The Bleeding King - Chapter 2

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  2. This plan couldn’t have failed if his soldiers did their job correctly. Which they didn’t. This time, Macabr’ul gathered his trusted royal council to discuss future actions against this chosen girl. Every goblin on the council agreed on the plan: they simply send in a tougher and smarter team to finish the job and leave no one alive. The Emperor, however, thought about what a second botched murder attempt could cause. The sorcerer who cursed him said that before the kid killed him, she’d be “struck with grief twice”. The imperial forces already gave her grief when her parents died in the failed assassination. Should this happen again, the prophecy would progress and the girl would have a reason to hate whoever gave the order. But what if he could avoid that part of the curse?
  3. - I got it! - exclaimed Macabr’ul rather suddenly, causing some goblins to become agitated.
  4. - W-What is it, sire?! - answered the goblin on his right.
  5. - Eskat’ul, my friend, it’s a simple plan. However, it is probably the most effective at stopping this girl.
  6. - Just tell us, instead of keeping us in suspense.
  7. -We won’t engage her. At all.
  8. After a moment of silence, the entire council fell into chaos. Some were enraged, others were very confused, but every goblin was making a huge ruckus. It was moments like these that made the Emperor question his past choices. Then, however, was not the right time for that. He tried to convince his advisors to think about the profits of that strategy. Some remained unconvinced, but the majority got the bigger picture.
  9. The plan didn't only entail inaction, though. In order to have a failsafe, he had to destroy the Crystal Mines and the weapons made there. After all, they can nullify the magic that keeps him alive well past an average human lifespan. Still, this time the plan was very foolproof. He was glad… no, for the first time since his victory during the Goblin Uprising, he was excited.
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