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  1. Beyond The Impossible
  2. Balloon Belly
  3. Break the Cutie
  4. Magnificent Bastard
  5. Big Eater
  7. [Lost forever!]
  9. Ambiguously Gay
  11. * King Gioacchino of Italy and his successor and adoptive son, [[TheNapoleon Alessandro]] [[NoCelebritiesWereHarmed Napolione]]. In the former case it was more like "definitely gay, but never got caught". Probably. And if you're an absolutist ruler like those two, nobody will dare to ask questions.
  12. * The whole "[[http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Metrosexual metrosexual]]" phenomenon arguably fits this trope. So do the [[OlderThanYouThink earlier]] [[TheDandy "dandies"]] ([[DidNotDoTheResearch Which is funny]], considering that the dandies were the manly men of their time, and a subculture in revolt against the effeminate "macaronis") and also the [[http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fop fops]] With gender norms being [[CyclicTrope cyclic]], the manly men of days gone by often become AmbiguouslyGay when SocietyMarchesOn.
  13. * Arguably [[http://www.youtube.com/user/SuperMac18 this guy]], as documented from {{Cracked}}'s [[http://www.cracked.com/video_18153_4-child-vloggers-who-make-us-fear-their-future.html 4 Child Vloggers Who Make Us Fear For Their Future]].
  14. * BillKaulitz.
  15. * Music/{{Prince}} (Rogers Nelson).
  16. * Fitness guru RichardSimmons has refused to ever talk about his personal life and his online profiles don't give any indication of his orientation. But judging by his appearance on Series/WhoseLineIsItAnyway, I'm pretty sure it's more TransparentCloset territory.
  17. * DanielRadcliffe has a history of either kissing men at random, accepting kisses ''from'' men, and has stated that he likes crossdressing. Also, he considers GaryOldman his "one true love."
  18. * [[WildMassGuessing It's been debated]] whether Creator/WilliamShakespeare was bisexual or not, along with every other possible fact about his life.
  19. * Anderson Cooper has never officially come out, but ''everyone'' makes jokes about it. The tight t-shirts and hanging out with [[FagHag Kathy Griffin]] does not help.
  20. * Nöel Coward, although commonly known to be gay, refused to confirm this in his lifetime, joking, "There are still a few old ladies in Worthing who don't know".
  21. * Nathan Lane did not come out publicly until 1998, but told a reporter who asked him about it, "I'm 40, single and work in the musical theater. You do the math."
  22. * Jedward, bizarrely quiffed stars of ''TheXFactor''. In recent video game adverts they have extremely, let's just say, humorous voices and are arguing about the uses of BUNNY EARS. Ten-year olds have thought they sounded gay.
  23. * The more tomboyish female rappers from the 80's and 90's have long been rumored to be lesbians due to their demeanor. QueenLatifah, MissyElliot, Da Brat, MC Lyte, and Queen Pen have faced these questions the most due to never having any relationships in the public eye. Queen Pen came the closest to publicly acknowledging possible homo/bisexuality, but even that was a coy answer where you had to read between the lines.
  24. ** Queen Latifah even has a female who she outwardly calls her partner as of 2011.
  25. ** Likewise, British rapper Lady Sovereign's tomboyishness could be written off as chav style, but she eventually came out.
  26. * James Buchanan, the 15th US president. A lifelong bachelor, he at one point shared a house with his predecessor's Vice President, William Rufus King. The press nicknamed them "Miss Nancy and Aunt Fancy". Buchanan was devastated when King died of tuberculosis.
  27. * LutherVandross, probably due to his mannerisms and the fact that he never married and never had any (public, at least) relationships.
  28. * Skrillex seems to be this, but nobody's really asked about it, and nobody really cares. There are pictures of him kissing a man from back in his EmoTeen days as Sonny Moore, and none of woman. However, it was trendy to be or pretend to be bisexual among that crowd, so nobody really knows whether they mean anything.
  29. * EllenPage. She acts like the perfect {{Tomboy}}, she has a history of dodging the question, and has been caught [[http://poponthepop.com/2011/08/lesbian-ellen-page-outed-by-journalist-writer-claims-ellen-slept/ liplocking girls.]]
  30. ** Interestingly, the main consensus seems to be: If true, then that journalist was an asshole.
  31. * Canadian Prime Minister William Lyon Mackenzie King never married and people have interpreted his diaries to mean he either frequented prostitutes or was in love with John Buchan, the Governor General.
  32. * Marcus Bachmann, Husband of Congresswoman Michele Bachmann.
  33. * Clea Duvall
  34. * Katherine Moennig
  35. * HidekazHimaruya: His HoYay centric works make one question.
  36. * Vincent Price was famous for playing covertly gay characters throughout his long film career, and the actor himself embodied this trope to his dying day. He had a wife and children, but so did Oscar Wilde.
  37. * Former British Prime Minister Edward "Teddy" Heath.
  39. Ambiguously Jewish
  41. * In general, anyone with a long or pointed nose (which is common among many ethnic groups) and a stereotypically [[AllJewsAreAshkenazi "Ashkenazi"]] name will be suspected of being a Jew by someone out there. Other supposedly telltale signs include being vaguely [[JewishAndNerdy "intellectual"]], [[JewishComplaining neurotic]], a [[AlterKocker cranky old person]], or [[BourgeoisBohemian fabulously wealthy but harboring leftist political sentiments]] (as an old joke goes, Jews live like Episcopalians and vote like Puerto Ricans).
  42. * Milton Himmelfarb had a joke about this sort of thing, from when he'd speak on college campuses:
  43. -->I ask students what they are. If someone gets up and says, I'm a Catholic, I know that's a Catholic. If someone says, I'm a Protestant, I know that's a Protestant. If someone gets up and says, I'm just a human being, I know that's a Jew.
  44. * AlexanderHamilton was not Jewish (indeed, he was a Protestant Christian of variable denomination, observance, and piety over the course of his life), but he was educated in a Jewish school before going to King's College (later renamed Columbia University). Interestingly, Hamilton's mother, Rachel Faucett Lavien, is described by [[http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Alexander_Hamilton#cite_ref-10 the other wiki]] as being "of ''partial'' French Huguenot descent" [emphasis added], while her husband, Johann Michael Lavien, who was not Alexander Hamilton's father, was Jewish. (After Rachel and Johann separated, she lived with James Hamilton, Alexander's father.) One has to wonder, though, if Rachel Faucett was ''partially'' Huguenot, what was the other part?
  45. * The Nazis were convinced that CharlieChaplin was Jewish, to which he eventually replied [[InsultBackfire "I'm afraid I don't have that honor."]]
  46. * JRRTolkien wrote something similar when his German publishers back in 1938 asked him if he was of Aryan origin, after making [[CrowningMomentOfFunny fun]] of them for their, in his opinion, [[YouKeepUsingThatWord strange use of the word Aryan]]. His exact response was:
  47. --> "I regret that I am not clear as to what you intend by 'arisch'. I am not of Aryan extraction: that is Indo-Iranian; as far as I am aware none of my ancestors spoke Hindustani, Persian, Gypsy, or any related dialects. ... But If I am to understand that you are enquiring whether I am of Jewish origin, [[CrowningMomentOfAwesome I can only reply that I regret that I appear to have no ancestors of that gifted people.]]"
  48. * Wyatt Earp is buried in a Jewish cemetery next to his last wife, Josephine Marcus Earp, who was definitely Jewish. There is no real evidence that Earp himself ever converted to Judaism, despite legends to the contrary.
  49. * AdamSandler, a Jewish comedian has a "Channukah Song" where he lists Jewish celebrities. One lyric however is "BruceSpringsteen isn't Jewish, but my mother thinks he is!" presumably because of a Jewish sounding last name. In that same song, Sandler cites baseball Hall of Famer Rod Carew as Jewish since "he converted." Rod Carew did marry a Jewish woman and raised Jewish children, but never converted himself.
  50. * Movie director TimBurton has been (mistakenly) suspected by some of being Jewish over the years, largely due to his vaguely "foreign" appearance and BourgeoisBohemian tendencies. Burton's well-known reticence when it comes to talking about his family history doesn't help matters, although he eventually did admit the truth to a journalist: the Burtons followed ''some'' sort of Christian faith, although he didn't specify which; this was partly because Tim and his family lived in a suburban Southern California neighborhood whose residents all tended to act alike, regardless of religion or ethnicity. (Burton's longtime collaborator, Ambiguously Atheist composer DannyElfman, comes from a Jewish family - and is in many ways the complete opposite of Burton personality-wise.)
  51. * {{Utah}} [[UsefulNotes/{{Mormonism}} Mormon]] culture, while not Jewish, has a traditional culture that in many ways seems AmbiguouslyJewish to outsiders. During the [[OlympicGames 2002 Winter Olympics]], even the Jerusalem Post commented how Salt Lake City feels like a very Jewish city, while also acknowledging the irony that Jews are "Gentiles" (= "non-Mormon") in old-fashioned Utah Mormon lingo (this insensitive term has mostly fallen out of use, and Mormon doctrine never considered Jews to be Gentiles in the theological sense).
  53. Sissy Villain
  55. * [[NaziGermany Hermann Goering]] was rumored to have been a transvestite, but this may just have been propaganda.
  56. ** It is true, however, that he spent a lot of time at the hairdresser and, as TheOtherWiki says, owned many fancy uniforms and much gaudy jewelry, liked opera and had a foible for art... which he had stolen all throughout Nazi-occupied Europe. Maybe it was the drugs he consumed.
  57. *** Were opera and art effeminate in the early 20th century? The idea of opera as highbrow and feminine probably isn't much OlderThanTelevision.
  58. **** True, but the stereotype of the 'sensitive' - read: effeminate -- male artist is much older than that. Real Men just didn't dabble in that kind of mushy emotional stuff, period.
  59. ** Unlike [[AdolfHitler the Fuhrer]], who was never an artist, no siree.
  60. *** That would, of course, be Adolph ''[[TheProducers Elizabeth]]'' Hitler.
  61. ** Himmler as well. Despite being married he had a very very CampGay look about him, with his tiny rounded head, as well as enjoying gardening and flower arranging. One book this troper read had a letter he sent to the Japanese Emperor complimenting the colour choices within the Japanese Imperial Garden after a returning envoy showed him tinted pictures. (The original photo is B&W with colour added over by an actual artist)
  62. * Despite the fact that the only evidence for it was a sole source with an axe to grind, J. Edgar Hoover has a similar reputation for transvestism. Though his status as a "villain" is rather controversial, it still speaks worlds that rumors of his sexuality were and are meant to be used as a discrediting force.
  63. ** This is referenced in an episode of ''{{Sliders}}'' where the police on the fascist alternate earth wear kilts. But upon discovering that the [[ForWantOfaNail Turning Point]] is the amount of power Hoover accumulated, they postulate that the Cops are, in fact, wearing skirts, not kilts. (Yes, there is a difference with the pleat and cut of a kilt.)
  64. ** There's nothing to support his transvestitism: a woman once told Truman Capote that she had seen Hoover dressed as a woman at a gay orgy -- Capote found the idea so funny that he decided to spread the rumour. But he is believed to have had a gay relationship with Clyde Tolson.
  65. * Frequent and [[UnfortunateImplications troubling]] portrayal of PeterMandelson in the British media.
  66. * The Norse concept of Nithlings, men who had broken the strict gender rules set by Norse law. Many crimes and personality traits distasteful to the Norse, such as effeminacy, were attributed to them. They were accused of being the bottom for another man, dressing in women's clothing, lying, thievery, breaking oaths, murder, and practicing witchcraft (sithr was the sole province of women). Their mastery of witchcraft allowed them to commit even more unnatural crimes, such as changing themselves into a woman every other day, giving birth to monsters, and casting hexes on people. A nithling had to be scoffed at (ridiculed and called out for who he is) to rob them of their power. (See also the entry for Loki.)
  67. ** It is of note however that like most pre-christian societies, with regards to actual gay men they were quite progressive compared to the 700s-800s onward. Rough and tumble Zangiefs were wholeheartedly accepted, so long as they remembered to pop a kid out in between bouts of Nithling ravaging to keep the tribe growing.
  68. *** They were only understanding to the "top" in homosexual sex, since the "top" was the "male role". The passive role, the "female role" received all the scorn and hatred. A quick way to discredit an enemy and show dominance in Norse society was to rape them in front of their men (like what happened to the disloyal priest Bjorn in the Gudmundar Saga). In this way, Norse attitudes toward sex between men often resemble what we'd expect from a male prison population in the United States. Christianity's role was in villainizing both roles.
  70. We Will Have Euthanasia In The Future
  72. * In the Netherlands euthanasia is legal in cases of terminal illness, disability, and mental illness as long as the individual can obtain the approval of three doctors and passes a psychological exam indicating that they are competent to understand the consequence of euthanasia.
  73. * Switzerland, however, is rapidly becoming infamous for being a haven for suicide tourism, especially because of the company known as Dignitas.
  74. * In Oregon, Montana and Washington patients with terminal illnesses can get lethal medication with the approval of their attending physician and another doctor.
  75. * As medical improvements vastly increase lifespan, it's been suggested that we may need to set a maximum on allowed age, given that so much of our society revolves around death, it's removal or significant delay can result in dire consequences, such as the current problems facing Social Security in the US. To say it's contentious would be an understatement.
  77. Insufferable Genius
  79. * Renowned architect Frank Lloyd Wright once said of his designs, "I just shake them out of my sleeves"; given that he drew the original plans for [[http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fallingwater Fallingwater]] in less than two hours after going over them in his head for a week, he wasn't really exaggerating.
  80. * There's a story that the physicist Sidney Coleman arrived late to a discussion panel, just as one of the panelists said "I'm afraid I don't know the answer." Coleman instantly responded "I do. What's the question?"
  81. * Mathematician [[http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Serge_Lang Serge Lang]] was a bit notorious. For two examples, he once stood up in a peer lecture to yell, and I quote, "[[SophisticatedAsHell your notation sucks]]," upon being confronted with the term "[[http://www.codecogs.com/eq.latex?%5Cfrac{%5Cbar%20%5CXi}{%5CXi} xi-bar over xi]]" (i.e., ''eight horizontal lines of varying lengths''), and once, when a linear algebra student asked what Taylor series were, asked for her grade in Calculus II (a B+ ) and immediately told her it was too high. Also, he would routinely fight academic honors from organizations he had no connections to, occasionally ''in the humanities''. And let's not get started on his [[TrueArtIsIncomprehensible infamously dense]] undergraduate textbooks with blank yellow covers...
  82. ** Here is an exercise from one of them: "Get hold of any book on homological algebra and prove all the theorems without looking at the proofs given in that book." However, that exercise was changed in the second edition.
  83. * The Roman physician Galen was responsible for the medical ideas that would become the norm right up to the 16th century, and mostly spread said ideas by going around telling people that they were incompetent idiots and he was much smarter than them. His friend actually warned him to stop being such an ass, as he was getting worried about all the doctors sharpening their knives whenever he came near.
  84. * HarlanEllison once took a course in creative writing. His teacher told him that he was a terrible writer and should do something else. Ellison proceeded to send the teacher a copy of every positive review he found, until the man died. And there were many, many positive reviews.
  85. * "My mother once told me that if I became a soldier, I'd be a general, and if I became a priest, I'd be pope. Instead, I became an artist, and I'm [[PabloPicasso PICASSO]]."
  86. * [[http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Paracelsus Paracelsus]]. His self-adopted name declares himself to be "equal to or greater than" Celsus, a famous Roman scholar, and he was rather infamous for his arrogance and his contempt of those who disagreed with him. He's also regarded as one of the greatest pioneers in the fields of [[OmnidisciplinaryScientist medicine, chemistry, psychology and botany]].
  87. ** The word "bombastic" was coined to describe him as well. For those who are wondering why, here is one of his quotes:
  88. -->''I am Theophrastus, and greater than those to whom you liken me; I am Theophrastus, and in addition I am monarcha medicorum and I can prove to you what you cannot prove...I need not don a coat of mail or a buckler against you, for you are not learned or experienced enough to refute even a word of mine...As for you, you can defend your kingdom with belly-crawling and flattery. How long do you think this will last?...Let me tell you this: every little hair on my neck knows more than you and all your scribes, and my shoe buckles are more learned than your Galen and Avicenna, and my beard has more experience than all your high colleges.''
  89. * Muhammad Ali, although in his case it was as much strategy as ego. In sports, nothing gets an opponent off their game like [[{{Troll}} simply annoying and frustrating the hell out of them]].
  90. * Gordon Ramsay, infamously [[ClusterFBomb foul-mouthed]] [[TheMeanBrit Mean Brit]] who most aspiring chefs would never work with. That being said, he's ranked third best chef in the world, and amongst the cooking community he's a genius.
  91. ** As an interesting footnote here, while Ramsay was a young novice just starting in the culinary world he would often be berated by his superior, former three-star Michelin chef (and superstar in Britain) Marco Pierre White, who's an even more insufferable genius than Ramsay. White takes pleasure in noting he was so harsh that he made Gordon cry, and the two have a friendly but intense rivalry that lasts to this day.
  92. *** It's debatable how much of Ramsay's incendiary personality is real and how much is simply an act that he puts on for the cameras. Have a look at both the English and American versions of ''Series/HellsKitchen'' to see the distinction. Either way, it's noteworthy that he's not above [[JerkWithAHeartOfGold recognizing true talent when he sees it.]]
  93. * IsaacNewton was one of the most influential scientists of all time; with one foot in the Dark Ages and one in the Enlightenment, he, perhaps more than any other individual, changed the way our culture perceives the world -- not as an incomprehensible mystical morass, but as a well-ordered and comprehensible machine. He was also legendarily cranky and difficult to work with, feuding with his fellow scientists for years on end. Newton is often called the father of calculus as well, The problem was that he made no effort to make his methods possible for anyone short of a genius to use.
  94. * Galileo made Newton look like a refined gentleman, alienating patrons in Pisa and Venice before finally signing on with the Medicis in Florence. His biting sarcasm in his correspondence, and his willingness to pick fights with rivals, probably had a lot to do with why the Inquisition ultimately punished him (a key passage in his ''Dialogue Concerning The Two Chief World Systems'' was taken as a direct insult by Pope Urban VIII, formerly one of Galileo's most powerful supporters). Urban, though enough affronted to allow the prosecutors to press charges, ''[[AFriendInNeed still]]'' put a word for him, which is why Galileo received an unusually mild sentence for his antics.
  95. * Due to practitioners frequently DoingItForTheArt, and because the best ones are, in fact, brilliant minds, some prominent free-software developers can be ''profoundly'' difficult to get along with. Some of the more memorable ones:
  96. ** Ulrich Drepper, maintainer of the GNU C library, has historically been difficult enough to deal with that the Debian project decided to [[http://blog.aurel32.net/?p=47 switch to using a fork]] of the library, largely to avoid working directly with him.
  97. ** Linus Torvalds, founder and lead developer of the Linux kernel, is pretty full of himself, and will cheerfully admit it. He maintains that it's because he's more interested in producing good code than being nice to people, and he generally manages to keep it in check enough not to drive people away from the project. ([[http://en.wikiquote.org/wiki/Linus_Torvalds Some examples.]]) Most of the examples are tongue-in-cheek, though. In person, he's [[MeanCharacterNiceActor apparently quite nice]].
  98. ** cough * Stallman * cough
  99. ** Theo De Raadt, maintainer of the highly secure OpenBSD operating system.
  100. --> "It's terrible, everyone is using it, and they don't realize how bad it is. And the Linux people will just stick with it and add to it rather than stepping back and saying, 'This is garbage and we should fix it.'" (on Linux)
  101. * Ludwig Wittgenstein thought he had proved most of philosophy useless (by reducing philosophical problems into linguistic puzzles) and that everyone still practising it just hadn't got the memo.
  102. *  Many star athletes can come off as insufferable geniuses.
  103. ** Former NHL goalie Patrick Roy was noted for being extremely cocky and at times unbearable about his talent, as many of his former backups and teammates can attest. That said, Roy is in the Hall of Fame, won four Stanley Cups, three Conn Smythe trophies as playoff MVP, and is regarded as one of, if not the best, goalies to ever play the game.
  104. ** Larry Bird, a.k.a. as Larry Legend by the [[{{Basketball}} Celtics fans]]. Before the 3-pointer shoot contest of the All-Star Game, when seeing his opponents : [[BadassBoast "I'm just looking around to see who's gonna finish up second."]]. [[CrowningMomentOfAwesome He won]].
  105. ** MichaelJordan, considered by many the best basketball player ever, was a notorious trash talker, never letting opponents forget how much better he was than them. He also fueled his own competitive fires by taking every real and imagined slight VERY personally. This culminated publicly in his 2009 Hall of Fame induction speech, which was loaded with {{Take That}}s at people who'd "done him wrong." While the general public was stunned by the sudden blast of JerkAss from Jordan, long-time sportswriters like Michael Wilbon simply said that was the "real" Jordan bubbling to the surface.
  106. ** Soccer players have a habit of becoming one, particularly attackers, their ego inflating exponentially with every goal scored. Johan Cruijff, Lothar Matthäus, Cristiano Ronaldo and many others saw and still see their careers hindered because of it. Marco van Basten thought himself to be such a genius that any criticism to his coaching style of the Dutch national squad would result in excommunication (a trait he shares with Louis van Gaal and Felipe Scolari) and, in case of players of the squad, being thrown out of the first team. His success rate is [[YourMileageMayVary highly debatable]] to say the least.
