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An open letter for Blood Sec Hackers

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Apr 28th, 2015
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  1. Dear brothers and sisters in Philippine,
  2. This is an open letter for you to understand.
  4. We've seen what you've done to our sites as a protest on what happen to Marry Jane, however each of us (country) have their own laws which we must respect one and another.
  6. Attacking our sites doesn't change anything for her. Trust me. Now she is convicted to death penalty which we all feel grieves deep within. Now, kindly please stop the attack or we will do the same over and over again until we both can feel each "other power" in this virtual world.
  8. oh by the way your is fragile so i humbly please ask you nicely.
  10. Warmest Regards,
  11. Indonesia
  12. Underground hacktivist united as 1
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