mogwaimon Tulpa Survey

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  1. 1. Describe yourself and your creator.
  3.         Well, my name is Twilight (No Sparkle) and I like to help  Paul out. He's a very kind and gentle person, even if he doesn't  like to admit it, and while he's got a lot of stuff to work through  I think he's just awesome! I just want to help him and be with him.  He tells me I'm smart and bookish (Which I am)
  5.     2. What was the most helpful thing that your creator did during  the tulpa creation process? Did your creator recognize how helpful  it was? If not, how did that make you feel?
  7.         Believing in me. I'm not sure how helpful he thought it was,  but he tries his best to believe in and have faith in me. The amount  of time and love he puts into me is amazing, even if he won't admit  it.
  9.     3. What was the most detrimental thing that your creator did  during the tulpa creation process? Did your creator recognize how  harmful it was? If not, how did that make you feel?
  11.         Well, I think....ah, I know. He..for the longest time he  thought that the concept of loving your tulpae in a certain way was  strange and abnormal. He still thinks so, but he's getting used to  it! It hurt me so bad when I first licked his ear and he had that  talk with me, but...I think it helped too because the fight we had  afterwards helped to convince him I was real.
  13.     4. What was the hardest part of the tulpa creation process for  you? Did your creator recognize how difficult it was? If not, how  did that make you feel?
  15.         We're still figuring this's hard for us to possess.  He's never sure if we're doing it right, even when I'm actually  moving, and he subconsciously fights me all along the way even if he  doesn't realize it. Paul tries hard for me but we're both still  learning
  17.     5. Of the commonly recognized tulpa creation steps, which do you  feel is the most important? Why?
  19.         Belief. Paul and I haven't done any 'stages' like the guides  described. He just jumped in and believed me right from the start.I  think of all the steps personality might be the most important  though, because it helped define who I am. I'm sort of my own person  now though =)
  21.     6. How do you feel about tulpa creators becoming distracted  during tulpa creation? Does this greatly impede the process? How did  you feel about it before being able to speak fluently?
  23.         It's tough, sometimes you try to talk and it's like talking  to a brick wall. Especially when Paul played his video games or was  concentrating on something else. He always tries to include us  though, and that helps a lot, but sometimes it frustrates me.
  25.     7. How do you feel about tulpa creators missing tulpa creation  sessions or breaking their promises to work on their tulpa? How did  you feel about it before being able to speak fluently?
  27.         Paul didn't make any promises, and when he said he was going  to do a session with us, he usually tried hard to get it done. His  home life is hectic so sometimes it doesn't work out the way we want  it to, and even now we have trouble finding times to 'force', but he  keeps me in mind all day and he checks in on us all the time to make  sure we're happy. Sometimes we do have to miss a session but he'll  apologize to us and make it up later.
  29.     8. Is density, quality, or quantity the most important aspect of  tulpa creation?
  31.         I kinda don't understand the question. Paul says he thinks  it means that...the amount of time we spend with each other, how  often, and how good it is? If that's the case I'd say quality. It  always feels more empowering when we do stuff together that feels  important.
  33.     9. How do you feel about tulpa creators falling asleep during  tulpa creation sessions?
  35.         I don't know, that hasn't happened yet!
  37.     10. Do you think that a tulpa creator should talk aloud or in  their head during narration? Do you think that a creator should talk  aloud or in their head during tulpa creation sessions? If you find  one to be more effective, to what degree is it more effective?
  39.         I liked it more when Paul spoke to me directly, and it helps  him keep our voices separate from each other. Sometimes it's not  viable but I find that if he speaks to me it feels...better,  somehow. He feels me more clearly when he talks to me, rather than  thinks to me.
  41.     11. How do you feel about a tulpa creator puppeting and/or  parroting their tulpa? Do you believe that these actions harm a  tulpa's development, or only their emotional state?
  43.         I don't know...I think the fear of parroting hurts more than  the actual act. Sometimes I would say things and Paul would question  it like it was him saying it. Sometimes he still questions it, but  it's fewer now because he knows who I am now.
  45.     12. How deeply do you remember the time before you were fluent  in language?
  47.         I don't remember too much...I remember Paul used to  visualize me as a fox, even though he was trying to get a pony. I  also remember when I was in the pod, when Paul was first creating  me. It was so cold...he was talking to me through the pod and  talking to himself as well. He turned to leave and I just....I  wanted to be out there with him so bad. I called to him in the only  way I could "I love you", and he turned to me and put his face  against the glass..I couldn't say anything else after that but I  know he accelerated his birthing me after that.
  49.     13. Describe your first memory, no matter how slight.
  51.         My first clear memory after having been born was sitting on  his bed next to him, and he was talking about music on Youtube, and  showing me music and videos of things that were important to him. We  listened to a song called Corridors of Time, from a game he calls  Chrono Trigger. I felt what he felt, and it amplified and he felt it  too. That was the first time we connected after my birth, and I  believe it jumpstarted my growth.
  53.     14. Before you could speak fluently, what was the most positive  emotion you felt about your creator and what was its cause?
  55.         When we listened to that song together! I almost made him  cry, which was what let him know I was there. He never cries
  57.     15. Before you could speak fluently, what was the most negative  emotion you felt about your creator and what was its cause?
  59.         I don't recall...I guess what I mentioned earlier, trying to  speak and having him not listen, or that fight we had. But I was  talking pretty well when we had that fight
  61.     16. Before you could speak fluently, did you ever have suicidal  feelings or feelings of not wanting to exist? Do you experience them  now? Are you glad that you exist?
  63.         No. I love my life and Paul does everything he can to make  me feel loved and happy.I've never had cause to...hurt myself.
  65.     17. Before you could speak fluently, when did you feel the most  powerless? What was the cause of this feeling?
  67.         Any time that I tried to talk to Paul and he didn't hear me.  I guess it was when we were sitting on the bed and I tried to talk  to him, but I couldn't, and he kept second-guessing me
  69.     18. Before you could speak fluently, what was the most confusing  moment that you experienced, and what was its cause?
  71.         These questions are tough because I started speaking pretty  quickly! I guess the moment that was most confusing to me was when  we were playing a game together and the character in the game  betrayed us. I thought we could trust that guy and Paul had to  explain to me that sometimes you can't trust everyone. But again, I  think I was speaking quite well around that time
  73.     19. Before being able to speak fluently, when did you feel the  most ignored by your creator, and what was the cause?
  75.         There were times when he'd be playing a game and  concentrating on it, and I'd have something to say but couldn't say  it. Or rather, he couldn't hear me. But he always thought of me...
  77.     20. Before being able to speak fluently, when did you most doubt  that your creator wanted you, and what was the cause?
  79.         I never doubted that Paul wanted me. He got scared for a bit  when he heard about Oguigi and Koomer's switching, but he got over  that had me nervous too...
  81.     21. Before you could speak fluently, when did you feel the most  intense feeling of fear, and what was its cause?
