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  1. [03:55] <Elvine> ohai Faid
  2. [03:55] <Zerohour> what's the evil laugh
  3. [03:55] <Faid> Hello
  4. [03:55] <Faid> Mwahahaha?
  5. [03:55] <Zerohour> there it is
  6. [03:55] <j311yf1sh> rofl
  7. [03:55] <Elvine> We've never formally met, but it seems you've always avoided contact with me in the past year or so! :(
  8. [03:55] <j311yf1sh> i would too >.>
  9. [03:55] <j311yf1sh> </joke>
  10. [03:56] <Elvine> T_T
  11. [03:56] <Faid> I don't avoid contact with you. I just don't do much streaming and I'm under the impression that's your main realm. Trust me, it hasn't been purposeful avoidance. :)
  12. [03:56] <Zerohour> Oh, hi Faid, we've never formally met either
  13. [03:56] <Faid> HI EVERYONE IM FAID
  14. [03:56] <Faid> LET US FORMALLY MEET
  15. [03:56] <Zerohour> but apparently, I'm asshole.  good to meet you
  16. [03:56] <Elvine> But I stream gold making!
  17. [03:56] <j311yf1sh> i've never formerly met either, then again not many people dont wanna to :(
  18. [03:56] <Elvine> We have that in common, we give gold tips to the public! :3
  19. [03:57] <Faid> True story! I jus todn't usually watch streams. Most of my watching is documentaries on netflix. :)
  20. [03:57] <Zerohour> for free?  apparently that's in style!
  21. [03:57] <Zerohour> oh hell Faid, you and me, we buds
  22. [03:57] <Faid> Fo sho
  23. [03:57] <j311yf1sh> I'd give free gold tips if people asked >.>
  24. [03:57] <Zerohour> docs on Netflix?
  25. [03:57] <Zerohour> it's all I watch
  26. [03:57] <Elvine> Watch the man behind Elmo!?
  27. [03:57] <Zerohour> outside of Doctor Who
  28. [03:58] <Elvine> That was a great documentary.
  29. [03:58] <Zerohour> I saw it
  30. [03:58] <Elvine> I was surprised Elmo is black. :p
  31. [03:58] <Faid> But yeah, the only thing I know about you Elvine is Jim started shit then got pissed when he was called on it. I didn't get involved because I don't know you and how do I tell my friend I think he's making an ass of himself? xD So I kept my nose out of something that wasn't my business.
  32. [03:58] <j311yf1sh> <3 Doctor who
  33. [03:59] <Elvine> Yup, he tried starting shit with me and I put him in his place. Hense why I lost all respect for him and do not support him.
  34. [03:59] <Zerohour> You should support him
  35. [03:59] <Zerohour> wait no
  36. [03:59] <Faid> Fair enough. That's between you two. Jim's my friend but that doesn't mean I support every cause he does. I have no stake in the situation and from what I can see (from my, admittedly, outside and distant POV) he was the offending party.
  37. [03:59] <Zerohour> hahah
  38. [04:00] <Zerohour> Jim's interesting
  39. [04:00] <Elvine> I tried reaching out to you before Faid by tweet and was met with silence. So I figured since you were close to Jim he might of said something to make you want nothing to do with me.
  40. [04:00] <Faid> How did you try? Like, email, twitter, etc? Because TBH I ignore most twitter crap unless I'm really really really bored.
  41. [04:00] <j311yf1sh> this feels like a family reunion :(
  42. [04:00] <Zerohour> I didn't understand why so many people voted for his blog to get thrown down first.  Regardless, Sterling goes next
  43. [04:00] <Faid> People asking me dumbass questions like "herpderp how does tsm work?"
  44. [04:00] <Faid> So I just completely disregard mentions.
  45. [04:01] <Elvine> I don't remember exactly what I said but I tweeted to you.
  46. [04:01] <Elvine> Not a direct message, but mention.
  47. [04:01] <Elvine> Trust me I know the feeling of "herp derp," I get it everyday in stream.
  48. [04:01] <Faid> Ah, that may have been the problem. I go through twitter phases of watching my feed like mad for liek 20 minutes then ignoring it for like a week. You must have been during the ignoring twitter time. :P
  49. [04:01] <@Sapu> woah, Faid AND Elvine in here? what's going on
  50. [04:01] <j311yf1sh> lol
  51. [04:01] <Faid> Faid is here because she remembered what that "Hexchat" link was for.
  52. [04:02] <@Sapu> lol
  53. [04:02] <Elvine> Who's this Sapu person? No one important I take it?
