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  1. [22:11:50] <Giantree> So at some point during the night you stay over in the town, when you come back from picking up mutton, Aryll mentions that Charlie stopped by and asked you to meet him at a certain place.
  2. [22:12:02] <Giantree> Most likely a dramatic mountaintop, or on top of a building, or something like that.
  3. [22:14:23] <Giantree> Oh yeah, and part of the instructions your waifu gave was "bring your weapon," too
  4. [22:15:42] <Giantree> Out in the dark snowfield while Donna Burke music plays in the background, the edgemaster stands, back turned, and wearing a billowing scarf.
  5. [22:17:55] <Giantree> ... Oh, yeah, 'come alone' wasn't part of the instructions, so you can actually bring some wingmen(/women) if you REALLY wanted to
  6. [22:18:06] <Giantree> But coming alone is probably more thematic.
  7. [22:18:24] <Gustav> Foney Bones, clearly
  8. [22:18:41] <Giantree> wow i was almost dead positive you were going to say arche and the shitpost sword
  9. [22:18:47] <Gustav> I very nearly did
  10. [22:18:59] <Giantree> ok you can carry him around in a backpack or something
  11. [22:19:02] <Giantree> compact shitposter
  12. [22:19:10] <Gustav> I was jokingggggg
  13. [22:19:14] <Giantree> YOU CAN'T JOKE WITH ME
  14. [22:19:17] <Giantree> YOU KNOW THAT BY NOW
  15. [22:19:25] <Giantree> ......
  16. [22:19:26] <Giantree> oh god
  17. [22:19:28] <Giantree> but yes continue
  18. [22:19:30] <Giantree> don't mind me
  19. [22:19:40] <Gustav> They can totally sideline commentary from afar though.  With worried Aryll for tsukkomi.
  20. [22:19:57] <Flamy> This sure is serious.
  21. [22:20:03] <Gustav> I know right?
  22. [22:20:10] <Giantree> Wow, Aryll really WOULD be tsukkomi huh
  23. [22:20:26] <Gustav> With her sisters, she's had a lifetime of practice
  24. [22:20:39] <Giantree> right so
  25. [22:20:48] <Giantree> Edgelord, scarf, etc.
  26. [22:21:09] <Gustav> Ok, so got my trusty lance I won ages ago, off to meet my long-lost brother on a dramatically scenic mountaincliffbuildingtop
  27. [22:21:13] <Giantree> "I'm going to make this quick," he says, without even turning around.  "Go back where you came from.  Leave this to me."
  28. [22:22:44] * Gustav plants his lance in the ground  "Uh, sorry, what?"
  29. [22:24:12] <Giantree> "You heard me," He spins around and does the same.  "You don't have the spine to face that monster in Liza's body.  For your sake and hers, just let me handle things."
  30. [22:28:19] <Gustav> "I , but- "  Ouch.  I mean, I fully expected that, but it still stings to hear.  Partly because he's not exactly wrong.  Gustav's just left stuttering for a few moments trying to figure out a response.
  31. [22:29:13] <Gustav> Seeing he's been tormented by the same question for several weeks now
  32. [22:30:50] <Giantree> "You regret what happened, don't you?"  He doesn't let up, even still.  "And how do you think she would feel if you got seduced by her image again, pretending it was really her, unable to handle the truth?  She weeps from the heavens, her tears unable to reach."  Now Carl grabs the lance from the snow and spins it around, holding it upright at the end.  "I won't hesitate.  And I WILL bring that beast to justice."
  33. [22:49:11] <Gustav> He stops his stuttering, and stands in silence for a few moments more.  "Fine.  Know what?  You're right.  Seeing here there so suddenly, I couldn't handle myself.  And even now, knowing what she - it - is, I still don't know if I can handle it.  I want to say I can, but I just don't know."
  34. [22:49:17] <Gustav> "I just-"  Biting his lip, he punches a nearby tree in frustration.  "I really don't want to say this, especially after what you've done, but I think, I think . . ."
  35. [22:49:25] <Gustav> "I think she may be better off in your care after all"  He half-mumbles it, face down to hide the single tear.
  36. [22:49:31] <Gustav> "But don't you dare think I'm sitting this out!  My friends - no, my family, they need me more than ever now.  Their lives and future are just as much at stake here, and I'll be damned if I run away like you did!"
  37. [22:52:53] <Giantree> "You may think me a coward," he scoffs, "But you don't know anything.  I was out getting stronger, bettering myself so I could stop tragedies like that from happening again.  As passionate as you are, there's no point talking about it, though, is there?"  He gets his lance in a battle-ready stance.  "You should already know the only thing I'd call you out here for.  Can you prove to me that you have the resolve to stand on the battlefield?"
  38. [22:59:12] <Gustav> "Really, you want to do this now, on the eve of the world's fate?"  He scoffs  "Always so obsessed with your own ability.  So self absorbed.  What good's that strength if you give up what you care about to gain it?"
