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The Coin that Changed OP's Life

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  1. 10:22AM - it fucking begins
  3. I have a story about something that happened to me 8 years ago. i'll give you the short version
  4. >found strange coin on farm
  5. >coin was taken by a museum society
  6. >we enquired as to when we would get it back
  7. >they denied having taken it but ask us if they can compensate
  8. >they give me a lot of money
  9. >sign papers saying i will never talk about the coin
  11. also have slightly longer version with the background i'll post story if anyone is interested
  13. inb4OP doesn't use spellcheck and doesn't give a fuck
  17. i cant give too many details but i can give a good picture of what happened.
  18. when i was 19 i worked on a farm a few miles away from a village in the north of England
  19. called Eyam.  It wasn't a farm that you'd want to work at as it was mainly shoveling shit and moving feed on trucks.
  20. i stuck at it for 6 months because the money was good and they paid overtime,
  21. we also found plenty of time to smoke up and slack off work, so the whole deal wasn't so bad.
  25. after those 6 months i asked the boss for something else to do and told him that i would help
  26. on a new feild clearence. he told me that i'll of wished i'd of stayed working in the main farm,
  27. because it was the beginning of winter and we would be out in the open on top of a windy hill.
  28. the field that the farmer wanting clearing of rocks was 100 square meters of flat land on top of a wierd little hill
  29. the boss had wanted to clear this field for years because it was right next to the farms main
  30. driveway. the farms driveway was about 2 miles long in a dead straight line, the Romans had built it
  31. originally.
  35. the Romans always build roads in straight lines no matter whats in the way.
  36. The Romans had already cut part of this hill away.
  37. the farm had a few ancient roads still being used but the main driveway had been modernised
  38. and widened. so the field would be easy for transport access.
  42. the field that needed clearing looked out of place. a perfectly flat square table top raised about 30 meters from the surrounding area with steep sides.
  43. it had these giant rocks sticking out of the ground at jagged edges.
  44. and i mean giant granite rocks maybe 5 to 8 tonnes sticking out of the ground like giant spear
  45. tips. the theory was that the rocks had fallen from a glacier millions of years ago and stabbed into
  46. the ground. but that didn't seem likely as there were only giant ones and no small ones or even little
  47. rocks of granite in the field. just 35-40 or so stone monoliths pointing straight upwards
  51. the idea was that we'd come in with heavy machinery and drag and dig the rocks out.
  52. the land would then be converted into storage barns for the winter. that was...
  53. until some old people from the village came to the farm to ask us not to clear it as it was
  54. said to be part of a Druid Temple. the farmer didn't think that it was man-made because he had got a land survey done, it was a small community and he didn't want a problem with the locals at the village down the
  55. road, so he said they could show him some evidence then he wouldn't touch it.
  59. the locals couldn't find any evidence apart from an old poem in the church records about
  60. 'Romans sacking the Temple'. An ancient women in the village swore her great grandmother was a
  61. Druid Priestess and used to take her there when she was young. she showed us old knives and jewelry but all it proved was that her great granny considered herself a witch.
  65. the the ancient lady in the village had lived longer than anyone could remember, when asked
  66. about her age. she would only say she passed the 100 mark some years ago. someone said she must be over 120 but she looked about 70. she was the last member of a family that had lived in the village for 100s of years. she also said that there was a village legend that the Druid Priests still came back and used
  67. it in secret on the solstice.
  71. the Druids were Priest Tribe who lived in a few parts of Europe around jesus' time
  72. the Romans hated them wiped out every last one long before the village was even there. so none
  73. of it proved anything about the land so the farmer said he would move on with the clearance.
  74. he told me years later he wished it had been a temple as then he could of got government money
  75. grants when the land became a listed asset of Britain. he said finding that on your farmland is like hitting the jackpot.
  79. anyway flash forward 2 months we have dug a road in to the hill. so we can bring machinery up
  80. and down from the tabletop. we would chain up these giant rocks and rocking them loose in the
  81. ground. then drag them out and down the access road where they were dumped at the bottom.
  82. sounds easy but it takes fucking ages to move a single rock out of the ground
  83. and moving it safely across site without killing anyone takes time too
  87. some of the older workers had cleared the fields adjacent to the hill a few years ago for
  88. grazing land. they had found Roman coins and sword handles. they told me they were sure the Romans would of used this higher ground to camp and were sure we'd find full swords maybe a helmet if we were
  89. lucky. one of the older men even brought a metal detector, he used to be on site every night
  90. searching the area with his headphones on.
  94. a few of us decided to spend saturday night in the site tents, toking and drinking, instead of
  95. going home. the boss didn't care and the site tents were big and already had camp beds in them.
  96. and we thought it would be fun to get drunk and listen to music on the table top next to the
  97. rocks. one of the guys swore he could get some girls over from the village, we knew he was full of
  98. shit. but didn't care if it was just guys as we wanted to play guitar and talk shit.
  102. we built a fire right in the centre of the land, and settled in for the night out in the open
  103. under the stars. we told stupid anecdotes and sang a few drunken songs, until one by one they stumble back to the tents drunk and fall unconcious on the camp beds. this happened until around 2am when i
  104. was was the last one sat by the dwindling fire.
  108. a car came creeping up the access road, was kinda crepy as we'd just shared ghost stories and
  109. i was alone now. but to my suprise it was my drunk mate who had promised some girls to camp out with us.
  110. he was wasted but with two drunk girls he had persuaded to join us.
  111. his one was skinny and had one eye crossed but still kinda pretty to a 19 year old virgin.
  112. the girl going spare was a bit chubby but had big tits and a cute-ish face so i invited them
  113. to the fire. and put some more wood on. i told them we had to be quiet because of the guys
  114. sleeping in the tents but secretly i wanted to be just 2 guys and 2 girls.
  118. eventually my friend makes a stupid excuse and takes the giggling skinny girl off for a walk.
  119. my girls called Sara and i've been making stupid conversation for 30 minutes and trying not
  120. creep her out with any advances. she asks if she can put her head on my lap. but she just does it without waiting for a reply. get a boner. she puts her hand under her head and feels it and asks if i like her. err yes.  anything to lose my virginity. some akward drunken kissing and fumbling around and im finally
  121. on top of her. cant believe i finally lose my V card. try to lift her shirt off to get to the
  122. boobs but she pulls it back down quickly and says she's scared the others will come back
  123. and should hurry up. she tells me she's a virgin during. i tell her the same. look down and
  124. see some blood on leg and the grass but she tells me to finish.
  128. i use my work shirt to get some of the blood off my dick and gave it to her for her legs.
  129. told her to wait while i went to the tents to find another or steal a clean one off my
  130. sleeping friends. she puts her jeans on and sits by the fire. when i get back to the fire the other two are back and my friends face says he's been up to some stuff with the skinny one.
  131. we all sit and try to make conversation but now we've fucked the conversation seems boring
  132. and finally the Sara says she wants a ride back to the village.
  136. Sara doesn't even look at me. so i sit up front, both girls in the back. we drive to the
  137. centre of the village and they asked to be dropped by the side of the road.
  138. seemed like they didn't want to show us where they lived, my friend was drunk and said a few
  139. stupid things. calls my one a fat slut. Sara calmly comes to the window and say's she had to
  140. do what she had to do. then walks away with her skinny friend. wtf?. i persuade my friend to
  141. drive slowly to see where they go. the skinny girl went into a small cottage but Sara walked a
  142. little further got out her keys and went straight to the house where we had spoken to the
  143. ancient old woman months earlier.
