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Jul 10th, 2015
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  1. I love the feel of this, and the art. I don't think the little graphical bugs with shadows etc are that glaring because the player can kind of tell they are the result of having a quirky unconventional pseudo 3d thing going on.
  3. some areas are hard to read, whether there's a height difference you can't really see, or whether some floors looks connected when there's a gap etc, im sure you know all this already. The edge tiles you use on the stone and wood could be made more distinct from the centre tiles, and the very edge pixels even more so.. for example grass edge tiles could have little pixelly stones on the very edge, that clearly indicate where the ground ends.
  5. despite the focus on puzzles, currently the funnest thing is twatting the dudes with your sword. I look forward to seeing more interesting mechanics involved in them other than carrying/pulling blocks about.
  7. intro screen has a little bug with screen size, it starts on setting 1, but the game is actually in setting 2.
  8. tells you to use spacebar, but that's a view toggle key.
  10. block button looks placeholder
  11. block spawner probably should be a thing, as they currently just fall from the sky with no explanation or indication
  12. cant push blocks/be knocked by them, but can use blocks to push other blocks.
  13. dialogue font could have black border/drop shadow to make sure it's easily visible on any level
  15. level 1
  16. I didn't notice the ground leading to the orb at the bottom, firstly because it was dark down there, secondly because the intro told me to use ZXC so i assumed it was a bug that i could not do anything, and third because i'm dumb
  18. level 2
  19. that big guy toggling the platforms is cool but it made me think he had a more important role in the level. If he was in a more obviously contained area, in a cage or something it would make more sense.
  20. It's a tad too narrow and fiddly in the place where you need to two boxes to lift you up, you could easily accidentally knock one of them off.
  21. gives you a go faster orb in a precarious place
  23. level 3 grassy
  24. big guys height is hard to read, i think he needs big flatter head that resembles the tiles more
  25. Just because you can make the player reuse a block that was in an earlier part of the level doesn't mean you should, i think it's good when getting the block across is not as easy as getting yourself across, as it increases the challenge and expands on the puzzle, but here it just means you have to walk to the start and back.
  27. level 4 red brick
  28. twatting those jumpers with the sword is really fun. the sword might be a bit too springy. like it tends to swing around like crazy even if you're just moving it calmly.
  30. level 5 hurts eyes
  31. I think this puzzle would be a nicer intro if you had to use the whole 3 pullblock stack as a centre jump point like the start of the level, instead of having to dissassemble it only to use one pullblock to do the same thing as a normal block would
  33. level editor
  34. waves and swamp look rad, you could do a really subtle, dark variation on the waves/swamp to replace the blank void
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