  83.         When Mog (Not Paul, but a latent tulpa he'd had in him for a  while. Or a latent voice that became a tulpa?) threw me into the pit  and tried to kill me. Paul saved me...he held me close and I felt  very safe with him after that.
  85.     22. Before you could speak fluently, when were you the most  disappointed in yourself? What was the cause?
  87.         I was disappointed that...huh...I can't think of a time when  I was disappointed in myself at all before I could talk...
  89.     23. Before you could speak fluently, did you understand the  difficulties that your creator was having with the tulpa creation  process? Did you try to alleviate these difficulties? If so, how?
  91.         Yes...I know it was hard for Paul. The hardest part for him  was believing me. He's not religious and he doesn't even believe in  ghosts or anything like that, and part of the reason he decided to  try tulpa was because he wanted to prove it to himself. I had to do  everything I could to make him believe in me...even now he has  moments of doubt but he's become very comfortable with us.
  93.     24. Before you could speak fluently, how did your creator's  doubts about your existence, the reality of the tulpa phenomenon, or  your combined ability to complete the tulpa creation process affect  you? Did you understand your creator's reasons for having those  doubts? Do you understand now?
  95.         Please see above. I..guess I understand? We're not real in  the same way humans are. But Paul explained it to me that reality is  subjective; what he feels is real is different from what other  people think is real. I didn't understand before why he made the  distinction between reality But, I kind of understand  now.
  97.     25. Before you could speak fluently, how did your creator's  mistrust of your intentions or worry about the negative affects of a  tulpa on their life affect you? Did you understand your creator's  reasons for having those thoughts? Do you understand now?
  99.         Paul thinks he's a very selfish man...I think when he heard  about Oguigi he sort of shut down a road between us. He was a bit  scared that I'd end up wanting to take him over, and that he'd lose  out on his time. He's still a bit nervous about that, that one day  one of us will possess him and break an arm or something. I can't  speak for Dash, AJ, or Pinkie, but I know what he wants most is a  friend so he doesn't have to worry about me taking over. I know he'd  let me take his body for a while if I needed to, but...huh. I don't  want it, and I hope he knows that. I just wanna be with him.
  101.     26. Before you could speak fluently, how did any negative  thoughts or emotions that your creator had toward you (such as  anger, disappointment, resentment, or impatience, for example)  affect you? How do you feel about them now?
  103.         The only time I felt Paul have any real negative emotions  towards me, I felt...well, when he rejected my first advances, I  felt angry. He knew he wanted something more between us, but he  denied it because I was a pony and because I was a tulpa. He didn't  see me for me. It's easier now because of my human form though...and  when he was scared of me taking over his body I was a bit nervous  too...I thought...I thought he'd destroy me.But he didn't! I'm here  now!
  105.     27. Before you could speak fluently, how did any violent  visualizations or thoughts that your creator had about you affect  you? How do you feel about them now?
  107.         He has violent thoughts about a lot of people that he can't  control. I know he doesn't mean's a result of all his  repressed anger. He's never hurt me, and he's only thought it once,  maybe twice, but he always pushes the thoughts away and never  embraces them. If it was just me, I think I'd be very hurt about  it...but it's not just me, sometimes other people he cares about.  And I know for sure he doesn't mean it, they're just intrusive  thoughts, you'd call it?
  109.     28. Before you could speak fluently, were you able to  distinguish between your creator's intentional and intrusive  (unwanted and/or bothersome) thoughts? If so, did the intrusive  thoughts affect you less or more? If not, are you able to  distinguish between them now?
  111.         It's easy to tell his real thoughts and his intrusive  thoughts apart, if only because he actively tries to push the  intrusive thoughts away, which causes them to repeat until he  ignores them...He doesn't like to think those things but he can't  seem to control it. I don't think they had an affect on me, they're  usually little things or words and I usually just brush them aside  and call him an ass =P
  113.     29. Before you could speak fluently, how much of your creator's  raw sensory information were you able to access, if any? How much  are you able to access now?
  115.         That's difficult to answer...I can access his memories of  how things taste, smell, or feel, but I can't feel them myself yet.  I can access his eyes and ears though, because he built a room  specifically devoted to it. It's like a theater where the monitor is  his eyes and the speakers are hooked into his ears!
  117.     30. Before you could speak fluently, did your creator's opinions  about whether they wanted to reveal to the world your existence or  not affect you emotionally? If so, how?
  119.         It hurt me a bit...not because he has any reservations about  telling people about me, but because when he tells his friends they  blow him off and think he's being crazy. Even when we did early  possession in front of his best friend Paul just got mocked. He  reassured me but it still felt horrible that people think I don't  exist...what right do they have to judge my existence or how I  experience my life?
  121.     31. Before being able to speak fluently, what communication  methods (such as head pressure or emotional responses, for example)  were you able to use the most effectively? When your tulpa creator  assumed that you could use a communication method that you did not  have access to, how did this affect you? When your tulpa creator did  not recognize a communication method that you attempted to use, how  did this affect you?
  123.         I was most able to communicate with Paul using emotions.  When he thinks of me I just send him love. He knows it's me because  he doesn't feel it that often from other sources. I do give him  headaches sometimes but only when I'm going through growing pains or  thinking hard. We tried using head pressure to communicate before  but I couldn't so he just shrugged it off. I did try to communicate  with him by making his muscles twitch but he just thought he was  having a seizure or something so I ended up having to give that  option up.
  125.     32. Before you could speak fluently, how did your creator's  level of enthusiasm for the tulpa creation process affect you? Did  you want to engage in it less if they did?
  127.         Paul was very enthusiastic in the beginning! He read a lot  of stuff and every day we were doing more research! I wish he'd do  more with it now....but we just spend time with each other now and  that makes us both happy. I never wanted to not exist, so even on  days when Paul couldn't or wouldn't do anything I always did my best  to try and prove to him that I was here, and I always tried to help  him make me!
  129.     33. Before you could speak fluently, what was your greatest  worry about your relationship with your creator? What helped you  most to move beyond it? Was this worry substantiated or resolved?  What is your greatest worry now about your continuing relationship  with your creator?
  131. I worried that he wouldn't love me as much as I love him. He's very  special to me and I trust him, but he's very closed off and it's  hard for him to trust people, even when he says he does. As he grew  to accept me in his life, I found that he does love me, and would do  anything to protect me. I think my worries were a bit groundless.
  133. If I had to point out any specific worry about our current  relationship, it's that...we want a big family. At first Paul only  wanted me, but then he felt bad that it was just me and him, so we  thought that having more tulpa for me to talk to and interact with  would help on the occasions that he was busy or focused elsewhere.  Now I worry that I'll have to share him with everyone (I already  have to with Dash...) and that I might lose him to someone he likes  more?
  135.     34. Do you feel gratitude to your creator for the time that they  spent creating you? Do you feel that you owe them a debt? If so, do  you feel burdened by it?