  147. my friend starts saying he feels sick. he managed to open the car door but still puked down
  148. the side of the car seat. have to lift him into the back seats while i sit in his puke and
  149. drive back to the farm. tell the story to everyone and get called a bullshitter until i show them the blood. but they still don't believe about the house and my friend didn't remember anything. so it was
  150. back to work. business as usual. with the added bonus i wasn't a virgin anymore.
  154. a few nights later we are high as fuck and even though it's a work night we have the stupid
  155. idea to stay out in the tents overnight again and have a fire. no drinking though as we had to be working by 6.30am the next day. just smoking. we had fun played guitar and again.. one by one people
  156. stumble back to the tents until there's just me and one other guy. the old guy with the metal
  157. detector, we got him high for the first time in his life and he's 49, now he wants to get out
  158. the metal detector and it's 2am. can't stop laughing but tell him i'll wait while he gets it.
  159. guy can't carry it straight or walk in straight line. fucking funny as hell when you're
  160. stoned. he's falling around the fire trying to turn it on. then. something i wish i hadn't
  161. heard. a BEEP. i should of gone to bed. i should of told him that it was a stupid idea.
  162. but fuck. BEEP. that sound makes my skin crawl now, even thinking about it and that night.
  166. He drops the detector like an idiot and tells me to guard it while he gets a shovel. guys so
  167. wasted. guard from who?? just sit and play guitar and smoke while i wait. now 20 minutes. then
  168. 30 minutes. decide to go look for him and find him on a camp bed snoring while hugging a
  169. shovel. pull the shovel from his arms and he doesn't wake up. snores more loudly. and walk out
  170. to the fire.
  174. the fires nearly gone but the stars and the moon have lit up most of the field. always used to
  175. enjoy the lonliness of the countryside at night. the sky's a lot brighter than any city. and
  176. the quietness is overpowering. being next to all these giant rocks and being high made the
  177. whole thing seem pretty cool at the time. i picked up the detector and moved it o the side to
  178. start digging. looked at the spot and slowly realised what the brown stain on the grass was.
  179. feel sick. but want to find myself a roman coin or sword. so far only one guy managed to find
  180. a single silver coin. i thought the good stuff was still under there. i wanted gold and
  181. treasure. and no grass stain would stop me
  185. digging isn't easy, digging stoned is harder. i was there cutting into the ground and
  186. shovelling soil for an hour. an hour before i hit something. about 20 inches down below the
  187. grass. i hit big. i kept clearing the soil to get a better look. but it just seemed to be
  188. bigger and bigger until i cleared a square foot of what appeared to be a metal surface.a
  189. shield i thought. it must be. facing skywards. it would be worth loads and i would get the
  190. lions share because i found it. all i had to do was clear the earth and pull it out. so i tried. cleared more soil trying to find the edges. i couldn't do anything and i was truly wasted. i couldn't find the edges or pull it out. and i was covered in mud. i decided to cover it up with soil until the next night and stay behind alone to recover, anyone who helped me would get some of the money. i covered it as best i
  191. could and put the burnt logs over the mud so it looks like it was part of the fire. hopefully
  192. nobody would notice and i would have a Roman shield by the same time tomorrow night. hoping
  193. the old guy wouldn't remember anything i put the detector back. and went to bed. waiting to be
  194. alone on site the next night
  198. work the next day went smoothly, he didn't remember anything about the detector. and i just
  199. stayed behind until everyone had left the site at around 9.30pm so i could put my plan into
  200. action. the sky was clear and the temperature dropped. it was the first frost of the season
  201. and the worst night to be stuck outside digging. but i didn't care. i was going go be rich. i
  202. could be cold for a few hours. i wanted the shield. nothing else was on my mind. apart from
  203. the weed i had smoked after work, which made me a bit paranoid
  207. i cleared the ground and shovelled the loose soil out. hit metal. feels good.
  208. open the hole up and start at the edges. i think if i can widen the hole larger than the shield i could just pull it out. keep digging. and keep digging... fucking big shield. stop for a joint. stupid idea.
  209. just feel more paranoid. cant relax. high from adrenaline now too. see my hands shake.
  210. fucking shield, how big can you be?? just keep digging and clearing the metal surface.
  211. this thing must be a fucking car roof. those fuckers at work are playin a joke on me.
  212. wait. how the fuck would they bury a car? impossible! i'm too stoned to think straight. need
  213. to sit and think the surface is now 2 meters by 1.5 meters
  217. what the fuck do i do? if i get help i have to share. but what if i cant dig it out?
  218. i knew i had to try. i decided to stand on the metal clearing the soil.
  219. one foot. tapping then testing the weight. then im standing in the hole on this giant shield.
  220. i move the soil to get a look at the surface. but too dark. the star light caught glimpses.
  221. but i couldn't see. so i had another stupid idea. why don't i get on my knees and feel with my
  222. hands. see if i can feel any shapes in the metal. so i crouch. im on my knees
  223. trying to make out what i am touching. i realise i'm feeling a raised level in the centre about the size of an old style dustbin lid. raised about an inch from the rest of the metal
  224. it has edges and is a perfect circle. must be the emblem on a sheild? right
  225. realise sheilds aren't made this big and don't have emblems this size either.
  226. feeling wasted and need time to think. feel around more.feel all around the edges
  227. find something that made me turn cold
  231. when something doesnt make sense, your brain compensates.
  232. stops you going crazy. it shuts you down.
  233. stops time and lets you come to some sort of sense without panic.
  234. i was frozen to the ground i don't know how long i didn't move. seconds, minutes.
  235. but it didn't make sense. why? i had trained as joiner before i worked on the farm and there was no mistaking what i had just felt. it was a simple hinge, a basic metal hinge.
  236. only this hinge was underneath the ground and attached to circular piece of metal.
  237. but none of that mattered anymore, i had shut down.
  238. my brain was swimming. but not because of the hinge.
  239. but because the hinge moved and the 'dustbin lid' had come apart from the rest of the 'shield'.
  243. feel like im waking up but only because i feel i need to puke.
  244. scared as shit and my stomach wants to shit and puke at the same time.
  245. find myself on the ground next to the hole. what the fuck do i do.
  246. cant even stand straight, have o sit on the grass for a moment.
  247. adrenaline and fear mixed with the smoke is the worst feeling ever.
  248. choice 1 go back to farmhouse. pros i wont be alone. cons it's 2 miles away, not sure if
  249. anyones home and i have no car. choice 2 head to the village. pros i wont be alone. cons its 3 miles away down dark lonely country tracks. have another stupid idea. finish joint. that'll help me relax. fucking great idea. help me think logicaly. need a moment. need a fire
  250. fucking great idea. a fire.
  254. *****WHAT THE FUCK HAPPENED IN OP'S STORY?  FUCK!  50 minutes later, different ID'd anon
  255. appears with this... it seems like the legit OP
  259. ok guys, op here. sorry, i had to go over to my gf's house but i'll continue now.
  260. So i gathered the logs from teh night before and i put them near the enormous hole i had just
  261. dug. I used some dry grass as kindling and in a couple minutes i had a roaring fire going. the
  262. anticipation of opening up the 'lid' had now got me freaking out, so i finished the last of
  263. the joint i had and proceeded to steel myself for the unearthing.
