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  1. Ben sighed.
  2. “Now.. now.. is that all you can muster?” He grabbed the blade with his free hand, stopping it mere inches from the top of his head.
  3. “Rule one.” He yanked the sword away.
  4. “Don’t charge your opponent so hap-hazard like..”.
  6. “Rule two.” He slapped him side to side with his sheath.
  7. “Feinting only works during combat, not at the start.”
  10. “Rule three.” He swept Sagi’s feet from underneath him, pointing the swords tip at his neck.
  11. “Foot work and posture is key, the sword is a tool, you are the weapon, don’t think one cannot be without the other, the strongest weapon a man possesses is his keen mind and body, everything else is optional.” Ben smirked and put away his sword, putting it back against the wall.
  13. “Plus a sword isn’t your thing.. a halberd or a spear maybe.. no! A glaive.. your footwork is.. acceptable.. but your more the: charge in and attack type. Which most people say is wrong.. it’s not.. it’s a technique to be mastered.. a glaive is light and can be spun around with such agility, and you can use the whole weapon.. mix that with some partial martial arts.. and you’ll be a force to be reckoned with, even id struggle if you mastered that” he then went to off his hand to Sagi, only to have the door nearly flung at him.
  15. “What on earths are ya both doing?!?” Bee shouted, cracking her knuckles.
  16. “The rules say in the lobby.. no fightin.. and all I hear is ya both fightin.. but as ya so keen to fight..” then came the death stare of a life time.
  17. “I’ll give ya one..”.
  19. And in this moment of time, Ben’s face was in complete horror.
  20. “L-like I said.. you.. you don’t need.. a weapon.. because.. you are one..” and as Ben stepped back to get away from the fear of death, he knocked over the bottles he and Sagi had drunk from last night.
  22. “Oi..” If you thought she couldn’t get any more scary, you were dead wrong.
  23. “Those are mine.. I was savin’ them for a good night.. and ya gone an drank ‘em all..”.
  25. Baz could all of a sudden hear Tez.
  26. ‘So.. Baz old pal.. I would run.. like.. now.. bye!’
  27. Ben then smirked and
  28. Rubbed the back of his neck, looking at Sagi.
  29. “Hehe.. erm.. lesson number two! Running! It’s a great technique and here is a great opportunity! Bye!” And with that, Ben poofed into black smoke and was gone.
  31. Leaving Sagi alone with Bee.
  33. “Moonrose..” the cracking of knuckles echoed around the room.
  34. “Yer gonna wish you hadn’t touched me arse yesterday..”.
  36. ||
  38. “Eh.. it was okay, not the best.. but it was better than most!” Mod threw away another card and drew another, before placing a fourth in between them, watching as he morphed into his more relaxed form.
  39. “Perfect.. nothings perfect Denus, we go over this everytime..” she began to float, doing small cartwheels as she did, not exactly helping her situation of lacking certain clothing, before landing next to Denus, pushing his cards down so she couldn’t see them.
  40. “It’s the imperfections that make everything so.. interesting.. I guess.. I mean I’ve seen it all and I’m just bored.. but watching chaos and funny things happen.. now that’s perfection.. comedy at its best..” she then tapped her chin at the second question.
  42. “Hmm.. I always thought you kept them around because you fancied a varied harem over time.. but..” she gave that lazy, half arsed smirk again.
  43. “..that’s just me.. but..” she leaned back, kicking her feet up and down like a child.
  44. “It would be all too easy for you? I mean you can create stuff by just poofing it into existence.. but that’s kinda cheating if you make everything perfect that way.. theirs no joy in cheating it.. are you looking for a replacement..? Because I’m sure you already know.. but..” she raised her right hand and snapped her fingers, a small hourglass with his name on it appeared, and it was running empty.
  45. “Times a ticking.. and.. oh god hourglasses are so cliche in these moments aren’t they..? Jeez..” sidetracking for a moment she soon got back on track.
  47. “I don’t know for certain.. tell me Denny.. why did you create your little puppets..?”
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