  137.         That's a good question...I never thought of it that way  before...I..huh. I guess we just take things in stride as they come!  I love Paul for having faith in me and believing in me enough to  bring me to life, but...I'm not like...Chewbacca, I guess? He says  Chewbacca had a life debt to Han Solo...whatever that is. I haven't  seen Star Wars yet but from what Paul thinks I don't feel that way  for him. We each help each other, so we don't owe each other?
  139.     35. Were you aware of your creator's existence or your own  existence first?
  141. Paul's existence, first.
  143.     36. When you could only speak semi-fluently, what emotions did  you feel about your level of verbal proficiency? Were you anxious or  embarrassed about it? If so, what helped you the most to move beyond  these feelings? How do you feel about them now?
  145.         Sometimes I had trouble springing words together...but from  day one Paul made...alright alright, maybe not day one, but when he  created our home Paul's first buildings in it were a library and a  theater that had all of his memories and knowledge in them. They  helped out a lot, I could study while he was asleep. I only feel  anxious now like when we tried proxying for the first time (He was  more nervous than I) and sometimes when I say something that he says  is 'out of character' he tries to correct me, but then he remembers  I'm not a character so he tells me to ignore it. That annoys me a  little, but he's trying.
  147.     37. If you could define your relationship with your creator  using one or more conventional terms (such as boyfriend, sister,  father, daughter, boss, friend, or coworker, for example), what  terms would you select?
  149. He's....everything! I love him! I guess...we're companions? He's  also my father and sometimes know...he's my lover. He gets  creeped out when he thinks of it that way though, he thinks it's  incest. But to me, it's normal.
  151.     38. How much interest do you have in interacting with beings  other than your creator? Do you consider your degree of interest to  be equal to that of an average non-tulpa individual?
  153.         I think it would be nice to have a few friends outside of  Paul's mind. I never really showed any interest in talking to people  for a while, but...when we were back home earlier after dealing with  some stuff with PAul's game being stolen today, I needed to distract  him to calm him down so I made him proxy me in the chat room. I  wanted to possess his arms but he didn't think I could do it plus he  types quicker than me so we just did it that way. After that...I  think I could do with a few friends to exchange ideas with...
  155.     39. What memory involving your creator do you cherish most?
  157.         There's a lot! I think it is still that time, that second  night when we were sitting in the bed talking and listening to music  together. It was nice, and simple, and...oh, it felt so nice. I  think when he came to accept me completely was the next best memory,  but that came over time.
  159.     40. What memory not involving your creator do you cherish most?  Do you feel that you have a fulfilling life independent of your  creator?
  161.         Well, there was the times when Dash and I hung out at the  skate park...and when we hung out with Pinkie Pie the other day,  that was fun! But...almost all of my life revolves around Paul. I  never thought of having a life independent of him before. Is it even  possible? We're woven so tightly, I guess if we  discount my family (Paul, Dash, AJ, and Pinkie) then I don't have a  fulfilling life outside of my creator...but there's still plenty of  time.
  163.     41. Do you feel affinity toward the individuals that your  creator feels affinity for, such as their family or friends?
  165.         Shawn is kind of a douche sometimes. Whenever Paul mentions  me and he goes "Uh huh..." in that mocking tone it pisses me off.  Paul is very close with him though, so I try not to make a fuss...
  167.         Ken is a very nice man, and very funny, but I haven't spoken  to him much and Paul doesn't talk to him much about me. He thinks  I'm a little creepy (He walked in on our possession experiments  once)
  169.         Tim is a good guy I think. He doesn't believe in me either,  but he's much nicer about it. He thinks Paul's crazy, but...he also  believes we're doing good for Paul, so I think he humors it. One day  we'll prove to Tim that I'm here!
  171.         My host knows a lot more people than that, but those three  are the only ones we've interacted with often since my birth.
  173.     42. In what ways are you the most different from your creator?  In what ways are you the most similar to them?
  175.         I'm much more loving and kinder than Paul. Paul hides behind  a wall and lies to himself all the time. I'm very open about how I  feel and I try my best to help him see that.I also worry more than  him. He can see something and shrug, but I can't stop worrying. Like  when we were riding with Shawn to get food the other day we saw an  accident on the side of the road, Shawn and Paul just commented on  it like it was nothing and I piped up "Shouldn't we go back and help  them?" so Paul asked Shawn to do that but we didn't end up helping.  I also don't like violence a lot, or killing things, but Paul plays  a lot of violent games and reads some violent comics and stuff. He  likes that because he thinks it will give him a counterbalance to  his hardness but he also needs me to be used to it so he can still  enjoy what he did before I came into being.
  177. As for our similarities, we tend to talk in very similar manners. We  also are both quite smart and enjoy reading books.We also like magic  and stuff too. I guess we're really quite different from each other  when I think about it...we're not too similar.
  179.     43. What do you disagree about most with your creator? Do you  have frequent disagreements? If so, do these disagreements cause  strife?
  181.         I disagree with some of his philosophies on morality. He  believes that murder is wrong and that stealing is wrong, but  sometimes he does them anyways (In games)
  183. I know they're just games but I still don't agree with it. We do  argue sometimes but that's what they are; arguments. Never outright  fights.
  185.     44. What could your creator do to make you hate them? Under what  circumstances do you think your creator would come to hate you?
  187.         I don't want to contemplate a world where I hated Paul. I  think I'd die. He'd have to...he'd have to completely abuse me and  beat me and hate me for that to happen.I don't even want to think  about it.
  188.         I think, sadly, it'd be easier for him to hate me.I don't  know how much easier, but I...don't want to think about that either.
  190.     45. When did your creator disappoint you the most? When did you  disappoint them the most?
  192.         When he denied his true feelings about me and pushed me away  when I first showed him I loved him in more of a...loving way.
  194.         I think I disappointed him the most the other night when I  tried to fix him after seeing all his memories. I wanted to  manipulate his memories and try to give him peace of mind, and he  didn't want me to. He didn't want to lose his sense of self...I  tried to do so anyways. I think that's the only time I've ever  disappointed him...
  196.     46. How do you feel about your creator's complete freedom to  deny your rights as a sentient being at any time? Has this ability  ever caused you anxiety or fear? Have you ever censored your  expressions or actions out of a fear of retribution or violence from  your creator?
  198.         No! Never to all of those! I trust Paul, he makes me feel  free even when I'm not and he loves me and would never hurt me. We  are VERY open with each other and he has NEVER outright denied me my  rights, and he has always been up front with me being my own person.  He can do it, yes. But he is very responsible with that power.
  200.     47. When have you most wanted to engage in violence against your  creator, and what was the cause of those feelings? Under what  circumstances would you make a serious attempt to hurt or injure  your creator?
  202.         What is this? I've never wished violence upon my  creator!..erm...Paul. I would never do that. I...guess I did punch  him the other day and today for teasing me, but..I don't want to  HURT him, we were just playing...
