Statue Spacing

Oct 6th, 2012
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  1. [14:12:43] <Giantree> SOMETIME the next day, the PA system goes off throughout the whole ship, something like... "4Okay, did I turn it on right this time? I don't think that's the right one, they both look the same and my programming says 'the green one'... is that it? No, I guess I'll try th- ohh, what do you mean you can hear me? Ack! Um, I'm sorry, this is the front desk, if any Seekers are listening and on-duty could you report here? Pretty please? We're recieving an emergency distress call and I bet it pays gr- oh crap I'm not supposed to say that!" Blip.
  2. [14:15:41] <ULTROS> "Holy squid!" ULTROS was at the moment at the middle of a panty raid when the PA blares out. He quickly stuffs Leen's panties inside their drawer while hurrying to the front desk.
  3. [14:16:01] * Cael of course, has been waiting for this moment. He hadn't even been planning to wait on the magical ceiling voice but here he is, donning his armor and heading up to the receptionist desk.
  4. [14:16:04] <Giantree> (pffff did you just roll names on whose pantsu it was)
  5. [14:16:48] <ULTROS> (Eh? Why you ask? :3)
  6. [14:16:56] <Giantree> Frannie's probably just finishing getting scolded as your ragtag team of wack gooves approaches, waving.
  7. [14:16:56] * Jazz runs at top speed from his room to the front desk, already donned in his battle garb!
  8. [14:17:04] <Giantree> (1,1because androids don't wear panties)
  9. [14:17:25] <Giantree> (1,1or do they)
  10. [14:18:11] <Giantree> "4Oh, hi! You all didn't hear the first part of that, right?"
  11. [14:18:14] * Cael reaches the front desk, nodding confidently to Jazz, and just sort of... pausing when he sees Ultros.
  12. [14:18:47] <Giantree> "4Mr. Coal, Mr. Jazz, Mr. Monster..."
  13. [14:19:16] <Giantree> She doesn't seem bothered by the giant tentacle monster at all. And of COURSE CHUPON follows behind... timidly though, he's peeking around the corner.
  14. [14:19:35] <Cael> "That's 'Cael', Miss Françoise."
  15. [14:19:42] <ULTROS> "Bah! Two muscleheads. Hate 'em!" He puffs up, visibly angry when noticing Coal and Jazz.
  16. [14:19:55] * Cael doesn't seem to terribly irritated, well, until Ultros speaks up.
  17. [14:20:00] <ULTROS> (Yes, the misspell was intentional)
  18. [14:20:00] <Giantree> "4Oops! I wonder why I still can't get it right."
  19. [14:20:11] <Giantree> (excellent)
  20. [14:21:07] * Jazz charges up his Arm cannon. "Fran, stand back! It's a good think you called us when this monster showed up!" Jazz shouts, aiming the cannon at ULTROS!
  21. [14:21:20] <Cael> "And just who are you calling a musclehead, kalamari-breath? I am a combatant with refined dexterity, you look more like a "muscle-head" than either of us."
  22. [14:21:35] <Giantree> Françoise shrieks. "4Eeeek! There's a monster here?"
  23. [14:21:57] <Cael> "You... DID just refer to this one as 'Mr. Monster'... is he supposed to be here or not?"
  24. [14:22:11] <Giantree> "4..."
  25. [14:22:17] <ULTROS> "Where are the cuties from before?" He looks around for any signs of Sherry, stopping after he notices the robot pointing a gun at him. "Monster? Calamari-breath? Ohh... You two are asking for a tentacle spanking! Mister CHUPON! Let's tenderize those two!"
  26. [14:22:26] <Giantree> She claps her hands together. "4Oh yeah, Mr. Monster IS a monster, isn't he? I forgot!"
  27. [14:22:28] * ULTROS fumes even more, turning red!
  28. [14:22:47] <Giantree> CHUPON: "F-Fungah!"
  29. [14:23:06] <Giantree> He reels back a snort and just... sneezes harmlessly at a wall.
  30. [14:23:10] <Giantree> It gets all over the wall too, yuck.
  31. [14:23:47] * Cael reaches for his holster when noticing the other creature too. He's not one to judge but he is certainly cautious!
  32. [14:24:01] <Giantree> "4Ooh ooh! Is this a duel? The Cap'n says you're supposed to take all challenges upst- wait a second! There's an emergency going on, isn't there?"
  33. [14:24:10] <ULTROS> "Ah, that was disappointing. Well, i am more than enough to judo chop the heck out of those two!"
  34. [14:24:12] <Giantree> Beepboop.. beep. "4... Yeah, there's definitely an emergency."
  35. [14:24:44] <Cael> "Oh! Yes, of course."
  36. [14:25:01] <Cael> "You heard the lady, squid, we can settle this later."
  37. [14:25:41] <Jazz> "...You're luck you're not a pirate, or you'd be a fine paste all over the wall..." Jazz says, uncharging his cannon and lowering his visor, before turning to Fran.
  38. [14:26:16] <Giantree> Frannie starts reading something over. "4Um... sorry to interrupt your duel, everybody. I can make challenge arrangements once it's resolved..." Tap, tap, tikkatikka. Well it sounds more high-tech than that.
  39. [14:27:01] <`maki`> (bleep bloop)
  40. [14:27:04] <Giantree> "4There it is! We're getting a distress call from some vessel, apparently there's been some sort of attack... hmm, it doesn't say what they were attacked by."
  41. [14:27:08] <ULTROS> "A moron who can't figure the difference between a squid an an octopus can't beat my tentacle-fu. Wachaaa!" He whips the air around with tentacles.
  42. [14:28:28] <Cael> "Well then, what are we waiting for? It may already be too late."
  43. [14:28:40] <Giantree> "4Oh, there it is! It's a Federation vessel. Nevermind, we're supposed to ignore those!" She closes the window with a big smile.
  44. [14:28:57] <Giantree> "4... Just kidding, the Cap'n says we're supposed to help people in need no matter who they are."
  45. [14:29:20] * Jazz stares. "...Good. That's not a funny joke! EVERYONE deserves protection! I'll have to thank the captain later!"
  46. [14:29:45] <Giantree> Bloooop. "4Oops, sorry, Mr. Jazz! I'll have to update my humor modules. There's um, one problem though..."
  47. [14:30:42] <Cael> "Hm?"
  48. [14:30:42] <Giantree> The android makes an almost-human :< face. "4You all have a shuttle or small ship, right? We're not supposed to use the transporter for this kind of thing."
  49. [14:31:13] <Jazz> "...No, I don't."
  50. [14:31:24] <Cael> "I... erm. No. I don't. Underdeveloped world and all."
  51. [14:31:45] <Cael> Though this sparks a small -idea-...
  52. [14:32:08] <Giantree> "4Oh... right. Well, you could try borrowing one! I think a few of the off-duty crew members might have some..."
  53. [14:32:59] <Giantree> "4... Ooooh! And Mr. Monster and his friend are confirmed able to breathe in space too! That's nifty."
  54. [14:33:12] <Giantree> "4... Do they breathe?"
  55. [14:33:21] <Giantree> She ponders on this.
  56. [14:36:58] <ULTROS> "Breathe?"
  57. [14:37:22] <Giantree> "4Hmm, well I guess it's a biological function so I don't do it either..."
  58. [14:37:25] * ULTROS inflates by sucking air inside his pores. "Heeehaw, i'm a balloon!"
  59. [14:37:45] <Cael> "Breathe in space? Is there something wrong with the air, there?"
  60. [14:37:46] <Giantree> CHUPON: "Fung!"
  61. [14:37:57] <ULTROS> "And mister CHUPON sneezes a lot so he probably can do the same!"
  62. [14:39:40] <Jazz> "There is no air in space, Cael..."
  63. [14:39:46] <Jazz> "It's a total vacuum."
  64. [14:39:47] * Cael just watches the octopus a moment uncomfortably.
  65. [14:40:02] <Cael> "...Oh! That makes sense, I guess. The higher you go, the harder it is to breathe."
  66. [14:40:26] <Giantree> "4That's right, Mr. Call! Organics can't breathe where there's no air. I wonder if that means I could be a spaceship..."
  67. [14:40:42] <Giantree> Françoise stretches out her arms and thinks on this, before apparently deciding against it.
  68. [14:40:57] <Cael> "No air... but..." Hmm...
  69. [14:41:03] * Cael shakes his head.
  70. [14:41:06] <Jazz> "I don't need to breathe. One time, I had to use my arm cannon to jump from the ship to an enemy ship. It was pretty intense."
  71. [14:41:47] <Cael> "In any case, we're delaying the rescue operations!"
  72. [14:41:47] <Cael> "Let's see about borrowing a ship."
  73. [14:41:49] <ULTROS> "I'm really awesome anyway. Mister CHUPON! Let's go and save that ship before those two deebenheimers!"
  74. [14:41:51] <Giantree> "4But...? Um, since ships don't breathe they can fly in space. I can look at who on board has one if you want..."
  75. [14:41:59] <Giantree> CHUPON: "Hungaf!"
  76. [14:42:11] * Jazz nods.
  77. [14:42:16] <Giantree> He spins around like a... something that spins around.
  78. [14:42:38] <Cael> "Our appreciation, Miss Françoise."
  79. [14:43:00] * Cael holds up his hand and says as a quiet aside to Jazz. "Just who ARE those two?"
  80. [14:43:37] <Giantree> "4Let's see... Ms. Lemons downstairs has one; everyone says she's really scary. I wonder why? She sure seemed nice... ooh, a 'Ms. Corrigan' has one too, but I don't think I've ever seen someone like that before. Is that a person? Ms. Pop has o- ooh! I was told not to tell Mr. Jazz about Ms. Pop yesterday, oops."
  81. [14:44:27] <Giantree> "4The rest are on missions or in repair... it says here there might be rentals available at the dock but they're um... not very sturdy?"
  82. [14:45:03] * Jazz shakes his head to Cael. "I don't know..."
  83. [14:45:10] <Giantree> CHUPON is totally excited to go outside and do the mission the long way, by the toothy grin he wears.
  84. [14:45:18] <Giantree> ... Oh, he ALWAYS looks like that.
  85. [14:45:21] <Jazz> "Oh, Pop has a ship? Can you call her?"
  86. [14:45:43] <Cael> "Hm... Pop might be our best bet. What do you say, Jazz?"
  87. [14:45:43] * ULTROS climbs on him while looking for an exit! Even though he has no idea of where the hell the spaceship is!
  88. [14:46:19] <Giantree> "4Oh, you know her? That's weird, she said it was supposed to be a secret. Well, I'll see if I can..." As the purple/pink monsters exit somebody somersaults into the room.
  89. [14:46:28] <Giantree> ... Through the same door.
  90. [14:47:03] <Giantree> So, the goggle-scarfed girl trips over herself and stumbles all the way into a wall. "Oof!"
  91. [14:47:13] <Giantree> "4... Oh, there she is!"
  92. [14:47:19] <ULTROS> "Oooh, hello there babe!"
  93. [14:47:22] <Giantree> Pop: "Someone didn't take it yet, right?"
  94. [14:47:26] * ULTROS smiles while waving at Pop.
  95. [14:47:41] <Giantree> Pop slams a hand down on the counter and then... sloooooowly.... turns....
  96. [14:47:53] <Giantree> ... Raising a finger... "Who... is..."
  97. [14:48:02] <Cael> "No. Idea."
  98. [14:48:08] <ULTROS> "Wanna take a better ride than a spaceship? I can take you to see the whole galaxy, yo!"
  99. [14:48:08] <Giantree> Françoise: "4Oh, that's Mr. Monster! I hope he can be friends with everyone!"
  100. [14:48:35] <Giantree> Pop: "Better? Uh... huh... like what?"
  101. [14:48:37] <ULTROS> "My name is ULTROS by the way. Not Mister Monster, although Honey Cutey can call me whatever she wants." He winks at Fran.
  102. [14:48:49] <Giantree> "4Sure thing, Mr. Monster!"
  103. [14:49:04] <Cael> "Is... is that supposed to be innuendo? By the tree, that's... I don't even know what to say to that."
  104. [14:49:43] <Jazz> "...I was going to apologize, you weird, disgusting octopus! Hurry up and leave before I have to shoot you for saying weird things to Fran and Pop!"
  105. [14:49:55] <Giantree> Pop: "Oh, is it? Well, I've sure never seen him around before."
  106. [14:49:58] <Giantree> CHUPON sniffles.
  107. [14:50:45] <Giantree> Pop: "So, he's not with you guys? You're here for that mission, ri- oh Frannie, I didn't miss it, did I?"
  108. [14:50:55] <ULTROS> "Disgusting? Hah! A moron like you obviously have never met a cute lady before."
  109. [14:51:02] <Cael> "We were actually going to ask for your help."
  110. [14:51:08] <Cael> "Seeing as we're, ah..."
  111. [14:51:11] <Cael> "Stuck."
  112. [14:51:13] <ULTROS> "You don't know the first thing about wooing girls. G'fa ha ha!"
  113. [14:51:20] <Jazz> "Of COURSE I do! Shut up!"
  114. [14:51:35] <Giantree> Frannie shakes her head with a smile.
  115. [14:51:52] <Giantree> Pop: "Oh! Stuck like...?"
  116. [14:51:54] <Jazz> "I'm the Champion of Justice! I'm the slayer of Pirates! Lots of girls like me!" Jazz says.
  117. [14:52:05] <Giantree> "I mean I have a bunch of ways to get people unstuck."
  118. [14:52:37] <Cael> "Like we don't have a ride."
  119. [14:52:41] <Giantree> She swings her scarf around in a probably-cool way. "... And I actually think Jazz is supposed to be pretty cool. Uh anyway!"
  120. [14:52:47] <Cael> "And you do, apparently?"
  121. [14:53:15] <Giantree> Pop: "Oh! Is that all? Well, yeah, I have a dingy old ship I used to get around... it's modded to be pretty fast, though. Think you can handle it?"
  122. [14:53:30] * Jazz Hmphs and turns back to Cael and Pop. "A-Anyway, hi, Pop. Can we borrow your ship?"
  123. [14:54:13] <Cael> "Handle it? Speed thrils me. Shall we be on our way?"
  124. [14:54:26] * ULTROS chuckles at Jazz. "Hah, a boring guy like you have no chance against a pick up artist like me. Peacocking around with my swag makes me get all the chicks."
  125. [14:54:33] <Jazz> "...Nice scarf, by the way." Jazz says, looking at Pop's, and then down at his own.
  126. [14:54:34] <Giantree> She brushes her scarf aside again. "You bet! Someone's in trouble, right? Having help from you guys sounds like it's better for everyone anyway!"
