corrupted.  And bad!  The Brothers helped us, but all my talking to him could do was freak him out and make him run away.  In the direction of the Shrine the other people were going to."
  572. [01:08:58] <Amaryllis> "Ah, so this is why you and Theta set out for the Earth Shrine without us."
  573. [01:09:01] <Natalie> "So I pacted with the Brothers and we were all like, 'sorry we had to fight' and all, yeah?"
  574. [01:09:16] <Natalie> Another nod.  "Uh-huh.  It was super important, I couldn't just LEAVE him like that!"
  575. [01:09:34] <Natalie> "We went through a town with a bunch of weird-looking people who talked funny, and then to, uh, here."
  576. [01:09:53] <Natalie> "That's when we all got together and went to the Shrine... I'm almost done, promise!"  She waggles an index finger.
  577. [01:09:57] <Natalie> "How silly is it so far?"
  578. [01:10:29] <Amaryllis> "Not as silly as sneezing time travel."
  579. [01:10:42] <Natalie> "Nnnng!"  A little stomp.  "Oh well, I tried."
  580. [01:10:53] <Natalie> "The last part.... you already know because you cheated and watched it all, hah!"
  581. [01:11:20] * Amaryllis laughs. "It's okay I would gladly have traded some of my silly experiences to you if I could."
  582. [01:11:58] <Natalie> "We fought that Lich guy and he was like 'I corrupted Titan hahahahaha' and we were like 'shut up' and there was lots of magic everywhere and then we beat him up and Titan was free.  Oh yeah, he calls me 'Bunky' now!  Cute, huh?"
  583. [01:12:13] <Natalie> "And look at this..."  She flips to that absolutely adorable drawing of kawaii Titan in her diary.
  584. [01:12:23] <Amaryllis> "Bunky? No wonder Ultros does not find you cute."
  585. [01:12:33] <Natalie> "Pfff, what's THAT supposed to mean?"
  586. [01:12:38] * Amaryllis pats Nat on the head.
  587. [01:12:45] <Natalie> "Ultros didn't even KNOW my name you big meanie jerkface!"
  588. [01:12:48] <Natalie> :< :< :< :< :<
  589. [01:13:04] <Amaryllis> "'Bunky' is maybe the silliest part of your story so far."
  590. [01:13:07] <Natalie> joke head etc
  591. [01:13:18] <Natalie> "But that's just... how he um, talks all the time."
  592. [01:13:46] <Natalie> "Anyway, he didn't actually come WITH me... he just said that if I called for him anywhere he'd show up.  That sounds pretty silly too, but I trust him on that."
  593. [01:14:13] <Amaryllis> "Oh, did you form a pact with him as well?"
  594. [01:14:43] <Natalie> "Nah.  I can't, since it's my mission to bring him back to someone else anyway!"
  595. [01:14:59] <Natalie> "The Brothers just wanted to come with me so they could beat whiteface up if they saw her again."
  596. [01:15:06] <Amaryllis> "Ah of course, Eiko. Though one wonders whether or not a pact can be made temporarily."
  597. [01:15:12] <Natalie> "And I mean, if we meet her again I'll just like... summon them and they can beat her up."
  598. [01:15:37] * Natalie nods a little. "I wondered about doing something like that so he doesn't get lost again, but with no Lich he's probably fine."
  599. [01:16:27] <Amaryllis> "I suppose so."
  600. [01:16:29] <Natalie> "I wonder though... if Feenie looked like that," she gestures to Fenna, "and I looked like, well, me.... why didn't Titan look like a human or at least something weird?  He looked exactly like the sculpture that guy did of him, and that same guy totally did a sculpture of me doing 4Ruby Light.  Old-me."
  601. [01:17:02] <Amaryllis> "Fenna had her form as a radiant flaming bird when we first saw her."
  602. [01:17:23] <Amaryllis> "It appeared that only after we defeated her that she became unable to take her old form again."
  603. [01:17:28] <Natalie> "Nnnn... I can change forms too, even if it took a while to get there."
  604. [01:17:30] <Natalie> "!"
  605. [01:17:30] <Amaryllis> "...I worry perhaps we hurt her too badly."
  606. [01:17:33] <Natalie> "Wait, what?"
  607. [01:17:40] <Natalie> "!!!!"
  608. [01:17:43] <Natalie> "Power save...."
  609. [01:17:50] <Amaryllis> "Hm?"