  264. so i bent over and I opened up the metal lid i had unearthed and the smell was overpowering.
  265. the smell of death, but a persistent, living reek like the home of a person on their deathbed.
  266. i took a step back and covered my face from the reek.
  270. the fire was bright enough to light up the surface of the metal sarcophagus (which is what i
  271. thought it was at this point,) but not the inside, so i went about using a sleeve from my
  272. shirt and a stick to fashion a torch to dip into the hole to see how deep it was. at this
  273. point i saw a pair of headlights approaching from the distance. I panicked and closed the
  274. hatch and started kicking dirt over the metal structure in an effort to hide my discovery, but
  275. i knew i was fucked. there was no hiding that i had been digging shadily at night, and the
  276. smell was still lingering. as the car approached i tried to look cool and sit by the fire
  277. nonchalantly, but my paranoia was out of fucking control. as the car turned off, i noticed
  278. that a hissing sound had started emanating from the buried sarcophagus. the hissing of
  279. escaping gas.
  283. the car turned off and i was strangely not surprised to see the two girls from the previous
  284. night. they approached me and sat down by the fire without a word, both of them staring at me.
  285. i said whats up and continued to stare awkwardly at the fire and then they asked me if i found
  286. anything last night. i said no, and the one that fucked my buddy said she knew i was lying.
  287. then she clicked on a flashlight and pointed at the hole i had been digging.
  291. then the chubby girl i fucked pulled out a pistol, who knows if it was real. then the other
  292. one asked me if i wanted to know what was REALLY in the hole. i was super freaked out, i
  293. didn't know if they were gonna kill me or not, and after seeing that they were involved with
  294. that anicent woman, i knew something was up. she asked again and walked over to the hole i had dug and kicked around in the sand. then she kicked up the shovel at me and told me to continue.
  298. so i started digging into the hole again, really just brushing the loose dirt away. as i
  299. uncovered once again the lid of the object, the girls drew closer, visibly tittilated by the
  300. unearthing. as the skinnier one shined the light on the lid, they both looked at each other
  301. with a certain knowing, and the chubby girl stepped back behind me a bit. and the other girl
  302. moved to draw my attention to the hole. it was at this moment i knew that i would be shot.
  303. i wasted no time. i swing the shovel as hard as i could behind me and i felt it crack against
  304. the chubby girl's chubby cheek and cut into her skull. the pistol dropped from her hand as she
  305. fell, and just as the other girl looked up in surprise i brought the shovel down on her head,
  306. sending blood gushing down her face. at this point i was super freaked out. the fat girl was dead for sure, and the other girl would be dead soon if she didn't stop bleeding. it occurred to me i had just killed somebody, but the contents of the mysterious contents of the sarcophagus had entangled me in a cloud of intrigue.
  310. using the skinny one's flashlight, I searched the girls after they were incapaticated, and
  311. they didn't have anything. no cell phones, no id's. the only thing the chubby girl had was a
  312. strange coin- the coin i'm referring to in this story. i pocketed it. the skinny one was still alive, so i used one of her shoelaces to hogtie her, and i ground mud into her head wound to staunch the bleeding. i knew i would need answers from her later if she lived, but i still didn't knwo what i was gonna do with the body of the other girl. now i moved to the sarcophagus, or what i thought was a sarcophagus. i opened the lid and covered my face with my filthy shirt, hoping to avoid the smell emanating from the hole, to no
  313. avail. it was the worst and most powerful smell i have ever smelled. and i soon found out what
  314. the source of it all was:
  318. i was so stoned at the time that killing that girl didn't even seem real. all i cared about
  319. was the hole and what was inside the strange metal case inside it. i wasn't even that
  320. concerned with the coin she had. it had some strange writing on it, but in my post-murder
  321. frenzy i had assumed it was jsut some collector coin from the orient or other exotic country. it was
  322. very similar in size and shape to the french indo-china coins that many collectors favor.
  323. with the coin left in disregard, i moved on to the lid of the hole. shirt in place over my
  324. face due to the smell, i, with much anticipation, pointed the flashlight into the opening to
  325. see what was in it. and what it was, was surprising and strange and yet preternatural to such
  326. a subtle degree that it was more unnerving than if it had been human bodies down there
  330. sorry bros, im pretty stoned right now and i havent thought about this shit in a long time.
  331. just thought i'd share it with you. excuse the slowness.
  332. inside the container was an amorphously shaped, possibly ovular room about 2mx2m with
  333. perforated metal walls containing what appeared under the flashlight's weak beam to be several
  334. hundred foetid rabbit corpses. some were still moving, writhing slowly amongst the rotten
  335. bodies of their kin. cockroaches and maggots swarmed amontst the death
  336. and then i noticed the pile wasn't only writhing, it was pulsating. like a breathing lung
  337. i pulled my head out and fell away from the hole, sucking in fresh air.
  338. my mind was in shambles. i was high as hell, and had just experienced my everyday life fall to
  339. pieces in a matter of hours. i vomited. who were these bitches? why are there rabbits, of, all things, in this mass tomb? what forces are at work here? panic had barely descended upon me when i saw the skinny girl start to stir. suddenly i realized that i had the answers to all these questions hogtied in the middle of a dark field, with not a living soul in sight.
  343. i realized i hadn't gagged her when she started moaning and struggling with the shoelace. i
  344. wasn't sure how much blood she had lost, so i didn't want to have to knock her out again. i
  345. took a belt off the dead fat girl to use as a gag for the living one and noticed that the belt
  346. was somehow attached to the fat girl. attached by a thin leather rope... to her vagina. the
  347. girl was approaching rigor mortis state, so removing the leather rope was rather difficult,
  348. and her skin was cold and dead. at this point i thank any god that i was so stoned.
  349. otherwise, the horror may have consumed me. i pulled the rope out of her vagina and on it was some sort of tea bag device soaked in what seemed to be... sperm. possibly my sperm, i realized in horror. we had used no condom the previous night. on the tea bag was a drawing in ink, but blurry to the eye through the weight of semen. it was the head of a rabbit. then the other girl started whimpering loudly and i knew i had to be fast.
  353. i checked the fat girl for tattoos or identifying marks. she had none, though i had expected
  354. some due to the iconography of the coin and the semen tea-bag. i used her belt to gag the
  355. other semi-conscious girl, and then dragged the dead one to the lid of the pit and dumped her
  356. in. she landed with a crunch on top of the pile of rabbits and i let the lid slam down after
  357. her.
  361. i walked over to the other girl and looked for her car keys. i figured i'd get her in a car
  362. and take her to one of the barns where i could interrogate her in private under the auditory
  363. cover of mooing cattle. but she had no keys. she was now fully conscious and eyeing me defiantly. i pulled out the gag and stuck the pistol under her chin. i told her that if she screamed i'd blow her brians out
  364. through the top of her head and dump her in there with her unlucky friend. i had the upper hand.
  365. then she told me that she wasn't the one driving. and as i looked over at the lid of the tomb,
  366. i realized that i hadn't checked the dead one's shirt pockets.
  370. *****MASSIVE FREAKOUT ENSUES due to thread 404... multiple threads are posted by anons begging
  371. for more.  OP finally resurfaces.
  375. thread 404'd so continuing here.