  127. [14:55:01] <Giantree> "Thanks! I got it from ho- ... er, anyway, come on! The docks're over here!"
  128. [14:55:10] <Giantree> Meanwhile CHUPON's been excited to drag ULTROS out.
  129. [14:55:52] * Cael follows along!
  130. [14:56:50] * Jazz hurries next to Pop. "Seriously though, i've always liked scarfs...The goggles are nice, too."
  131. [14:57:32] <ULTROS> "Come on mister CHUPON!" He jumps on the pink blob, riding it around.
  132. [14:57:49] <Giantree> Pop leads you all to the transporters and then the dock, conversing along. "Really? Well, I guess that's pretty much why I- er oh hey look, there it is!"
  133. [14:59:43] <Giantree> She rushes over to a shuttle with orange streaks over it, patting it like some kind of pet. "Miss me? We're gonna need to use you again, hope you don't mind or anything."
  134. [15:00:16] <Cael>
  135. [15:02:05] <Jazz> "I like the Orange paint. It's a nice touch."
  136. [15:02:30] * Cael studies the shuttle, curiously. "So this is a spaceship."
  137. [15:03:15] <Leen> Suddenly, Leen bursts onto the scene. "Hey are you guys going somewhere without me can I come please~?"
  138. [15:03:32] <Giantree> "Thanks! I feel kinda bad about it since I'm just borrowing, I'll have to give it back eventually." The door opens and provides a ramp inside. (Psst Jazz, I'm curious, make an awareness if you'd like)
  139. [15:05:32] <Leen> Apparently, Leen missed the message. What was she doing, sleeping or something? Maybe she saw someone else do it and decided it wasn't so bad, then temporarily powered down or something. Who knows? She goes onward without waiting for an answer, though.
  140. [15:05:46] <Cael> "Hm? Certainly, Leen, if you think you're able." he nods.
  141. [15:06:02] <ULTROS> (So where am i tree? Inside the ship or...?)
  142. [15:06:09] <Jazz> 2d6+4
  143. [15:06:10] <DiceMaid-9001> Jazz, 2d6+4: 9 [2d6=2,3]
  144. [15:06:13] <Giantree> (Nah, I'll get to you in JUUUUUUUUUUUUST a second)
  145. [15:06:14] <Jazz> (There is my awareness)
  146. [15:06:18] <Giantree> (okay thanks)
  147. [15:06:45] <Giantree> Jazz: You see something a little scratchy-looking near the end of it somewhere, but it could just be a painting mistake.
  148. [15:07:11] <Giantree> Pop looks over the lolidroid with sort-of-curiosity. "Huhhh, you're a Seeker too?"
  149. [15:07:20] <Giantree> "Well, the more the merrier! Come on in!"
  150. [15:07:41] <Leen> "Uh-huh~ Jazz knows I'm good at making sure people don't get beat up~"
  151. [15:08:48] <Leen> She totally comes on in. Not a single strange look is directed at the octopus. She's seen salads walk, man! Also something else, but mostly that bit.
  152. [15:09:01] <Giantree> She leads all you sillyheads inside and closes the door, heading to the cockpit. It's not very big- it's barely even the size of the rooms on board the Excel in its entirety, with lots of controls everywhere. One's kind of obvious from the setup some kind of weapons mechanism, and another one with diagrams with percentages displayed.
  153. [15:10:01] <Pop> Also it's okay because the octopus isn't there! ... Where IS he?
  154. [15:10:03] <Cael> "So if there's no air in space... hm. Do you ship it in from other worlds? No, that seems like it'd be cumbersome. Then you must have a way to... synthesize it, somehow."
  155. [15:10:42] <Pop> "That's kinda tough to explain. Okay, you here, you over here... let's turn you on... aaaand blastoff!"
  156. [15:11:24] <Pop> There's a sequence of the ship departing from the docks and its thrusters bursting on- the screens display a bunch of cameras outside now that it's departed. And one of them shows... ULTROS and CHUPON soaring through space in the same direction!
  157. [15:11:38] <Cael> "...How did they-"
  158. [15:11:41] <Pop> CHUPON looks really excited.
  159. [15:11:50] <Pop> "What are they..."
  160. [15:12:23] <Pop> "Sometimes I probably just shouldn't ask questions." Pop sighs and finishes hitting some buttons, then stands up. The ship is a bit shaky as it starts moving but stabilizes.
  161. [15:13:03] <Jazz> "Ugh...At least he isn't in here with us."
  162. [15:13:05] <ULTROS> "YEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEHAW!" He saddles up at the LUDICROUS SPEED they are beeing hurtling in space. "WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!"
  163. [15:13:25] <Pop> The SUPER FAST ship is even struggling to keep up with them! What the fuck man
  164. [15:13:53] * Cael looks out a porthole or something as they move on.
  165. [15:14:07] <Leen> "Whoa, that's pretty cool!" LOOK AT THAT OCTOPUS GO! AND THE...OTHER THING!
  166. [15:14:12] * Pop stretches out and approaches the lolidroid. "Oh yeah, they called you... Leen, right? I'm Pop, sorry about the no-intro."
  167. [15:14:26] <Cael> "Though shadows fall... still the stars find their way."
  168. [15:15:01] <Pop> "The ship's on autopilot, so we can probably just chat the whole way to the-" BOOM
  169. [15:15:31] <Leen> "Oh, yeah. It's OK, pleased to meet you--" She was totally going to give a handshake but BOOM happened.
  170. [15:15:33] <Pop> The cameras display another vessel appearing out of warp in between Pop's ship and the space monsters.
  171. [15:15:41] <Jazz> "Yeah, Leen. I bet you'll like Pop, she's really cool. At least, from what I know about h-" BOOM
  172. [15:16:07] <Pop> Yep! Pop falls down in the middle of the shake and rolls on the ground. "Oh damnit! What the... is someone firing at us?"
  173. [15:16:37] <Pop> She rushes to the cockpit. "Hey! Open transmission... come on, accept it already!"
  174. [15:17:18] <Pop> The cameras display another shot narrowly missing- looks like they're firing at CHUPON too, who is weaving in funky patterns to get around it!
  175. [15:17:28] * Cael peers at the other vessel on the display.
  176. [15:17:36] <Cael> "Hm... It appears we've been lured into a trap."
  177. [15:17:57] <Pop> The cameras aren't zoomed in very far, but it's a dark-colored vessel about the same size as the one you're in. Not a big battleship or anything.
  178. [15:18:00] <ULTROS> "Haw haw haw! That flimsy curtain fire can't touch us!"
  179. [15:18:26] <Leen> Of course, she's not about to PANIC. To panic is to be afraid! She shall fear nothing! Instead, what the heck is that other ship? "It's not a trap we can't get out of, right? ...By pressing on anyway, I mean."
  180. [15:18:26] <Pop> 1,1also you can totally hear transmissions from ULTROS and vice versa due to funky space bullshit, it's sci-fi I ain't gotta explain shit
  181. [15:19:00] <Pop> "Ugh... any of you guys ever used a turret before? I'm sure Cael hasn't, but..."
  182. [15:19:16] <Pop> VWEEP VWEEP VWEEP
  183. [15:19:22] <Pop> 3SHIP COMBAT TUTORIAL
  184. [15:19:22] <Jazz> "Yeah. Let me handle it."
  185. [15:19:34] <Cael> "Actually, I've grown turrets before. Perhaps nothing like this, however..."
  186. [15:19:50] <Leen> "A familiar feeling..." TUTORIAL TIME!
  187. [15:19:52] <Cael> "I'll watch and learn."
  188. [15:20:48] <ULTROS> "Screw that! Let's RAM THOSE FUCKERS!"
  189. [15:21:36] <Pop> There are three positions on board the ship! Pilot, Turret, and Shields Operation! Place one member in each position- the Pilot rolls either Systems or Vehicles once every round to determine how well the ship stays sturdy, the Shields Operator passively applies the sum of their ARM AND M.ARM values to the ship's defense, and the Turret operator is able to make attacks! Attacks with the Turret deal (PWR, DEX, or MND x 5) + 2d6 damage as opposed to any weapon's values.
  190. [15:21:57] <Pop> ... ULTROS and CHUPON also deal 2 extra damage steps just because.
  191. [15:22:16] <Pop> The Ship's HP is equal to 100 + the sum of every member on board!
  192. [15:23:01] <Leen> "If you ram it wrong, you could just get shot instead! Be careful!" The little girl worries about the tentacle monster. Also, her HP is 200, for the record.
  193. [15:23:06] <Cael> (Glass cannon unit, eh?)
  194. [15:23:19] <Pop> What's Pop doing, you ask? Well she's still trying to open communications! It's not working.
  195. [15:23:21] <ULTROS> (Glass cannon indeed. I like these odds)
  196. [15:23:58] <Pop> That's 100+200+150+140+130...
  197. [15:24:10] <Pop> Carry the one...
  198. [15:24:20] <Pop> 720! That's a lot!
  199. [15:24:29] <Pop> So who's taking which position?
  200. [15:24:48] * Cael stands back and watches Jazz.
  201. [15:24:54] <Leen> You bet that Leen is going to the shields. She knows how to do defense!
  202. [15:25:43] <Pop> ALSO! Anybody can spend their turn to cast a spell (if they have any) as a Standard instead of Slow action, OR roll 2d6 (+systems or vehicles, or any relevant skill within reason) and multiply the result by 10 to repair that much HP to the ship.
  203. [15:25:45] <`maki`> (I hope this becomes a regular thing)
  204. [15:25:58] <Pop> (SO DO I I HAD SO MUCH FUN WRITING THIS)
  205. [15:26:06] <Pop> OH AND
  206. [15:26:07] <Pop>
  207. [15:26:34] <Pop> Shipbattle... START! Who's piloting?
  208. [15:27:21] <Leen> That's a good question! WHATCHA DOING, CAEL? JUST GONNA LEAVE THAT SEAT UNATTENDED?
  209. [15:27:21] <Cael> (I thought Pop was, Cael certainly can't)
  210. [15:27:44] <Pop> (... Hmm, well I can say there're multiple turrets then)
  211. [15:27:59] <Cael> (No it's okay Cael has no idea how to operate shit)
  212. [15:28:06] <Cael> (I'm cool with just watching for the moment)
  213. [15:28:16] <`maki`> (of course the one with the highest systems skill isn't there :V)
  214. [15:28:28] <Leen> (The ship isn't D:)
  215. [15:28:31] <Pop> (Hmm, 1,1I'll totally let you hold turn to the enemy phase and roll nature to repair if you want)
  216. [15:28:49] <Pop> AHEM. Also, the AVD of the ship is equal to whoever's using the shields!
  217. [15:28:55] <Cael> (That's... interesting)
  218. [15:28:55] <Pop> ... On most ships.
  219. [15:29:15] <Pop> But because this is Pop's speedster it gets a +3 bonus! Whoa.
  220. [15:29:26] <Pop> 2d6+6 she'll move, then
  221. [15:29:27] <DiceMaid-9001> Pop, she'll move, then: 17 [2d6=5,6]
  222. [15:29:46] <Pop> ... Well that wasn't supposed to happen so early! Additional mechanic: RAMMING
  223. [15:30:43] <Pop> Upon getting close enough, the pilot can, as a standard action, ram the enemy with the entire ship for (PWR, DEX, or MND) x 10 damage! But, they suffer half the damage they deal as recoil, making it a risky maneuver.
  224. [15:30:59] <Pop> Pop pulls in close and decides not to do that. "Okay, Jazz! Got a good aim on 'em?"
  225. [15:31:13] <ULTROS> (Oh boy)
  226. [15:31:16] <Pop> Turret's turn! The ACC is the same as that belonging to the turret operator.
  227. [15:31:54] <Pop> Also since ULTROS is floating in fucking space he and CHUPON get a totally different ridiculous way to do that.
  228. [15:32:22] <Pop> You can... you can actually roll 1,1Swimming in place of vehicles or systems if you'd like.
  229. [15:32:26] <Jazz> (Okay, so...)
  230. [15:32:28] <Pop> I will so allow that.
  231. [15:32:43] <Pop> (Just roll your ACC as normal, and the damage is your highest stat x5)
  232. [15:32:50] <Jazz> 2d6+5
  233. [15:32:50] <DiceMaid-9001> Jazz, 2d6+5: 14 [2d6=4,5]
  234. [15:32:59] <Pop> That hits them!
  235. [15:33:08] <Jazz> So 109 damage, then?
  236. [15:33:35] <Pop> Yep!
  237. [15:33:56] <Pop> What's ULTROS doing? Roll me a... uhh, either Swimming OR Athletics, please.
  238. [15:34:31] <ULTROS> 2d6+4 swimming on the sea of stars!
  239. [15:34:32] <DiceMaid-9001> ULTROS, swimming on the sea of stars!: 14 [2d6=6,4]
  240. [15:35:02] <Pop> The squid pulls in close! Not RIDICULOUSLY close, but the next attack gets a +2 ACC bonus!
  241. [15:35:26] <Pop> Wanna try to tentacle it?
  242. [15:37:08] <ULTROS> Fuck yeah i want to.
  243. [15:37:16] <Pop> BEAT THAT SHIT UP
  244. [15:37:28] <ULTROS> 2d6+5
  245. [15:37:28] <DiceMaid-9001> ULTROS, 2d6+5: 12 [2d6=1,6]
  246. [15:37:29] <Pop> ... Which is just the same as any normal combat, really, except the +2 ACC you get
  247. [15:37:37] <ULTROS> (14 then)
  248. [15:37:37] <Pop> Well that totally hits it!
  249. [15:38:11] <ULTROS> (91 damage!)
  250. [15:38:48] <Pop> YOW. Leen operates the shields to keep it just as beefy and defensive as she is while it tries to speed ahead...
  251. [15:38:50] <Pop> 2d6+3
  252. [15:38:51] <DiceMaid-9001> Pop, 2d6+3: 7 [2d6=3,1]
  253. [15:38:57] * ULTROS approaches the battleship and PUNCHES the shit out of it! "Wachaaa!"
  254. [15:39:16] <Pop> Ooooh just barely. The ship takes a punch and shakes to the side, but manages to stabilize itself enough to fire.
  255. [15:39:26] <Pop> 2d6+5 @ the ship with... 10 AVD I think
  256. [15:39:27] <DiceMaid-9001> Pop, @ the ship with... 10 AVD I think: 14 [2d6=6,3]
  257. [15:39:38] <Pop> !09 damage before defenses!
  258. [15:39:48] <Pop> but wait it isn't done
  259. [15:39:49] <Leen> !