  107. * Many chess players fit this trope. Aron Nimzowitsch, after losing a game to Friedrich Saemisch (who was also an accomplished player), stood on top of the table and yelled out "Why must I lose to this idiot!?" One of Alekhine's rivals, Efim Boguljubow, was quoted as saying "With the white pieces I win because I am white. With the black pieces I win because I am Boguljubow." Bobby Fischer was prone to this as well, and after the famous Kasparov vs. Deep Blue match, he made the claim that he could easily beat 25 Deep Blue computers at once. Kasparov also had quite an ego, referring to the Polgar sisters as "trained dogs," and, after hearing that Grandmaster Nigel Short would be the one to challenge him for the World Championship in 1993, proclaimed "So the match is with Short, and it will be short." His prediction came true as he easily won.
  108. ** Regarding Kasparov's disdain over the Polgar sisters, it eventually backfired on him, after he cheated against Judit Polgar in what would became one of the most infamous example of breaking the touch-move rule, in 1994. It was not only that a great grandmaster cheated in a prestigious tournament, but also that he cheated against someone he hold in contempt (somehow) that was quite ironic.
  109. * SalvadorDali was expelled from the Royal Academy in Madrid for refusing to take an oral exam, writing in explanation "I am very sorry but I am infinitely more intelligent than these three professors, and I therefore refuse to be examined by them. I know this subject much too well." He was also quoted as saying "when I paint, the sea roars. The others splash about in the bath." He had something of a right to be full of himself - today he has a reputation as one of the greatest artists of the 20th century.
  110. * YoshikiHayashi has this reputation due to [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_2lVzF3zGfE his reaction]] to one of his employees' RantInducingSlight/holding the IdiotBall by not knowing how to sequence a MIDI file.
  111. * Lev Landau. The theoretical mind to rival [[AlbertEinstein Einstein]]'s, and enough caustic wit to outsnark [[RichardFeynman Feynman]], though to call him "insufferable" would be a bit unjustified -- after all, his sarcasm ''did'' land him in prison during the Great Purges.[[hottip:* :He was basically [[AFriendInNeed rescued by Pyotr Kapitsa]], himself a frequent end of his escapades, who directly appealed to [[JosephStalin Stalin]] and persuaded him that Landau was essential for the war effort and vouched for his behavior.]]
  112. ** During the writing of their seminal "The Course of Theoretical Physics" textbook, Landau's student and co-author Eugene Lifshitz lost a notebook with one particularly lengthy and complex calculation they were struggling with for more than a month. Landau's response? Throw it out altogether and just replace it with the words: "as it is obvious from the previous calculations..." and go on.
  113. * WolfgangAmadeusMozart could possibly place in the top 5 of all time for this category. An extremely proficient pianist and prolific composer (he wrote roughly as much music as his teacher, Haydn, and lived only half as long), he truly was a genius, and apparently not just at music. However, playing for royalty before your tenth birthday can go to your head. There are stories of Mozart having conversations with himself around company because he believed he was the most interesting person in the room.
  114. * Thomas Edison was both a genius inventor as well as a ruthless businessman and glory hound. He used strongarm tactics on everyone from his equally [[NikolaTesla ingenious rivals]] to his own employees.
  115. * KanyeWest
  116. * Former NineInchNails guitarist Aaron North, if Trent Reznor is to be believed. Before his audition even started, Reznor wanted to punch him out, but gave him the gig after hearing the first note he played. North toured with the band for two years.
  117. * Phil Hellmuth is one of the most successful and recognizable poker players in the world. He's won 11 World Series of Poker bracelets (including winning the 1989 Main Event championship at age 24; the youngest to do so at the time), has nearly $12 million in career tournament winnings, and written several best-selling poker books. He's also just as well known for his massive ego (his nickname is "The Poker Brat"), constantly berating other players (especially after they've beaten him in a hand that he thinks they played poorly) and his over-the-top entrances to the WSOP Main Event. (YourMileageMayVary as to how much of this is his true personality and how much is an act for entertainment value.)
  118. * Thomas Jefferson was one of the most intelligent men ever to live, skilled in many disciplines, and apparently quite pleasant to be around when he was in the right mood. When he was in the WRONG mood, however, he could be callous, rude, and downright inscrutable, often alienating long-time friends for trivial reasons and being absolutely ruthless to political rivals. There's a theory he might even have been somewhere on the Autism spectrum, which might account for both his great genius and his apparent difficulty with social interactions.
  119. ** John Adams, whom he was VitriolicBestBuds with was no slouch in that department either and was certainly every bit Jefferson's intellectual equal.
  120. * CSLewis ' private tutor, William T. Kirkpatrick (who amusingly was definitely TheSpock rather then TheKirk), was like this. He was socially inept, knew nothing of small talk, and would logically dissect every statement including small talk about the weather. Interestingly, CSLewis held him in great affection, because he wanted a fellow [[TheSpock Spock]] to talk to, even a rude one; because he was a very good teacher, at least for those with compatible personalities; and because anything was better than the jocks back at his old school.
  121. * MarlonBrando could be considered the greatest actor of all time and he wasn't afraid to let people know it, especially directors whom he had personality conflicts with.
  122. * Some gifted students can behave that way to anyone they deem intellectually inferior. Common online thanks to {{GIFT}} and {{troll}} behaviour.
  123. ** Some gifted students become GenreSavvy enough to avoid this as they get older. Some don't.
  124. * Spider-Man co creator SteveDitko is known for being a nice guy overall. He is also known for his didactic comics such as Mr. A. His lengthy essays read like tracts, treatieses, manifestos. Legend has it, he even talks to people who show up at his studio unannounced. He is pathologically obsessed with Ayn Rand and Objectivism. And he's been known for being difficult to work with due to his refusal to work on comics that confict with his Objectivist ideology. Although, according to some accounts, Ditko's financial situation and living conditions seem to range from "just getting by" to "living at the Y". So this is a rare (and sad) instance of an insufferable genius who is actually worse off (by lifestyle standards) than most of those who look up to him.
  126. Rich Bitch
  128. * Leona Helmsley, period. She's not called "the Queen of Mean" for nothing. It's summed up in the sentence, "Only the little people pay taxes.”
  129. * Stephenie Meyer was once an ordinary housewife. Then she wrote a bestselling series of novels and made enough money so her husband could retire... and the shitstorm began...
  130. * There are rich women out there. Some of them are bitches. Let's leave it at that.
  132. Evil Overlord
  134. * OlderThanYouThink example: the Israel Museum in Jerusalem has an extensive collection of amulets and talismans used by people of various faiths in the Byzantine Period; these are inscribed with various requests for love, wealth, et cetera. One, [[http://books.google.com/books?id=HQyxvmYV-50C&pg=PA271&lpg=PA271&dq=Yosi+Zenobia&source=bl&ots=vJef4eglq6&sig=yfKOLNUhbmwA_gPeUO0xHOYFA7Y&hl=en&ei=9NWtTLH_CZG7jAeJ5qBX&sa=X&oi=book_result&ct=result&resnum=1&ved=0CBIQ6AEwAA#v=onepage&q=Yosi%20Zenobia&f=false a talisman belonging to one Yosi Ben Zenobia]], asks that God make his "word and authority be (imposed) over [the inhabitants of this village] just as the heavens are subdued before God, and the land is subdued before mankind, and mankind is subdued before death, and death is subdued before God." This man clearly had himself frozen and is waiting to be revived along with an army of minions after 2000 years.
  135. * AdolfHitler, Führer of NaziGermany. Minus the [[SpikesOfVillainy imposing spikes]].
  136. * JosefStalin, dictator of Soviet Union. Ditto.
  137. * MaoZedong, Chairman of the Communist Party of China (although many in China revere him today, per the "cult of personality" mandated by his followers, so YourMileageMayVary.)
  138. ** Before Mao, there was Qin Shi Huang the first Emperor of China he united most of known China by force, buried numerous scholars alive, and caused the deaths of thousands in building the great wall. He also sought to gain immortality but wind up dead in finding a means.
  139. * Pol-Pot, dictator of Cambodia.
  140. * KimIlSung and Kim Jong-Il of NorthKorea.
  141. * NapoleonBonaparte
  142. ** Tough 'evil' is to be highly disputed in this case.
  143. * Many other dictators, as well, have been Evil Overlords. It sort of goes with the whole "ruling through force" thing.
  144. * Hirohito, the Emperor of Japan was something of a DoubleSubversion oddly enough. Portrayed as a megalomaniacal tyrant worse than Hitler ''or'' Stalin by American propaganda in WorldWarTwo, Hirohito's publicity turned right around after the war, in which he kept his position (albeit a position purely ceremonial in function) and was absolved of any wrongdoing. As a result, many now rest comfortably in the knowledge that all that propaganda was just racist lies. Except that he actually ''[[VillainWithGoodPublicity was]]'' a war criminal, a fact that has now been made more clear in recent histories of the war. And put the full blame on the puppet ruler Tojo Hideki, who was executed.
  145. ** Well, the debate continues among scholars of Japanese history as to whether the royal family truly could have reined in the actions of Japan's renegade military, which had actually begun their revolt ''outside'' of Japan (specifically, in Manchuria). Although there ''were'' some Japanese military leaders who actually believed that Hirohito was a [[GodEmperor god-like figure]] (or at least paid lip service to the concept), others in the military genuinely saw Tojo as the rightful leader. Since most Japanese citizens really did seem to believe that their emperor was divine, it's possible that Hirohito would have had the standing and the resources to quash the military uprising if he'd really wanted to. However, since many of Tojo's men were committing their atrocities ''precisely in the name of their god-emperor'', any attempt to stop them might have cast doubts on the very idea of the emperor's divinity. It was complicated.
  146. * The Kings of Assyria at least by their monuments. Their idea of public relations was to brag about what CompleteMonster s they were. Ironically some historians think they exaggerated themselves to cause terror, though they were almost surely bad enough.
  147. ** Many of the Biblical Kings of Israel. And Queen Ataliah, of course.
  148. *** Herod the Great, anyone?
  149. * HarryTruman, the president who ordered the atomic bombings on Japan (and hereby destroying quite a bit of fame the USA gained in the then more recent history), turns out to be a subversion. Not very popular while in office, historians see many of his actions, like approving the Marshall plan and creating the NATO, as good decisions in the long run.
  150. * Genghis Khan who has conquered most of Asia, and parts of Europe.
  152. Sex Tourism
  154. * A recurring complaint among many backpackers about ConTiki Tours is that they are mostly patronised by people who want to drink and get laid (note for those who are interested in that: the gender ratio is heavily skewed towards women), and the contents of the tours reflect that.
  155. * Infamously, this is what landed Gary Glitter in a Vietnamese prison.
  156. * Dr. George Rekers, an outspoken opponent of homosexuality, hired a gay male escort to travel with him abroad on the pretense that he needed a muscular young man to carry his luggage. Dan Savage immediately suggested that people substitute the phrase "Whatever lifts your luggage" for "Whatever floats your boat."
  157. * The British holiday company "Club 18-30" has this reputation, and caused some controversy with adverts which got a bit too explicit about what the holidaymakers were expected to get up to. (Mostly with each other, though, rather than locals.)
  159. Unwanted False Faith
  161. * Emperor Haile Selassie I of Ethiopia is worshiped by Rastafarians, though he himself was a member of the Ethiopian Orthodox Church. He apparently felt it disrespectful to openly deny his worshipers' beliefs, though he did try to use his status to lure people to his own church instead.
  162. * [[http://www.guardian.co.uk/world/2010/mar/19/raj-patel-colbert-report-benjamin-creme This guy]].
  163. * There is a school of thought that says Imhotep, the Egyptian god of medicine, was actually [[TheBible Joseph ben Israel]]. There is archeological evidence that Imhotep was indeed a man, and that people only began worshiping him long after he died.
  165. Scary Amoral Religion
  167. * Radical Islam. These guys can go on for days explaining why mass murder is completely justifiable because (of course) they're the real victims.
  168. ** Radical Christianity likewise, as they can go on for days explaining how torture and murder are perfectly justified if it causes a conversion and "saves the soul" of the victim (generally at the cost of the body), or how, worse, if the person refuses to be "saved," anything can be justifiably done to them.
  169. ** Radical Judaism can go on for days explaining how peace is wrong and its right to assassinate a prime minister seeking peace[[hottip:*:Yitzhak Rabin, if you must know]], and how destruction of the property of those who don't keep the Sabbath the same way they do is justified.
  170. ** Radical ''anything'' can get like this, really.
  171. ** This is why when the Baha'i Faith was first created, Bahaulla felt the need to include a tenet that explicitly told his followers "Don't go overboard with this whole religion thing, It is counter-productive."
  172. * The Aztecs practiced human sacrifice on a massive scale because they were afraid that if they didn't, the sun would go away and stop letting the corn grow. So, in a way, they were murdering for the Greater Good.
  173. * TheSpanishInquisition was a pretty nasty chapter of European history. It's debatable whether they felt that what they did was the right thing to do, or whether the goal justified the means, but they certainly were some scary dudes.
  174. ** The Spanish Inquisition were better than their reputation, though they did torture and kill people - they were actually ''inquisitive'', aiming to actually find out evidence of heresy before digging out the thumbscrews and the tinder. It was the stuff happening around them that was more worrying. Plenty of people were oppressed and killed for their beliefs without any interference from the Inquisition, and the Protestants were being just as bad, if not worse, in their own side.
  175. ** Since when the Spanish Inquisition was a religion in it's own right? Anyway since it was the King\Queen of Spain the one who contrrolled the Inquisition instead of the Pope (as in the other Roman Catholic Inquisitions), and since they played far more the "racial" card (with that Old Christian\New Christian families) than the purely religious one (granted in Spain at the beginning both were likely the same) they were more a Political than a Religious force. The ** **Protestant witch hunt trials weren't better, while they did not involve torture as the Inquisition trials did, they burned at the stake far more people than the inquisition did in less time, and included children wereas the inquisition victims were all adults (if the oficial processed lists are to be believed though)
  177. Path of Inspiration
  179. * Peoples' Temple: they tried to appear to outsiders as a devout Christian group (even belonging to a mainline Protestant denomination) while secretly worshiping Jim Jones as a living god. Ultimately, what the religion was really about was Jones' need to control, and project his own obsessions onto, a group of followers. So when everything fell apart and Jones became suicidal... well, [[DrinkingTheKoolAid we know what happened next.]]
  180. * [[{{ChurchOfHappyology}} Don't tell me you didn't see this one coming.]]
  181. ** Tropers/TheAdvertisementServer [[CrowningMomentOfAwesome won]] [[AdOfWin at life forever]] [[http://img268.imageshack.us/img268/7599/scientology.png with this image.]]
  182. * Juche, the state religion of North Korea, was created by Kim Il-Sung purely to justify his own power and get his citizens to worship him as a god. How much of the North Korean population genuinely believe this and how much simply follow the philosophy out of fear is unknown, but obviously, no one outside of North Korea believes a word of it, not even other communists.
  183. ** It's not ''exactly'' a religion, it's a philosophy of government (complete [[http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Autarky autarky]] and top-down organization) coupled with a whole lot of bullshit about how wonderful the Kims are. The latter portion is taken to such an extreme that this objection may just be hair-splitting, though...
  184. * A lot of New Age religions seem like this: You "create your own reality", so if you're in a bad situation, it's your own fault. (Most people who follow such beliefs are rich. Again, know your audience.) There's a lot of focus on "healing" and acquiring more spiritual power. But the main thing they want is money.
  185. * Many people view many, if not most or all, major world religions this way. To say anything more on the subject would be an extremely foolish violation of the RuleOfCautiousEditingJudgment.
  186. ** Just to specify, this is usually restricted to Christianity and Islam, or at least individual sects of either, because they are the religions most keen on changing the world. Whereas it is justified or not YMMV, but at least on individual sects of either religion sometimes it is.
  187. ** Usually but not always. The recent civil war in Sri Lanka illustrates that any religion can be subject to this treatment.
  188. [[/folder]]
  190. * This commonly pops up in ConspiracyTheories. For example, some conservative Christian [[ConspiracyTheorist conspiracy theorists]] claim that just about every religion they don't approve of, no matter how benign or peaceful, was secretly founded by [[HollywoodSatanism Satanists]] to lure people away from Christianity and eventually into "hard-core Satanism" (which involves all those fun activities like drinking blood and sacrificing babies). Never mind that if you actually informed most adherents of these religions that in order to advance they had to become "[[HollywoodSatanism hard-core Satanists]]" or sacrifice anyone, they'd think you'd lost your marbles.
  192. Magical Native American
  194. * A recent article at Indianz.com by an animal rights activist claiming to be Chippewa features this as a reason Indians shouldn't have a right to hunt on reservation lands.
  195. * The Tarahumara were a seemingly mythical tribe of Indians living in Mexico's Copper Canyon, attributed with being able to run unbelievable distances and even outpacing horses on rough trails. Much of the legend turned out to be [[TruthInTelevision true]] when renewed contact was made and tribesmen were brought in to run ultramarathons, depicted in Christopher McDougall's book, ''Born to Run''. Their style turned the running world on its head and spawned the barefoot running movement.
  197. Magical Negro
  199. * Martin Luther King, Jr. is sometimes posited as being this, either in earnest (by admirers) or satirically (by detractors).
  200. * Jesse Jackson (another satirical ''vs''. admirer interpretation)
  201. * OprahWinfrey was called this on NPR. During a discussion between Michele Norris and Eric Eggans (both black), Eggars said, "You know, I hate the way this term sounds, but there's a term in film criticism and media criticism called the ''magic Negro'' [sic], where you have that black character who shows the white protagonist how to better live their life."
  203. Head in the Sand Management
  205. * Whether this is a fair characterization of the historical NevilleChamberlain, Prime Minister of Great Britain and Northern Ireland from 1937 to 1940, is up for debate. It is unquestionably his popcultural legacy but Britain was in no state to fight a war at that time and he did buy almost a year in which to prepare. However, Germany ''also'' was in no state to fight a continent-wide war in 1938. Even in 1939, Germany was really starting at least a year too soon, before they'd actually finished building up their forces. At one point, Hitler even privately admitted that he'd started too soon, but that he couldn't help it because Chamberlain had (to his great surprise) actually given him everything he asked for, which itself raises other questions, although Hitler ''also'' said that Chamberlain cheated him of his war in 1938 and if he had fought then he would have won. In short, Chamberlain might be TropeCodifier and TropeNamer. He might not. Historical assessments of him vary, with some calling him a clever diplomat, and others accusing him of "strategic blindness." '''[[RuleOfCautiousEditingJudgment And we don't need an edit war over it.]]'''
  206. * Contrary to AmericaWinsTheWar, the United States had aspects of this. Mussolini takes over Abyssinia? Not America's problem. Japan taking over China? Not America's problem. Japan moving into the South Pacific? Not America's problem. Hitler taking over Europe? Not America's problem. Jews and other "inferiors" coming to America because of the Nazi regime? The immigration quotas are filled, send them back. Pearl Harbor? Okay, now it's America's problem.
  207. *** Like many other things, this was parodied in the "Lil' Hitler" sketches in one episode of ''RobotChicken'', the third (and last) of which had young Hitler all on his own in a classroom, his desk surrounded by every other one in the room - except for the fat American kid's, who declares "Psht, not my problem", until a Japanese kid comes out of nowhere and knocks over his milkshake, at which point he sighs and states "''Now'', it's my problem".
  208. * In general (to avoid too much FlameBait), it's become standard for politicians to accuse any rivals who don't agree with them on some alleged danger of being HeadInTheSandManagement.
  209. ** UsefulNotes/NorthKorea: to avoid a FlameWar or FlameBait, let us just say that the majority of the goodwill towards North Korea has not been returned. The confirmed failure of the [[http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sunshine_Policy Sunshine Policy]] by the government of UsefulNotes/SouthKorea was a factor in [[http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lee_Myung-bak Lee Myung-bak’s]] election to president. Also, the [[http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Social_Democratic_Party_(Japan) Social Democratic Party (Japan)]] lost major political and public support when North Korea formally admitted to kidnapping Japanese citizens.
  210. * Most schools in America (Yes, even some private schools) tend to do this when it comes to bullying.
  211. ** Not just America.
  212. ** The response to bullying often depends the cultural values and the local [[SocialServicesDoesNotExist social services]].
  213. * Subverted by AlfredTheGreat: he several times paid "danegild", basically, protection money to dissuade HornyVikings from raping, pillaging, burning across your lands. He simply was prepared to back up gifts of gold with gifts of iron.
  214. * Also subverted on the Indian Northwest Frontier. The British regularly paid Pathan tribes not to go on raids while making it obvious that tribes who broke their word would suffer [[RoaringRampageOfRevenge difficulties]]. As the Pathans usually broke their word anyway, one wonders how well paying them worked . On the other hand no other policy would have either.
  215. * King Borris of Bulgaria used to do this by playing HeadInTheSandManagement to one faction after another in his kingdom in order to make all the other factions jealous. This made for a sort of BalanceOfPower.
