Sophia Opal, Character biography

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  1. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
  3. Omnidyne servers. . .
  5. Welcome, user.
  6. Please login
  8. Username:
  10. Password:
  11. Breach detected, (. . .))
  12. Spy software offline
  13. Login successful. . .
  15. Welcome, Mr Cartier- Wells.
  17. Search: Special agent databases
  18. (Results (1), 000.01 Seconds)
  20. Special agent databases
  22. Opening special agent databases,
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  29. - - Special agent database - -
  31. Search: Sophia Opal, Biography
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  36. Name: Sophia Opal
  38. Nicknames: Soap, Soap
  40. Eye colour: Brown
  42. Hair colour: Brown
  44. Age: 22
  46. Gender: Female
  48. Facial Appearence: Light freckles, Brown spicky hair, Pristine brown eyes, Youthful appearence
  50. Weaponry: Akimbo plasma pistols, Normal Katana(Sharpened),
  52. Specialty: Mobility, Spec ops unit, Elite group
  54. Height: 5,8
  56. Personality: Energetic, Friendly, Comedic, Re- assuring,
  58. Relations: N/A
  60. Agent James Carter Deceased- Friend
  62. Agent Frank Martin Deceased- Friend
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  66. Closing document. . . .
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  70. Search: Sophia Opal, Operations
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  76. Entry - Year, 5020. Date, 08/05,
  78. Entry - Year, 5020. Date, 02/05,
  80. Entry - Year, 5020. Date, 09/04,
  82. Entry - Year, 5020. Date, 04/04,
  84. Entry - Year, 5020. Date, 29/03,
  86. Entry - Year, 5020. Date, 21/03,
  88. Entry - Year, 5020. Date, 04/03,
  90. Entry - Year, 5020. Date, 03/02,
  92. Entry - Year, 5020. Date, 02/01,
  94. Entry - Year, 5020. Date, 02/01,
  96. Loading, Entry - Year, 5020. Date, 08/05,
  97. . . . . .
  99. Success!
  101. Mission reports, 5020/ 08, 05.
  103. Special agent Soap, Infiltrates ATLAS V.I.P Present hotel at 6 AM, Casualties, 11 Guardsmen, Mission report: Success.
  104. V.I.P. Stabbed through heart, Mission time: 3:21 Minutes, Level: Elite, Detection: None.
  106. - - - - - END OF DOCUMENT - - - - -
  107. Closing document. . .
  109. Search: Sophia Opal, Life
  111. Filters: Recent, A- Z
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  114. Sophia Opal, Life story
  116. Opening.  .  . Sophia Opal, life story . . .
  118.  . . . . .
  120. Success!
  122. Sophia would be laying in her Agents Barracks, Being the only one awake at 5 AM She would be quite bored, Playing around with her fingers as suddenly a red light flashes in the room a voice echoes through all the hallways of the Omnidyne Agent facility "REQUESTING ALL AVAILABLE AGENTS TO THE BRIEFING ROOM ASAP." Sophia would raise both hands. Rubbing her eyes she slowly pushes herself out of bed to waltz towards the lights, Flicking them on. Seeing Frank and James laying in beds sighing, "How did you two not hear the strike commander?" James rolls to his side looking towards Sophia saying "Wha?-", Sophia would Sigh again saying "Get ready and head to the Briefing room, Or Morrison will kill you both." Sophia slowly walking out of the room hearing James and Frank chat on about they're lives, She would walk down a long white hallway. The bright lights attached to the roof shining in her eyes as she tries to block it out as best as possible, Suddenly she reaches the door to the briefing room. Typing in a 4 digit code and walking in to see three other agents sitting seeming quite narcotic, She would move over to a chair sitting down. About 3 minutes later Frank and James also walking in and sitting down upon the last open Chairs. The Strike commander seeming quite pissed as he gets in to Briefing "I Understand it is early, But this is no drill. We require you all to Infiltrate a Atlas VIP's Apartment and assassinate him. Of course your rolls will be played, According to your Specialtist Assigns. Frank, Hacker unit. James, Tech unit. Sophia, Mobility unit. Markov, Sniper unit. John, Medical unit. And Jack on Support unit, Understand the roles your assigned to, Go to the Armoury. Get prepped. And head to the Takeoff zone in aprox 30 minutes, Dismissed."
