Fingerbang Ideas/Requests

FingerbangingMLP Dec 3rd, 2013 393 Never
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  1. Fingerbang Story Ideas and Requests
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  5. Last updated: May 1, 2013
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  9. 1. "I would love to see a three way fight over a clueless anon. All three girls go as far as they can in public to get his attention.
  10. DJ Pon3 (Vinyl) Rarity, and the older women, Miss's Cherilee. "
  12. 2. celestia and luna futa cock spitroast anon
  14. 3.  how about anon and fluttershy are working at the animal shelter and she goes home with him. Anon then attempts clumisly to seduce her, failing all the way.
  16. 4. Principal Celestia x Vice Principal Luna princest.
  18. 5. "Team Fortress 2 or Left 4 Dead 2 crossover
  19. (something involving the Mann brothers taking the fight to Canterlot Hills or a very similar zombie apocalypse?)
  20. (fun times with the 9 mercs or 4/8 survivors?)
  22. (Or maybe the principals divide the school into two overall teams that end up competing in everything, from test scores and other 'scores'? Okay, this one's more like older schools where everyone is divided under two large groups...)"
  24. 6. Megatron is sick and it's up to Fluttershy to nurse him back to health.Meanwhile, starscream is jelly at this and wants some poontang.
  26. 7. Twilight chooses Flash Sentry over Anon and Anon comes back to his old hometown years later to find her as a single mother, he takes her out to dinner, they hit it off, screw and then date for a while until Anon marries Twilight.
  28. 8. How about some Rarity Weight Gain? You can never have enough morbidly obese teenage girls with fashion sense.
  30. 9. I would love a lesbian coming to terms with oneself type story, like Fluttershy being in the closet and guided by very out of the closet by RD. or something to that effect, really have it driven by character developement
  32. 10.
  33. >Applebloom spies her older sister masturbating with a toy in the bathroom.
  34. >Later decides to experiment with it herself.
  35. >Leaves door unlocked, Applejack walks in without knocking.
  36. >Shows her Little Sis how it's done
  38. 11. About a week ago on /mlp/ was a story about a human that fell out of the sky because his space ship was shot down by a mysterious light. The protagonist then was saved by fluttershy because the human protagonist's suit guided doctors how to remove the suit. The human's suit kept reminding the human of current objectives. Then the thread 404'd and I didn't get to finish reading the fimfic. Do y'all know where to find the fic? Thanks for the help.
  40. 12. Slutty Celestia gets anon to stay after-school for detention (aka fuck him). Mid-session, Luna walks in and Celestia convinces her to lose her virginity to anon since she's not getting anywhere with anyone due to her stubbornness, inability to take social cues, etc. Add some femdom to Celestia but have Luna be very against the idea and the only reason she agrees is because of how much Celestia is having fun. Also tie anon up so he won't have a choice in the matter.
  42. 13. Twilight + a certain green skinned character (Azalea from the Hard Reset fanfic series)
  44. 14. Would like to see a Anon/Little Strongheart accidental courting that evolves into into a romance.
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