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  1. Tue(11:50:55) * Swift is now known as swift|chey`is`mean`caus`she`bu
  2. Tue(11:51:11) * swift|chey`is`mean`caus`she`bu is now known as swift|chey`bullies`me`meany
  3. Tue(11:54:50) * swift|chey`bullies`me`meany is now known as Swift|Lena`is`so`cute
  4. Tue(11:57:19) * mr_mage_334 is now known as mage_dinna
  5. Tue(12:03:49) <@blex> ty sarah
  6. Tue(12:04:00) * Faldrass ( has joined #Mr_Mage_334
  7. Tue(12:04:06) * blex sets mode: +o Faldrass
  8. Tue(12:04:51) <@Faldrass> LMAO
  9. Tue(12:05:42) * Faldrass is now known as Lena_looks_awfull
  10. Tue(12:06:05) * blex is now known as Lena_still_looks_aweful
  11. Tue(12:06:22) * F_o_x_y is now known as lena-is-a-pig
  12. Tue(12:06:37) * Lena_still_looks_aweful is now known as blex
  13. Tue(12:07:17) * Lena_looks_awfull is now known as Lenoob
  14. Tue(12:08:10) * Lenoob is now known as Sarah_owns_Lena
  15. Tue(12:08:31) <@Sarah_owns_Lena> Swift
  16. Tue(12:08:32) <@Sarah_owns_Lena> You fail <3
  17. Tue(12:08:37) <@lena-is-a-pig> hi swift
  18. Tue(12:09:05) <@Swift|Lena`is`so`cute> sarah
  19. Tue(12:09:06) * lena-is-a-pig is now known as lena-is-a-user
  20. Tue(12:09:07) <@Swift|Lena`is`so`cute> wtf is wrogn with u
  21. Tue(12:09:16) * Sarah_owns_Lena is now known as Fald_owns_all
  22. Tue(12:09:26) <@Fald_owns_all> wtf is wrong with you ?!@
  23. Tue(12:09:36) <@blex> no fald
  24. Tue(12:09:41) <@blex> its spelt wrogn
  25. Tue(12:09:43) <@lena-is-a-user> you deserve what u geting.and so is she...isaac  you made ur bed  stay it
  26. Tue(12:09:45) <@Fald_owns_all> wtf is wrong with me !@
  27. Tue(12:09:51) <@Swift|Lena`is`so`cute> sarah
  28. Tue(12:09:53) <@Swift|Lena`is`so`cute> midn ur own business
  29. Tue(12:09:57) <@Fald_owns_all> midn
  30. Tue(12:09:58) <@Fald_owns_all> ftw
  31. Tue(12:10:01) <@lena-is-a-user> isaac mind ur own business
  32. Tue(12:10:04) <@Swift|Lena`is`so`cute> i am
  33. Tue(12:10:14) <@Swift|Lena`is`so`cute> you raged at her last time for changing nick to somthing liek that
  34. Tue(12:10:14) <@blex> midn your own business sarah
  35. Tue(12:10:16) <@Swift|Lena`is`so`cute> now ur doing it
  36. Tue(12:10:19) <@lena-is-a-user> you need get the facts straight abot ur cheap girlfriend
  37. Tue(12:10:19) <@blex> apparently.
  38. Tue(12:10:27) <@Fald_owns_all> lets all talk about curly hair
  39. Tue(12:10:30) <@Swift|Lena`is`so`cute> sarah
