Arianna Zhang

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  2. ↳USERNAME;  @sjcskz
  3. ↳PASSWORD; (In General) Bang Chan (Stray Kids) (In NCT) Ten
  5.  ˲SLOT; ˲ MAD CITY
  7. ˲FACE CLAIM;  Heejin (LOONA)
  8. ˲FACE CLAIM BACKUP;  Wonyoung (IZ*ONE)
  10. ↪︎NAME;
  11. BIRTH NAME; Arianna Zhang
  12. CHINESE NAME; Zhang Mei Chen (张美陈)
  13. ↪︎AGE; 20 (international age) 21 (korean age)
  14. ↪︎HEIGHT; 163cm (5’4)
  15. ↪︎NICKNAMES;  Mei, Ari, Anna, Chen
  16. ↪︎BIRTHDATE; 26/02/1999
  17. ↪︎BLOOD TYPE; O+
  18. ↪︎NATIONALITY; Australian
  19. ↪︎ETHNICITY; Chinese-Thai
  20. ↪︎LANGUAGES; English, Mandarin and Korean
  21. ❁ FATALE  
  22. ⇶BACKGROUND;  
  23. Arianna was born in Rockhampton, Australia and lived there for the first 15 years of her life, quickly obtaining a think Australian accent whenever she speaks English. When she turned 16, her parents, sister and herself moved to Shanghai. Her family life was the normal Australian family. A barbie every weekend, Footy (rugby) and cricket and they NEVER stopped swearing. Because first that, Arianna obtained an Australian sense of humour (it’s pretty dark, trust me) and she wasn’t one to fit in with her peers at school because of her kinky and dirty jokes. That made her an ‘outcast’ and so she moved to Seoul, Korea at the age of 18 with her eldest sister, Zhang Yu.
  25. Arianna is the type of person that’ll look at you with a straight face, say some crackhead worthy joke then walk away. She’s known for being very level loud. She’s the type of person that’ll do something then ask questions later. Arianna is a kind and helping person that’ll help anyone in need within the rules and regulations. She’s quite a straightforward person and will set boundaries, which makes her a person that’s not easy to crack. When you first meet her, she comes off as an introvert , but when you finally break her shell. She is goofy, cute and loving person, often described as a mood maker. She always make jokes at the wrong time and she also has a VERY dirty mind (blame Australia) But everything isn’t sunshine and rainbows, Arianna is know for having a very short temper and when she gets upset or mad she will either punch something really hard or shut all her emotions off, leaving everyone questioning why. She has a very good judge of character and can be very serious when needed.
  26. ⇶LIKES;
  27. - Dancing
  28. - Vegimite Toast
  29. - Sleeping
  30. - Australian Timtams
  31. - Harry Potter
  32. - 3racha (Skz subunit)
  33. - Stray kids in general
  34. - Twice
  35. - Black
  36. - Queen
  37. - PANIC! At The Disco
  38. ⇶DISLIKES;
  39. - Vegans
  40. - Cyclists
  41. - The colour pink
  42. - clowns
  43. - The dark
  44. - Porcelain dolls
  45. - Being woken up
  46. - Heavy metal
  47. ⇶TRVIA;
  48. * She’s a HUGE Once
  49. * She has to wear glasses
  50. * She has Coulrophobia(fear of clowns) and Trypophobia(Fear of small and irregular holes)
  51. * She has ADD
  52. * She says she has zero brain cells but her IQ is actually 142
  53. * She too is apart of the ‘dolphin family’
  54. * She is it terribly clumsy
  55. * 3rd black belt in Kung Fu
  56. * Her mothers is Thai
  57. * She has a small obsession on Fairy Tail and Naruto
  58. * She is double jointed in her shoulders
  59. * She is very flexible
  60. * Arianna is a really good cook
  61. * She gets hyper on Fanta and Skittles
  62. * She has minor anxiety
  63. ♡ COPYCAT  
  64. ⤷LOVE INTEREST; Chittaphon Leechaiyapornkul
  65. ⤷LOVE INTEREST BACKUP; Dong Sicheng
  67. His;
  68. The first time Arianna and L/I met was when Arianna and Around were at Dongdaemun (a shopping centre in Seoul). Arianna was quick to notice the really cute guy behind her (L/I) and got really shy. She kept on stammering her words and  apologising in broken korean and L/I found it really cute.
  69. Hers;
  70. When Arianna first met L/I, she became a blabbering mess. She accidentally started talking in a mix of mandarin, korean and English. Around was quite to start teasing her. Arianna thought L/I was really kind and cute and couldn’t help but want to talk to him more.
  72. 1. Meeting L/I;
  73.  Arianna and Around were in Dongdaemun just because they had nothing to do that Saturday morning. While they were in Supré, and Arianna accidentally bumped into a cute guy. She started apologising in a mix of korean, mandarin and English. The cute male started talking to her in English/Mandarin (depends what L/I it is), and she calmed down a bit. They talked for a little bit but never catches each other’s names.
  74. ⤷EXTRA; She hates her Chinese name
  75. ✬ LØVE  
  77. Nothing I can think of.
  79. N/A
  81. Thank you for writing this book! I hope all goes well and even if Arianna doesn’t get chosen, I’ll still read and support your af!
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