  217. Knight Templar
  219. * TheSpanishInquisition and especially [[http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tomas_de_Torquemada Tomás de Torquemada]] have this reputation. The reality was more complex; it originated with mob violence against Jews and Conversos, which was brought more or less to heel by the Spanish state (which was paranoid about possible subversion by them, but was not fond of lynching). When the dust cleared, the Spanish Inquisition had jurisdiction over all Christians and no one else; they burned Protestants at the stake but let Jews go about their business (until the expulsion of all Jews and Muslims from Spain). The legally-structured Spanish Inquisition executed about 4000 people for religious reasons in its roughly 300 years of existence.
  220. ** It wasn't just for religious reasons, to be fair. There were a lot of executions of people who were involved in other crimes not tied to religion, such as murder and treason.
  221. * [[http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Arnaud_Amalric Arnaud Amalric]], whose approach to making sure that every last heretic dies can be summed up in his famous quote: "Kill them all. For the Lord knows them that are His." It's disputed whether he said this or not (sources only say that he was reported to have said it), but if he said that, he was this.
  222. * Many leaders of the Reformation were not at all opposed to capital punishment or torture for heretics and Jews; and while they all hated the Pope, they often hated each other ''more''. The contemporary diagnosis was ''rabies theologicum''.
  223. * Historical portrayals of MaximilienRobespierre are sharply divided between messianic (helped turn France into a republic, kept Austria and all the monarchies of Europe at bay post-Revolution, weeded out traitors in the republic, was nicknamed "The Incorruptible") and demonic (killed about 30,000 people who he thought might be foes of the Revolution or otherwise hindering it, usually makes "Top 10 Most Evil Men in History" lists), because he was very much this trope. He went to the guillotine after being overthrown, wholly believing that [[strike:God]] the Supreme Being and the people of France were on his side and that everything he'd done had been in accordance with the will of the greater good. The portrayals of Louis Antoine de Saint-Just (who gained the nickname of "Archangel of Terror") are even more divided between WellIntentionedExtremist and Knight Templar. Interestingly, Robespierre was ''extremely'' reluctant about taking so much power and fulfilling this trope, [[HeWhoFightsMonsters but you know what they say about those who fight monsters...]]
  224. * The Unabomber tried to get across [[ScienceIsBad his anti-technology message]] by sending bombs, carefully crafted with homemade parts, through the mail to universities, ad agencies, and major companies.
  225. * During the spread of Islam in the 7th century, Amr ibn al-'Aas, an Islamic general, allegedly burned down the Library of Alexandria, at the time one of the greatest repositories of written knowledge in the western world (especially as Europe languished in the dark ages). When asked why he would destroy the priceless books and manuscripts in the library, the general replied: "If those books are in agreement with the Quran, we have no need of them; and if these are opposed to the Quran, destroy them."[[hottip:*:There are about four theories that attempt to explain how the library was destroyed, one of which is that Julius Caesar accidentally burned it down. Few scholars currently agree that Amr ibn al 'Aas was the one to do it, since most of the sources that support that idea were written 500 years after the theorized burning and we only have Arabic sources for it.]]
  226. * Vlad III Ţepeș, aka "The Impaler", prince of Wallachia between 1456-1462 and 1476. He killed one tenth of his population, but he made life safe for honest, law-abiding citizens. In all fairness, [[HistoricalVillainUpgrade all the horror stories about him]] and how he loved a particularly {{squick}}y form of execution that gave him his nickname (spoilered for massive {{Squick}}: [[spoiler:the victim would have a giant stake [[AssShove inserted into their anus]] and be left suspended on it until it came out of their mouth]]) were spread during the time he was held captive by the Hungarian king Matthias Corvinus, and likely exaggerated. Must've been embarrassing for Matthias when he had to release Vlad because his warnings about the Ottoman Empire came true.
  227. * Mark David Chapman, a murderer currently serving his sentence of 20 years to life, murdered JohnLennon, motivated by his anger that "Lennon preached for love and peace and still can make big money" and his disbelief in God. By committing such a murder, Chapman thought he would become a [[Literature/TheCatcherInTheRye catcher in the rye]], a "quasi-savior" or "guardian angel" like Holden Caulfield, protecting children from the "phoniness" of modern society.
  228. * Joseph [=McCarthy=] counted as this, wanting to get rid of Communists in America but willing to go ''way'' too far to do so. He exploited the [[RedScare fear of Communism]] that was prevalent in America during the 50s with his accusations that the government was failing to deal with the Communists that he said were in their ranks. Though [=McCarthy=] was not a part of the infamous House Un-American Activities Committee that was responsible for subpoenaing, blacklisting, and generally ruining the lives of a lot of people from those days, his general demagoguery was definitely a contributing factor to the atmosphere of fear and suspicion that persisted up until his downfall.
  229. * The Cossacks tended to fill this role in TsaristRussia and, to a certain extent, even the modern Russian republic.
  230. * Some generals on both sides in TheAmericanCivilWar -- most notably, Nathan Bedford Forrest, founder of the Ku Klux Klan, and William Tecumseh Sherman, the ravager of Georgia. There were probably more such generals on the Confederate side, devoted to [[ProudWarriorRaceGuy honor]], [[BlueAndOrangeMorality slavery]], and/or MyCountryRightOrWrong; most of the Union generals were far too timid and/or inept for Knight Templar status. (Lincoln once asked [=McClellan=] whether he could borrow the Army of the Potomac, since [=McClellan=] obviously wasn't using it.)
  231. * Sombra Negra ([[DepartmentOfRedundancyDepartment Black Shadow]]) in El Salvador is an ex-military vigilante group dedicated to ridding their country of drug dealers, especially the [=MS13=] gang, which controls entire towns and is responsible for over eight thousand murders. They have executed at least seventeen dealers, possibly many more. They have also been known to desecrate bodies and even eat the brains of dead dealers. They're a mix of KnightTemplar, WellIntentionedExtremist, and HeWhoFightsMonsters.
  232. * The Shining Path of Peru (Sendero Luminoso), a Maoist guerrilla organization convinced that the ''only'' way to achieve a revolution is through violence, making no distinction between civilian or military targets and actually seeking to "induce genocide". Unlike other guerrilla groups such as the FMLN or FSLN, who eventually became political parties in their respective countries, the Shining Path is classified by Peru and the U.S. as a terrorist organization.
  233. * Seung-Hui Cho, the Virginia Tech shooter, compared himself to Jesus Christ before taking 32 lives.
  234. * Anders Breivik, the [[http://news.yahoo.com/norway-suspect-deems-killings-atrocious-needed-013354792.html domestic terrorist]] in Norway. The article describes him explicitly as such and he himself claims-- possibly ''believes''-- that he's just one of a reborn Order of Knights Templar.
  235. * [[GodSaveUsFromTheQueen Queen Ranavalona of Madagascar]] caused the deaths of thousands of people in order to rid her island nation of things introduced by the Europeans, especially Christianity, once she established her regime. Ironically, the arrival of Christianity to Madagascar had oppressed the native religious beliefs, so it was essentially a KnightTemplar destroying other Knights Templar.
  236. * OsamaBinLaden and the rest of the senior members of Al-Qaeda qualify as this. They desire to "purify" the world and get rid of the monarchies and dictatorships in the middle east and the rest of the Muslim world. However, to do this, they kill innocent people and commit terrorist acts. Moreover, Al-Qaeda's ideal government is a strict theocracy governed by Sunni Islamism.
  237. ** That said, in 2002 a psychology professor called Dr Aubrey Immelman diagnosed bin Laden as an Unprincipled Narcissist, meaning he was a self-serving ManipulativeBastard who, in this case, got off on getting people to commit acts of terrorism. With [=CIA=] profiler Dr Jerrod Post he also diagnosed Malignant Narcissism, meaning he was driven to pulling off ever more daring and audacious acts- for him, acts of terrorism- to feed his own ego. {{YMMV}} on whether you agree with this or not, though if its true then he was only ''[[StrawHypocrite posing]]'' as a Knight Templar and was secretly just TheSociopath.
  238. * It's hard not to see Nancy Grace as this with her HangingJudge zeal to see people accused of crimes to be convicted. YMMV on how much malice is involved, though.
  239. * During the Renaissance, the monk Girolamo Savonarola established a "[[PeoplesRepublicOfTyranny republic]]" in Florence based on Christian morals. His first act was [[HeteronormativeCrusader to make homosexuality punishable by death]]. Then, he burned many books, personal effects, and works of art, and demanded that people live increasingly ascetic lives. Many executions were carried out in his name, and he was so disliked that he was [[CadreOfForeignBodyguards accompanied by Swiss mercenaries he hired as bodyguards at all times]]. Eventually, he was burned at the stake on the same spot he instigated the infamous "Bonfire of the Vanities".
  240. * Nat Turner was a slave who wanted an end to the bondage of blacks in America. He started a rebellion. However, this rebellion was [[TheRevolutionWillNotBeCivilized marked by incredible brutality]], with the murder of over sixty innocent people for the "crime" of being whites who were neutral to slavery. He recruited children and the elderly, and one of his aims was to spread "terror and alarm". To top it off, he believed that he was on a MissionFromGod
  242. Starfish Language
  244. As a side note first: Any language will seem like this to a native speaker of an unrelated language family, and often even to those who speak a related language. Languages are unique little snowflakes.
  246. * Sign languages, obviously, at least to hearing people, but especially to the blind.
  247. ** And conversely, spoken language to people who are deaf from birth.
  248. ** The different sign languages to each other. Because they are not conversions of spoken languages, even the different sign languages spoken in various English-speaking parts of the world are mutually incomprehensible. ASL was partly developed from French Sign Language, for example.
  249. *** This is less true for sign languages than for Spoken languages, as the result of visual information being universal among humans. Signed languages tend to have signs that have a high degree of "iconicity" (sort of a visual version of Onomatopoeia) that can be understood between languages and used to form a sort of pidgin sign language between signers of different language groups. Most Deaf people report being able to get by in other countries with Deaf signers of that region than hearing people do with their counterparts.
  250. * Tonal languages can approach this to speakers of atonal languages. Tonal languages work by changing how a vowel is pronounced. Imagine that you said the word, Jew. Now, imagine modifying the vowel sound ever so slightly and suddenly, somebody punches you in the face for calling their mother a whore. That's pretty much it. Pitch accents are like tones, only they affect the pronunciation of a single letter and do not change the meaning of a word. In between tones and pitch accents there are stress systems. These systems can change the meaning of a word depending on what syllable is stressed. Hungarian and Russian are tow of the more renowned stress system languages.
  251. ** And tonal languages are found all over the world, but they are most common in sub-Saharan Africa, such as Yoruba and in southeast Asia, most famously Chinese, although Vietnamese is infamously brutal, having tones, and then pitch accents applied to the tones. they also occur in Europe. Swedish is slightly tonal, as if it weren't unpronounceable enough already. Ancient Greek was tonal. Several Amerindian languages, such as all the Iroquois languages and the Comanche langauge were tonal. For some reason, tonal languages seem to be more common in tribal societies.
  252. ** Pitch accents are very common and occur in almost all languages. A pitch accent is pretty much a variant of how a letter is pronounced, such as the difference between a hard and soft pronunciation of a letter. For example, the English words minute (measure of time pronounced minit) and minute (adjective meaning tiny pronounced my newt).
  253. ** Stress system languages such as Russian, Hungarian, Dutch, Portuguese, Spanish, and Ukrainian can have word meaning completely change depending on which syllable is emphasized. This can set up all sorts of hilarious and infuriating MyHovercraftIsFullOfEels situations with foreigners. In Dutch, for example, compare achterúítgang (deterioration) and áchteruitgang (back exit).
  254. * Navajo is about as close to [[StarfishLanguage Starfish Bizaad]] as a human language can get. It combines some of the "hard" elements of Chinese (tone), Zulu (more than a dozen categories that affect inflections), and Basque (ergative grammar), while also having the same phonics as Tlingit... which was chosen as the basis for Klingon because most human languages don't have those sounds. Oh, and it's also got politeness-elements, like some East Asian languages, virtually no regular verbs, and a very complicated tense/aspect system. For this reason, the US government recruited members of the Navajo tribe to serve as code-speakers. They got around the lack of Navajo words for things like "aircraft carrier" or "torpedo" by assigning each vehicle or significant piece of ordnance to a plant or animal that had a proper Navajo name. Grenades were potatoes, and so on. While none of the other members of the US armed forces could use it, the Japanese couldn't crack it either, making it a big success. Japanese codebreakers interviewed after the war said things like "Crack it? We couldn't even ''transcribe'' it."[[hottip:*:The Japanese ''did'' capture a helpful native speaker, but executed him as a DoubleAgent before he could figure things out.]] A similar stunt was pulled in Europe during WorldWarI, so the Nazis [[GenreSavvy sent teams over to study the American Indian languages]].
  255. * Tagalog, which the Filipino national language is based upon, is an [[http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Austronesian_alignment Austronesian-type language]], like other Filipino languages. The [[http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tagalog_grammar grammatical construction of Tagalog]] tend to be confusing to English speakers since English is primarily a [[http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nominative-accusative_language nominative-accusative language]]. This is not mentioning the fact that the Austronesian alignment is uncommon compared to ''both'' nominative-accusative and [[http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ergative-absolutive_language ergative-absolutive]], and that ''even the majority of the [[http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Austronesian_languages Austronesian languages]] has lost this alignment long ago.''
  256. ** Tagalog, and by extension Filipino (as well as several other local languages), also have extremely complex rules for affixes. A word can change context and tense depending on any combination of certain suffixes, prefixes, mid-word "infixes"[[hottip:* :The infix you're probably most familiar with is the F-word, as in "abso-fucking-lutely"]], and repeated syllables. For example, the root word "tingin" (look) can be rendered as tumingin, tumitingin, titingin, pagtingin, magtingin, ting(i)nan, and several more possible root word-affix combinations depending on what one wants to say. Even locals can get confused.
  257. *** Although the one thing you usually don't get confused on is the subject of sentence, given that the subject is defined by how the verb is conjugated. Also, all verbs are regular.
  258. * Basque, of course, one of the most alien languages on earth, which has no relation to any known language, living or extinct. Also an ergative-absolutive language.
  259. ** It's also agglutinative, but it's pretty average compared with some of the more polysynthetic languages - these can incorporate several roots into a single word, often resulting in full-blown elaborate sentences that consist of nothing but one single massive word. (And there are a lot of languages that have no relation to any other known language - Korean is the most well-known of these, but is far from alone.)
  260. ** The ancient Etruscan language is another linguistic enigma - though there are a few other contemporary languages it seems to be related to, it's possible that the similarities are just because said languages were influenced by Etruscan. It's largely unrelated to any modern language, and thus comes across as very alien.
  261. *** In antiquity, Basque had a much larger range (throughout the Pyrenees), and formed a small family of its own. Etruscan has a demonstrated relationship with two other extinct languages (Lemnian and Rhaetic), forming the Tyrrhenian family, and the smart money says they originated in western Anatolia. Etruscan itself isn't particularly strange in terms of its grammar when compared to Indo-European languages, but Basque both sounds and feels much more "alien" to most Europeans.
  262. * [[http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sumerian_language Sumerian]]. [[OlderThanDirt The oldest known language, spoken in Mesopotamia until around 1700 BCE.]] Despite around 150 years of research, many questions about it are still unanswered. Noun phrases are comprised of a string of postpositions (including adjectives modifying the noun), leading to nested constructions like ''diĝir gal-gal-ĝu-ne-ra'' ("god-great-great-my-plural-dative", [[OhMyGods "to all my great gods"]]). Verbs are modified by a bewildering number of adpositions, pronominal affixes, conjugations, and "pre-conjugations" which are still not fully understood. Most of the lexicon consists of either one or two syllable words, or elaborate compounds thereof, [[UpToEleven and there are a staggering number of homophones]] (identical words with different meanings, probably indicating a huge number of phonemic tones or variant vowel sounds). Add to this the fact that almost every sign in Sumerian cuneiform has a large number of potential interpretations, and that it's completely unrelated to any other language known to science, and one begins to sympathise with the early researchers who believed it wasn't a natural language at all, but some kind of elaborate cypher.
  263. * The "click languages" spoken by the Khoi-San (Bushmen) of Africa. One of these click languages is featured in ''TheGodsMustBeCrazy''.
  264. ** Depending on how you classify them, some click languages have more click sounds than English has sounds!
  265. * There are also "whistling languages" in parts of South America, unfortunately these are either endangered or [[LostForever moribund]]. The Silbo Gomero, spoken on La Gomera in the Canary Islands, is well-studied and taught in schools.
  266. ** However, these whistling languages are like a code in that they have a one-to-one correspondence with the spoken languages. They're essentially whistling the vowel formants, and the consonants are filled in by the receiver.
  267. * Languages of the Caucasus tend to have [[TheUnpronounceable loads of consonants and few vowels:]]
  268. ** Georgian. Consonant clusters. Take "gvprtskvni"[[hottip:*:"you peel us"]], for example.
  269. ** Abkhazian. Consonants: over fifty. Vowels: two. (As a comparison, English, despite its alphabet of only twenty-six letters, uses roughly twenty-five consonant sounds and about fourteen vowel sounds. [[hottip:*:The "roughly" and "about" reflect the differences in the sounds used by, e.g., USA English and UK English: but even those English-speakers who use the fewest sounds have far more sounds than the alphabet provides letters. For about 60% of English words, this fact turns the relation between a given sequence of written English letters and the "same" word in the actual spoken language into something dismayingly "Starfishy" indeed.]])
  270. ** It's nothing against [[http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ubykh_language Ubykh]], a related extinct language. Consonants: ''[[http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ubykh_phonology 84]]''. Vowels: two.
  271. ** [[http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Chechen_language Chechen]] is an exception, since it has about ''44'' vowel sounds (including length, nasalization, and diphthongs) in addition to its 40-60 (depending on the dialect) consonants.
  272. ** Georgian and other Caucasian languages, however, have nothing on Nuxálk (from the [[Pacific Northwest]]): xłp̓x̣ʷłtłpłłskʷc̓. There's nothing in there that could be considered a ''sonorant'', let alone a vowel. Several Salishan languages can do this.
  273. *** Just to hammer in, the strangeness comes from the lack of vowel-like sounds. xłp̓x̣ʷłtłpłłskʷc is only slightly easier when you understand that the first x is just the ch in "loch", the ł is the Welsh ''ll'' sound, the c is ''ts'' in "bets", and the w's are there to tell you to round your lips. And there are also ejective consonants, and a contrast between velar and uvular consonants. Still a tongue-breaker for English-speakers...although there are definitely ''holdable'' consonants, which can (and do, according to some research) form syllable nuclei in the language.
  274. *** Spokane Salish's word for "horse" is "snčłc'aˀsqaxeˀ... at least that has vowels.
  275. **** The Salishan languages do sound decidedly odd to speakers of languages from other families, but the transliterations are just plain weird. The sound "skwohomesh," or less correctly squamish, is officially transliterated as Sḵwx̱wú7mesh, and even professional linguists have trouble getting from word to sound.
  276. * Central Rotokas, of Papua New Guinea, is an interesting inversion of the Caucasian pattern: it's got five vowels and six consonants, the world's smallest phonetic inventory.
  277. ** Pirahã (mentioned below) has only three vowels and eight consonants.
  278. * Latin is this for people who do not come from a linguistic background with Romance languages, and for people who come from less structured languages. Native English speakers are notorious for having trouble with Latin. The first difficulty arises with the introduction of noun declensions. There are 5 and they have a very annoying tendency to be introduced in very quick succession. Each one has a total of 14 ways a noun can be declined, 7 for singular and 7 for plural. And some of them are identical or very similar. Next, there are 3 genders, masculine, feminine, and neuter. The only thing that makes the neuter nouns identifiable is that their nominative and accusative forms are the same. Nastily, their nominative and accusative plural endings are both "a". And then after that, there are the verbs, which are even more prone to inducing MindRape. There are officially 4 conjugations, but thanks to the 3'rd io conjugation, the number is 5 in practice. The conjugations get introduced all at once. There are 6 ways in each conjugation to do each verb. 3 for singular and 3 for plural. And it [[BlatantLies gets better]]. There are 6 verb tenses, and 2 voices, active and passage. And 4 of the 6 tenses have subjunctive forms both active and passive. You have to memorize the 4 principle parts of each verb in order to be able to use it. [[SarcasmMode The grammar is a breeze.]] Word order doesn't normally matter since the endings dictate everything. Want to state a purpose, result, mental action, fearing, or conditionals? You gotta use ut/ne+subjunctive. You can't use infinitives for almost any of their English purposes.
  279. ** Although Russian has 6 declension patterns and 7 noun cases. And don't get me started on the verbs!
  280. ** Ooh, here's a nasty shock: Get into Latin poetry. All those grammar rules, constuctions, and vocabulary which have been so kind in helping you along the way are now gone. Singulars can be plural. Tenses can be mixed. Metonomy means that you get all sorts of synonyms which don't make sense, such as Ceres meaning grain, Cygnus meaning Jupiter, getting four different words for sea, suddenly jumping between subjects, and running into tons of similar looking but not remotely similar meaning words. There are so many cultural references, idioms, and phrases that you'd be completely bamboozled if you tried to translate them straight into English. The result is that even good students can make translation train wrecks of poetry.