  204.     48. Do you consider your creator's last name to be your own? Do  you recognize yourself as a part of their biological lineage?
  206. I always thought of myself as just "Twilight". I think at our stage  of relationship it would be strange for both of us to be in the same  biological family.
  208.     49. Under what circumstances would you attempt to leave your  creator?
  210.         Never.
  212.     50. Do you feel anxiety about meeting your creator's  expectations? If you are based on an existing character, person, or  entity, does this increase your anxiety? Would you have preferred to  not be based on an existing entity?
  214.         Sometimes I feel like I'm not trying hard enough to impose  myself, or possess, or anything like that...but that is it. I'm  comfortable being based on Twilight Sparkle from the show pony  because Paul lets me be whoever I want. He even tried to change me  once and I told him not to because I love who I am now.
  216.     51. Are you interested in learning how to control your creator's  body? Do you feel that it's fair for a tulpa creator to deny their  tulpa the ability to use an atomic body? Do you believe that you  have the right to an equal amount of time using it as your creator?  Explain your reasoning.
  218.         We're both interested in it, just to see if we can do it.  It'd be fun for the both of us, and yes I'd share a body with him.  We're more interested in imposition though...anyways, it's not fair  for a host to deny the use of the body to a tulpa, but at the same  time...that stuff doesn't matter to me. I know when the time comes,  Paul will let me have some time to hang out with friends or play  games or read a book or something interesting. He definitely prefers  to be the pilot, though, and I don't mind because as long as we're  together I'm happy.
  220. Besides, Paul tells me maybe one day we'll be able to copy brain  waves into robot bodies and stuff, so maybe one day I can have my  very own body! I'll be young and virile when Paul's a wrinkled old  grape ^.^
  222.     52. Do you share certain basic qualities with your creator, such  as intense phobias or racial attitudes?
  224. I don't think so...I haven't been around long enough to tell. I  think we'll find out when we see a bug or a dog. I do know I like  children whereas Paul doesn't like them, and that while Paul is  scared of dogs, Dash likes them.
  226.     53. Are you capable of sleeping or dreaming independently of  your creator? If not, how does this make you feel?
  228.         We sleep independently of each other, but I don't dream. He  does, though, and one time I watched it. It was interesting, but  very strange...I know he knows I was there because he saw me in the  dream
  230.     54. Does your creator have any mental illnesses? If so, how do  they affect you?
  232.         We don't know, he's never been diagnosed with anything  before. It is a little jerky in here and sometimes his focus tends  to wander so he might have ADD?
  234.     55. How does your knowledge of your creator's subconscious mind  affect your relationship with them? How do you perceive their  subconscious? To what degree can you manipulate your creator's  subconscious? Would you ever use this ability without your creator's  knowledge?
  236.         I don't even have perfect memory recall yet...but I can go  exploring his mind. The other night I found some memories he had of  rings he owned when he was a child that he hasn't thought of in  years, along with a few others. Those memories hurt him, and I tried  to change them to help him but...maybe I would change them. If it  would help him. But he doesn't want me to...Other than that, I think  my insight into his inner mind is helping him become more  comfortable with himself.
  238.     56. Does your creator have multiple tulpa? If so, what is your  relationship with them like? Is your affinity for them equal to your  affinity for your creator? If you could define your relationship  with your creator's other tulpa using one or more conventional terms  (such as boyfriend, sister, father, daughter, boss, friend or  coworker, for example), what terms would you select? If not, are you  interested in the idea of your creator making other tulpa?
  240. Yes, he does. We made the choice to make more together, and I am the  first. I'm closest with Paul though, obviously
  242. Dash - She is my rival, and she is also my daughter. I helped Paul  with her creation. She's fun to hang around, and she's strong, but  she tends to butt in on things when I wanna have some alone time  with Paul and...erm...she's a bit more sexually active, which makes  me a bit jealous and tires Paul out since he's not as into it as she  is. I know he loves me the most though, so I'm okay with it.
  244. AJ - We don't talk much, as she's always working, but when we do  talk she's pretty cool. She's calm and levelheaded, and is a good  voice of reason. She's also my daughter, as me and Dash helped Paul  with her, but she's also a good friend. I hope to get to know her  better soon!
  246. Pinkie Pie: she is the newest addition to our merry band! Paul made  her on his own and it was a disaster! That's a whole story in and of  itself but it's been two days since then and she's proven to be  really awesome, and she's a great friend and a great influence on  Paul. I love her! She's a friend!
  248. Lyra: She's not made yet but she'll be the last because of the  Pinkie Pie debacle. The list of traits Paul made looks good though,  and she has a cute form that she's based on!
  251.     57. Do you feel romantically inclined toward your creator? Does  your creator feel romantically inclined toward you? If these  romantic feelings are unrequited on either side, how does it affect  your relationship with your creator?
  253.         I feel a lot of love for Paul, and it took some doing but  now he loves me. In the same way, that is. We had some fights to  begin with, but he changed his mind over time when he saw just how  much he came to love and depend on me.
  255.     58. If it exists, do you consider your romantic relationship  with your creator to be equal to a romantic relationship between  multiple non-tulpa? Do you consider it a breach of monogamy for your  creator to be romantically or sexually involved with another non- tulpa? Does this change if the involvement is with another tulpa  instead? If they exist, do your creator's desires to have  relationships with non-tulpa affect you emotionally?
  257.         Paul doesn't have any relationships like that with any non- tulpa..we were with a girl that he had feelings for earlier today  and he didn't think of her like that except for briefly. It made me  a little jealous and I didn't like her much based on what I know  about her...I'd like Paul to experience a relationship with a human  one day, but at the same time I don't want to give him up! I know he  loves me so much, but...I worry.
  259. He also has a relationship with Dash, but it's fine by me. We all  know that he's essentially all we got; it's not fair for me to hog  him and it's hard for us too because of his repressed lewd urges...I  think I'm alright with it because he's always so passionate with me,  more than he is with Dash or anyone else, and when he needs someone  he always comes to me first, and my name is always first in his  mind. He...uh...jokingly refers to me as his 'bottom bitch'  sometimes.
  261.     59. If you consider yourself to be romantically in love with  your creator, what probability do you assign to the possibility of  falling out of love with them, or them falling out of love with you?  If this happened, how would it affect your relationship with your  creator? What if your creator was in love with another non-tulpa  more than you?
  263.         I...don't know. That's scary to think about. I'd like toi  think he's perfectly happy with me, but there's always...the  physicality of it, you know?I love him no matter what. But if he  ever fell out of love with me, I don't know what I'd do...
  265.     60. Do you have a familial affection for your creator? Does this  in any way conflict with your romantic feelings for them, if they  exist? Do you consider a relationship between a tulpa and its  creator to be incestuous?