  260. [15:39:54] <Pop> oh shh
  261. [15:39:57] <Pop> One hundred nine.
  262. [15:40:01] <Pop> You're silly (I'm silly too)
  263. [15:40:13] * Kain ( has joined #SpaceOddity
  264. [15:40:14] <Pop> 1d2 It has another turret which it points toward...
  265. [15:40:15] <DiceMaid-9001> Pop, It has another turret which it points toward...: 1 [1d2=1]
  266. [15:40:21] * Kain is now known as Cael_
  267. [15:40:23] <Pop> 2d6+5 ALSO at the ship then
  268. [15:40:25] <DiceMaid-9001> Pop, ALSO at the ship then: 13 [2d6=6,2]
  269. [15:40:26] <Cael_> !dm9001 lastlines #10
  270. [15:40:32] <Pop> 108 more!
  271. [15:40:56] <Pop> Also keep in mind the defense is your ARM+M.ARM, since all ship-stuff does one type of damage. Even magic!
  272. [15:41:15] * Cael ( Quit (Ping timeout)
  273. [15:41:23] <Cael_> (Okay so how will -this- work?)
  274. [15:41:40] <Leen> 109+108-61-61= 95 total damage taken!
  275. [15:41:46] <Leen> JUST A SCRATCH.
  276. [15:42:15] <Pop> (Well it's supposed to be just straight 2d6 x10 for repairing)
  277. [15:42:25] * Cael_ looks frantically around the ship as they're hit. "Are we breached? Hmm. Perhaps there is something I can do..."
  278. [15:42:32] <Pop> (Which... hmm, yeah, I'll say just do that)
  279. [15:43:11] <Leen> ...And this doesn't count Saint's Cross, but let's not go there unless it's OK! "Hey, these shields come pretty naturally to me! I like this spot, so I'm gonna stay here~"
  280. [15:43:25] <Cael_> (I thought you said it used systems or vehicles normally and I could roll nature :< Oh well, let's see)
  281. [15:43:29] <Pop> "Agh! Well you can... ohh, I don't know! If you have something from home..."
  282. [15:43:42] <Pop> (yeah I just realized that- oh what the hell go ahead and apply half your nature bonus)
  283. [15:43:48] * Cael_ retreats to the back of the ship. "I think I know just the thing."
  284. [15:44:36] * Cael_ scatters some seeds into the trash chute or something.
  285. [15:44:38] <Cael_> 2d6+3
  286. [15:44:39] <DiceMaid-9001> Cael_, 2d6+3: 13 [2d6=4,6]
  287. [15:44:55] <Pop> Ha. Well that brings it back to full.
  288. [15:45:19] <Pop> .. Still experimenting with this, I think let's say use your whole nature but make it x5 instead. There we go.
  289. [15:45:32] <Pop> Which is still +80 and god damn
  290. [15:45:38] <Cael_> The seeds infiltrate the ship's inner workings somehow, sprouting into a vinework lattice that pushes past wires harmlessly, protecting as well as pulling misaligned plates back into position and sealing breaches with sap.
  291. [15:46:02] <Pop> "Whoa! This is going to be weird to look at after a while, isn't it..."
  292. [15:46:08] <Pop> "Oh well!" PLAYER TURNS AGAIN
  293. [15:46:15] <Pop> Anybody swapping positions?
  294. [15:46:21] <Cael_> "It's only a temporary measure, I have little idea what I'm doing!"
  295. [15:46:21] <Jazz> No!
  296. [15:46:26] <Jazz> 2d6+5
  297. [15:46:26] <DiceMaid-9001> Jazz, 2d6+5: 9 [2d6=1,3]
  298. [15:46:26] <Pop> Positions can be swapped between any members as an instant action at the beginning of every round!
  299. [15:46:31] * Leen valiantly keeps the shield position!
  300. [15:46:36] <Pop> 2d6+6 hold on, let's see how close you get first
  301. [15:46:38] <DiceMaid-9001> Pop, hold on, let's see how close you get first: 16 [2d6=6,4]
  302. [15:46:57] <Pop> God damn. That grants a +4 to ACC, otherwise that shot would've missed!
  303. [15:47:30] <Jazz> 104 damage
  304. [15:47:31] <Pop> 2d6+4 Pop decides to go ahead and actually ram them this time, barely being in range
  305. [15:47:31] <DiceMaid-9001> Pop, Pop decides to go ahead and actually ram them this time, barely being in range: 10 [2d6=3,3]
  306. [15:47:43] <Pop> ... But they pull away at the last second!
  307. [15:47:48] <Pop> TENTACLE MONSTER
  308. [15:47:51] <ULTROS> 2d6+5 second punch!
  309. [15:47:51] <DiceMaid-9001> ULTROS, second punch!: 12 [2d6=3,4]
  310. [15:48:28] <Pop> Also I'll say for swimming/piloting they reset to neutral as long as you hit in the last round- so you only need to roll it every OTHER round.
  311. [15:48:30] <Pop> Anyway that hits!
  312. [15:48:39] * ULTROS slams his tentacle again on the cold steel. "I think i've done something like this before, but i can't remember why..."
  313. [15:48:44] <ULTROS> (91 again)
  314. [15:49:06] <Cael_> (You're gonna need to put down these rules somewhere :3c)
  315. [15:49:27] <Pop> For Cael's knowledge there IS another turret - yeah I'll put them on the wiki after this, I was worried they'd be too complex - on-ship. With instructions!
  316. [15:49:36] <Pop> ... The instructions are mostly 'hit this button while aiming this stick' though.
  317. [15:50:01] * Cael_ will jump on the turret this time, then.
  318. [15:50:11] <Cael_> "I think I saw enough. Let's try this..."
  319. [15:50:29] <Cael_> 2d6+6 (plus whatever)
  320. [15:50:29] <DiceMaid-9001> Cael_, (plus whatever): 16 [2d6=6,4]
  321. [15:50:34] <Pop> "I got 'em right where I want 'em! They're pulling aside..."
  322. [15:50:46] <Pop> (It's +4 for the record, but HA, like that affects damage)
  323. [15:51:09] <Cael_> 90 damage!
  324. [15:51:18] * Cael_ move stick, push buttan!
  325. [15:51:24] <Cael_> He's quite accurate!
  326. [15:51:36] <Pop> The shot hits it point-blank! "Whoa, good job!"
  327. [15:51:43] <Pop> Enemy turns...
  328. [15:51:52] <Pop> The ship starts glowing a little.
  329. [15:52:25] <Cael_> "They'ved gained some sort of aura..."
  330. [15:52:32] <Pop> 2d6+120 and then arcs lightning at both the ship and the tentacle monster!
  331. [15:52:33] <DiceMaid-9001> Pop, and then arcs lightning at both the ship and the tentacle monster!: 127 [2d6=2,5]
  332. [15:52:37] <Pop> SPACE PLASMA.
  333. [15:52:49] <Cael_> (They'ved)
  334. [15:52:54] <Cael_> (That isn't a word, is it)
  335. [15:53:00] <Pop> (no, but I like it)
  336. [15:53:16] <Pop> 2d6+3 then their piloting...
  337. [15:53:17] <DiceMaid-9001> Pop, then their piloting...: 7 [2d6=2,2]
  338. [15:53:29] <Pop> 2d6+5 and then they point the turret at the ship because slow actions can do that
  339. [15:53:30] <DiceMaid-9001> Pop, and then they point the turret at the ship because slow actions can do that: 10 [2d6=2,3]
  340. [15:53:52] <ULTROS> "Fweeeergh!"
  341. [15:53:59] <Pop> Well since LEEEEEEN is defending, even in Pop's speedmonster that hits! For... 105!
  342. [15:54:01] * ULTROS is turned into fried calamari!
  343. [15:54:24] <Pop> CHUPON: "F... Fung..."
  344. [15:54:34] <Pop> Instead of sneezing he gives ULTROS a... hug?
  345. [15:54:38] <Pop> 2d6 oh god what the fuck
  346. [15:54:39] <DiceMaid-9001> Pop, oh god what the fuck: 10 [2d6=4,6]
  347. [15:54:50] <Pop> Recovered 50 HP! How does that EVEN.
  348. [15:54:58] <Pop> Player turns!
  349. [15:55:01] <Leen> 127+105-61-61= 110 Damage Total taken to the ship!
  350. [15:55:03] <Pop> Anybody switching? No?
  351. [15:55:06] <Cael_> "Our 'ally' is getting turned into seafood soup out there."
  352. [15:55:12] <Jazz> 2d6+5
  353. [15:55:12] <DiceMaid-9001> Jazz, 2d6+5: 9 [2d6=3,1]
  354. [15:55:21] <Pop> 2d6+6 hold on, wait for piloting first
  355. [15:55:22] <Leen> PILOT WELL, POP!
  356. [15:55:22] <DiceMaid-9001> Pop, hold on, wait for piloting first: 14 [2d6=2,6]
  357. [15:55:33] <Pop> That's only a +2 to ACC this turn... which... barely hits!
  358. [15:55:34] <Jazz> "Then let's try and shoot this thing down before he dies! Even if he's unpleasant, he's a Seeker!"
  359. [15:55:35] <Pop> Just barely.
  360. [15:55:41] <Jazz> 104 damage
  361. [15:55:51] <Pop> "Is he really? Huh, I thought he was just a squid."
  362. [15:56:09] <Pop> The ship is looking a bit damaged.
  363. [15:56:16] <Cael_> 2d6+8
  364. [15:56:17] <DiceMaid-9001> Cael_, 2d6+8: 16 [2d6=2,6]
  365. [15:56:21] <ULTROS> (Do i get the bonus on ramming too?)
  366. [15:56:28] <Leen> "He'll be OK, he looks like...some really cool...aquatic creature of some or other!" Leen valiantly keeps at the shields.
  367. [15:56:31] <Pop> (Yeah, roll me a swimming or athletics to see if you get close enough)
  368. [15:56:36] <Jazz> "Pop, have you tried hailing the enemy ship?"
  369. [15:56:39] <ULTROS> 2d6+4
  370. [15:56:39] <DiceMaid-9001> ULTROS, 2d6+4: 16 [2d6=6,6]
  371. [15:56:43] <Cael_> (Oh, right, I forgot to add accuracy to damage last time, oh well)
  372. [15:56:46] <Leen> LOOK AT THAT SQUID GO.
  373. [15:56:47] <Pop> "That's what I've been DOING this whole time!"
  374. [15:56:47] <ULTROS> (CRIT)
  375. [15:56:50] <Pop> (YES YOU CAN DEFINITELY RAM IT)
  376. [15:57:03] <Pop> (unless that was just an attack then you don't even NEED to ram it)
  377. [15:57:06] <Pop> (because god damn)
  378. [15:57:32] <Cael_> 98 damage~
  379. [15:57:49] <ULTROS> (Probably attacking yeah)
  380. [15:58:00] <ULTROS> (192 damage)
  381. [15:58:01] <Pop> (then sure, go ahead and use that)
  382. [15:58:04] <Pop> (YOWCH)
  383. [15:58:32] <Cael_> "They're firing without provocation in a distress call zone and painted their ship black, do you -need- any other confirmation that this isn't a misunderstanding?"
  384. [15:58:38] <Pop> (roll me one of those +4s for piloting to see how close you get anyway, though)
  385. [15:58:51] * ULTROS focuses the love of his pink friend on the tip of his tentacle, and the genetic knowledge embedded on his head is completely clear.
  386. [15:58:56] <ULTROS> 2d6+4 oh okay
  387. [15:58:56] <DiceMaid-9001> ULTROS, oh okay: 12 [2d6=3,5]
  388. [15:59:13] <Pop> "I told them they weren't hostile and asked for a response! They DEFINITELY got the transmission, I checked that!"
  389. [15:59:17] <Pop> -they +we
  390. [15:59:29] <ULTROS> "There it is!" He SLAMS the tentacle on the enemy ship's engine with the destructive power of a meteor falling!
  391. [15:59:37] <Pop> "So either there's some kind of weird interference or they're like... I dunno, pirates or something!"
  392. [15:59:48] <Pop> "And hey, look at him, he looks like he's having fun!"
  393. [16:00:06] <Pop> Anyway as for ULTROS that's neutral, yeah, not QUITE ramming range.
  394. [16:00:18] <Pop> Enemies...
  395. [16:00:27] <Pop> 2d6 the ship just shakes around a little
  396. [16:00:28] <DiceMaid-9001> Pop, the ship just shakes around a little: 3 [2d6=1,2]
  397. [16:00:41] <Pop> holy shit they repair 15 whole HP of damage
  398. [16:00:48] <Pop> 2d6+3 piloting!
  399. [16:00:48] <DiceMaid-9001> Pop, piloting!: 14 [2d6=6,5]
  400. [16:00:57] <Pop> They get close to the ship!
  401. [16:01:09] <Pop> 2d6+3 and try to RAM it
  402. [16:01:10] <DiceMaid-9001> Pop, and try to RAM it: 8 [2d6=3,2]
  403. [16:01:19] <Pop> Good thing the pilot has shitty accuracy!
  404. [16:01:35] <Pop> 2d6+4 they do get a good shot in from the turret, though
  405. [16:01:35] <DiceMaid-9001> Pop, they do get a good shot in from the turret, though: 8 [2d6=1,3]
  406. [16:01:42] <Pop> ... er, that was +5+4
  407. [16:01:56] <Pop> So 104.
  408. [16:02:28] <Pop> "Hey uh... Leen, right? Are the shields still up? I'm not noticing anything funky with the controls just yet but I can't tell how hard they're hitting just from looking."
  409. [16:02:31] <Cael_> (Hm, are killer moves available?)
  410. [16:02:46] <Pop> (I actually CONSIDERED that but then I realized, with shared HP whose does it take from?)
  411. [16:03:07] <Pop> (I... hmm, I might say you can do it once per combat at no cost if spells are standard actions though)
  412. [16:03:17] <Jazz> (I could smash my arm through the visor of the turrent and killer move it myself, right? :B)
  413. [16:03:43] <Pop> (That WOULD be pretty manly but probably also kill everybody!)
  414. [16:04:10] <Leen> -61=43 Damage! The ship continues to hold! "Block, block, block! Let's see...the shots that connected are doing less than half the damage they were intended to do, and...hold on, lemme go through these menus!" Girls are checking the actual HP of the ship!
  415. [16:04:13] <Cael_> "And now, the critical counterattack!" he announces, spinning his turret to target an engine. Just waiting on Pop...
  416. [16:04:41] <Pop> 2d6+6 oops my bad!