  281. * English can seem like this to people used to more structured languages. It has dozens of rules, but many words or phrases ignore them entirely. The huge number of modified loanwords from a dozen different languages doesn't help. No wonder so many translation attempts end up as {{Engrish}}.
  282. ** It also features both unvoiced and voiced (inter)dental fricatives (the English 'th', for non-linguists), which are classified as rare sounds.
  283. *** As Wikipedia helpfully notes about the 'th' in thing, "Among the more than 60 languages with over 10 million speakers, only English, Standard Arabic [which actually means that Arabic is a ghost in this department, since nobody speaks Standard Arabic day-to-day], Castillian Spanish (i.e., as spoken in Spain only), Burmese, and Greek have [it]."
  284. ** The sounds English has are bizarre. Not only do different dialects pronounce the same sounds in different ways ("Ian" in Des Moines is pronounced like "Anne" would be in Michigan), the number of sounds in each dialect changes too (Californians can't tell the difference between "Don" and "Dawn" while Aussies can). Worst of all is how they're spelled (or, indeed, spelt): there are many possible ways to spell a single sound (like "reed" and "read", and "red" and "read"), many possible sounds that can be associated with the same set of letters (tough, though, through, ought, drought), and there are always exceptions which only apply to one or two words ("plaid" rhymes with "rad"!?). And that's before we get to the SeriousBusiness of "colour" vs "color".
  285. ** English generally has 12 or more distinct vowels, which is far more than the average (the most common vowel system has 5). Of course, French has something like 16.
  286. ** England has a history of being conquered by several different people over its thousands of years of being inhabited, which means that Modern English has its historical roots in Latin, Greek, Anglo-Saxon (which is a Germanic language), the Gallic languages and most recently Norman French. The dialects in different countries emerge from inheritance in mass immigration. For example, Texas' version of English has the sounds of High Southern American English, Low Southern American English, German, Spanish, Polish, Irish and if you're in East Texas maybe French. This doesn't include sounds from the most recent waves of internal immigrants. Now, imagine all that, except taking place over a combined land area several thousand times the size of the country of origin, over a period of a little over four centuries.
  287. * Pirahã (an Amazonian language) has no words for time, color, or number, but remains fully comprehensible when whistled due to its extensive tone system. Its grammar only allows one thing to be said about a subject in a sentence at a time (non-recursive) and men use different phonemes than women, as well as suffixes relating to a subject's observable reality (evidentiality, which features in a lot of other South American languages too). [[MindScrew You're welcome.]]
  288. ** There's very little data on Pirahã, due to a combination of its speakers liking to mess with outside scientists and the fact that only one outsider (Daniel Everett) can be said to be fluent in the language. Pretty much every claim that says Pirahã is unique in some way is worth being very skeptical about.
  289. *** Almost none of those features are unique, with the possible exception of non-recursion. There are a limited set of quantity words in Pirahã as documented, but they seem to basically amount to "more" "fewer" and "much". By all accounts, the Pirahã people are perfectly capable of spotting things that their language lacks, but don't actually have terms which describe them for cultural reasons. Its other unusual features are all uncommon, but by no means unheard of, it's just their combination which is unique.
  290. *** Some other Amazonian languages also have unorthodox word order such as OVS or OSV.
  291. * [[EskimoLand The Inuit language]] is pretty strange to outsiders, with more than thirty demonstrative pronouns, only three vowels, and no adjectives ([[EskimoWordsForSnow but surprisingly few words for "snow"]]). Words are combined into sentence-like clumps.
  292. * [[http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Alaryngeal_speech#Pharyngeal_speech Pharyngeal speech]] (and to a lesser extent, other forms of alaryngeal speech) can be a {{Starfish Language}} in extreme cases.
  293. * Hebrew can get like this at times, especially since vowels are traditionally not written. This is hard enough when reading the Torah, but in Israel, all of the ''street signs'' lack vowels too.
  294. ** This is actually Standard Operating Procedure for Semitic languages--Arabic, which has about three orders of magnitude more speakers than Hebrew, also doesn't write out vowels (except with the Qur'an and certain other texts). While this may seem like Starfish Writing to some people accustomed to full alphabets, one must understand that:
  295. *** This actually makes things ''easier'' for the Semitic languages, in which words are created from three-consonant roots using about ten different stems; each root refers to a particular concept, and the stems impart different but logically connected meanings to the root. A single root can, in theory, regularly create as many as 40 or 50 words with distinct meanings: assuming the ten basic stems of Arabic (the most conservative Semitic language)[[hottip:*:Different Semitic languages have different numbers of stems; Hebrew, for instance, has seven, while ancient Akkadian had thirteen.]], you get ten verbs, ten verbal nouns (basically -ing words), ten "doer" nouns (i.e. "the one that does X," where X is the derived verb), ten "done-to" nouns (i.e. "the one to which X is done"), and several other words that use the root but use a stem that isn't really a stem (it's complicated). Of course, no root makes use of all the stems, but given the incredible productivity of the system, not writing vowels is really amazing for someone fluent in the language--it helps ''enormously'' with figuring out the meaning of unknown words (since meaning comes chiefly from consonants, you can see similarities between related words more easily), and allows writers to make subtle distinctions and cultural references that would not have been as clear if vowel letters had been cluttering up the words. In the case of Arabic, it helps communication, as well: for instance, most forms of spoken Arabic are not-quite-mutually-unintelligible, at least at first, but when you write them down, it becomes a matter of looking up a couple of words in a dictionary every now and then. Although the existence of a common written standard made this a moot point for most of history, the rise of the Internet--on which spoken Arabic is used in written form--has made this feature much more useful.
  296. *** Other forms of writing are ''much'' weirder, including the East Asian logographic system (and particularly the mixed logographic-syllabic system used in Japanese) and the even weirder system used for Middle Persian (Pahlavi, in which many Aramaic words became logograms to be pronounced in Persian: for instance, the word for "king", ''spelled'' "melekh"--or rather "MLK," since Aramaic, being Semitic, left out the vowels--was pronounced "shah").
  297. * Japanese has among the longest and most numerous personal pronouns, but uses them fairly rarely by comparison to other languages, while verbs don't indicate person, but politeness. It's also quite hard to indicate plural, generally. Like said before, its writing system is very complicated and without equivalent elsewhere in the world, being a mix of chinese logographic script and two different syllabaries. Politeness degrees take a very important place in morphology and lexicon, though this is also the case in some other languages such as Korean, but sometimes to extreme levels, for example in Javanese and an aboriginal Australian language where one should speak totally differently than usually in front of one's mother-in-law.
  298. * Dogs smelling each other's anal glands is a way of greeting each other and to identify each other's personal aroma. And apparently a dog can learn a lot of things of another dog just by smelling that particular gland.
  299. ** Almost all animal communication is like this because for many animals smell can be just as important as sight and sound and there are creatures that communicate ''primarily'' by smell.
  301. Positive Discrimination
  303. * Back in the mid-90s, the US Department of Justice once did a study regarding child support and just who was (and who wasn't) making their payments. What they found out was that almost 78% of non-custodial fathers paid their child support on time and in full. The percentage of non-custodial mothers who did the same? 41%. But you only ever heard about deadbeat ''dads'', because the absolute numbers were far higher.
  304. ** Of course, that's often believed to be PositiveDiscrimination at work in its own right - mothers get primary custody a large majority of the time, which would seem to imply that the judicial system is biased towards giving it to them. Therefore, for a mother to get ''denied'' custody in the first place she would have likely had to stand out as an especially irresponsible parent, far more visibly and blatantly than a father in the same position.
  305. ** Not to mention that when child support first started being enforced, women weren't working professionally and couldn't be expected to take care of children on their own, so they almost always won hefty child support settlements. Nowadays, it's not uncommon for women to be professional career women, but the law (and people's perceptions) has not quite caught up with the times.
  306. * Apparently, being Japanese -- or of just about any Eastern or Southeast Asian background for that matter -- automatically makes you [[ChallengeGamer some awesome video game player]] who can beat NintendoHard games with your hands tied behind your back. DifficultyByRegion sometimes reinforces, sometimes subverts this mentality. Asians also tend collect the most positive (but still racist) stereotypes: that they are at the top of their class, unfailingly polite (at least if Japanese), inhumanly disciplined, AND better voice actors, if anime dub haters are to be believed.
  307. ** The idea of Asians being more intelligent seems to go back to Carleton Coon, who compared Dr. Li Chi (a famous Chinese archaeologist) to an aborigine named "Topsy" as "the Alpha and Omega of human evolution", saying Li Chi's brain was twice the size of Topsy's (though how one measures brain size in living beings before MRI is another question). Coon was denounced by anthropologists, due to his requiring five parallel evolutions with little gene flow between them, and his insistence on racial hierarchies. It was popularized, though, with J. Phillippe Rushton and his [[AuthorAppeal "penis size and intelligence"]] theories, which used [[ScienceMarchesOn r/K theory]] and claimed cold climates led to K-selection, even though cold climates would be r-selective under r/K theory. Many Asian men were not amused, and many see Rushton's theories as responsible for the imbalance in interracial relationships, though you have to wonder what kind of man would want a woman who would be both a size queen and a racist.
  308. * Canadians are the smarter, kinder, more polite, more generous, easy going, and more physically fit versions of Americans. Canadians will be treated better than American tourists in other countries due to these stereotypes. It's no wonder why Canadian comics love subverting the ultra-polite Canadian stereotype, seeing as most Canadians prefer the drunken, bar-brawling, helmethead Wolverine clone as the Canadian image.
  309. ** To make matter worse, if a Canadian goes to another country and acts rude, people will likely assume he/she is American. If an American goes to another country and acts polite, they assume he/she is Canadian.
  310. ** It has been commented that Canadians are no less stereotyped than any other nationality; they just get by and large a very positive reputation so nobody complains too much.
  312. Hollywood Pudgy
  314. * Teenage girls drive themselves crazy with this. When you're 14, insecure, and putting on weight because you're going though puberty and that is what your body is supposed to be doing right now, it can be easy to believe you're fat because A: the media tells you having a gut makes you look three months pregnant, and it goes crazy over the fluctuations of celebrities' weight (you'd think people would have better things to tell the world about, but no) B: your friends think they're fat too and C: you have been brainwashed to think that being overweight is a billion times worse for a woman than being a serial killer or child molester. Some grow out of this, but others struggle their whole lives.
  315. ** Family members sometimes (usually unintentionally) add to it. Relatives who haven't been seen in a long time may sometimes joke about a girl (or boy) having "baby fat" or say things like "you're still a bit chubby like when you were a baby". Of course, they do not mean it that way, but a teenager hears it that way.
  316. * ''A lot'' of porno actresses run the gamut of this trope. Pick any porn actress and place it near a usual fashion model, she would look huge by comparison. Actually porn actresses have a rather healthy build, aided by thorough exercise, because, [[SarcasmMode surprisingly]], most viewers of porn [[AllMenArePerverts are men]], and, [[SarcasmMode even more surprisingly]], the porn actresses are not supposed to be ''clothed'' when viewed.
  317. ** Carmella Bing might as well be the industry's poster child as/despite not being a BigBeautifulWoman in the typical sense like Samantha 38G due to her height of 5'10 yet when compared to Jenna Jameson or Tera Patrick, the "jelly rolls" on her stomach make her seem bloated and given the [[UnpleasableFanbase audience...]]
  319. Proud Scholar Race Guy
  321. * Ancient Greece often has tendencies of being portrayed as this, when it's not Sparta.
  322. * Asians, particularly Tibetans, also are often portrayed this way.
  323. ** The Chinese place a very heavy emphasis on education, mostly because a long, ''long'' time ago the best jobs were in the government and to get those, you needed to pass the [[http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Imperial_examination Imperial examination]].
  324. ** Which, given China's influence over East Asia, spread the culture of scholarship even further. With the exception of Japan, as Feudal War ruined their Imperial Bureaucracy/
  325. * Humanity as a whole, as compared with animals.
  326. ** There are many cultures around the world who claim to fit this trope, like [[DichterAndDenker Germany]], Israeli Russians, even high-brow Georgians claim that every once in a while (this is justified, as they have had a cultural golden age long ago).
  327. * Speaking of Germans, a good way to explain most of post-WorldWarII German history is "Well, being a [[ProudWarriorRaceGuy Proud Warrior Race]] kinda backfired on us. Let's declare fighting in general to be the most shameful part of our past, and emphasize all our cultural and scientific achievements instead." In other words, invoking ProudScholarRaceGuy in order to avoid being/being seen as anything else. "Yes, call us [[GermanicDepressives depressed thinkers]]! Admire our [[GermanicEfficiency magnificently efficient toasters]]! Whatever you do, please, ''please'' just forgive us for that whole 'war' thing!"
  328. ** They were actually ''more'' famous for their scientific endeavours before the WWII. In the early 20th century, German was widely considered the world language of science. There's a reason why scientists and doctors in popular culture so often have German accents - even before they started emigrating ''en masse'' to avoid that one regime.
  329. * France. Their philosophers are celebrities!
  330. ** Philosophers as a whole tend to become celebrities as some parts of their teachings (or musings) inevitably resonate with the situations of certain groups, exceptions being those who deride ''their own'' followings as MisaimedFandom or sheeple. Some can seem rather detached as from their perspective they're SurroundedByIdiots.
  331. * Italy, where being an inventor or artist means you are highly valued for making paintings, or designing weapons. Just ask [[LeonardoDaVinci Leonardo]].
  332. * Part of the reason for Britain's success back when it was a world superpower was combining this trope with ProudMerchantRaceGuy. Britain was extremely advanced in several areas, including shipbuilding, mass production, medicine and steam power. That, and they were intrepid explorers and traders, and [[TheBritishEmpire well]]...
  335. Cult
  337. '''Note''': Remember, remember the RuleOfCautiousEditingJudgment.
  338. ----
  339. * Some researchers have adopted the term [[http://pureprovender.blogspot.com/ Spiritual Abuse]] to differentiate between [[RuleOfCautiousEditingJudgment valid religious movements]] one may not personally agree with and [[CorruptChurch genuinely destructive and harmful groups]]. This also helps explain how destructive cult-like behaviours can exist within a religion or group that's generally thought of as having non-cultic doctrine. Basically the idea is that, while religion is not inherently abusive, abusers may invoke the language and ideas of religion or spirituality for their own purposes. A "cult" is often, though not always, the result. (January is [[http://www.ericpazdziora.com/writing/spiritual-abuse-awareness-month/ Spiritual Abuse Awareness Month]], by the way.)
  340. * Aside from the usual suspects (the Moonies, Scientology, The Westboro Baptist Church, Heaven's Gate, Jim Jones and Charlie Manson's little dealies), a notable microcosm of this culture is the Mountain Rock Church. Really, just watch the movie ''Join Us''.
  341. * Romanian 'yoga school' MISA exhibits a number of these symptoms. The members want to save the world from 2012, freemasonry and aliens. They have a prophetic leader, secret meditations to save the world (or just to strip ex-members of their charisma), have been invaded by police forces in 2004 and a number of people do 'karma yoga', which is work for free (women have the option of working for free as 'exotic dancers' in far off countries. Or on erotic videochats).
  342. * Averted in the French language, where "culte" also means religion and worship, so describing an organisation as a "culte" should not carry any political baggage.
  343. ** But, confusingly, "secte" ''does'' mean cult, and has as much negative connotation as it.
  344. *** A similar [[IThoughtItMeant linguistic switcheroo]] happens in many central European languages. "Cult" is rarely used outside of academic grounds, and "sect" is the usual synonym for this type of organization, to the point where using sect as a more neutral term (meaning "any branch of a certain religion") [[HaveAGayOldTime causes bewildered looks]]. Still, "cult" usually has negative associations too, unless you're talking about a CultClassic or the cult of a certain saint (which is of course a figure of speech using the scientific meaning of the word anyway).
  345. ** Likewise in Russian, despite also having some leftover atheistic contempt for "cults". Probably similar in other countries that adapted French sociological terminology.
  346. ** This also goes for German and Dutch. Etymologically, it's the English language that has switched the two meanings.
  347. * [[SeriousBusiness Crew. As in rowing. Seriously. Especially in high school and college. It is practically the only thing they talk about and they are constantly trying to recruit people.]]
  348. * The Westboro Baptist Church. ''Even the KKK don't want to be associated with these people''. [[RuleOfCautiousEditingJudgment Lets just leave it at that]].
  350. The Extremist Was Right
  352. * Vlad The Impaler, a man who would be the inspiration for Dracula, and gained in his lifetime the nickname [[TheAntiChrist Son Of The Devil]], took over during an extremely tumultuous time in his nation's history, where many of the past leaders had been murdered by [[DeadlyDecadentCourt the nobility]], including his [[YouKilledMyFather father]] and his [[DeadLittleSister brother]], in horribly, horribly brutal fashions (his father was murdered by "scalping" while he was still alive, and his brother was tortured horribly before being buried alive). [[CrapSackWorld Banditry was rampant, corruption was at an all-time high, and the Turks regularly invaded, making life miserable for everyone]]. Then, along comes Vlad, and he decides, Enough Of This Bullshit. He gathered many of the leading nobles together, and [[ArmorPiercingQuestion asked them how many kings had reigned in their lifetimes]]. Even the youngest of them had seen at least five kings die. [[RoaringRampageOfRevenge Vlad had them all put to death]]. He made horrible punishments (especially impaling) the punishment for [[ArsonMurderAndJaywalking even minor crimes]]. Turkish invaders were demoralized when they crossed the borders only to be greeted by a FOREST of [[MoralEventHorizon bodies impaled on stakes]] (and these were [[CompleteMonster VLAD'S OWN COUNTRYMEN]]), making them wonder what would be in store for any Turks who were captured. He was ruthless, and punishments for any crime or insult was severe, but... his reign was practically a golden age by the end, as he had made many reforms, and even allowing the common man a large say in his government -- a controversial idea that normally takes a revolution to make a reality -- and during his reign, you could actually walk the streets in the cities without fearing for your life, or travel to the next town without getting jumped by bandits. And when Vlad died? Things went right back to the way they were, as though Vlad the Impaler had never existed, and his country would never really regain that level of prosperity.
  353. ** It worked so well that Wallachia and Moldovia were Ottoman puppets throughout his reign, oops. Vlad the Impaler has been much inflated by nationalist historiography.
  354. ** It is said that Vlad's brutal efforts to eradicate crime were so effective that he once placed a golden cup in the central square of Tirgoviste without any guards or protection of any kind, challenging anyone to steal it. The cup went completely unmolested throughout the 12 years of Vlad's reign. In another version, Vlad had a fountain built in a far-off place and left the golden cup next to it for weary travelers to drink from. Hundreds if not thousands of travelers drank from the cup but not one ever dared take it for himself.
  355. ** Supposedly, a merchant was robbed of 160 ducats and asked Vlad for help. Vlad allowed the man to stay in his castle while his soldiers placed 161 ducats into the merchant's cart. The next morning, the man discovered the money and informed Vlad of the extra ducat. The thief was caught and impaled. Vlad told the merchant where the 161 ducats came from, and that if he had not reported the extra ducat, he would have been impaled as well.
  356. * On a similar note, Draco, the Greek lawmaker whose death penalty-heavy code of laws inspired the term "draconian," was incredibly successful. Crime and corruption in Athens vanished almost overnight and Draco was greatly loved by the people until the day he died. Well ... apart from being banished.
  357. * "In all the years Rome has stood, the Gates of War have been closed only twice. While I was Emperor, the Senate ordered them shut three times." - ''The Victories of [[EmperorAugustus Augustus the God]]''
  358. * [[ArabOilSheikh Sultan Qaboos]] of UsefulNotes/{{Oman}} ousted his father in a coup in 1970, and is noted for governing with something of a heavy hand. He has since invested his country's oil wealth quite wisely, bringing up the Omani standard of living to pretty decent levels, building a very large and productive port that promises to help keep the country afloat, and being quite beloved of his people. Indeed, when the Revolutions of 2011 came along, the Omanis, despite having serious problems (particularly unemployment), only called for regime reform, and insisted, whenever queried, that they wished the Sultan to remain.
  359. * The more nuanced supporters of modern authoritarian regimes tend to take this as their justification. YourMileageMayVary on how much this is genuinely the case.
  360. * Arguably, Josef Stalin. He didn't begin the process, but pre-Stalin, Russia was a basket case, and post-Stalin it was a superpower. This achievment is [[SubvertedTrope somewhat lessened]] by the knowledge that the vast majority of deaths in Stalin-era USSR were starvation caused by Stalin's adherence to Lysenko's pseudoscientific genetics, though this was ended by the collectivization.
  361. ** As noted on his page, in 1931 Stalin said the Soviet Union had ten years to catch up on a century of industrial progress, or it would be crushed. He had the timing exactly right - Hitler invaded in 1941 - and his five-year plans just succeeded in building up the necessary resources to fight the Germans off.
  362. *** Then again, [[SelfFulfillingProphecy it were his nigh-annual mass-purgings, mass-arrestations, mass-deportations and mass-executions that weakened the country much more than necessary]]. And just to clarify; he did it not for [[NecessaryEvil the greater good]] but merely to maintain his ''own'' power, for his own sake. ''And'' this was what effectively told the Germans that the USSR was too weak to defend itself and encouraged them to attack. For instance, Germany may not have attacked if they hadn't seen how much slaughtering the Soviets had to endure during their Invasion of Finland, and this was a direct result of Stalin killing off his High Command multiple times (because of the mere fact that they ''existed'') and pulling the strings himself. [[CaptainObvious But, tactically speaking, he was an idiot]].
