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  1. (env-12.13) kwan@kwan-LIFEBOOK-U536:/media/E0A801EAA801C050/js/Node.js/test_eletrcon$ npm install electron --verbose
  2. npm info it worked if it ends with ok
  3. npm verb cli [
  4. npm verb cli   '/media/E0A801EAA801C050/Devops/virtualenv/env-12.13/bin/node',
  5. npm verb cli   '/media/E0A801EAA801C050/Devops/virtualenv/env-12.13/bin/npm',
  6. npm verb cli   'install',
  7. npm verb cli   'electron',
  8. npm verb cli   '--verbose'
  9. npm verb cli ]
  10. npm info using npm@6.12.0
  11. npm info using node@v12.13.0
  12. npm verb npm-session a4145f93612609d6
  13. npm http fetch GET 304 216ms (from cache)
  14. npm timing stage:loadCurrentTree Completed in 332ms
  15. npm timing stage:loadIdealTree:cloneCurrentTree Completed in 2ms
  16. npm timing stage:loadIdealTree:loadShrinkwrap Completed in 6ms
  17. npm http fetch GET 304 80ms (from cache)
  18. npm http fetch GET 304 100ms (from cache)
  19. npm http fetch GET 304 380ms (from cache)
  20. npm http fetch GET 304 117ms (from cache)
  21. npm http fetch GET 304 118ms (from cache)
  22. npm http fetch GET 304 122ms (from cache)
  23. npm http fetch GET 304 150ms (from cache)
  24. npm http fetch GET 304 158ms (from cache)
  25. npm http fetch GET 304 163ms (from cache)
  26. npm http fetch GET 304 172ms (from cache)
  27. npm http fetch GET 304 193ms (from cache)
  28. npm http fetch GET 304 46ms (from cache)
  29. npm http fetch GET 304 50ms (from cache)
  30. npm http fetch GET 304 59ms (from cache)
  31. npm http fetch GET 304 65ms (from cache)
  32. npm http fetch GET 304 228ms (from cache)
  33. npm http fetch GET 304 243ms (from cache)
  34. npm http fetch GET 304 254ms (from cache)
  35. npm http fetch GET 304 254ms (from cache)
  36. npm http fetch GET 304 328ms (from cache)
  37. npm http fetch GET 304 330ms (from cache)
  38. npm http fetch GET 304 332ms (from cache)
  39. npm http fetch GET 304 150ms (from cache)
  40. npm http fetch GET 304 105ms (from cache)
  41. npm http fetch GET 304 195ms (from cache)
  42. npm http fetch GET 304 195ms (from cache)
  43. npm http fetch GET 304 198ms (from cache)
  44. npm http fetch GET 304 204ms (from cache)
  45. npm http fetch GET 200 9ms (from cache)
  46. npm http fetch GET 304 256ms (from cache)
  47. npm http fetch GET 304 264ms (from cache)
  48. npm http fetch GET 304 136ms (from cache)
  49. npm http fetch GET 304 269ms (from cache)
  50. npm http fetch GET 304 312ms (from cache)
  51. npm http fetch GET 304 319ms (from cache)
  52. npm http fetch GET 304 342ms (from cache)
  53. npm http fetch GET 304 83ms (from cache)
  54. npm http fetch GET 304 128ms (from cache)
  55. npm http fetch GET 304 53ms (from cache)
  56. npm http fetch GET 304 84ms (from cache)
  57. npm http fetch GET 304 315ms (from cache)
  58. npm http fetch GET 304 317ms (from cache)
  59. npm http fetch GET 304 316ms (from cache)
  60. npm http fetch GET 304 318ms (from cache)
  61. npm http fetch GET 304 335ms (from cache)
  62. npm http fetch GET 304 350ms (from cache)
  63. npm http fetch GET 304 380ms (from cache)
  64. npm http fetch GET 304 382ms (from cache)
  65. npm http fetch GET 304 92ms (from cache)
  66. npm http fetch GET 304 500ms (from cache)
  67. npm http fetch GET 304 1261ms (from cache)
  68. npm http fetch GET 304 81ms (from cache)
  69. npm http fetch GET 304 223ms (from cache)
  70. npm http fetch GET 304 223ms (from cache)
  71. npm http fetch GET 304 223ms (from cache)
  72. npm http fetch GET 304 225ms (from cache)
  73. npm http fetch GET 304 226ms (from cache)
  74. npm http fetch GET 304 143ms (from cache)
  75. npm http fetch GET 304 133ms (from cache)
  76. npm http fetch GET 304 193ms (from cache)
  77. npm http fetch GET 304 135ms (from cache)
  78. npm http fetch GET 304 99ms (from cache)
  79. npm http fetch GET 304 134ms (from cache)
