Caught in the Act!

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  1. Lucretia was laying on her bed completely naked save for her purple and black panties that were on the side of of her leg, She had her head raised slightly up as she was watching a live-feed of the Harvey girls trailer on her TV thanks to a camera that she hid inside so she see what the trio was up too. In this case it was Dot and her old pre-school rival Chevron who where both naked and where fucking each other with a double sided dildo while both girls where moaning loudly in pleasure.
  3. "HARDER!" Dot yelled out to her rival.
  5. "OOOOOH DOT DARLING! I'M GONNA CUM!" Her rival yelled back in pleasure.
  7. Both of them where moving their hips back and forward with the dildo sliding in and out of the girls, Lucretia had one hand under her leg pushing a pink vibrator deep inside of her pussy while the other hand was rubbing and twisting one of her nipples. She made light moaning sounds as she was turned on by the sight of the two rivals fucking each other with such love and passion.
  9. "Aahhh Dot that should me fucking you, I'd be a much better lover for you anyway!" She said in between moans. "Chevron could still eat my ass out but I should be the one making love to you!" The fangirl said as she imagined herself in the place of Chevron.
  11. "If you wanted someone to have sex with you, Then you could had just asked me." A voice said muffled by something.
  13. Lucretia turned her head to see The Bow standing outside of her window with her face pressed against the glass. The strange girl just waved at the fangirl with the same expression that she usually had. Lucretia just waved back at her slowly, Not sure of what to say to her until she realized that she could actually help her.
  15. "Uhmm do you want to come and join me?" She asked.
  17. Suddenly The Bow was inside Lucretia's room wearing nothing but her trademark Bow that she always wore and her 6 inch dick that she had apparently. She got onto the bed and removed the vibrator from Lucretia's soaked pussy and tossed it aside and used her fingers to spread her pussy apart. Lucretia was taken back by this but she decided it was best not to question it since this was normal for The Bow and just decided that the only thing that mattered to her right now was getting fucked by her.
  19. "Hmm it seems like you already gotten yourself pretty wet already." The Bow said while using one finger to circle around Lucretia's pussy.
  21. The Bow smirked at the fan-girl while she gripped her cock and spoke. "I think i'll take you up on your offer of cumming inside." She said in her usual tone of voice.
  23. "Alright but if I get pregnant I get to name our child got it? Lucretia said to the odd futa girl.
  25. The Bow just nodded in response and started to rub the head of her cock against the girl's wet pussy. This made Lucretia moan as she gripped the covers of her bed, She was horny and wanted to get fucked silly, To be filled up with everything that The Bow had inside of her balls. Finally she yelled out to her.
  29. The Bow complied with Lucretia's demand and pushed herself balls deep inside the girl and started to pump herself in and out in rapid succession.
  33. "Heh you better believe i'm gonna fuck you silly! I'll fuck you so hard that you'll beg me to stop! I'll rape you till you die with a womb filled to the brim with my cum!"
  35. The energy in the room could only be described has lustful and greedy. The Bow as had sex with plenty of creatures, Dogs, Horses, Space Dragons, Small Electric Mice but when it came to other humans, She only had sex with men before, Not boys but grown ass men whom she usually had to explain to some of them why she had a penis which freaked some of them out (not counting that one guy who thought she was a "trap") but when it came to women or just girls in general, She never thought of it due to her thinking that a female human could never give her as much pleasure as a male could give. Boy was she wrong.
  37. Meanwhile on camera Dot and Chevron had changed positions. They were both on all fours looking back at each other as they felt the double sided dildo sliding in and out of each other. Both girls hair were frizzled and messy.
  39. "It's so deep!" Dot moaned out.
  41. "I can do this all day darling!" Frufru moaned back.
  43. Occasionally they would feel their butts touching and rubbing against each other. Not that the minded at all.
  45. Back to the hard fucking that was happening inside Lucretia's room, The Bow locked lips with her lover, Lucretia who had her legs wrapped around her body. Breaking the kiss with her, Saliva trailing from their mouths. The Bow noticed that her lovers pupils had turned heart shaped, She had heard of this phenomenon but thought it only happened in hentai.
  47. "I'm gonna come inside you now!" She said looking directly into the girls eyes with her hip thrusts getting faster.
  49. "Yes please make me a mother!" Lucretia yelled out.
  51. Finally with one last thrust of her cock deep inside the girl, The Bow unloaded everything she had inside of her, Lucretia felt all of the warm sticky love juice being poured inside her. She knew she might get pregnant but it didn't matter to her since the only thing that she cared about right now was pleasure.
  53. Pulling out her cock and stroking out the rest of the cum, She looked down at the girl who was covered in sweat and a little bit of her cum.
  55. "You look like a whore right now." She said while trying to catch her breath.
  57. "Well then I guess that makes you my pimp." Lucretia replied winking at her.