  417. [16:04:43] <DiceMaid-9001> Pop, oops my bad!: 18 [2d6=6,6]
  418. [16:04:48] <Pop> welp that's rammin' time
  419. [16:05:01] <Cael_> (I called a critical and it wasn't mine ;-;)
  420. [16:05:05] <Cael_> (Oh well)
  421. [16:05:07] <Pop> "Alright, on my signal...!"
  422. [16:05:11] <Pop> (isn't that great)
  423. [16:05:25] <Pop> 2d6+4 unfortunately it still uses the pilot's base acc with no bonus on ramming, boo
  424. [16:05:27] <DiceMaid-9001> Pop, unfortunately it still uses the pilot's base acc with no bonus on ramming, boo: 12 [2d6=2,6]
  425. [16:05:31] <Pop> BUT THAT HITS IT
  426. [16:06:00] <Pop> That's... 208 damage and the ship takes 104!
  427. [16:06:03] <Cael_> 2d6+6 Either a normal attack or UNLOAD depending on what tree decides but here goes
  428. [16:06:03] <DiceMaid-9001> Cael_, Either a normal attack or UNLOAD depending on what tree decides but here goes: 9 [2d6=1,2]
  429. [16:06:05] <Pop> hmmm
  430. [16:06:14] <Cael_> (No no no no ;_;)
  431. [16:06:16] <Pop> Oh yeah, +4 from closeness by the way
  432. [16:06:25] <Pop> And nah, you can unload, that's fine!
  433. [16:06:35] <Jazz> 2d6+5 I WANT TO KILLER MOVE TOOO
  434. [16:06:36] <DiceMaid-9001> Jazz, I WANT TO KILLER MOVE TOOO: 17 [2d6=6,6]
  435. [16:06:37] <Cael_> 13 hit, then?
  436. [16:06:40] <Pop> well I guess you can
  437. [16:06:41] <Pop> yeah 13 hits
  438. [16:06:42] <Cael_> (Oh goddammit, haha)
  439. [16:06:59] * Cael_ almost misses from the force of the ram, but he has incredibly steady hands
  440. [16:07:03] <Jazz> (Whoa. Can I crit AND killer move?)
  441. [16:07:11] <Pop> (Totally fucking can)
  442. [16:07:27] <Pop> also shuku, the 104 is unreducable
  443. [16:07:56] <Cael_> 129 damage
  444. [16:08:08] * Jazz jams his arm cannon into the loading port of his turret and charges one of his ultimate attacks, while simultaneously charging the Turret beam! "Take this, Pirates! ULTIMATE SHIP JUSTICE CANNON BEAM!!!!!"
  445. [16:08:21] <Jazz> (So am I doing my normal damage, or the ship damage calculation)
  446. [16:08:31] <Pop> (Use the ship damage thing)
  447. [16:08:38] <Jazz> (So...224?)
  448. [16:08:48] <Pop> (Yep!)
  449. [16:08:51] <Cael_> (Armor ignoring :D)
  450. [16:08:51] <Jazz> (Also it ignores all types of armor)
  451. [16:08:58] <Jazz> (And does fire damage)
  452. [16:09:16] <Pop> Cael's shot hits true! And Jazz WAY OVERDOES the cannons! 4OVER ATTACK!!
  453. [16:09:37] <Cael_> "Hah! I told you!"
  454. [16:09:40] <Pop> The ship shakes violently and stops firing, spiraling downward into the far reaches of space before blinking out.
  455. [16:09:43] <Pop> "Well I'll be damned!"
  456. [16:09:57] <Pop> "That was friggin' awesome, Jazz!"
  457. [16:10:10] <Jazz> "...Whew!...T-Thanks, Pop. Glad you liked it."
  458. [16:10:14] <Cael_> "Even if it wasn't my own strike, one could practically sense the dramatic moment!"
  459. [16:10:25] <Cael_> "Absolutely exhillirating!"
  460. [16:10:29] * Pop sets the controls back on autopilot and stretches. "I guess all we can do now is hope those really WERE pirates."
  461. [16:10:45] <Jazz> (Can I roll anything to tell if that was a pirate ship for sure?)
  462. [16:10:58] <Leen> "Let's see, abou--whoawhatwasthat--let's see...the integrity of this ship is around 64% now, I think--" (110+43+104=257 Damage, 463/720) BANG BANG. "Whoa, that was really really cool~"
  463. [16:10:58] <Pop> (Do you have lore (piracy)?)
  464. [16:11:06] <Pop> (if not you really should've taken lore (piracy))
  465. [16:11:09] <Jazz> (...Was that a thing? I wish I had that, now...)
  466. [16:11:11] <Pop> (I mean seriously look at that name)
  467. [16:11:18] <ULTROS> "Hweee hee hee!" ULTROS flies away from the burning ship as it floats away in space.
  468. [16:11:18] <Cael_> (It's not a thing)
  469. [16:11:22] <Cael_> (But tree is silly)
  470. [16:11:32] <Pop> (Neither is Lore (Nobility) but nobody ever told me not to do that! Ho ho!)
  471. [16:11:45] <Pop> CHUPON: "Fuuuuungah!"
  472. [16:11:57] <Leen> (Let him pretend he has it for now and make him take levels in it :V)
  473. [16:12:05] <Pop> CHUPON cuddles ULTROS some more and blows a snort in the opposite direction, propelling them WAY faster than the speedship.
  474. [16:12:18] <Pop> (Yeah, I'd allow awareness or lore general for real though, blacks)
  475. [16:12:32] <Jazz> 2d6+4
  476. [16:12:33] <DiceMaid-9001> Jazz, 2d6+4: 11 [2d6=4,3]
  477. [16:12:41] <Cael_> "They were either pirates or imbeciles, either way I'm sure they've learned their lesson."
  478. [16:13:18] <Pop> It was a sleek design, similar enough to the kind pirates have been known to use for ambushing other vessels. You may have even driven one before!
  479. [16:13:36] <Pop> "Yeah. Better not to dwell on it."
  480. [16:13:42] <Jazz> "They were pirates. No doubt about that...We did some poor trading vessel a favor, i'm sure."
  481. [16:13:44] <Cael_> "Despite that being a trap however, we may as well scavenge the area."
  482. [16:14:06] <Cael_> "It wouldn't do if there really were people in distress out here. Besides, we may find something..."
  483. [16:14:12] <Pop> The ship pulls closer to a large vessel with Federation markings in it, WAY more damaged than the reports made it sound.
  484. [16:14:35] <Pop> It looks like it's barely holding together at all, essentially a scrap junkyard in space. Whether it's even still hospitable is debatable.
  485. [16:14:46] <Pop> ... and there's ULTROS and CHUPON SPLATted on the side of it.
  486. [16:15:39] <ULTROS> "BARF!"
  487. [16:15:53] <Pop> Pop adjusts her scarf and docks, after spending a bit of time finding a way into the actual ship and checking the oxygen.
  488. [16:16:01] <Cael_> "Hmph. Are you two alright?" he calls through the magic signaler thingy.
  489. [16:16:15] <Pop> "Let's see... it's still a-ok in there. You'll probably be okay, Cael."
  490. [16:16:26] <Leen> "Oh my..." Lesson: Ultros and Chupon are impossibly destructive projectiles. Also that ship is really broken. "Hope there's still something left to do there!"
  491. [16:16:27] <ULTROS> Well i guess having no bones is a good thing! He slithers around the ship as well, looking for an entrance. "Hwee hee, i could have taken that one alone, you know!"
  492. [16:16:49] <Pop> CHUPON: "Gaaaah..."
  493. [16:17:25] <Cael_> "That's good... hm. 'I' will be? Is everyone here capable of surviving in space but me?" he looks curious.
  494. [16:17:36] * Jazz jumps out of the turret. "Good piloting, by the way, Pop. If it weren't for that, I would have missed a lot of my shots."
  495. [16:17:47] <Cael_> "That makes things rather inconvenient on others. Ah, well."
  496. [16:18:11] * Pop grins. "Don't mention it! Anyway um... y-yeah, right, let's go inside." The ship lands and the door opens.
  497. [16:18:36] <Pop> Curiously, Pop didn't bring her broom with her... well, it's not like it was a weapon or anything.
  498. [16:18:38] <Pop> or was it
  499. [16:18:39] * Cael_ pulls himself out of the turret seat, checking his revolver and creating its duplicate. Time to lay down the bizniss.
  500. [16:19:15] <Pop> Pop looks back with interest at holy shit growing a plantgun but pulls her goggles down over her head and jumps out. "All right, let's see... scanning scanning..."
  501. [16:19:21] <Leen> Hey, a mop is a deadly weapon. Who says a broom wouldn't be? Leen goes forth!
  502. [16:19:22] <Pop> "Yep, everything's dead!"
  503. [16:19:35] <Pop> "Well in this room anyway."
  504. [16:19:57] <Cael_> "If my experiences have taught me anything, it's that not everything dead may remain that way."
  505. [16:20:00] <Pop> She sighs a bit. The ship landed in a large room, strewn about with fresh-looking corpses. Most of them are wearing Federation uniforms... wlel, all of them.
  506. [16:20:13] <Jazz> "Ugh..."
  507. [16:20:39] <Pop> "Poor guys. Well, there's nothing we can do for 'em NOW. I guess our mission's to scout for survivors."
  508. [16:20:48] <ULTROS> "Well, that's really rotten."
  509. [16:21:06] <Leen> The STENCH OF DEATH does not bother Leen. It's more the dead bodies. "We better hurry up, then! Whatever caused this might still be at work!"
  510. [16:21:19] <Pop> "Oh, hey there." She waves at the monsters. CHUPON waves back.
  511. [16:21:21] <ULTROS> "Guess that after being corpsmen they became CORPSEmen. Heehaw!"
  512. [16:21:25] <Pop> ... Depending on how you define 'waves.'
  513. [16:21:37] <Pop> (okay that was actually really good, 9/10)
  514. [16:22:52] <Cael_> "Refrain from speaking unkindly of the dead, if you would."
  515. [16:22:54] <Pop> Pop walks in but doesn't try to take the lead. Past the room is a big door leading to a long, spacious hallway- all the lights are out and it's completely silent without ULTROS' dumb jokes. There are bodies strewn about, some of them even blocking doors.
  516. [16:23:03] <Pop> (So I say, "nice try")
  517. [16:23:12] * Cael_ takes point, despite having shitty awareness
  518. [16:24:01] * Cael_ frowns and stoops next to the corpses blocking a few doors, looking for signs of injuries.
  519. [16:24:14] <Leen> Leen competes for the point taking spot. She's probably better at moving bodies out of the way than some people that don't want to touch them, so she likely ends up second in line.
  520. [16:24:15] <Pop> There are about six doors, three on each side, along the hall. They all look just as empty at first glance, and the hallway continues onto another large door.
  521. [16:24:21] <Pop> (Hmm, do you have Healing...)
  522. [16:24:28] <Cael_> (Nope!)
  523. [16:24:37] <Pop> (I see that!)
  524. [16:24:43] * ULTROS goes to the top left door!
  525. [16:24:49] <Pop> Cael determines that they were actually wounded!
  526. [16:24:59] <Pop> And not... you know, suffocated or something.
  527. [16:25:03] <Pop> By what, who knows?
  528. [16:25:05] <Cael_> (I might have to start carrying around skill bonus weapons to double up)
  529. [16:25:13] <Pop> The top left door...
  530. [16:25:33] <Pop> That's one of the ones without a body blocking it. Giiiive me some octopus-y awareness if you would!
  531. [16:25:45] <Cael_> "Seems like they were fleeing from something. They didn't get through the doors. Some sort of lockdown? Perhaps the power was already out."
  532. [16:25:55] <ULTROS> 2d6+4
  533. [16:25:55] <DiceMaid-9001> ULTROS, 2d6+4: 11 [2d6=1,6]
  534. [16:26:42] <Pop> Your tentacles feel around and find that this is some kind of armory! One wraps around some kind of PHASE GUN that just happens to go off and bounce against a wall when grabbed.
  535. [16:26:51] <Pop> jesus, that's dangerous
  536. [16:27:09] <ULTROS> "Whoa!"
  537. [16:27:16] * Cael_ looks up at the room where Ultros was. "What was that?!"
  538. [16:27:27] * Pop nods. "Yeah... that's a bit weird. It looks like they were just killed where they stood- .. what IS he doing in there?"
  539. [16:27:36] <Pop> CHUPON: "Fun-gaaah!"
  540. [16:27:40] * ULTROS scrounges around for anything else fun/useful to use!
  541. [16:27:57] <Leen> Meanwhile, Leen investigates the bottom-left. INVESTIGATING FUNTIMES!
  542. [16:27:58] * Cael_ peers into the room after Ultros, pointing his weapon...
  543. [16:28:02] <Pop> Oh look, a rifle! ... It's snapped in half. Was it always like that? Corpse, corpse, corpse...
  544. [16:28:05] <ULTROS> He probably ends up wielding a lot of ray guns.
  545. [16:28:23] <Pop> There are about three standard-issue phase pistols that get picked up this way, yeah.
  546. [16:28:48] <Cael_> "...what are you even doing? Hm, are those guns?"
  547. [16:29:09] <Cael_> He glances down at his silly little flintlock. It's servicable but he might want to look into an upgrade sometime.
  548. [16:29:13] <Jazz> "We should try and find the bridge. We can send an intercomm message to let anyone still alive know we are here."
  549. [16:29:23] <Pop> Pop peers in. "Well, from their uniforms I guess it looks like it's a military vessel, maybe?"
  550. [16:29:40] <Pop> "But they sure didn't work a whole bunch against whoever their assailants were, from the looks of things."
  551. [16:29:41] <Cael_> "You would know better than I."
  552. [16:29:46] <Pop> CHUPON wanders off into the big doors.
  553. [16:29:53] <Pop> "Oh right, underdeveloped... sorry, always forget that."
  554. [16:30:13] <Leen> Leen totally investigated a room!
  555. [16:30:16] <ULTROS> "Hey mister CHUPON! Wait up!" He follows the pink blob, quad-wielding guns meanwhile.
  556. [16:30:19] <Pop> OH SORRY
  557. [16:30:36] <Pop> Bottom-left... there IS a body there, holding the door half-open!
  558. [16:30:47] <Pop> And inside it looks like there's some kind of projector.
  559. [16:30:48] * Cael_ looks around for one of those phase pistols, even if it's just fluff, before heading back
  560. [16:31:10] <Pop> They're not! They're actually tier 2 ranged wiiiiith...
  561. [16:31:38] <Leen> ...Huuuuuh. Let's make sure nothing else is in there, like some kind of monster or towering thing or bucket on top of the door with water or something, and GET IN THERE.