  80. npm http fetch GET 304 75ms (from cache)
  81. npm http fetch GET 304 91ms (from cache)
  82. npm http fetch GET 304 56ms (from cache)
  83. npm http fetch GET 304 56ms (from cache)
  84. npm http fetch GET 304 76ms (from cache)
  85. npm http fetch GET 304 64ms (from cache)
  86. npm http fetch GET 304 67ms (from cache)
  87. npm http fetch GET 304 69ms (from cache)
  88. npm http fetch GET 304 69ms (from cache)
  89. npm http fetch GET 304 84ms (from cache)
  90. npm http fetch GET 304 90ms (from cache)
  91. npm http fetch GET 304 90ms (from cache)
  92. npm http fetch GET 304 92ms (from cache)
  93. npm http fetch GET 304 92ms (from cache)
  94. npm http fetch GET 304 104ms (from cache)
  95. npm http fetch GET 304 48ms (from cache)
  96. npm http fetch GET 304 113ms (from cache)
  97. npm http fetch GET 304 36ms (from cache)
  98. npm timing stage:loadIdealTree:loadAllDepsIntoIdealTree Completed in 5900ms
  99. npm timing stage:loadIdealTree Completed in 5951ms
  100. npm timing stage:generateActionsToTake Completed in 25ms
  101. npm verb correctMkdir /home/kwan/.npm/_locks correctMkdir not in flight; initializing
  102. npm verb lock using /home/kwan/.npm/_locks/staging-251c6d14a8350de6.lock for /media/E0A801EAA801C050/js/Node.js/test_eletrcon/node_modules/.staging
  103. npm timing audit submit Completed in 535ms
  104. npm http fetch POST 200 535ms
  105. npm timing audit body Completed in 4ms
  106. npm timing action:extract Completed in 1699ms
  107. npm timing action:finalize Completed in 107ms
  108. npm timing action:refresh-package-json Completed in 243ms
  109. npm info lifecycle @sindresorhus/is@0.14.0~preinstall: @sindresorhus/is@0.14.0
  110. npm info lifecycle boolean@2.0.3~preinstall: boolean@2.0.3
  111. npm info lifecycle buffer-from@1.1.1~preinstall: buffer-from@1.1.1
  112. npm info lifecycle lowercase-keys@2.0.0~preinstall: lowercase-keys@2.0.0
  113. npm info lifecycle core-js@3.4.0~preinstall: core-js@3.4.0
  114. npm info lifecycle core-util-is@1.0.2~preinstall: core-util-is@1.0.2
  115. npm info lifecycle defer-to-connect@1.1.0~preinstall: defer-to-connect@1.1.0
  116. npm info lifecycle @szmarczak/http-timer@1.1.2~preinstall: @szmarczak/http-timer@1.1.2
  117. npm info lifecycle detect-node@2.0.4~preinstall: detect-node@2.0.4
  118. npm info lifecycle duplexer3@0.1.4~preinstall: duplexer3@0.1.4
  119. npm info lifecycle encodeurl@1.0.2~preinstall: encodeurl@1.0.2
  120. npm info lifecycle env-paths@2.2.0~preinstall: env-paths@2.2.0
  121. npm info lifecycle es6-error@4.1.1~preinstall: es6-error@4.1.1
  122. npm info lifecycle escape-string-regexp@2.0.0~preinstall: escape-string-regexp@2.0.0
  123. npm info lifecycle ms@2.0.0~preinstall: ms@2.0.0
  124. npm info lifecycle debug@2.6.9~preinstall: debug@2.6.9
  125. npm info lifecycle function-bind@1.1.1~preinstall: function-bind@1.1.1
  126. npm info lifecycle graceful-fs@4.2.3~preinstall: graceful-fs@4.2.3
  127. npm info lifecycle http-cache-semantics@4.0.3~preinstall: http-cache-semantics@4.0.3
  128. npm info lifecycle inherits@2.0.4~preinstall: inherits@2.0.4
  129. npm info lifecycle ini@1.3.5~preinstall: ini@1.3.5
  130. npm info lifecycle isarray@1.0.0~preinstall: isarray@1.0.0
  131. npm info lifecycle json-buffer@3.0.0~preinstall: json-buffer@3.0.0
  132. npm info lifecycle json-stringify-safe@5.0.1~preinstall: json-stringify-safe@5.0.1
  133. npm info lifecycle jsonfile@4.0.0~preinstall: jsonfile@4.0.0
  134. npm info lifecycle keyv@3.1.0~preinstall: keyv@3.1.0
  135. npm info lifecycle lodash@4.17.15~preinstall: lodash@4.17.15
  136. npm info lifecycle lowercase-keys@1.0.1~preinstall: lowercase-keys@1.0.1
  137. npm info lifecycle matcher@2.0.0~preinstall: matcher@2.0.0
  138. npm info lifecycle mimic-response@1.0.1~preinstall: mimic-response@1.0.1
  139. npm info lifecycle clone-response@1.0.2~preinstall: clone-response@1.0.2