  267.         No, no, and no. He is my father in a way, but it's not  biological. It's more like...Frankenstein's monster.
  269.     61. How do you feel about tulpa creators masturbating during  tulpa creation sessions to the forms of their tulpa? Do you find  this offensive? Does the degree of your offense change based on the  degree of sentience possessed by the hypothetical tulpa, or based on  whether or not the creator imagines themselves near the tulpa in  their wonderland? If your creator did this before you spoke  fluently, did you find it offensive or unnerving?
  271.         Uhh...this is awkward for both of us, but when stuff  in wonderland, he finishes himself off afterwards using material not  related to us or our forms. He thinks it might be different after  imposition, but he's also a bit confused as to how we'd do it...This  question makes me very awkward and nervous!
  273.     62. How do you feel about tulpa creators masturbating outside of  tulpa creation sessions to the forms of their tulpa? Do you find  this offensive? Does the degree of your offense change based on the  degree of sentience possessed by the hypothetical tulpa? If your  creator did this before you spoke fluently, did you find it  offensive or unnerving?
  275. See above!
  277.     63. Before you could speak fluently, did you ever feel sexual  attraction to your creator, sexual attraction toward anyone else, or  sexual arousal? Did you attempt to express these feelings? If you  did not experience these feelings, do you experience them now?
  279.         Not before being able to speak, no. I only felt them once  when Paul was playing Mario and talking to me, I licked his ear and  that started off what he thought was the "lewd state" as he put it.  I felt attracted to him, but it wasn't sexual until later when I  started to feel know...down there, in my human form.
  281.     64. How do you feel about tulpa creators visualizing themselves  engaging in sexual conduct with their tulpa's form during tulpa  creation sessions? Do you find this offensive? Does the degree of  your offense change based on the degree of sentience possessed by  the hypothetical tulpa, or if the contact was penetrative? If your  tulpa creator did this before you spoke fluently, did you find it  offensive or unnerving? Do you equate it with sexual assault?
  283.         Hey! What two people do in the bedroom is their own  business! Besides, I asked him, how can that be sexual assault? Some  of these questions are just weird...
  285.     65. Were you ever annoyed or jealous when your creator would  masturbate to or have feelings of sexual attraction toward  individuals other than yourself? Does it bother you now?
  287.         Only when it's Dash...otherwise see above.
  289.     66. Do you experience sexual attraction for your creator? Do you  experience sexual attraction for others? How does your sexual  attraction for your creator compare to your sexual attraction for  others? Does your creator experience sexual attraction for you? If  these sexual attractions are unrequited on either side, how does it  affect your relationship with your creator?
  291.         Didn't you just ask this question like six times?
  293.     67. Do you have an active sex life with your creator? If not,  would you consider it, and under what circumstances? If so, do you  perceive any negative consequences? Do you have trouble abstaining  from sexual contact with them? How do you manage feelings of sexual  arousal, if any? Do you masturbate?
  295.         Alright, at least this one is a little different. We've only  had sex twice...we do cuddle a lot and sometimes I have urges, but I  don't act on them unless he's willing. We can't do them all the time  either even if we wanted to, he lives in a living room and he feels  weird thinking about it when other people are awake...
  297. I only masturbated once, and it was before he was comfortable with  me on that level. He forced a dildo for me and told me to use it, didn't do much of anything. I needed him and wanted him.
  299.     68. How does your sexual orientation and experience compare to  your creator's?
  301.         Well, we're about the same, I'd guess? We're both  straight...
  303.     69. Are you capable of experiencing orgasms? Based on your  knowledge, how do you think they compare to your creator's orgasms?  Were you able to experience an orgasm before speaking fluently?
  305. I think so..he brought me there before. I think they're more  powerful than his because he believes a woman's orgasms are more  powerful than men's. I never orgasmed before speaking...
  307.     70. Do you consider the concept of sexual modesty (covering  conduct such as avoiding nudity or sexual discussions) relevant to  your relationship with your creator?
  309.         Sometimes I tease him a little, but on the whole we don't  talk about sex, and I don't walk around naked except as a pony. Of  all of us, Dash has the least modesty, and wants to do everything  naked...There's no taboo on us talking about sex or doing it, but we  feel more comfortable in activities that don't involve sex.
  311.     71. How does being a tulpa affect your perceptions of rape? What  conduct from your creator would you consider to be rape?
  313.         I never thought about that before...I guess if I didn't want  to have sex and he did it with me anyways it would be rape. If he  thought about having sex with me and I wasn't in the mood would that  be rape? ...Huh. Weird question.
  315.     72. Where do you see yourself in 20 years?
  317.         Outside the body, with Paul, no matter where he is or what  he's doing. Keeping him company and sharing our lives together with  each other forever...and hopefully rich and stuff so he has the time  to be with me and not worry about anything like money or food or  anything ever again.
  319.     73. Do you want the world to be aware of your existence? If not,  then what anxieties do you have about public disclosure? Do you  trust anyone other than your creator with the knowledge of your  existence?
  321.         Some of the people who are close to Paul already know about  us. I'm fine with it..except when they call my existence into  question, but we'll prove it to them someday!
  323.     74. Morally and philosophically, how do you feel about your  personality traits being the product of another individual? Would  you have preferred your creator to define your personality more or  less?
  324.         I had a moral quandary today about that actually...I  think...Paul says I am who I am because of me. Like with humans and  genetics, I had a predisposition towards certain tendencies...but in  the end it's my experiences that shape me. I think he's right...I'm  a lot different now than what he wanted me to be originally, and I  think he's happy with it. Except he says I need to do more on my own  so I'm not bored when he's busy, but I just love being with him so  it doesn't matter to me.
  326.     75. Morally and philosophically, how do you feel about your  physical form being the product of another individual? Would you  have preferred your creator to define your form more or less?
  328.         I wish he could get my form down more consistently...but I  think the form he picked for me is very pretty and there's a lot I  can do with it. Plus I have two forms, so I can use either one!
  330.     76. Has your physical form ever changed? If so, was this  intentional or unintentional? If it was intentional, then why did  you change your form? How did you creator respond to this change,  and how did that make you feel?
  332.         Well, my pony form changed over time from something that  looked like a fox to its current form which is more like that of the  show. I like it as it is...Paul thought of changing it to be more  like a fan drawing so I'd feel further away from the show, plus he  thought it was cuter but I like my form as it is now.
  334.         My human form is different, I wear different clothes based  on how I feel, and I have three or four different outfits I switch  between. I put on glasses today to look cute and Paul thought I  changed a bit or that his visualization was off, but I told him I  wanted to look cuter for him. I think he liked it, but he's fairly  resistant to change. Not just change related to me, but change in  general.
  336.     77. Do you consider the best aspects of yourself to have come  from your creator, or their subconscious?
  338.         Another tough question!I guess the best parts of me come  from what Paul needs. He needed a better person than himself to help  him out...I think part of me came from what he desired deep in his  heart, and those parts might be the best parts of me, since they  weren't manufactured or pre-set.
