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  1. MINECRAFT FALLING - Episode 2
  2. [Narrator: Previously, on Minecraft Falling]
  3. *Shows a few clips from last episode*
  4. *Shows Minecraft Falling intro*
  5. ------------------------------------------------------------------------
  6. Jackson: Whats wrong?
  7. Brandon: Who are these guys?
  8. Jackson: Oh, I’m-
  9. *Emily pulls Jackson into a tent*
  10. Emily: Look, that’s Brandon. He hates new people, so try not to act like you’re gonna stay at our camp forever. Got it?
  11. Jackson: Sure, I guess.
  12. *Emily and Jackson come out of the tent*
  13. Emily: Don’t worry, Brandon. These guys are just staying for the night.
  14. Brandon: Oh yeah? Well THIS loser,
  15. *Brandon points at Troy*
  16. Brandon: Told me that him and his brother are joining us. Is that true?
  17. *Emily sighs*
  18. Emily: Well, yeah, but-
  19. Brandon: Dangit Emily! I said, NO MORE ADDITIONAL PEOPLE.
  20. Emily: Look, I’M the leader of this group. I make the decisions.
  21. Brandon: No you don’t. Our whole group votes on stuff like this. Hey everyone!
  22. Emily: *mumbles* Oh, no… what’s he doing this time?
  23. Brandon: Raise your hand if you want THESE two to join our group.
  24. *Brandon points at Jackson and Troy*
  25. *Everybody raises their hands except Brandon*
  26. Emily: They're staying, ok?
  27. Brandon: *groans* Fine. Who are you two, anyway?
  28. Jackson: I’m Jackson
  29. Troy: I’m Troy
  30. Brandon: Well then, Jackson and Troy, do you mind doing some work now that you’re here?
  31. Jackson: Not at all. We should, as a thank you fo-
  32. Brandon: Yeah yeah yeah, blah blah. All you need to do is go into the woods and get the dead zombies off the perimeter.
  33. Jackson: Isn’t that, like, really dangerous?
  34. Brandon: Just go before YOU’RE dead too.
  35. Jackson: Okay, okay! Sheesh.
  36. Jake: Brandon, give ‘em a break! Come on!
  37. Brandon: Mind your own business, Jake.
  38. Jake: Oh my god Brandon. Jackson, Troy, go ahead to bed. I’ll clear the zombies.
  39. Troy: But Brandon said-
  40. Jake: Go. to. bed.
  41. Troy: Okay…good night…
  42. Jackson: G’night.
  43. Jake: good night
  44. *Jackson and Troy head into one of the tents*
  45. Jake: Seriously, Brandon. You need to clean up your attitude, NOW.
  46. Brandon: Well maybe YOU need to- *sighs* Look, I'm sorry…it’s just… I saw my wife again today, and… I’m just stressed, aight?
  47. Jake: Again? Wow, dude…I’m sorry. That really stinks.
  48. Brandon: Yeah… Anyway, go get those corpses off the lawn.
  49. Jake: Yes sir.
  50. *Brandon walks up to the house*
  51. *Screams are heard outside*
  52. *Everyone grabs weapons and goes outside*
  53. Emily: What’s going on? Did everyone hear that?
  54. David: Jake! Where are you?!?
  55. Emily: *small gasp* Everyone search the perimeter and the outside. Jake could be in trouble.
  56. Jackson: Got it. Troy, stay here while we look for Jake.
  57. Troy: But I wanna help!
  58. Jackson: No. Not this time.
  59. Troy: But-
  60. *Brandon cuts him off*
  61. Brandon: Found Jake.
  62. *Emily shoots the zombies around Jake and Brandon*
  63. *Everyone runs up to Jake*
  64. *David carries him back to the tents*
  65. David: Jake! You okay?
  66. Brandon: The real question is “Is he bit?”
  67. Jake: Agh, my…my arm…
  68. *Jake turns his arm a little to show the bite*
  69. *Everyone gasps, except for Brandon*
  70. *Brandon slowly claps*
  71. Brandon: Oh my god, GOOD JOB JAKE. BRAVO.
  72. Emily: Oh, SHUT UP!
  73. Jackson: Yeah, dude, come on! He’s infected and you’re STILL being a jerk!
  74. Brandon: He’s gonna kill all of us!
  75. David: Well, uh… Maybe he’ll come back as an Iron Golem, or a Zombie Pigman, or…something…
  76. Emily: I doubt it.
  77. Troy: We’ll have to amputate it.
  78. Jake: What?!?! Please don’t! I could die!
  79. Brandon: It’s a risk we’ll have to take.
  80. Jackson: Are you seriously cutting his arm off?!
  81. Emily: We have to, before the infection spreads through the rest of his body. It’s kinda like snake venom. If you cut off the infected area before it can spread, the victim will be safe.
  82. Jake: Isn’t there any other way to do this? Please! I don’t-
  83. *Brandon knocks Jake out*
  84. Brandon: Alright, let’s cut this thing off, fast!
  85. Emily: I’ll get my sword.
  86. *Brandon holds Jake down and keeps the arm steady*
  87. *Emily comes back and swings her sword up above Jake's arm*
  88. *She swings down as hard as she can*
  89. [*The screen goes black right before the sword hits*]
  90. [FIN]
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