  140. npm info lifecycle decompress-response@3.3.0~preinstall: decompress-response@3.3.0
  141. npm info lifecycle minimist@0.0.8~preinstall: minimist@0.0.8
  142. npm info lifecycle mkdirp@0.5.1~preinstall: mkdirp@0.5.1
  143. npm info lifecycle ms@2.1.2~preinstall: ms@2.1.2
  144. npm info lifecycle debug@4.1.1~preinstall: debug@4.1.1
  145. npm info lifecycle normalize-url@4.5.0~preinstall: normalize-url@4.5.0
  146. npm info lifecycle object-keys@1.1.1~preinstall: object-keys@1.1.1
  147. npm info lifecycle define-properties@1.1.3~preinstall: define-properties@1.1.3
  148. npm info lifecycle globalthis@1.0.0~preinstall: globalthis@1.0.0
  149. npm info lifecycle p-cancelable@1.1.0~preinstall: p-cancelable@1.1.0
  150. npm info lifecycle pend@1.2.0~preinstall: pend@1.2.0
  151. npm info lifecycle fd-slicer@1.0.1~preinstall: fd-slicer@1.0.1
  152. npm info lifecycle pify@3.0.0~preinstall: pify@3.0.0
  153. npm info lifecycle prepend-http@2.0.0~preinstall: prepend-http@2.0.0
  154. npm info lifecycle process-nextick-args@2.0.1~preinstall: process-nextick-args@2.0.1
  155. npm info lifecycle proto-list@1.2.4~preinstall: proto-list@1.2.4
  156. npm info lifecycle config-chain@1.1.12~preinstall: config-chain@1.1.12
  157. npm info lifecycle npm-conf@1.1.3~preinstall: npm-conf@1.1.3
  158. npm info lifecycle responselike@1.0.2~preinstall: responselike@1.0.2
  159. npm info lifecycle electron@7.1.1~preinstall: electron@7.1.1
  160. npm info lifecycle extract-zip@1.6.7~preinstall: extract-zip@1.6.7
  161. npm info lifecycle @types/node@12.12.7~preinstall: @types/node@12.12.7
  162. npm info lifecycle @electron/get@1.6.0~preinstall: @electron/get@1.6.0
  163. npm info lifecycle yauzl@2.4.1~preinstall: yauzl@2.4.1
  164. npm info lifecycle got@9.6.0~preinstall: got@9.6.0
  165. npm info lifecycle get-stream@4.1.0~preinstall: get-stream@4.1.0
  166. npm info lifecycle cacheable-request@6.1.0~preinstall: cacheable-request@6.1.0
  167. npm info lifecycle get-stream@5.1.0~preinstall: get-stream@5.1.0
  168. npm info lifecycle pump@3.0.0~preinstall: pump@3.0.0
  169. npm info lifecycle end-of-stream@1.4.4~preinstall: end-of-stream@1.4.4
  170. npm info lifecycle once@1.4.0~preinstall: once@1.4.0
  171. npm info lifecycle wrappy@1.0.2~preinstall: wrappy@1.0.2
  172. npm info lifecycle concat-stream@1.6.2~preinstall: concat-stream@1.6.2
  173. npm info lifecycle readable-stream@2.3.6~preinstall: readable-stream@2.3.6
  174. npm info lifecycle util-deprecate@1.0.2~preinstall: util-deprecate@1.0.2
  175. npm info lifecycle sanitize-filename@1.6.3~preinstall: sanitize-filename@1.6.3
  176. npm info lifecycle truncate-utf8-bytes@1.0.2~preinstall: truncate-utf8-bytes@1.0.2
  177. npm info lifecycle utf8-byte-length@1.0.4~preinstall: utf8-byte-length@1.0.4
  178. npm info lifecycle url-parse-lax@3.0.0~preinstall: url-parse-lax@3.0.0
  179. npm info lifecycle fs-extra@8.1.0~preinstall: fs-extra@8.1.0
  180. npm info lifecycle universalify@0.1.2~preinstall: universalify@0.1.2
  181. npm info lifecycle typedarray@0.0.6~preinstall: typedarray@0.0.6
  182. npm info lifecycle global-agent@2.1.5~preinstall: global-agent@2.1.5
  183. npm info lifecycle serialize-error@5.0.0~preinstall: serialize-error@5.0.0
  184. npm info lifecycle type-fest@0.8.1~preinstall: type-fest@0.8.1
  185. npm info lifecycle global-tunnel-ng@2.7.1~preinstall: global-tunnel-ng@2.7.1
  186. npm info lifecycle tunnel@0.0.6~preinstall: tunnel@0.0.6
  187. npm info lifecycle to-readable-stream@1.0.0~preinstall: to-readable-stream@1.0.0
  188. npm info lifecycle sumchecker@3.0.0~preinstall: sumchecker@3.0.0
  189. npm info lifecycle string_decoder@1.1.1~preinstall: string_decoder@1.1.1
  190. npm info lifecycle roarr@2.14.4~preinstall: roarr@2.14.4
  191. npm info lifecycle sprintf-js@1.1.2~preinstall: sprintf-js@1.1.2
  192. npm info lifecycle semver-compare@1.0.0~preinstall: semver-compare@1.0.0