  376. this is the coin story for anyone who is still interested.
  377. i went over to the tomb knowing i'd have to climb into it. at this point the idea of wading
  378. knee deep in rabbit corpses was secondary to the idea of getting away from this terrible
  379. scene. i re-gagged the belt around the living girl's mouth and tightened the bindings on her wrists
  380. and then i opened the lid of the tomb and shined the light into it only to find that the girl
  381. was gone! or mostly, rather. she was sinking into the pile of rabbit corpses. the sound was
  382. nauseating, the sound of s athousand cockroach feet scuttling over rotting flesh. i came to
  383. pull my head out of the hole when the heavy metal lid slammed down on it, and i fell face
  384. first into the pile of rabbits. in seconds i was covered with maggots and roaches, all sorts
  385. of insects seemed poised to invate any exposed orifice. the ranks of them broke upon my
  386. nostrils and ears and eyes time and time again. i could feel them crawling up my pants legs.
  390. i looked up to the opening to see that it was thankfully still open. the lid must have slammed
  391. back open after bashing my skull. still, knowing i needed the chubby girl for the car keys, i
  392. started pulling at her legs; her entire upper body had now disappeared into the pile of rabbit
  393. death. the girl's corpse gave way a little; i pulled harder, feeling insects climbing up my
  394. shirtsleeves. the pile seeemed to react. it started sucking harder on the girl, pulling her in deeper and
  395. deeper. i too started slipping. it became harder to stand in the rabbit genocide. i started to
  396. sink as well. i am not a fool. i know when to quit and when to fight, and this was one of those times you
  397. gotta just bow out. i jumped as hard as i could and just barely caught the edge of the tomb,
  398. but it wasnt enough and i fell, ripping off several fingernails in the process.
  399. after a few more tries, i managed to hoist myself out to see that the living one had managed
  400. to get a leg out of the hog-tie, which she had probably used to flick the lid closed on my
  401. head. i also noticed she was inching toward something shiny in the grass that i hadn't noticed
  402. earlier: a set of car keys. when she noticed i saw them, a look of fear came over her eyes.
  403. but that was gone when my boot connected with her temple and i began dragging her unconscious
  404. toward the car.
  408. *****TEDIUM!  At this point, OP decides to jump from his thread to one of the "panic" threads
  409. since somebody had re-posted all his previous story.  In order to prove he's the real OP, he
  410. says he'll type "OP CLAIMING ID NEXT ONE INCOMING." in the new thread, obviously leaving the
  411. door open to faggot ass trolls.  Not sure who is OP anymore, but so far I believe this is
  412. where he continues.
  416. ok so i threw the girl in the trunk and was careful with her head becuase i knew she had 2
  417. hardcore blunt trauma's to it and if she was too fucked up she wouldn't be able to tell me
  418. anything. i racked my brain hard for a barn to take her to where i could question her in privacy, so i
  419. drove to the dairy barn. the workers wouldn't show up unitl a little before dawn, so i had
  420. plenty of time to ask the hard questions that had shaken me from my notions of reality.
  424. before getting out of the car i found some joint roaches in the ashtray. whoever owned the car
  425. was a burner, and that made the happenings even weirder. i pocketed them knowing after i got
  426. the bitch locked up i'd have to cool myself out again. i was starting to sober up and the
  427. reality that i was about to torture answers out of a 17 year old girl was creeping into my
  428. conscious. alas, i had to steel my nerve. there were answers to be found.
  429. the dairy barn was a good choice becuase even though it's dark outside, the cows are under 24
  430. hour white lighting inside, and you have to shout inside it to communicate over the pumping
  431. and humming of the milking devices hooked up to the cows udders. i took the unconscious girl
  432. from the trunk and untied her. then used an actual coil of rope to string her up to one of the
  433. rafters, so that she was hanging with her toes barely touchikng the ground. i threw water in
  434. her face to wake her up. she looked around startled and then recoiled, surprised to be in such
  435. a vulnerable position. i pulled out the joint roach and took a massive puff, smoke blasting out of my nostrils like a bull. i didn't want to hurt her, so i put on my psycho face an said,
  436. i'm only gonna ask this once: what the fuck your real name? i saw the fear grow in her eyes, and i knew she'd spill.
  440. *****UPDATE!  We finally got OP to confirm his ID by posting in the previous thread what is ID
  441. was in the "panic" thread...
  445. she said her name was lothen or some shit that sounded archaic and i couldn't pronounce it. it
  446. was an ugly name that she said with a throat clearing sound. i didn't bother to ask it again,
  447. i just wanted to make sure she was playing ball.
  448. i held up the jizz tea-bag with the rabbit's head on it. i held it real close to her face, and
  449. stuck the gun in her ribs.
  450. what the fuck is this? i asked. she seemed repulsed so i let it dangle on her nose a bit. a
  451. semen column stretched out from it to her nose.
  452. didja get one of these from my friend, you sick fuck? i asked? i checked her before and she
  453. had nothing coming out of her vagina, but i thought i'd ask anyway
  454. dont make me slap u with it. i said. or shoot you.
  455. then she started weeping. i hate when women do this, so i do what i usually do, i punched her
  456. in the stomach (cause i didn't want to give her more head trauma) and pulled her head back and
  457. told her i'd make her eat the jizz bag and then she gave in.
  458. in between the sobs i made out that 'they' needed seed, "uncasted seed" as she said it. she
  459. was blubbering, and then started saying it's over repeatedly and then asking someone for help.
  460. i smacked her in the jaw with the pistol, but she jsut kept crying.
  464. then she mentioned the coin. it's all over, she said, the coin is in the pit. she was
  465. blubbering about how i should just shoot her and then myself as well for that would be better
  466. than the end which was to come.
  467. this. i felt for the coin in my pocket, keeping its presence a secret.
  468. why would we all be dead? i asked her, if the coin is in the pit?
  469. there certainly couldn't be anything... living down there, could there be?
  470. not living, she said you don't believe in magic, do u? i trolled her. i sucked in a puff of the joint roach and blew the smoke in her face. she seemed to like it a bit. i was so fucking high.
  471. oh yeah, we're all gonna die, i laughed at her. only not me u fckin cunt. i grabbed her by the
  472. throat and said i got ur fucking coin in my pocket and im gonna go sell that fucker after i
  473. kill you and dump ur ass in the tomb like you were gonna do me, see?
  474. i took a deep hit of the joint, and suddenly it sucked into the back of my throat, cutting off
  475. my air supply. i stammered backwards, trying to catch my balance, but with my lungs full of
  476. smoke and my airway blocked, i began losing consciousness. i fell to my knees. i slammed my
  477. elbows into my sturnum, attmepting to blast the roach free from my esophagus.
  478. as i passed out, i realized my error. when i mentioned the coin she looked up, but by the time
  479. i saw the look of triumph in her eyes, i was alrealy choking. as the world faded to black i
  480. saw her calmly start to balance herself on her tip-toes and worm out of her bindings.
  484. when i woke up it was daylight and i couldn't move. i was in a bed in a room of a humble
  485. cottage-looking room. and i was wrapped in sheets so tight i felt like my blood couldn't pump.
  486. i noticed i had cotton mouth super bad. there was nothing in the room but the bed and a
  487. rocking chair. and in the rocking chair was the ancient lady who identified the farm area as a druid site.