  363. * {{Genghis Khan}} is often seen as brutal barbarian when in reality he united the Mongols, allowed different religions and was himself very eager to learn other philosophies and religious ideas. Genghis Khan is often seen as barbaric and all that because he was viewed through "Western Goggles".
  364. ** Let's not forget that the man did have [[KillEmAll entire populations slaughtered]] to encourage others to surrender, and that [[YouHaveOutlivedYourUsefulness those who did surrender weren't exactly safe either]]. The approach basically boils down to "I don't care who you are, join me or die".
  365. ** And while he was tolerant of and interested in other philosophies, he was in no way tolerant of those he saw as "civilized", like those damned Chinese. Ignoring what he ended up doing to China in reality, it almost went so far that if the Great Khan hadn't have been somewhat merciful, China would have ended up nothing but pasture land for grazing the Mongols horses. And let's not forget the near-annihilation of Baghdad, considered by historians to be one of the main reasons why Islam and the Middle East ended up falling behind the West in every major aspect of society.
  366. * Cao Cao, a warlord of the Three Kingdoms Period of China, is often shown to be a ruthless and rather uncaring dictator of his people. Mind you, his largest media appearance mainly uses him as a evil foil for the "Good" leader, which puts him at a distinct disadvantage. If one reads through the original material in which he appeared, however, you will notice that not only did he play an influential part in overthrowing the dictator Dong Zhuo, but he also created agricultural programs to feed the people that were ''eating each other'' and benefited the people even further by providing public education. All of this actually makes him sound like a great person, so we can overlook him ''massacring thousands of civilians'' in Xu Province to avenge his father's death, right?
  367. ** Liu Bei of Shu, the aforementioned "Good" leader, wasn't much better. He turned on his own family member Liu Zhang and jacked his lands solely because he needed a base of operation, disregarding the whole "he is family" bit, he abandoned his family and the peasants following him when Cao Cao was pursuing him and fled like a coward out of his lands (and that was after he swore he'd lay down his life to protect his followers!), and in general he wasn't nearly the saintly ruler that Luo Guanzhong's RomanceOfTheThreeKingdoms likes to portray. But he did bring peace to the Chengdu area, he did unify the Nan Zhong tribes, and he did stop the Wuling barbarians led by Sha Moke from ransacking the Shu lands. Of course, he then threw his own infant son to the ground proclaiming Zhao Yun was more valuable to him than his own flesh and blood, which may explain why Liu Shan turned out to be such an inept ruler.
  368. * Now that Steve Jobs has resigned from [[AppleMacintosh Apple]] due to reoccurring battles with cancer, it seems likely that history will remember him this way. He was pretty much the one and only reason Apple rose to become such a powerhouse, yet a lot of his methods were genuinely crooked, if not outright illegal. He was a great face and salesman to boot, smiling as he advertised hardware that you knew you'd be forced to buy several revisions for if you listened to him, and when one considers that without him we'd have no {{Pixar}} or ''ToyStory'' either, it seems kind of a shame that he can't at least keep his health.
  369. ** He is now dead.
  370. *** And venerated as a saint or prophet (if not a ''god'') by the almost religiously-devoted loyal consumers of Apple products.
  372. Super Weight
  374. * ''RealLife''
  375. ** Type -1: Babies, small children, people with below average endurance, senses, physical or mental ability due to sickness, age, intoxication, lack of basic neccessities such as food or sleep or permanent disabilities.
  376. ** Type 0: Most people, most of the time.
  377. ** Type 1: Able and equipped people with survival or combat training, such as soldiers, policemen or emergency service workers, possibly but not neccessarily augmented by innate superior physical ability (athletes, martial artists), intelligence and specialized skills in specialized rare but useful fields (such as McGyvering).
  378. ** Type 2: People in command of modern military technology such as tank, plane or warship. Potentially genetically or cybernetically augmented humans and military robots with qualified remote operators.
  379. ** Type 3: A hypothetical but entirely possible mastermind with resources and wealth of a large international corporation or a small nation at his disposal and full undisputable control over them, as well as significant military might up to and including nuclear weapons.
  380. ** Type 4: Humanity as a whole could qualify as this if dedicating a majority of its resources towards a common goal, such as preventing a global threat.
  381. ** Type 5: Destructive natural forces that cannot be countered meaningfully by humanity, such as volcano eruptions, earthquakes, tsunami or any form of cosmic events such as asteroid impact. Floods, hurricanes and forest fires may or may not fall into this category depending on specifics and terrain.
  383. God Guise
  385. * Jesus of Nazareth [[AlternateCharacterInterpretation if he was not]] TheMessiah and [[AGodAmI the son of god]], and if [[UnreliableNarrator he claimed to be anyway.]]
  386. * It's popularly believed that the ancient Aztecs thought that Cortez and his invading Spanish army were gods due to their magical technology and coincidental resemblance to the Aztec god Quetzalcoatl. Modern historians, however, believe that the Aztecs merely viewed them as representatives of a powerful kingdom, which they were. Ultimately the Spanish victory was not caused by a religious misunderstanding, but by a number of factors, including their superior firepower, the germs they brought with them, the intrigue of alliances they played with rival nations, and some surprise Spanish reinforcements.
  387. ** The grain of truth was there was enough resemblance to prophecy to make religious conservatives anxious, including the misnamed Montezuma. Cortez wasn't exactly a missionary, so it wasn't in his interest to disabuse them of the association to their chief god.
  388. *** The fact is the Conquistadors ''did'' bring about what was practically an Aztec apocalypse. It's possible they got the prophecy right except for the details, such as the doombringer being Quetzalcoatl (unless you believe in reincarnation, that is; there aren't many better candidates for a reborn God of Destruction than Cortez).
  389. * The Prince Philip Movement. The Yaohnanen tribe of the island of Tanna in Vanuatu believe that Prince Philip of the British Royal Family carries divine blood. For centuries, they had a legend of the pale-skinned son of a mountain spirit travelling across the seas, looking for a powerful woman to marry. After colonization, when portraits of Philip and Queen Elizabeth II became common, he became associated with the spirit. When Philip himself became aware of this, he sent them a signed picture, and they sent back a traditional nal-nal club, with him sending back a picture of himself posing with it (after consulting quite a few cultural anthropologists as no one knew how to hold the thing properly). Both of the photographs, of course, have since become sacred relics.
  390. ** This is a source of endless amusement to Brits, as the grand old Duke is famous above all else for [[DidIJustSayThatOutLoud Foot-In-Mouth Syndrome]] and casual racism.
  391. * {{Cargo Cult}}s, of course.
  392. * In a similar vein, the Rastafarian movement, despite originating as your fairly run-of-the-mill religious sect dedicated to sacramental mind-expanding drugs, [[MushroomSamba somehow]] embraced the belief that Ethiopian ruler Haile Selassie was the Messiah. Selassie himself was a devout [[OrthodoxChristianity Ethiopian Orthodox Christian]]; while did nothing to discourage the sect, but he also had no interest in accepting the Rastafarian offer of godhood. He also subtly tried to convert Rastafarians to Orthodox Christianity (as a result, many Rastafarians do in fact use the Ethiopian Orthodox [[Literature/TheBible Bible]], which besides being a different translation also has apocrypha not accepted by any other church, even other Oriental Orthodox ones). Various Rastifarians have also pointed out various other political figures as having divine or demonic undertones, though these vary based on personal interpretation.
  393. * Cabeza de Vaca. Washed up on the shores of the Americas. The natives were convinced he had a special direct phone line to the Gods. He tried to tell them he didn't have any divine powers, but they would have none of it.
  394. * Happened to [[http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nicholai_Miklukho-Maklai Nicholai Miklukho-Maklai]]. Tribesmen considered him to be a deity, and he could put an end to a war with a single word.
  395. * In Middle Congo and Gabon, in the 40's and 50's, some people held a cult to a divinity named N'Gool, which statues pictured him with a tall, tube-like head, his mouth wide open and both his arms raised high. A Lovecraftian divinity? Nope. Actually, it was the General de Gaulle.
  396. * Captain Cook's last voyage. He landed on Hawai'i during a harvest festival called Makahiki, and his ship was similar to artifacts used in this festival, so the Hawai'ians assumed he was Lono, the God of this festival. He left on fairly peaceful terms but due to damage to one of the ships had to land on Hawai'i again for repairs. Makahiki had ended, and the natives were not happy to see him back so soon.
  397. * A related thing happened when Commodore Perry and the Americans arrived in their big, black, smoking steam-ships. Relative to the Japanese, the sailors had long noses, huge eyes, big beards, and red skin--typical traits of the demons called 'oni', and the ships resembled a black catfish-spirit. Perry himself bore a strange resemblance to one of the Seven Lucky Gods. The Japanese didn't actually think these strangers were demons exactly, but the coincidences were rather striking. Even stranger, the catfish-spirit was related to earthquakes, and a few weeks/months after the Americans landed, an earthquake hit, and while there were few casualties, some of the few people that died were a few of the more vocal critics of the Americans. Freaked people out, I can tell you.
  398. * In an Ethiopian village their version of Santa Claus arose from a particularly wealthy humanitarian who bought all of the villagers meals and gifts on Christmas day.
  400. Hot Gypsy Woman
  402. * Actress FairuzaBalk.
  404. Rescued From The Scrappy Heap
  406. * See SugarWiki/HeReallyCanAct, our page on actors who have rescued themselves from the Scrappy Heap.
  407. * DanielCraig, the current Film/JamesBond. When he was first cast, comments went from "too ugly" and "too blond" to "not famous enough" and "OMFG PierceBrosnan is leaving [[ReplacementScrappy I HATE YOU FOR REPLACING HIM!"]]. After ''CasinoRoyale'', though, critics and fans alike have praised him almost as hotly as they bashed him.
  408. * Music/JustinTimberlake. ''Dick in a Box'' was the clincher.
  409. ** From the same album, "I'm on a Boat" had a similar effect on T-Pain.
  410. ** The follow-up's "Jack Sparrow" seems to have done the same for Michael Bolton.
  411. *** Basically, TheLonelyIsland is a ''fantastic'' rescuer of scrappies.
  412. * {{Disney}} is currently trying to do this with the much hated [[DisneyThemeParks California Adventure]], which has been complained about from Day One. With one ''billion'' dollars, they intend to overhaul the entire park little by little. New additions include a re-themed entrance, a trolley system, a new land based off of Pixar's ''{{Film/Cars}}'', the first ''Disney/TheLittleMermaid'' themed ride in Disney Park history, and a huge water show, World of Color, that's supposed to blow both ''{{Fantasmic}}'' and the ''Fountains of Bellagio'' [[IncrediblyLamePun completely out of the water]].
  413. ** And World of Color has, most definitely been a CrowningMomentOfAwesome.
  414. * MichaelBay, king of the [[SummerBlockbuster Big Dumb Action Movie]]. Many film aficionados who take film {{serious|Business}}ly would cheerfully use him for target practice rather than let him make another Big Dumb Action Movie. Then he did some SelfDeprecation in [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lXRCf9LbLM0 this commercial]]... Heh. Awesome indeed.
  415. * It took WilWheaton ''years'' to live down the shame of being the [[CreatorsPet Wesley Crusher]] on ''Series/StarTrekTheNextGeneration'', but since then his public disdain for the character and general hard-earned nerd cred have allowed him to become something of an icon for SF fandom.
  416. ** It helps that he took to voice acting and voiced a few popular characters.
  417. ** His role ([[AdamWesting a parody of himself]]) as Sheldon's ArchNemesis on ''Series/TheBigBangTheory'', has allowed him to rise to a new level of awesome.
  418. ** Also, his good-natured approval of other silliness like the [[http://wilwheaton.typepad.com/wwdnbackup/2010/04/about-that-recursive-wil-wheaton-tshirt.html recursive Wil Wheaton t-shirt]] and [[AffectionateParody affectionately mocking]] ''ST:TNG'' reviews did not hurt either.
  419. * Seiyuu [[{{Yukana}} Yukana Nogami]] took a lot of heat from ''{{Anime/Gundam}}'' fans when she [[TheOtherDarrin Other Darrin'd]] Four Murasame in the ''Anime/MobileSuitZetaGundam'' movies, with some going so far as to claim [[YokoOhNo she only got the role because she and the director used to be..."intimate"]]. Then along came a little show called ''Anime/CodeGeass'', and her role as MysteriousWaif C.C. quickly shot both character and actress to the tops of many fan favorite polls.
  420. * Actor Yuichi Nakamura earned the hate of the ''KamenRider'' fanbase for playing {{jerkass}} Kyosuke Kiriya in the tragically [[ExecutiveMeddling executive meddled]] ''KamenRiderHibiki''. When it was announced that he would be in another ''KamenRider'' series, fans were livid. Then ''[[{{KamenRiderDen-O}} Den-O]]'' aired, and Nakamura won many converts for his portrayal of JerkWithAHeartOfGold Yuto Sakurai.
  421. * Would you believe the Eiffel Tower? While it was immensely popular with tourists from the day it opened in 1889, most French artists thought it ruined the Paris skyline and marred the landscape. They argued so vociferously against it that the government had to continually reassure them it would be dismantled in 1909 as scheduled. Then radio was invented. Having a giant metal spire in the center of Paris suddenly became a ''very good thing''. These days, the Eiffel Tower and Paris are almost synonymous.
  422. ** Parisians have since shifted their ire to the Glass Pyramid at the Louvre.
  423. * In a similar vein, Warsaw's [[http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Palace_of_culture_and_science Palace of Culture and Science]] was long despised as a symbol of Soviet oppression, but the Poles have gradually warmed to it in the 20 years since the end of the Cold War.
  424. * When they were built, the World Trade Center towers were quite possibly the two most hated buildings in NewYorkCity. Public sentiment was that they were butt-ugly (one architect described them as "glass-and-metal filing cabinets"), that they ruined the Lower Manhattan skyline, and that they were unnecessary in a time when there was already a glut of vacancies. Their title of tallest buildings on Earth would be taken just a month after their completion by Sears Tower in [[TheWindyCity Chicago]]. Ask any New Yorker in 1973 what he or she would like to see happen to the Twin Towers, and you would've likely gotten an answer that mentioned [[FunnyAneurysmMoment bombs, wrecking balls, and/or plane crashes]]. However, the media liked them well enough, and the Twin Towers started appearing regularly in film and on TV, slowly turning around their public image. And then [[AlasPoorScrappy 9/11 happened]], and the towers turned into symbols of patriotism overnight.
  425. ** The same is true for Rudy Giuliani. Before 9/11, his approval ratings were plummeting as he reached his term limit, the result of his marital infidelities and other unsavory backroom deals becoming public. Now he's remembered as America's Mayor.
  426. *** Then came his disastrous presidential campaign, and right back into the Scrappy pile he went. (Along with the numbers nine and eleven.)
  427. ** A lot of the positive evaluation of the WTC was down to [[ManOnWire somebody climbing on a wire between them]].
  428. * This seems to be the process that happens for a large number of teen idols, when they are able to show actual acting chops. People who couldn't stand {{Leonardo DiCaprio}} after his ''{{Film/Titanic}}'' overexposure, are now totally [[IncrediblyLamePun on board]] with him.
  429. ** Unfortunately, this frequently happens to any actor more popular with women than with men.
  430. *** Not like women are much better, actually. The pettiness and cruelty directed by rabid fangirls towards almost any female character and/or [[YokoOhNo the girlfriends/wives of their favorite actors/singers/etc.]], [[GreenEyedMonster out of pure jealousy]], is sometimes ''terrifying''.
  431. * TiteKubo had been losing popularity among the ''{{Manga/Bleach}}'' fandom due to overexposure and questionable plot twists, to the point that many people thought he was trolling his own fandom. Then came his reaction to [[http://www.journalfen.net/community/fandom_wank/1241401.html his manga being plagiarized by none other than Gene Simmons's son]], which raised his popularity a LOT.
  432. -->'''KT:''' Between last night and this morning, I've been getting a lot of messages from overseas fans along the lines of 'There's an American comic ripping off Bleach!' I'm not that good at English, but I looked at the site and it seems it's a comic by Nick Simmons, the son of Gene Simmons. To be honest, I'm more bothered by the fact that Gene Simmons' son is a comic artist than whether or not it's a rip-off...
  433. * SofiaCoppola the actor was widely despised due to her utter lack of talent and being cast due to nepotism, even down to being called the biggest problem of ''Film/TheGodfather Part III''. Then she became a director and screenwriter, and got acclaimed to the extent that she won for the screenplay of ''Film/LostInTranslation'' and became the third female director and first American woman to be nominated for best director...
  434. ** Sofia being cast in ''Godfather Part III'' due to nepotism is a wide misconception. Her role in the film was supposed to be played by WinonaRyder, who pulled out at the last possible minute and Coppola needed to find a last second replacement. Sofia was literally the ONLY person who could be pulled in on such short notice and she begged her dad not to do it. The fact that she is credited in her early acting roles simply as "Domino" further indicates that she had no interest as being recognized as an actor.
  435. * [[http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Claus_von_Amsberg Prince Consort Claus of the Netherlands.]] Hated at first by the country due to him being German ''and'' an ex-member of the Hitler Youth (which was mandatory in NaziGermany times). His down-to-Earth approach to life and commitment to charity and public causes made him very loved later.
  436. ** Similarly [[http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mette-Marit,_Crown_Princess_of_Norway Crown Princess Mette Marit of Norway]] was accused of being a GoldDigger and a drug-addicted slut for marrying Crown Prince Haakon despite being a working single mom. Said accusations seem to have died down with time.
  437. * CirqueDuSoleil works hard to refine its shows, especially those that don't go over well with opening audiences and critics, so they've made a rescue or two in their time. For example, the initial response to ''Zumanity'' (their adults-only show) was extremely mixed, to the point that it was voted "Las Vegas Show SoBadItsGood" in an annual poll of locals in 2004, shortly after it opened. An extensive {{retool}} followed, with many changes to the acts and/or the presentation of such, and matters improved significantly. It reached its seventh anniversary at its host casino in 2010.
  438. * A common question among American political polls recently has been if the questionee would rather have GeorgeWBush back in office than BarackObama. A greater percentage of people (results turn up as over forty percent) than his final approval ratings when he left office (mid-twenties) say yes.
  439. ** Obama himself was RescuedFromTheScrappyHeap for some following the capture of OsamaBinLaden. His approval rating shot up into the sixties. Shelve the confetti, though, because it's gone back down again. This is fairly standard for politics, though, and is known as the "rally around the flag" effect. 99 times out of 100, the effect is temporary.
  440. ** This is standard for Presidents once they leave office. Even RichardNixon is fondly remembered [[{{YMMV}} by some]] for creating the EPA and establishing detente with China.
  441. ** The thing with polls, though, is that they're usually biased, and given that a great deal of the people polled would identify as conservative, it's not surprising that they'd want a Republican president back in office after having a Democrat elected President.
  442. * BretMichaels. An aging rocker who was now star of a sleazy reality dating show. The words "Has been" and "Downhill" come to mind even if you were a Poison fan. [[IllBoy But he got hit with a trifecta of life threatening medical ailments.]] [[MadeOfIron Surviving an emergency appendectomy, a brain hemorrhage AND a hole in the heart]] [[ButtMonkey all within six weeks]] and doing it with a great attitude earned him a lot of respect.
  443. ** And being a pretty funny host for the 2010 Miss Universe pageant also helped.
  444. * Flash. It used to be known for letting people make stupid animations and stupid Web sites that took forever to load on dial-up Internet connections. With the spread of broadband Internet connections and the ability to play full-motion video, it gained a new lease on life when people started watching stupid videos on YouTube.
  445. ** That being said, it also gets a lot of ire for the myriad ads that are programmed in Flash, and take forever to load/take up way too much power to display a static image/make noises/expand over the web page you're currently reading.
  446. * Ted Turner in terms of classic movies. Once pilloried in TheEighties for colorizing classic films like ''Film/ItsAWonderfulLife'', his much loved TurnerClassicMovies channel is now the only place on TV to find movies from more than forty years ago unedited and without commercial interruption. They also air original documentaries about classic Hollywood stars, directors and other subjects and it's possibly the only cable channel that has not succumbed to NetworkDecay.
  447. * The Nissan Sunny, once derided in TheNineties for being dull, is now suddenly popular.
  448. ** In the same vein, whenever gas prices creep up, hybrids and small cars suddenly become popular, and [=SUVs=] enter the realm of Scrappydom. Some used cars sell far above Blue Book value because of their fuel efficiency, even though [[LogicalFallacies the savings at the pump take a very long time to catch up to substantial premium paid for the car.]]
  449. * Rebecca Black, a young girl who did a [[{{Music/Friday}} pretty bad song that somehow became popular]], was TheScrappy to a lot of people who disliked said song. She suddenly became TheWoobie when it turned out she was bullied so much for that song that she had to become home schooled. And before, that she donated all of her money to the Japanese Earthquake-Tsunami relief.
  450. * TomCruise managed to rescue himself with ''Film/MissionImpossible 4'' and a series of hilarious interviews.