  193. npm info lifecycle semver@6.3.0~preinstall: semver@6.3.0
  194. npm info lifecycle safe-buffer@5.1.2~preinstall: safe-buffer@5.1.2
  195. npm timing action:preinstall Completed in 36ms
  196. npm info linkStuff @sindresorhus/is@0.14.0
  197. npm info linkStuff boolean@2.0.3
  198. npm info linkStuff buffer-from@1.1.1
  199. npm info linkStuff lowercase-keys@2.0.0
  200. npm info linkStuff core-js@3.4.0
  201. npm info linkStuff core-util-is@1.0.2
  202. npm info linkStuff defer-to-connect@1.1.0
  203. npm info linkStuff @szmarczak/http-timer@1.1.2
  204. npm info linkStuff detect-node@2.0.4
  205. npm info linkStuff duplexer3@0.1.4
  206. npm info linkStuff encodeurl@1.0.2
  207. npm info linkStuff env-paths@2.2.0
  208. npm info linkStuff es6-error@4.1.1
  209. npm info linkStuff escape-string-regexp@2.0.0
  210. npm info linkStuff ms@2.0.0
  211. npm info linkStuff debug@2.6.9
  212. npm info linkStuff function-bind@1.1.1
  213. npm info linkStuff graceful-fs@4.2.3
  214. npm info linkStuff http-cache-semantics@4.0.3
  215. npm info linkStuff inherits@2.0.4
  216. npm info linkStuff ini@1.3.5
  217. npm info linkStuff isarray@1.0.0
  218. npm info linkStuff json-buffer@3.0.0
  219. npm info linkStuff json-stringify-safe@5.0.1
  220. npm info linkStuff jsonfile@4.0.0
  221. npm info linkStuff keyv@3.1.0
  222. npm info linkStuff lodash@4.17.15
  223. npm info linkStuff lowercase-keys@1.0.1
  224. npm info linkStuff matcher@2.0.0
  225. npm info linkStuff mimic-response@1.0.1
  226. npm info linkStuff clone-response@1.0.2
  227. npm info linkStuff decompress-response@3.3.0
  228. npm info linkStuff minimist@0.0.8
  229. npm info linkStuff mkdirp@0.5.1
  230. npm verb linkBins [
  231. npm verb linkBins   { mkdirp: 'bin/cmd.js' },
  232. npm verb linkBins   '/media/E0A801EAA801C050/js/Node.js/test_eletrcon/node_modules/.bin',
  233. npm verb linkBins   false
  234. npm verb linkBins ]
  235. npm info linkStuff ms@2.1.2
  236. npm info linkStuff debug@4.1.1
  237. npm info linkStuff normalize-url@4.5.0
  238. npm info linkStuff object-keys@1.1.1
  239. npm info linkStuff define-properties@1.1.3
  240. npm info linkStuff globalthis@1.0.0
  241. npm info linkStuff p-cancelable@1.1.0
  242. npm info linkStuff pend@1.2.0
  243. npm info linkStuff fd-slicer@1.0.1
  244. npm info linkStuff pify@3.0.0
  245. npm info linkStuff prepend-http@2.0.0
  246. npm info linkStuff process-nextick-args@2.0.1
  247. npm info linkStuff proto-list@1.2.4
  248. npm info linkStuff config-chain@1.1.12
  249. npm info linkStuff npm-conf@1.1.3
  250. npm info linkStuff responselike@1.0.2
  251. npm info linkStuff safe-buffer@5.1.2
  252. npm info linkStuff semver@6.3.0
  253. npm verb linkBins [
  254. npm verb linkBins   { semver: './bin/semver.js' },
  255. npm verb linkBins   '/media/E0A801EAA801C050/js/Node.js/test_eletrcon/node_modules/.bin',
  256. npm verb linkBins   false
  257. npm verb linkBins ]
  258. npm info linkStuff semver-compare@1.0.0
  259. npm info linkStuff sprintf-js@1.1.2
  260. npm info linkStuff roarr@2.14.4
  261. npm info linkStuff string_decoder@1.1.1
  262. npm info linkStuff sumchecker@3.0.0
  263. npm info linkStuff to-readable-stream@1.0.0
  264. npm info linkStuff tunnel@0.0.6
  265. npm info linkStuff global-tunnel-ng@2.7.1
  266. npm info linkStuff type-fest@0.8.1
  267. npm info linkStuff serialize-error@5.0.0
  268. npm info linkStuff global-agent@2.1.5
  269. npm info linkStuff typedarray@0.0.6
  270. npm info linkStuff universalify@0.1.2
  271. npm info linkStuff fs-extra@8.1.0
  272. npm info linkStuff url-parse-lax@3.0.0
  273. npm info linkStuff utf8-byte-length@1.0.4
  274. npm info linkStuff truncate-utf8-bytes@1.0.2
  275. npm info linkStuff sanitize-filename@1.6.3
  276. npm info linkStuff util-deprecate@1.0.2
  277. npm info linkStuff readable-stream@2.3.6
