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  1. The cover is held in place by one bar-bell piercing that is behind the base of the clitoris, but the design is amazing and revolutionary,
  2. as two arms that fitted to either side of the barbell held onto a small ring with small spikes inside it pointing away from the body inside the ring.  
  4. The clitoris is pulled through the ring, it constricts slightly making it swell, and the cover is attached to the ring so if the wearer tries to
  5. lift the cover the ring just pulls the clitoris into the spikes.  If the wearer tries to pull the device off the arms attached to the piercing holds it, and if the wearer removes the piercing and tries to pull it off, the clitoris just sinks into the spikes inside the ring.  The only way to remove it is underneath the cover, and at the base of the ring, which would be at the bottom and base of the clitoris, there is a small pinhole the wearer need to put a thin pin into the hole to unlock the catch on the ring. but as the wearer, to pull up on the prison punishes the wearer, and to even see the pinhole the wearer would need to sit above a mirror and guide the pin into the small hole.
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