  54. [04:02] <Elvine> <3
  55. [04:02] <Faid> I dunno, probably some noob wanting to know how to use TSM, just like the rest of them.
  56. [04:02] <j311yf1sh> lol
  57. [04:02] <Elvine> Oh, he's one of THOSE guys...
  58. [04:02] <@Sapu> i would be asleep right now, but I'm having too much fun pissing off this one competitor :P
  59. [04:02] <Elvine> In your words, the "herp derps" ;)
  60. [04:02] <j311yf1sh> better point him towards #tradeskillmaster
  61. [04:02] <Zerohour> what's that?
  62. [04:02] <Faid> Elvine what's your twitter? I'll follow you so I don't miss it again, if ever you find ocassion to tweet me again. :P
  63. [04:03] <Elvine> It's okay Faid, I only took it personal and thought you hated me :(
  64. [04:03] <Elvine> @Elvinelol
  65. [04:03] <Faid> kk
  66. [04:03] <Zerohour> dude Elvine
  67. [04:03] <Zerohour> hate is only found with people like me
  68. [04:04] <Elegance> why the lol
  69. [04:04] <Elvine> Why not?
  70. [04:04] <Elegance> i've been wondering since i saw the link!
  71. [04:04] <Zerohour> everyone else is love
  72. [04:04] <Elvine> You rather me use @Elvineqt?
  73. [04:04] <j311yf1sh> No-one hates zero, its more of a dislike
  74. [04:04] <Faid> Eh, I hate some people. But I don't hate people I don't know, so I have no reason to hate Elvine. :P
  75. [04:04] <Elegance> curious more like :O
  76. [04:04] <j311yf1sh> i could go for fairy floss right now
  77. [04:04] <Faid> There, followed. Today I learned how to manuallyf ollow someone on twitter. awwwwyeah
  78. [04:04] <Zerohour> Faid was hating me today
  79. [04:04] <Elvine> Cause Elvine was taken and you know us gamers, we add qt and lol to the end of our names when something is taken already.
  80. [04:04] <Faid> I was, that's true.
  81. [04:05] <Zerohour> It's ok, it's made my day
  82. [04:05] <Faid> Heh
  83. [04:05] <Elegance> ah gotcha
  84. [04:05] <Zerohour> I woke up, looked at that thread, and was like, omg....  powerup bonus
  85. [04:05] == Mikeysauce [] has quit [Signed off]
  86. [04:05] <Faid> I was hating on you Zero, because I think you were being overly harsh. But, eh, if you can't be overly harsh on the internet what is there to life? :P
  87. [04:05] <Elvine> HEY! Guess What!?!?!
  88. [04:06] <Elvine> My life is now complete! I can die a happy Gnome!
  89. [04:06] <Zerohour> I can be overly harsh in person, too!
  90. [04:06] <Faid> rofl
  91. [04:06] <Faid> Well we can't meet in person then because you'll make me cry. :P
  92. [04:06] <Elvine> Blizzcon 2013
  93. [04:06] <j311yf1sh> elvines a gnome irl
  94. [04:06] <Elvine> Going?!
  95. [04:06] <Zerohour> pfft
  96. [04:06] <Faid> I admit I'm trying ot be cool about it but I'm very scared about your post toward my blog.  <_<  But, eh, nothing I can do but brace for impact. :P
  97. [04:06] <Zerohour> you don't wanna meet me, and I'd get thrown out of Blizzcon
  98. [04:07] <@Sapu> ConsortiumCon?!
  99. [04:07] <Elvine> ElvineCon *Trollface* teehee
  100. [04:07] <Zerohour> I'd be the guy in the back leading outright revolt
  101. [04:07] <j311yf1sh> TSMCon >.>
  102. [04:08] <Zerohour> Don't worry Faid, your site is so far down the list on reviews, there's more important bads to fry
  103. [04:08] <j311yf1sh> have a big event for pulling the switch to open TSM 2.0 >.>
  104. [04:08] <Zerohour> much love though
  105. [04:08] <Zerohour> Sterling is next
  106. [04:08] <Elvine> Lol..
  107. [04:08] <Zerohour> that bastard needs fried next
  108. [04:08] <Elegance> does he even have a blog O_O
  109. [04:08] <Elegance> i only saw one post!