  278. npm info linkStuff concat-stream@1.6.2
  279. npm info linkStuff wrappy@1.0.2
  280. npm info linkStuff once@1.4.0
  281. npm info linkStuff end-of-stream@1.4.4
  282. npm info linkStuff pump@3.0.0
  283. npm info linkStuff get-stream@5.1.0
  284. npm info linkStuff cacheable-request@6.1.0
  285. npm info linkStuff get-stream@4.1.0
  286. npm info linkStuff got@9.6.0
  287. npm info linkStuff yauzl@2.4.1
  288. npm info linkStuff @electron/get@1.6.0
  289. npm info linkStuff @types/node@12.12.7
  290. npm info linkStuff extract-zip@1.6.7
  291. npm verb linkBins [
  292. npm verb linkBins   { 'extract-zip': 'cli.js' },
  293. npm verb linkBins   '/media/E0A801EAA801C050/js/Node.js/test_eletrcon/node_modules/.bin',
  294. npm verb linkBins   false
  295. npm verb linkBins ]
  296. npm info linkStuff electron@7.1.1
  297. npm verb linkBins [
  298. npm verb linkBins   { electron: 'cli.js' },
  299. npm verb linkBins   '/media/E0A801EAA801C050/js/Node.js/test_eletrcon/node_modules/.bin',
  300. npm verb linkBins   false
  301. npm verb linkBins ]
  302. npm timing action:build Completed in 45ms
  303. npm info lifecycle @sindresorhus/is@0.14.0~install: @sindresorhus/is@0.14.0
  304. npm info lifecycle boolean@2.0.3~install: boolean@2.0.3
  305. npm info lifecycle buffer-from@1.1.1~install: buffer-from@1.1.1
  306. npm info lifecycle lowercase-keys@2.0.0~install: lowercase-keys@2.0.0
  307. npm info lifecycle core-js@3.4.0~install: core-js@3.4.0
  308. npm info lifecycle core-util-is@1.0.2~install: core-util-is@1.0.2
  309. npm info lifecycle defer-to-connect@1.1.0~install: defer-to-connect@1.1.0
  310. npm info lifecycle @szmarczak/http-timer@1.1.2~install: @szmarczak/http-timer@1.1.2
  311. npm info lifecycle detect-node@2.0.4~install: detect-node@2.0.4
  312. npm info lifecycle duplexer3@0.1.4~install: duplexer3@0.1.4
  313. npm info lifecycle encodeurl@1.0.2~install: encodeurl@1.0.2
  314. npm info lifecycle env-paths@2.2.0~install: env-paths@2.2.0
  315. npm info lifecycle es6-error@4.1.1~install: es6-error@4.1.1
  316. npm info lifecycle escape-string-regexp@2.0.0~install: escape-string-regexp@2.0.0
  317. npm info lifecycle ms@2.0.0~install: ms@2.0.0
  318. npm info lifecycle debug@2.6.9~install: debug@2.6.9
  319. npm info lifecycle function-bind@1.1.1~install: function-bind@1.1.1
  320. npm info lifecycle graceful-fs@4.2.3~install: graceful-fs@4.2.3
  321. npm info lifecycle http-cache-semantics@4.0.3~install: http-cache-semantics@4.0.3
  322. npm info lifecycle inherits@2.0.4~install: inherits@2.0.4
  323. npm info lifecycle ini@1.3.5~install: ini@1.3.5
  324. npm info lifecycle isarray@1.0.0~install: isarray@1.0.0
  325. npm info lifecycle json-buffer@3.0.0~install: json-buffer@3.0.0
  326. npm info lifecycle json-stringify-safe@5.0.1~install: json-stringify-safe@5.0.1
  327. npm info lifecycle jsonfile@4.0.0~install: jsonfile@4.0.0
  328. npm info lifecycle keyv@3.1.0~install: keyv@3.1.0
  329. npm info lifecycle lodash@4.17.15~install: lodash@4.17.15
  330. npm info lifecycle lowercase-keys@1.0.1~install: lowercase-keys@1.0.1
  331. npm info lifecycle matcher@2.0.0~install: matcher@2.0.0
  332. npm info lifecycle mimic-response@1.0.1~install: mimic-response@1.0.1
  333. npm info lifecycle clone-response@1.0.2~install: clone-response@1.0.2
  334. npm info lifecycle decompress-response@3.3.0~install: decompress-response@3.3.0
  335. npm info lifecycle minimist@0.0.8~install: minimist@0.0.8
  336. npm info lifecycle mkdirp@0.5.1~install: mkdirp@0.5.1
  337. npm info lifecycle ms@2.1.2~install: ms@2.1.2
  338. npm info lifecycle debug@4.1.1~install: debug@4.1.1
  339. npm info lifecycle normalize-url@4.5.0~install: normalize-url@4.5.0
  340. npm info lifecycle object-keys@1.1.1~install: object-keys@1.1.1
  341. npm info lifecycle define-properties@1.1.3~install: define-properties@1.1.3
