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  1. # Character Background Story:
  2. #### Before entering the LSPD, Al joined the United States Navy he is not contended so he decided to join the US Navy Seal Team, with his determination and altruism in the missions he got promoted into the rank of Captain and giving him an opportunity to lead the Seal Team 6 as the Team Leader. He didn’t failed, Captain Al and his team accomplished the most of the dangerous missions in the world such as Operation White Freedom which led to the capture of the dangerous bomb maker in the world, preventing the nuclear bomb in North Korea which is dubbed as Operation Fruitcake and other missions that only a six man team can do. The higher ups and his teammates then called him “The Young Ace” and “The Top Gun of the Los Santos”.
  3. Al leave the naval force due to some realizations “How could I change every country I operate when I cannot even clean my place”. Upon leaving the navy, he joined the Los Santos Police Department. Al began his LSPD career as patrol officer with the Vinewood Boulevard for 3 years before becoming a SWAT Officer. Unexpectedly he got promoted as a Captain once again and leading the LSPD’s Finest.
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