The Forging of a Star: part 6

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  1. [04:12] Simon Wright whispers: You defeated Roanna... I want to spar you...
  2. [04:12] Simon Wright whispers: She... beat me last time we fought.
  3. [04:12] Denier tilts his head.
  4. (Denier Nevus)
  5. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  7. [04:12] Simon seems to emphisize the beat part.
  8. (Simon Wright)
  9. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  11. [04:12] Denier motions eastward. "Lead onward."
  12. (Denier Nevus)
  13. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  15. [04:15] Denier reaches behind himself and pulls his staff from his back, raising it into the air, pulling upon the power of the stars, pulling it forcefully into his own body by sheer logical demand, gravity around him beginning to experience anomalies.
  17. "Do not hold back if you seek a true spar." The ground began to shift around him in turn, small stones rising from the ground and spinning around his body like planets in a solar system, a 'star' forming above his staff.
  18. (Denier Nevus)
  19. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  21. [04:18] He was looking forward to this.
  23. A figure around his own age who managed to defeat Roanna? He just had to test the odd fellows power against his own. If Simon could defeat him then surely the teen is one step closer to being able to defend himself. From the holder Simon pulls the rifle off his back.
  25. Standard Magi-Tech, it uses his own leylines as its power source.
  27. "I won't hold back if you don't." Was all he'd say as he'd begin to float, gravity being nullified around him. And much like Denier calls on the stars, Simon calls on something else. Temporal anomalies begin to form around the teen as an Aura of time begins to coalesce.
  29. He was ready to fight.
  30. (Simon Wright)
  31. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  33. [04:34] Denier quickly adapted to his foe's strategy, the surplus energy that flowed through him both naturally and through the cosmic force seemed to break the shackles that were placed upon him relatively quicker than many others.
  35. Much like with the battle against Roanna, the boy kept his distance when he could lure his foe in, but dashed in when he wanted to deliver.. well I suppose you could say a nuclear Fusion payload in the meteoric star.
  37. Where the boy had implemented a rather large gathering of energy in the midst of what felt to be a life or death situation against a foe that could have easily severed his life, the star thrown at Simon was near half it's size.. and properly aimed, pushing the other teen back along with I into the tree line until it ran dry of the cosmic energy that bound it to existence, fading away in a non-spectacular way. It wasn't meant to kill, after all. One could only imagine how much destructive force the young boy would have put into the public battle if he hadn't had a sudden question of his own meaning with the size of the supernova that hit the water.
  39. Denier simply floated in the middle of the nature carved arena, watching over the other boy with his weapon down at his side, waiting for Simon to return, weapon drawn or to speak. It was he who wished to fight, after all, and there was something that was troubling the younger of the two, all the signs pointed at it.
  40. (Denier Nevus)
  41. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  43. [04:42] This power, it was too much.
  45. Simon sends forth beams of Mana, impacting against everything from trees to Castle Walls in his attempts to pin Denier down. The land becomes scarred by Simon's actions alone, mud floating above the the ground, damage done to local infrastructure. All in an attempt to attack the fellow from a distance.
  47. But it wasn't enough.
  49. Denier could punish up close and at a range. In the blink of an eye he could be dashing towards Simon at full strength, launching a sphere of cosmic energy that would send Simon flying against the sheer force. There was nothing the teen could do.
  51. Whoever Denier was, he was more powerful than most.
  53. Simon impacts against a tree, his body crying out in pain. It takes everything he has to revert the impact - Reliving the pain twice fold in order to undo it's damage. When the violent bruising leaves his back, he pulls himself up. An aura floating around him, refilling him with lost energyslowly.
  55. "That w-was..." He doesn't finish it. Nothing more really needed to be said about it. The results were clear.
  57. "Thank you for the s-spar..." The teen just walks off, silently.
  58. (Simon Wright)
  59. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  61. [04:43] Denier tilts his head slightly.
  63. "If you wish to express your mind, I am capable of listening and attempting to understand."
  64. (Denier Nevus)
  65. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  67. [04:43] Simon Wright says, "Another time, maybe... Maybe..."
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