  610. [01:17:57] * Natalie reels back a little. "Huh... that makes sense."
  611. [01:18:03] <Amaryllis> "What does?"
  612. [01:18:05] <Natalie> "Um, what's her name..."
  613. [01:18:26] <Natalie> "Cir... ra?  The one who was studying me... she said something about maybe me looking like I do because I was saving energy or something."
  614. [01:18:32] <Amaryllis> "Cirra."
  615. [01:18:36] <Natalie> "Cirra."
  616. [01:19:13] <Natalie> "And if Feenie COULD transform, but then she got beat up, and she couldn't anymore..."
  617. [01:19:30] <Amaryllis> "Ah, then in that case..." Ammy frowns. "If Baron remembers you in your old form when you entrusted him with a Crystal Shard, and I found you in Ipsen's Castle in your current form, then you must have done something between then to use up your energy. Perhaps you fought something, but what?"
  618. [01:20:15] <Natalie> "Yeah...."  She moves back over to the couch and lazily sits on it.  "I guess that's all that makes sense now, huh?  I must've got beat up bad, or maybe I just did something super strong...?"
  619. [01:20:47] <Natalie> "But I dunno if that has anything to do with my memories.  Titan still lost his but he didn't change forms or anything, so it's separate I guess..."
  620. [01:20:57] <Amaryllis> "You will remember in time." Ammy smiles. "Nothing to worry about so soon after regaining your old form."
  621. [01:21:13] <Natalie> "Yeah.  I guess you're right, Ammy!  Thanks!"
  622. [01:21:24] <Amaryllis> "Phoenix and Titan are safe now as well, and that is all that we can ask for."
  623. [01:21:29] <Natalie> "Oh, I never said 'the end' to my story, did I?"
  624. [01:21:30] <Amaryllis> "Any time, Nat, any time."
  625. [01:21:39] * Amaryllis shakes her head.
  626. [01:21:43] <Natalie> "We came back AFTER the fight and I got studied with weird machines."
  627. [01:21:47] <Natalie> "The end!"
  628. [01:22:04] <Natalie> "So what was that stuff you wanted me to read again?"
  629. [01:22:28] <Amaryllis> "I shall have to ask Cirra more of what she discovered. But Nat, this is no end yet. We have many chapters left to tell." Ammy says with a smile, then takes out her journal.
  630. [01:22:43] <Amaryllis> "Oh, you are up for reading now? I expected you to want another nap."
  631. [01:23:17] <Natalie> "Usually I would.  But, we need to party soon!  And getting back to Eiko after that is SUPER IMPORTANT, even for someone who loves naps like me."
  632. [01:23:30] <Natalie> "Just a little look at this won't hurt, right?"
  633. [01:23:52] <Amaryllis> "Here you go then. Don't let it put you to sleep." Ammy opens up to the tablets page in her journal and tosses it to Nat.
  634. [01:25:02] <Natalie> "I'll try.  Lessee..."  She starts looking but looks up first.  "Oh, I kinda wanna know what she learned too, but I guess I need to ask first.  I... think I fell asleep during it?"
  635. [01:25:17] <Amaryllis> "Of course you did."
  636. [01:25:38] <Natalie> "Oh, you don't have to put it like THAT."
  637. [01:25:53] * Amaryllis just gives a small smile in response.
  638. [01:27:28] <Natalie> By the way she's totally left her own diary on the ground, which is totally filled in about the most recent parts but the player was just lazy there.
  639. [01:29:24] * Amaryllis picks it up and scribbles a small sketch of a ruby lizard near her Titan sketch and writes 'Bunky' next to it in intentionally derpy looking handwriting.
  640. [01:29:28] * Amaryllis puts it back.
  641. [01:29:58] * Natalie doesn't even notice, the burning hatred will wait for another day.
  642. [01:30:51] * Amaryllis picks it up again this time and makes another small sketch - of an Espeon and Cait struggling to make a heart with their tails.
  643. [01:30:55] * Amaryllis puts it back again.
  644. [01:31:14] <Natalie> Regardless, the heavy-eyed Bunc sits in the couch and, while this is happening, falls facefirst into the open book.
  645. [01:31:22] <Natalie> Like, exactly how she promised not to.
  646. [01:31:51] * Amaryllis pauses, shakes her head, and then picks up Nat's diary again and resumes sketching with a small smile.
  647. [01:32:04] <Amaryllis> </nano?>
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