  40. Tue(12:10:34) <@Swift|Lena`is`so`cute> get this through ur head
  41. Tue(12:10:38) <@Swift|Lena`is`so`cute> u do not know shit all about her
  42. Tue(12:10:41) <@Fald_owns_all> it looks like a dead sheep on head
  43. Tue(12:10:51) <@lena-is-a-user> isaac i have lost total repect for you  get out ofchannel  or dont use the name lena in my presence..she is trash
  44. Tue(12:11:03) <@Swift|Lena`is`so`cute> fuck u
  45. Tue(12:11:07) <@Fald_owns_all> xD
  46. Tue(12:11:08) <@Swift|Lena`is`so`cute> i wil not leave any chan
  47. Tue(12:11:12) * Fald_owns_all is now known as Faldrass
  48. Tue(12:11:12) <@Swift|Lena`is`so`cute> unless the owner tells me to
  49. Tue(12:11:15) * You were kicked by blex (No reason given)
  50. Tue(12:11:15) * Attempting to rejoin channel #Mr_Mage_334
  51. Tue(12:11:16) * Rejoined channel #Mr_Mage_334
  52. Tue(12:11:16) * Topic is '/\\\\\-\\\\\ ¤  Mr_Mage_334 â„¢ ¤ /////////// ,  '
  53. Tue(12:11:16) * Set by mr_mage_334 on Sat Feb 27 08:48:14
  54. Tue(12:11:18) <@Faldrass> xD
  55. Tue(12:11:21) <Swift|Lena`is`so`cute> and i will  damn well change my nick
  56. Tue(12:11:21) <@blex> :P
  57. Tue(12:11:23) <Swift|Lena`is`so`cute> to watever i want
  58. Tue(12:11:32) <Swift|Lena`is`so`cute> i do not need to fuckign ask u if i can change my nick
  59. Tue(12:11:36) <Swift|Lena`is`so`cute> mind ur own damn busniess
  60. Tue(12:11:52) <@Faldrass> watch your language boy
  61. Tue(12:11:54) <@lena-is-a-user> lena has intertered without alot of peoples life...if you want to be with her...than you have rocks in your head  really mafia like her
  62. Tue(12:12:16) * lena-is-a-user is now known as F_o_x_y
  63. Tue(12:12:18) <Swift|Lena`is`so`cute> MIND YOUR OWN BUSNIESS
  64. Tue(12:12:24) <Swift|Lena`is`so`cute> i dont need ur permission ot liek her
  65. Tue(12:12:26) <@F_o_x_y> good luck
  66. Tue(12:12:28) <@Faldrass> whats busniess
  67. Tue(12:12:31) <Swift|Lena`is`so`cute> nore do i give a fuck if u dont liek her
  68. Tue(12:12:33) <Swift|Lena`is`so`cute> fald
  69. Tue(12:12:34) <Swift|Lena`is`so`cute> stfu
  70. Tue(12:12:36) <Swift|Lena`is`so`cute> not the time
  71. Tue(12:12:38) <@Faldrass> whats liek ?
  72. Tue(12:12:48) <@blex> what is liek?
  73. Tue(12:13:40) <@F_o_x_y> isaac..i did what a friend should do  ...i warned you abot her...if you dont want to be it...we lose friendship over day  you will say to me ..sarah you are right...i know it..and im sorry  i lose my friendship with you  over thatnasty girl