  562. [16:31:59] <Pop> Oh huh, Stun-Touch isn't even a thing.
  563. [16:32:29] <Leen> And it shouldn't be!
  564. [16:32:39] <Pop> Yeah it shouldn't be, whoa that's broke
  565. [16:32:48] <Pop> Anyway Leen, if you want to get in give me athletics!
  566. [16:33:06] * Cael_ isn't too worried about properties at the moment, he'll check the room across from the armory once Leen's adventures are done. :3
  567. [16:33:23] <Leen> 2d6+3 Athletics, like much other things, are 3.
  568. [16:33:23] <DiceMaid-9001> Leen, Athletics, like much other things, are 3.: 8 [2d6=4,1]
  569. [16:33:29] <Pop> Oh I got it, the Phase Pistols are tier 2 with 1,1Glowing.
  570. [16:34:08] <Pop> Squeeze... squeeze... well, that takes a while, perhaps there's somebody you should thank for designing you as a flat-chested little girl and not a mammarymonster.
  571. [16:34:12] <Pop> HOWEVER Cael sees...
  572. [16:34:22] <Pop> ... Actually give me awareness on that one.
  573. [16:35:14] <Pop> Inside the room Leen can see a disc inside the projector. Seems the projector itself isn't functioning anymore, but it's much like the ones on board the Excel.
  574. [16:35:21] <Cael_> 2d6
  575. [16:35:21] <DiceMaid-9001> Cael_, 2d6: 6 [2d6=2,4]
  576. [16:36:11] <Pop> It's a room that looks like it's been TOTALLY ransacked, Cael. There are white boxes that look like they've been thrown open and a couple bloody prints on the ground, they fade out after a few steps though.
  577. [16:36:31] <Pop> Or maybe they're just hard to see, they... ... Actually DOES Cael have that Sylvari glow thing?
  578. [16:37:07] * Jazz begins blasting through doors and exploring the ship, looking for survivors!
  579. [16:37:18] <Leen> Well, after a few pokes on various whatevers, she decides to get that disk! If it's labeled, she reads it. Otherwise, she just takes it to have it.
  580. [16:37:26] <Leen> Or disc. Whichever, really.
  581. [16:38:12] <Pop> It looks like there's something scratchily written on it, but it's too hard to see at current- kind of like that thing people do to DVDs where they put some tape on it and write a name in sharpie, only it's a holodisc.
  582. [16:38:46] <Pop> Anyway, getting out isn't as hard as getting in! Meanwhile, Pop and pals have gone through the big doors and see a large, spacious room filled with potted plants and a... is that called a sunroof in space? A spaceroof?
  583. [16:39:08] <Pop> There's also a large statue on display in the middle of the room, holding a sword. Some eccentric tastes.
  584. [16:39:33] <ULTROS> (Bluuuh i might have to disappear for a bit... Woke up too early today and i'm dead tired)
  585. [16:39:45] <Pop> (We'll say you and CHUPON went raiding)
  586. [16:40:05] <Pop> (Are there crew quarters with underwear in them? Yes. Have fun.)
  587. [16:40:39] <Cael_> (Whoops sorry)
  588. [16:40:47] <Jazz> (U-Uh, for some reason, the idea of raiding dead people's underwear creeps me out like 4000 times more than normal panty raiding
  589. [16:41:03] <Pop> (that's ULTROS for you man)
  591. [16:41:27] <Cael_> Cael does glow faintly red in the darkness, but probably not enough for anything.
  592. [16:41:55] <Cael_> In any case he did take one of those nifty energy guns and THEY glow right
  593. [16:42:00] <Pop> Well the glow is at LEAST enough to show that whatever the prints are, they lead out of the room- oh yeah!
  594. [16:42:02] <Pop> Well THERE you go.
  595. [16:42:20] <Cael_> He holsters his pistol and double ups the phase gun for EVEN MORE GLOWING
  596. [16:42:31] <Pop> that ability is SO silly
  597. [16:42:49] <Cael_> "What a mess..."
  598. [16:42:54] <Pop> So! Those in the big room... hmm hit my up awareness actually.
  599. [16:42:56] <Pop> me
  600. [16:42:58] <Pop> Hit me up.
  601. [16:43:17] <Pop> Which is... oh, that's just Jazz, isn't it
  602. [16:43:18] <Jazz> 2d6+4
  603. [16:43:19] <DiceMaid-9001> Jazz, 2d6+4: 10 [2d6=4,2]
  604. [16:43:24] <Pop> 2d6+3 Pop actually has a little too
  605. [16:43:24] <DiceMaid-9001> Pop, Pop actually has a little too: 10 [2d6=1,6]
  606. [16:43:39] <Pop> Not enough to matter! They both hear shuffling coming from another room.
  607. [16:43:51] * Jazz BOLTS FOR THE NEXT ROOM!
  608. [16:43:55] <Leen> Well, with that looks like people are moving ahead, soooo....well, getting out of here is a start. She stores the disk by SHOVING IT IN HER STOMACH after getting out, which is a lot less painful than it sounds but whatever, man. THEN let's go ahead! Can't let the party split!
  609. [16:44:03] * Pop bolts too and opens the door, letting Jazz in!
  610. [16:44:30] <Cael_> He follows the prints back out, looking for the others
  611. [16:44:38] * `maki` is now known as Erina
  612. [16:44:46] <Leen> The benefits of being made out of liquid metal are pretty great. ONWARDS, perhaps motioning Cael onwards because split parties are suffering.
  613. [16:45:04] * Cael_ hurries to catch up. "Did you find something?"
  614. [16:45:07] <Pop> Looks like they stop after a few steps, even with the glow. Jop enter what appears to be someone's room...
  615. [16:45:26] <Cael_> (jop?)
  616. [16:45:30] <Leen> Jop enter what.
  617. [16:45:34] <Pop> (That's my portmanteauing Jazz and Pop)
  618. [16:45:38] <Pop> (I considered 'Pazz')
  619. [16:45:42] <Cael_> (Jaub)
  620. [16:46:14] <Leen> "I found something, but I don't know what it is yet~"
  621. [16:46:15] * Cael_ dual wields phase gun and flintlock, so as to have a little light while he catches up to Leen. "I dislike the atmosphere of this place."
  622. [16:46:16] <Erina> When they enter the room they probably notice Erina sitting at her desk(although with that awareness I don't know).
  623. [16:46:45] <Leen> "Yeah, it's...kinda dreary. But it's to be expected, sooo..."
  624. [16:46:52] <Erina> "Thank goodness, finally some company. A rescue party as well I hope."
  625. [16:46:55] <Jazz> "!" Jazz runs over. "Are you alright?!"
  626. [16:46:59] <Cael_> "What, exactly?"
  627. [16:47:05] <Pop> "... Holy crap. Hey guys, get over here!"
  628. [16:47:18] <Pop> Pop becoming to Caeleen. Wow that's an ugly portmanteau.
  629. [16:47:21] <Erina> "Oh yes, I'm fine. Although I can't really say the same for my crew mates."
  630. [16:47:22] <Cael_> "Hm? Pop's calling us. I suppose it'll have to wait."
  631. [16:47:47] * Cael_ double ups the flintlock and hurries to join them.
  632. [16:48:03] * Pop peeks in. "You're a crew member here?"
  633. [16:48:12] <Leen> "The atmosphere, what else would be dreary?" ONWARDS!
  634. [16:48:49] <Erina> "Yes, well, I WAS in any case. Although that thankfully doesn't seem to be the case any longer."
  635. [16:48:59] <Cael_> For the record, the plantlock gun looks like a near replica of the primitive weapon, with a viney sort of look to it. When he double ups the phase gun, it looks more like a banana with glowy fruits on it.
  636. [16:49:01] <Pop> Good thing the room they have to run across isn't very big! There's... a statue staring at them, too. Eerie.
  637. [16:49:11] <Pop> (cute as fuck)
  638. [16:49:39] <Cael_> "Oh, there -was- a survivor. Excellent!"
  639. [16:49:44] <Leen> And they likely make it there! "Oh good, there actually is someone still here~!" Good things, good things~
  640. [16:49:44] <Pop> "Thankfully? Uhh, lady, it looks like they all got massacred."
  641. [16:49:57] <Pop> Pop steps back to let the others into the now-soon-to-be-crowded office.
  642. [16:50:12] * Cael_ crowds in
  643. [16:50:30] <Erina> "Yes, most regretable. I did what I could to save them but there's little you can do to mind injury on that scale."
  644. [16:50:38] <Erina> (*mend even)
  645. [16:51:01] <Pop> "Jazz, you gonna do it? ... I'll do it. We're uh, a rescue crew from the neutral station Exceliaire, we got your distress signal. What even happened here?"
  646. [16:53:10] <Jazz> "Are you hurt? Do you need me to carry you back to our ship? Are there any enemies still on the ship?!" Jazz asks, not waiting for an answer to any of the questions until he finishes!
  647. [16:53:38] <Erina> "We (myself and the former crew of this ship that is) were sent on a mission trandporting some researchers to a planet near here. However, as soon as our ship exited warp we were beset upon by a large group of ships. We were unprepared for the assault and were quickly defeated."
  648. [16:54:19] <Pop> "So they really were pirates, huh?"
  649. [16:54:22] <Cael_> "They boarded you? How did you manage to survive, then?"
  650. [16:55:32] <Erina> "No, as I said earlier I am unhurt, and any enemies that were once on this ship are gone. Myself and a small group of survivors managed to drive off the boarding party, although we took heavy losses.
  651. [16:55:45] * Cael_ furrows his brow.
  652. [16:55:49] <Cael_> "You sound so calm."
  653. [16:57:04] <Leen> "Being calm in a situation like this is a good thing." Nod nod. ...And she's totally making sure that no one comes out from behind to AMBUSH the party. You know, just in case.
  654. [16:57:05] <Cael_> "Where are the others, then? Did they succumb to injuries?"
  655. [16:57:49] <Pop> Leen vigilantly stands guard. The statue invites her to a staring contest.
  656. [16:58:33] <Erina> "I managed to bring the life support back on line, and there are ample supplies left for one person. The others? Oh, the few that were left went space-mad and fought for dominance, then I jettisoned the victor out of the airlock."
  657. [16:59:02] * Pop quirks a brow and whispers to Cael, "This lady might be crazy."
  658. [16:59:17] <Leen> She returns the stare. That's one heck of a stare, but can you beat HER stare? Staring contests are great when neither side has to blink.
  659. [16:59:33] <Pop> The statue might not even have eyes!
  660. [16:59:41] <Leen> Then how does it stare?
  661. [16:59:58] <Pop> Exactly.
  662. [17:00:17] <Cael_> "Rather cold... But I suppose given the situation it couldn't be helped. ...What are you looking at, Leen?" He looks at the statue. What the hell is it?
  663. [17:00:35] <Erina> "It was simplest way to take care of the problem. So naturally that's what I did."
  664. [17:00:41] <Leen> Terrifying. She can't hope to match that level. "Some weird statue. You know what that is?"
  665. [17:00:56] <Pop> Okay let's actually have an awareness from the lolidroid while we're here. And... Cael can come too.
  666. [17:01:01] <Cael_> 2d6
  667. [17:01:02] <DiceMaid-9001> Cael_, 2d6: 5 [2d6=2,3]
  668. [17:01:07] <Cael_> what
  669. [17:01:08] <Cael_> am
  670. [17:01:10] <Pop> Sure is a statue.
  671. [17:01:10] <Cael_> awareness
  672. [17:01:32] <Pop> ... Only unlike the last time Cael saw a statue this one isn't cute.
  673. [17:01:42] <Pop> It's more like a vaguely-humanoid skeletal figure.
  674. [17:02:33] <Pop> Pop shakes her head. "Well... a survivor's a survivor. You have a name?"
  675. [17:03:55] <Erina> Erina Grace Prescott, former Chief Medical Officer of the Federation Ship Capricorn.
  676. [17:03:56] <Leen> 2d6+3 One dog take out later!
  677. [17:03:57] <DiceMaid-9001> Leen, One dog take out later!: 8 [2d6=2,3]
  678. [17:04:34] <Pop> you are the dog
  679. [17:04:58] <Pop> But at least you can see more than Cael did! Like the sword it's holding... was it always glowing like that?
  680. [17:05:40] <Erina> 2d6+5 awareness
  681. [17:05:41] <DiceMaid-9001> Erina, awareness: 14 [2d6=3,6]
  682. [17:05:43] * Cael_ stops paying attention to the statue and squints at Erina, trying to figure out if she's succumbed to this space madness herself.
  683. [17:06:03] <Pop> Eri peeks out behind the crows and notices the statue twitching.
  684. [17:06:28] <Pop> It sure hadn't done that before- the whole time it was just a statue.
  685. [17:07:04] <Leen> (OF COURSE I'M BEING TOLD TO GO UPSTAIRS FOR SEVERAL HOURS. Brb in a few minutes V:)
  686. [17:08:10] <Pop> .. The crowd, by the way. How would crows get on a ship?
  687. [17:08:37] <Erina> (I thought it was a joke about all their squawking)
  688. [17:09:24] <Pop> (shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh)
  689. [17:09:26] <Cael_> "I suppose that settles it then. Shall we be off?"
  690. [17:09:44] <Erina> (can I cast a spell on the statue?)
  691. [17:10:04] <Pop> (Yeah, it's not in combat or anything so you don't need to worry about slow actions)
  692. [17:10:17] <Erina> (I have fastcast anyway hue)
  693. [17:10:31] <Pop> (treehee)
  694. [17:10:41] <Erina> 2d6+24 MELT
  695. [17:10:41] <DiceMaid-9001> Erina, MELT: 34 [2d6=6,4]
  696. [17:11:09] <Pop> (yesssss)
  697. [17:11:12] <Cael_> "Wha?" He ducks past the sudden spell
  698. [17:11:26] <Pop> The statue glows faintly blue as it whirrs to life... and then red!
  699. [17:11:31] <Pop> Red because it's MELTING.
  700. [17:11:46] <Pop> Pop somersaults to the side too. "Whoa, what're you trying to do?"
  701. [17:11:50] <Cael_> "What was that fo- ...well then."
  702. [17:11:54] <Pop> ... As the statue raises its sword.
  703. [17:11:58] <Pop> "Oh."
  704. [17:12:06] * Erina takes a bit of damage, but is mostly protected by her uniform's heat-resistance.
  705. [17:12:08] <Pop>
  706. [17:12:19] <Cael_> "Hostile!"
  707. [17:12:27] * Cael_ woosh
  708. [17:12:40] <Pop> "A STATUE? Are you frickin' kidding me?"
