New World - 105

Feb 21st, 2021 (edited)
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A Wonderful New World

Notable Characters:

Name / Hangul Description
Lee Ho-Seung / 이호승 MC
Kim Mi-Jeong /김미정 FMC
Yoo Sook-Young / 유숙영 FMC²
Seo Jeong-Sook / 서정숙 Glasses
Na So-Ri / 나소리 Bitch
Cha Joo-Hee / 차주희 VP
Jin Seo-Rin / 진서린 Blonde
Cha Joo-Wan / 차주완 Sugar

고손작: Author (Gosonjak)

윤곤지: Artist (Yoon Gonji)

Script Information:

Lee Ho-Seung MC
Kim Mi-Jeong FMC
Kim Hyomin D
Yoo Sook-Young SY
Seo Jeong-Sook JS
Na So-Ri NS
Cha Joo-Hee VP
Jin Seo-Rin SR
Random R
Secretary / Assistant S

Dialogue / linked bubbles
{Inner talk / Thought}

Note and other stuffs

Chapter - 105

Cow is facing MC's D... She finds MC's scent mind blowing and can't think properly anymore, meanwhile FMC is eating a banana.
FMC is wondering if everything is going well for MC, how she's the one who asked him to take care of Cow Goddess but for some reason, she's kinda feeling jealous...


Back to Cow Goddess facing MC's D... She thinks how it's wrong and shouldn't do this... She mutters all the courage she can before pushing MC away and standing up, she tells him he must have made a mistake and she'll act like nothing happened.
She walks towards the exit and stops in front of the door wondering why she can't open it. MC tells her how he thought she'll regret leaving just like this so he got someone to lock the door for him.
Cow doesn't understand and asks him what does he mean by regretting her choice, how there is nothing like this and she want to get out... MC walks towards her and hugs her from behind, he starts to grope her breast and crotch while asking her if it's true and how he thinks her body doesn't agree with her statement.

MC starts teasing her pussy while firmly hugging her... She's dripping wet... Cow thinks MC is really skilled and wonders how can his fingers can make her feel so good. MC is making fun of her and her so called 'no regret' saying how both her breast and pussy are so wet...
He tells her to drop the act because he knows what she really wants... before starting to greedily sucking on her breast... She is now letting out loud moans and begs him to stop sucking so hard on her nipples while thinking how it's feeling so good...

MC is now pinching and playing with her nipples... As if he was milking a cow... She finally tells him she's okay to have sex with him, but only this time...

MC takes out his D from his pants and rubs it against her pussy while thinking how he'll need to do it only once to make her join their side (her vote for the next chairman).

He shoves it inside... Cow already in awe in front of the mighty D...

(Hopefully it'll not take a lot of chapter... Seo-Rin... We miss you...)

To be continued...
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