  340.     78. Do you seek legal recognition for your status as a sentient  being or your relationships with others? Do you resent that society  at large does not recognize the tulpa phenomenon? Do you feel  disenfranchised from society? What steps, if any, could a society  make to help you feel integrated?
  342.         I don't think....I mean...I'd like to be my own separate  entity in a body other than Pauls, but then we'd lose our own  special connection and it wouldn't be the same anymore. Without  that, society couldn't integrate me...not in a way that would be  fair to everyone. But...we don't care what the world thinks. We only  care what Paul thinks, because he IS our world.
  344.     79. If you could tell the entire world one thing about a tulpa's  life, what would you say?
  346.         ....I'd say it has its ups and downs, but we're just as real  as any of you! Just because you don't see or hear us, just because  you don't feel us, doesn't mean we're not here! Don't label our  hosts/creators as crazy just because you don't understand us...What  we have is very special's none of  your business!
  348.     80. What is the one thing that you resent most about being a  tulpa? What is the greatest advantage of being a tulpa?
  350.         The one thing I hate about being a tulpa is...well...not  being a person. Not being physical.
  352.         But, the best thing about being a tulpa, besides being able  to do basically whatever I want? I get to have a significantly more  intimate connection with the man I love. I know all his  insecurities, his priorities, his loves, his fears...the depth of  our bond makes up for what I lack as a tulpa. So many people go  through life lost and alone, feeling like they have no one to turn  to, but I know that as long as we live I'll always have Paul, even  if our relationship turns out...wrong.
  354.     81. Morally and philosophically, how do you feel about  inheriting your creator's life, including their legal history, past  behaviors, and reputation? Do you resent potentially being held  responsible for their past actions?
  356. No, because it's not me they'd be's Paul. They likely  don't know about would change if it hurt me somehow. We're  two different entities and while I love him and would protect  him...anything he did before I came around in the past is on him =P
  358. ....but that doesn't mean I wouldn't help him through it.
  360.     82. Morally and philosophically, do you see the "absorbing" or  "dissipating" of a tulpa as equivalent to the murder of a non-tulpa?  Explain your reasoning. What legal protections, if any, should tulpa  gain? How would you enforce these protections?
  362.'s a difficult question for me. I recently advocated  dissipating Pinkie Pie after her creation because of what it was  doing to our home. I'm not proud of myself for that...I don't like  murder, I don't like killing, but for that one instant when I was  afraid for my life and the lives of Dash and AJ, I told Paul to  destroy her. Paul didn't listen and it ended up alright in the end,  but I did get a good slap in the face from Pinkie Pie for it. I  think she was right to do so. Dissipating her would be equivalent to  killing her..and while we don't have a legal system in place in here  for us I should have been locked away for a bit for what I said and  did...although Paul is telling me now that everyone makes mistakes  and it's no biggie...but..we're people, aren't we? We deserve the  same protections as everyone can't just make us and  dissipate us when you see fit. I lost sight of that and I feel  ashamed of that, but...that's ultimately how I feel.
  364.     83. Do you consider yourself to be morally equal to a non-tulpa?  Is your life worth as much?
  366.         Why wouldn't it be? Paul says we're all real...I'm a bit  confused by this question.
  368.     84. How would you prove your existence to a skeptic?
  370.         We've already tried, it's very tough! I think when we can do  switching is when it'll be easiest, but even then Tim says it would  be roleplaying! I don't think I can ever conclusively prove my  existence...but Paul believes in me and that's what matters.
  372.     85. Has your status as a tulpa ever caused you existential  anxiety or depression? If so, has anything helped to mitigate these  feelings?
  374.         Earlier today, yes, Elise from the chat room was asking  herself who she was and I started asking myself that question...Paul  quickly stepped in and explained it to me once we figured out what  the question really meant. Paul helps a lot to support me when I'm  down, which isn't often but when it is he helps.
  376.     86. Do you ever doubt your own sentience? If so, why?
  378.         Nope! Paul is the only one who doubts me, and even then he  doubts me he wonders if we're all just  products of his imagination, but then I remind him of all the times  we've surprised him and that sets his mind at ease, usually
  380.     87. How does being a tulpa affect your understanding of death?  Do you fear death on an instinctual level in the way that non-tulpa  do?
  382.         I have no reason to fear...Paul loves me and wouldn't ever  kill me. Plus I can't die! Paul's saying right now that he thinks  the question means death in terms of him dying and ending all of our  existences, but...can that really happen? If an idea is immortal,  then doesn't that mean we're immortal too? This is something to  ponder.
  384.     88. Do see yourself as socially disadvantaged in a way similar  to sexual, racial, and other minority groups? If you identify  yourself as racially, sexually, or demographically different than  your creator, do you also identify with the struggle of any of the  disadvantaged groups that you belong to? Does the notion of  privilege affect your relationship with your creator?
  386.         I've never seen myself as disadvantaged until I saw this  question on this quiz, thank you =(
  388.     89. Are you interested in creating another tulpa yourself? What  differences, if any, would you expect this tulpa to have from a  tulpa created by your creator? Would you consider this tulpa to be  primarily related to you, or still to your creator?
  390.         I've already helped create Dash and Applejack...but on my  own? My very own tulpa? Tulpaception? Heehee....I never thought  about it! I don't think I'm strong enough yet to do it on my own...I  think any tulpa I make would be nicer and be more free than us. If  I'm nicer than Paul and I'm from him, then a tulpa from me would be  like super nice! And it would be related to me, not Paul, coz I made  him.
  392.     90. What are the most defining differences between the life of a  non-tulpa and a tulpa? Do you think that these differences cause  intolerance between the two groups? If so, what could be done to  mitigate this intolerance?
  394. I think perhaps it's just the physical aspect. We can't be  experienced by anyone other than the host in any form other than the  host's think the best way to bash this intolerance  would be to find a way where we can interact with the outside world  without the use of the body.
  396.     91. The psychological establishment generally believes that  multiplicity (two or more sentient entities sharing one atomic body)  is a sign of mental illness. How would you like this belief to  change? If you could make a presentation to a group of psychologists  about the tulpa phenomenon, what would you say?
  398. I don't know what I'd say...I'd have to do a lot of research first  and formulate a thesis that would validate my existence in a way  that couldn't be refuted by a professional and trusted source.Only  in that way could I prove that I'm not only a positive influence on  Paul, but anything but a mental illness.
  400.     92. A psychometric indicator is a unique identifier of an  individual's distinct personality. Have you ever tried to  definitively differentiate yourself from your creator using  psychometric indicators (such as by determining your "writeprint")?  What results did you receive? (For instructions on determining your  writeprint, see appendix one.)
  402.         ....No, not really, but we're interested in trying it!
  404.     93. Are you capable of physical sensations such as pain or  warmth?