  110. [04:08] <Faid> You should just be like "This one's about faid's blog. Faid's cool. Bye."  . . . . please? ;P lol
  111. [04:08] <Zerohour> he has a site
  112. [04:09] <Zerohour> Faid, you have mountains of shit I can go through
  113. [04:09] <Zerohour> start deleting
  114. [04:09] <Zerohour> lol
  115. [04:09] <Zerohour> but it's not on the radar
  116. [04:09] <Zerohour> although several wanted me to do it soon
  117. [04:09] <Zerohour> I'm not wanting to
  118. [04:10] <j311yf1sh> Good guy zero
  119. [04:10] <Zerohour> Stop that
  120. [04:10] <Faid> rofl
  121. [04:10] <Faid> What an insult
  122. [04:10] <Elegance> i personally feel you should at least have one section about the good bits of each one :P
  123. [04:10] == Mikeysauce [] has joined #theconsortium
  124. [04:10] <Elegance> though that would be out of character
  125. [04:10] <Zerohour> I did a good section for Jim
  126. [04:10] <j311yf1sh> even jim liked it
  127. [04:10] <@Sapu> he did have good bits about jim, it was the drinking out of a cup with a straw part
  128. [04:10] <Faid> Calling it a section is a bit generous. xD
  129. [04:10] <Elvine> Mikeysauce....
  130. [04:11] <Elegance> "good" yes :P
  131. [04:11] <Zerohour> There are bigger offenders
  132. [04:11] <Zerohour> Sterling, Markco (jeng Poon)
  133. [04:11] <Zerohour> of course, I'm sure once I do Mr. Poon, I'll disappear from the earth
  134. [04:11] <j311yf1sh> isnt it peng joon?
  135. [04:12] <Faid> I like Mr Poon better
  136. [04:12] <j311yf1sh> lol
  137. [04:12] <Zerohour> to you, yes
  138. [04:12] <Zerohour> to me, it's Mr. Poon
  139. [04:12] <j311yf1sh> took me a little before i realised you were making a joke
  140. [04:13] <Zerohour> It's my warped sense of humor
  141. [04:13] <Zerohour> sorry, no apologies
  142. [04:13] <Zerohour> isn't that a stupid statement?  Sorry, I don't apologize?
  143. [04:13] <Faid> "Sorry, no apologies." Can you say that?
  144. [04:14] <Faid> Yeah, exactly.
  145. [04:14] <Zerohour> that shit needs framed
  146. [04:14] <j311yf1sh> Sorry, no apologies - Zero 2013
  147. [04:14] <@Sapu> should be the slogan of your blog
  148. [04:14] <Zerohour> I need to write that down
  149. [04:15] <Zerohour> lol
  150. [04:16] <@Sapu> ok my competitor has fully given up on undercutting me, time for sleep
  151. [04:16] <j311yf1sh> cya sapu
  152. [04:16] <Faid> Later
  153. [04:17] <Zerohour> hell, that's time to dominate
  154. [04:17] <Zerohour> up all night
  155. [04:17] == Sapu has changed nick to Sapu|AFK
  156. [04:17] <j311yf1sh> im off o/ talk another time
  157. [04:17] <Zerohour> oh
  158. [04:17] <Zerohour> well
  159. [04:17] == j311yf1sh [] has quit [Quit: Leaving]
  160. [04:18] <Zerohour> I will say Faid
  161. [04:18] <Zerohour> I'm not out for blood
  162. [04:18] <Zerohour> just out for some fun
  163. [04:18] <Faid> lol I know.
  164. [04:18] <Zerohour> You posted so many replies I couldn't keep up today
  165. [04:18] <Zerohour> My sense of fun is different I guess
  166. [04:19] <Zerohour> Wait til Sterling, his ass is gonna pay
  167. [04:19] <Faid> Mhm, exactly. Like I said there, I still disagree with the blog, I think it's needlessly mean and malicious. . .  but whatever, not everyone has to be nice all the time. xD
  168. [04:19] <Zerohour> I'm never really nice though
  169. [04:20] <Faid> It's okay, I'm overly polite most of the time so we'll balance it out somehow.
  170. [04:20] <Zerohour> Don't be so polite
  171. [04:20] <Faid> I can't help it, my dad used to yell at me if I wasn't nice. D:
  172. [04:20] <Zerohour> say what you mean
  173. [04:21] <Faid> Plus, uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
  174. [04:21] <Faid> Okay, here's the thing
  175. [04:21] <Zerohour> I'm nice outside of this shit all the time
  176. [04:21] <Zerohour> It's sort of like I have a reserve waiting
  177. [04:21] <Elvine> Good night everyone!
  178. [04:21] <Zerohour> Have fun with people
  179. [04:22] <Zerohour> night Elvine
  180. [04:22] <Faid> Night
  181. [04:22] <Elegance> gn!
  182. [04:22] <Elvine> Nice to meet you officially Faid :3
  183. [04:22] <Zerohour> Where's the thing
  184. [04:22] <Elvine> Nice Ele, ZH
  185. [04:22] <Faid> Indeed! Likewise
  186. [04:22] <Faid> I'm typing it!