  39. [23:01:05] <Giantree> "Oh," he flicks his hair with a spare hand, "Become a speech-giver now, have you?  Is that your way of saying you're afraid to face me?  All I want to see is if you can do it.  If you're worthy of being the one I fight side-by-side with."
  40. [23:01:41] <Giantree> "I can't take back that which has already been given up.  You should know that as well as I do.  So what choice do we have but to keep moving forward?"
  41. [23:06:36] <Gustav> "Hmph"  He grabs his own lance at the ready  "You really haven't changed a bit, have you.  Have at ye."
  42. [23:08:03] <Giantree> This is full cutscene, so as soon as you say the words he uses his hi-ougi right off the bat, cut-in and all.
  43. [23:08:48] <Gustav> Hi-Ougi?
  44. [23:08:50] <Gustav> Oh, I see
  45. [23:08:51] <Giantree> ... Which, for dramatic effect, leaves you with 1 HP.  He jumps back and turns away, saying naught but a "..."
  46. [23:08:54] <Gustav> Thanks google
  47. [23:09:03] <Giantree> yeah sry my talesfag bleeds through sometimes
  48. [23:10:01] <Gustav> This is when I powerlevel and discover/unleash my own Hi-Ougi or whatchamacallit in a grand dramatic scene, RIGHT?
  49. [23:10:30] <Giantree> Without another moment, someone's at your side.  Actually, he didn't even hit any vitals it turns out.  And the person - oh, it's Aryll - helps you stand, with a sigh.  "... I'll never understand men."
  50. [23:10:33] <Giantree> you're not so far off
  51. [23:11:48] <Gustav> Oh it's a power of love episode I see
  52. [23:11:52] <Giantree> "But I was told to give you this, too," she says with more irritation than worry this time, holding out a spear that looks very similar to the one Charles has.  Almost identical, in-fact, sans its color.  This one isn't nearly as edgy.
  53. [23:12:51] <Gustav> "Ah, t-thanks"  He catches his breath "Were you, uh, watch- nah, nevermind.  Whats this now?"
  54. [23:13:18] <Giantree> "What I WASN'T told to do," she smirks, freckles shining like the sun, "Was to do more than that and help you out.  Really, for talking about justice as much as he does, and brother or not, I really don't like this guy's attitude.  Wanna show him what we can really do?"
  55. [23:14:59] <Giantree> Charles himself turns around now, eyes closed like an edgemaster.  "Listen, Gustav.  You may not believe me, but a lonesome life is never what I chose.  That lance is the brother to mine, both crafted at the same time by the dragons of old.  I've been waiting for the time I could give it to you and we could be as brothers ourselves once more."
  56. [23:15:57] <Giantree> oh yeah and i guess it heals you like a blessed lance would but more on that later
  57. [23:19:47] <Gustav> "Really, a gift?  That's far from what I expected of you.  Not some lame apology attempt I hope, don't think you can just buy forgiveness."
  58. [23:19:49] <Gustav> It is a mighty shiny spear though
  59. [23:21:18] <Giantree> "Of course not," he grins almost wickledly. "Consider it a pity gift, because I don't think you could beat me with that dinged-up old lance of yours.  Now, prove it!"  He's shouting at this point.  "Prove that you have the guts!"
  60. [23:21:39] <Giantree> NOW is when you have permission to auto-crit and do whatever cool shit you want, Aryll's supporting in attack stance too btw
  61. [23:22:33] <Gustav> A slight twinge of disappointment crosses his face for a moment, he almost dared to hope things had changed a bit
  62. [23:24:05] <Gustav> "Fine, guess we'll show him what he's missing out on."  He grabs the shiny new spear
  63. [23:24:07] <Gustav> ". . . probably shouldn't rub it in his face too much though"
  64. [23:25:03] <Gustav> Cue action sequence augh don't make me try to come up with choreography I'm bad enough at dialogue
  65. [23:25:30] <Giantree> "Now this is excitement!"  The attack stance partner procs cancel and gives edgebro a little poke, leaving you an opening.
  66. [23:26:42] <Giantree> ... And don't worry, there's NO need to go into excessive detail, I think we can all see it at this point.
  67. [23:29:30] <Gustav> He manifests a magical giant chunk of mutton which he rides like a meteor crushing into his foe?  I'm trying to get the hang of this JRPG aesthetic thing
  68. [23:29:57] <Giantree> Okay, what you just did is a Prism Jump, and next time I can't sleep I'm going to write a fanfiction where you become a Pretty Rhythm idol
  69. [23:30:04] <Giantree> or Pripara one, which is the same thing but without ice skates
  70. [23:30:16] <Giantree> holy shit actually you've been in the snow country why DIDN'T i write an ice skater
  71. [23:30:17] <Giantree> SHIT
  72. [23:30:32] <Gustav> . . . that show just jumped about twenty spots up on my backlog
  73. [23:30:59] <Giantree> Really?  You missed all the hundreds of times I talked about it as being an idol show that's POWERLEVELS and all about doing destroy-the-world super moves in the middle of dancing?