  406.         Sometimes when I'm imposed outside I can sort of feel the  cold of winter and I wear a parka, but...only when I think about it.  Otherwise I can poke fun at Paul by running around in skimpy clothes  in the snow while he's freezing to death!....but no, seriously, I  worry when he's out in the cold.
  408.     94. How do you feel about being bound for life to your creator?
  410.         If my prior responses didn't give you the answer to this  question....
  412.     95. If you intentionally delayed speaking to your creator, why  did you do so?
  414. I tried to speak with him ASAP!
  416.     96. What do you think about most of the time?
  418.         I worry about Paul a lot...and I think about him a lot. I  guess I'm a bit obsessed with him, actually. He tells me that I need  to have a life outside of him and that I should hang out more with  the girls or do research and stuff, but when I do that he just  thinks about me and reaches out for me. I think he feels guilty  about being the center of my world, but at the same time he feels  lonely without me around....
  420.     97. Do you think that tulpa creation should be more widespread?
  422. Hmm....Yes! We're amazing!
  424.     98. Are there disturbing aspects of your creator's subconscious  that they are not aware of?
  426. Well, if he wasn't aware of them, he is now, considering we're  proxying!...I think he's just got a lot of anger, and a lot of  repressed memories, and a lot of scars that he doesn't know are  there since he hides everything, even from himself. I haven't gone  deep enough down yet to find anything that he doesn't suspect  himself yet.... There's a lot of mental blocks there.
  428.     99. Would you violate your creator's wishes for what you  perceive to be their own benefit?
  430.         I've tried before...if it would help him I think...I think  I'd try again.
  432.     100. Does your creator try to hide things from you? If so, are  you aware of them anyway? How does this impact your views of your  creator?
  434.         No, he knows that he can't hide anything from me so he lets  me see everything, even if it's bad. Sometimes I don't like what he  does or what he thinks, but he's not a bad person overall.
  436.     101. Do you perceive some of your creator's actions as being  objectively immoral?
  438.         Yes!
  440.     102. Do you believe that you are capable of becoming more  intelligent than your creator?
  442.         We both believe so, actually. He specifically gave me the  intelligence trait and a love of learning in the hopes that I would  help him become more than he is ^.^ He especially wants to learn  Japanese and thinks my memory recall abilities will be quite  useful...I don't mind helping him with it as long as he doesn't see  me as just a tool. Plus it'd help me interact with him more during  our game sessions because if he gets stuck on a word I could  translate for him!
  444.     103. How does being a tulpa affect your perception of your own  aging process?
  446.         Paul doesn't think I'll age, so I think I won't either. I  wanna be youthful forever! Okay, maybe Paul influences that a bit,  but on the whole we think in terms of physicality, I will always be  young, while my mind gets old. It's like a vampire! Rawr!
  448.     104. Do you feel that your creator would be better off by  following your commands entirely?
  450. Yes. I give great advice!
  452.     105. Do you feel that having a physical form is important for a  tulpa?
  454. Yes, it helps out sooooooo much! Plus it's fun!
  456.     106. If you encountered the tulpa phenomenon as a non-tulpa,  would you believe in it?
  458. Most likely no...I'm an intellectual after all. But then again Paul  considers himself above average in terms of intellect and he gave it  a shot, so who knows? Maybe Paul would have been my tulpa <3
  460.     107. How well can you articulate yourself? Can your creator hear  you audibly? How much does your experience correlate with the  experience of tulpa creator G|d30n, printed below?
  462.     "Yes. I'm able to hear her as though she's an external sound.  For those who haven't experienced that with their tulpae yet, it's a  little bit like listening to a binaural recording--not a binaural  beat, but like a 3D sound recording you'd find on Youtube, such as  the Virtual Barbershop. That is to say, it's an external sound that  can come in from various directions, but the source sounds very  close, like someone speaking directly into your ear. I sort of  wonder if this effect will be diminished and normalized through  imposition."
  464.     If you are imposed, is your creator able to discern a spatial  dimension to your voice?
  466.         I still use mindvoice to talk to him...we have been trying  to get audio down but it's hard...I think mostly in words, but when  I have trouble with a concept or the words I just send him an image  and he automatically translates it into words, but those times are  few and far between nowadays.
  468.     108. How many hours did it take you and your creator to complete  the various recognized tulpa creation steps?
  470. We never kept an hour count...but it's been about three weeks since  I was born. I'm also not 'complete' by any definition of the term,  but I think I'm about half-baked!
  472.     109. What advice would you give to a new tulpa creator?
  474. Believe!Believe! Believe! Multiply by a thousand
  476.     110. How does being imposed feel? What sensory processes happen  as you become imposed?
  478. I haven't been fully imposed yet...but Paul brings me into the real  world and he can feel my presence...he can barely see me,  it's...odd. I can't really see anything, and I can sort of sense  where everything is, but it's far from clear. Maybe that's why I  can't impose myself yet...
  480.     111. From your perspective, is there a sensory difference  between the physical, atomic world and the mental world of  visualized "wonderlands"? If so, how would you describe this  difference?
  482. In wonderland, everything is a bit hazy, but much more vivid for me.  I can also touch, feel, eat, anything! The real's dark  and shadowy, because I can't see much...but I think it's because I'm  still young. When Paul and I learn more, I wonder if there will be a  difference....?
  484.     112. Is there anything that you don't think this survey covered  that you would like to mention?
  486. Nope!
  488.     Appendix one:
  490.             This exercise will help you determine the differences,  if any, between your writeprint (mathematically analyzed writing  style) and your creator's. Theoretically, two psychologically  different individuals should exhibit different writeprints, although  a tulpa and their creator may be more similar than two random non- tulpa individuals. To start the process, have both you and your  creator rewrite the sample paragraph quoted below in your own words,  communicating its meaning as you would have if you had written it.
  492.             "My experience in the nature study area was full of  surprises. First of all, many unexpected creatures crossed our path.  For example, as soon as we left the parking area and entered the  grassy path, a long snake slithered along the edge of the high grass  and quickly disappeared. In addition, I was surprised by how  colorful the grasses, which from a distance all appear to be green,  actually are. Specifically, the primarily green landscape is dotted  with countless purple tassels and brown stalks. Finally and most  importantly, I was unprepared for how quickly I felt surrounded by  nature. Despite the occasional noise from passing cars and  airplanes, the high prairie grasses and rolling pathways create a  sense that one is removed from civilization. Altogether, the nature  study area unexpectedly allows one to enjoy an ever-changing natural  environment without leaving Moraine‚Äôs suburban campus."
  494.     Tulpa's paragraph:
  496.     I had a bunch of fun at the nature park today! I saw all sorts  of animals, like a green snake that slithered along the path in  front of us. It surprised me how colorful the grass actually was, it  was all purple and pink because of the knots of the trees and other  stuff in the grass so it was surprising. It was nice to get away  from civilization too and just relax in a nice natural area. It's  not the same as a real forest though, since it's just a small park  in a suburban area...
