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  1. Shinjo Kurosawa    9:10 AM
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  3. It was time to get down to business. Some things had been left nearly overdue, but today they would be settled. He slid open the door of the infirmary and poked his head inside, trying to find a certain Asahina. "Kairi; are you here today..?" He would call out in a half whisper half yell, in an attempt to not disturb those inside trying to heal.
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  5. Asahina Kairi    9:21 AM
  6. Kairi turned at the mention of her name, her attention taken away from the inventory she was taking. The voice was familiar, and she looked at the Unicorn disapprovingly almost on reflex. He didn't look hurt so she relaxed. "Kurosawa-san, it's good to see you. You don't look hurt......for once." There was a slight chuckle as she bowed to him
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  8. Shinjo Kurosawa    9:27 AM
  9. It was easier to conceal one's pain when it was all internal. Although he was slightly bewildered now. First she told him to not be formal, but now she was being formal. Fuck this was hard. His face struggled for a moment as he tried to take this in. "Hai, Kairi-san." He would bow back to her. "I have been keeping out of trouble, I promise. I was only stabbed twice on a mission a few days ago, but I have healed since returning." He nodded, folding his arms. He was so tough bro. "But I have much more important matters at hand to discuss, for I have," he let a thin smile cross his lips, "possibly found someone who is willing to help with my task, for you."
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  11. Asahina Kairi    9:31 AM
  12. She shook her head. "Stabbed? Though that doesn't seem so bad considering what you have gotten into in the past. I should look at the wounds to make sure they haven't gotten infected." She closed a bottle of some liguid and set it aside. "You've found someone? You have my full attention." A smile crept across her lips.
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  14. Shinjo Kurosawa    9:38 AM
  15. Ooh. Uh. He hemmed and hawed. "Er, not quite. But I found someone willing to help me with the task. A Daidoji woman, who seemed very wise." Although everyone seemed very wise when you acted like you had 1 intelligence. "She ran a small shop, with the best tea leaves in the city that I could find, and we discussed the business of marriage. She did not give me many details, Kairi, but she did... have a request." He eyed the bottle of liquid and prayed internally he was not about to get doused by something stingy. "How is your poetry, Kairi?"
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  17. Asahina Kairi    9:44 AM
  18. She looked at him for a few seconds. "My poetry? I haven't written anything in years. Is that the test! Will I have to write love poetry?" A sigh escaped her lips as she thought about it. She was a Crane after all. "I'm able to choose who I will marry, how will she help Kuro-kun?". She slipped his name into a very informal form as the conversation went on.
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  20. Shinjo Kurosawa    9:54 AM
  21. It took a moment for him to speak. On the one hand, he was overjoyed that she had been blessed with such a decision. On the other, resentment and jealousy bubbled up. His path had not been so lucky, that day in the Black Room, even if he had come out without entanglement. "Aha, that's most wonderful! You are so lucky!" He tried to sound as sincere as possible (28) despite any feelings he might have had. As for how the Daidoji help? "She did not seem to be a nakodo, nor did I ask for one. But I believe she may have connections, and can find someone worthy of you and your love." He shrugged. "And if they are not, you are not tied to them." Kami, she was so lucky. "And I would imagine a love poem would be appropriate." He quickly marked off 'horses' as potential poetry topics in his head.
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  23. Asahina Kairi    10:01 AM
  24. "Hai, apparently being one of the last Asahina has afforded me a chose in who will be my husband. There is just one rule however. He cannot come from the Crane or the Phoenix." She looked away, busying herself with a stack of bandages. They were folded but she nervously folded them again. "You may think this is quite the blessing and I realize that I am able to do something so few samurai get to do, but it is daubting when there are no prospects in front of you."