  342. npm info lifecycle globalthis@1.0.0~install: globalthis@1.0.0
  343. npm info lifecycle p-cancelable@1.1.0~install: p-cancelable@1.1.0
  344. npm info lifecycle pend@1.2.0~install: pend@1.2.0
  345. npm info lifecycle fd-slicer@1.0.1~install: fd-slicer@1.0.1
  346. npm info lifecycle pify@3.0.0~install: pify@3.0.0
  347. npm info lifecycle prepend-http@2.0.0~install: prepend-http@2.0.0
  348. npm info lifecycle process-nextick-args@2.0.1~install: process-nextick-args@2.0.1
  349. npm info lifecycle proto-list@1.2.4~install: proto-list@1.2.4
  350. npm info lifecycle config-chain@1.1.12~install: config-chain@1.1.12
  351. npm info lifecycle npm-conf@1.1.3~install: npm-conf@1.1.3
  352. npm info lifecycle responselike@1.0.2~install: responselike@1.0.2
  353. npm info lifecycle safe-buffer@5.1.2~install: safe-buffer@5.1.2
  354. npm info lifecycle semver@6.3.0~install: semver@6.3.0
  355. npm info lifecycle semver-compare@1.0.0~install: semver-compare@1.0.0
  356. npm info lifecycle sprintf-js@1.1.2~install: sprintf-js@1.1.2
  357. npm info lifecycle roarr@2.14.4~install: roarr@2.14.4
  358. npm info lifecycle string_decoder@1.1.1~install: string_decoder@1.1.1
  359. npm info lifecycle sumchecker@3.0.0~install: sumchecker@3.0.0
  360. npm info lifecycle to-readable-stream@1.0.0~install: to-readable-stream@1.0.0
  361. npm info lifecycle tunnel@0.0.6~install: tunnel@0.0.6
  362. npm info lifecycle global-tunnel-ng@2.7.1~install: global-tunnel-ng@2.7.1
  363. npm info lifecycle type-fest@0.8.1~install: type-fest@0.8.1
  364. npm info lifecycle serialize-error@5.0.0~install: serialize-error@5.0.0
  365. npm info lifecycle global-agent@2.1.5~install: global-agent@2.1.5
  366. npm info lifecycle typedarray@0.0.6~install: typedarray@0.0.6
  367. npm info lifecycle universalify@0.1.2~install: universalify@0.1.2
  368. npm info lifecycle fs-extra@8.1.0~install: fs-extra@8.1.0
  369. npm info lifecycle url-parse-lax@3.0.0~install: url-parse-lax@3.0.0
  370. npm info lifecycle utf8-byte-length@1.0.4~install: utf8-byte-length@1.0.4
  371. npm info lifecycle truncate-utf8-bytes@1.0.2~install: truncate-utf8-bytes@1.0.2
  372. npm info lifecycle sanitize-filename@1.6.3~install: sanitize-filename@1.6.3
  373. npm info lifecycle util-deprecate@1.0.2~install: util-deprecate@1.0.2
  374. npm info lifecycle readable-stream@2.3.6~install: readable-stream@2.3.6
  375. npm info lifecycle concat-stream@1.6.2~install: concat-stream@1.6.2
  376. npm info lifecycle wrappy@1.0.2~install: wrappy@1.0.2
  377. npm info lifecycle once@1.4.0~install: once@1.4.0
  378. npm info lifecycle end-of-stream@1.4.4~install: end-of-stream@1.4.4
  379. npm info lifecycle pump@3.0.0~install: pump@3.0.0
  380. npm info lifecycle get-stream@5.1.0~install: get-stream@5.1.0
  381. npm info lifecycle cacheable-request@6.1.0~install: cacheable-request@6.1.0
  382. npm info lifecycle get-stream@4.1.0~install: get-stream@4.1.0
  383. npm info lifecycle got@9.6.0~install: got@9.6.0
  384. npm info lifecycle yauzl@2.4.1~install: yauzl@2.4.1
  385. npm info lifecycle @electron/get@1.6.0~install: @electron/get@1.6.0
  386. npm info lifecycle @types/node@12.12.7~install: @types/node@12.12.7
  387. npm info lifecycle extract-zip@1.6.7~install: extract-zip@1.6.7
  388. npm info lifecycle electron@7.1.1~install: electron@7.1.1
  389. npm timing action:install Completed in 32ms
  390. npm info lifecycle @sindresorhus/is@0.14.0~postinstall: @sindresorhus/is@0.14.0
  391. npm info lifecycle boolean@2.0.3~postinstall: boolean@2.0.3
  392. npm info lifecycle buffer-from@1.1.1~postinstall: buffer-from@1.1.1
  393. npm info lifecycle lowercase-keys@2.0.0~postinstall: lowercase-keys@2.0.0
  394. npm info lifecycle core-js@3.4.0~postinstall: core-js@3.4.0
  396. > core-js@3.4.0 postinstall /media/E0A801EAA801C050/js/Node.js/test_eletrcon/node_modules/core-js
  397. > node postinstall || echo "ignore"
