Jul 13th, 2021
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  1. Rayzeek - Motion Sensor and Occupancy Sensor Supplier
  3. Energy-saving lighting control solutions are essential and requested more and more by homeowners and commercial facilities. Not only lighting solution controls can save energy and electric bills, they can also provide convenience and security.
  5. Motion sensors are great for saving energy in the home and commercial applications. Motion sensors can automatically turn on and turn off the lights when detecting motion by passive infrared. Occupancy sensors are types of motion sensors that can automatically turn on the light when detecting occupancy and turn off the light when the room is empty. Vacancy sensors require turning on the light manually and can turn off the light when the room is vacant.
  7. There are also wall mount and ceiling mount motion sensors for different purposes. Rayzeek offers all kinds of top-quality motion sensors and occupancy sensors for the U.S. UK and EU region with UL, FCC, RoHS certification.
  10. Rayzeek strives to offer innovative and energy-saving lighting solutions for both businesses and consumers worldwide. Our main lighting control portfolio now includes motion sensors, occupancy sensors, lighting sensors, dimmers and related lighting components.
  13. Enjoy a touchless, automative, safe and energy-friendly lifestyle with Rayzeek today. For the best motion sensors and occupancy sensors, Visit <a href="https://www.rayzeek.com">rayzeek.com</a>
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