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  26. Shinjo Kurosawa    10:11 AM
  27. He folded his arms and leaned against a wooden beam, absorbing her words. He had not realized that, maybe the prospects were pretty dim here. She had the choice, but it was as though a farmer had their choice in a garden plot of barren and damaged vegetables. "Forgive me, I had forgotten..." She had even mentioned to him before that, she had never found someone in her thirty years of life. "But this is a chance to change that, Kairi." His tone became confident again, and his eyes lit up as he looked in her direction. Wait had she done something to her hair? Typical man, not noticing it. It would have to be brought up shortly. "I can find you someone, someone worthy of you. Smart, handsome, strong, fearless, honorable and kind. Someone who will make you feel loved and bring you happiness. For all you do for everyone, that is the least you deserve, is it not?"
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  29. Asahina Kairi    10:30 AM
  30. Her cheeks went red as she fiddled with the stack of bandages. She stopped here and there to tuck the same few strands of hair behind her ear. "It's ok. I have been single minded since coming here. Healing. Children. That has been about it. Had I made time for other things perhaps I could have least one romantic relationship." Finally she stopped folding the already folded bandages and looked at him. "You'd help?'t even know what to look for. It feels as if there is pressure now, as if I can't even meet someone now without marriage being in the back of my mind."
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  32. Shinjo Kurosawa    10:38 AM
  33. Aha, now we were getting somewhere. "Your work may never be done, Kairi." His tone was more hushed now, because if he got too excitable he was gonna rustle some patient's jimmies. "But a partner to support you and share in your burden, make this hard life that much more bearable... is that not what everyone wishes for, deep inside?" His heart ached at that; his hand pressed to his chest as if the pain was a real thing. Maybe he spoke too close to his own heart there. "And of course I will help, I have sworn to it. It would be," a wry smile crossed his lips, "dishonorable, to break such a vow." He would cross the room and position himself in front of her, attempting to level his steely grey gaze at her softer eyes, trying to be serious for once without being scary drunk. "Just imagine to yourself, what does your perfect husband look? Sound? Feel? Over all these years," he tapped his head, "you must have imagined someone, once. Try to envision them now, Kairi."
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  35. Asahina Kairi    10:49 AM
  36. Her cheeks were visibly red now, and she blinked a lot more. The subject always made her flustered, even when her father would bring it up. He of course wanted to see his daughter married, but on a grander level, he wanted to see more Crane. "I.....well.....I suppose...." She stuttered as she tried to find her words, looking up (I figure Kuro is taller) at he cousin. "Perhaps.....perhaps he's strong where I am weak. He could be outspoken where I am quiet. He could be forecful where I am meek. He would have to be kind of course, I am around children all day. And well.....he will have to poutny things out to me until my eyes heal." She still believed her eyes would get better, that it was only a matter of time.
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  38. Shinjo Kurosawa    11:00 AM
  39. Maybe he should take notes of what she said for his manhunt. "Strong. Confident and assertive. Kind, loves children. And a visionary." He spoke these words out loud to help commit them to memory. "I know, we are supposed keep ourselves composed, and strong on the outside." A hand drew into his kimono, pulling forth a clean, blank scroll of paper and setting it before her. "But inside we have desires, drives and yearnings, as all people do." His tone was quiet; how dare he say such things. "Unleash your inside, onto this parchment Kairi, and we will find what you desire." His eyes did not stray from hers this whole time. "We will find your love in this hopeless place." With that he straightened up and tried to look distinguished and proper ahem. "I plan to see the Daidoji in a few days, Kairi. Please have it to me before then." Nothing to look at here just samurai business.
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  41. Asahina Kairi    11:08 AM
  42. Truth be told, she knew Kuro had it in him, she just wasn't expecting it to come out here. His honesty and outpour of emotion did bring a smile to her face though, and it did make her feel better about the whole thing. She had someone looking out for her, not just saying they did, but actually doing it. She knew he was sincere in his words, being gullible aside. "I feel as if this situation has given me the opportunity to do just that, the ability to show my emotions. I haven't written poetry.....or had certain quite a while. But I will not let you down Kuro-kun. I refuse." Her cheeks were still red, but she was ble to look into his eyes without turning away.