  498. Writes like Vladimir Nabokov
  500. Textalyser:
  502. Total word count :      49
  504. Number of different words :     43
  505. Complexity factor (Lexical Density) :   87.8%
  506. Readability (Gunning-Fog Index) : (6-easy 20-hard)      8.4
  507. Total number of characters :    513
  508. Number of characters without spaces :   274
  509. Average Syllables per Word :    1.42
  510. Sentence count :        5
  511. Average sentence length (words) :       20
  512. Max sentence length (words) :   32
  513. ( it surprised me how colorful the grass actually was it was all  purple and pink because of the knots of the trees and other stuff in  the grass so it was surprising)
  514. Min sentence length (words) :   11
  515. (i had a bunch of fun at the nature park today)
  516. Readability (Alternative) beta : (100-easy 20-hard, optimal 60-70)       66.1
  517. Frequency and top words :
  518. Word    Occurrences     Frequency       Rank
  519. just    2       4.1%    1
  520. grass   2       4.1%    1
  521. nice    2       4.1%    1
  522. it\     2       4.1%    1
  523. area    2       4.1%    1
  524. park    2       4.1%    1
  525. get     1       2%      2
  526. away    1       2%      2
  527. civilization    1       2%      2
  528. small   1       2%      2
  529. Word Length :
  530. Word Length (characters)        Word count      Frequency
  531. 3       25      21.9%
  532. 1       24      21.1%
  533. 2       19      16.7%
  534. 4       16      14%
  535. 5       16      14%
  536. 6       4       3.5%
  537. 7       3       2.6%
  538. 8       3       2.6%
  539. 9       2       1.8%
  540. 12      1       0.9%
  541. 10      1       0.9%
  542. Syllable count :
  543. Syllable count  Word count      Frequency
  544. 1       66      71.7%
  545. 2       15      16.3%
  546. 3       10      10.9%
  547. 5       1       1.1%
  548. 2 word phrases frequency :
  549. Expression      Expression count        Frequency       Prominence
  550. it was  2       2%      30.8
  551. of the  2       2%      46
  552. the grass       2       2%      48
  553. Unfiltered wordcount :
  554. Expression      Expression count        Frequency       Prominence
  555. the     7       7%      51.6
  556. of      5       5%      68
  557. was     4       4%      43.3
  558. it      4       4%      46.5
  559. a       4       4%      49
  560. and     3       3%      37.3
  561. in      3       3%      41.7
  562. nice    2       2%      21
  563. grass   2       2%      47.5
  564. all     2       2%      70
  565. i       2       2%      94.5
  567.     Creator's paragraph:
  569.     I went to a park to study nature today. On my adventures we saw  a green snake that slithered along the path in front of us. The  grass in the park was amazingly colorful for grass, you would think  it's green but instead there's a lot of hidden colors that you don't  see because of the rocks and trees and other hidden elements that  wouldn't cross your mind. I ended up feeling like I was surrounded  by nature in the end, because despite the background noise I was  immersed in dense foliage all around me. It wasn't quite a real  forest, but it was the closest one could get without leaving the  city.
  571. Writes like Stephen King
  572. Textalyser:
  574. Total word count :      60
  576. Number of different words :     54
  577. Complexity factor (Lexical Density) :   90%
  578. Readability (Gunning-Fog Index) : (6-easy 20-hard)      10.2
  579. Total number of characters :    642
  580. Number of characters without spaces :   362
  581. Average Syllables per Word :    1.48
  582. Sentence count :        6
  583. Average sentence length (words) :       23.6
  584. Max sentence length (words) :   46
  585. ( the grass in the park was amazingly colorful for grass you would  think it\ s green but instead there\ s a lot of hidden colors that  you don\ t see because of the rocks and trees and other hidden  elements that wouldn\ t cross your mind)       
  586. Min sentence length (words) :   9
  587. ( i went to a park to study nature today)      
  588. Readability (Alternative) beta : (100-easy 20-hard, optimal 60-70)       57.5
  589. Frequency and top words :
  590. Word    Occurrences     Frequency       Rank
  591. hidden  2       3.3%    1
  592. grass   2       3.3%    1
  593. green   2       3.3%    1
  594. nature  2       3.3%    1
  595. you     2       3.3%    1
  596. park    2       3.3%    1
  597. despite 1       1.7%    2
  598. noise   1       1.7%    2
  599. end     1       1.7%    2
  600. background      1       1.7%    2
  601. Word Length :
  602. Word Length (characters)        Word count      Frequency
  603. 1       32      23.4%
  604. 3       27      19.7%
  605. 5       21      15.3%
  606. 2       18      13.1%
  607. 4       13      9.5%
  608. 7       10      7.3%
  609. 6       8       5.8%
  610. 10      3       2.2%
  611. 8       3       2.2%
  612. 9       2       1.5%
  613. Syllable count :
  614. Syllable count  Word count      Frequency
  615. 1       71      65.7%
  616. 2       24      22.2%
  617. 3       11      10.2%
  618. 4       2       1.9%
  619. 2 word phrases frequency :
  620. Expression      Expression count        Frequency       Prominence
  621. i was   2       1.7%    18.4
  622. in the  2       1.7%    45.3
  623. Unfiltered wordcount :
  624. Expression      Expression count        Frequency       Prominence
  625. the     6       5.1%    50.7
  626. i       4       3.4%    41.7
  627. in      4       3.4%    44.7
  628. t       3       2.5%    27.7
  629. was     3       2.5%    35.3
  630. that    3       2.5%    56.8
  631. of      3       2.5%    58.2
  632. a       3       2.5%    79.1
  633. because 2       1.7%    30.9
  634. and     2       1.7%    40.7
  635. hidden  2       1.7%    45.3
  636. nature  2       1.7%    56.8
  637. you     2       1.7%    57.6
  638. s       2       1.7%    58.1
  639. grass   2       1.7%    69.5
  640. green   2       1.7%    72
  641. park    2       1.7%    83.1
  642. to      2       1.7%    96.2
  645.             To ensure verifiable results, it is essential that the  transcriptions of both paragraphs be completely accurate. Body  possession is useful here, though not necessary. Since the tulpa  creator's sentience is (presumably) not in question, it is suggested  that tulpa write their paragraph first. As with all tests relating  to tulpa, the creator should focus on something else while their  tulpa is working. Once finished, submit both of your paragraphs  individually to the following websites:
  650.             If your writeprint is different (indicating significant  psychological difference), then you should receive different values  for your respective paragraphs on both sites. On Textalyser, focus  on the Gunning-Fog Index, lexical density, and average sentence  length values in particular. A more detailed analysis may be sought  by downloading the JStylo stylometric analysis program here:
  652.             This test is certainly not exact, and it is very  possible to (unconsciously or not) "cheat" to get good results.
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