Rebuild: A Crystal Prep Story

Oct 18th, 2015
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  1. >Not a minute had past and yet you're already bored at this assembly.
  2. >Blah blah blah, we learned something from the Friendship Games, yada yada yada, we should all learn friendship from Sunset and Twilight, Principal (formerly dean) Cadance would drone on the gymnasium stage.
  3. >Heh. Learning about friendship from that sperg.
  4. >The girl who couldn't make a friend if the world depended on it.
  5. >And also became a demon at the Games, which may or may not have partly been your fault.
  6. >Whatever.
  7. >You are Indigo Zap.
  8. >By far THE coolest, hottest and most athletic girl not only at Crystal Prep, but also in the entire world.
  9. >You're not much to brag...oh what are you saying. You can't help showing off your awesomeness.
  10. >BECAUSE YOU ARE THE DEFINITION OF AWESOME (seriously, open a dictionary and look for the word 'awesome'; you'll find your picture in there)
  11. >"You should seriously consider getting your head out of your ass and paying attention, Indigo," says Sugarcoat.
  12. "Whatever, Queen Buzzkill."
  13. >"What was that?"
  14. "Nothing."
  15. >Fucking blunt ass bitch, killing your vibe.
  16. >Whatever. She'll never get on your level.
  17. >Principal Cadance continues to go on and on about the dumbest shit.
  18. >You slouch even farther into the bleachers, nearly falling in.
  19. "Oh my God, when is she gonna stop," you mutter to yourself. "This is so boring..."
  20. >"I really agree with Principal Cadance," says Sour Sweet in her disgustingly sweet voice. "We really should be more friendly and caring towards each other!"
  21. >Wait for it...
  22. >"Fuck that shit, I hate you all and I hope you all die," she says in her disgustingly sour voice.
  23. >There we go.
  24. >"Jesus, Sour Sweet. Did you forget to take your meds again?" says Sunny Flare.
  25. >"I always forget to take my meds..." she says, defeat in her tone.
  26. >"Because they make me feel like a fucking zombie."
  27. >"You should seriously consider taking your meds, Sour."
  28. "And you should seriously consider shutting up, Sugartits."
  30. >Sugarcoat seems taken aback to this.
  31. >"Excuse me? Do you know who you're talking to?"
  32. "Yes. Sugartits. That's your name, right?"
  33. >"You are so dead, you dyke."
  34. "Whatever, bruh."
  35. >Sugarcoat sticks her tongue out at you before turning away, crossing her arms.
  36. >Why are you friends with this bitch again?
  37. >Why are you friends with ANY of these girls?
  38. >"TRIPLE SIX, FIVE, FORKED TONGUE" you hear in the background.
  39. >You turn and see Lemon Zest, thrashing around in her seat like a special needs child (which she probably is, anyway), clearly listening to music with the VOLUME ALL THE WAY UP in her shitty headphones.
  40. >Which are so awful that they have serious leakage issues that everyone can hear.
  41. >"SUBATOMIC PENETRATION, RAPID FIRE THROUGH YOUR SKULL" you hear blast from her 'cans' (if you can even call them that)
  42. >The fuck?
  43. >"Holy shit, Indigo, you gotta listen to this!"
  44. "Wha-"
  45. >Lemon slams her headphones on your head.
  48. >It's like someone simply slamming on keys in the studio with their asscheeks!
  49. >You take them off immediately and pass them back to your 'friend'
  50. "The fuck was that?"
  51. >Lemon shoots you a rather confused look.
  52. >"Uh, Death Grips? Only the most underground and awesome rap group ever!"
  53. "If that's what you consider good music, please kill yourself."
  54. >"Whatever, pleb."
  55. >Ugh.
  56. >Just fuck my shit up, fam.
  58. >What did you do to deserve this?
  59. >You recall being super excited to come here, to Crystal Prep, arguably the most prestigious high school in the country.
  60. >The fact that you not only got to play soccer for the best girl's team in the nation, but also play on the varsity team as a freshman is quite the achievement.
  61. >Hell you got to play for the national U-18 team. And win gold!
  62. >And yet...you're miserable here.
  63. >Stuck in an insane asylum with a bunch of crazy kids over the past four years.
  64. >Somehow, the one former student who became a magic hungry demon, Twilight Sparkle (who you're pretty sure had Asperger's or something) may have been the sanest student.
  65. >And she was a fucking mad scientist!
  66. >Everyone thought she would shoot up the school one day...
  67. >After what seems like an eternity, the assembly ends, and you all head back to homeroom.
  68. "Well that was retarded," you say as you walk down the hall with your so called 'friends'.
  69. >"You really shouldn't say that. That's politically incorrect."
  70. >You bury your face in your palms and groan.
  71. "Is it, like, physically impossible for you to not be blunt, Sugarcoat? Holy hell."
  72. >"I dunno. Is it physically impossible for you to not be a dyke?"
  73. "I'm not a dyke you fucktard. I have a boyfriend, you know."
  74. >Sugarcoat chuckles rather loudly.
  75. >"Please. I remember you telling me, and these are your exact words, at Sour Sweet's party last weekend, 'Oh my God, Sugarcoat. You're such a bitch and I fucking hate you, but I would be lying if I didn't want to head upstairs with you and ride you like a Harley, pulling on your pigtails like handlebars.'"
  76. "I was drunk, you stupid bitch!"
  77. >"Excuses, excuses, excuses, all excuses..."
  78. "Whatever, dude."
  79. >"Whatever dude," Sugarcoat copies with a mocking tone.
  80. >JUST
  82. >The rest of the day goes miserably.
  83. >The girls continue to annoy you throughout the day.
  84. >Sour Sweet continued to be bipolar.
  85. >"Oh, Indigo, that's so sweet of you, helping those kids at the orphanage! WHY DIDN'T YOU BURN IT DOWN? THOSE IMPOVERISHED FUCKS DESERVE IT."
  86. >Sugarcoat continued to be blunt.
  87. >"That 'joke' was horrible and you should seriously consider not speaking in public ever again."
  88. >Sunny Flare continued to be a snitch.
  89. >"What was this I heard about you daring a student with a peanut allergy to eat a peanut butter and jelly sandwich?" asked Principal Cadance.
  90. >And Lemon Zest continued to force you to listen to Death Grips.
  92. >Fuck, maybe you should transfer to CHS.
  93. >At least those kids don't seem totally insufferable.
  94. >Hell, they even fucking like Twilight, and she's a sperglord!
  95. >Blah blah blah, Everton, yada yada yada, I'm so lonely and sad that no one likes me even though I won't make the effort to try to make friends and I'll just study all day.
  96. >Whatever.
  97. >And fuck CHS.
  98. >Rainbow Dash goes there, and she's worse than Hitler, Stalin, Pol Pot, and ISIS combined.
  99. >Fuck Rainbow Dash.
  100. >Not that you wouldn't mind fucking her...
  101. >You've always wanted to try a threesome with your boyfriend.
  103. >The final bell rings and you get in your car and head home following soccer practice.
  104. >"How was your day, sweetie?"
  105. "Fine," you mutter as you go to your room.
  106. >The rest of the day involves you eating dinner and doing homework.
  107. >After mindlessly browsing Twitter and shitposting with your CPA friends on Skype, you head to bed.
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