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  44. Shinjo Kurosawa    11:20 AM
  45. He turned his body away now, a sufficient level of eye contact met. Any longer, and she would've seen his On break. "This situation, has made me realize I as well, have not felt such emotions in such a long time as well. Maybe it would do me good, to find a wife here soon as well, and fill the hole within my being." A short scramble to fix his face, and he would turn back to her, eyes maybe a bit wetter but otherwise perfectly composed. "I am proud of you, cousin. I can only hope we find success." He tried to make his voice light for this next part. "Your... hair, Kairi-chan," he added the chan and hoped he would not be crucified, "It is short and cute now, much like yourself." Surely this teasing would bury anything that seemed off.
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  47. Asahina Kairi    11:25 AM
  48. Her hand instinctively went to her hair, the new length taking some getting used to. "Oh, I was involved in a little....acting. The Kakita artisan said it was too long for the role. I didn't really have any say in the matter, the was more important than my comfort level." She wasn't sure if she should tell him that she left the safety of the castle walls and went to a town crawling with Obsidian Magistrates. She had always scowled at him for his dangerous antics the tables would be turned in this instance.
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  50. Shinjo Kurosawa    11:31 AM
  51. An eyebrow raised up in surprise. "A... mission?" Dohoho, and he here thought she had not been the adventurous type after all. "You will have to tell me all about it, cousin. And in kind, I will be all too glad to tell you about mine in exchange." A grin spread itself across his mouth. "I hope you did not have to fight as many people as I did." He also touched his snow white hair, trying to feel if his was actually longer than hers now. "I like your new look, Kairi. I will have to remember to trim mine to that level shortly, before it grows too long and unmanageable." He shook his white locks, channeling his inner fabulous as best he could.
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  53. Kuni Eizen    11:34 AM
  54. (Room for an interloper?)
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  56. Shinjo Kurosawa    11:35 AM
  57. ((i'm about to leave actually, I just gotta make an exit post after Kairi's))
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  59. Asahina Kairi    11:42 AM
  60. "Oh, you weren't supposed to find out about that. I'm not good at covering things up. I will tell you all about it, there was no physical fighting but you might be proud of me nonetheless." Her hand went to her hair again. "You are the first to notice so far. It is a drastic change, but at least now I won't end the day with my hair cover in mochi from the children's sticky fingers." She laughed at that, an a snort escaped her nose. Immediately she stopped of course. "I am glad you were so open with me, I hope you can come to me and speak your mind whenever you feel like you need to Kuro-kun. I am a good listener."
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  62. Shinjo Kurosawa    11:49 AM
  63. Oh boy did Kairi just earn herself a sob story for later. He finally broke out a small, melodic laugh as she did, his voice light and tinkling the air like a glass windchime in the breeze. Aw, the snort was not bad. But it was undignified, to a Crane he supposed, and he also stopped slowly after, but still smiling. He would bow deeply to her. "I hope you will be proud of my story as well, it was exciting and grand!" God he just loved combat. "And I take care to remember that, Kairi; expect me again soon." He peered up at her as he returned to a straightened position. "The opportunity to speak my mind here is so rare. Only Shiro listens to me sometimes. Be well, and take care of yourself, cousin." With that, he would take his leave, to remember her words and keep them in mind when he would meet with the Daidoji later this week.
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  65. Asahina Kairi    11:55 AM
  66. "Be safe Kuro-kun. It is nice seeing you here without having to stuff you full of bandages." She called out to him before returing his bow.
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  68. Shinjo Kurosawa    11:56 AM
  69. ((thank you for the scene Kairi <3))
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  71. Kuni Eizen    11:58 AM
  72. The Kuni bowed as the other samurai left, and then realized his folly, he held a large Crab origami with the kanji for peace on the back, he had been planning to drop it off when she wasn’t here. His knowledge of the game of letters wasn’t the best, but he knew enough he supposed to get by. But now she would see it. He bowed to the Asahina,”Have you eaten rice this day Asahina-san?”
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  74. Asahina Kairi    12:05 PM
  75. She had just realized Kuro got away without showing her his stab wounds when Eizen's voice caught her attention. "Kuni-san, a pleasant surprise seeing you here. Are you hurt? I have some free time if you need my attention." She finally put away the stack of bandages that she had folded over and over again. "I have, thank you. Inari blessed me early this morning."
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