  74. Tue(12:13:57) <@F_o_x_y> you will see  ..and good luck isaac
  75. Tue(12:13:57) <Swift|Lena`is`so`cute> the fuck u did
  76. Tue(12:13:59) <Swift|Lena`is`so`cute> a friend
  77. Tue(12:14:02) <@F_o_x_y> bye
  78. Tue(12:14:03) <Swift|Lena`is`so`cute> doenst go saying the shit u do
  79. Tue(12:14:06) <Swift|Lena`is`so`cute> about some1 they liek
  80. Tue(12:14:07) <Swift|Lena`is`so`cute> a friend
  81. Tue(12:14:10) * You were kicked by F_o_x_y (No reason given)
  82. Tue(12:14:10) * Attempting to rejoin channel #Mr_Mage_334
  83. Tue(12:14:11) * Rejoined channel #Mr_Mage_334
  84. Tue(12:14:11) * Topic is '/\\\\\-\\\\\ ¤  Mr_Mage_334 â„¢ ¤ /////////// ,  '
  85. Tue(12:14:11) * Set by mr_mage_334 on Sat Feb 27 08:48:14
  86. Tue(12:14:12) <@Faldrass> whats liek ?
  87. Tue(12:14:12) <Swift|Lena`is`so`cute> fucking listens when their friend
  88. Tue(12:14:15) <Swift|Lena`is`so`cute> asks them not to say anything
  89. Tue(12:14:17) <Swift|Lena`is`so`cute> 5 TIMES
  90. Tue(12:14:21) * F_o_x_y sets mode: +b *!*
  91. Tue(12:14:21) * You were kicked by F_o_x_y (No reason given)
  92. Tue(12:15:17) -ChanServ- You have been unbanned from #Mr_Mage_334.
  93. Tue(12:15:19) * Rejoined channel #Mr_Mage_334
  94. Tue(12:15:19) * Topic is '/\\\\\-\\\\\ ¤  Mr_Mage_334 â„¢ ¤ /////////// ,  '
  95. Tue(12:15:19) * Set by mr_mage_334 on Sat Feb 27 08:48:14
  96. Tue(12:15:19) <@snoozles> [Swift] [-[-[- A V A T A R -]-]-] Last 99's: Crafting Mage Fishing||| For anyone with 132 as their home world—› #w132 :D || My Channel : #isaac || <@Magex> i masturbate like 99% of the time while on rs. || <%Tylerskis> whats the other 1% ||<@Swift> cleaning up || <@Magex> anal probing || <@Magex> nah im gay || <@Magex> i can move my foreskin with my muscles
  97. Tue(12:15:19) * ChanServ sets mode: +o Swift
  98. Tue(12:15:21) <@Swift> .pro
  99. Tue(12:15:22) * Swift sets mode: +eeeeeIIIII Swift!*@* *!* *!* *!*Swift@* *!*@* Swift!*@* *!* *!* *!*Swift@* *!*@*
  100. Tue(12:15:24) <@Swift> like i said
  101. Tue(12:15:25) * You were kicked by F_o_x_y (No reason given)
  102. Tue(12:15:25) * Attempting to rejoin channel #Mr_Mage_334
  103. Tue(12:15:25) * Rejoined channel #Mr_Mage_334
  104. Tue(12:15:25) * Topic is '/\\\\\-\\\\\ ¤  Mr_Mage_334 â„¢ ¤ /////////// ,  '
  105. Tue(12:15:25) * Set by mr_mage_334 on Sat Feb 27 08:48:14
  106. Tue(12:15:26) <@snoozles> [Swift] [-[-[- A V A T A R -]-]-] Last 99's: Crafting Mage Fishing||| For anyone with 132 as their home world—› #w132 :D || My Channel : #isaac || <@Magex> i masturbate like 99% of the time while on rs. || <%Tylerskis> whats the other 1% ||<@Swift> cleaning up || <@Magex> anal probing || <@Magex> nah im gay || <@Magex> i can move my foreskin with my muscles
  107. Tue(12:15:26) * ChanServ sets mode: +o Swift
  108. Tue(12:15:26) <@Swift> i will fucking leave
  109. Tue(12:15:30) <@Swift> when the owner says so
  110. Tue(12:15:31) <@F_o_x_y> yes ty
  111. Tue(12:15:32) * @Swift pulls out a knife and throws it at - F_o_x_y -, hitting - F_o_x_y - right between the eyes.( 374 people have been DEADED )
  112. Tue(12:15:32) <@Swift> .kill F_o_x_y
  113. Tue(12:15:34) * Swift sets mode: +bbbbb F_o_x_y!*@* *!* *!* *!*F_o_x_y@* *!*@*
  114. Tue(12:15:35) <@F_o_x_y> please leave
  115. Tue(12:15:47) <@Swift> ue(12:15:26) <@Swift> i will fucking leave
  116. Tue(12:15:47) <@Swift> Tue(12:15:30) <@Swift> when the owner says so
  117. Tue(12:16:12) <@Swift> ue(12:13:40) <@F_o_x_y> isaac..i did what a friend should do  ...i warned you abot her...if you dont want to be it...we lose friendship over day  you will say to me ..sarah you are right...i know it..and im sorry  i lose my friendship with you  over thatnasty girl