  59. The Bow got down on her knees and went over to the girls pussy and used her fingers to spread it wide open. Cum started to pour out slowly, She put her mouth over it and started to suck all of it up like if it was milkshake. Making sure that she got every drop. She stuck her tongue in deep and started to make circular motions with it. The mix of semen and Lucretia's natural juices made for a somewhat sweet tasting mix, Almost like fruity cocktail that you would order from the bar. Lucretia placed a hand on The Bow's head.
  61. "Mmmmmmhhh you're so good at this, You must have done with someone else before." She moaned out while feeling the silky smoothness of the large bow on the head of her lover while also getting to feel a bit of her hair as well.
  63. Lifting her head up, The Bow looked over at her and gave her usual creepy smile.
  65. "Well I did Practice a lot with jelly filled donuts, Nothing beats a jelly filled donut!"
  67. Lucretia blinked before shaking her head at this. She got up and leaned in for a kiss but The Bow just placed a hand in front of the girl's face.
  69. "Whoa! What do you think you're doing?"
  71. "I'm trying to kiss you silly, Why else would I trying get close to you for?"
  73. "Oh I don't know, Maybe your a alien trying to get a good look at my face so that you can kill me and take my place and give Intel to your leaders so that when they eventually invade, They'll know all of our weaknesses and take over with ease." The Bow said the last part while squinting her eyes at Lucretia.
  75. Lucretia's express went from that of confusion to playful joy as she put both of her hands around the girls head and pulled her into a deep passionate kiss. Her tongue pushing against her lovers with the taste of semen and her own juices entering her mouth, She broke the kiss and licked her lips.
  77. "Hhhhmmm I taste pretty good but I wonder how you taste?" She said while lowering her eyes down to The Bow's still rock hard cock.
  79. Meanwhile back with Dot and Chevron, The Rich girl laid to side while Dot sucked on one of her nipples like a newborn baby while she rubbed the other like an old school light switch. Chevron moaned lightly.
  81. "Hmmm Darling if there's something I can say that your better at me at, It's sucking!"
  83. Dot just looked up at her and flashed her a quick smile before forcing all of her attention on back on her nipples. She removed her hand from the girl's chest and started rub her own pussy, The juices started to flow as soon as she stuck a single finger inside. Wiggling it around she let go of girls nipple, Letting out of low moan which Chevron took notice of.
  85. "Oh darling if you wanted me to finger you then you should have just asked!" She said while reaching for Dot's hand in between legs, She pulled Dot's hand from her pussy and replaced with her own hand this time sticking two fingers inside the girl. Moving each finger around she felt her hand getting wet but she didn't need that to know that she was doing a good job.
  87. "Ahhhhh-ahhhhhh Yes please do that faster!"
  89. "My My such a horny little slut aren't you?" Chevron said in smug tone.
  91. Dot's mouth was wide open as her eyes were closed from the sweat and pleasure she was getting. Chevron sped up her fingering as she locked lips with Dot which surprised her a bit.
  93. Finally with the combination of her lovers fingers, warm body, and tongue, Dot couldn't hold it back any longer and unleashed everything she had. Chevron broken their kiss and pulled her fingers out and started to lick and suck on them as if they were a lollipop.
  95. "Not bad darling, A bit sloppy but not bad."
  97. "Well you weren't so bad yourself!" Dot said as she opened one eye to look over at the girl.
  99. The two locked lips once again for a more passionate kiss.
  101. Back with the other two girls, Lucretia's head was sticking off the edge of her bed with her mouth wide open getting her face fucked by The Bow's huge cock. Her balls slapped her face as The Bow held her in place as she face fucked the fangirl. Her cock for what little you could see of it since it kept going in and out of the girl's mouth was covered in sweat and spit.
  103. The only sound The Bow made was deep pants coming from her nose and the slapping sounds that her balls made against Lucretia's face. Lucretia felt like she was going to die from the lack of oxygen but at least then she wouldn't die a virgin.
  105. Feeling herself getting close, The Bow grabbed the girls head and with one final thrust unloaded every bit of cum she have down the girl's throat. With her balls in her face and her mouth being used like a cum dumpster, Lucretia felt like she was going to throw up all of the cum that went into her stomach however she didn't mind it and in fact loved the feeling of being used like a piece of meat.
  107. The Bow pulled her cock on the the girls mouth and looked down at her, She had completely destroyed the girl's face with her cock. Lucretia just fell to the side of her bed, The only sound that she made was that of deep breathing as she tried to catch her breath. Her face was flat on the floor, She slowly picked her self up to face her lover.
  109. The Bow just blinked at Lucretia and said "You might want to wash your face before you go outside."
  111. Lucretia walked over to a mirror to see how messy her face was, Cum, Silvia and Tears covered a good part of her face. "I kinda like this look but something's missing." she said to herself.
  113. The Bow walked over to her with a black marker. "I think I have an idea."
  115. The Bow grabbed her head and started to writing something on it, When she was finished writing she turned her head back to the mirror, Lucretia looked up at what she wrote on her head.
  117. "Cum Dumpster."
  119. "Prefect." Lucretia said to her lover as she leaned over for a deep passionate kiss.
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