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  1. I've decided to write some staff guidelines in order to get everyone on the same page as far as responsibilities and procedure go for each person.
  2. Disclaimer These are just guidelines, and staff may act of their own volition to act how they see fit.
  4. All staff and mod chat- must stay in those channels. No exceptions!
  6. Peepohelper:
  7. As a peepohelper, while you do not hold power of that of an admin or mod, you are able to help!
  9. Great things you can do to help us;
  10. -A person doesn't know how to get globals, just let them know they need to refresh.
  11. -No moderator is active in chat and you see someone breaking rules, ping a moderator.
  12. -You can direct people to the correct channels, and remind people that Peepo-lounge is english only, no spam etc.
  13. -If someone asks for the server owner or wants to partner, either direct them to @Setmyx , or @Tohka, or @Partner Manager or post in #staff-chat. (as slippy does not want to be contacted currently)
  15. Please note; while you do not hold power of a mod or admin, as a helper, you are expected to follow the rules just as everyone else and set an example for our Peepo friends.
  17. Moderators
  18. Mods, here in lies the peepos first hand of the law. We set the example for Peepohelpers and Peepos alike. Here are some guidelines to follow disciplinary actions.
  19. -Warn, warning someone should always be followed up with a reason in the warn. This is the most simple way to notify a out of line peepo that their behaivior is unacceptable. Examples could be (light spam, being very rude towards other peepos, constantly posting wrong or inapporpriate content in a channel, pinging admins or mods without reason)
  20. Warning can be done via just verbally warning or with a command warn, most peepos will correct behavior with a simple verbal warning.
  22. -Mute, Muting should always be followed up with a reason in the mute. This is the next step in discipline, Mute removes the peepos ability to talk, for a time set by each moderator. Try not to use excessive time and your best judgement handing down the time muted. Examples could be (heavier spam, ignoring warnings from a moderator, constant pinging to other users or staff)
  24. -Bans, Bans are the final defense moderators have in order to deal with people who do not follow the peepo way. Bans should be the last line of defense, however if a peepo is beyond being able to be reformed, then it is neccesary. Some examples of banning. (Racist remarks N-Word, Advertising other discords, or constantly being muted/warned and doing nothing to improve)
  26. If you're unsure what to do in a situation, talk to another moderator, or an admin.
  27. Again these are just guidelines, if people break the rules in an extreme case, sometimes a instant ban is justified.
  29. Admins
  30. Admins are carefully chosen and handle more of the 'administrative' work, often times dealing with partnerships, events, etc. The following roles answer to admins, as they know what is best for the server.
  31. -Admins are the only ones who can assign roles, if a peepo who joins needs a role, they will need to contact an admin currently.
  33. Peepo Lords
  34. -Setmyx and Tohka run as an extension of slippy while he is gone.
  35. If Slippy needs to be contacted, they will be through them.
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