  709. [17:12:46] <Pop> COMBAT INDEED
  710. [17:13:03] <Pop> The svaltus statue jumps a bit in place, getting ready.
  711. [17:13:26] <Cael_> "One man's earth elemental is another man's living statue, it seems."
  712. [17:13:28] <Pop> Player turns! Alphabetical order is fine, I -might- bot Leen if shookie doesn't get back, we'll just save her for last.
  713. [17:13:37] <Cael_> "Someone coordinate fire with me!"
  714. [17:14:38] <Pop> Pop holds out her hand and it retracts, morphing into a familiar-looking buster. It's kinda small though.
  715. [17:14:39] <Erina> "I'll pass"
  716. [17:14:46] <Cael_> He brings both of his pistols up, and starts to circle the statue.
  717. [17:15:16] <Cael_> (What happened to blax)
  718. [17:15:33] <Pop> (good question)
  719. [17:15:53] <Cael_> (Willing to wait for them to get back)
  720. [17:16:07] <Pop> (Yeah, let's do that for a second, my mouse ran out of batteries anyway)
  721. [17:18:01] <Jazz> (Huh?)
  722. [17:18:17] <Pop> (welcome back)
  723. [17:19:44] <Jazz> (What we rolling)
  724. [17:19:53] <Cael_> (combat)
  725. [17:19:54] <Pop> (Well combat started)
  726. [17:20:03] <Jazz> (Can I shoot?)
  727. [17:20:12] <Pop> (you can shoot)
  728. [17:20:17] <Pop> (you can move and shoot)
  729. [17:20:17] <Cael_> (Cael was fishing for a teamwork attack)
  730. [17:20:20] <Pop> (you move and shoot)
  731. [17:20:22] <Cael_> (Anyone taking?)
  732. [17:20:48] <Pop> (The 1,1DMPC totes can if nobody else does)
  733. [17:20:53] <Jazz> (Sure. I'll user Synergist Paradigm and Team attack with Cael)
  734. [17:20:58] <Jazz> (So at least Cael will hit)
  735. [17:20:59] <Jazz> 2d6+5
  736. [17:21:00] <Pop> (that's even better!)
  737. [17:21:00] <DiceMaid-9001> Jazz, 2d6+5: 14 [2d6=3,6]
  738. [17:21:18] <Cael_> 3d6+6 drop one
  739. [17:21:19] <DiceMaid-9001> Cael_, drop one: 21 [3d6=5,4,6]
  740. [17:21:27] <Cael_> I'll drop the 4
  741. [17:22:01] <Pop> Both hit!
  742. [17:22:22] <Cael_> This is a Quick Hit! Boosted by two steps because of Sneak Attack! 65 piercing damage!
  743. [17:22:57] <Cael_> And he uses his standard action to roll past the statue, his hand reaching for anything on the statue that might not be molten. Steal!
  744. [17:23:01] <Jazz> (What about my damage? Just usual?)
  745. [17:23:04] <Pop> Don't forget it's under the effects of melt too!
  746. [17:23:07] <Pop> (Yeah, normal damage now)
  747. [17:23:09] <Erina> (hey I'm doing my healbotting paper, and how does leen have such redonkulous arm?)
  748. [17:23:22] <Pop> (Because tier 4 shield, paladin abilities, etc)
  749. [17:23:25] * Jazz just fires a shot strait at it, distracting it from Cael!
  750. [17:23:31] <Cael_> (Yeah, this does negate some of its abilities)
  751. [17:23:31] <Pop> (1,1>strait)
  752. [17:23:33] <Jazz> (69 damagE)
  753. [17:23:36] <Cael_> 2d6+5 Thievery vs opposed Finesse
  754. [17:23:36] <DiceMaid-9001> Cael_, Thievery vs opposed Finesse: 9 [2d6=3,1]
  755. [17:23:44] <Tim> (A Tim is here)
  756. [17:23:47] <Pop> 2d6+1 actually it isn't very good at that
  757. [17:23:48] <DiceMaid-9001> Pop, actually it isn't very good at that: 10 [2d6=3,6]
  758. [17:23:49] <Leen> (That took longer than it should have)
  759. [17:23:51] <Jazz> (i'm going to kill myself now tree. feel free to turn jazz into an npc)
  760. [17:23:53] <Pop> ... Good enough though!
  761. [17:23:53] <Cael_> goddamn it
  762. [17:24:36] * Cael_ just can't get close enough to the molten thing!
  763. [17:24:57] <Erina> (hi tim)
  764. [17:25:08] <Tim> (Too late for me to hop in, amirite?)
  765. [17:25:17] * Pop aims a shot straight above it and grins. "Hey thing, watch out for this!"
  766. [17:25:38] <Pop> (Yeah, they're kind of... on board another ship and mid bossfight, I don't know how even I could bullshit that)
  767. [17:25:48] <Pop> 2d6+6;2d6+1 opposed finesse, too
  768. [17:25:48] <DiceMaid-9001> Pop, 2d6+6: 13 [2d6=4,3]; opposed finesse, too: 8 [2d6=4,3]
  769. [17:25:52] <Tim> (The power of love?)
  770. [17:25:57] <Tim> (and friendship?)
  771. [17:26:03] <Tim> (I'm kidding :P )
  772. [17:26:27] <Pop> The svaltus statue is FEINTed and gets clumsier by looking up! ... Hey wait, doesn't it have no eyes?
  773. [17:26:56] <Pop> (anyway shuku you back 4reelz?)
  774. [17:27:07] <Leen> (Should be, let me just read up here)
  775. [17:27:19] <Pop> Also Erina's turn was preemptive due to noticing it first, meaning you'd get a turn in this init too.
  776. [17:27:59] <Cael_> What a time for Cael to not have Assassin's Kiss!
  777. [17:28:34] <Leen> (OK, apparently I can't defend and Cover at the same time BUT I CAN STILL ATTEMPT TO DO SOMETHING SILLY and Cover!)
  778. [17:28:59] <Pop> (Yeah that's fine)
  779. [17:30:38] <Leen> Leen is totally paying attention! "Alright, time for you or other!" KILLER MOVE FUNTIMES! Just put her hand near it, annnd...
  780. [17:30:53] <Pop> It's not even paying attention!
  781. [17:31:14] <Leen> 2d6+2+6 Poison attempt (EVEN THOUGH IT'S A STATUE)
  782. [17:31:15] <DiceMaid-9001> Leen, Poison attempt (EVEN THOUGH IT'S A STATUE): 15 [2d6=3,4]
  783. [17:31:20] <Leen> 2d6+2+6 Zombie attempt (EVEN THOUGH IT'S A STATUE)
  784. [17:31:21] <DiceMaid-9001> Leen, Zombie attempt (EVEN THOUGH IT'S A STATUE): 16 [2d6=5,3]
  785. [17:31:32] <Pop> 2#2d6-1 ha, good thing for that feint
  786. [17:31:33] <DiceMaid-9001> Pop, ha, good thing for that feint: 2 [2d6=1,2], 6 [2d6=4,3]
  787. [17:32:18] <Pop> You'd think it would be impervious to everything! But it... actually seems to visibly change from both. Notably, its glow goes from red to green to black. And then blends between all of those.
  788. [17:32:29] <Pop> Eri?
  789. [17:32:58] <Leen> A show of force! A whole lot of 'something or other' comes right out of that robot, and even more leaks at the end! "Alright! I think I knocked a whole lot of positive energy out of it! It'll leak out life and react badly to healing now~"
  790. [17:33:18] * Erina decides everyone's doing well and
  791. [17:33:26] <Erina> 2d6+24 cure on myself
  792. [17:33:27] <DiceMaid-9001> Erina, cure on myself: 29 [2d6=2,3]
  793. [17:33:35] <Erina> back to full health
  794. [17:33:42] <Pop> Its turn!
  795. [17:34:08] <Pop> It notices only one person is close to it and stabs its sword into the ground, heaving it upward at...
  796. [17:34:22] <Pop> 2d6+5 at Jazz
  797. [17:34:23] <DiceMaid-9001> Pop, at Jazz: 12 [2d6=6,1]
  798. [17:34:39] <Pop> 82 earth ARM damage if that hits!
  799. [17:35:09] <Jazz> (Yeah.)
  800. [17:35:22] <Leen> Leen has a flash of inspiration. Can he take it? Probably! Sooo...just let that one go! Then she can take full advantage of her defending powers!
  801. [17:35:43] <Pop> It picks the sword back up and tries to walk closer to everybody... which is tough because they all have ranged weapons!
  802. [17:35:45] * Cael_ tries another steal attempt when it glows green or black. Apparently it's not red hot when glowing other colors HOW DOES THIS WORK Thieves can steal from burning targets in GW anyway
  803. [17:35:47] <Pop> BACK to player turns.
  804. [17:35:58] <Cael_> 2d6+5
  805. [17:35:58] <DiceMaid-9001> Cael_, 2d6+5: 11 [2d6=3,3]
  806. [17:36:10] <Jazz> (When can I use Limit attacks again? I'm bad at final fantasy)
  807. [17:36:15] <Pop> 2d6-1 its finesse is FUCKED
  808. [17:36:17] <DiceMaid-9001> Pop, its finesse is FUCKED: 5 [2d6=3,3]
  809. [17:36:19] <Pop> (below 25% hp)
  810. [17:36:27] <Pop> (... oh wait a second)
  811. [17:36:28] <Leen> (And on a crit, unless you pay destiny)
  812. [17:36:33] <Jazz> 2d6+6 Charged shot!
  813. [17:36:34] <DiceMaid-9001> Jazz, Charged shot!: 13 [2d6=5,2]
  814. [17:36:57] <Pop> (It's technically a projectile, I THINK Parry nulls that)
  815. [17:37:04] <Pop> Anyway that hits it!
  816. [17:37:15] <Jazz> 67 Damage that hits M.Arm!
  817. [17:37:35] * Cael_ snatches... SOMETHING and leaps backwards, filling it full of hastily fired lead, trying to put some distance between himself and it.
  818. [17:37:43] <Cael_> 3d6+6 drop one Quick Hit can't crit
  819. [17:37:43] <DiceMaid-9001> Cael_, drop one Quick Hit can't crit: 18 [3d6=4,6,2]
  820. [17:37:54] <Pop> oh right, melt damage...
  821. [17:37:55] <Cael_> 28~
  822. [17:38:23] <Pop> 2d6+24 I believe?
  823. [17:38:24] <DiceMaid-9001> Pop, I believe?: 33 [2d6=5,4]
  824. [17:38:35] <Leen> ...That said! "...Oh, I forgot to go to battle mode! Oops!" Her absolutely everything everything suddenly changes to a metallic, yet oozy grey familiar to Jazz, since he saw it before.
  825. [17:38:47] <Cael_> Funnily enough his tier 3 flintlock pistol does more damage than that stupid stungun would have!
  826. [17:39:01] <Pop> Pop brandishes her rapid-fire buster and fires from position too!
  827. [17:39:07] <Pop> 2d6+4 guess what this is
  828. [17:39:07] <DiceMaid-9001> Pop, guess what this is: 12 [2d6=2,6]
  829. [17:39:18] <Pop> Also 28 from quick hit, isn't that neat?
  830. [17:39:36] <Leen> Is it pausing and shooting and pausing and shooting?
  831. [17:39:42] <Jazz> "Hey, Pop! Your Arm Buster is kind of cute!" Jazz shouts over the sound of his massive charged shot
  832. [17:39:55] <Cael_> "Hah! Nice shots!"
  833. [17:40:06] <Cael_> "Now it's time to get serious!"
  834. [17:40:16] <Pop> "Thanks!" She grins and then stands in place, scarf fluttering...
  835. [17:40:17] * Cael_ seems to be enjoying himself!
  836. [17:40:18] <Pop> 1d2
  837. [17:40:19] <DiceMaid-9001> Pop, 1d2: 2 [1d2=2]
  838. [17:40:23] <Pop> ... Nothing happens!
  839. [17:41:02] <Pop> Alright, who hasn't gone yet? Erina and Leen I think?
  840. [17:42:51] <Leen> Either way... "Alright, let's see if this still works...I'm gonna make you...feel like you regret ever challenging us! Tremble~!" UNIQUE MOVE! Opposed roll funtimes! ...I never named this thing, but Tree knows what it is I think!
  841. [17:43:04] <Pop> Tree knows! Hoo boy.
  842. [17:43:10] <Leen> 2d6+6+2 Leen definitely uses Force!
  843. [17:43:10] <DiceMaid-9001> Leen, Leen definitely uses Force!: 16 [2d6=5,3]
  844. [17:43:21] <Pop> 2d6-1 it definitely doesn't!
  845. [17:43:21] <DiceMaid-9001> Pop, it definitely doesn't!: 3 [2d6=1,3]
  846. [17:43:32] <Leen> 1d6 Spin the wheel!
  847. [17:43:32] <DiceMaid-9001> Leen, Spin the wheel!: 1 [1d6=1]
  848. [17:43:35] <Pop> Yeah there's no way it could have resisted that. Spin the- OOP
  849. [17:43:38] <Leen> Bust!
  850. [17:44:16] <Leen> "...Oh. That's not right..." :(
  851. [17:44:23] <Pop> Airy?
  852. [17:44:40] * Erina begins to cast a spell and a wicked looking cloud moves over the Statue, seeping into its surface. It's now afflicted by a Hex!
  853. [17:44:41] * Pop sniffles as the scarf-fluttering stops. "Yeah, you're not the only one..."
  854. [17:45:27] <Pop> The statue...!
  855. [17:46:12] <Pop> Not only does it feel weaker - despite being a statue - but it moves into position toward the GRRRLZ; or rather, to where Leen, Eri, and Pop are in a circle around it because the GM has this really weird head-image of where they're standing.
  856. [17:46:18] <Pop> 2d6+4 on those three!
  857. [17:46:19] <DiceMaid-9001> Pop, on those three!: 11 [2d6=6,1]
  858. [17:46:51] <Pop> That's 82 ARM damage on all if it hits... it definitely doesn't hit Pop though.
  859. [17:47:00] <Cael_> (What's Eri's AVD?)
  860. [17:47:05] <Erina> 9
  861. [17:47:14] <Cael_> (Just shy, then, nevermind)
  862. [17:47:50] <Pop> It spins its sword in a circle! Plaaaayer turns.
  863. [17:48:07] <Erina> (did it hit leen? I forgot to put eva in here
  864. [17:48:15] <Pop> (Leen's avd is 7, yeah)
  865. [17:48:21] <Leen> Leen decides to let SOMEONE at least get hit once before actually getting in a defensive set of mind. And it totally hit Leen.