  74. [23:31:07] <Giantree> because that's what the whole series has always been, all of them
  75. [23:31:12] <Giantree> it's so good man you don't even know
  76. [23:31:16] <Gustav> I vaguely remember now, yeah
  77. [23:31:57] <Raitaki> <Giantree> Really?  You missed all the hundreds of times I talked about it as being an idol show that's POWERLEVELS and all about doing destroy-the-world super moves in the middle of dancing?
  78. [23:32:01] <Raitaki> isn't that osomatsu-san
  79. [23:32:16] * Raitaki ducks under a table
  80. [23:32:26] <Gustav> What in the world does Osomatsu have anything like that
  81. [23:32:54] <Raitaki> ok they don't destroy the world no
  82. [23:33:02] <Raitaki> but they did explode a potentially world-destroying meteor
  83. [23:33:03] <Gustav> Serious mode though, it's Gustav, he's not exactly much for all the fancy showy moves, he's the kind to just walk up and stab a dude.  So I suppose it's just a fancier run-up-and-jumpstab than normal
  84. [23:33:06] <Giantree> Okay, but, details aside, you manage some badassitude which, if I were a dick like IS has been lately, would probably make him fall off the cliff or something, but since this is more of a JRPG scene where it's just about showing off coolness that doesn't happen.  He just kneels and smiles.
  85. [23:33:23] <Giantree> "Could've been better, but... URK!  I'll rate it a 'pass' for now."
  86. [23:33:43] <Gustav> "Well I'm so glad to have your approval"
  87. [23:34:36] <Giantree> "You've found a good woman, too," he continues, while Aryll stands at your side, hand at a hip.  And man is she cute but that's beside the point.  "Maybe... there are a few things you surpass me in."
  88. [23:36:06] <Giantree> Wheezing, he hobbles over to... a tree or something, and sits down at its base, catching his breath.  "Heh heh... I guess I don't really look so cool now.  How I wish... things could be like they used to.  The three of us, playing without a care in the world.  Never in my wildest dreams would I have expected it to end up like this."
  89. [23:38:34] <Giantree> 1,1I'm seeing him doing the yang pose btw
  90. [23:38:36] <Giantree> 1,1yes, that one
  91. [23:39:26] <Gustav> "Mmm yeah, everything sure has changed.  Us, the world," -he glances over at Aryll- "everything".
  92. [23:39:34] <Gustav> *sigh*  
  93. [23:39:35] <Gustav> "Well don't die yet, still need you for the big fight tomorrow.  Come on, lets get you down to the healer"  Grabs him by the arm to roughly pick him up and drag him off.
  94. [23:39:50] <Giantree> Aryll smiles, but helps out with th-
  95. [23:39:54] <Giantree> *CRASH*
  96. [23:40:01] <Giantree> Something fell out of the tree.
  97. [23:40:03] <Gustav> Dangit Arche
  98. [23:40:16] <Flamy> SHIT IT'S FONEY
  99. [23:40:16] <Giantree> At a glance, it looks like there's nothing there.
  100. [23:40:22] <Giantree> Wait... it blends in with the snow.
  101. [23:40:27] <Giantree> ... And puts itself together...
  102. [23:40:32] <Giantree> "Hey guys, I heard someone mentioning SPINES?"
  103. [23:40:37] <Gustav> Ok that's not Arche
  104. [23:40:57] <Giantree> oh man you guys should see foney's stats actually, he's pretty good now
  105. [23:41:00] <Giantree> it's pretty hilarious
  106. [23:41:06] <Flamy> Oh heh.
  107. [23:41:48] <Gustav> "That was like, ten minutes ago.  Just a bit late arentcha?"
  108. [23:42:27] <Giantree> "Sometimes it's humerus to stall the joke!"
  109. [23:42:32] <Giantree> Foney looks to the audience.
  110. [23:42:35] <Giantree> No laugh track.
  111. [23:42:41] <Giantree> He turns around and quietly walks away.
  112. [23:43:05] <Giantree> Oh shit I forgot to say when you did the thing
  113. [23:43:07] <Giantree> i'm sorry
  114. [23:43:11] <Giantree> 1,1Acquired Limit Breaker!
  115. [23:43:30] <Gustav> "Not quite as punny as usual, huh.  Hope he's feeling alright"
  116. [23:43:53] <Giantree> "Hmm, yeah," Aryll muses, "He seemed pretty barebones tonight."
  117. [23:43:56] <Giantree> "...."
  118. [23:44:03] <Giantree> "Rrrrrrrrrrright, healer."
  119. [23:44:41] <Gustav> "Two dead teammates is enough for me.  Let's go"
  120. [23:45:48] <Giantree> "You know," she says as you walk off into the horizon and the screen begins fading, "Personality differences aside, you two really are a heck of a pair."
  121. [23:46:06] <Giantree> and then you go on to end up in the same place with arche and her shittalk sword and i'm not even going to begin describing that nightmare
  122. [23:49:10] <Gustav> Aww that's the fun bit
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