  187. [04:22] <Faid> But I had to cut it and say good night to elvine dammit
  188. [04:22] <Zerohour> lol
  189. [04:22] <Zerohour> Well, truth be told.  I expected your retort
  190. [04:23] <Zerohour> One of the first vids they showed me on the site was you guest speaking
  191. [04:23] <Faid> When I first was kind of getting to know Jim I added him to real ID so naturally he saw my full name. A day later he's like "Oh, I looked you up." And apparently that night, from my wow name he got all sorts of shit on me. Not like anything incriminating or naked pics or anything, just embarassing shit that I posted when I was growing up with, like, information about my exes and shit and personal stu
  192. [04:23] <Faid> ff. So as much as I'd like to say everything I want I don't like upsetting people who can cause me much embarassment. :P
  193. [04:23] <Zerohour> I was like, Faid's gonna give me shit on this one guys
  194. [04:23] <Faid> Nah, that's the thing ^
  195. [04:23] <Faid> ABout why I don't say everything I want to say
  196. [04:23] <Faid> It was fuckin creepy but it's like
  197. [04:24] == lunga77 [] has joined #theconsortium
  198. [04:24] <Zerohour> well that's a shithead
  199. [04:24] <Elegance> thats why you should have seperate accounts for games and rl
  200. [04:24] <Elvine> Before I leave,
  201. [04:24] <Elegance> but yea, hindsight is perfect!
  202. [04:24] <Elvine> CREEPY AS FUCKKKKKKKK
  203. [04:24] <Zerohour> my name's Zerohour in game
  204. [04:24] <Faid> I learned "Don't upset the creepy people that have dirt on you" :P
  205. [04:24] <Elvine> That is all, night! :3
  206. [04:24] <Zerohour> night!
  207. [04:24] <Elegance> byeeee
  208. [04:24] <Zerohour> Only certain people know my real name
  209. [04:24] <Elvine> *Searches for Faids nudes* kekeke
  210. [04:24] <Elvine> JK!
  211. [04:25] <Faid> lol DOn't worry, they're not out there. You'd go blind. :P
  212. [04:25] <Zerohour> I've had experience with people who had lots of shit on me from D2
  213. [04:25] <Faid> There's a reason I don't stream on cam. ;)
  214. [04:25] == lunga [] has quit [Ping timeout]
  215. [04:25] == lunga77 has changed nick to lunga
  216. [04:25] <Zerohour> But I get that
  217. [04:25] <Faid> Yeah, you just don't expect people to get all creepy and spend hours looking up shit on you, you know? But yeah, hindsight 20/20 all that
  218. [04:25] <Zerohour> and honestly, freaks out there exist
  219. [04:25] <Zerohour> and I hate them
  220. [04:26] <Zerohour> that's why I was so reluctant to get into things like Facebook
  221. [04:26] <Faid> And that's why I don't publicly voice what I think if it might have a negative impact on things and such.
  222. [04:26] <Zerohour> meh, won't reflect on you
  223. [04:26] <Zerohour> creeps are creeps
  224. [04:26] <Elegance> needa deal with it at somepoint though imo and yea, i'd have to agree
  225. [04:26] <Elegance> theres a line imo you should never cross regardless
  226. [04:27] <Zerohour> hey, someone gives me their name, the most I get is their email
  227. [04:27] <Zerohour> Z-Man ended up on my LinkedIn because I emailed him
  228. [04:27] <Zerohour> and it took me a year to figure out how that happened
  229. [04:28] <Faid> Now I find myself in an "I'm in too deep!" situation and so I just kind of play nice and am slowly but surely trying to distance myself from . . . folks, without upsetting anyone. xD
  230. [04:28] <Zerohour> Don't worry about it
  231. [04:28] <Elvine> Yea, you're too nice.
  232. [04:28] <Faid> I TOLD YOU, it's my curse. :P
  233. [04:28] <Elvine> I'm too nice too, but IRL only
  234. [04:28] <Zerohour> Actually
  235. [04:28] <Zerohour> if you knew me
  236. [04:28] <Elvine> Internet you can be anyone you wanna be and as mean or nice...
  237. [04:28] <Zerohour> I'm nice
  238. [04:29] <Zerohour> until you piss me off
  239. [04:29] <Faid> The thing is, in my experience, if a guy like Zero's harsh then he's "telling it like it is." If I'm harsh then I'm being a bitch and on the rag. >_<
  240. [04:29] <Zerohour> then I become the guy you saw in the post
  241. [04:29] <Faid> So, blah. Whatevs, not worth worrying about.