  866. [17:48:29] <Jazz> "Hey! Leave them alone!" Jazz shouts! "Well, now is as good a time as any to see if this works..." he mumbles, before jumping in front of the statue, standing up as tall and straight as he can! Suddenly, a horrible grinding noise begins to emit from Jazz's torso as his eyes begin to glow reddish! "Alright, you hunk of space-junk, try it on me!" he finally shouts, his voice sounding much
  867. [17:48:29] <Jazz> more obviously robotic than before, a deep mechanical brogue coming up underneath his usual voice!
  868. [17:48:44] <Jazz> (Okay. Sentinel, Provoke and Power Core Overclock set to ARM)
  869. [17:48:51] * Cael_ now unloads a metric fuckton of bullets to make up for wasting turns stealing earlier.
  870. [17:49:03] <Leen> Someone doesn't include Leen. By the way, on getting hit, she heals 17 HP, and so does Erina! Saint's Cross up in this!
  871. [17:49:06] <Cael_> 3d6+6 drop one Quick Hitl 3d6+6 drop one Unload
  872. [17:49:06] <DiceMaid-9001> Cael_, drop one Quick Hitl 3d6+6 drop one Unload: 21 [3d6=5,6,4]
  873. [17:49:08] <Pop> The statue... well it sure can't growl, it doesn't seem capable of making noise.
  874. [17:49:16] <Cael_> 3d6+6 whoops
  875. [17:49:16] <DiceMaid-9001> Cael_, whoops: 20 [3d6=4,6,4]
  876. [17:49:28] <Pop> Don't you wish you were dual-wielding reach?
  877. [17:49:36] <Pop> Anyway both of those definitely hit...
  878. [17:49:40] <Pop> 2d6+24 melt damage
  879. [17:49:41] <DiceMaid-9001> Pop, melt damage: 28 [2d6=1,3]
  880. [17:49:49] <Pop> Think this should be the turn it gets unmelted.
  881. [17:50:11] <Cael_> 29 and 100!
  882. [17:50:41] <Pop> OW. It's feeling a little sluggish... even though it's still a statue.
  883. [17:51:17] <Cael_> "Take that!" he accentuates the flurry by leaping backwards onto Erina's desk.
  884. [17:51:33] <Leen> Leen takes....82-37-17= only 28 damage! Weak! Do remember Erina takes less because of Saint's Cross!
  885. [17:51:49] <Pop> 2d6+4 another quick hit
  886. [17:51:50] <DiceMaid-9001> Pop, another quick hit: 10 [2d6=1,5]
  887. [17:52:04] <Pop> 26 more piercing on it, aaand...
  888. [17:52:07] <Pop> 1d2 one more time!
  889. [17:52:08] <DiceMaid-9001> Pop, one more time!: 2 [1d2=2]
  890. [17:52:11] <Pop> STILL NOTHING.
  891. [17:52:45] <Leen> "Maybe THIS time? TREMBLE!"
  892. [17:52:49] <Pop> Let's see, Erileen again?
  893. [17:52:52] <Leen> 2d6+6+2
  894. [17:52:53] <DiceMaid-9001> Leen, 2d6+6+2: 15 [2d6=1,6]
  895. [17:53:05] <Pop> 2d6+1 oh yeah feint was only for one turn durr
  896. [17:53:06] <DiceMaid-9001> Pop, oh yeah feint was only for one turn durr: 9 [2d6=2,6]
  897. [17:53:10] <Leen> 1d6
  898. [17:53:10] <DiceMaid-9001> Leen, 1d6: 5 [1d6=5]
  899. [17:53:15] <Pop> THAT IS SOMETHING!
  900. [17:53:21] <Leen> JACKPOT WINNER!
  901. [17:53:48] <Pop> Looks like its AVD is back to 0 again... does it even HAVE the ability to think?
  902. [17:54:36] <Pop> Alright, just Eri's now... and then player turns again because it stops moving totally.
  903. [17:54:42] <Pop> What did the robololi even DO to it?
  904. [17:54:52] <Jazz> (Ugh it's not even going to attack me)
  905. [17:54:57] <Leen> "There we go! Heehee~"
  906. [17:55:01] <Jazz> (After I spent a round getting it to attack me :<)
  907. [17:55:09] <Erina> 2d6+24 Burn Ray!
  908. [17:55:10] <DiceMaid-9001> Erina, Burn Ray!: 29 [2d6=2,3]
  909. [17:55:11] <Cael_> (Yeah, LEEN)
  910. [17:55:15] <Leen> (SORRY)
  911. [17:55:17] <Pop> (what a leen been macheen)
  912. [17:55:29] <Jazz> 2d6+6 Charged Shot
  913. [17:55:30] <DiceMaid-9001> Jazz, Charged Shot: 16 [2d6=5,5]
  914. [17:55:31] <Pop> Ooh, it sizzles.
  915. [17:55:34] <Pop> Hit!
  916. [17:55:36] <Jazz> 70 M.Arm
  917. [17:55:38] <Leen> (wouldn't it be meen leen macheen)
  918. [17:55:47] <Pop> (Provoke lasts for 4 rounds, btw)
  919. [17:55:55] <Jazz> (No, I'm in Sentinel)
  920. [17:55:59] <Jazz> (It lasts until I die or it does)
  921. [17:56:13] <Cael_> 3d6+6;3d6+6
  922. [17:56:14] <DiceMaid-9001> Cael_, 3d6+6: 12 [3d6=1,2,3]; 3d6+6: 20 [3d6=2,6,6]
  923. [17:56:19] <Pop> (oh RIGHT, then it doesn't matter that it didn't go last round!)
  924. [17:56:34] <Jazz> (Yeah, but these other nerds are doing hundreds of damage)
  925. [17:56:39] <Jazz> (and status effects out the wazoo)
  926. [17:56:40] <Pop> 2#2d6+4 a couple more buster shots from the other side
  927. [17:56:41] <DiceMaid-9001> Pop, a couple more buster shots from the other side: 11 [2d6=3,4], 10 [2d6=4,2]
  928. [17:57:01] <Leen> All the status effects except Melt are my fault (don't forget about poison~)
  929. [17:57:04] <Cael_> 23 if the quick hit hits, and thaat's
  930. [17:57:20] <Pop> Oh, sorry, those actually DO both hit, yeah.
  931. [17:57:35] <Cael_> 132 on the pistol crit and don't let this thing die until jazz gets a chance to shine T_T
  932. [17:57:38] <Pop> Also 27 and... 78 it looks like. Also it's unmelted!
  933. [17:57:52] <Pop> In fact, both quick hits ACTUALLY bounce off now.
  934. [17:58:08] <Cael_> (Quick hits ignore arm inherently :< What is this sorcery)
  935. [17:58:14] <Pop> oh I'M DUMB
  936. [17:58:20] <Cael_> But anyway
  937. [17:58:23] <Pop> Just a brainfart nevermind they go through
  938. [17:58:25] <Leen> (no you're cute)
  939. [17:59:09] <Pop> Okay, Eri and Leen's and THEN enemy
  940. [17:59:12] * Cael_ fires his pistols full auto and for added effect throws random debris in the room at it to add insult to injury.
  941. [18:01:07] <Leen> "Sooo...what...nooooww...I can't get through those defenses, can't be distracted from my job...oh what the heck, I'll test more stuff on it! Let's disoriented!"
  942. [18:01:16] <Leen> 2d6+6+2 :V
  943. [18:01:16] <DiceMaid-9001> Leen, :V: 14 [2d6=3,3]
  944. [18:01:24] <Pop> 2d6+1 poor thing
  945. [18:01:25] <DiceMaid-9001> Pop, poor thing: 11 [2d6=4,6]
  946. [18:01:28] <Leen> 1d6
  947. [18:01:29] <DiceMaid-9001> Leen, 1d6: 5 [1d6=5]
  948. [18:01:36] <Pop> poor jazz
  949. [18:01:49] <Cael_> (That's kind of unfair)
  950. [18:01:52] <Cael_> (:<)
  951. [18:02:05] <Pop> (Yeah, I gave it a 33.333333% chance of not working, too)
  952. [18:02:13] <Cael_> (I'm just going to sit out the rest of the battle then)
  953. [18:02:16] <Leen> On top of the opposed roll ;_;
  954. [18:02:18] <Cael_> (So Jazz can have a shot)
  955. [18:02:35] <Pop> Don't worry! It's about this point that the rest of its body glows red!
  956. [18:02:38] <Erina> (Ok my turn :V)
  957. [18:02:41] <Pop> (yesplz)
  958. [18:03:07] <Leen> That shouldn't even WORK quite in a row like that! "Huh...I...think that worked!"
  959. [18:03:22] <Pop> "What ARE you doing to this thing, anyway?"
  960. [18:03:26] <Erina> 2d6+24 Burn Ray
  961. [18:03:26] <DiceMaid-9001> Erina, Burn Ray: 28 [2d6=3,1]
  962. [18:03:48] <Pop> It sizzles and shivers in place... BUT THEN.
  963. [18:04:16] <Pop> Its sword glows white and it rushes for Jazz anyway! It tries to get Cael in the circle, too.
  964. [18:04:32] <Pop> 2d6+5 it's still ARM, on both
  965. [18:04:32] <DiceMaid-9001> Pop, it's still ARM, on both: 17 [2d6=6,6]
  966. [18:04:39] <Pop> ...
  967. [18:04:42] <Pop> welll
  968. [18:05:02] <Erina> (now roll 25% chance to fall unconscious plz)
  969. [18:05:14] <Leen> "It's in my help file as 'personality alteration/mind warping/please don't use this on your owner we'll get sued'. I don't know what's up with that last one--" BITCH GET IN THE WAY. For Cael. Jazz is fine though.
  970. [18:05:18] <Cael_> (Hex shouldn't even work on bosses)
  971. [18:05:21] <Cael_> (That's dumb)
  972. [18:05:27] <Erina> (ssssh)
  973. [18:05:42] <Pop> (Yeah, that actually is dumb, hmm)
  974. [18:05:45] <Pop> Anyway that's...
  975. [18:05:59] <Pop> 174 holy ARM damage!
  976. [18:06:16] * Cael_ is almost pasted but suddenly a loli
  977. [18:06:17] <Cael_> "Leen!"
  978. [18:06:31] <Leen> HOLY! Cael, let me know your ARM so I can see if I can actually still stand!
  979. [18:06:40] <Cael_> 15 arm
  980. [18:06:51] <Erina> (you're good)
  981. [18:07:04] <Jazz> (Okay now guys let me use my Limit attack before you kill it :<)
  982. [18:07:05] <Pop> (He's also been using KMs though, hasn't he?)
  983. [18:07:32] <Cael_> (I used an Unload, but I wouldn't have survived it at full anyway)
  984. [18:07:53] <Jazz> (31 HP left for me, btw)
  985. [18:08:15] <Leen> Leen is in critical condition! 13--wait, 30. Someone else also gets 17 HP because Jazz wants to use a Limit, it's best if he IS in critical condition!
  986. [18:08:31] <Leen> If Erina is hurt, it goes to her. Because.
  987. [18:08:54] <Pop> (Yeah, it's Jazzytime now I believe)
  988. [18:09:04] * Cael_ will take the 17 if not
  989. [18:09:12] <Erina> (I am)
  990. [18:09:28] <Leen> Then take the free HP!
  991. [18:09:51] <Leen> "Owowowowowthis is exactly like training only it hurts a little more ow"
  992. [18:10:04] <Erina> (what's your hp after those KMs cael?)
  993. [18:10:04] <Cael_> "Are you alright, little one?"
  994. [18:10:26] <Cael_> (94)
  995. [18:10:31] <Cael_> 94/140
  996. [18:10:39] <Leen> "I-I'm fine! I might shut down for a bit if I'm hit again but otherwise I'm fine!"
  997. [18:10:56] <Cael_> "I won't allow that to happen." he says, resolute.
  998. [18:10:59] * Jazz slides backwards, the force of the blow visible through the large gash in his chest! His voice still gravelly and robotic, he aims his Arm Buster straight at the Statue and begins shouting, each word long and drawn out! "Super...!" the buster cannon suddenly quadruples in size! "BUSTER!!!" Then, a large bipod shoots out of the front of his cannon, supporting it as a jet-engine
  999. [18:10:59] * Jazz sound begins to emit from the gun! As the light from the viewports in his gun grow blinding, he shouts "CANNOOOOONNNN!"
  1000. [18:11:07] <Jazz> 2d6+5
  1001. [18:11:08] <DiceMaid-9001> Jazz, 2d6+5: 12 [2d6=2,5]
  1002. [18:11:14] <Pop> That... totally hits it.
  1003. [18:11:25] <Leen> If you still want to make that a Limit Break, remember to pay your Destiny!
  1004. [18:11:43] <Jazz> (I thought they were free if you were super hurt? Whatev)
  1005. [18:11:47] <Pop> Was going to say that, but I'll actually award it to him for having badass fluff! ... To be immediately spent of course.
  1006. [18:11:54] <Pop> He totes had one already anyway.
  1007. [18:12:32] <Jazz> (Anyway, 107 damage, ignores all armor. Also +2 to Acc and Avoid for our party until next turn)
  1008. [18:13:08] <Pop> As cool as that WOULD sound, the blaster rends it to pieces! Or at least, it stops moving and then slowly falls apart.
  1009. [18:13:48] <Pop> Whunk. WHUNK.
  1010. [18:14:01] <Pop> It glows every color be- oh btw
  1011. [18:14:04] <Pop> 1d4 I'll roll hex anyway
  1012. [18:14:05] <DiceMaid-9001> Pop, I'll roll hex anyway: 1 [1d4=1]
  1013. [18:14:07] <Pop> ha
  1014. [18:14:18] <Pop> and then all bosses had impervious
  1015. [18:14:30] <Cael_> (Hex isn't a status effect anyway)
  1016. [18:14:41] <Pop> (Is it not? Weirddddd.)
  1017. [18:14:53] <Jazz> ('s dead?)
  1018. [18:14:55] <Pop> (I think I've learned from THIS to count it as one, anyway)
  1019. [18:14:58] <Cael_> "Incredible..."
  1020. [18:15:04] <Pop> No, because it's a statue, silly! It was never alive!
  1021. [18:15:13] <Jazz> (:|)
  1022. [18:15:16] <Pop> ... But it does seem the combat is over.
  1023. [18:15:18] <Leen> (Then make all bosses not be Humanoid. Hex only works on Humanoids, you know.)
  1024. [18:15:32] * Cael_ scooches up to the thing and kicks it with his boot.
