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Sep 23rd, 2022
173 days
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  5. -**Last updated**: September 23rd, 2022
  6. +**Last updated**: September 22nd, 2022
  11.  **Trainers are asked to walk to unlock a GO Battle League battle.  
  12.  Issue description:** Trainers attempting to join a GO Battle League battle see a message asking them to walk to unlock their next matches. This is purely a visual bug, tapping “BATTLE” will allow you to join the match without walking. **Issues status:** Investigating.
  13. -
  14. -  
  15. -
  16. -
  17. -**Sometimes Porygon appears in the sky on the Map View after a battle crashes.**  
  18. -**Issue description:** If a battle crashes, a pair of Porygon appear in the sky on the Map View. Trainers are unable to interact with them. This is a visual bug that does not affect gameplay and restarting the app will fix the issue.  
  19. -**Issues status:** Investigating  
  20. -  
  21. -**Trainers are unable to leave the friend battle rematch screen.**  
  22. -**Issue description:** After battling a friend, Trainers are unable to leave the rematch screen and must restart Pokémon GO to continue playing.  
  23. -**Issues status:** Resolved in 249.  
  24. -  
  25. -**Fast Attacks sometimes prevent Charge Attacks from working.**  
  26. -**Issue description:** If a Trainer tries to use a Charge Attack at the same time as an opponent’s Fast Attack that will cause the currently battling Pokémon to faint, the Charge Attack may not work.  
  27. -**Issue status:** Investigating.  
  28. -  
  29. -**Fast Attacks that simultaneously cause both Pokémon to faint may not result in a tie.**  
  30. -**Issue description:** Fast attacks that will cause the match to result in a tie (both Pokémon fainting) will often not result in a tie.  
  31. -**Issue status:** Investigating.  
  32. -  
  33. -**Force Swaps sometimes cause the opposing Trainer to miss a turn.**  
  34. -**Issue description:** When a Trainer is forced to switch Pokémon due a fainted Pokémon, their opponent may experience a short delay.  
  35. -**Issue status:** Investigating.  
  36. -  
  37. -**Trainers sometimes experience an error in the matchmaking process but still begin the battle.**  
  38. -**Issue description:** When a Trainer experiences an error during the matchmaking process, the match starts anyway.  
  39. -**Issue status:** Investigating.  
  40. -  
  41. -**Trainers may briefly be taken to the battle screen during a canceled match.**  
  42. -**Issue description:** Sometimes when a match is canceled, Trainers will momentarily see their opponent in the Arena before they exit the Battle. This does not affect Trainer ratings and is purely a visual lag.  
  43. -**Issue status:** Investigating.
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