  488. she sat there smoking a pipe and staring at me with her gnarled, cloudy eyes. the smoke
  489. smelled strange, like sage and myrhh and yet like a cigar.
  490. where am i, i asked. the old lady coughed in response adn drew out hanky and coughed into it. when she it away wiping blood from her mouth. in an ancient and cracked voice, she called something out in a
  491. language i had never heard, and the doorknob turned.
  495. and suddenly there was the bitch i thought i killed and she opened the door, got on the floor,
  496. and everybody walks the dinosaur.
  500. *****Rage/lulz promptly ensue, I for one was glad it was finally over, but then...
  504. just kidding. some people wanted the troll closure ending but this is no bullshit the most
  505. disturbing thing that has ever happened to me. i joined the army and after being an active
  506. combatant i still can not shake these events from my dreams.
  510. And in came the girl I that escaped when I passed out, looking regular and not-at-all beat up,
  511. like I would expect her to be the day after getting her head split open with a shovel. She had
  512. a silver tray, and set it down next to the bed. The old woman spoke in the foreign tongue as
  513. the girl tapped out the old woman’s pipe and reloaded it. Then she came over to the bed and
  514. forced open my eyes and looked into them. She then spoke to the old woman in the same
  515. language. After a pause. She said, mother says you’re not to be punished, but you cant leave.
  516. She gave me some water and a bit of bread. It was all very silent and akward. She told me in a
  517. whisper that I should have never fucked with the tomb and that it was all my fault that
  518. ‘stability had been compromised’
  519. Then the old woman spoke again. The girl seemed shocked and said ‘now?’ in english. And the
  520. woman nodded as she stared at me. The girl accepted the pipe from the woman and brought it
  521. over to me. Smoke it, she said. All of it. Now. She looked dead serious.
  525. i sucked on the pipe and the girl lit it. i coughed as the acrid smoke invaded my lungs, but
  526. she forced it into my mouth and ordered me to suck harder. after a few minutes my head was
  527. spinning. i felt like time was slowing down and i was inside a glytched out computer or
  528. something. i couldn't talk. i retched as if vomiting but nothing came out. i tried to resist.
  529. i kicked the outer sheet off but i was still entwined in the tight ones. i couldn't fully
  530. move. i tried to kick the girl away but the old lady spoke again and some other girls came in
  531. and held my mummified form down... and i felt wind on my dick.
  532. with the outer sheet off, i realized that i was entirely wrapped in sheets like a mummy,
  533. except for my dick. i looked down and sure enough my dick was poking out, i was feeling so
  534. fucked up again, like it was meth or somehting, and i noticed something else. my dick was rock
  535. hard, and the ancient druid woman was staring fixed straight at it.
  539. the old lady needed the help of two of the girls to get out of the rocking chair. some of the
  540. other girls picked me up by my straight-jacked sheet-wrappings and set me on the floor on my
  541. back. i feared greatly what was about to happen next. i tried to think about the horror of the
  542. previous night, the hideousnes of the old woman, anything to limpen my dick, but i couldn't i
  543. was so fucked up and griding my teeth and concentrating on gore to limpen my dick that i think
  544. my sexuality got fucked up in that moment. regardless i was rockhard as one of teh girls put
  545. on a surgical glove and propped my cock vertically, as the old lady straddled my body and
  546. hiked up her dress...
  550. the ancient lady's vagina lips were so limpid that they hung down and dragged over my cock
  551. without her even squatting that much. anyone who doubts this can ask somebody to post some
  552. long aged-vag-lips pictures to substantiate this. they were easily .5m long at least. they
  553. were old and liver-spotted and felt like the skin of a shaved cat rubbing on my rockhard
  554. johnson. and... it was vibrating. like a vacuum cleaner. the vag lips seemed to move by
  555. themselves, searching like a sea-cucumber for food, moving and dangling over my pelvis until
  556. the opening suctioned onto the tip of my dick and sucked it up, all the way to the base. it
  557. was so revolting looking on the outside, but the inside felt like warmmmm honeyyyyy. i looked
  558. up in extacy to see the old woman peering into my eyes. her drool fell on my face and it
  559. smelled like acrid morning breath but still my dick felt so good that i couldn't help but to
  560. jizz.
  564. i came buckets. and i kept coming after i was done. the neck of her drooping vagina pulsated
  565. like it was swallowing all of my nut as deep as possible. the ancient woman did not moan or
  566. show sexual pleasure, but she just stared at me with a look of deep satisfaction, like a fat
  567. man after a full meal. when i could come no more, i felt as if i had been drained of all my
  568. life energy. i laid there stoned and empty as the woman tucked her sagged vag back into her
  569. garter belt and stepped away from my bound form. she then exited the room, helped by two of
  570. the young girls. to guard me was left the girl from last night, the one who i had tied up and
  571. tortured, who closed the door and locked it with a smirk of victory. as she started to remove
  572. her dress, i knew what would become of me... at least for the next few hours.
  576. hang on someone's at the door talking to my gf and she sounds weird. brb.
  580. yeah i think it was just a mormon, im back now
  584. so the girl locked the door and walked up to me. she had a dangerous look on her face. she
  585. jumped on top of me and her skirt billowed up, letting her young pussy press against against
  586. my hard cock. if you cum again, you'll die, you know. she said. you won't be able to stop yourself.
  587. she dragged her pantied pussy across my dick and i almost nutted again right then. the drugs
  588. had erased enough of my mind for me to know i had no idea wht the fuck i was thinking about
  589. anythng.i couldn't talk. i could barely think. she slipped her panties aside and i realized i was
  590. going to die. no, i sighed with ennui.
  594. don't derail this thread with cancer/not cancer. have some respect for a veteran and a person
  595. who wants to tell you about something very personal and also relevant to some MAJOR shit going
  596. on in europe right now.
  600. somebody start a new one and post all the posts up until the current one, and then i'll
  601. continue what happened there. it has to all be there, otherwise it wont make sense.
  605. ok thanks im trying to wrap this up as quickly as possible.
  606. so she slipped her panties aside and she was threatening to make me nut once again and thus
  607. die. but she didn't. her pussy wasn't even wet. she bent close to me and whispered in my ear,
  608. i need you alive. then she bent down and kissed me hardcore tongue style on the mouth and i
  609. felt something small and pill-like come out of her mouth and into mine. i tried to spit it out
  610. but she blew into my mouth and it made a honking noise and felt real weird and the pill just
  611. rolled down into my belly. then she ripped the part of mummifying sheet that was tying me all
  612. together and got off me. before she left, she whispered.
  613. watch your ass.
  617. so after she gave me the pill istarted wriggling really hard to get out of the sheet and i was
  618. ass naked underneath. i ran to the door but the knob was locked from the other side. there
  619. were no windows and all the walls looked like logs and unbreakable. so i thought that i needed
  620. somebody's clothes in order to escape and tell the cops because otherwise they'd just think i
  621. was an insane dude with a rigid hard on.
  622. by then i started to feel funny. my guts were rumbling and i felt like i had to shit. i had to
  623. get out of there as well. so i decided i'd try to shit on the floor before i left because if i
  624. had to shit while fighting some enemies it would be fucked up.
