SCL:SL Zefeated Network Info

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  1. <align="center"><size=24><color=orange>WELCOME TO ZEFEATED NETWORK</color></size></align>
  3. <align="center"><size=18><color=red>SERVER TEAMING GUIDELINES</color></size></align>
  4. <align="center">
  5. <color=#00ffffff>></color> <color=red>SCPs</color> can team with <color=orange>Class-D</color> or <color=green>Chaos</color> only.
  6. <color=#00ffffff>></color> <color=#0000a0ff>NTF</color> can team with <color=yellow>Scientists</color> and vise versa.
  7. <color=#00ffffff>></color> <color=green>Chaos</color> can help <color=orange>Class-D</color> escape to the surface.
  8. <color=#00ffffff>></color> <color=#0000a0ff>NTF</color> and <color=yellow>Scientists</color> may not team with <color=green>Chaos</color>
  9. </align>
  11. <align="center"><size=18><color=red>SERVER RULES</color></size></align>
  12. <align="center">
  13. <color=#00ffffff>></color> Discrimination is not tolerated. This means no harrassment, racial slurs, sexism, etc.
  14. <color=#00ffffff>></color> Do not cheat or abuse bugs/glitches. You will get banned and reported to Global Moderators.
  15. <color=#00ffffff>></color> Intentionally delaying the round is not allowed.
  16. <color=#00ffffff>></color> Impersonating staff members is not allowed.
  17. <color=#00ffffff>></color> Mic-spamming or playing music on the intercom is not allowed.
  19. </align>
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