Peek 131

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  1. Peek 131 sum by Viveldis and Hawkeye
  3. Ex married woman X oldman
  5. EMW arrives and says she will be living in the house from now on and fmc and oldman are shocked and she says "what are you doing sir? Say something" and oldman asks what she is doing and asks too about living in the house then the EMW angry answer that because of oldman she got divorced totally and its over and now she have to take responsability. Oldman scares says shes talking like this(angry ) and comes so suddenly and EMW says "I'm sorry. But do you remember what you said to me last time on the roof building?" oldman confuses says "on the roof?"
  6. Flashback starts with the capitulation of their sex on the roof and oldman says that she shouldnt have married  because he is much better and she likes it and finish saying that she should live with him.
  7. Flashback ends and ex married woman says that as oldman wished she come to live there and oldman confused says that's true and asks she will really do this and EMW answers that she can't live in countryside and Seul is better.
  9. Dinner table
  11. Oldman explain situation sister and she says that's okay and EMW thanks everybody for accepting her and she says to fmc that she was surprised to what happened to her husband and says about they were the biggest couple of the church
  13. Husband X Whore
  15. Husband says that he don't want the whore to go to karaoke and she says that she still have to work and he answered saying that he don't want her to play with another man and she says that's is not about playing its about work and completes saying she is not going to second round(sex) and asks if he know it and he says that she is the only one she know and asks if he is the only man for her and she says yes
  17. Later that night
  18. Old man wakes up and wonders who he can fuck now that he has three women under one roof. He gets up and sees both sisters doors locked, wondering who to choose. Wife comes out and makes it easy for him as she asks him to satisfy her, which is why she is really here as he has won her over. She starts giving him head and asks to keep going, stunning Old Man.
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