  625. so i squatted my naked ass over some of the sheets and took a shit
  629. it was a huge turd like forearm sized, or rather a pile of turds that are forearm sized, and
  630. it made me wonder what kind of pill exactly that bitch had given me. i would have thought it
  631. was a laxative if not for the fractals that started to appear in my vision, and i began to
  632. fear that i had been put on some sort of mind destroying drug, or that they were manipulating
  633. my reality as some sort of occult guinea pig.
  634. that's why i thought it was a hallucination, when i saw something blinging in the pile of
  635. turds. upon closer inspection it was circular.
  637. and flat.
  639. and silver.
  643. *****Faggots chime in at this point, distracting OP
  647. Fag: i dont understand one part?
  648. why would he die if he nutted again?
  652. OP: it would strip me from my last shred of conscious humanity and make me into a mindless
  653. semen generator that can not eat nor concentrate on anything other than nutting.
  657. Fag: Coin goes from his mouth to out his ass in 10 seconds. This is the fucking worst story.
  661. OP: the coin was never in my mouth. why are u distracting me with inaccurate critique?
  665. Me: Ignore these faggots please just finish posting OP! Please...
  669. *****Distractions end for now....
  673. so i dug the coin out of the monstrous pile of reeking shit in the middle of the room and
  674. cleaned it off. a new twist, i thought. the girl had probably shoved the coin in my ass before
  675. she had called for backup to take me to whereever they are keeping me captive. they might not
  676. know it's safe, or that whatever was alive under taht pile of dead rabbbits in the pit hadn't
  677. got it yet.
  678. i started hearing footsteps from outside the door. i needed to keep the coin secret, so in my
  679. nudity i shoved it back up my ass (it hurt like hell) and hid behind the door. i could now
  680. hear keys jingling outside the door. i whipped up a plan. i picked up the rocking chair and
  681. held it poised above the doorway so i could brain the fuck out of whoever was about to come
  682. in. i knew they would be transfixed by the preternaturally huge pile of shit in the middle of
  683. the room long enough for me to split their skull with the chair. the knob began to turn...
  687. ... and it was a man. he opened the door, got on the floor, well more like i bashed him on his
  688. fucking dome with that chair and he fell on the floor with blood squirting out his face. just
  689. to be sure i executed the heel stomp to the face to ensure he was done for and fucked my ankle
  690. up in the process cuz i wasnt wearing any shoes. i searched him and found no id and nothing
  691. but a syringe (which i assumed he would use on me in my post-coital state) and keys for the
  692. room. i went to take his clothes when i realized that the only thing that would fit me was
  693. this dude's tightie whities. im a bigger guy, about just shy of 2m and ripped from farm labor.
  694. this dude was a scrawny inbred-looking bitch with a face from a used skillet. so i put his
  695. tightie whiteis on just to cover my dick, which was still still liek a stone. it was super
  696. gross also cuz there were piss n jizz stains in his undies and they smelled like BO. his shirt
  697. wouldn't fit, so i tied it around my waist as further protecction for my junk. then i tied him
  698. up with the shit-sheets in case he was still alive and i took the syringe as a weapon and his
  699. keys and locked his ass in the room.
  703. outside the room was a hallway with similar looking doors along its walls. i was evidently in
  704. some sort of cult-oriented complex. i snuck down the hallway, poised to jam that fucking
  705. syringe into somebody's eyeball in half a second. i moved toward a door that had the dappled
  706. light of treeshade coming in from underneath it. the outdoors were near, ad i would find out
  707. where i was.
  711. *****Faggot troll in thread sarcasitcally suggests OP make a new thread, even though we're not
  712. near post cap yet...
  716. Fag: Take a break and make a new thread OP. You've earned it.
  720. OP: ok i'll start a new thread. i'll post the pastebin that guy made in the info but anything
  721. after that has to be reposted. also comic guy should post his sequentially as well.
  725. Me: Fuck, you don't need to make a new thread yet, that guy was just trolling. I'll make a new
  726. pastebin with the completely updated story in case we need it.
  730. *****New thread is posted, AGAIN... we finally get re-situated and new people caught up to speed.
  734. so i got to the outside door, checking doorknobs and listening thru doors on teh way. they were all locked and nobody else seemed to be in the building. the coin was hurting the inside of my asshole and i had to keep sticking my finger up there to shove it deeper. i was feeling more and more truly fucked every second. i was feeling nauseous and more of the visual fractals and solid waves were impacting my vision. i stumbled. i wanted to vomit, i got to the outside door and peeked behind the shade. i was in a forest, there were a couple other buildings, and a few trucks parked near them, and a warehouse. a huge warehouse. then i saw the girl that had gave me the pill. the girl who i nearly killed last night. she was walking with another dude and he had a rifle slung over his shoulder. they walked to one of the trucks and were talking by the back of it, sharing what looked like a blunt of enormous size. then i noticed there was a tarp covering a pile of somethign in the truck bed. the guy then went and set his rifle in the cab of the truck and started it, and walked back to the warehouse. the girl turned and looked toward me, then got in the other car and drove off. i knew instantly what i was supposed to do.
  738. so i ran out to the truck figuring nobody was watching and i'd just jump in that fucker and haul ass out of there. I was wrong. the minute i got halfway to the cab, the guy came out of the warehouse and began walking toward the truck. luckily i was on the other side, but i was nowhere near the cab enough to climb in and run his ass over, or even get away. these people seemed crazy enough to risk T2 t1ooo death in a second, so i snuck around the other side of the car to get in the bed under the tarp. and on the gate next to the tarp i found a bag of pre-rolled blunts and some matches. i thanked god becuas now my stomach was rolling again and i didnt want to shit out the coin uncontrollably and weed helps me calm down so i grabbed that shit and pulled the tarp up only to find...
  742. ...only to find a pile of fucked up rabbits, but this time they weren't dead. if only u've
  743. seen an animal with heat stroke, then you'll know what i'm talking about their snout is still
  744. wet, but their breathing is shallow and weak and they just lay there unconscious. as wtf as this was, i had no choice. i crawled under the tarp with the rabbits, i tell you as fucked up as i was and hearing those little bones break and the squeaks coming out of their tiny, collapsing lungs, was more violent and disturbing than than any of the horrors of war i have personally experienced as a combat infantryman. i got well entrenched in the pile of rabbits, and jsut in time the guy walked up to the back of the truck to close the liftgate. he stopped. i thought he saw me, because he said, fucking cunt. and i thought he meant me but he must have been talking about the weed being pinched and he thought the chick did it. anyway, he got in the truck and started driving.
  748. i didn't know wwheere we were going, so i whooped out one of the blunts from the bag and
  749. started smoking it. it was fucking hard as hell to get the matches lit in the wind of being in
  750. teh back of a truck in a pile of set-to-stun rabbits, but it was tits once i got it going. it
  751. was tits until i realized that the weed tasted off and similar to that ancient rapist woman's
  752. mystery blend, GOD FUCKING DAMNIT i thought as i looked down and now my bowner was no shit
  753. TWICE as huge as it was before, with veins and shit popping out like a juicer's muscles.
  754. and then i lol'd i was hallucinating liek a motherfucker, laying in a pile of fucked up
  755. rabbits, stoned as fuck, with my cock about to explode like a 2 day zit full of jizz and i
  756. lold i never lold as hard. but then the truck started slowing down and shit got serious. i
  757. heard the dude talking heatedly on the phone. i heard a car behind us. we stopped. i heard
  758. footsteps. i put the blunt out as fast as i could. then i heard the cop ask for the guy's ID.