  399. Thank you for using core-js ( ) for polyfilling JavaScript standard library!
  401. The project needs your help! Please consider supporting of core-js on Open Collective or Patreon:
  402. >
  403. >
  405. Also, the author of core-js ( ) is looking for a good job -)
  407. npm verb lifecycle core-js@3.4.0~postinstall: unsafe-perm in lifecycle true
  408. npm verb lifecycle core-js@3.4.0~postinstall: PATH: /media/E0A801EAA801C050/Devops/virtualenv/env-12.13/lib/node_modules/npm/node_modules/npm-lifecycle/node-gyp-bin:/media/E0A801EAA801C050/js/Node.js/test_eletrcon/node_modules/core-js/node_modules/.bin:/media/E0A801EAA801C050/js/Node.js/test_eletrcon/node_modules/.bin:/media/E0A801EAA801C050/Devops/virtualenv/env-12.13/lib/node_modules/.bin:/media/E0A801EAA801C050/Devops/virtualenv/env-12.13/bin:/home/kwan/.pyenv/plugins/pyenv-virtualenv/shims:/home/kwan/.pyenv/shims:/home/kwan/.pyenv/bin:/home/kwan/.phpbrew/php/7.2-dev/bin:/home/kwan/.phpbrew/bin:/home/kwan/bin:/home/kwan/.local/bin:/usr/local/rvm/gems/ruby-2.4.1/bin:/usr/local/rvm/gems/ruby-2.4.1@global/bin:/usr/local/rvm/rubies/ruby-2.4.1/bin:/usr/local/sbin:/usr/local/bin:/usr/sbin:/usr/bin:/sbin:/bin:/usr/games:/usr/local/games:/snap/bin:/home/kwan/.dotnet/tools:/usr/local/rvm/bin:/home/kwan/.config/composer/vendor/bin:/home/kwan/.php-school/bin:/usr/local/go/bin:/media/E0A801EAA801C050/android-studio/gradle/gradle-4.10.1/bin:/media/E0A801EAA801C050/AndroidSDKs/tools:/media/E0A801EAA801C050/AndroidSDKs/platform-tools:/media/E0A801EAA801C050/AndroidSDKs/build-tools/28.0.3:/media/E0A801EAA801C050/AndroidSDKs/flutter/bin:/media/E0A801EAA801C050/pypy/bin:/media/E0A801EAA801C050/Devops/virtualenv/env-10/bin:/media/E0A801EAA801C050/Devops/virtualenv
  409. npm verb lifecycle core-js@3.4.0~postinstall: CWD: /media/E0A801EAA801C050/js/Node.js/test_eletrcon/node_modules/core-js
  410. npm info lifecycle core-util-is@1.0.2~postinstall: core-util-is@1.0.2
  411. npm info lifecycle defer-to-connect@1.1.0~postinstall: defer-to-connect@1.1.0
  412. npm info lifecycle @szmarczak/http-timer@1.1.2~postinstall: @szmarczak/http-timer@1.1.2
  413. npm info lifecycle detect-node@2.0.4~postinstall: detect-node@2.0.4
  414. npm info lifecycle duplexer3@0.1.4~postinstall: duplexer3@0.1.4
  415. npm info lifecycle encodeurl@1.0.2~postinstall: encodeurl@1.0.2
  416. npm info lifecycle env-paths@2.2.0~postinstall: env-paths@2.2.0
  417. npm info lifecycle es6-error@4.1.1~postinstall: es6-error@4.1.1
  418. npm info lifecycle escape-string-regexp@2.0.0~postinstall: escape-string-regexp@2.0.0
  419. npm info lifecycle ms@2.0.0~postinstall: ms@2.0.0
  420. npm info lifecycle debug@2.6.9~postinstall: debug@2.6.9
  421. npm info lifecycle function-bind@1.1.1~postinstall: function-bind@1.1.1
  422. npm info lifecycle graceful-fs@4.2.3~postinstall: graceful-fs@4.2.3
  423. npm info lifecycle http-cache-semantics@4.0.3~postinstall: http-cache-semantics@4.0.3
  424. npm info lifecycle inherits@2.0.4~postinstall: inherits@2.0.4
  425. npm info lifecycle ini@1.3.5~postinstall: ini@1.3.5
  426. npm info lifecycle isarray@1.0.0~postinstall: isarray@1.0.0
  427. npm info lifecycle json-buffer@3.0.0~postinstall: json-buffer@3.0.0
  428. npm info lifecycle json-stringify-safe@5.0.1~postinstall: json-stringify-safe@5.0.1
  429. npm info lifecycle jsonfile@4.0.0~postinstall: jsonfile@4.0.0
  430. npm info lifecycle keyv@3.1.0~postinstall: keyv@3.1.0
  431. npm info lifecycle lodash@4.17.15~postinstall: lodash@4.17.15
  432. npm info lifecycle lowercase-keys@1.0.1~postinstall: lowercase-keys@1.0.1
  433. npm info lifecycle matcher@2.0.0~postinstall: matcher@2.0.0
  434. npm info lifecycle mimic-response@1.0.1~postinstall: mimic-response@1.0.1
  435. npm info lifecycle clone-response@1.0.2~postinstall: clone-response@1.0.2
  436. npm info lifecycle decompress-response@3.3.0~postinstall: decompress-response@3.3.0
  437. npm info lifecycle minimist@0.0.8~postinstall: minimist@0.0.8
  438. npm info lifecycle mkdirp@0.5.1~postinstall: mkdirp@0.5.1