  451. * BenAffleck had become something of a joke after the failure of ''{{Gigli}}'' (often referred to as one of the all time worst movies) in 2003 but managed to rescue himself with his directorial debut ''GoneBabyGone''. His second feature as director ''Film/TheTown'' avoided being a SophomoreSlump and also managed to save him from the heap as an actor.
  452. * Michelle Obama and Jill Biden get are hated but when they get booed at a Nascar race everyone feels different for them.
  453. * [=JavaScript=] was originally derided as a way to add useless fluff to Web pages, but eventually became the "J" in AJAX, which powers the modern social Web.
  456. Proud Merchant Race
  458. * Italian City-States, notably [[CityOfCanals Venice]].
  459. * Ancient Athens, though more old-fashioned folk wished for the time when they were {{Determined Homesteader}}s.
  460. * Nineteenth-century New England. And the old England. And to some extent the modern United States. Really, it was kind of expected from a culture where the punishment for murder used to be a fine.
  461. * The Netherlands. Quite noticeable on how some [[RiseOfNations strategy]] [[AgeofEmpiresIII computer games]] [[{{Civilization}} portray them as this]].
  462. * The ancient Phoenicians and their descendants, the Arabs of Syria and most especially Lebanon.
  463. * Speaking of Arabs, the ancient Arabian Arabs were this, connecting Yemen and Ethiopia to the rest of Mediterranean civilization. The enterprising spirit sort of disappeared when Arab culture absorbed the ''Sham'' (Greater Syria), but reappeared with a vengeance once oil money started to flow in.
  464. ** YourMileageMayVary on that one. Some might think it disappeared when oil made making money too easy. The old Kuwait was rich but had to ''earn'' its riches by doing quite dangerous things like shipping, caravaning, and pearl diving.
  465. * Jews. This comes from Medieval Europe: they were scattered far and wide and thus were more or less accepted and had friends at any port. Usury was prohibited to Catholics, so Jews filled the free niche (and then were [[GreedyJew stereotyped by Catholics as being venal and obsessed with money]]). In IX century they had so much power in some cities that even an Archbishop could only complain in vain about Mediterranean slave trade transit via European coast or shifting the market day from Saturday to Sunday -- until the next overhaul of the feudal system. Even when Catholics were aggressive and Jews weren't allowed to own land, being left out of geopolitics allowed more trade opportunities in an "everyone at everyone's throat" environment.
  466. * The Ibo of Nigeria.
  467. * Novgorod ("New City", a major medieval city in the Russian North) styled itself His Majesty Lord Novgorod the Great. It's alleged motto was "[[ASongOfIceAndFire We do not sow]], or reap, we seek to feed by trade." Novgorod's local hero Film/{{Sadko}} started his adventure cycle with a [[BadassBoast boast]] that he will be able to buy out everything on the market. Which he did, twice (failed to do so on the third day, and lost the bet).
  468. * The ancient Chinese merchants did a fairly large number of trade along the Silk Road and were among the first to explore the Southeast Asian regions. One of the most famous is Cheng Ho, a muslim eunuch who travelled south with a large fleet to current-day Indonesia and was believed to be among those responsible for spreading Islam and Chinese culture in the areas between, some of which can be observed in mosques influenced by Chinese architecture built hundreds of years ago and still standing today. Early Chinese immigrants in the Southeast Asian regions also have a reputation for being shrewd businessmen, a trend that continues to present day. These businesspeople are generally well-connected with whoever is running the country they are based in, and some have become notoriously untouchable by law even today. There's also China's economic revolution in the 80's which steadily turns the entire country's population into this as previously blocked economic channels are opened up. China has become the country with the biggest economic growth in the world today, and everything you can buy is probably manufactured there, Taiwan, or India.
  469. ** The ''modern'' Chinese! They don't want to [[ChinaTakesOverTheWorld rule the world]]; they just want to sell you something.
  470. ** It is worthy to note that despite having a philosophy for almost anything (Confucianism handles Political and Family life, Taoism the contemplation of individual life), Chinese philosophy for both WAR AND COMMERCE is handled by none other than the Sun Tzu's TheArtOfWar.
  471. * Southeast Asia, especially present-day Singapore, is well-known as a trade center in ancient times, and continue to be an important trading checkpoint to this day. This is due to its strategic location right in the middle of the sea trading lane between Middle East, India and China.
  472. * The Armenians, who in the Middle Ages maintained a trade network out of New Julfa, Iran (and were actually forcibly moved there by the Persians to help their economy). The trade network stretched from Amsterdam to the Philippines, and rivaled the Chinese. It was also partly responsible for the modern Armenian diaspora.
  473. * The French, of course, during the European colonization of the Americas. Unlike the Spanish and Portuguese who RapePillageAndBurn the Indian tribes in central and South America, the French were more interested with peaceful fur trade with the Native Americans. Heck, the [[http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Coureur_des_bois coureur des bois]] were French fur traders, woodsmen, and explorers who seek to expand the fur trade with the Native Americans and [[GoingNative even adapt to their culture]]. This plays important role during the SevenYearsWar in the North American branch (French and Indian War) where the French had a significant early advantage with more Native American tribes siding with ''them'' rather than the British (who had more [[GreyAndGrayMorality ambiguous policies regarding to the Indian tribes]], but conflicts and disputes between British colonists and Indians usually end up favoring the British instead).
  474. * Vikings are most famous as {{Pirates}} and [[ProudWarriorRace warriors]] but they were also merchants and some of the most enterprising merchants in the world. All these went together; as there was no law at sea(and often, not on land either)a traveller had to either be able to defend himself or pay someone else to. And when opportunity arose they often turned pirate even if that was not the original purpose of their expedition.
  475. * The Greeks. Especially in naval trade. Even though Greece is a small country their merchant navy is one of the biggest in the world.
  477. Red Light District
  479. * The name of this trope originates from the custom of brothels to hang or place a red light outside their establishment, allowing any potential customer to readily identify them. The origin of this behavior is unknown and different theories have been put forward. Regardless, the tradition is still common in the modern day where either law or lack thereof allows.
  480. * This is a common depiction of FreestateAmsterdam; in reality it's only a small part of the city.
  481. * Paris's fame as the RoaringTwenties' city of sin and decadence stems almost entirely from the Pigalle district. It still exists today (albeit smaller), and it's still a steamy Red Light District.
  482. * The Reeperbahn area of Hamburg, Germany.
  483. ** Okay, any Central Train Station district (at least in Germany) is automatically seen as a red light district (save maybe Cologne). And of course any harbour area...
  484. * The Álvaro Obregón street in Guadalajara, Mexico, notorious in that it becomes a busy shopping street in the day.
  485. * Nevada, stereotypically. An area called Moundhouse just outside of its capitol Carson City, specifically.
  486. ** By state law, Nevada allows any county with under 400,000 people to decide whether to allow prostitution - it's automatically banned in any county above this number. The only county with more than 400,000 is Clark County, [[{{Irony}} where Las Vegas is]].
  487. * Any street in an English town which is, or used to be, called Grope Lane (a {{bowdlerisation}} of Gropecunt Lane. Really).
  488. ** Whitechapel in VictorianLondon, hence it being the site of the [[JackTheRipper Whitechapel murders]]. Also Soho in VictorianLondon ... and modern London.
  489. * The near entirety of the city of Pattaya, Thailand which is often regarded as the world's largest open-air whorehouse. Most notably Soi 6 and Walking Street. And quite a few streets in between.
  490. ** Also Angeles City, Philippines which lost the crown after the Mount Pinatubo eruption and other factors closed Clark Air Force Base.
  491. * San Francisco largely has two: a notable strip of North Beach is more of the type 1 version populated with a large number of strip clubs and bars, while the Tenderloin is almost always a type 2 or 3 with far more drug deals and violent crime. Going back in time the Barbary Coast would be the 19th century version.
  492. * The French Quarter of NewOrleans is often portrayed like this, if only because ItsAlwaysMardiGrasInNewOrleans.
  493. ** Historical example, the Storyville district from 1897 to 1917 was one of the most notorious red-light districts in the country.
  494. * Tijuana's [[http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Zona_Norte_(Tijuana) Zona Norte]] is a Type 1 -- officially designated and regulated by the government. In fiction, the whole city -- or anywhere else SouthOfTheBorder -- is usually depicted as a Type 2 or 3.
  495. * The so-called ''pigalak'' in Warsaw, Poland. Named, obviously, after the more famous Pigalle district in Paris.
  496. * From the 1960s through the 1980s, Times Square in NewYorkCity was a particularly nasty one, as was 42nd Street.
  497. * Seoul, [[UsefulNotes/SouthKorea South Korea]] has a few of these areas since prostitution is not penalized in that country (it is officially illegal, though). One of the more famous locales is ''Hooker Hill'' in Itaewon, Yongsan district.
  498. * Shinjuku (especially Kabuki-cho) in {{Tokyo}}; Yoshiwara was its predecessor. The [[JidaiGeki Edo-period]] detective series ''Literature/SanoIchiro'', for example, has many scenes set there.
  499. * Ancient Rome had the Suburra (or Subura), though prostitutes could also be found hanging around the Circus (the racetrack), the temple of Isis, and several other areas.
  500. * The Ancient Greek city of Corinth, which was well-known for being a ViceCity in general.
  502. Dropped A Bridge On Him
  504. * Most people have anticlimactic deaths in real life, an example being JosefStalin. Most dictators die under [[PolPot house arrest]] or [[AdolfHitler take their own life]] or get shot in the intestines but not Stalin. He died peacefully in his sleep in a hammock in his garden.
  506. Big Bad Duumvirate
  508. * AdolfHitler, [[ImperialJapan Emperor Hirohito]] and BenitoMussolini during WorldWarII. Though, it's arguable that the countries they represent fit the trope more than the figures themselves, being of differing and debatable impacts on their militaries. Also, many consider Hideki Tojo [[TheManBehindTheMan more of a fit than Hirohito.]]
  509. ** And in the early days of the war we had the (arguably) even worse team up of AdolfHitler and JosephStalin. Luckily, that one didn't last long.
  510. * Predated in the days of the Roman Empire. Augustus Caesar, Marc Antony and Marcus Lepidus formed the second Triumvirate. Not to say that any of the three were as bad as the Axis powers, but they were still rulers who were willing to kill people. And Lepidus was pretty much the Mussolini of the trio. Of course, you know how this one ended.
  511. ** And before that, Augustus's good ol' Uncle Julius formed the first one with Pompey and Crassus. Of course, after Crassus got killed by the Parthians, it fell apart quickly.
  512. *** Stalin formed a troika with two cronies to combat Trotsky. Of course, he betrayed them soon after. After his death, Georgy Malenkov, Lavrentiy Beria, and Vyacheslav Molotov formed a new one.
  513. * The Three Pashas, the triumvirate of Enver, Talat, and Cemal Pasha who led the Ottoman Empire during WorldWarI and who were responsible for the Turks' involvement in the war on the side of the Central Powers. Enver Pasha's idealogical pan-Turkic movement was responsible for the backlash against the Empire's Christian populations, while Talat ordered the war crimes against the Armenians, which Cemal played a part in carrying out as well. After the war, Talat and Cemal were assassinated by Armenian nationalists, while Enver was killed in Red Army raid, the three of them all on the run.
  514. * During the Greek Military Junta, the country was leaded by three Generals who were the main leaders of the Coup against Prime Minister Panayiotis Kanellopoulos: Yeoryios Papadopoulos (Prime Minister), Stylianos Pattakos (Minister of the Interior) and Nikolaos Makarezos (Coordination Minister and later Deputy Prime Minister). Subverted because Papadopoulos was the most prominent, and even he was later evicted by The real [[TheManBehindTheMan Man Behind the Man]]: [[BiggerBad Dimitrios Ioannidis]], Chief of the Greek Military Police.
  515. * During the [[ANazibyAnyOtherName fascist-like]] military dictatorship called National Reorganization Process in Argentina (1976-1983), the country was led by the respective leaders of the Argentine Army, Navy and Air Force, though the de facto president of the country was the leader of the Army. The most famous troika was the first one, wich consisted of Jorge Rafael Videla (Army), Emiliano Eduardo Massera (Navy) and Orlando Ramón Agosti (Air Force).
  516. * Timothy McVeigh and Terry Nichols, although Nichols was more of a {{Dragon}}.
  519. Narcissist
  521. * AdolfHitler [[GenericDoomsdayVillain unsurprisingly]] is speculated to have suffered from either a borderline or a narcissistic personality disorder. The man was so in love with himself that he wrote [[AGodAmI hymns]] proclaiming him as the saviour of Germany, ordered that a sword and a copy of ''Mein Kampf'' occupy ever altar and allegedly had plans to be declared [[DarkMessiah the New Messiah]] after conquering Europe.
  522. * Mao Zedong commanded that a [[ShrineToSelf picture of himself]] appear in every home in China.
  523. * Kim Jong-Il declared himself the world's guardian spirit, claimed to be a leading film director and world fashion icon and [[ArsonMurderAndJaywalking also claimed to have invented the sandwich]]. [[SmallNameBigEgo In fact]] he only ever directed one movie which was a cheap propaganda film and Godzilla knock-off, dressed like someone in a retirement home and the inventor of the sandwich was a certain someone called [[ShapedLikeItself the Earl of Sandwich]].
  524. * Muammar al Gaddafi was made of narcissism! He had an enormous portrait of himself in his capital city, allegedly gave away watches adorned with an image of his face to staff for good behaviour and declared himself "the King of the Kings of Africa". He also called the people who opposed him "vermin" which was ironic considering that before his death [[HumiliationConga he was found hiding in a sewer]].
  525. * Brian Blackwell was an [[EvilGenius eighteen year old prodigy]] who ordered [[{{Greed}} two new credit cards]] in his parents name and bought himself tickets to Wimbledon, a place at a prestigious tennis club and tickets for a holiday in New York for himself and his girlfriend. When his parents asked him where he was getting the money for his increasingly lavish lifestyle [[SelfMadeOrphan he beat his father to death with a claw-hammer and stabbed his mother to death]] before bording the plane with his girlfriend and going to New York where he bought them a stay in the Presidential suite of a five star hotel and took her on a spending spree. They got back home to discover that Brian had achieved straight A's in his A-Levels and also that his parents corpses had been discovered. Brian was arrested and diagnosed with a [[ItsAllAboutMe Narcissistic personality disorder]]. As such he got a reduced sentence of manslaughter on the grounds of mental instability and was interned in a psychiatric institution where apparently he is [[AffablyEvil a model patient]].
  526. * [[MagnificentBastard Cesare Borgia]] ordered that pictures of Jesus be painted to look like him which means that the modern image we have of Jesus actually looks more like a debauched Italian aristocrat. He even [[BrotherSisterIncest had an affair]] with his equally narcissistic sister [[MagnificentBitch Lucrezia Borgia]]. {{Squick}}!
  528. Villainous Breakdown
  530. * Although AdolfHitler had long been stubborn about listening to advice and had long been something of a [[SmallNameBigEgo megalomaniac]], he took both of these traits to pathological extremes after the war's tide turned against Germany and after the failed attempt on his life. He became so obsessed with his program of genocide that he insisted on allocating as many trains as possible for deporting Jews to the death camps, instead of transporting troops into battle as his advisors urged. This probably hastened Germany's defeat as their forces became increasingly overextended and outnumbered. In his final weeks, as the Allies closed in on Berlin, Hitler issued orders to destroy as much of Germany's infrastructure as possible. Although his stated reason was that the Allies would be denied any spoils, some have speculated that his real motive was that if he had to go, then Germany had to go too (the order was ignored in any case).
  531. ** Not only Germany - the whole conquered Reich. The general in charge of the defense of Paris notoriously had standing orders to blow it sky high and burn the city to the ground rather than surrender it. Hitler even called him on the phone personally and repeatedly, to make sure his orders were understood and obeyed. [[ItWasHisSled Thankfully, von Choltitz didn't do it.]] Sometimes EvenEvilHasStandards.
  532. ** He explicitly said that they should not concern themselves with whether Germans would need the stuff to ''live''.
  533. ** Hitler's breakdown reached almost comedic proportions towards the end, as he began sending orders to units that had already surrendered or been wiped out days before, commanding them to fight and give their lives for Germany, despite the fact that many of them already had done so, and even commanding the German citizens to fight to the last man, woman, and child against the Allies. Part of this may have been due to how quickly his forces were losing ground to the Allies, and how slow information was in reaching him, but the majority of it was due to his failing sanity as he watched the empire he had spent years building crumble in front of him, while every order he'd been giving for the last few months only hastened it's downfall.
  534. * Maximilien Robespierre. Starting his career before the French Revolution as a much beloved counsel for the poor (who always lost), Robespierre became important during the French Revolution. Afterwards, he was appointed to Chief of National Security and started the original ReignOfTerror, which allowed the execution of anyone suspected of counter-revolutionary activities with virtually no process of law. In 1794, after he had obviously gone crazy, he was captured by his political enemies, and sent to the guillotine, but not before he ''shattered his jaw off while trying to commit suicide''.
  535. * As mentioned elsewhere on this page, the RealLife criminalistic term for this is "devolving." Killers are at their most dangerous when they start falling into this.
  536. * Muammar Gaddafi was never exactly a sane person, but the more his power was threatened during the recent rebel uprising, the more insane and horrific his actions have become. He's gone from simply trying to subdue protests to openly firing on his own people and threatening to blow passanger jets out of the sky if the UN makes any attempts to stop his attacks on his own people.
  538. Dragon In Chief
  540. * In the Second Punic War, Hannibal Barca was this to the Carthaginians. Nominally a servant of Carthage, Hannibal inspired far greater dread in Rome on his own than the rival city-state ever did.
  541. * As magister militum of the Western Roman Empire, Flavius Aetius was this for Valentinian III, commanding Rome's armies, making alliances with [[strike:barbarians]] the Visigoths, and driving off Attila the Hun. He was essentially the [[ManBehindTheMan guy behind the throne]]. Valentinian didn't like how much power Aetius had, and stabbed him while he was making a tax report. It didn't end well for Valentinian and the Western Empire fell 24 years later. Also counts as HypercompetentSidekick.
  542. ** The irony was that it were ''Hunnic'' assassins who killed Valentinian III, in revenge for Aetius' murder.
  543. ** When a man defeats a warlord nicknamed [[NamesToRunAwayFromReallyFast "The Scourge of God"]], the defeated warlord's followers would likely [[WorthyOpponent gain a bit of respect for him]].
  544. * [[TheRemnant Ishida Mitsunari]] was this at the [[JidaiGeki Battle of Sekigahara]]. Mouri Terumoto, the official leader of the Anti-Tokugawa faction, wasn't [[NonActionBigBad even present during the fighting]], and is typically regarded as a mere shadow of his [[TheChessmaster grandfather Motonari]].
  546. Psycho Lesbian
  548. This trope whether stated outright or just implied by a sensationalist tone of writing frequently turns up in media coverage of real-life murders. The commentary provoked by Alice Mitchell's 1892 murder of Freda Ward was the TropeCodifier. Other cases include:
  549. * [[http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gwendolyn_Graham_and_Cathy_Wood Serial killer couple Cathy Wood and Gwen Graham.]]
  550. * Multiple murderer Aileen Wuornos.
  551. * Self-proclaimed Australian "vampire" [[http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tracey_Wigginton Tracey Wigginton]] and a few of her girlfriends lured a homeless man into a secluded park and stabbed him to death in order to drink his blood.
  552. * Pauline Parker and Juliet Hulme, the latter of whom is better known as Anne Perry.
  553. * Melinda Loveless, ringleader of the group of teenage girls that tortured and murdered 12-year-old Shanda Sharer, fits this trope. Loveless managed to convince the others to help her kidnap Sharer after discovering she was dating her ex-girlfriend. [[http://www.trutv.com/library/crime/notorious_murders/young/shanda_sharer/1.html Read the story, and prepare to be sick to your stomach for the rest of the day.]]
  554. * The Papin sisters. After being threatened by their employer, they went into such a rage that in the aftermath, neither the employer or her daughter could be recognized.
  555. * Although never proven guilty, anger over her rejection of her romance with a dancer was one suggested motive for the murder of Lizzie Borden's parents.
  557. Honor Before Reason
  559. * Pope Pius XII hiding thousands of Jewish people in the Vatican! Noble, but not the safest move...
  560. **  In a sadly ironic twist, today Pope Pius XII is often criticized for not having been this trope ''enough'', because he never did speak explicitly and publicly against the Nazis (preferring more concrete but less visible underground actions to save Jewish people in various places of Europe). Never mind that if he had, the Catholic clergy would have been considerably weakened or even persecuted in Nazi-occupied and Nazi-allied countries, which would have made them unable to help the Jewish people in any way considering the Church was already threatened with Dachau, in heavily Catholic Bavaria, having over 3,000 priests, deacons, and Bishops placed in concentration camp.
  561. * [[SchindlersList Oskar Schindler]], the obvious example.
  562. ** There is some disagreement as to whether this constitutes "honour before reason". Specifically, these acts were performed not out of a sense of honour, but one of humanity.
  563. *** There's also the fact that he originally did it to get some cheap employees. He developed the sense of humanity later on.
  564. *** [[HistoryMarchesOn Possibly not.]] Later evidence shows he was an agent of the anti-Nazi {{Abwehr}}.