  118. Tue(12:16:16) <@Swift> there is no1 but u to blaim
  119. Tue(12:16:20) <@Swift> for our friendship being over
  120. Tue(12:16:21) <@Swift> why?
  121. Tue(12:16:26) <@Swift> becaus u cant keep ur fucking mouth shut
  122. Tue(12:16:27) <@F_o_x_y> its too bad  are friendship has got to this  isaac....and will not throw a knife at you..but if u need to be bf  to a girl that repeatedly hurts people with her carp and mafia just as bad as her
  123. Tue(12:16:31) <@Swift> there is no1 but u to blaim
  124. Tue(12:16:33) <@Swift> for our friendship being over
  125. Tue(12:16:34) <@Swift> why?
  126. Tue(12:16:36) <@Swift> becaus u cant keep ur fucking mouth shut
  127. Tue(12:16:45) <@Swift> i didnt ask u for ur opinion of her
  128. Tue(12:16:46) <@F_o_x_y> leave my presence  
  129. Tue(12:16:49) <@Swift> i didnt tell u to say anything
  130. Tue(12:16:49) <@Swift> no
  131. Tue(12:16:55) <@Swift> ill leave if mage tells me to
  132. Tue(12:16:56) <@Swift> nothign else
  133. Tue(12:17:02) <@Swift> and dont fuck with me on irc
  134. Tue(12:17:12) <@Swift> caus i can do alot more on irc then u think
  135. Tue(12:17:23) <@F_o_x_y> be a gentlemen and leave the channel..ur girlfirend has hurt to many people
  136. Tue(12:17:35) <@Swift> dont fucking talk to me about being polite
  137. Tue(12:17:39) <@Swift> ur anything but polite
  138. Tue(12:17:49) <@F_o_x_y> there is no going back wards to be friends with Lena..she has hurt manh people
  139. Tue(12:18:08) <@F_o_x_y> she used to talk behind ur back to alicornearth and me..dont be a stupid
  140. Tue(12:18:19) <@Swift> the past is the ucking past
  141. Tue(12:18:20) <@Swift> grow up
  142. Tue(12:18:21) <@Swift> and get over it
  143. Tue(12:18:23) <@F_o_x_y> just leave..the channel..i left w132  becuz of you
  144. Tue(12:18:24) <@Swift> u dont know lena
  145. Tue(12:18:26) <@Swift> nore wil u ever
  146. Tue(12:18:31) <@Swift> good for you
  147. Tue(12:18:34) <@Swift> im not leaving ny chan
  148. Tue(12:18:38) <@Swift> unless the owner tells me to
  149. Tue(12:18:41) <@F_o_x_y> i know lena..she is a nasty girl...many people think so
  150. Tue(12:18:43) <@Swift> so when ehs back tell him to get rid of me
  151. Tue(12:18:46) <@Swift> other wise im here to stay
  152. Tue(12:18:48) <@Swift> get use to it
  153. Tue(12:19:19) * F_o_x_y is now known as Swift-needs-to-be-kicked-from-
  154. Tue(12:19:48) <@Swift-needs-to-be-kicked-from-> you need to read the above text....its important for your reputation
  155. Tue(12:19:51) <@Swift> sarah
  156. Tue(12:19:55) <@Swift> i todl u not to fuck with me on irc
  157. Tue(12:20:37) <@Swift> you need to get off of that fucking high horse u think ur on
  158. Tue(12:20:42) <@Swift> thinking ur so much better then everyone else
  159. Tue(12:20:44) <@Swift> your not
  160. Tue(12:21:02) <@blex> k this is annoying now
  161. Tue(12:21:06) * @blex ( Quit (Quit: blex)
  162. Tue(12:21:29) <@Swift-needs-to-be-kicked-from-> i have lost respect for you isaac  be in here alone..if u want...and the only reason you ar in this  channel  is to get back at me  and you know it