  242. [04:29] <Elvine> Faid, the info Jim found that incriminating where you are not able to voice your true feelings?
  243. [04:29] <Elegance> well... looking thru more, i can't say you were wrong there >_>
  244. [04:29] <Zerohour> To what are you referring Elegance?
  245. [04:30] <Elegance> oh the post
  246. [04:30] <Zerohour> mine or who's
  247. [04:30] <Faid> Not the information itself. Basically when I was growing up from, like the age of 12-18 I moderated a forum so think abou tall your most awkward, embarassing thoughts and feelings for all your teen years and that's what's on the internet about me. :P
  248. [04:30] <Elegance> yours i mean
  249. [04:30] <Zerohour> mine?  well, thanks
  250. [04:30] <Zerohour> made it up on the fly
  251. [04:30] <Faid> Just a combination of hta tcombined with my desire to not hurt anyone's feelings has led me deeper and deeper into a bleh situation.
  252. [04:30] <Elvine> That was years ago, and honestly I think people care more about now than the past...
  253. [04:30] <Elegance> needa face it at somepoint really, otherwise eventually it gets out of hand!
  254. [04:31] <Elegance> but thats just how i feel anyhow
  255. [04:31] <Zerohour> Well it stays here with me
  256. [04:31] <Elvine> Worst case scenario, go back and delete all those posts?
  257. [04:31] <Faid> If an opportunity presents itself I'll likely take it, I'v ebeen getting really fed up with a lot of shit lately, so we'll see.
  258. [04:31] <Zerohour> Jim's a freak imo
  259. [04:31] <Faid> I can't. I'm talking about over 21k posts. <_<
  260. [04:31] <Elegance> O_O
  261. [04:31] <Zerohour> Someone IRL I would never want to know
  262. [04:31] <Elegance> isnt there anyway to get the admin to delete em
  263. [04:32] <Elvine> Faid, contact an admin and they can simple delete all those posts with a click of a button....
  264. [04:32] <Faid> I asked them to but since the site's changed hands and been through so many different versions of vbulletin the admins can't delete my posts without deleting ALL the archive.
  265. [04:32] <Zerohour> sacrafices have to be made
  266. [04:32] <Faid> Anyways, whatevs. It's not that big of a deal, you guys are right, it's not like it'll ruin me if my embarassing questions about my past relationships get out. :P
  267. [04:32] <Elegance> yea
  268. [04:33] <Zerohour> screw it
  269. [04:33] <Elegance> we all did silly things at some point :P
  270. [04:33] <Elvine> Meh, honestly don't feel that anything in your past teen life would have baring on WoW gold making community :p
  271. [04:33] <Faid> Hehe
  272. [04:33] <Zerohour> if there's one thing I know, it's don't dwell on the past
  273. [04:33] <Faid> And all of this is even assuming Jim would put it out there. I honestly don't know. I like to think he's nicer, but then again I also like to think that people don't cyberstalk people they just meet.
  274. [04:33] <Elvine> Shit, I'm sure all of us had odd thoughts and stuff during those years...
  275. [04:33] <Elegance> yea i find that creepy i have to say
  276. [04:33] <Elegance> why are you looking up someone you barely know :X
  277. [04:34] <Faid> But, moral of the story is I'm not as close to Jim as most people think, at least not by actual choice. <_<
  278. [04:34] <Elvine> Keep in mind what he did to me, he tried to call me out over a simple 3 line auctionator shopping list.....
  279. [04:34] <Faid> Anyways, this is not "Talk about Faid's problems IRC chat" xD
  280. [04:34] <Elvine> Blowing it out of the water and making photos and stuff following to try to ask for people to spread that I stole his stuff....
  281. [04:35] <Elvine> Well, that's the thing Faid, MANY people including myself think you're "butt buddies" of JIm's
  282. [04:35] <Zerohour> I'm aware of that
  283. [04:35] <Elvine> Wouldn't talking to you now, I would of still thought so...
  284. [04:35] <Elvine> *Without
  285. [04:35] <Zerohour> but puts his cellar dwelling, cat worshipping ass in perspective
  286. [04:36] <Zerohour> Guy's a freka
  287. [04:36] <Zerohour> and I'm leaving it at that
  288. [04:36] <Faid> Yeah, I know people think that, and that's one of my biggest frustrations with the bullshit "community" everyone priases so much. That people's "affiliations" matter more than their content. It's BS. >_<
  289. [04:36] <Zerohour> this is also the reason most everyone will never know much about me IRL
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