  125. Sophia would then stand up from the chair, As well as all other units. Already all dressed up in there jumpsuits they would head to the armoury, Strapping on Armour, gearing up and loading weaponry. Sophia loading her Dual pistols, And equipping her other needs such as Visor tests. Most likely being the first one at the Takeoff zone, She would wait atleast 10 minutes in utter silence until a large stealth dropship flies in to the hangar, Landing before her the small side doors opening as she is granted to enter. Walking in, The interior would have multiple lockers filled with ammunition and support weaponry incase needed, She would waltz towards one of the seats sitting in it and strapping the arm straps on. Soon after the rest of the Squad walking in, Doing the same. Frank and James sit by her side while Jack, Markov, and John sitting before her. She would rest her head back as she would hear Frank tilt forwards, Her eyes locking on to him as he would begin whispering to Markov. The two laughing as she would Smirk. Suddenly a voice charging through the ship saying "Entering FTL Speeds in 3. . . 2 . . . 1 . . . Hold on." Suddenly the ship zooming across the galaxy at FTL Speeds, the FTL Shields activating and preventing any serious physical damage to the ship. The ship soon entering a green and rich planets atmosphere, Flying in a dark sky at 6 AM, They would fly atleast 100 feet above the target building, The back opening as everyone unstraps themself. Grabbing a parachute and readying deploy. A Red light activates in the ship as a countdown begins in Sophia's head "3. 2. 1" Suddenly the light turning green, Sophia charging fourth being the first in row. Diving out of the back and gliding downwards, Soon pulling the string on the chute and parachuting down to the building below. Landing directly on point, doing a roll upon touchdown curving her spine to reduce any possible impact. She quickly unstraps her parachute making her way to a window in the top roof.
  127. Sophia would pull out a cutting deving, Kneeling down and beginning to remove the window and open a hatch big enough for her entrance. Doing so she squeezes in, Wrapping a Zip- line around her leg and then attaching it to the roof, Setting its lowering speed to slow. She would then pop a Smoke grenade out in one hand pulling the pin and aiming it at a group of guards, While holding her Single Plasma pistol in the other. Activating a thermal vision and spraying them all down. She would then disconnect the Zip- line and dive down to the ground below. Doing a roll, She would then drop the smoke grenade pulling out her other pistol, Charging up a set of stairs and charging down a hallway. Hastily diving around a corner spraying down the single guard awaiting to ambush her there. She then continues running before finding the VIP's room. Moving her hand to the handle as she twists it. Suddenly a burst of LMG Rounds fly through the door, Demolishing the handle as her hand quickly flies away from it. She then uses her left leg to gently push the door open in an area the Bullets arent colliding with. Throwing a smoke in the room and De- Activating her thermal camera completely Yolo'in it. She charges in quickly doing a combat slide while firing in the direction it looks like the Rounds came from hitting the Guard in the head a multitude of times. Suddenly the smoke fading away to reveal the closet being slightly opened. She would walk towards it opening it up, The VIP Inside as he quickly throws a punch at her, Her strafing to the right and grabing his hand, Bending it strangely before snapping it with her right elbow. She then would swing around and kick him directly in the head with her Right leg pushing him towards a wall, before quickly drawing her Katana and stabbing him right through the Heart. His hands gripping the Katana's blade as suddenly he loses all life from his eyes and body. Going ragdoll. She would use her right leg and hold his body up against the wall as she draws her Katana from it, Holstering it. She would then walk out of the room and down the hallway to find a group of guards dead by the Professional squad that the Strike commander assembled, Radioing in "Mission complete Commander, Awaiting further instruction."
  129. Suddenly a big boom appeared the two front doors blowing open as two of Atlas's elites also came in, one wielding an LMG and the other a Katana. The one wielding the Katana shifts his aim to Frank, Mowing him down completely the one with the Katana jolting forwards beheading John, Jack shifts his Heavy machine gun up firing towards the one with the LMG. Suddenly the one wielding a katana Cutting Jacks arm off as he is left in the open to be sprayed down by the LMG Unit. James would head up the Stairs, attempting to flee as a sticky grenade suddenly would land on his back blowing him up entirely, Markov would set up his gear from the building across and leave. Sophia being the last one left, She would dive down to the floor below wielding both pistols and spraying down the unsuspecting LMG Wielder. The Katana wielder shifting his aim to her as he would charge at her, Throwing both pistols aside drawing her own sword. And slicing fourth, The other wielder quickly parrying it as he would kick her in the leg. Her dropping her guard as the Assassain would charge fourth with his Katana attempting to impale her, She would suddenly trick him, Strafing to the right and swinging her blade in a motion that would remove his head. Exiting the fight, Successful. She would climb up her Zip- line and head to the roof, Carrying the dog tags of the members that were found. The dropship landing and her informing the pilot and crew on board of they're situation, The ship leaving. Landing back at the Omnidyne takeoff zone. The Strike commander would be waiting there to give the agents a pat on the back, Sadly only Sophia exits the Dropoff ship. Carrying four dog tags and covered in blood, She would raise her hands and take her helmet off, holding it at her side. Then handing the Commander all dogtags. The Commander would nod in her direction and say, "Sophia. From here on your a lone wolf of the Omnidyne Facility, your squad is dis-banded and you will be sent from this Facility and to a planet in the Confederate system," Never to return to the Special operations base. Until called.
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