  163. Tue(12:21:40) <@Swift> idfc if u lost respect for me
  164. Tue(12:21:45) <@Swift> i lost respect for you too
  165. Tue(12:21:48) <@Swift> to be so retarded
  166. Tue(12:21:53) <@Swift> u think ur so much better
  167. Tue(12:21:58) <@Swift> your so much worse then she has ever been
  168. Tue(12:21:59) <@Swift> to anyone
  169. Tue(12:22:34) * blex ( has joined #Mr_Mage_334
  170. Tue(12:22:34) * ChanServ sets mode: +o blex
  171. Tue(12:22:46) * @blex ( has left #Mr_Mage_334
  172. Tue(12:23:05) <@Swift> and u think im the onle friend of lena?
  173. Tue(12:23:11) <@Swift> mage is good friends wiht her
  174. Tue(12:23:14) <@Swift> elsa is good friends wiht
  175. Tue(12:23:15) <@Swift> her
  176. Tue(12:23:18) <@Swift> so are alot of others
  177. Tue(12:23:25) <@Swift> ur going to rage at them all too?
  178. Tue(12:23:29) <@Swift> becaus theyr friends with some1?
  179. Tue(12:23:38) <@Swift> does that make u a good friend? nope it doesnt
  180. Tue(12:23:41) <@Swift> makes u a terrible friend
  181. Tue(12:23:56) <@Swift-needs-to-be-kicked-from-> Isaac....nope...we have all talked as a group  elsa and harvey and i abot the relationship with Lena...we all know what to do
  182. Tue(12:24:16) * mage_dinna sets mode: -b *!*
  183. Tue(12:24:17) <@Swift-needs-to-be-kicked-from-> its you putting in the channel  Lena is cute ...we all dont want to see it
  184. Tue(12:24:18) * mage_dinna sets mode: -bbbb *!*@* *!*F_o_x_y@* *!* F_o_x_y!*@*
  185. Tue(12:24:40) <@Swift> funny
  186. Tue(12:24:45) <@Swift> i didnt see anyone else say anything
  187. Tue(12:24:49) <@Swift> and again
  188. Tue(12:24:50) <@Swift> i say
  189. Tue(12:24:54) <@Swift> mind ur own business
  190. Tue(12:24:57) <@Swift> i can make my name w/e i want
  191. Tue(12:25:03) <@Swift> i dont need ur permission
  192. Tue(12:25:11) <@Swift> mage_dinna sorry for fighting in here
  193. Tue(12:25:16) <@Swift> but this was not me
  194. Tue(12:25:25) <@Swift> and im not gona shut up about it either
  195. Tue(12:25:27) <@Swift-needs-to-be-kicked-from-> you are the one making trouble in this one else..dont use lena's name in here...the girl is trash..and i dont want to see it
  196. Tue(12:25:33) <@Swift> i am?
  197. Tue(12:25:34) <@Swift> sarah
  198. Tue(12:25:36) <@Swift> are u srsly
  199. Tue(12:25:38) <@Swift> fucknig retarded
  200. Tue(12:25:41) <@Swift> i wasnt talkign to you
  201. Tue(12:25:44) <@Swift-needs-to-be-kicked-from-> i am dam serious isaac
  202. Tue(12:25:44) <@Swift> and u started trouble
  203. Tue(12:25:48) <@Swift> dont go fucking blaming me
  204. Tue(12:25:56) <@Swift> YOUR THE ONE STARTING SHIT
  206. Tue(12:26:07) <@Swift> I DIDNT FUCKIGN SAY A WORD TO YOU
  207. Tue(12:26:12) <@Swift> DONT BLAME OTHERS WHEN ITS ALL YOU
  208. Tue(12:26:45) * mage_dinna is now known as mr_mage_334
  209. Tue(12:26:49) <@Swift-needs-to-be-kicked-from-> i said  dont come in here and start saying Lena is cute...when alli have seen from how she has repeated hurt people..including rick...including my 4 year friend cody..inclyuding me..she tells alot of guys  she loves them
  210. Tue(12:27:12) <@Swift-needs-to-be-kicked-from-> so get the lena is cute thing out of here..i dont want to see..and there is  harvey