  762. i heard the cop walk back to the squad car, and then walk back. i didn't dare move from under
  763. the tarp. i had been trained so hard by the way the law treats weed and by society to hide
  764. from cops, and i was so fucked up at that moment that the cop scared me almost as much as the
  765. dude with a gun in the car of the cult that wanted to drain my balls and probably my soul as
  766. well. so i froze, terrified.the cop came back, and asked the guy why he smelled like marijuana.
  767. the guy said it was tobacco. the cop said step out. the vehicle and i heard teh ddoor open.
  768. then i heard breaking glass, and sounds of struggle.
  772. as the glass shattered, reality burst into my mind. i knew that at best, the cop was beating
  773. this guy's ass and i would jump out and get saved, at worst the cop gets killed and the guy
  774. shoots at me as i dip off into the woods. so i flung the tarp off and burst out of the rabbit
  775. pile, and i saw the cop look up from putting the cult guy' on his ass right at me, stunned,
  776. for just long enough for the cult guy to whoop a syringe out of his shirt pocket and jam it
  777. into the cop's neck. i knew i was fucked and the best scenerao was ruined. the cop the
  778. clutched at his heart and i jumped off the truck, hauling ass barefoot and nearly naked into
  779. the forest not even waiting to see him fall over dead. at about 100m into the brushline, i
  780. started hearing the snap of bullets wizzing by my head. the cult guy was shooting at me. it
  781. was the first time i would be shot at with the bullets flying close enough for your ear to
  782. pick up the SNAP of sonic discharge, but not the last. and no matter what circumstances i hear
  783. that snap in, no matter how much more horrifying or how much the odds are stacked against me,
  784. it chills me worse to think of that time, running like that with my ass cheeks clenched
  785. together trying to make shure the coin doesn't shoot out my asshole.
  789. so i dipped as fast as i could into some bushes running zigzags my feet getting all cut up and
  790. fucked up and my massive boner gettig caught on everyfuckkng branch n shit and the shots
  791. stopped coming so i slowed down some and i realized i was still clutching the weed and the
  792. syringe.i was all out of breath and shit but i was fucked up even more than that liek seeing
  793. faces in the trees and my dick was like throbbing and i needed to chill out so i started to
  794. light the roach i put out but there was rabbit hair like singed to the end of it and it tasted
  795. like shit BUT THEN i started to hear crashing coming thru the forest and i knew it was the
  796. dude so i dipped again but this time more silently because my feet were raw as fuck from
  797. running barefoot and i also fucked my ankle up kicking that faggot dude'es head in. so i
  798. limp-ran for another maybe half hour twenny minutes and i started to see buildings through the
  799. trees. i went closer and i saw a larger log building and a warehouse
  800. a warehouse
  804. so i crept around the perimiter of the compound and saw no cars, so i decided to move into the warehouse and see what was inside it. if there was a vehicle of some kind, or clothes or a weapon, it would help me kill my pursuer or run. i felt paranoid of the woods and was sure i would die if i ran off into them in my present, undressed state. so i moved up to the huge door of the warehouse and it was locked with a chain, but i could open it just enough to slip inside. it was dark as fuck but my eyes adjusted quite easily as they were dialated as all hell probly in my fucked up state.
  805. what i saw was shocking.
  806. it was stonehenge.
  807. but it wasn't broken. and it wasn't old. and in the middle was a pit...
  808. warehouse
  809. the same fucking warehouse
  810. i was like fuck
  814. so i crept around the perimiter of the compound and saw no cars, so i decided to move into the
  815. warehouse and see what was inside it. if there was a vehicle of some kind, or clothes or a
  816. weapon, it would help me kill my pursuer or run. i felt paranoid of the woods and was sure i
  817. would die if i ran off into them in my present, undressed state. so i moved up to the huge
  818. door of the warehouse and it was locked with a chain, but i could open it just enough to slip
  819. inside. it was dark as fuck but my eyes adjusted quite easily as they were dialated as all
  820. hell probly in my fucked up state.
  821. what i saw was shocking.
  822. it was stonehenge.
  823. but it wasn't broken. and it wasn't old. and in the middle was a pit...
  824. and the pit stunk
  828. so i was in there and i was about to approach the stone ring, to see if what i thought was
  829. gonna be there was gonna be there was there, but i heard teh lock jangling. and the chain
  830. slide off teh door. i slipped up beside the door, knowing it was gonna be the guy that was
  831. pursuing me, and waited poised with the syringe. as the door slid open, i saw the gun barrel
  832. come in thru the door, and i sprung out, smashing the syringe into his throat, shoving the
  833. contents into his body with all my weight, pushing him out the door and on his ass. i shut the
  834. door and held it clsoed. i heard him thrashng and grunting on the ground outside the door,
  835. then the gun discharged and he started making gurgling sounds. the thrashing became weaker and
  836. eventually stopped. i let the door slide open and for sure he was stone dead with black shit
  837. coming out his mouth.
  841. i knew i had to move quick, because the gunshot would have been heard by somebody, and there
  842. was no hunting or anythng going on, so in my paranoid state i envisioned a ton of armed
  843. cultists coming up in caravans to fuck me up and get all my nut and drain my soul. but first i
  844. lit up a blunt to calm the fuck down cuz i was still mad hallucinating and shit was fucked up.
  845. i pulled his ass inside the warehouse and took his clothes. i took his gun and his keys. he
  846. only had 3 bullets left his wallet was gone, probably lost in the fray with the cops.
  850. the cops.
  851. the officer was down. the cops would be scouring the area. when he didn't respond to calls.
  852. thank god. i began to loosen up. it all seemed like it was gonna end after all, the cops would
  853. arrive, or at leaste drive by, and i'd run out and wave them down and tell them everything and
  854. the cult cocksuckers all get locked up. i was thanking god and about to walk out to the street
  855. when i saw two jeeps speeding up the logging road, at a fast clip. so with the jeeps comin up
  856. i had to either fight or hide or both. i couldn't run out of the warehouse without being seen.
  857. decided to drag the naked dead guy to the opposing corner and hope nobody saw him. if there
  858. were 3 or less ppl i'd try to shoot them. if there were more i'd hide. i was dragging the dead
  859. naked guy to the corner when i noticed that in the pit was a lid, the same kind of lid as
  860. before. and it stank.
  864. so i jacked open the lid and threw the body in the pit and it landed with an awful crunch on
  865. the rabbits that were probably down there and it was nasty. then i dipped into the corner
  866. behind one of the stones and in walks the chick that put the coin in my ass and almsot fucked
  867. me to death and two other bitches to hold the ancient woman up who came after. and then there
  868. were two other fat mom looking bitches in their mid 40s. they turned the lights on and the
  869. warehouse lit up into a scientifically bright scene. they approached the pit and began
  870. speaking in the strange tongue. then one of the fat women said to the girl, i told you to
  871. speak fucking english around us. you fucked this up and now we're all fucked. so deal
  872. straight. the fat women had american accents.
