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  22. Colo Server
  23. My Server has been sent to the data center for us to host everything on.
  25. Specs:
  26. 2.4GHZ Xeon Quad
  27. 8GB Ram
  28. 1TB HD 7.2k
  30. This is our first server to host everything on. If this site continue to grow like it has been, we will start to ship out more servers around the world.
  32. This server is being sent to a data center in Atlanta GA.
  34. Your input
  35. Alright people who have been part of my communities know the way I have everything setup. So I would like to ask what way people would like this site to be ran.
  37. FSB:
  38. Frugoo Scape beta was my first popular site. Forum accounts were separate from game accounts and the forums were hidden unless looked for.
  40. FSE/U:
  41. Frugoo Scape Beta/Extreme was the successor of FSB. It was very popular and it the accounts for the forums and the game were joined into one. There for the accounts are setup the current way they are on this site.
  43. URS:
  44. This site was setup so that the homepage of the site and all other features were not part of the forums, but had a fourms account backend. Everyone needed to register on the forums to have an account. This allowed a more custom site with more eye candy.
  46. How do you think this site should run? Be aware that this is a general question and nothing might even come from there, but I want your input.
  48. Blue Rank Point Gear
  49. Here is the Blue Ranked gear only available to those who have achieved the rank of Blue Contributor (more on this system later).
  51. This armor set is 20% stronger than the Red Rank armor currently available.
  53. This armor will be available soon.
  55. [IMG]http://i39.tinypic.com/33nhwt1.jpg[/IMG]
  57. Skill Speed
  58. Well, I will be putting up more Realms soon, but for now we will use one realm.
  59. The skill speeds for this realm is now 12X.
  61. Frugoo Armor Released
  62. Here is a picture of the new Frugoo Points Armor:
  63. [IMG]http://frugoocraft.com/imgup/donater.png[/IMG]
  66. This armor is now available in the points store.
  67. You can earn points by voting for our site currently in the points management area. Other ways of getting points will be released soon.
  69. Here is a picture of when you use your points in the points store to get an item:
  70. [IMG]http://frugoocraft.com/imgup/shop.png[/IMG]
  71. All items that received via the points store are deviled by mail in the game.
  74. Picture of the points store:
  75. [IMG]http://frugoocraft.com/imgup/shopsite.png[/IMG]
  76. The store will look cleaner soon. :/
  78. Top 100!
  79. Our server is finally in the top 100 which is on the second page of the top site! We have only been able to do this with the help of the community! Thank you!
  80. PROOF: http://www.xtremetop100.com/world-of-warcraft-50
  81. :D
  83. TOS Off!
  84. The TOS around the site has been taken off. A TOS really wouldn't do us any good to cover the whole site so I'll just make modification to the TOS already built into the registration system.
  86. Recently, I had put the TOS up to stop bots from getting on our site. The reason for this was because the bots would spam up the forums and it was such a hassle for our moderators to search and ban these bots each day. That's not even counting the effort of deleting the disruption they caused to the forums in general with the spam.
  88. Because FrugooSoft was also under a massive spam attack by a wide scale bot that has been targeting popular VBuletin forums something needed to be done. So, I took time out from working on the server to work on this problem. The fix for this problem required a unique registration page so that regular bots would get confused when trying to register.
  90. With the TOS off now I think we will start to see more activity because some users are scared to enter the site for what ever reason because of the TOS.
  92. Continue to vote for the community and support it! We need your help to improve it we can't do everything on our own.
  94. Fatality
  95. He is currently the number one voter :D
  97. Followed by:
  98. David N.
  99. Hostile Pk
  100. Darkorbit
  101. Mike
  102. Kyle
  103. Josh
  104. Rouse
  105. tyman9212
  106. Sikeo
  107. Kryptos
  108. jon
  110. Check it out:http://i42.tinypic.com/2ug2jhc.png
  112. Top 10 Voters
  113. 1. Mayo (24)
  114. 2. DarkOrbit (24)
  115. 3. David N. (22)
  116. 4. Al (21)
  117. 5. Fatalityy (19)
  118. 6. Kyle (17)
  119. 7. Discipline (16)
  120. 8. Hostile Pk (13)
  121. 9. Kryptos (13)
  122. 10. tyman9212 (12)
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