  211. Tue(12:27:16) <@Swift> no actualy she doesnt
  212. Tue(12:27:18) <@Swift> your just stupi
  213. Tue(12:27:20) <@Swift> stupid
  214. Tue(12:27:26) <@Swift-needs-to-be-kicked-from-> ur a jackass isaac  if think she doesnt
  215. Tue(12:27:27) <@Swift> and no u didnt say that
  216. Tue(12:27:33) <@Swift> u instantly started saying bad things
  217. Tue(12:27:37) <@Swift> about her after i change my name
  218. Tue(12:27:44) <@Swift> im going to change my name to w/e i want
  219. Tue(12:27:47) <@Swift> u cant handle it
  220. Tue(12:27:49) <@Swift> to fuckign tough
  221. Tue(12:28:07) <@Swift> .n Sarah`is`so`retarded
  222. Tue(12:28:07) * Swift is now known as Sarah`is`so`retarded
  223. Tue(12:28:10) <@Sarah`is`so`retarded> see
  224. Tue(12:28:13) <@Sarah`is`so`retarded> i dont need to ask
  225. Tue(12:28:21) <@Swift-needs-to-be-kicked-from-> isaac.i have been here with you..and nothing  right..but if you are going to be in here  and say Lena is will get blasted from me ..cuz im tired of hearing all the people  that has been hurt by theat girl
  226. Tue(12:28:35) <@Sarah`is`so`retarded> your fucking stupid
  227. Tue(12:28:38) <@Sarah`is`so`retarded> and inconsierate
  228. Tue(12:28:50) <@Sarah`is`so`retarded> what the fuck is it to you
  229. Tue(12:28:54) <@Sarah`is`so`retarded> if i say she is cute
  230. Tue(12:28:58) <@Sarah`is`so`retarded> how is it of ur concern
  231. Tue(12:29:03) <@Sarah`is`so`retarded> NOT EVERYONE BUSINESS IS YOURS
  232. Tue(12:29:10) <@Sarah`is`so`retarded> STOP FUCKING STICKING UR NOSE INTO OTHERS AFFAIRS
  233. Tue(12:29:12) <@Swift-needs-to-be-kicked-from-> good i hoped you slandered all the  2000 people that u friends with to make an army against me..if you happy now..good luck
  234. Tue(12:29:24) <@Sarah`is`so`retarded> army against u?
  235. Tue(12:29:27) <@Sarah`is`so`retarded> i dont need to
  236. Tue(12:29:34) <@Sarah`is`so`retarded> u think u can get everyone to ahte lena?
  237. Tue(12:29:41) <@Sarah`is`so`retarded> the fact is everyone knwos her
  238. Tue(12:29:47) <@Swift-needs-to-be-kicked-from-> harvey  you need to either kick me or isaac
  239. Tue(12:29:49) <@Sarah`is`so`retarded> she has a lot more friends
  240. Tue(12:29:53) <@Sarah`is`so`retarded> and alot mroe liked in #w132
  241. Tue(12:30:00) <@Swift-needs-to-be-kicked-from-> harvey make ur choice...kick me or isaac
  242. Tue(12:30:02) <@Sarah`is`so`retarded> he can ask me to leave, i will
  243. Tue(12:31:45) <@mr_mage_334> tell u wat i do u both a favour
  244. Tue(12:31:46) <@mr_mage_334> !kb
  245. Tue(12:31:47) * snoozles sets mode: +b *!*
  246. Tue(12:31:47) * mr_mage_334 was kicked by snoozles (Requested)
  247. Tue(12:32:08) <@Sarah`is`so`retarded> you need to grow up sarah and act ur age
  248. Tue(12:32:25) <@Sarah`is`so`retarded> fucking pathetic, sticking ur nose into everyones business
  249. Tue(12:33:13) <@Swift-needs-to-be-kicked-from-> who is everyone?  isaac  who?
  250. Tue(12:33:21) <@Swift-needs-to-be-kicked-from-> isaac who is everyone?
  251. Tue(12:33:34) <@Swift-needs-to-be-kicked-from-> you is that everyone?
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