  439. npm info lifecycle ms@2.1.2~postinstall: ms@2.1.2
  440. npm info lifecycle debug@4.1.1~postinstall: debug@4.1.1
  441. npm info lifecycle normalize-url@4.5.0~postinstall: normalize-url@4.5.0
  442. npm info lifecycle object-keys@1.1.1~postinstall: object-keys@1.1.1
  443. npm info lifecycle define-properties@1.1.3~postinstall: define-properties@1.1.3
  444. npm info lifecycle globalthis@1.0.0~postinstall: globalthis@1.0.0
  445. npm info lifecycle p-cancelable@1.1.0~postinstall: p-cancelable@1.1.0
  446. npm info lifecycle pend@1.2.0~postinstall: pend@1.2.0
  447. npm info lifecycle fd-slicer@1.0.1~postinstall: fd-slicer@1.0.1
  448. npm info lifecycle pify@3.0.0~postinstall: pify@3.0.0
  449. npm info lifecycle prepend-http@2.0.0~postinstall: prepend-http@2.0.0
  450. npm info lifecycle process-nextick-args@2.0.1~postinstall: process-nextick-args@2.0.1
  451. npm info lifecycle proto-list@1.2.4~postinstall: proto-list@1.2.4
  452. npm info lifecycle config-chain@1.1.12~postinstall: config-chain@1.1.12
  453. npm info lifecycle npm-conf@1.1.3~postinstall: npm-conf@1.1.3
  454. npm info lifecycle responselike@1.0.2~postinstall: responselike@1.0.2
  455. npm info lifecycle safe-buffer@5.1.2~postinstall: safe-buffer@5.1.2
  456. npm info lifecycle semver@6.3.0~postinstall: semver@6.3.0
  457. npm info lifecycle semver-compare@1.0.0~postinstall: semver-compare@1.0.0
  458. npm info lifecycle sprintf-js@1.1.2~postinstall: sprintf-js@1.1.2
  459. npm info lifecycle roarr@2.14.4~postinstall: roarr@2.14.4
  460. npm info lifecycle string_decoder@1.1.1~postinstall: string_decoder@1.1.1
  461. npm info lifecycle sumchecker@3.0.0~postinstall: sumchecker@3.0.0
  462. npm info lifecycle to-readable-stream@1.0.0~postinstall: to-readable-stream@1.0.0
  463. npm info lifecycle tunnel@0.0.6~postinstall: tunnel@0.0.6
  464. npm info lifecycle global-tunnel-ng@2.7.1~postinstall: global-tunnel-ng@2.7.1
  465. npm info lifecycle type-fest@0.8.1~postinstall: type-fest@0.8.1
  466. npm info lifecycle serialize-error@5.0.0~postinstall: serialize-error@5.0.0
  467. npm info lifecycle global-agent@2.1.5~postinstall: global-agent@2.1.5
  468. npm info lifecycle typedarray@0.0.6~postinstall: typedarray@0.0.6
  469. npm info lifecycle universalify@0.1.2~postinstall: universalify@0.1.2
  470. npm info lifecycle fs-extra@8.1.0~postinstall: fs-extra@8.1.0
  471. npm info lifecycle url-parse-lax@3.0.0~postinstall: url-parse-lax@3.0.0
  472. npm info lifecycle utf8-byte-length@1.0.4~postinstall: utf8-byte-length@1.0.4
  473. npm info lifecycle truncate-utf8-bytes@1.0.2~postinstall: truncate-utf8-bytes@1.0.2
  474. npm info lifecycle sanitize-filename@1.6.3~postinstall: sanitize-filename@1.6.3
  475. npm info lifecycle util-deprecate@1.0.2~postinstall: util-deprecate@1.0.2
  476. npm info lifecycle readable-stream@2.3.6~postinstall: readable-stream@2.3.6
  477. npm info lifecycle concat-stream@1.6.2~postinstall: concat-stream@1.6.2
  478. npm info lifecycle wrappy@1.0.2~postinstall: wrappy@1.0.2
  479. npm info lifecycle once@1.4.0~postinstall: once@1.4.0
  480. npm info lifecycle end-of-stream@1.4.4~postinstall: end-of-stream@1.4.4
  481. npm info lifecycle pump@3.0.0~postinstall: pump@3.0.0
  482. npm info lifecycle get-stream@5.1.0~postinstall: get-stream@5.1.0
  483. npm info lifecycle cacheable-request@6.1.0~postinstall: cacheable-request@6.1.0
  484. npm info lifecycle get-stream@4.1.0~postinstall: get-stream@4.1.0
  485. npm info lifecycle got@9.6.0~postinstall: got@9.6.0
  486. npm info lifecycle yauzl@2.4.1~postinstall: yauzl@2.4.1
  487. npm info lifecycle @electron/get@1.6.0~postinstall: @electron/get@1.6.0
  488. npm info lifecycle @types/node@12.12.7~postinstall: @types/node@12.12.7
  489. npm info lifecycle extract-zip@1.6.7~postinstall: extract-zip@1.6.7
  490. npm info lifecycle electron@7.1.1~postinstall: electron@7.1.1
  492. > electron@7.1.1 postinstall /media/E0A801EAA801C050/js/Node.js/test_eletrcon/node_modules/electron
  493. > node install.js
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