  565. *** But he still spent his OWN fortune smuggling to freedom/life the very people he was supposedly exploiting for cheap labor. This bankrupted him. More "reasonable" businesses like GM, Royce, VW, ect. used Jewish slave labor and operated by Nazi Germany's rules. They are still alive today. The Jewish slave labor, not so much.
  566. * Finland refusing Russia's demands before the Winter War. It has been said that "all" Russia wanted was a few square miles of wasteland but they were a new country and in no mind to be [[TheBully easily trifled with]].
  567. ** That, and Finland was certain that it would be only the start for increasingly intolerable area demands that would culminate in full Soviet occupation. This may have indeed been the case in the long term, but in the short term Stalin simply thought that Finland must have a secret treaty with other European countries to be so ballsy, and decided to teach everybody involved a lesson.
  568. *** The Baltic States got the same demands, agreed to them and lost independence so Finland made the right call.
  569. * Poland's fight against Germany in WorldWarII. They might have saved themselves some agony if they had kowtowed like some nations did. But they never did. Because they were Poles.
  570. ** The Polish Foreign Minister would sum up their country's position in May 1939 with the following words: "Peace is a precious and desirable thing. Our generation, bloodied in wars, certainly deserves peace. But peace, like almost all things of this world, has its price, a high but measurable one. We in Poland do not know the concept of peace at any price. There is only one thing in the lives of men, nations and countries that is without price. That thing is ''honour.''"
  571. ** One Polish pilot in 1939 shot down a German. He then landed beside him and rescued him. Because that was the honorable thing to do.
  572. * Two soldiers of the Wehrmacht (yes them) arrived home from the front lines near the end of WorldWarII when mass-bombardements from the Allies were still going on. A bus with about a dozen children was hit by a bomb and the planes were already coming back. The managed to rally the children into a nearby forest to a bunker, but as they themselves were about to depart, another bomb hit and killed them both. Their grave still exists and most of the then-children are still alive.
  573. * At the [[AmericanCivilWar Battle of Gettysburg]], Confederate General Richard Garnett was still suffering from a leg wound, making him unable to walk any distance. He refused to sit out of his divisions charge because he had previously been accused of cowardice by Stonewall Jackson, but had never gotten the chance to defend himself before the latter's death. Since he couldn't walk, he had to ride a horse which made him the perfect target. His division? Pickett's.
  574. ** Also at Gettysburg, during the initial artillery barrage by the Confederates and their infantry assault, Union General Winfield Scott Hancock sat atop his horse in plain view. His response when being asked by his men to get down was, "There are times when a corp commander's life does not count." He was later shot and injured, but refused to be removed from the field.
  575. *** Also at Gettysburg, during the battle of Little Round Top, after hours of constant Confederate infantry assaults, the Union divisions atop the round top (notably the 20th Maine regiment) ran out of ammunition. Taking command after Strong Vincent's death was Joshua Lawrence Chamberlain. [[TookALevelInBadass He ordered a bayonet charge straight down into the Confederate lines as they charged again]]. The Confederates surrendered in droves.
  576. ** Also General Robert E. Lee, although ideologically opposed to slavery and the cause of the South, refused to be a Northern General because he would not take up arms against his home state of Virginia.
  577. *** Clarification: Robert E. Lee refused to take up arms at all EXCEPT in defense of Virginia.
  578. *** Although YourMileageMayVary as to whether this really a case of HonorBeforeReason and not of Blood Is ThickerThanWater, since he was an officer of the US federal government, not the State of Virginia, and had sworn an oath to protect it. Virginians who chose to support the national government against that of their state, including eventually the combined counties who broke away and became the separate state of West Virginia, which caused the majority of their Virginian fellow citizens to regard them as traitors and outcasts, such as Winfield Scott and Georg H. Thomas, were behaving as honorably, if not more so, than Lee.
  579. *** Most likely a mix of both. The states that would become the CSA genuinely believed that the federal government was greatly overstepping the bounds of its expressed powers. Honor of a certain kind would hold that the powers expressed by the Constitution demand higher loyalty than the federal government.
  580. *** That whole "All enemies foreign or domestic" clause in the oath is a bitch.
  581. *** Please note that the oath is to defend the Constitution, not the government. The fact that they usually go together is irrelevent. If the federal government is seen to be overstepping its bounds, then the honorable thing would be to oppose such a government. YMMV on who is right, but the oath was not meant to defend the government regardless of its actions.
  582. * The Knights of Medieval Europe, and their code of chivalry, viewed retreating as dishonorable and would try to avoid it as much as possible. Naturally, the Mongolians had no such scruples, and time after time, a feint retreat would cause a group of heavily armored knights to chase a much faster lighter armored Mongolian light cavalry unit to the brink of exhaustion, only for the knights to find themselves surrounded, and then the knights would get picked apart.
  583. ** There's also the French at Agincourt and other instances during the Hundred Years War. They not only charged into a storm of arrows, but also trampled their own men because they were in their way.
  584. *** Of course the real reason why trampled over there own men is [[YouHaveFailedMe because they were running away]] and oddly enough for Agincourt running straight at the archers was the smart thing, as same arrows couldn't penetrate their armor, too bad it was muddy.
  585. *** King John the Good of France was captured by the English at Poitiers (Maupertuis) because the rules of the Order of the Star, which he himself had instituted, only allowed members to retreat a few steps in a battle.
  586. *** At one battle, an army refused to obey their commander's order to make a flank attack on the enemy on the grounds that it was a dishonorable thing to do.
  587. ** Although, intriguingly, the popular idea that a KnightInShiningArmour would never "fight dirty" is probably wrong. Contemporary accounts include details of otherwise noble and chivalrous knights tripping, kneeing and on one occasion [[GroinAttack ripping off their opponent's testicles]] to win battles and judicial duels. It seems that they thought less about whether a technique itself was dirty than whether the reasoning behind it was.
  588. * The United States' Libertarian party is one of the more highly visible Third Parties, but wields no real clout. Partly due to their platform lacking popular appeal. But their inability to gain power can be most attributed to their complete unwillingness to compromise their principles in the political game, and the tendency for a number of members of the party to take their entirely-reasonable-and-laudable-in-moderation principles to ''very'' drastic extents that many find morally unacceptable, and the political arena finds unelectable.
  589. ** You can also replace "Libertarian" with "Green."
  590. * Of many examples in WorldWarI, one stands out: at the very outbreak of the conflict, Serbia's best general Radomir Putnik was in Budapest, Austria-Hungary to recoup his health. When Austria-Hungary declared war on Serbia, Emperor Franz-Josef allowed Putnik to return in a chivalrous but extremely ill-judged move. Upon his return, Putnik took command of all Serbian forces and inflicted several punishing defeats on the Austrians.
  591. * The World War II era Japanese Imperial Army's soldiers preferred death to surrender because of the dishonor it would bring and banzai-charged or committed suicide when they realized they couldn't win a battle.
  592. ** ''[[http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hiroo_Onoda Hiroo Onoda]]'' seems to fit this trope, but not due to him committing suicide instead of surrendering but because he continued to fight for Japan 29 years after WW2 had ended despite several leaflets, Japanese tourists and normal reasoning-skills told him that the war was over and it was time to go home, he only first surrendered after the Japanese government had sent his old commander back to give him the order to stand down, he was pardoned by the Philippine government for the acts of guerrilla warfare he had committed due to the special circumstances involved.
  593. *** One instance during the Battle of Guadalcanal had soldiers giving grenades to botany students, telling them to kill themselves if captured and try to take some Americans with them.
  594. ** Medieval era Japanese samurai can be seen as an even more extreme example, with their ''entire lives'' being lived strictly according to what is most honorable, and then ending their life by charging into the [[InsurmountableOdds Jaws of Death]] because their lord commanded it, without a second thought. Of course, the only alternative is to [[FateWorseThanDeath become a]] {{ronin}}.
  595. *** Partially true. Before Japan was united into 1 country, and there were numerous competing warlords and daimyos, samurai had no problem retreating from pitched battles, since obviously, it was better to live and fight again. It was only after the unification of Japan, that the samurai, with way more leisure time, needed to do something useful (since their war skills were no longer needed), and thus came about the Bushido and Zen Buddhism and a real philosophical way of thinking.
  596. ** When common soldiers did this it was bad enough, but more extreme examples came from higher positions. For example, during the battle of Midway, the Japanese carrier Hiryū was hit so badly that it couldn't keep on going, and it was decided to abandon it and scuttle it. Admiral Yamaguchi ''insisted'' to remain on board as torpedoes were fired at the ship, and as a result Japan needlessly lost one of their best carrier admirals.
  597. * Today, many older Japanese executives and administrators willingly step down after a major gaffe instead of allowing themselves a chance to rebuild their organizations and redeem themselves. Public opinion tends to call for it as well. More than a few do make fresh starts elsewhere however.
  598. * In Cicero's "On Duties," he talks of the Roman consul M. Atilius Regulus, who had been captured by Carthage during the Punic Wars. He was sent back to Rome to negotiate a Roman surrender, with the promise that he would return once his embassy was complete. If he was unsuccessful, the Carthaginians would kill him. Cicero relates that the man went to Rome, argued long and loud AGAINST a surrender, and then returned to the Carthaginian camp, where he, true to his word, accepted his execution at a Carthaginian sword.
  599. ** A fairly common trope for the upper classes in RealLife Ancient Rome, when they weren't being {{Manipulative Bastard}}s. A list of Romans who killed themselves because they had lost and refused to surrender would be longer than this page. Admittedly, many would have been killed if they were captured anyway, but far from all of them.
  600. * Bulgarian colonel Vladimir Seraphimov, who during the 1st Balkan war advanced way ahead of the main army with his 21st regiment, and found himself facing the Turkish army corps of Javer pasha numbering between 15000 to 20000. When ordered to retreat, his word to the HQ were "We will die to the last man but we will not retreat! We cannot leave to the Turkish mercy the villages that yesterday greeted us as liberators!" He then led the entire regiment in frontal assault with the regimental orchestre playing the anthem, defeating the vastly superior enemy force. During the Second Balkan war, colonel Konstantine Velikov Kavarnalief, with two regiments — the 32nd and 42nd, goes head on against 6 Greek divisions numbering 42 000 and led by the Greek king Konstantinos I. He held their advance for an entire week, and with no reinforcements available, led a final bayonet charge against the Greeks, pushing them back once more but getting wounded in the attack. He refused to leave the positions and died of bloodloss because the wound did not seem serious(to him at least ).
  601. * In New Zealand about 10 years ago, much was made of a 15 year old student who received their School Certificate results (the national assessment at that time) and found that they had been given a higher mark than they had earned. They sent the paper back to the national examiner to have the mark corrected on their record.
  602. * A minor example, but Muhammed Ali refusing to be drafted in a war that he did not believe in, and not only being sent to jail, but being stripped of the World Heavyweight Boxing Championship that no-one had ever come close to taking from him in the ring.
  603. ** "[[CrowningMomentOfAwesome No Viet Cong never called me nigger.]]"
  604. *** Subverted by the fact that the homogeneity of East Asian societies in general lead to widespread racism, especially against blacks.
  605. *** It should be noted that many believe that Ali did this not out of personal integrity, but because the Nation Of Islam wanted him to make a political statement.
  606. *** Doubtful as this counts as honor before "reason". It is entirely reasonable to spend time in jail rather than risk your life. After all, lose your title, win it back. Lose your life, no coming back.
  607. *** Actually, the US offered an easy term of service like putting on exhibition boxing matches to entertain the troops.
  608. * Double example: During a war between Ancient Greece and Rome, the doctor of Greek King Pyrrhus sent a letter to the general of the Roman army, Fabricus, asking how much Fabricus would pay to have the king assassinated. Fabricus had the letter passed on to Pyrrhus, with a note advising him that he was "at war with honest men and allied with the wicked and unfaithful". Pyrrhus had the doctor executed, and as a mark of respect for his opponent, set his prisoners of war free without ransom.
  609. ** Also the doctor had Greed before Reason as he should have know what Romans did to traitors.
  610. * [[BadassFamily Tenzing Norgay's grandson]], Tashi was once part of an expedition up Mt Everest. Two of the clients were decidedly unpleasant people who [[TheBully berated]] the porters and were callous with their safety. As it happened these clients got lost in the [[SnowMeansDeath bad weather]]. The porters were understandably reluctant to go find them. The Westerners in the expedition asked Tashi to contact the porters over the radio, knowing he could speak to them privately in Nepalese. After hearing the complaints, he said "I understand why you are angry. But we are [[PatrioticFervor Sherpas]] and have never yet willingly let anyone die on a mountain. It is not our way. We have a great tradition, especially on Everest and to do this will bring great shame on our people". After this RousingSpeech the porters went back into the storm and rescued the unpleasant climbers.
  611. * Shortly before WorldWarII, the British High Command rejected a suggested assassination plan that would almost certainly have killed AdolfHitler on the grounds that it was "not sporting".
  612. ** That might also have been pragmatism. This may well not have averted the war, but meant that when it was fought the Germans had a competent leader. Hitler's belief in his own infallibility caused him to make very serious errors.
  613. *** Indeed it was; British intelligence had formed a council on the possibility of assassinating Hitler. However, there was some initial concern about whether such a plot should even be attempted since Hitler was almost as much of a threat to his own country as he was to others (his military decisions frequently cost the Nazi war effort dearly). There was the danger that if Hitler was killed, he could be replaced by someone more tactically competent and be made into a martyr all at the same time (making this almost an inverted ShootTheDog). In the end, they decided to plot the assassination anyways (although the war ended and Hitler died before it could ever be carried out).
  614. *** In the first year or so of the war the British hadn't quite gotten into the spirit of the thing. Later they started to remember the GoodOldWays and played the game with proper [[BloodKnight zest]] and [[CombatAestheticist style]].
  615. *** During the evacuation of Crete in 1941, Admiral Cunningham was determined that the "Navy must not let the Army down". When Army officers expressed concerns that he would lose too many ships, Cunningham said that "It takes three years to build a ship, it takes three centuries to build a tradition"
  616. *** Of course, given how many assassination attempts Hitler did survive and the stunning incompetence displayed by British intelligence early in World War 2, one has to have serious doubts about the whole operation.
  617. *** The military success of Germany at least up to 1942 is rather poor proof of [[StupidJetpackHitler Hitler's supposed dreamy and lunatic incompetence]]. In fact, his assassination would undermine the basic strategy of the British, which played the card of the 1916-1918 German famine and intended to turn the people against the leadership, as the Leftist opposition had previously broken the Kaiser's empire. For this reason, the British had supported the carpet bombings, mostly as terror operations, while the Americans insisted on targeting military and industrial facilities. Hitler dead by British bullet would mean immediate rally of all Germans to the cause, even of the hardest political opponents of the Nazi state. Rather counterproductive, old chap, not good.
  618. * So-called "Honor killings", where it's not frowned upon for families to kill daughters that fall in love with someone other than the guy that the family picks for her, or to act in ''any'' manner that is deemed shameful to the family. In cases of rape, honor killings also involve killing the rape victim instead of the rapist.
  619. * In ''Honor: A History'' James Bowman seems to describe "honor" as a curious overlap of {{Pride}}, morality, and loyalty to the {{Nakama}}. It can be summed up in "What would those whom I respect think I should do".
  620. * The Islamic concept of Izzat (honor) commands a Muslim to do what they feel is right by their own worldview, even if the action appears to be pointless and/or dangerous. For example, a Muslim soldier would, if a comrade was wounded on the battlefield, be expected to do everything in their power to get them to safety, even at the cost of their own life.
  621. * Former Confederate General Joseph E. Johnston served as an honorary pallbearer at the funeral of his one-time enemy William T. Sherman. Out of respect for the late General Sherman, Johnston removed his hat during the funeral. It was a cold and rainy day and, when urged to put on his hat against the weather, the elderly general said, "If I were in his place and he standing here in mine, he would not put on his hat." Johnston caught pneumonia and died a few weeks later.
  622. * European warfare in general during the Colonial Era was this. Standard military practice was the armies would march towards one another in lines, then take turns firing at each other until one side ran. During the War of 1812 AndrewJackson had his men raid the British camp at New Orleans nightly, using guerrilla tactics. The British then sent an emissary asking him to stop, because it wasn't honorable. And lining up like targets at a shooting gallery so that you can die where you might have lived otherwise is? There's a reason that nowadays soldiers look for cover and spread out in battle.
  623. **  Well, partly that reason is that modern guns are accurate beyond 50 yards.
  624. **  Wellington himself lined up soldiers on the reverse slope of hills. Not to mention making alliances with guerrillas and burning the countryside of Portugal to starve out the French. Either Packingham was just giving TrashTalk or he was showing an obtuse display of MoralMyopia.
  625. **  Marching in the lines made it easier to be hit, but it also made it easier to hit the enemy as the formation basically worked like a giant shotgun, With the technology of the day the tactic was absolutely reasonable. It was only when rifled muskets became primary weopons on the battlefield that this tactic could be declared as such.
  626. * It is still an element of modern military etiquette that Generals do not attempt to kill each other as if they were common murderers. That's what enlisted soldiers are for.
  627. * In March 2011, Brigham Young University dismissed forward Brandon Davies from the basketball team for violations of the school's "Honor Code." BYU is in the midst of the best season in the basketball program's history; BYU was ranked a historically high #3 in the national polls, looked to be a lock for #1 seed in the upcoming Final Four tournament and featured the likely national Player Of The Year, Jimmer Fredette. Davies was BYU's best rebounder and only D-1-level low-post player and his absence seriously damaged the Cougars' chances in the postseason. Unusual enough that a big-time college would dismiss such a valuable player so close to post-season play. What was the violation that would merit such a drastic move? [[WhatDoYouMeanItsNotHeinous Davies had sex with his girlfriend.]] Needless to say opinions are divided as to whether this is a good or bad thing, in the short or long run.
  628. ** This may be a case of Racism Before Reason. BYU and other Mormon schools systematically lied to black recruits; when asked about their school's honor code, the recruiter would hand wave it. Then, being popular and athletic, the young players would fall into the same HoneyTrap any 19 year-old would, and the Mormon authorities would use it as an opportunity to show off their morals. Remember, this is the religion that didn't allow black applicants to the priesthood until 1978.
  629. * During World War 2, German Panzer-General Erwin Rommel fits this example perfectly. His Afrikakorps was never accused of war crimes. Soldiers captured during his Africa campaign were reported to have been treated humanely.
  630. ** Furthermore, he ignored orders to kill captured commandos, Jewish soldiers and civilians in all theaters of his command.
  631. ** During the Second Battle of El Alamein Rommel was badly defeated by a hugely superior British Force. However Rommel received the infamous "victory or death" stand-fast order from Hitler. Although this order demanded the impossible and virtually ensured the destruction of Panzer Army Africa, Rommel could not bring himself to disobey a direct order from his Führer. The Axis forces held on desperately. This was despite being outnumbered 25 to 1.
  632. *** He DID retreat, but later commented that, due to that order, he fought 24 hours longer than he wanted to.
  633. ** During Late in the war, Rommel was linked to the conspiracy to kill Adolf Hitler. Due to his wide renown, Hitler chose to eliminate him quietly; in trade for the protection of his family, Rommel agreed to commit suicide.
  634. ** Rommel called his own philosophy of warfare ''Krieg ohne Hass'', "war without hate". Considering the utter barbarity and cruelty that characterized both sides of the war, his actually sticking to that philosophy makes him one of the greatest heroes of WorldWarII, Axis ''or'' Allied.
  635. *** He was also one of the best commanders in the war, making him a subversion of this trope.
  636. * Highwayman Dick Turpin was famous for taking advantage of this by making his victims swear not to go to the law or give witness against him before letting them go, oaths they actually held to.
  637. * During the Partition of India, many fathers killed themselves, their wives and their children in order to prevent forced conversions or rape. The village of Thoa Kahlsa had 90 women who jumped into a well when they heard that Muslims were coming. Others were willingly beheaded, shot, or walked into fire. Many men then immolated themselves.
  638. * The47Ronin. The debased themselves completely for two years, making themselves objects of contempt and dishonor to throw off suspicion. Knowing the entire time that every way their plan could end would mean their deaths, all 47 Ronin still made the assault on Lord Kira's fortress, beheaded him, and caried Kira's head to their lord's grave. They then turned themselves in, and upon judgement, committed seppuku and were buried at their lord's side.
  639. * At the Battle of Waterloo, French General Pierre Cambronne allegedly refused to surrender even in the late stages of the battle. Supposedly he uttered the famous "the Guard dies, but does not surrender!" statement, and some have attributed to him the more brusque "merde!" ("shit!"), but he denied ever having said them both.
  640. * Part of the reason why the Dreyfus Affair dragged so long before being satisfactorily resolved was that the Army was adamant to prevent any exoneration of the framed office to "preserve the honor of the Army." Exactly how the French Army could consider preserving an injustice inflicted on an innocent man "honorable" takes some really twisted rationalizing in and of itself.
  641. ** They probably were thinking primarily of reputation rather then morality. Or whatever.