  876. the chick that put the coin in my ass said to the fat american bitch, i'm sorry, but our
  877. mother speaks very little english. i knew she was fucking lying because i talked to the old
  878. hag before all this shit went down adn she seemed perfectly british. they talked some more
  879. about vague things in muted tones i could hardly make out, but the americans kept asking if it
  880. "was ready" i had no idea what the fuck they were talking about and i was starting to trip
  881. agian. i almost lit up a blunt to chill out and then i realized that would totally blow my
  882. cover. at one point the old lady walked over to the pit and opened the tomb lid , and the two
  883. aid girls helped hold her in a squat, over it. i saw one of them pull her .5m long, liver
  884. spotted pussy lips from the garter belt that held them next to her leg and unravel them into
  885. the pit. that's when the throat singing started.
  889. *****OP links a video of throat singing: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1umSzaaYFAI
  893. i was super high and the throat singing weirded me the fuck out, so i was about to put the
  894. kebash on this party by shooting the two american cunts and probly the old bitch just fo good
  895. measure cuz i knew the bitch who almost fucked me to death was maybe friendly and the other
  896. two were fucking young as fuck to murder. that's when another car pulled up, and the chick who
  897. almost fucked me said yo shut the fuck up to everybody and then there was a knock on the door
  898. at the door was more cops. they said something about the historical society and the cop that
  899. got fucked up by the guy i fed to the pit of nasty. then they came in and said they wanted to
  900. look around.
  904. the ancient lady had stopped the throat singing but she was still being held in like a
  905. shitting pose over the tomb with her fucking sea cucumber of a vagina haning down into the
  906. opening. the officers didn't see her there like that right away so they strode into the rock
  907. formation, talking about jsut checking for a hiding criminal, and in my tripped out mind i
  908. realized that i would be shot if they found me. i looked like the killer. i was wearing his
  909. clothes and holding a gun he had from the car. i was fucked.
  913. and it didn't help that the cops were fawning over the fat american cunts, talking about how
  914. exciting it is to get american scientists in the area, and this and that about how they gotta
  915. say good things about them in california. and then they saw the old woman squatting there and
  916. they were like wtf andone of the fat bitches took a step back and pulled a piece out and shot
  917. both the cops in the backs of their dumb ass heads.
  918. and then they started arguing with each other and tripping out and the one fat bitch was like,
  919. why the fuck did u shoot them???? and the other was like, cuz u fuckin exposed us!! we're not
  920. even supposed to be here! and the other was like they were fucking local cops! and when this
  921. was happening the girl that stucck the coin up my ass and almost fucked me to death stepped
  922. behind them and shot both of THEM in THEIR stupid ass fucking heads
  926. *****OP gets distracted by faggotry for a bit, then continues
  930. the ancient woman whose pussy was hanging into a tomb looked surprised. she had some blood
  931. spattered on her face, and the chick walked up and took out a hanky and wiped the blood off
  932. her face. im sorry, mother, she said. they served their purpose. they would only have led to
  933. more outsiders, also. more tribes and more arguing. it is best they had disappeared. and
  934. anyway we have their coin, the only one left besides the other one. the one from the...
  935. accident. the mother said something in the ancient tongue, and the girl said , i'm speaking
  936. english because he's listening. he's here right now. you can come out now, she said.
  940. so i said fuck it and i stepped out from behind the stone but i kept my rifle up because i
  941. wasn't sure what they'd really do. i couldn't trust the girl, but she didn't know the coin was
  942. still in my ass so when i stepped out the first thing i said was you'll never find it. i've
  943. hid the coin so if you kill me you'll never get it back. o we'll get it back, the chick said,
  944. with u alive or dead. we'd prefer not to kill you now that we have your haleseed. haleseed? i
  945. said, u mean when she fucking starship troopers brainbug'd my fucking cock to hell and back?
  946. or when ur chubby friend fucked me and her pussy gushed an ungodly amt of blood and fucked up
  947. my gear cuz my shit wasn't off all teh way and it spatterd on my pants? and didn't u call it
  948. something else? uncasted seed?
  952. there are many kinds of seed, she said as she approached me slowly. some are more...
  953. precious... than others. at first we thought you were jsut a source of seed from outside our
  954. bloodlines, which we need to keep our lineage healthy and yet pure. but when you started
  955. meddling with sacrificial sites, you became a problem. killing rabbits like that is fucked up,
  956. i siad. what exactly is it you are sacrificing to? o we're not sacrificing to anything, she
  957. said. the rabbits sacrifice themselves. they burrow into the sites on their own. out of
  958. respect. and fear. and we would've sacrificed u 2, she said, after you killed my sister,
  959. unless you didn't have an admirer.
  960. mother thinks you are quite handsome.
  964. the mother just smiled at me with her pussy hangin down the fuckin drain and then she winked
  965. but i didn't want to be visibly grossed out since i'd already fucked her so i pulled out a b
  966. from the bag that i was still clutching and lit it up right in they faces and 1 hitted the
  967. whole fucking thing xcept for the roach (cuz we know where that goes) and i handed it to the
  968. chick who toked on it alittle. thank you, i said, but u still raeped me and thats fucked up, i
  969. said. i looked super blazed and was kinda giggling so im sure they were like wtf is this guy
  970. doing lol so i tried to put on my game face in order for them to see i was pissed off. so then
  971. the mother said, come here boy, and i came there and then i realized that my fucking boner was
  972. all huge again because the weed was spiked wi dat shit and i 1 hitted the blunt all YOLO like
  973. a baws but now i was like o fuck man shes gonna wanna fucking jump that shit again.
  977. but to my surprise she didn't want to put her elephant trunk of a pussy over my cock again, or
  978. at least she said. she had a proposition for me. the ancient woman revealed that not only were
  979. they the last remnant of an extremely ancient guild of druids that had supposedly interbred
  980. with the gods (or aliens or whatever), but they were also in charge of the british equivalent
  981. of the historical preservation society. a society capable of publicly and innocently
  982. collecting things pertaining to history, things with high value things like coins that got
  983. shoved up my ass by a bitch. so the chick said i know u shit on the floor in there and i know
  984. u still got the coin in ur ass and we want to make you a deal. it would be wise to accept this
  985. deal becasue to refuse means certain death. as she said this i was intrigued by what such an
  986. offer could be, but distracted becasue the mother had starting my dick n shit.
  990. *****Yet another new fucking thread starts.
  994. this is op, i am me. will post the ending when my rage subsides
  995. someone post pastebin. i dono where it is. this is so fucked up and you guys think its some
  996. kind of fucking joke. i thnk about this shit every fucking day and peopel don't even realize
  997. ive SEEN SOME SHIT MAN. so don't fucking say i'm not one fucking person becuase i've been here
  998. all fucking day writing painfully and recalling a horrific experience for you faggots to doubt
  999. the truth.
  1003. now where was i
  1004. o right so the mother is like stroking my schlong n shit while the 2 underage hotties stand
  1005. there straight faced but they're looking at my dick too so its super weird and the other chick
  1006. is saying how they wanna give me a shitload of money to keep my mouth shut about all of this
  1007. and give them the coin. but there's a catch, she said. what catch, i said. she said that i
  1008. might not like it. she said that i might be morally opposed. she said it's one thing to kill a
  1009. man in self defense, or threaten a bound and gagged supple young blonde for answers after
  1010. being bushwacked by her chubby friend who gushed period blood everywhere all over ur dick
  1011. before, all that is understandable to a morally sensible mind, but some would have a problem
  1012. with...
  1016. *****OP takes a break, yells at faggots complaining about how long it's taking to finish the
  1017. story which only makes it take even longer.
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