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  1. >Using red sign soapstone in Dickstab Forest
  2. >I invade a guy
  3. >He gets invaded by a tree-hugger at the same time
  4. >I help him kill the tree-hugger
  5. >We both take off our weapons
  6. >We start punching the shit out of each other and waiting for a new Forest Hunter to pop up
  7. >We get two people to jump off a cliff while just both punching the ever-loving fuck out of them
  8. >We get into fistfights between invasions
  9. >He eventually dies to a lag backstabbing party-pooper and another invader that popped in at the same time
  10. We kept our unarmed selves alive for a pretty long time, too.
  11. I really love PvP sometimes.
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