  1025. [18:15:34] <Pop> (... it does, doesn't it)
  1026. [18:15:37] <Jazz> Jazz's Cannon then recedes to normal size! Then Jazz falls over!
  1027. [18:15:40] <Cael_> "What animated this monstrosity?"
  1028. [18:15:43] <Pop> (yeah it wasn't a humanoid, that was rushed reading on my part)
  1029. [18:15:43] <Cael_> "...Jazz!"
  1030. [18:16:01] * Pop rushes over too. "Hey, hang in there!"
  1031. [18:16:19] <Leen> LOOK AT THAT LASER BEAM GO! "Whoa~!" Just look at that laser! ...How much of that ship broke with it? Either way, she waits for that boss disintergration to finish before speaking further. "That was cool--H-hey!" Leen can and will pick him up, to at least make him upright. "You alright!?"
  1032. [18:16:23] <Pop> What remains of the thing is a big orb in the center of it, now no longer glowing.
  1033. [18:16:28] * Cael_ starts to head over, but is beat to the chase by Pop. He checks on Leen instead, then.
  1034. [18:17:03] <Cael_> "Are you sure you can carry him in that state? Androids are... rather incredible in their resilience."
  1035. [18:17:12] <Cael_> "I'll get this, then."
  1036. [18:17:35] <Cael_> He grabs the orb to take back with them. "I'm certain someone back on the Exceliaire will know what to do with this."
  1037. [18:17:44] <Cael_> What did he steal earlier, by the way?
  1038. [18:17:52] <Pop> "Hmmm! Get the arms, Leen, I'll help."
  1039. [18:17:56] <Pop> Oh yeah!
  1040. [18:18:16] <Pop> That's... a very good question. In fact he may as well have stolen the sword!
  1041. [18:18:24] <Pop> That's not how that works though.
  1042. [18:18:31] <Erina> "Hold on just a moment, let me try something."
  1043. [18:18:35] <Leen> Leen's structure is still all the metal. Does she even feel pain? Or is the ow just flavor? "I-I can try! ...Probably not for long though. Gonna have to recharge soon...oh, thanks, Pop~"
  1044. [18:18:37] <Cael_> Cael wouldn't object to have stolen A sword.
  1045. [18:18:41] <Erina> 2d6+7 systems check
  1046. [18:18:42] <DiceMaid-9001> Erina, systems check: 14 [2d6=3,4]
  1047. [18:18:57] <Leen> "I mean, I could charge on the way but I'd probably just make everyone else more tired and that's not a good idea." Nod.
  1048. [18:19:00] <Pop> ... Oh I lied, you actually cal do that.
  1049. [18:19:02] <Pop> .. Can.
  1050. [18:19:18] <Jazz> Jazz mumbles. "O-Ow...that attack kind of hurts now..." he says, looking down at the sword blow in his chest! "My energy is kind of low after that...sorry for making you carry me..."
  1051. [18:19:19] <Pop> Hmm, what's what systems for, Eri?
  1052. [18:19:39] <Erina> (to see what was wrong with jazz and if I could fix it)
  1053. [18:19:42] <Pop> "Hey, don't mention it! We're supposed to be teammates anyway, right?"
  1054. [18:19:54] <Pop> (Oh, I see)
  1055. [18:20:02] <Leen> "No problem--ow..."
  1056. [18:20:23] <Jazz> (I'm just fluffing him getting really hurt and using two of his biggest moves at once)
  1057. [18:20:55] <Jazz> "...H-Heh, that was pretty cool though, huh? I've never been able to pull off a beam that big before..."
  1058. [18:21:00] <Erina> (ok, but I have systems almost as high as healing for a reason)
  1059. [18:21:09] <Pop> Eri recognizes that he's able to operate, but has a few functions disabled due to the severity of the injury. It's nothing a mechanic visit can't help- What happened is that he seemed to have overclocked his processor and damaged himself a bit.
  1060. [18:21:12] <Leen> (To be the best pilot of a ship EVER.)
  1061. [18:21:37] <Cael_> "Cool? That was... The only comparable thing I can even think of was a weapon the asura developed to take down a dragon champion. That was amazing, Jazz."
  1062. [18:21:55] <Pop> Pop helps haul him off, leading everybody back to the ship where ULTROS and CHUPON can be seen floating off in space, covered in women's underwear.
  1063. [18:21:56] <Pop> Huh.
  1064. [18:22:07] <Leen> "Yeah, that was really coolawesomeamazing! ...J-just don't overdo it next time, alright?" Says the android that nearly broke herself getting in the way of an attack.
  1065. [18:22:24] <Cael_> "You're one to talk, little one... but thank you, for earlier."
  1066. [18:22:33] <Cael_> "I'm certainly that attack might have slain me."
  1067. [18:22:36] <Cael_> *certain
  1068. [18:22:42] <Jazz> "I'll...try and be careful." he says. His voice is back to normal, at least.
  1069. [18:23:15] <Cael_> "And are you alright?" he asks the survivor. "Erina, was it?"
  1070. [18:23:19] <Leen> And she takes note of this. ...What are they even doing? They sure are some kind of funny! Should talk to them sometime. Or at least the one that can talk. "I-It's no problem! My job was to be a bodyguard, it wouldn't be right if I couldn't do something like that." Nod nod.
  1071. [18:23:34] <Pop> "Yeah... ooh, everyone but me got hurt, that's not gonna look good. Oh well, I'll take the blame if the Cap'n asks- are you SURE you're the only survivor here?"
  1072. [18:24:19] <Cael_> "I was also uninjured, thanks to Leen." he says to Pop. "Just a bit worn out."
  1073. [18:24:21] <Erina> "I've been slightly wounded, but everything should be back in order in no time." You notice she's already healed most of her wounds.
  1074. [18:24:34] <Leen> "We can always finish that investigation we were in the middle of to check, right?"
  1075. [18:24:57] <Cael_> Because he doesn't actually shoot himself or something to use the attack, he just gets fatigued. Duh.
  1076. [18:25:28] <Leen> "Shouldn't be too much other rooms to look in, the more able ones can just look around..." PERSONA!
  1077. [18:25:31] <Pop> "Well, if that squid was RAIDING the place, you'd think he'd have some terrified civilian clinging to his tentacle or something." She nods to Cael, "Yeah, okay. That hit sure looked like it was ABOUT to hurt!"
  1078. [18:26:21] <Pop> If you investigate on your way out, though, the most you find is a few on-ship security cards and IDs; seems like this hallway was the only one not cleaned up on the ship.
  1079. [18:26:41] <Pop> As in, the one where the shuttle docked.
  1080. [18:26:43] * Erina makes sure to grab her things before they leave
  1081. [18:27:00] <Pop> Pop sets Jazz down somewhere and prepares the ship while you do that, anyway.
  1082. [18:27:55] <Leen> "Or running away really fast." Nod nod. "But alright! Not much left here, so getting home would be good~ ...Or, number two? Home away from home? ...Home away from homeplanet?"
  1083. [18:28:14] * Cael_ thinks on it,and grabs someone's ID discreetly on the way out. He has a feeling not everything here has come to the forefront, and perhaps with a little investigation...
  1084. [18:29:00] <Pop> It seems most of it wasn't a lie, they DO belong to Federation soldiers.
  1085. [18:29:02] * Cael_ then ducks into Pop's ship.
  1086. [18:29:24] <Pop> Tikkatikka. "Hmm? You have another home, Leen?"
  1087. [18:29:47] <Pop> Once everybody's inside the shuttle it closes and prepares for takeoff.
  1088. [18:30:55] <Leen> "I had another home, but...I think I was there for a lot longer than like five minutes, but I only remember five minutes. I still miss it, though. Wherever it is and whatever it is." Sadface.
  1089. [18:31:46] <Leen> "Only memento is is scrap of a pod that has a date no one really gets and a cryptic message on my shieldthing." Ho hum.
  1090. [18:32:05] <Leen> "...And five minutes worth of memories! That too."
  1091. [18:32:50] <Pop> "Weird. But then again I guess everyone has some weird history... alright, all set!" With a SLAM of a button the ship takes off, alongside the octopus and freaky pink monster.
  1092. [18:33:12] * Cael_ is a bit quiet on the way back.
  1093. [18:33:33] <Pop> "Don't get far from the turrets, we never know if we'll get attacked again. This seems like dangerous space, y'know?"
  1094. [18:33:34] <Jazz> "Yeah...What about you, pop? I've been curious...what model are you? Serial number and stuff, I mean? Unless that's too personal..."
  1095. [18:33:55] <Pop> "Hmmm..."
  1096. [18:33:59] * Pop leans back at the cockpit.
  1097. [18:34:11] <Pop> "Yep, it is! I think I sound cooler if I'm all mysterious."
  1098. [18:35:32] <Cael_> "Their bodies are still floating out there somewhere, aren't they?" he says quietly.
  1099. [18:35:37] <Pop> Her hand twitches a bit. "I actually hoped I wouldn't have to fight at all; lots of people don't even know I'm not an Earthling, you know?"
  1100. [18:36:08] <Leen> Leen is distracted by the flying...tentacled thing which is apparently following. Does it only have 7? What's with that? Or...well, she still listens either way. "I suppose so, huh~? It'd be nice if I wasn't all mysterious, though. It'd make things easier." Ho hum.
  1101. [18:36:10] <Cael_> "Oh, no. I think you did rather well! Our fighting styles have a little in common, it seems."
  1102. [18:36:18] <Pop> "Bodies... well... I dunno. Space is big enough that nobody ever thinks about it."
  1103. [18:36:22] <Pop> "At least I never have."
  1104. [18:37:57] <Jazz> "Oh...I was just curious, is all. I guess it's no big deal
  1105. [18:38:39] <Pop> The ship miraculously makes a peaceful journey back, landing at the dock. "Don't worry! I'll never ask for yours either so it's no big deal that way, right?"
  1106. [18:38:58] <Leen> "VMU,, I'm pretty real...Visual...I don't have much to do with vision...maybe...starting with M might be easier..."
  1107. [18:39:02] <Pop> Vrrrrrr... the door opens on board the Excel's giant dock.
  1108. [18:39:52] <Pop> Pop entertains the thought while hopping out. "Mmm... maybe it's 'Memory?'"
  1109. [18:40:26] <Leen> "Ah, we're here!" Leen SHOVES HER HAND IN HER (now normally colored, by the way) stomach and pulls out a disk why did she put that there doesn't she have a bag or some kind of storage besides her body what gives. "Maybe I can play this disk now...oh, that's a good guess! It might tie in with how I've forgotten a lot!"
  1110. [18:41:23] * Cael_ still carrying the orb and the MYSTERY loot, turns to Pop. "Who do you think would be interested in looking at this?" he asks her, heaving the not-glowy thing.
  1111. [18:41:59] <Pop> Pop steps over and glances at it. That's the thing that was stolen, right?
  1112. [18:42:23] <Pop> oh wait it's the orb because it stopped glowing, durr
  1113. [18:43:18] <Leen> "...could also mean metal, though...U is probably Unit, there's not much U can be..."
  1114. [18:43:46] <Pop> "Hmmmmm. Maybe it was some kinda power source? If you ever stopped by the engine room I think the folks there might know how to mess with it. Or maybe it's the kind of thing Din would go crazy over? Or that creep who's supposedly with R&D... Lemons, was it?"
  1115. [18:44:16] <Leen> "...wait, I've never done this before. Who do we report to now?"
  1116. [18:44:21] <Cael_> "I see. I'll ask around then, thank you."
  1117. [18:44:37] <Cael_> "I'd guess Françoise?"
  1118. [18:44:53] <Pop> "Oh, don't worry, I can get that! One of us just needs to deliver a report to Frannie- I guess you'll have to do it yourselves eventually but I was planning on having a chat with her anyway."
  1119. [18:45:09] <Pop> "The rewards'll be determined and deposited straight to you, usually."
  1120. [18:45:21] * Cael_ nods. "Thank you, then."
  1121. [18:46:04] <Leen> "Alright, thanks for letting us know~ ...And you know where someone has a projector that can play this kind of disk?"
  1122. [18:46:47] <Erina> "Francoise? Is she the captain of this ship?"
  1123. [18:46:57] * Pop starts to trail off, scarf flowing behind. "Projector? Well, everyone's rooms should have those. But if you need a big, high-processing one you could ask that bunny about it. Which I don't think anyone wants to do."
  1124. [18:47:58] <Jazz> "Oh, Pop! Before you go!"
  1125. [18:48:00] <Leen> "Ah, no, she's the receptionist. You should have a talk with her, she'll tell you a lot of stuff and she likes to chat~ And...nah, I'll just use a normal one unless it turns out to be really important. I'll go look at it now~" And off she goes!
  1126. [18:48:15] <Jazz> "I was you have any idea how to get stains out of carpets...?"
  1127. [18:48:37] <Leen> She also turns on her recharging mode on the way there, on accident. Just look at all those dimming lights.
  1128. [18:48:46] <Pop> "Stains? Uhh... I have some stuff to do that in my room, yeah, why?"
  1129. [18:49:01] <Pop> "What'd you do, spill something?"
  1130. [18:49:12] <Jazz> "Well...I was...'Experimenting' in the kitchen, and...yeah, that."
  1131. [18:49:40] <Pop> "Pfff. Well sure, I'll go bring it over sometime. You won't be busy, right?"
  1132. [18:50:05] <Jazz> "I don't think so, no. Thanks, Pop. I'll see you then, okay? I'm going to go by the mechanics..."
  1133. [18:50:51] <Pop> "Alright, good luck! Take the survivor to the Cap'n if you guys would, too, I bet she'd want to hear the story."
  1134. [18:50:58] <Pop> Pop waves and heads off to the transporters.
  1135. [18:51:10] <Erina> "I'll need quarters as well. Something with a desk and workbench would be perfect."
  1136. [18:51:43] <Cael_> "Ah, yes. You probably want to follow Pop, then. The receptionist will get you set up."
  1137. [18:52:22] <Cael_> "I do think I'll be on my way, myself. Until next time, everyone!" he waves cheerfully.
  1138. [18:52:32] * Cael_ heads on his own way
  1139. [18:53:18] * Pop is now known as Giantree
  1140. [18:53:57] * Erina is now the only one there, so she finds a room that fits her needs and kicks out whoever happens to be in there :V
  1141. [18:55:06] <Giantree> Everybody goes their own way as a catboy trips over himself in the background. Later at the desk everybody, even the new survivor, gets... 2,000 in cash is a nice number. Folyenmesetadollars! On top of that, 1 exp for each of the combats- since they're group-wide that means everybody's exp count should be 4/5 now! Including the 2 for 'getting an intro.'
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