  643. Potty Emergency
  645. * During preparations for America's first manned space flight, astronaut Alan Shepard remained strapped in his Mercury capsule through several hours of delays as various problems were worked out. Having consumed several cups of coffee prior to suiting up, Nature's Call soon became unbearable for Shepard, and it was realized that with the mission intended to be a short 15-minute suborbital flight, no one had considered providing any provision for safe and sanitary bladder voiding. After much debate by technicians, weighing the choice between scrubbing the launch or possibly risking shorting out various sensors, Shepard was ultimately given permission to "just do it" in his suit, to his great relief. (This is quite humorously depicted in the movie ''TheRightStuff''.)
  646. * For generations, it was believed that 16th century Danish astronomer Tycho Brahe died of complications arising from a potty emergency. As the story went, he was attending a royal banquet and was unwilling to break etiquette and excuse himself. In actuality, he died of mercury toxicity.
  647. * You HAVE had something like this, sometime. It may be right before that important test, stuck in a traffic jam, or in a boat in the middle of a lake: it happens to everybody.
  649. The Dark Side
  651. * Dick Cheney invoked this, stating after the 9/11 attack he told Tim Russert that America might have to work "the dark side". Did they? YourMileageMayVary, but ''[[http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0854678/ Taxi to the Dark Side]]'' suggests so.
  653. Alien Lunch
  655. * [[http://www.cracked.com/article_15982_5-horrifying-food-additives-youve-probably-eaten-today.html This]] and [[http://www.cracked.com/article_14979_6-most-terrifying-foods-in-world.html this]].
  656. * [[BenCroshaw Ben "Yahtzee" Croshaw]] once theorized [[http://www.fullyramblomatic.com/archive/May5-May9.htm in his blog]] that the goal of mankind was to turn as many things as they could into food.
  657. ** This is only supported by the concept of the Phylum Feast, something occasionally done on Darwin Day (February 12) where [[EvilutionaryBiologist evolutionary biologists]] will attempt to make meals including as many different phyla (e.g. chordates, arthropods, mollusks) as possible.
  658. * All that you read above about how "Americans are squeamish about food" goes right out the window when you start learning about what goes into a hot dog and pairing that with how popular that food is in the US. The cheaper the hot dogs, the more disgusting the ingredients. Everybody knows this, and nobody seems to care.
  659. ** As John Godfrey Saxe said; "Laws, like sausages, cease to inspire respect in proportion as we know how they are made."
  660. ** Two words: ''TheJungle''.
  661. ** In fact averting this trope is the point of most sausages (and similar foods made of ground meat). The idea is to make otherwise unappatising organs and offal more presentable by grinding it up and stuffing it into another organ (or frying it in the case of patties or making it into soups and broths, or...).
  662. *** One of the other points is simply not to waste the animal.
  663. *** Hooves and horns can be ground into powder. Just sayin'.
  664. **** Do you really want to know where Jello comes from?
  665. * Most animals are able to synthesize Vitamin C on their own. Humans (and a few other mammals, mainly primates and guinea pigs) can't. Ergo, you could say that if you take a Vitamin Supplement, you are having what would be an AlienLunch to most everything else on Earth.
  666. ** Your carnivorous cat is doing the same thing when it chews on the houseplants for their vitamin content.
  667. ** For our species (and other carnivores), there is also vitamin B12. Most animals have bacteria in their digestive tracts that can synthesize vitamin B12. While we do as well, they're too far down in our digestive tract (i.e., in the direction of the anus) for us to absorb the vitamin. This can make vegan meals a nonstop AlienLunch.
  669. Necessarily Evil
  671. * According to Thomas Paine, the very premise and concept of a "Government, even in its best state, is but a necessary evil; in its worst state, an intolerable one."
  672. * Order Hymenoptera in the Class Insecta; responsible for by far more lethal attacks on humans than any other animal, but if they disappeared, the human species would be ''hosed''.
  673. * Back in the late 1700s, [[AmoralAttorney lawyers]] were abolished in both Prussia and France. Both countries brought them back when they discovered that, [[BackToTheFuture despite popular belief]], the judicial system worked much less swiftly without them.
  674. * Anders Behring Breivik (Norway shooter) invokes this in his manifesto when he describes how what is going to do is evil, but necessary. Very much a consequentialst with horribly, terrifyingly, screwed goals.
  675. ** Of course, most terrorists, regardless of their cause, think of themselves as belonging in this category.
  676. * While the B-29 bomber that dropped the first atom bomb on Hiroshima was called the Enola Gay -[[FluffyTheTerrible named after the pilot's mom]] one of the [[http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Necessary_Evil_%28aircraft%29 B-29's]] that escorted it for scientific observation and would have dropped the next bomb had Japan not surrendered [[LampshadeHanging was literally named after this trope]].
  677. * Policies of collectivisation and industrialization, adopted in Russia in the early XX century, although viewed as severe to the extent of brutality, allowed the backwater country to preserve its territorial integrity, ward off the invaders, catch up with 50 years of technological backlog in 20 years and withstand a unified assault of, essentially, the whole continental Europe.
  679. Disgusting Public Toilet
  681. * The fact that many people typically avoid using public restrooms until it is an absolute ([[{{Squick}} and explosive]]) emergency is one of the reasons restrooms (or at least the toilets) end up like this.
  682. * Americans think public toilets in the States are bad, but few have known the horrific, rotting, fly- and maggot-infested, putrescent glory that is a public restroom in rural China. For one thing, their idea of a "toilet" is nothing more than a hole dug into the dirt.
  683. * When American passenger rail monopoly Amtrack started back in the 1970s, it used the castoffs from commercial railways that folded in the 1960s. The toilets were basically a unisex single stall that [[{{Squick}} dumped directly on the track]] and barely fit one person, and a tiny sink. They were smaller than a typical airplane toilet.
  684. ** Contemporary Amtrak is significantly better, with bathrooms looking, at worst, rather like somewhat more worn airplane toilets. It's particularly nice in comparison with what you can find in some developing countries, where the things considered optional include soap (and just that, at best) to (in some cases) the actual toilet seat (and not in the sense of "it's a perfectly respectable [[http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Squat_toilet squat toilet]]" but in the sense of "it's a hole in the floor of the train").
  685. *** As a general note, trains in the Middle East gravitate towards the former idea of "optional" (and tend not discriminate between first, second, and third class, which is nice). Trains in China and India, on the other hand, tend to have fairly standard airplane toilets for first-class passengers, and holes in the floor of the train for people riding third-class.
  686. *** There's even a story about a poor woman in China who ''gave birth while on the train toilet'', with her son spilling out onto the track and the umbilical cord being cut by the movement of the train. The boy was miraculously unharmed.
  687. * Boys' bathrooms in elementary schools, particularly those closer to the younger kids.
  688. ** Other way around with the girls, as things like tampons and makeup are introduced.
  689. *** Indeed, the signs pleading girls to not flush tampons and pads are there to stop ugly toilet backups. Despite having a clearly marked spot in the stall for the used items, they still get flushed and block plumbing. (Pads and tampons, no matter how sullied, can still absorb more liquid - so they ''flush'' fine, then swell up in the pipes.)
  690. * 3 words: Gas. Station. Restrooms.
  691. ** Two more for you: College Restrooms.
  692. * Any public bus line lavatory, especially since the stuff goes into a reservoir that isn't emptied until the bus stops.
  694. Home Porn Movie
  696. * While we are all aware of the TruthInTelevision examples, let's just say ParisHilton and note any particular parodies of that one.
  697. ** PamelaAnderson.
  698. ** Predated by Music/{{Madonna}}'s ''Sex'', a book of suggestive photos featuring her with a variety of people including ''Music/VanillaIce'' (who criticized the book, as his photo was misrepresented in the book). While claimed to be a artistic creation, it also served as SchmuckBait for MoralGuardians.
  699. * The New Paper (The Singapore afternoon newspaper) and the Straits Times reported about how this unfortunate girl had taken, well, intimate pictures of herself and her boyfriend on her handphone. The incriminating files got leaked, as they always eventually do, and for a while, there was a ''lot'' of discussion about the scandal.
  700. * In recent times there is a scandal going on in Germany involving the heiress of BMW, several other women, 9 million Euros and one very scummy Italian blackmailer.
  701. * The divorce of the Duke and Duchess of Argyll in the late 50s/early 60s involved famous photographs of the duchess performing oral sex on a mysterious "headless man", eventually identified as actor Douglas Fairbanks Jr.
  702. * After the contestants for the 9th season of ProjectRunway were announced, news of Anya Ayoung-Chee's sex tape resurfaced.
  703. * KimKardashian was only a minor celebrity until a sex tape surfaced in which hip-hop star Ray J urinates on her. The resulting scandal catapulted her to the status of mainstream celebrity.
  705. * "Sexting" is the newest teen trend to get the MoralGuardians' unmentionables in a state of disarray. What makes this worse is that upon being discovered, these nude photos being sent from one teenager to another is being treated by the courts as child pornography, with adults who receive or pass it along in some cases risking actually being sent to jail and put on a sex offender registry.
  707. Token Evil Teammate
  709. * That's how the Allied force saw USSR during World War II. This sentiment is reflected in most series based in World War Two.
  710. * Axl Rose of Music/GunsNRoses. He's fired the whole band twice, beat his wife, and declined induction in the RockNRollHallOfFame
  712. Heroic Bastard
  714. * William the Bastard, AKA William the Conqueror of 1066 and all that.
  715. * Also, {{Socrates}}, supposedly.
  716. * James Smithson, as stated above.
  717. * [[http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bernardo_O%27Higgins Bernardo O'Higgins]], one of the biggest leaders in Chile's independence process, was the illegitimate child of a Chilean high-class lady and former Chilean Governor, later Viceroy of Peru Ambrosio O'Higgins. O'Higgins Sr. was very much a DisappearedDad to Bernardo (who was a WellDoneSonGuy, according to their letters), only declaring him as his son and heir to his considerable riches in his dying will.
  718. * [[LawrenceOfArabia Lt. Col. T. E. Lawrence]].
  719. * LeonardoDaVinci
  720. * Look at a USD$10 bill. That's AlexanderHamilton, the first U.S. Secretary of the Treasury and founder of the Bank of the United States. But, uh, some of his contemporaries might class this under YourMileageMayVary.
  721. * {{Confucius}}
  722. * [[{{Evita}} Eva Perón]]
  723. * [[http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jean_de_dunois The Bastard of Orléans]], an illegitimate son of the Duc d'Orléans, was a major figure in France around the time of Jeanne d'Arc. He played a significant part in her campaign and was one of the French leaders who won the HundredYearsWar after her capture and death. Later made count of Dunois and Longueville.
  724. * [[http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/John_of_Austria Don John of Austria]], illegitimate son to King Charles I of Spain/Emperor Charles V of the HolyRomanEmpire and younger half-brother (by ''20'' years) to King Phillip II of Spain. Instead of following an eclestiastic career like his father and older half-brother wanted him to, he became a military leader under Philip's orders: his CrowningMomentOfAwesome was the [[http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Battle_of_Lepanto_%281571%29 Battle of Lepanto]].
  725. ** As well as John and Philip's half-sister [[http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Margaret_of_Parma Margaret, Duchess of Parma.]] She managed to become the Governor of the Netherlands, but ItGotWorse soon.
  726. * Empress Elizabeth of Russia was a legitimized child, since her parents, PeterTheGreat and Catherine the First, got married after she was born. It's something of a grey area between a legitimate child and a bastard, but for the purpose of inheritance, there is a difference, and her status was used to try to deny her the throne. She was not originally supposed to rule, however after a disastrous 10 year reign of the legitimate heir Empress Anne, the daughter of Peter’s brother and Co-Czar Ivan IV, and what was shaping up to be a similar regency by her niece also named Anne, the Russian Senate impeached her and voted Elizabeth Empress. Under her Russia stayed a powerful nation, she focused more on parting then war and even abolished the death penalty. She was definitely [[TheHighQueen the most beloved female ruler Russia had]], especially compared to the brutal reins of the two Annes and [[MagnificentBastard Catherine the Great]].
  727. * Maurice (Moritz), the Maréchal de Saxe, natural son of August the Strong of Saxony and Poland and Aurora von Königsmarck, one of the greatest French generals of the first half of the 18th century and one of only four men to achieve the ultimate rank of maréchal général. His half-brother, the Count of Rutowski (son of August's mistress Fatima, Turkish lady), rose to become field marshal of the Saxon army, but was luckless in the wars against Prussia.
  728. * According to persistent rumours, the children of Frederick the Great's youngest brother Ferdinand were not fathered by him, but his close friend and adjutant, Count von Schmettau. This would include his two dashing sons Louis (aka Louis Ferdinand, killed in action in the skirmish of Saalfeld in 1806) and August (commander of the Prussian artillery, also brigade and corps commander during the Wars of Liberation).
  729. * Such things were more common among Medieval and Renaissance nobility then many think. Bastards were seldom actually pariahs among the ruling class. Their main disadvantage was exclusion from succession to their father's domain. They had a lower status then their legitimate half-brothers, but they were semi-princes and treated accordingly.
  730. * While it's no longer all that important legally as SocietyMarchesOn, there is strong evidence that BillClinton is himself a HeroicBastard. Apparently his date of birth indicates he was conceived while his legal father, William Jefferson Blythe, was in Italy during WorldWarII.
  732. Manipulative Bastard
  734. * The French King Louis XI embodies this trope, going so far as being named "The Spider King" because of how threads of his web of influence managed to get into every political corner. He started as king of a kingdom almost destroyed by [[HundredYearsWar a long, long war]]. His neighbor, the duke Charles of Burgundy, was the ''most powerful lord in Europe'', his land going from actual Netherlands to the Mediterranean sea. When Louis died, he ''owned'' Burgundy ''without having '''ever''' fought the duke Charles on the warfield''.
  735. * Charles de Talleyrand-Perigord will certainly qualify as a ManipulativeBastard - he outmanouevred both Louis XVI, Robespierre, Napoleon and Czar Alexander I of Russia, making him also a MagnificentBastard.
  736. * Otto von Bismarck stands out as well. On one occasion, he edited a conversation between the king and the French diplomat just enough to be insulting to the French. This was enough to get the French to declare war on Germany, which in turn helped Bismarck convince the holdout German states to join into the German federation. It also increased the prestige of the Prussian army, as they managed to soundly defeat the French and take Alsace-Lorraine.
  737. ** His mastery of this trope was also frequently used on the king, saving Bismarck from the ire of the elected government more than once and solidifying his power within Prussia.
  738. * Very controversial figure but, Henry Kissinger, the Secretary of State under Presidents Nixon and Ford (as well as Nixon's National Security Advisor) may easily fit this. He started off rising to power by backing David Rockefeller for the Republican nomination for President in 1968. Then when Rockefeller lost the nomination to Nixon he was still allowed by then President Johnson to be privy to the negotiations going on in Paris that were trying to end the Vietnam War. Kissinger relayed information on the progress of the talks to the Nixon Administration who were trying to stop the peace talks. They were, according to Nixon's own memoirs, giving Hubert Humphrey (the democratic nomination for president) a last second boost in the polls. Anna Chennault, one of the chief advisors to President Thieu of South Vietnam was the connection through which Nixon told the South to not come to the peace talks because he could get them a better deal. Of Kissinger she said, "He was getting information from both sides, he was probably giving information to both sides too." After the talks collapsed Kissinger was awarded for his role by being named National Security Advisor to Nixon (who just barely won.) According to a member of his staff Roger Morris, who later resigned along with two others, said Kissinger "was constantly playing one side off against the other." When the Vietnam War finally ended on virtually the same terms as the Johnson Administration had offered, twice as many Americans had died and it had even expanded into the neutral countries of Cambodia (which paved the way for the Khmer Rouge) and Laos. Despite this, Kissinger was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize in 1973.
  739. ** Also note that Kissinger got such a reputation for this that there's an israeli joke about him:
  740. -->Kissinger goes to see a poor man and says, "I want to arrange a marriage for your son." The poor man replies, "I never interfere in my son's life." Kissinger replies, "But the girl is Lord Rothschild's daughter." "Well, in that case..."
  742. -->Next Kissinger approaches Lord Rothschild. "I have a husband for your daughter." "But my daughter is too young to marry." "But this young man is already a vice president of the World Bank." "Well, in that case..."
  744. -->Finally, Kissinger goes to see the president of the World Bank. "I have a young man to recommend to you as vice president." "But I already have more vice presidents than I need." "But this young man is Lord Rothschild's son-in-law." "Well, in that case..."
  745. * AdolfHitler of course. No matter what you decide to call him, you just has to admit he was a excellent manipulator. He perfectly knew how to use his strong voice and his body language in order to manipulative the masses' group mentality, their anger on the defeat of WWI and the Great Depression, their pride of their country and so on. He also coopted the [[BreadAndCircuses welfare system invented by Otto von Bismarck so that the Nazi Party could "buy" the German people's loyality]], and he made poor people powerful politicals and military officers, so that he had an loyal government and military. Machiavelli would had been proud if it hasn't been for Hitler's [[{{Pride}} humongous ego]], [[KillThemAll extreme ruthlessness]], [[GeneralFailure incompetent military strategies]] and [[VillainousBreakdown mental breaksdowns]] caused him to lose the WWII.
  746. ** Machiavelli would have said that his more well known policies were [[PragmaticVillainy wasteful and inefficient]].
  747. ** Machiavelli would also have been against Hitler because he believed in democracy and was against tyrants & dictators, writing volumes on how to takes them down.
  748. * An even better example was Goebbels, Hitler's Minister of Propaganda (whose title of course simply means official ManipulativeBastard). Despite a [[FauxAffablyEvil famously charismatic exterior]], he was so notoriously vicious that even ''other Nazis'' called him "[[YouDirtyRat The Rat]]".
  749. --> Personally, I think Goebbels was using anti-Semitism merely as a means of achieving personal power. Whether he had any deep-seated hatred against the Jews is questionable. I think he was too much of a thief and dishonest opportunist to have any deep-seated feelings for or against anything... Streicher was a tame man compared to Goebbels, because Streicher is half crazy and stupid, whereas Goebbels was just unscrupulous, clever and dangerous.
  750. -->--'''Hermann Goering'''
  751. * PeterMandelson is frequently painted this way...
  752. ** Ditto Vladimir Putin.
  753. * ''Plants.'' Think about it: Wheat and corn got humans to eradicate forests and meadows just for them; flowers are useless to us but because they're attractive we spend big bucks on them (to the point of [[http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tulip_mania wrecking the economy]]), and we regularly ''go to jail or die'' over marijuana, cocaine, and 'shrooms. And that's just humans, plants have been manipulating animals for millions of years: elephants have figured out that one kind of tree they like will grow better if they get rid of all the other trees and orchids trick insects into pollinating them by pretending to be females.
  754. ** And if we piss them off too much, [[TheHappening they'll kill us all!]]
  755. ** Mushrooms are not plants.
  756. ** Or so they'd like you to think.
  757. * Pickup Artists use everything from hypnosis, to NLP, to social psychology when approching a target as well as preplanning and predicting entire conversations. Literature/TheGame names even more of them who are borderline [[MagnificantBastard Magnificant Bastards]].
  758. * Adults who work successfully with children often display elements of this trope.
  759. * Kittens. Kittens, babies and puppies. Cuteness is natures way of allowing small animals to manipulate big animals. For example, cat's cries have evolved to sound like the cries of infants, which makes it hard to listen to for very long without attending to (usually with food). And this is despite the fact that they've evolved to take on the (evil looking) physical appearance of snakes when angered and how -if you were small enough- they'd eat you for dinner.
  760. ** Actually, cats have many different kinds of vocalizations and the meows that sound like infant cries are usually used by kittens to attract the mother's attention. Adult cats don't use it much when interacting with other cats. They use it with humans because humans are very bad at picking up on cat body language and scent, which play an important role in cat communication. [[HumansAreMorons And because it works.]]
  761. ** Hungry mammal babies tend to sound rather similar; even hungry baby robins are instantly identifiable to anyone who's familiar with any other "hungry baby" sound.
  762. * JosephStalin turned this into an absolute artform. For example, when he was jockeying for power in the wake of Lenin's death, he went from a middle of the road, unexciting candidate to the only possible winner. He discredited Trotsky by lying about the date of Lenin's funeral to him, causing him to miss it, and he allied himself with Kamenev and Zinoviev to get rid of Trotsky, before promptly double crossing them to run to the other side of the party. When these two had been eliminated, he then double crossed his second set of allies, leaving himself as the only viable candidate. This isn't even getting into his various machinations and manipulations during his rule. The man certainly knew how to twist his way into power.
  763. ** It's also what ended up ruining his country, it's worth noting, because his paranoia and nigh-habitual double-crossing caused him to utterly destroy and discredit many of his most valuable allies over perceived threats to his power. He certainly know how to twist situations his way, but not when to stop twisting.
  764. * King Leopold II of Belgium enslaved and tortured the entire Congo while using his PR to convince the rest of the world that he was 'saving the heathens.'
  765. * German general Kurt von Schleicher. During the WeimarRepublic, he toppled the last democratically elected chancellor Müller, his former {{mentor}} general Groener, the last halfway-democratic chancellor Brüning, the last democratic government of Prussia, installed Franz von Papen as a puppet chancellor, later toppled him too, tried to split the nazi party (without success), finally took over as chancellor himself, didn't have any success, suggested doing away with democracy, then got fired and replaced by AdolfHitler, and was killed by TheNazis in 1934. [[MeaningfulName His name even means "creeper" or "sneaker" (as in, someone who sneaks) in German.]]
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